The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY, 14, 1«M BLYTHBTILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOB THRU! 7th Fleet Formosa Theme: Fast Carriers Packs Most Deadly Punch On the Sea By DOUGLAS LAILSIJN NKA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NEA) — The fast carrier task force off Formosa is the most modern, efficient and deadly weapons system which can be assembled on the sea. It represents billions of dollars worth of ships, planes, atomic weapons, guided .missiles, conventional armament, - 'elaborate communications and electronic gear. It's supported by a- gigantic air and surface supply system capable of keeping it patrolling or fighting for as long as the crisis there might last. The speed with whiqh this major element of the Seventh Fleet was beefed up and moved into best tactical position for covering evacuation of Nationalist troops from Ta- chen, halting a Communist invasion of Formosa, or, if necessary, exchanging first blows of a major war. Is the task force's complete justification, the Navy believes. The Formosa crisis proved dramatically the flexibility and potency of this weapon Idea, Navy spokesmen point out. There's THEME OF THE FAST CAKIUERS is vividly etched by these Navy Cougar jets' roaring high eventuality it couldn't cope with, er Midway and the attack carrier «„,„, . 'princeton. Exact strength of the task force is kept secret. Guided missiles integrated with the rest of force's fire power include the ground-to-ground Regulus, the ground-to-air Terrier, and the air-to-air Sparrow, all weapons which have become operational .since the end of the Korean War. they claim. Most dramatic, deadly action of any hostilities in the, Formosa area would be 'aerial combat, probably between Russian - built MIG - Is, which the phinese Reds have, and fighter planes of the U. S. fleet. The ,new F9F-6 Cougar is the plane which would go aloft to tangle with the MIG. The Cougar climbs as fast as the MIG, turns in as tight a circle, and has a higher ceiling. It's faster than the MIG — close to supersonic — has superior fire power and an effective combat radius of over 500 miles. Every combat plane with the fleet, including the Cougar, can deliver atomic bombs. But the huge North American AJ Savage, with two conventional piston engines and one jet, is capable of carrying the larger types of A-bombs and several of the smaller ones. It is the largest plane which operates off carriers. The Savage Hies high altitudes and bombs—nuclear at extremely it: by can drop otherwise radar at night or during zero-zero weather conditions. The so-culled work, horse o[ the fleet Is the Douglas AD Skyraider, a single, piston-engine plane which carries a bigger bomb load than the B-17 of World War II. Other aircraft of the task force include those doing anti-submarine patrolling, reconnaissance, photography. night interception search and rescue. and The unit off Formosa is composed of four attack carriers — Essex, Wasp, Yorktown and Kearsage — four cruisers and up to 50 destroyers.- 'When the crisis: -arose additional units were dispatched to the aren, including the targe carri- The Regulus can carry an atomic warhead, its performance is short of pin-point accuracy on long-range targets, but it could be used effectively under many circumstances. Critics of the carrier task force concept claim that it's too vulnerable to atomic attack and enemy subs. But the Navy has the answer to both of these charges. It does not operate as the gigantic, massed force the way it did so effectively in the Pacific in World War II. Today it's dispersed so that a direct atomic hit on one carrier or one cruiser would not damage other main units. And its anti-sub weapons and electronic defenses are vast and effective. One of the most successful of, these complex devices is a listening apparatus dunked into the water by helicopters hovering around the perimeter of the fleet. It has also been said carriers caught in the that any Formosa in this case is close co-operation with the air force of the Nationalist government, which includes squadrons of F-86 Saberjets. There have been extensive exercises over the above the Midway, one of the biggest flattops. Midway joined the Seventh Fleet off Formosa. past month with U. S. and Chinese pilots maneuvering under a joint command. ; As a result any action in the area would Include well-coordinated action of the two forces. Boy, 5, Vainly Threatens Bandit With Cap Pistol OKLAHOMA CITY f/P.j—An armed robber, who ignored the command of a 5-year-old boy "to step back or get killed," escaped with $200 from a grocery store last night. The robber fled under a barrage of "bullets" fired from the cap pistol of Kenny Linn, grandson of the store owner, H. Ted Linn. A clerk told the youngster not to interfere but the boy disregarded the plea and shouted to the robber, "You asked for it," firing pointblank at the gunman. He was still shooting as the robber ran out of the door. Strait when serious shooting* started would be sitting ducks for enemy land-based planes. The answer to this, the Navy claims, is that there is no need for carriers to enter the Strait. Their planes have plenty of range to take on all assignments .and operate from-carriers in sea eas of Formosa. Kite Flyers Note WICHITA FALL'S, Tex. Wt —Donney Dee Taylor ,12, was electrocuted yesterday when a kite he was flying with a long piece of thin wire apparently came in contact with a high-voltage wire. A final potential of the task force James H. Knuten. 