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Wathena Republican from Wathena, Kansas • 5

Wathena, Kansas
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VASir DAY EASIER By using WHITE WAY WASHER This cut shows the Ready for Cold Winter Days PLEASANT HILLS How does everyone like this fine coo) weather for work? 8i Behler returned home Tuesday evening after working some time near Hiawatha. Miss Ida Bradley and Lavina Red mond were St. Joseph visitorsSaturday Quite a number from this vicinity attended the play given by the Civic League at Library hall Saturday night. Sunday evening callers at Redmond's were Mr. and Mrs.

F. W. Lehman and children, Mr. and Mrs. J.

H. Rogena and no. Engeman. Among tbe St. Joseph visitors Friday were: Mr.

and Mrs. C. G. Moe-kau and daughters, Mr. and MrB.

O. W. Lehman and son, Mra iVm. Redmond and daughter Mary, Mra. E.

M. Weber and s6ns, Si Behler and Geo. White Way hand power washer with au attachment so that same may be operated by gasoline engine if desired. This attachment can be put on any White Way machine, and it is the only hand power mach ine built which a power attachment can successfully be put. Winter is fast A Cold Kansas winter.

Plenty of Ice and Snow. You have made your preparations. The stove is up. The coal supply on hand. ENJOY YOUR WARM COMFORTABLE HOME Complete the preparations for Winter by installing a North East Phone.

Let. our phone travel around in the cold do-; ing your errands. A FAITHFUL SERVANT AND A TRUE FRIEND Any customer already having a White Way machine and should decide that he wants to run same with an engine, we can supply him with this attachment. Full line of WINDOW GLASS Stoves. Pipes and zmfcs in due season, white Way Washer Builders Hardware a Specialty.

With Prices Guaranteed. Power Attachment. a. e. jnes of the WATHENA' HARDWARE CO.

Phone 6. WATHENA, KANSAS Schuster. Clara Redmond visited home folks Saturday night and Sunday. Mrs. 3.

made a short call on her mother, Mrs. Chas. Zehr, Sunday afternoon. Miss Elnora Hoffman was a Sunday afternoon caller on Misa Minnie Ramsel Cal Marolfand Si Behler called on Wm. Redmond Jr.

Sunday, Mrs. Wm. Redmond and sons Harry and Joe and daughter Anna Sunday ed with Fred '-Etjgemao and family, of Palermo. Wm. Redmond Jr.

and Hary Redmond and Cal and C. A. Marolf assisted Fred Lehman with his apple picking Tuesday. -O Si Behler is picking apples for Theo. gtoeckle on his farm near Blair this week.

"Miss, Anna Cowger called on her sister Mrs. Fred Lehman Tuesday Mrs. W. A. Laipple and children spent Friday afternoon with Mrs.

Eliza Strong. Misses Mary aDd Anna Redmond made a short call on Mrs. C. G. Mos-kau Monday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Redmond were Wathena visitors Wednesday. Make the Most of Prosperity Every man should keep fit these days and make the most of his opportunities.

No man can work his best handicapped with disordered kidneys and aching back, swollen Joints, stiff muscles or rheumatic pains. Foley Kidney Pills pay for themselves a hundred times over in health Sold by Ernest Fuger. ELWOOD. North East Kansas Telephone Co. C.

1. STOCKING Vice-President and Ceneral Manager I. E. CHENOWETH, Local Manager. Qflailjena Qepvtbliccitx DO YOU BELIEVE IN FRIDAY, OCT.

13, 1916 OUT WESTERLY WAY court House news -y Real Estate Transfers. Furnished by H. F. Widman, Register of Deeds. 'WARRANTY DEEDS.

Mary Mouirguies and hsb to A L' Stewart, lot 6 blk 12 Wathena, L. T. Hargis J. F. Dorsey.

HARGIS UNDERTAKING CO. Funeral Directors and Embalmers Lady Attendant A complete line of Caskets, Dresses, Robes always in stock at the very lowest prices. Auto hearse and equipment, also horse drawn hearses. Phone 145, Day or Night. WATHENA, KANSAS $1850.

George Hautzenrader and wf to Harry Hamilton and wf, 20a 4n se 29 2-21, $1000. Now is the time to prepare your buildings against the distinctive elements of the winter HEATH MILLIGAN'S Best Prepared' Paints, Lead, Oil and Varnishes at Ernest Fuger DRUG STORE. WATHENA KANSAS Wm Etherton and wf to Claude 5 4 Ira Stonebraker and wf to Louis Miss Violet Craytbone came up from Kansas City to spend Saturday and Sunday with her mother and sister. B. V.

Wasser and family spent Sun Miller, "43Ja in ne 18 4 22, $1. August Hess and wf to Joseph day in Falk, wswf 31.4.19. $1- Several days last, week were typical of the real old Indian summer. YVifrh the atmosphere and seeming inertia of everything, the beautiful tints on the forests and dullness of realize winter is approaching. Henry Duffy and son Terrance were St.

Joseph visitors Saturday They had a load of wheat which brought a dollar fifty fire on the St. Joseph' market. Mrs. Willard returned Saturday to her home in Missouri after an extended visit to her daughter, Mrs. A.

R. Benitz. Harry Weber is picking apples for his uncle Henry Weber again this week H. J. Duffy got apples at Fred Benitz's last week for win ter-ase.

Miss Martha Benitz returned to work in St. Joseph Monday after helping on the farm this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Will Meidinger and children visited with Otto Meidinger and wife, of Atchison county.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Gutzman and son Louis spent Sunday in Wathena. C. W.

Weber plastered their new home last week. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alto Benitz, October 9th. His mother, MrB.

