Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 16, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W i t ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many phya- ic»lills, which vanish before proper efforts-gentle efforts-pleasant efforts- SJhtly directed. There is comfort m the knowledge, that so many forms of •tekaess are not due to any actual dis- Sie, but simply to aconstipatedconO.- «Uw of the system, which tfie pleosaw fwnily laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- fyremoves. That is why it is the only Smedy with millionsof fatmlics, and is SwrVwhere esteemed BO WgMy by all who value pood health. Its beneficial Sects are due to the fact, Uint.it « the one remedy which promotes internal without debihtat-ng the nn nuis on which it acts. It is therefore ^important, in order to get its bcne- fldkl effects, to note when you pur- «h»se,that you have the genuine arti- ^, which is 'manufactured by the : California Fig Synip Co. only and sold by •11 reputable druggists. Jl in the enjoyment of good health •ad the system is regular laxatives or Other remedies are then not needed. If d with any actual disease one commended to the most skillful scans, but if in need of a laxative, ? Should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Tip, stands highest and is most largely wid and frivesmost general satisfaction, SHADES OF'.YELLOW; eep Cool by Using THE KELLY Shower Bali _R1NO ' "^ Hot Water . ,~" . . Proof Hose i, Ji 2SC. prevents Wetting Beo<l yioor or Walls. Bornlers Water Closets." - -if gend lor Catalogue Proof water ClowM, Sell-Acting Water Closets, Kellj Slop and Wiuite Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS,, No. 301 Madison Street, Chicago. When we consider that the Intestines are about five times as long as the body, we can realize tie Intense suffering experienced when they become inflamed.. DeWItt's Colic and Cholera Cure sub- <jnea Inflammation at once and com. pletely removes the dlmculty.-Jno. M. Johnston. D & C. SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKINAC. Their new steel passenger steamers are In commission, : maklng four trips per week between Toledo, Macklnac, Soo, Petoskey Ll-irniK 1 ' ComblnuMnn*' of Oriinffu *nu Ci-ouiu Tint*. '. . Shades of 'yellow have come to \)c con- 1 :cU't\'d finite- us much the'property of bloiidi-s as of'the brunette beauties,' who have for so long considered them In 1 !r solu property. A wonderful-French-confection in the lino ot a fancy blouse is wo™ with-cx- u-t.-me becomhignrss by n ' S|iirituellc blonde Newport, beauty, whose huh- has ull tin- R-olden lights of the suushino, and wliosc'foiiiplc'xion is one of cream am! roses. The body of the bodice is.of a,rich, dei'|> shade of'orange velvet, fitted smoothly as o'glove, OJid cut to set in Odd points nnd ripples over the.hips. A deep, squnrc-Mha'p.cd yoke is covered over with coarse brown-tinted lace, and finished by a full puflingof the ornnge velvet set" on ns a heading to the two ileep frills of lemon-'yellow, pelissed moiisseline de soie, whieh.flare out over the tops of the big full sleeves. The alcoves are of the .deeply-tinted orange velvet, overlaid with lemon-tinted mousseline.de soie, and finished at the wrist by a twist of. velvet. - A stiff stock of velvet is softenea in effect by a ripple of lemon-yellow mousselinc de soie; This smart bodice is, worn with a I'aquin skirt,of pure white rnohain, beautifully stiffened nnd lined throughout with glisteningryellow. The hat is of burnt straw, withia.wide brim,'rolled directly up at the back, all tucked full of biff crimson and dull-pink roses. Two -tall black ostrich plumes and clusters"of English violets decorate .the flat crown. Another charming 1 gown is made up of ivory-yellow'organdie, flowered and barred with a deeper yellow. The sheer stuff is made up over a delightful shade of butter-tinted taffeta, with -pinked- out ruches of the silk at-'the foot of tn« skirt as a finish. The bodice is made up of openwork, creamy lace drawn over a fitted body of butter-tinted silk, while the full elbow sleeves are of the organ; die.