Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 7
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\ !.. tt How wretched is the man who has fiuFea a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, wccb aM lie homble Attendants. Look apatr the picture. .Poor man, being tiretiof dwgging out a miserable existent* fie is£bepictureol despondency; alto°s&- er, be 13 rather a forlorn specimen to Da •we p.ty him? Of course; but at the same tirae feel assii red that in a measure- Jie ia to blame W the bad state into which he Jiasfullc-n A sure,safe,«neady sad «isy cure can b« found in Simmons -U*er RegtiiaU*r-Nature's own remedy. Ivo mercury or deleterious drags- not unpleasant to tlie taste, and alwita JehabJe—just such a remedy as you cm pm yonr faith to without a shadow of dsappwntmeii t. Road the testimonial- wart take our word for it: ANOTHER TRIUMPH. Tlio -Suliy t(|y Slil mi In "it in II tn to Till, Country. The action of the house of representatives m passing, the subsidy shipping bill is another -rand triumph for the r£ publican policy of reciprocity. •The enactment of this bill will sun- pementthc SIcKinley law. which has already provided a, battering- ram for opening- the markets of the southern countries, by insuring mail and transportation facilities wliich will enable American merchants to extend ;. n d en- larpe onr export trade with the people to the southward from whom we buy 5.0 miiv.h ;md to whom we sell so little ""3 Jan: b«u subject , o «vcrc spell? of •Cencesuon of the Liver, and have been in whahitof taking from .15 to iro sr=ii.is of «*on«J. w-hich K cMraIly bid me up for Utece or four days. Lately [ h;ivc liccit. ««*«« Simmons Ij wr Kegiilato- which. •rxrtmc TdccT without any interruption langs. J. Hucc, Middleport, Ohio. x^Erx.uir # co., •TOBwats, PHILADELPHm. PA, MOCK. S1.00. jwi FOR TORPID LIVER. Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. There is no better remedy forth..™ common diseases tha™ iftr" IJver Pills, us a trial will prove. l>rice,35c. ' " —— .!*« vr w V7. M. « J.Ut3i Sold Everywhere. £nuir llttlo fortun..h«»Bbcrn mud,., for oi, by Amu I',,*,., Au.tlu TOOdO. 00 t y». f 1. boh,,. „,,!„ by John R Goodwln,\roj.,.\-.Y.,nt work for li. Kcad.r you may n«t mako as .nuch, but ^VB can |KKli you quickly how to Mm from *5 to *10 « liny at tin .ton, mid nioro n. you co on. Bolhiexea.il] « c n. In «nv part of Amertcii, you ctin cdmrncnco (it home, plv, ins all your tl:tnj,(ir »paro niomfntfl only to tlic work. All It > aw . en;,,! |«y SUI!H for .'try worker. >Vo gtnrt you, fumlihinr .'nrtlhlnc, EASILY, vmf*™,,. '. """'"» its F E. Add t o' CO., TOHTLASD, JULVlJ PAPER HANGINGS INTERIOR DniMTOR& FiiESCOinS CHURCHES- ..jFE RESIDEBCES, JC. We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & CO,, 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL, Are You SOME PEOPLE At WAYS ABE STEARIY ETERYBODY IS OCCASIO]VAJLI,Y. TAKE t. WHITE'S ALTERATIVE. It is tlie best remedy for diseases or the •Lives' and Kidnevft. T* «.-,_3^_. ., M ~i - K1 <Jneys. It pnriHes «he blood and overcomes that recline of weariness which yoa so often experience. It will cure yonr headache, restore yonr lost appetite, and mak» yoa feel TlRorons enough to take any thing within your reach. Very large bottle for 91, and every bottle warranted. oold by B. F. Keesliug- and DE Pryor. EORJEN . ^K that, while we annually pur- . chase millions on millions of coffee sue-ar hides and other necessities from Brazil our sales to thereat southern republic are comparatively small I[ O w can American merchants develon an export trade with Brazil in the thousand and one article* which we could supply to Brazilian consumers, when there ,s no steamship line between Buenos Ayres and a United States port to furnish regular mail communications and proper transportation facilities- when the American merchant must use a steamship Ime via London in order to reach his Brazilian customers in person.