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Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio • Page 15

Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio • Page 15

Portsmouth, Ohio
Issue Date:

JPW n. im A I I Oprm Here Sotanlay AtMrniad Part Drive For Ticket StMug Of vawct. 'Rear Admiral O. G. Martin To Hampton RIVER Grits Ladies'ItoyXext Defeat Colored Mine Wednesday At Scice i cis- hitie Cllioir at Years -rv, Srlri JaJ Mr- It Twuistt an atrnrat fW to el .1 i be iirrw-M. rviluwins sa-J continuing iTn tkkrt I rsstH, with tnaj riil.t fn'thst iirosrrts. a from the GeraM In Portsmouth and will work unlil Ihe tent lli'- iirpsram elarlrd. irk. the fame nito fcfM." The oiwnins day Salur- All nftvrnooii Motions will begin n'clm-k and evening sessions a 8 j'fif's clintiBiiijna iirosrnm is uunwv: llir it-aih ilr. Wilhrliu. a fcirr- a uwHilxrr of tfcv ciivir la ici- tliu liutl a jrot! nuitjllk'n (-reliant! itiih the llon. " A. Wlihclm, Jly t'lfsi Kuiiife'cliiriil Kaliltful Chulr iV-riicv, Jifff-llKST Tliu iiwilu tliu uuil Jilts Flora I'uticvk, ihe tui'inlx-r nt the choir prvsoiit'tl itic i i ho token tf ta la Jlsrfin i. 8a KrlPj Mr. Jim a W- i -n; I OK HAST isiv Tar .11 Dogwood Ridge Defeats Pond Creek iu- Sun- i iO i'rr-k. Smi'lay. i. tu -I. Mlziil i OX I I aintritr Coif Ml t-r tV-4. In au r-i-nrv aik-tln-r trur.n. all lo rlx- ri.Utt: fruMio. He Uate cKarze -f tin- wtvtly ivscttM-r nilh au mrtvuali'J- L- liaifcltvd l-y UK- awl. lu- ih-ntallf. i handle llw KJMkity I a'lvi-rtUlns In connection with The initial concert is ofrcrrI liy -t six instrumentalists from Jup-Slaviu. L'liicf Xil'o Strong-heart ot the linliniis, comes on tho second tiny rciircM-ntative of uur rciuulninc! Tmnnki Miurn, most bril- IJiiit of nil Jiiimncbc tinkers, nnd famed tliruticlioiit tlio world for licr "Madninu i i i is to lie heard in a concert wiili LIT puislia girls on cliautniniua's third Anil while Waldo E. Sle- j.tviis, tliu iiftcriipon, is Ainerkun he bus siicnt several jrars in other limits, will bring nil 'inlirvsliiis discussion of "Farta nud 1'irlinn In Our Furcign AffnirR." Tliis yeiir is represented 011 the propnim, by No 1'oni; brilliant niilhor, orator unil liu- i cnnilmtically cosmoiiolltnii 'rnliires nrc fiiil'Iilemcnted by many oilier worth while eionts during clinu- week. Or. Hilton Ira Jones niilicaring un the first will pyrs of the public i his rli.scus- Fion ot Uie ri'latioii of science to bussi- BCHS. In "Tlirce Fools" the Hcdimth Fcciircd piny that em- the elements of comedy, drnma nml tnyMnry most effectively. ns well nsj tliu Ihniisclve.s, will be tremoiidoiisly inter- in Oipt. "Oiniiiu" Upton has to on chnutuiKjua's fourth iiisht Mil i Tlirougli Kec- reiittin" bus human nppenl with few Dads Aiid Lads Church Is Success Day In Scioloville A giictvy-s from uvory stiunliiuliit tho Uiids mid l.inls Day oh- SLM-veil in the Sulotovllle K. church Kuiulny niornliiH. the ultendniK-c IK-- IiiS nuusuully hirge. Ainony tho fou- luri's vvus tin address ot welcome l)j Ixjren Yost nntl by Mayor U. At the close of tl services dinner scrvtii to crnl llnmlrcil. Tho Itcv, Itonsli sluli-tl i he wiw more a plciii'e'l with the results of the The for the day us To) lows: Bnnd concert ou the clnircU luwn Wlieclcvsburg biind. 