—St. Louis Republic. _EULS OUT AN ENTIRE TOWN. vulture with ' Factories. Homo* and SclioolB, Hut *>o Inhabitant*, Sold, Sheriff Allen E. Shinn, of Bridgeton. X. J., -lias jus* had the unusual distinction of selling.ail entire town. • Two thousand dollars was the price paid, and the title of the Hebrew settlement of Holbertsfn passed at public sale from the Cumberland Laiid & Improvement company to the >'ew Jersey Loan & Investment company, who had a mortgage on the entire tract, and foreclosed on. it. What they will do with the place is not known. Halbertdon was started some years ngo to provide homes for the Russian Hebrew -immigrants. Twenty-two houses were erected on the tract, nnd a large factory put up. For a time the village prospered, but tie class of people there were not active and thrifty,, and gradually It. became a deserted yil- lag-e, not, one of the inhabitants remain- 1 . •Ing, THE • PROSTRATING SHOCKS Of malarial f eve*'fire not to-be counter-", .acted by quinine with,tiny; degree ol-f certainty, or for. 1 any length of time. The eradication and prevention of diseases of n rntenflmatic type, are, bow-over, uscovtnlned possibilities. Long experience -has shown tint there Is In- •findtely more preventive, efficacy in- the tine botanic medicine, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters," than In the alkaloids, drugs and poisons which were formerly the only recognized meains of removing nnd anticipating attacks of fever nnd ague and bilious roinlttemt. Wfcen the system hns been depleted by periodically recurring paroxysms, this agreeable restorative renews the fund of energy, and to «ot only a positive specific, but repairs the damage < to the genef.il heaiav inflicted by all febrile complaints partaking of the manorial character. INVENTOR. A' Hockland (Me.) lady who was commenting on'the "extravagance" of tlie times, her text befog- furnished by. the recent purdmse by a young relative of a ball dress at 25 cents :i yard, re- imr'ted that When she wae young and went to dances she wore calico, but forgot to mention until laier Uiat calico then cost GO cents a ynrd.-Boston Herald, Last summer one oTour gramlchil- dren was sick with a severe bowel trouble Our doctor's remedies bad failed, then we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which gave very speedy reflet. We regard it as the -best medicine ever put on -the Ima'rket for bowel complaints-Mrs. E. G- Gregory, Frederlckstown, Mo'. This certainly Is the best medicine ever put on the market for dysentery, summer complaint, colic nnd cholera Infan- tum In children.' It never fails to give •prpmpt relief when used In reasonable -time -and the plain printed directions are followed. Many mothers have expressed their sincere- gratitude, for the cures It has effected. Keesling, druggist. For sale by B. F. An English-woman'who was visiting Eastport, (Me.)' recently indulged in a .hasty generalization concerning Amcr- .learos; wMchi is amusing the Maine 'folks. She saw a party of Indian women arrayed in all 'the colors of •the rainbow, aod thereupon remarked-to her companion, "Well, I think the English ladles dross with much, better taste than the Americans." . Detroit, m Dulttth. It you are contemplating a summer outing : iend 2c starap-for Illustrated .pamphlet. . • Maurice Elver township built a large schoolhouse there, whicfc like the other buildings . is unused. This is believed to be the first cose on record of a sheriff selling- on entire town. ^ Chm-len Lamb-i Qneor Name. _ Charles Loujb'was known to his read-, ing"contcmporaries as "Elia." Even to the present'day many persons suppose "Ella's Essays" were written by. a pcr- fim ot that name. .' • , • : ... Address A A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. , . . • Detroit, Mich. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve to the world :or cuts, fever , fore*, ulcen,, wit rheum, , tetter*, chapped hands, chilblains corn* and all skin emptlono and posl- cures piles or no pay required. - »r«, « to guaranteed to glTe perfect satta- or abaey refunded. Price 25 eenta. per box. For sale by B. F,.. Keeallng. " • • • _ • PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO .T6...P,iOTDRESQUB- MACKINAO VIA THB COAST , "• -. •.. • LINE. -. • ' - ;;. It only costs $13.50. from Detroit, |15.50 : from Toledo; $18.00 from Cleveland for the. round trip, Including meals and berths. One .thousands nrilee of lake ride on new modern steel ., rteamers for the, above rates. .Semd 2e • for illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. . •• . . Detroit, Mich. HAVE yOD RHEUMATISM? Kalamazoo, Mich., May 5, '90. I suffered greatly with rheumatism for months. I tried numerous remedies, with no benefit. A friend who had been helped by Dr. Jebb's Rbeumatl- cure persuaded me to try that. I. obtained two bottles. Tho effect surprised roe. The'first bottle nearly cured me, and by the time I had used the : second I was completely : cured. I am careful as to what I endorse, but I most unqualifiedly recommend that remedy: On my evidence several severe cases, have tried It, and In every Instance, so far as I know, It has produced a perfect cure. "•" W. F. PARSONS," President. Parsons' .Business Collegd and Shorthand- Institute. ; : BEN FISHER, Druggist FREE PILLS. Send-your address to H. E. Bucklon & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. B3ng's New life Pills. A irlal will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy la action nnd arc particularly effective in the cure of constipation and'sick headache. For .malaria and liver troubles they have been proved Invaluable, They are guaranteed to be .perfectly free from every; deleterious substance and to,be purely vegetable. They- do. not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and'.bowels brently invigorate:the system. Regular size 25c per box; Sold, by B.F/KeeslIng,:druggist. .- ' • The body of'Samuel--A. Farr; a VanBuren township farmer, was found in a cornfield Friday with his throat cut from ear to ear. Toor.health was probably the cause for: suicide. .; Paw .the good word along the line. Piles can be :qulckly cured without an operation' .by. simply applying; De^Ut's Witch Hazel- Salve.-Jno. : M.; Johnston. . Copper.coins were.-first. Introduced into England In -the. reign of- James; I. 'previously brass, tto, .iron and leather tokens -were freely'.circulated. "Wake up, Jacob, day Is breaking!" •o.satd DeWiU's Xlttle Early Biser-to the man who had taken them to-arouse hla shigglsb liver.-Jno. M." Johnston. The busiest person in .Kansas-Crfy IB a young-man who Is growing a'li tache and learning to ride-a bicycle.— Kansas City Star. , . YOUR BOT "WON'T-LIVE A MONTH So Mr.' Gilman Brown, of 34 Mill.St., South'Gardner, Mass., was told by the doctors. His son: had lung trouble; fol- lowing-typhoid'malaria, and he spent .three hundred and seventy-five dollars with doctors, who finally gave him. up, saying: 'Tour boy won't live a-month."' He tried Dr. King's New Discovery and a' few bottles restored -him to health and enabled him to go to work a perfectly well man! He says he owes Wfi present good health to use of Dr.-KtogV New' Discovery; and knows it to be the best .In tie world, for lung trouble.;TWal free at B. F'.:Keesling^ drug DlvUcn u .HyijteBi of Fartisiiloilii for Doom ••-.'• ,'--.;"ln Mcn-pr-War- ..'•";.'...'.. The latest capacity in which the German emperor' has chosoh to -reveal-him-: sejf, says the New York Times, is that of an inventor ol a new aystem of'fofit- enings for watertight doors in men-of,:: war. He turned up in the harbor of Byracuse reqently in the Hohenzollern,. and the officers of the British cruiser Astroea, which happened to be lying there, were not'a little astonished soon after to sec him approaching their vessel in a steam launch, attired in the panopoly of a British admiral. He inspected the Astroea minutely and then carried off the captain to the Hohen- xollern. After entertaining him royally he took him down into the engine room and tlwire pointed out. a watertight door in one of the -bulkheads, which, he said', he tad invented himself nnd expected to see imitated generally. The door was of the kind known : technically as a "clipped door"—that is, it is secured w*hen shut by «flcans of short lover cntcbcs which.are called "clips," In the English, service