- when his regular mails and freights must be dispatched by the same circuitous route: when his British rival occupies a position of advantage m point of both time and distance- when the bulky products of Brazil are brought in mostly by tramp steamers and sailing- vessels for which there are no return cargoes? It is apparent at a glance that the first essential of an export trade with Brazil is to extend encouragement and assistance to those who are willing-to invest their money m hnes of steamers p] yinff between Luenos Ayres and United States ports. And what applies to our export trade With Brazil is true in ecj.ua! or less degree of our commercial relations with all the other countries of Central and fcouth America. The development of American trade in this direction is among- the certainties of the future- and what is needed is to insure regular mail and transportation facilities ° The subsidy shipping- bill, which was passed by the senate at the last session and approved by the house is designed to supplement onr policy of reciprocity m trade to the southward and provute the needed facilities. In its provisions it is not as liberal a measure as the bill which an unsuccessful attempt was made to substitute for it. -Nevertheless, it affords evten- sive aid and encouragement. -It appropriates §1,200.000 a year for ten years, to be expended by "the postmaster-genera on vessels carrying- United States mails, which are American-built and American manned. The vessel* are divided into four classes, bein- graded from 8,000 down to 1.300 tons and receiving from .$4.00 down to G8 *-? cents on each mile traversed durin" the outward voyag-e. " These offers will result in the establishment of regnlar mail lines to every important port in Central and South America, and will insure the successful inauguration of the republican policy ox reciprocity. They represent the shipping-policy by which Great Brit- am, Germany and France have established and maintained their ocean service and foreign commerce, and without the support of which American bofr- toms have been driven out of the ocean carrying trade. They are designed with particular reference to our trade to the southward; and it is not proposed at this tune to enter into competition with the European powers for the control of the world's carrying- trade The foreign commerce which the protectionist desires is with those countries where are produced. the articles which we need and cannot supply to our country from our own soil; and the subsidy shipping- bill, like the McKinley bill was designed to encourag-e trade to the southward rather than to the eastward with the countries of Europe, from which we can purchase very little which American industry cannot supply to. American consumers. The passage and enactment of the subsidy shipping- bill removes' the stigma which has long attached to the United States that, while encoura-nnn- internal communication, it has allowed its merchant marine to drift about at the mercy of wind, wave and the subsidized vessels of foreign nations.