31 by M. K. church orchestra -Henry L. Bright, lender. All nml vis'iturs ns- i-emblcd in the auditorium. 1'rof. Utlcy discussed ilia lesson be- for the entire group. Music by the orchestra. Itciissoinbly for "J'alhcr's Uny" Murfio 3tr ik'. He San f-r vc "Kentucky Day" At Finf Christian Church A Distinct Success The i in tin- Ilwt fiPttor MTvln- inny IK- remliTtil to Hit' s-tnt-t nirs iirnl hiiscfs. Sir. Thnimis tvlll lvinl nil Ills mrrplw; i Imt liiu-, nud will; nu dnulit, innkf tdo rompniiy it innn. Hi; tin- of Klrft ClirlttlHn Hlhli- srliool mill a yuim? limn rt Imparity. nnl tu nldl- lldii. is iniiiistriiiiis anil nictlmiHciil. It is rqc unnsunl for clmnlauqua' to indent a 1ms been a sue- in the tnetropolitnn tenters, hut it is lieridedly out of the ordinary for Kuril a piny lo hi; secured while it is nill rinining in New i'ork City. 'JL'liia, Itoivcvcr, is Ihi: cnso witli the three-act tomctly, Address of Welcome I.urcil Y'jst: ItcMponsu Mayur Jolm U. AJilrcw, I i i of. Body. nnd Hour-- Dr. UwlRh I. Kuiisih, M. I'll. i ICxpciT. Mnslu by Stoekilnlt! Hymn, "All linll Ihe Power of "Father ami tlic J. I'lniicy. Aililivas, -Knthi-r iiiul the School" --Milton Ulloy. Aildrcss, "Fiitlnsr nnd the C'luirch' 1 H. S. TIllls. AdiliL'ss, "Fiitltrjr iind Ihe Coniiiun- il.v"--John A. J.loyd. Councilman Risks His Life To Save Others In Scandal l.i.stiin Schnoley, former Clcvc- Innd coiiiK'Hinan. a S-yoiir term In Uie a for dls- hiiiipsly In imrchnsc, risked Ills life In le.s|iTite-iirney nluiit; nn window I wipe to inliT his Knnrilfi! otliCL iind nlilain hnvo liivolvwl iilhtTS In 1 Pi-iiiidal, iiecordliiK to story wide clrciiliitlun here. Sehonlcy, so tho slory hnd no oIlH-r means nf the (mriers nnd uiihratliilliigly liiehed his wny HloiiK the fei't iiluvu the ground, and rohirneU lo nn uiljolnlng nlllcn while Cminly nclrctlva Toner rcinaliicil dntslile. utmwiire Unit, aiiyiinc had I men" neiir the tile, ho meant to take before the grnnd jury. Tht; wore a the former titloriioy sal in nu oilier ulllec with his HTI, I.lstnu 0, Sehooley, scu- tcnced with i fur cnmiiliclly In oli- i i i npprojirliilrd for i land, when Tnnor M'hllc his son talked i the detective, lie sIlpiK'i! tn Ihe ouler wall, obtained the papers from (tic tile, deslniyei! them nnd cnmn hack. County cntor liny T. Jliller said at time of Sohiiuloy's i a a others were liiviilvtil and repeatedly him op- i to details of Iho land ill-ill, but former comidlnmu was mute. The Mvfwl lav" ln-M fhrlsllan church ami school, Hutiilny. was a most dUtlurt MK-WSS, tllP fact Ihat tin- nlleiuliinro was-not tjultc up i-nivtalii'iis. The mnn started out lie was Kolnp In In; nn his harlor, furnislilnc pvrfett I'rnml fur the IHIilt! school hour, when 777 wcr! present to rnjny (he jiroprnm ot SOURS, dn-lniiintiniis and to KI.V nothiiiK of fine Rjiirlt of that every nook nntl cranny of the church liuildlim. This iilnlform was di-coratcd i daisies, nnd presented a very tlvc apnoiirnnrc. 