as many as n dozen of these clips are often used to secure one door. The improvement claimed by the emperor is that instead of having to work the clips singly, thus involving several operations, he can, by an arrangement of levers, work Uiem simultaneously in one operation only. Provided the mechanism is not too complicated and likely to get.out of.order, the invention seems to be-one of considerable practical value, ths ronnifest objection being' that if the lever happens to be out of order at a critical moment nil the clips and the door would be use- lesB. ' • A* TIN MINE IN PERAK. Primitive Method* That S««m Sufficient Tor the Purpose, .We earne to the edge of the mine,.or rio'ddock, as it is called,"which, nfter all is nothing but a. broad open pit with sloping sides and perhaps some 40 or SO feet in depth; a poor thing in the eyas of anyone expecting shafts and machinery nnd the elaboration of western methods, but sufficient for its purpose, ns Chinese methods- ar; npt to be, says Mncmilian's Magazine. y Three hundred men clad in loose blue coats nnd drawers and plaited sun hats three fsct across are digging up the pay dirt at the bottom of the pit with great hoes and putting it on flat wicker baskets; others catch up the baskets, fling one-at each.end of n yoke and, bulancirg the load across the shoulder, they cnrry them up to tbo.level ground (vibrating in time with, their steps) by narr.ow tree trunks, notched with foot- hoics, which arc placed at short inter- vals'athwart the sloping sides of the '"Having gained the higher level, .they throw- down their burdens bythe wash boxes and descend by! other bridges .at a steady trot'in a sU?nt; orderly and unbroken stream. The men at the wosn boxes, which : are long,: sloping.troughs of wood, throw in the'dirt andbyialc- ITI'K it back and back under a nicely regulated flow of water they separate-the black tin sand from the spoil andshovel it into -tubs ready > for the"' smelting house, while the upoil--is flnng down.lihe slope'otthe' hither side of the .paddock. MOUNT RORAIMA. A RACE. OF GENTLEMEN;, - Tfc, J»pi Po"*" th» True Spirit •< ''' .. Even -in the ; -wildeBt, most deserted "portions of Japan 'the people, met with" are always polished and exhibit the true spirit of politeness.. Kindly hospitality is met with at every turn and one finds good breeding- is not the monopoly of 'the rich or well-to-do. :'-.'•• A traveler on an expedition not previously made by a foreigner found ill a •wild valley a solitary yuba or bath house; says the Chicago Eecord. An old man of SO. years, received him in n manner' which combined the dignity of a prime with the simplicity of a peas- act. During the two Oays the traveler was under his roof the old man tr«atcd him with every courtesy,, always COD- triving to let him have the Tjath private.- ly. The only favor he ever asked wns that he might b e allowed to come. upstairs and see what *he foreigner ate for dinner. He was puzzled tit being asked the price of his hospitality, and, after much pressing, -irked if 15 cents would be too much.' ..... ' " ' The kindness of civilians is almost matched by the politeness of the officials. A country policeman notonJy assisted a traveler to get all the information he was after, but even volunteered to accompany the man on his mountain climb. For Jour 3ays he was a cheery companion. He wns only five feet high, but his dignity was very 'great and he commanded respect wberfiver the two went. Kven to the solitary summitof the mountain he insist^ ed on wearing his two-handed sword medicine other things," said a busy drugg-i»t, " but tbo most . remarkable thing about Hood'a Sarsi- patilla is that customers who try other remedies all come back to Hood's; and this is why the enormous sales ol this great medicine ••• keep up • and continue the |" /\ whole year round, steady • Was a dock. "Why is it?" "O, simply becaute Hood's Sarsaparilla has more real curative merit than any medicine I ever sold." This is ot daily occurrence In .almost every drug store. Hood's SarwparUIa has' cnred more sickness, and made.more happiness through restoration to.bealtb. than any Other medicine. Sarsaparilla Is the standard -the One True Blood Purifier. ,, ** TV«« aretheonlypIUstotaka HOOd S PlllS with Hood's Sarsapsrllla. •and his white cotton gloves. His good On one A SHORT JOURNEY TO bottles store. it would be 'hard-.to-.convince-a-man •uttering from billons, colic, .that his agony is due to ainlscrobe with an up- pronouneftble name. But.one dose of. DeWltt's 'Colic and Cholera' Cure will convince WTO of. Its power to afford-In- itant relief. It WHa pain.