43, had 77-28373 JSJ* POINTED POSE—Ruta Lee, MGM starlet, says she's "stuck on" the desert scenery around Tucson, Ariz. To prove it, she poses against the prickly limb of a giant saguare cactus. In Osceola ... You may buy the Courier News at Cramer's Cafe and Reidy Drugs HONESTY We try (o keep our thinking honest and realistic where alcohol is concerned. If we are tempted to drink —and the temptation usually fades after the first period of transition into AA—we ask ourselves whether the particular drink we have in mind would he worth nil the consequences we have experienced from drinking in the past. We hear in mind that we are perfectly free to get drunk, if we want to, that the choice between drinking and non-drinking is entirely up to us. Most important of all, we try to face up to the fact that, no matter how long we may have been dry, we Will always be alcoholics—and alcoholics, as far as we know, cannot drink socially or normally. We follow the experience of the successful "old- timers" in another respect. We usually keep coming regularly to meetings of the local AA group with which we have become affiliated. There is no rule which makes such attendance compulsory. Nor can we always explain why we seem lo get a lif( out of hearing the personal stories and interpretations of other members. Most of us, however, feel that attendance at meetings and other informal contacts with fellow- AA's are important factors in the maintenance of our sobriety. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 Blytheville, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday Nights at 8 p. m. Open Meetings I'Viday Nights at 8 p. m. CLUB ROOM at 410 E. MAIN Sober Party Proves Point RICHMOND, Va. Iff*)— R. M. Orcutt hired a food caterer and invited all the folks in the neighborhood oVer to his home for an open house celebration. "I want to show them what a former drunk can do," he said. Fifteen years ago, said Orcut, "I was about the biggest drunk in South Richmond," weighed about 97 pounds and drank the shoes off three children. Now he is a strapping 205-pound- er and owner of a prospering roofing business. x Truant Forgiven RICHMOND Va. Iff)—The school folks were not tough with Berkley Henley when he cut his eighth grade classes. Berkley spent the summer on his uncle's farm and got interested in raising tobacco. When the market opened here ^-on a school day—Berkley sold S245 irom the patch he cultivated. Ex-Grave Digger Admits Rape Slaying of Detroit Teen Ager DETROIT l/I'i—1'ollte say a 34- year-old former grave digger has confessed the vidqus two-year-old rape-slaying of JoAnn Glllcsple. Inspector Edward Reilly said Richard BalUngall, 34-year-old Detroit beer store odd jobs man, admitted orally and in a formal statement yesterday that he beat and dragged the 18-year-old junior college coed Into the alley near her home where her multilated body uas found Jan. 3, 1953. Reilly said Balliiurall admitted j the crime—one of Detroit's mosi sensational in years—while police were quiz^ing him about the death of a woman described as his common-law wife, Cecilia Sis Stewart, 40. Miss Stewart was found dead yesterday in a room she icas sharing with a man who said he met her in a bar. Reilly said Ballingall, a convicted ments In confessions to detectives | who questioned him for eight hours and to Prosecutor Gerald K. : O'Brien. Reilly described Ballineall's confession as "very good." O'Brien saiu he wasn't too sure of Its accuracy. Police said that, after confessing the crime, BalUngall took them to the scene and led them to within five feet ot where the girl's ravish- , cd body had been found. , Surprise' Baby OKLAHOMA CITY (if) — Roosevelt Dillard, 26, told police a woman came in the back door of his home, deposited a baby about 1 months old in the bedroom with a sack of diapers and a nursing bottle and ran out the front, door. Dillard said he had never seen her before. The baby was taken to a sex offender, gave conflicting state- nursing home. Tk« BRANDS Then You'll It's Dry and Well ufactured an That's because Ihe SPIB Grade-Mark can only be used on lumber that has been dried and seasoned according lo official Grading Rules. And because the name FORDYCE, stamped on lumber, is a pledge to you that this old, established company stands squarely behind its quality. Remember, too, thai FHA and VA insured loan construction requires Grade-Marked lumber. ' Your Deafer Can Supply You LUMBER COMPANY FORDYCE, ARKANSAS By the Numbers DES MOINES W — There was a ! striking similarity when two cars collided at an intersection here Thomas C. Raymond Jr., 20. had 1 license number 77-28372, and Big Midnight SINGING CONCERT featuring— (In Person) ^McDonald Brothers Quartet ^Sunnyside Gospel Singers 4The Harmonette Trio STARTS AT 7:30 P.M. Thursday, February 17 National Guard Armory (Blytheville, Arkansas) ADMISSION-50* & $1.00 (Proceeds to Purchase New Chairs for Armory Building) This mess.iRS presented as « public service by— Ark-Mo Power Co. Are You Sure You're Getting The Most for Your Dry Cleaning Dollar?? Obsolete cleaning methods aren't enough for today's modern fabrics — HUDSON offers you the most amazing cleaning process known to the industry ... STAYBRIGHT The miraculous new dry cleaning formula that keeps your clothes looking new — restores the original lustrous colors after each cleaning — also keeps fibers alive and resilient. • Beffer (leaning •The Hudson Finish • 8-Hour Service Cleaner — Clothier — Tailor Phone POplar 2-2612 in Blytheville HALSELL SCHOOL OF DANCING 209!/i W. Main Ph. 3-6391 Open 2 P.M. to 10 P. M. You can quickly learn all the newest dance steps under our expert instruction. • FOX TROT • RHUMBA • WALTZ • TANGO • JITTERBUG • SAMBA -MAMBO- Come in & Let Us Analyze Your Dancing! FIRST LESSON' FREE! Call for Appointment! Owned & Operated by Roy E. Halsell Can your house BURN OUT? A*? f Yes it cofi. Firt ohett gerh o (o*g hetxistart before H a cfecovered. tttturonc* .. and enough of ft ... h the only omw*r to yovr ftnancraJ protection. NOBLE GILL-AGENCY GLENCOE BLDG. 1-68M

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