'J'lin orchestra under the leadership of I'rof. U. Hiivcn Klocb. rendered several siHH'ial nnm- ber.s a which It. C. Holhrook led the. fi-owd through splriled soup servlie. lion. II. II. Hamey. of Salyersvllle, lirolhfr of K. Hamey. mannjier of Ihe Western Union Telegraph this city, took nf jovcr thi: reins ot niix-rlntciidriit ncJ ilellvrnil fl'lrltfil mesMipo. Col. rYel K. llmves. of rnlntsvlllr-. taught the Ie5. tm to tlie ndult department. KollowiiiB Ihe dismissal nf serv- kfs, alinit Ihree liuntlrttl motored lo the l.nras?viHf Fair cronnds, where a basket dinner wax spread. The rowd, however, fouphl the thcltcr of the church when si lu-uvy storm threatenetl. At five p. m. Mnys- ville choir nrrlvivl church nnd rcurlernl several appropriate, inini- IH.TS, which Itrv. (i I'. Itnnks. pastor of Maysvillo Christian church, delivered a inessnee. Dinner wns then servenl in the Imminent of the new luiildinK. All in all. day, despllo occasional rains, wast one of tho happiest In the history of the church mill suli'tul. Much credit Is due P. Hamllti.n and his committee who worked untiringly to make the day a propitious one. o-nlinurl a will bf K. It. I lliirr MIIVKMKNTS A. InptTolc up At 11 a. in. In- t-d tin- runtoM. H-d v.t-Tf A. IMaliar. lir I iiiKl r. lU-ti-lir: for IVm! uu I'll cbunpv my I'm-k. nn1 Sliinm. i nr ni-y in war fiiinrf. Cupid Still Busy In Greeniip County Schaefer Juno 17-- 'Ihe fol- IcwliiK is a of marriage licenses Is-siunl i i UK wwk in I lie office of tho lirei'iiup Cuunty L'lcrk .1. 10. -Moles. -I'J, aui. 1 Kiiby Uhickhiii-n, -iii, Harden. Civil Size- inoiv, L'l. Kacclniiil, i i i i i i -1. Ahhnnl lU-rhcrt. Odh 1 -Jl, Sclnlo I'liriirce, mid Ulmirlu; tlnrey, 'Jl, ticloto Kriun-th t'olln-ll, LTi. and Klsle Swancy. 2-'. lliillllculhf. While, Portsmouth, and liivsh: Hinl.s I'nrlsiuoutli, Henry IlinJs, nnd Dorothy Collins, Uarrlroii, Gerald 21, I'orlsitioulti, 0., nud Itu'iy Wnrrpll, -Jl. 1'orts- mot.lh, liny C. HHCPI; 21, Shelby, and M. Fldlur. 21. Hliriby, Ulcluml I 2, Giirm-r, 216 Market Phone 316 Ohio Cemetery Superintendents Will Open Annual Convention In Portsmouth On Next Wednesday Carload New Potatoes No. 1 size, 10 Ibs. for 33c; Per peck Per bushel 48c $1.00 Waterless Soap; pound buckets It Wiggles (lie Dirt Regular Hnms, with all fat removed, per pound 28c Hnlf or Whole Plans (ire iH-iiic romplptcd for HIP aniiiml t'oiivpnllnii of Ihe Ohio r'pme- tery Knporintemlcnls Assorinllon, whiph will In rortsiuonth on Wednesday, June i i 1 p. m. All sessslniis here will hn hi'ld In the. Masonic Temple. Ahout 75 supprinlciid- ents of Ohio cemeteries lire eMHH'ted to a 'the meeting. AVcdnesday will lie devoted to Portsmouth, on Thursday the visitors i be RUOJils of Tnylor Ktonn Dr. Snook Held In Murder Case Is Well Known Here Ir. II. Snook, who Is being In the death of Miss Thcprn Iliv. nt Ihe Ohio Stntc Unl- versiiy who was found hammered to ilrath List week, is well known In I'nrismniith, as he has visited here feveral limes and has part in i-crenl Run club meetings held here. llf l.s un expert i a revolver or Snook is a