-John MJphn-. 8tr»n*eit Freak of Mountain lialldln« In the World. Small In size, bnt great In DeWltf« Little Early Risers'act gently bnt tboronghly, curing Indlgwtion, dys- pepala and constipation. Small pill, •efe plH, b«t pill. , . ".'"";. We are anxious tb;do a little good In this world and con think of no pleatant- er'or better way to do It than by recommending. One. Minute Cough Cure as a preventive of pneumonia, consumption and other serious lung .troubles that follow neglected.coid8.-Jna"M. Johnston. Little Black Bear, a Ne/,Perce chief not long ago swapped-several horses .for a safety. T I I v n Hood's Sarsaparill&.yhich gives ood -aetite J smd them pure blood; a good -appetite J smd .•ton. •-.. . • • ,.;.'•.-•. • •• ; _ If a machine or device has.been in public-use or on sale for more than two neai* previous'to. the application tMs 'act win generally prevent the granting, •>£ a patent. • • • ' . ITJFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM We have obtained the.agency for ; a- remedy, for rheumatism which 1 has had remarkable success. 1 .Sold on-.posltlye guarantee. Toil run no risk of losing, your money. We invite you to call at our store and let : us tell you about.lt: For sale by B'. F. Keesling.. Chicago lias^a bicycle cleaning and ad-, justing company,.. which employs 1 ex-. pert mechanics to make regular visits to customers to repair and "groom" their' i f -\ • Chamberlato's Cough' Remedy cures colds, croup and whooping cough. It Is pleasant, sure and reliable, by B. F. Keeping, druggist. For "sale ' Among the many .objects of intcrcst-i. that 'have ; beeh brought'to' light by-the.. Anglo-Venezuelan dispute;there us per- hapa none : that claims so : much atteu- t'ion from the scientific «6rld as the so- called mountain" of Eoraima,' Situated in' the' southwestern eprner of SlrE.ob- ert' Sch6mburgk''s alleged boundary/be- twe : en Guiina and .Venezuela, ,tfiiB;won- derful geographical phenomenon^ Although' long known.'ha?;elicited but' 'little interest'. In, point <?t fact,; however, it ls"a Veritttble; scfeJrUfie.spnJiut. 'This EtTipendoua nibuntoin, or i*late'- tableland; \v-n.ich' 'the.natlve. Indians call Eoraima,' or' "theV'"mysterious;" TIMS high'In solitarygrandeurabove'theisur- ' rounding mountain system.Jts. perpendicular rocky sides rendering it absolutely inaccessible to therfootiof manor Crowning this impregnable fo'rtfess of nature -is a tract of territory, esti- .mated- to contain: u P w ; ard : pf.l4q : square miles. Unlike: .other inoccessible.mpun- •tain summitfi;';'of the, world, .this..elevated reg-ion'is.no mere vWilderness of snow-capped ridges. • On-the .contrary,' oil the, indications, including the posl-= tive evidence of the .telescope, point to; its bc*ng covered, with-foreBt3,;Inter-.. .sected with'.Tiver3:fed from! lakes, and to -its possessing a cli-roate.that'must, Jri the nature b'f .thingV^'Ic'mp^eroter-^ 'tha't is', neither, wintry-V.despite, its aJti-- -tude, nor tropical, despitts its equatorial iposition.' '-,. ','.' ...'."...'..'.-'• •__',:•• •' ,-; ; ' : " CRACKER_ENGLI$H. . ; : / HBcb of It U Simply Obiolet* Engllih , - Idiom. ' A. writer in the : Cbaiitauquan says that many'"cracker"; idioms .of the south .arc simply, •obsolete .English ....