-Albany Journal. WORMS produces its kind in a, manner altogether astonishing-. Any one of sections of which it is composed seems likely at anytime to develop a head and eyes and this segment coolly detaches itself from the main body and goes off by itself, a male or a female as the case may be. Sometimes a single worm will divide itself up into three or four such individuals. The female, thus thrown upon the world, is supplied with a sac lull of eggs, which, being duly impregnated by the male, produce the whole worm that is destined later to divide itself up as described. Her majesty's ship Challenger brought up from the depth of the ocean certain sea worms never heard of before, which had branches like a tree. One sea worm not uncommon along this coast has a proboscis equipped with powerful hooted teeth, with which it seizes its prey and having- grasped it, it devours rt by turning itself inside out like a glove finger. Among the most interesting- worms of the ocean are the so-called sea centipedes, which are covered with readily detached bristles. If you step upon one or grasp it, these bristles. stick into the skin and cling there, so that they are removed with some difficulty bv scraping the surface with a keen-edged knife, -these are found along the southern coast oi this continent and on the shores ol^the West India islands. There are certain sea worms that I board m the tubes of other sea worms ' and one thing very funny noticed about them us twit when they arc present the proper owners of the tube are always found to be darker in color than is ordinary, though whether this is the result ot annoyance at having to take care o, such more or less welcome guests it has been impossible thus far to ascertain. The typical sea worm that lives in a tube has both ends of i,s dwellm- which is m the shape of a hook buried in the mud, communicating by openings with the water above. For the sake of maintaining its health the water is drawn m at one end of the tube and expelled^ through the other; and, when thermal desires to seek food, it rises to the former of these two openings and waves about the water its many tentacles, exhibiting most vividly all the colors of the rainbow. It. breathes, too m the case of many species, by means ol -oranchia," which are modified tentacles filled with its blood and inclosed eacli of then, within so thin a skin that the blood takes in oxygen from the water as do the gills of a fish. It is worth mentioning tiiat, if almost any sea worm is cut m two, the tail will produce a head or the head a tail, thus makinn- two individuals out of one. There is a sea worm called the "phyllodoce" that when frightened excretes from its pores a. jelly-like substance, so that when you pick up one it seems positively to be in- closed in a mass of jelly. Sometimes a worm of another species finds its home m a branch of coral and the coral builders construct their walls around the animal, so that as the worm grows they actually build a tube to inclose him and so provide him with a home. This tramp worm, as he might be called, finds such accommodations most agreeable merely taking care to keep both ends of the tube thus made for him open so that he may breathe. There is no class of animals existing that has such brilliant and beautiful coloring as the sea worms many of them with their brightly tinted tentacles and brauchia resemblinn- the most gorgeous blossoms of the field — Western Rural. To i|,e Voici* «|- the City ol fcosa, l>»rf, ludluiiu, nKK i,, Uu-Ko ii" Fr<- cm ,., N « Made by u, e Com,,,,,,, <;„„„,.„ „, Thrlr KejrnJar *,.,«,„„, „„,.,.,, ComDieiicliig°;i°ii 1 » K ,,^i!;?: 8 - f;in ' 1 bounds, to-vvit; '! strcwta. tliniicerunnlni? £lt £ Seventh and High'' HiBli .-street taiSi"strwt iheiiSl !S' Ilae ** • atrei't, tliencB south <?n <i,^f,? ..? l r. eet 1 P Twelfth : ^&s^?J%ffi#$ss& north HUB of Bra-ulwi « .' ,™ ce we st on the ; iuicl tli™c« iioniioii ihor,r^ to ,, SoveDlhs »*et, s Htr>*<T I., t)... ,.i. ' ,,. ll]e SHSC llllfi rtl' *^,trj. n «>. *•" m^: 1 ,K^- f0 ™^'^""CUyo, -to. S^si^^^^sn % »as £tt^s««««, ™ bracc<1 j r B'S^^^S^^TS . SS-^^SES?