professor in the vf'icrinnry college at the Ohio Slate I'nlvcrslty. P. HrsrCoaches At Athletic School K.ilph Ness and Richard Hopkins. nt ilit I'ovlsmouth lijft Monday for AVltlPiibt'nr Springfield. Ohio, where ilit-y wiU a the football school I'l-iiiK helil there in of the F.iii:iius montor, i Itockue and ini' Kdioril ii: clmrsc of pr. Walter S. Meaiiwell, famous Iri'tlndl coach ut! the University of Buses Take Place Of Street Cars The rorlsinoulii T'liHic SiTvli-o company a bcgiin- opci'Mtlng bussos liotwcen Scioloville, and Wbcl-. er.sbnrg instcuil of-street ciir.s. however, will be continued to ho operaled between Portsmouth iniri Sciolovillo. "Tlic 1 pnlrniiiiVu but ween Hciotoville and Wlieelcrshnrg WHJ- lisbt we couldn't do a i esc." Chunks manager of Hie Vorts- moiilb Public Service connmny said Monday. Jackson --For ontstmiding oljtisaUons. ile on your own nursonal tc- Consult ns. The People's Fi- Commercial Bonk ii. Ohio. THE SCHMIDT WATKINS COMPANY Telephone 578 Plumbing, Heating And Electrical Contracting 1518 Gallin Street Fitting Tribute Is Paid To Dead An nun I niemorinl services of lliu Griind Inteniiitloniil Ilrotliorhood (if Locomotive ICiifrineers nml Clnuni Ju- tcrniilloiuil Auxiliiiry Kenovu Divi- Kiou No. John C. Homer Division No. I mid Ohio Vnlley Division No. were lield Sumliiy tLfternoun nt o'clock In the K. ot 1'. hull Fourth urn! Washington si reels. The progrnm follows: Processional 'Holy, Holy, Holy 1 "America" Invocntlon The Jtev. W. K. Uiinurofl AttRiullnir A It r-- Snln I Jl. Dcnton In Mrmoriam of Names Brother Clmrles A. limit Division Nu. Memorial Address The Ruv. K. liiinernft Jtenijirktj hy W. E. Kilwlii 11111 niul Mrs. C. C. Hotliwcll. Solo Hurry M. Dciilnn A I tending Altar-- CUisliv Prayer J. A. L'liiiplin "God He i You" Audit-lire Ucncitlctlon Tlio. IJev. W. K.llaiicrofi At the clopo of the services flowers tnken fo Urcenlawn. Two huge Imskels. were placed on the (rrnves of Charles and Samuel H. Hrook.s In (Ireenlawii. Huiiliiigtoii Show Manager Arrested On Sunday Opening lUJN'riNGTOX, W. 17-- llunlliigtcui yesterday saw its first and pictnrt! show on Sunday, or (it IcnsL it will the hist unless council sees fit to repeal nil ordinance, rushed. IhrniiKh Salnrday nlsht to prnliihlt a tlieatrc perfoi Shortly after the open- of Kc-ith-Albou thealrn Iicrc yesterday Hoi. J. Ilyniiin, iniiiniKPr ot ilia show, was informed very politely over the telephone by the i police Hint nc- was arrested nnd re- iliiested to to the chief's office. dcclaral the theatre would not upon next siunday iir a Sunday nftcrwiird until the Hnnixl has nullified the city ordinance. Hyninn ftalod i i wished to hn fined at least $10 for ills lation of tho day old ordinance that bo could npiKiiil the case i he The tlit-iilre. was allowed to rniiiiilii open a Her Ihe manajer's arrest and drew prtcked houses. Realtor Held In Death Of Rich Widow SANTA ANA, --I'ohn McClurc, 50, Long Beach, real i-slntc dcnlcr. wns hclil hero today fur tiuc.stioniiiR in connection with tlie ilcnlh of Mr. Myrtle Wood, -lO-ycnr-old Bnni-h widow, wlintu body was found with