•-"_>' -wTi;«i^:«r*'' frtt*'' instance, he temper was marvelous. occasion the traveler fell outof his hammock while asleep, and landed on the policeman, who was sleeping on the ground below. The only remark that the Japanese made wns that "he sorry to' have been in the way." The hunters of big" game are interesting fellows. They are sturdy, inured .to hardship and capable of great exertions. They alone know the wild peaks and difficult passes. They wear a short tunic and knickerbocVcys 'of a stout blue homespun cloth. Leggings of hemp or closely wo^en straw protect the lower limbs from brambles and snow. A chamois skin Ihrown over the shoulders is an addition in honor of cold weather. NATIONAL JTYPE, Forces Which Ente^lnto th« Work of It« Creation. Probably, says Bl'ackwood's Jfaga. zinc, there is. no-link between an ochrc- ous complexion 'and a hasty temper ia modern man other than a racial one. The two qualities were coincidently developed by- Independent ngencies. We know little of the nature and working of the forces which go to create a national type. That they are to some extent climatic and geographical is plain. for in New Zealand, Queensland and North -America we .find the process in visible Operation. '' •'..••• Probably in the 'days of purely trib.il aavogery any peculiar attributes of the founder , of a, clan- migrating away from his fellows would give tie k'ey, which external nature would develop and elaborate into a national characteristic. Such a pioneer, whether emigrant or outcast, would in most cases be a man of uncompromising temper and exceptional originality of mind; and, as 5s well known, these generally go with a -,. physical peculiarity . as strongly ' marked." .'Moreover,, all' barbarians "are extremely intoieraii of any ;bodily. de r formity or -strangeness of 'aspect,' and- often a man, or a family, chancing to be >off ensfvely conspicuous -in : any suci way, would be, expelled, from society. .-, In Central America a^h'aj'ry'man was deemed an impossible ciutslder by the aborigines, wbile^among' th'e blacks of western and southern 'Africa an albino Is always an outcast: .These facts show Cbow.'qaew racemight.b* developed from a" "sport" which otherwise would bo redissolved in the prevailing national traits. 'V .;",..-'' :':\ J- •';;•'' v SHE WAS SHY ONE TURK. CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. 3v«r the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Loa Angeles and San Francisco. . Was discontinued April 16th. The <operlor accommodations given the ,reat number of p»trons of the above train during the past tourist' season, warrants .the announcement of plans ;»r next season of finer service with «,ulpment superior to anything yet tno.wn in-transcontinental iraffic. Look for early re-inauguration of •SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co." "Sunset Jtoute" in connection with the "Queen tnd Crescent Route" are running the only line of through tourist Pullman "jleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and ten Francisco. ' These excursions are specially con- Incted, and the object Is to enable those who do not care to buy the flrst-clast round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy 4 comfortable ride with sleeping car •rlvileges and no change of cars at the wry low second-class rate. For further Information, .address W. H. CONNOR, Commercial Agt 8. P. «o., Cincinnati, O. w!'G.'NEIMYBB, G. W. Agt 8. F. B'. F. MORSE, O. P. * T. Agt. 8. F. •o., New Orleans, La. & Morton Proeett of Au«U«nc« Ajulnit Bero' hardfi IMU of » Sttnvi. -' '- ..... Sarah Bernhardt was once playing: at Marseilles in » spectacular play In which • she - made -her .entree , ,accom- i;v '''' < "' 5lav '^ s: " A l ' mc the '• pr^g-rainine'-' aanbtinced that these six Turks would ( accompany kine 1 .'"BeriihardV "but when'; the "time. 'icaine !i for th'ciin"-£b"go' riri one -of "the iy6nn'g8ters' : nad'''disnppearcd-,'- --Slira.!i imusteredvthe".five ;in : order, says-; -the . ,. ''house waa.cr,6.waed,'b'u't not a.handclap : : (i' : heV aa'e-aeaicd'.'Theu a The--wheat of southern'countries contains more' albuminoids 'tjian; -that grown in temperate'or-northern-lands,, and beiice fe"better suited, for, the. mnn ; / facture ol macaroni. .,....- : idioms! says, oros: ' "Fielding,' f or' instance; ne p<l/s ,-"m'akes ; a very near Approach to the cracke'rism.'He allowed".he'd:do it 'in such a passaged this:''.'The audience 1 allowed I did ypur.part'justice. • and when.' Burke complains that, 'Eng- 1'arid'is •dis-furnished\of Its .forces' he;is using, almost the 'exact'phraBeolpgy of iny'craoktr. neighbor who ..has; c.ome to borrow a- peck of meal.'