™,* S eftffiS. .j said C.-1MH1 bed1 to S™«itli.strew fh"'* !ille 0£ * '- K-1I1ST WARD. never wants to learn, but the It • \M T iii nut: vi vjLuiwji MTHft IO Vhu-* *:r runt- <Y — --v..,.. llOn )l mi Th« tuiut II,., . e -,, "-JiJUlIU „ •• "'A-U WARD. Precinct Ko. J -.\ij that t » r -t sss^s^ ert ^f»n<i.;bSSdrgs5* runnliiB smith to JiTrk,7 " th str< *t.tuen<.^ noi-ih Uiieof Vi?k«'op V tet - U!e "°fi east OIL Uience north o,, v£r Yi^V'L^?!.' 1 ! 1 ;•««<*- Sc~S ; ^ 5 v'--^i,s^ ^^S^^K^ =^Si;:^^---^^^ , front room over (i - ilng. And IcJso^wcu. pn-elnw IJK held in the ii-occry .stun-, on Broad- reads that HONESTY CHEWING TOBACCO —, — u «w»^w wj_ttuu IS HQ.3/U.6 3/HQ. at ONCE tries it, and saves money and secures, more satisfaction than ever before AVOID imitations. Insist on uaving the genuine. If your dealer hasn't it ask him to get it for you. JSO.FINZEfi&BROS.,IoDis?iJle. ? - i"ng at the''' iiwtiiwwt'cirner 11 of 8 O'IIMW V Mn'fi 1 '" 0 " •H ^tSr^HSS^^* tDwiCi-! «V Sl Oil thp l onll lln n'f 1 '? &m ''' U<l Streef - J^^ffSHrT 1 -?^^^ is ordered ili;it th« elw'fin - J '*f: JnniM ^v.-Aiid it hnid at uie i^fitMfiniti , UOJJ! * 1JI said precJnct-be . "ie *llt« mi, SI ,™, ,,, lg)iu , ]0( , se ^ ^ siiSJ^^?'-" 1;on thence raiuiTjiK sqwli 1 on^-S f of "ifiirliei'"tiwt' m^viJ*?/*. ^'' usl ™"««™lin" sS^s£B,Ss^^-c the .!«..» if ' ,r C|I : >L . on norin Mnia nf ^t^ ,^ „...„!,. ..* street. k or In said ward ... uiji.. IVJiUnil)"' m^Tl i '{ -IT1/-1 lie * J J " - • ——"vwi %&ss$^ss^j^V£ alonK f aki niihvaj. to ^n^l^^J 1 ^'^^ •\ '*. street, - west soiuh on tlie wwt line of Pluin stfwt u, tJll'll V\'P*:rnn umifK II,,. „*•/, MI M t LO GOLD MSDAL, PAE1S, 1873. i\Tffl d fflr^S«S!H!?^ $™$ south iln« of Mii-ir" ",''"" "u'vei. aience east o't flic-nee south -i omMh. , i, east ilmlto of «»tj. Wribash mer thfniewesl-ilo™ 1 ^ 01 ^^ ^ held In ti, e nouse n.1 C n U ^., 1'. S '^J'^Jnct be Breakfast Cocoa from, whicli the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely Pure and it is Soluble. P^.C.4S^%K£,S"|J^^ -"J^'-v »i Mj ,, V ; ncl gj^ J VVPjlTh U]wicerui]ji]i )K(?;Lst;ou ifL on.;t.j; r/" 1 - 1 *", a ""c«*. J-^l *^r.(fvi nl Ii]rtf']>-i.i •*>.« f*f. *.. .,. .. elections ... ,,,., u „ shop In suld ward. jVnd it l.s ordered Lhnt tlie •ehcld In Dili's cooper SKCOND WAKD ADVICE FOR FARMERS. OF THE OCEAN. STRENGTH! v VEGEWU — ™" «•*«••• i Mr COUGHS AND COLDS. SSc. and SI. at all drn Ke ist». I MOfiGM & SOIS, - - Propriete PBOVIDENCE. R L tBADESUPPLIEDbyROSS GORDON LaFayette, Ind. * For salebyB. F 1 Reesling- An Intcrtstln^Stncly of the Smaller Form. of Snljmarlna Life. is tnere anytning- more beautiful than a woitn, writes a correspondent of a Washington paper. It all depends. If yon speak of the worms of the sea, few of the most brilliantly colored flower* of the earth can approach them in -or- g-eousness. There is one such creature of the ocean that lives in ,a tube buried tn the mud and, when it does not wish to appear in public, it closes the tube at the top_ with a stopper and so retires from view. When it feels safe how- ever.and is anxiocs for food, it takes off tne stopper and.waves about in the- water many long- and exquisitely colored tentacles resembling a passion llower of rainbow tints. Many kinds of worms there are in the sea that dwell in Ion- tubes or quills, the substance of which is secreted from their bodies, for protective purposes One sort always keeps boarders. At all events, in its tube is nearly always found one pair of live crabs.