a bullet wiiiiml the head at TjiKinm llrach, Sntunlny. StcCliirc ws returned to Ana liy Comity Sheriff Bum Jeniii-Rim from Hun DinRO, where he bad been turned over to United States authorities by Tijnnnn, tower police. He was found wandering below the Mexican border few lionra Mrs. Wood's hotly wn? discovered nt LnRunn Bench, a short tlistnnce from here. McClurc stuck tu his story thnt he had been bliot by two robbers at LflKimii Bench. He Mid lie coulii not: remoinlicr what hud hnnpeiied to Mrs. Wood. He Fnid bo hnd tnkon tlie woman out to look nt pn erty. Hospitnl nuthoritit-s dressed Mc- Clurc'a wound and said a it was, not serious. Company nt McDerintilt nud on Friday tho visitors will In Iroiiton. wliprc I hey will clnsc I heir (hrci: dny'H swslnn visit to henull- Wondlawn ceuielery there several business essloii. Alijiost evnry county In Ohio will hi! represented lit. the itirVthif: bore. The committee In chnrpo of nil ar- raiiKinents Incluilu l.inck. snpi-r- liiteiident ot Hrponlnwn here. Service Lynn nud K. K. Storm, of SleTlormolt. Water Famine Grows lii China HONGKONG, of thirsty persons lined up Ut the water Mutton today In the irlght sttn nud boat doles of he jirccloiis i Tliu rain ot totaled only. an Inch, inrdly trickle in the yawning reser- The Kovrriunent views now us "InerKisliiKly serious" nnd therefore Is uxti'iidiiiK Its emergency plans and providing for increased storage nnd tnnkuKu. It is considerliif: converlliie tin 1 niiviil dryrlock I i i resrrvidr for Ilin water supplies brought by steamships. Kowlow. on the miiltilnnd. is in the sainn iiredlr'amr'iit. i circles cmphiisized tlml fills fiinniner tborc will IIR cerlain i a for all" but cxphilncd tltnl the most serious time inny lw expected In Ihe eominc i unless there nrc heavy i nlus before October when the i dry senson liPKins. nml V.v\;\ "Wheeler Ashliiml, A i McCain, Fnirfield, nnd Ilek-n Klnser, Pickaway. ward i and Klhcl Ilnnnlciit 2X Ashliind, M. CL'. County, Sv. and Alice Tnrley Ot), Hi'iill'ijt- ton, "iV. Clinrlle 32, Oil- and Cilnrlys l-'hlrldsc, -1. Clifford Kli- phcns '2('. (Ireennp, niul Loin 'Jl', Oeni'ge I 1 Horah, 27. Mi-Arthur, nnd Miller, al. A i Crow, 21, Cliltllcotbe. niir! Bnrotliy 21, C'hilli- cothc. 0.. I'onald Irons. Jack- SOIL nnd Ivu Sit't-le, "1, Jneksnn, 0. Salt I'ork, 11) Jowl, Ib ItrraUfast lincon, II). ColinnlHis lisi'on, 11). Bologna, per II) 17c 24c Sliart Hncon. Ih Swift Premium Hacun, Cnrnrd Herf. pfr II) Premium Huron Slmtl Itoilcil Hum, per II) Carload Pure Hog Lard No. 50 cans Lard, the best in the city A Cm-load (BOO cuns) Just Kccclveil. $5,98 Jack Frost Pare Cane'Sugar, 25 Ib. saok $1.33 Elks Will Mem In Los Angeles, Cal. Frank Ousclduslvi, past exalted rulpr of NIP T'ortsiiioulh I.odpc pf I'. O. Hilts, is planning to leuve shortly for I.os Angeles, Cnl, where ho will atrpnd tlie grand lodj-'o sessions as delegate, from the I'orlsmoulh lodgp. Kvcry Elk bulge In Hie country will he rt-presentwl at this moetinjr. N. W. Stock Soars To A New Peak Common i i Norfolk and Western soared to a2.T,i Monday, hlphost point this slock has ever