.and. politely '•'•''' tba'tl am not Misfurnishing my... : •• '• L'j«+Irt« ' "*TI1' ,fl_Rtl! New. Yor.k entrance , and,made.:ber a,.grand ! flpurJsh... ; The ''' self for his accommodation. ,111, . :persons"^h71have a! coughing spell • ••'••'•- ^- 4.1111^ sel for s accomm. ,, . . every ' nighV on account: of a. tickling . .l^a even among the: better class cf the throat, ma . 0erme 'l : oods oQeorgia inall' ir vbic'e' 1 'ln > tlie "gallery iriur "inured: BOtaething' in an'lndfgntot tone. -Fifty '.Voice* immedistely i'took -up the strain,., and: ia* ten- seconds more: the whole house was shouting .the • same phrase. Bernhardt strained every nerve to catch what they were complaining about -She 1 knew the phrase began with^Ma'ifque," [biir.the* rest of it was lost in the" general hubbub. For a full minute the tumult-con tinned. Then Sarah, muttering things 'below her breath, rushed like a fury down to .the footlights. In the front row the actress had spotted one man -who was not taking part in the hullabaloo. Pointing at -him, the actress.exclaimed, sternly: "You seem to be the only sensible person in this house. Tell me what on earth they ore kicking up this row for?" The man rose, bowed to the actress, and remarked, in very bad TRANSPORTATION CO. tWIGE DAILT STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING ; WITH THE VANDALIA HAIE-: WAY AT ; 'ST. JOSEPH. Beginning Maj 25th and continuing •ntll about Sept.,80th v the steamers ot this line will malw two trips each way. dally between St Joseph and Chicago, tnrtne following schednle: . Leave St Joseph at 4:30 p. m. and 10:80 p. m., dally. Including Sunday. fveave-Chlcago at 9:30 a. m. and 1130 p. ro:,..;dally, lnclud.lng;Bnnday. _ Extra trips-on; Saturday aeave-Sti Joseph at I a. m., aid le^ve"^ Chicago at 2 p. m. Banning Wmc'acrcss lake i.hburs. Trl-weekly."6teaiaers to MHwankec, Itavlrig'St Josep.TMbnday,"Wedne8day. uid Friday evcnliigs. ? .equipment of this line -Includes . sensatloo Iri. the throat,, may . 0 T er ?? me 'l :r uJ,ticsr tn the pinyi.woods otQeorgia It at 'once by a. dose of. iOne ..Minute " LI. j ' A i'.u^ n ^' ^ iin "SKakespearean Oure,r-Jno. M. Johnston, A'Berlin'physlciain-.Dr^Aronsoan, has succeeded In inpculntlng , with tuber- ,cuiosis .V goat,' am'. animal' .hitherto rc- 'garded-as immuneito. this .disease.. •. - - "Pass: the.good'.wjrd: along;/the toe. 'pltercan be qulcldy ;cured:wlth<»nt^ operation,by Witch Hazel Its ••Sh-akespearean Vor Vicked. oa, ; tho copperhead, is'an 'ill snake,; or •Johnny is a iery ill'-tlat . is, . naugWy^r b?y 'this' morning.' I am "told by a, friend from Kentucky that the same u«aga, thoutfW-rare, is -not unknown among -the/same ,classin.thatstate,,,To.«jtayor, meaning to; resemble,, as 'he favors h.a ;father,' wasgoord;^ English initliedayspf - , Addlson.afai Shakiispesre, and' ftVsiaVwheel steamers City of Chicago andtSWy of Milwaukee (the largest and ineet west of Detroit), and the newly. »bullt.-propeliec:- City of Louisville, gervlce'-firstciais; Connections with all fandalla trains. Tickets on. sale at all fandalla Line stations. Chicago dock Coot of-Wabash,avenue. ;'. . :, J. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, MIco. Going For A Lake , Amerlcan:French: "Madam, .you are shy one Turk." ' A Bud Lot. The^ParU Flgaro^tells a story otthe. nouV horse-breeder' Eupln, to wtom horse-breeder' Eupln, a friend one day showed a Iw tfia£Lw«ft!feTcbmpete for a' ing hi* opinion as to which he sbomld bet-on. fIMP in BcannwJi,thevU«t]fcare- 'fuliy 'and exclaimed With an air of con- 'Among all, the*« Corses I 4», ' first." You'll fully enjoy all of its dellRbti .if you.takeooo of the IKE MICHIGAN AHft LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION GO'S LEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Sailing. btt ChkW Md M«*ta.c •ilMavored.VlMtlll current;' _-j uycmuvu.uj w***»»..-rf:.r-«;*-.-rf-:—— -• . • , ," ... . . - .. „.»_£. ,- D .^ ma .-_-.__.'.»i-.'---.-T.W--.-i».-T«»iiM*nit\ new and needed •TflRNCTHt

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