- Another species of sea worm builds a funnel- snaped shell or tube, for the construe- tlon of wliich it selects the prettiest praveland stones it can find, so as to make of the surface a sort of mosaic more artistic than human bein*- could dewse. _ Other creatures of this same descnpbon cover their dwellings with beautiful shells and foraminifera, whila others still find homes in the interior recesses of conch shells, so that upon taking-out a hermit crab from one of thsse shells it is usual to. find a swarm of the species mentioned behind it An interesting sort of sea worm, jw- - with poultry should, as a rule, commence with one variety, and keep it until the details of the 'business are well mastered. MAXY farms have been abandoned because they were too larg-e to be profit ably cultivated. It is very se l dom that a small farm is abandoned. FOP. growing- alone blue grass is one of the very best that can be grown on the farm. Elue grass and orchard grass will thrive in the shade. _ AN important item in successful farm- in- is the keeping of a sufficient number of stock to consume to advantage all of the products of the farm. CLOVEBcan be grown on any soil tnat is m a reasonably good condition and under ordinary conditions can be sown in the spring or in the fall. ECONOMY in production is the key to financial success in all agriculture' Jn raising- live stock the guess work should be reduced to a minimum. Know what each animal has cost before you sell it A merchant who should sell his goods without knowing their cost would soon be upon the hi-h road to bankruptcy. —Pair Shopper—"What is the differ- II'M* l^^ti C.-L. .," *.!.,_. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a, cup. It is delicious, nourishing strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED,' and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Crocersjsyerywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. avenue, t n the north of a^s^s^iSSSsS ^^st^e^SIS soum along the west line of Clffton aveimp f Haiiiut street, thence southwest; - ' - - - l ous wardscon] n rki,,i«,,l'fe£ re ?i n 9 Lsfo!v . tl Je various waMTTOffl^LsKe nti- f P 8 for tl]e rar ' : Clerk City of Log-jiispbrt, Indiarw. SeTtpfReiS PwLr^S ta ^ hst X a , Ie %*»&* a trial and be eonvi?,^™°7; re ^ c - .. Wve «*en> ence golds'? er tha- between these two pieces" of Clcirk—On- is marked high "'i'es: h«t what is ADVICE TO WOMEN If you would protect yourself from Painful, Profuse, "Scanty, Suppressed or Irregular Menstruation you must use BRADFIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR HIRES' IMPROVLi ROOT BEER? IDUIIJID. »D80IUIICO.TSTB«!«lr(G 'JHlTM/Jlc THIS PACIiVCE MAKES FIV" f.A:,l OKS "i ' " or Srocor for i; PHILADELPHIA. OODJJANTELS rPuirA^:*- ^mwKigii TILES GRATES Elc . Pianos Tuned, $150 iver on Fourthstree^ hmc™ southionthe east ine of Fourth iireeuo Broad vaf s-trret to Fifth ^ ?",, " e nortb Iille ol Bro«d M.reet to tilth street. tteice,sontlionea« llnp fifth street to the Wabash and EII/CTI l\f<w nr HiriT -Si J = w >"'co, tne touch cbinirptf iieuvj or light. Flrst-cliLss wnrt "•• *-"*HIM:U ence. Orders by ma" L '' L ^ n - orK son ,s, 414 Fourth sire mariidjJm ....= - ^ «IW aWhue ti'FburtS 1 ^,!? 8 ,^^ mr«S!.t tll « e " l ' t " n8 ° f " 10 , llrth str ^ » Bmud- \«U street, thence east on the south line of Bi-o-iii way strew to Klftl. street, thence so i on the west" III ie 01 Fil Ui street to Market street, t liei ice we "t ™ the north line of Market street t( >>1 River jiveiiue iheiice southwest on Eel Elvw-iivvnne' x^^^a^r^i'T/M^ "PK&^^A^i i he townshli) trustee's office In said ward. THlliD Preelnct No. 1-A1I that terrllorv embraced «-ltli in the. following metes and Ix.und's to-wit Con. lyenclngat the corner ot M Klver avenue °d Market street, thei.ce running east to Filth"strew tlic-nce souiheast to Oak street.theii. e'outh a m»i tUe west line of Oak street to Cam streTthen"f nest alcn s the north Hue of Canal street to Foimh sirept, uience_south ou the west line of ~ mm filLLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1883. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Oo M test or Speculate - • IN •STOCKS, BONDS, if^t^r •v^ 0 - ]P;ROVIS IONS ? m,, „-,! ^ABTEESvtti,B, April 211,1333. This TnU certify that two members of my Immediate family, after havinpr suffered f or yoars from • Menstrua] JrrcKularltv, being treated without benefit by physician^ were at len«n completely cured by one bottle ofBradfleld's l-'cmnlc Kc^nlator. IS effect is truly mmderf ul J. W. STBANOE. Book to "WOMAN " mailed FREE, which contains valuable Information on all (emale dlsixwoa. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO ATLANTA, GA. • FOR S.4.ZE JBJT AXI, XHtUQ-GISXS. Sold by Ben Fisher 4th street. P Ohlchotcr'* Enillih Dlnmoni! Branit. ENNYROYAL PILLS ^-V Orlel,,«l .t,d Only Ccnulno. A flf7K\ *« rE ' «1'«7» n-llable. L«OIEI; u* /TV f'A\ Uk^U DruirirBt for ttLL-hftt**'. th.~i;.i. n.--. AA\ . —-..,..& for Crtlctiettcr'a Jfntjlislt . m ML -^- •TO*""""* ''»»'' I o JUd «n(l Colii mttallloX ^ .—^fiWboxc., svilod wlih blot ribbon. Tnko' TM *i PM"0Other. XcfwedsmgcroiunitiKUu. east iiloiiK the soi'tft lliie of the Wahiish ;md Fr om,I bed to Twellth street, thence south aim i.jie west line 1 ol Twelfth street to the Wab'tsu w^i e n r .',«h ri™, wes . t , al °J[' e the "orthbankof th Pnnrti, r 1 "J tfl the IB «:«i<iei-s thfreof t iouith street, thence north along tha the ea line ol tourtJi street to Canal street thence ? on Canal stiver.m rint cn. 0 «f ti,™ „.'.::!.,_ ce v! on Ciinal street to Oak sVeeCthenrti north on th east Ine ol Oak >treet to the place of beelnnln"- And it s ordered that theeiectlous In said prwinc be held nt IL-irrv Torr's nffl™ in ^ 1,1 ,,,.,,,1 lnel>11 "- 3tamp>. for partlculora, tcaUmonULj i Belief for Ladlo," in ;«icr, bj M ti _.ulL 1O.OOO Tc«lmool«l'.. .yomuPa] _ .. /,C*lche»tjwCieiMlcalCo,Jt»dIi<i»i8aua Iwld br all I«c«l Drvgfint. PliUAdm., i by B. K Keeslln;;. Drueeist. • .. ~ . , —. — i.iic t iif, ( | O ln ^. We ftin.nl] (.vo.viliinir. We Man vou Ko ri.'lV vX" • ," ^^^"Ki.^'^fer "•-^ ^''^ ^Hs^lessiiil ifonuatton KKKlv. T'lurrT' *. *',"t ."d'.'A'J? " arQ - * nl l I . — •"'»" '"^^•J'liXiiiiijua III ftillU P^ ?' f v 1 "?' T ^ I>S olflce l[1 sal(1 vrard -" Precinct No. 3.—The third precinct of said wirrt Is composed of all that partlot said^ward rtn- «ist of the east line of J. B. Shultz's third "',11 t on to Loganspert and south of the W-ilv s Jh^' lcl } ldll ? g B , lddle ' s lsland - Alld " Is ordere that the election in said precinct be held •-•-?carriage trimming shop on Burlington S<Uu Wtlfu. FOURTH WARD. Precinct No. 1.—All the territory embraced with In the followliiR metes ami bo mds to wit- Cm menclng at the corner of Sixth and aieh street"" thence running north on Pontlac sireet to iS n street, thenc-e east on the south line ot HaSia street to Clifton avenue, thence north on the fast lire of Clifton avenue to the ward boundary llnp hone eastJong the w a ,d boundary line to S limits of said ward, thence snnt.ho.iiJr ,ii™_^;?. h the: ...,,.,., Mnju^ri »f;ni {iHj'-t; mu uanii ot jsej- river, with the meanders if, to a point opposite Tenth street, thence: co - i ' •merest allowed on monthly balances. lOTBEEUFrtrKB ' 'f " •" >«•_ .7 :f i >IV/" *V\ 1 DR. HOME'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES Have Cured IQ.OQft Ruptures Jn 15 Years. ric I Trcw erl " 1 rS t ! 1 * ""V" 10 "'fl 1 "™ 5 yjiirs. Tmir Eleo. SODL 24. iflo. ' ciiattanooS^iic. S 5 ^^"^" DR. HDRNE.lHVEMTOB. 180 WABASH AYE., W«a» $ V2

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