reached. THOMAS ASHPAW PLUMBING AND HEATING JG10 a i a St. Phone 'JB30 Kin'ourajred ty I liirco profits InM year i a i a a will c.vlcnd its service to all parts nf I.iixon, I', f. ItABK FOJJNI) IN OAKIIEN COHRIN, Tune 17i--(Al 1 nutlc I)nhy glri; from 12 to IX) hours old, was found today garden the renr ot a Corliiu residence. The linlw taken to a hospital, hut it riled two hours I as result of exposure. I'erfons HvliiK near when I hnbc was found wild they liar! heard' cries V2 hours earlier, hut hnr: failed to Investigate. J'ollw; annouiH-ed loilny a believed they had found the motheT of the child. A wnmnn, re ceutly denliinded the arrpst of a iieiirlilmr for "snjiiiK tilings lo "'J ilojr." KII.I.S SELF DURING STORM HAMILTON, Ohio, June Herlhu A. Simpson, Til yours old, Nuiv vlllfiKC npnr hcrp. fnr thunderclap to drown report of it revolver hcforo killed herself this nflornooii, Slinpson Iiuil heen In ill health for sevornl iiiontlis, her InishniKi pnlil. Cai.dilicll Tomolo Soup, 2 Navv hcans, 10 Ihs. for I'info IICRHS, 10 His. for i'ink lirans, 10 His. for Hcd kidney beans, 10 Ibs. Paul Revere Ginger Ale Packed One Dozen FISH Cat Fish for I3e 'for' OimphcU's Hakeil lleans, 3 Norlliprn Iwans, 10 Ibs. for Lima licuns. lit Ibs. for Crniihurrv henns. HI Mis. for VcIIair eye, 10 HJS. for l2c per dozen to ft t'nsc. 0 (JliiRer Ate Glasses Free FISH FISH Haddock Fillets. Perch for 25c si. is 98(: S1.13 CARDINALS AM) SCIOTOVIM.K TO TANCUJJ UP TONIGHT Tn the American Junior baseball IC.IKHO the Cardinals ami Kclotovllli; will meet on N. W. Athletic yield I i evening nt o'clock. Huth tennis are set for victory. Maxwell House Coffee, 3 Ib. can Never Heforc So Low for This Famous Coffee. 1,000 CHIIS Sohl I.iibt. Wtek Snnppy per 11) troani cheese Miltl per cream rlieeso 25c T)nriiiK the rerpnt of Kins ItolH-rl. the Union, in Aberdeen. the practice'of Ihe Murslies. oliPervcd "50 years npo, wns revived. Queen Mary Changes Mind About Styles I.ONDO.V, 11-- -Queen Mary, whose steru ideas, on dress liuve been the cause of many worries for fashionable women, has added to tlii'ir troubles by njipenriiig lu London wearing skirts five Inches shorter than has Iiccn her cuslom. iiiieen's wlib-li cntiseo despiiirini; comments in circles trying lo follow her wishes, wns nn attractive parment of bine silk nnd lace, with hem nine or ten Inches from the proiind. WANTED WANTED SOU of (he dnstomcrs wlio fulled lo get In our store or fulled to gel waited on Sulurtlay, lo come back nny iliiy this or do your shopping Friday to avoid flic mob that crowded our slore last Saturday. No. 30 cans lonmtoe.s No. 10 runs green beuns -We No. 10 cans baked beans No, TO cans red beans -ISc No. 10 cans nisplHirries 8Ut No. 10 fans Idurhberrles Brtc No. 10 cans iwaclies No. 10 csn.s rliillt ron carno Xo. 10 Tans aprlrols 6Sc No. 10 rans gooseberries No. 10 cans kraut -ISc. No. 10 cans red raspberries) riierrles $1,15 No. 11) runs pumpkin No. TO CHIIS com 55c No. JO cans peas No. 10 cans cruhheil pliicapplo tat: No. II) rjins hnmitiy -lOt No. 10 cans iniiu-i'iiu-ut Sl.lii- No. 10 cans i-ut Iieets 55c. No. 30 CHUN ilit'ctl carrots 43c No. 10 cans linia beans 55e KrstMirsntB Special low prices on Hll No. 10 goods'by tlic cnse or dozen. cull us for prices before buying elsewhere. FLIT Kills Flies Gallon jar sweet mixed iiickles No. 10 (ins catchup, only i)9c (ittltoii run sweel relish $1,19 gallon jugs catchup 93e Coming A Carload Of No. 10 Cans Cherries Whv worry to seed can rcil sour pitted cherries when we will able to Mil youi No. 10 can of these cherries for less than a dollar, loii can put these eherries on tho stove, brine them to a boil and CPXI them in smaller cans much clienpcr than you can the fresli ones. Walt for these. Pint bottle grai' 6 6 Quart liottle grape juice 22c Sweet Heart soap, bar Lava soap, bar Camay soap, 2 bars for OrtiiRon toilet soap, 2 for i5c 5rj I5c lac 1'lnl plain olives Quart jar plain olives 23e 4Bc Lux sonp, bar for Lifebuoy soap, 3 for Cream Oil soap, 2 for Palmollvc 2 for 3 5c 20c THE BUNGLE FAMILY Past an Present INSURANCE Tin: I1AZLEBECK CO. rn Gallia St Phon- 76 CRICHTON OFFICE SUPPLY CO. AND ULTAIL Near rifth St. F. STAMM PLUMBING Wort M. Thousands Have Soda Habit But Permanent Relief From 1 Stomach Ills Imponible by Uie of Any Such AUkeihift Remedy. It duly curtora of thoustncU to Uke soda, macnetla. or other such common- digestive aid. but the very that they must continue thrtr use, habitually employing them from day to day, ttiould force conviction ot the utter futility of ruch a practice. Stomach trouoles cannot bs over- by merely temporarily tho dUtreai; the cause of the luelf muit removed. If you are to hare a veil ctomach. In Zlaiep Compound, a atomach remedy of itaodard pharmaceutical quality, whoee genuine worth aa a corrective la thoroughly recognized by phyilclaru and ailke. you Uie of not only tem- perary eaae. but lastlnir benefit. A tharoufh and faithful eaune of Zlaatp Compound will a retention to you tn rtoraach health. Tour dniRltt It. and irtll refund your money, a cot aatufled Sold nml ly IOTTKIfS Store and nil other pxxl drug- eterywhere. MY WORD, I CAN'T IMAGINE WHERE. OLD HARTFORD I WONDER. IF ANVTHING HARTFORD CAME: THE WHEN THE BUiJGLES, UNDE THE EVfcS OP WAITED IN POR. A PRAY IT WAS NOTHING. MY NAME IS HARTFORO AND YOURS HEjti WAS EVVfersf MORE, NOW Ar-f AUTOMOBILE THAT START HELPED HARTFORD TO WEt-L. RIGHT WRONG YOU'LL HAVE TO A I BECAME A HOUSEHOLD WORP IN" THE BUMGLE. WHO A3 CARELESS ABOUT WEDDINGS A3 HE HAD ABOUT OAKDALE THE. GREAT! THE NINE WONDERS OP THE ROLLED INTO ONE, ACCORDING TO PERSONALITY PLUS IP IT DIDN'T IT WILL THE FIRST TIME SEE THAT WRETCH EMERGENCY CRY PEGGY. HOMEY PEW WITH MEMORIES BUAME, ABOUT AJ VISITOR. IrJ' JU3T BEFORE. IS TO MARRY IN'TO OF THE BEST FAMILIES OAKOALE IN TOWN! HIS VERY NAME MAKES MY BLOOD RUN COLO. WHV, UOOK AT THAT 6HADOW ON THE WALL THE VERY IMAGE or THAT GOOD FOB NOTHING ABIE THE AGENT She Should Worry About A Crisis BY HERSCHFlELD 'fV, FIME SlTUrSTIOhlV WE'RE BROKe OH ACCOUNT OF PHOo" 1 FIND A POCKET OOK WITH TO NrVi NIXMOOX. I Ft Yo WE FtKJP IN "THE AND OWF A THEN'WE STUPF WE'LL THE POCKET BOOK

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