Gus Gutzman, of Blair, is staying at tbe Beoitz home helpiDg care for the new boy. Mrs. A. C. Bchwope and brother Julius Drier and Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Binke and daughters were shopping in St. Joseph Saturday. iam Stipt and wf to -H. M.Kenderdine"-and-' ia Iowa for a week's stay.

5 J. Vigus left Wednesday for bis home in Elida, New Mexico, after a Ham man, 120a ee sec 3, 80a in 8-5-21, $1. CORDON LUMBER CO. WM. MA AG, Manager.

Phone 815 "Blair, Kan. TTrTTinn building material, iinclud-1 1 1 11 inS Portland cement, sand piaster, brick, sewer tile and a full line of Diamond Campbell quality paint. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE GORDON LUMBER Blair, Kansas. short visit here with Ms daughter Mrs. Caroline Dillon to Lee A Dillon, Your Doctors' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.

ia in sei 20 3 22, $1. P. Cruse. Mrs. R.

Peters, of Sax ton, visit Gunerious Thompson and wf to ed relatives here Sunday. Miller, 100a swj 21 4-21, II. iB Williams and wf to Wm Bauer, pt sw 22-2-19, $6500. Martha Crawford to Bertha Miss Edna Whitney, County Superintendent, visited schools here Tuesday Mrs. Wm.

King, of Troy, visited rtlatives here last week. Revival services at tbe M. E. church began on Wednesday evening? C. A.

Godbey's family have moved Bowman, sw 36 3 22 $7000. Ira Chappie to Eliza Chappie, lot Colonist Excursions 1 and 15 ft lot 2 blk 41 from the south side to Mrs. Moskau's lElizaT. Chappie and hsb to Ira Chappie, all, blk 39 Troy, $1. i Albert Di(ckens to Louisa UNDERTAKING AlEtlAlMlNG Mrs.

S. A. CO NA WAY, Lady Attendant. Graduate of Barnes School of Embalming, Chicago. KANSAS LICENSE NO.

464. Hearses and Cabs Furnished on Short Notice. Calls answered promptly, day or eight. 8. A.

Con away Son Phones, Day 49; Night 31. WATHENA, KAN Foley, wi 8 4 20' 7750- via Joseph King and wf to Wil Mrs. F. L. Rife and son Jesse spent liams, 18ia in 24 and 19 2 21 and 22, $105Q.

iV. house. Vachel Stevens is working in the Basket Store, after four o'clock and Saturdays. Gentle But Sure Biliousness, sick headache, sour stomach, gas, bloating, constipation, dyspepsia all theseN distressing consequences of: retaining a mass of undigested and fermenting food in the stomach are avoided if the bowels are kept open and regular. Foley Cathartic Tablets are, first- aid to good health.

Do not gripe Sold by Ernest Fuger.v PALERMO HILL FARM Roch Island To California New Mexico CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. Advertlesments under Ibis bead 1 cent a snrd each insertion. No advertisement tak- in Tot less than 15 cents. JOHN A. C.

CORDON FOB SALE MISCELLANEOUS Aav-Wathena. Kas. I Fresh supply of Pratt's poultry acd stock food, at. L. A.

Bauman's, phone 64, oltf For Sale Full blood Jersey cow and calf for $80. Cheap if taken at once, two mate roiana vuina maie pigs. xoos. Lankford. 31tf Arizona Utah Pacific North' west Tickets on sale daily September 24 to October 8, 1916 Choice of Routes Amfmttie Block Signals Fmt Modtrn Att-Sfl Equipment Saprit Dining Car Strvic Mr.

and Mrs. J. R. Thompson and, two daughters, Ruth and Maude, were Sunday guests of Henry Cordonier's. Lydia Frederick visited at the Wm.

Wende home Sunday Mr. and Mra. Fred 'Roll were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Oscar Lakin home. Misses Maude and Irene Higgins For Sale or Exchange for good cow or horse Immuoed sows and pigs. Lime, Brick, Cesittt A.

B. C. Dubach. 31tf Sunday at Frank Kice's. Paul Weber and Bernard Meidinger have been picking apples for Ed.

Meug-niot. Bernard is out of school on account oft trouble with his eyes. Miss Emma Dubach, of Troy, was the week end guest of Frieda Bice and Leona Meugniot. A crowd of relatives took dinner and spent the day at the Emil Benitz home Sunday. Clarence Willard spent the week end at the Alto Benitz home.

Fred Becitz's visited at Gus Philipp's Sunday. Willie, Martha and Frances Benitz were pleasant Sunday evening callers at Emil Peuke'r's. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Oroenke were' in St.

Joseph one day last week. Four couples of young folks from the Lutheran church attended church in St Joseph 8nndy evening as Rev-Ernst is away for two weeks. When You With the average man xold is a serious "matter and should' trifled with, as" some of the most dangerous diseases start With a common cold. Take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and get rid of your cold as quickly as are not experimenting when you use this remedy, us it has been in use for many years and has an established reputation. It contains no opium or other narcdtic Obtainable everywhere.

Let Me Figure On Your Bills, When Yon Want To BnHd. For Sale Thoroughbred PolandChina male hogs. Sam Davis, Wathena. called at the Hill Farm Sunday after LostFox terrior pup, about 2 mo- old. Reward to fine him.

Frank Boefa, phone 1110 Wathena. 28ti noon. Mrs. E. W.

Rathburn called on her mother, Mra. Geo. Tucker, Monday afternoon. Luna Young spent Sunday bight with Maude Thompson. Mr.

and Mrs. A. 8. La Bounty call-. For Rent Rooms, by the day or week.

Ask agent for information NUGGET MILLS L. A. BAUMAN All Kinds of Feed and Fuel Telephone No. 64, Wathena. Mrs.

A. J. Axlund 3tf For Sale Good Jersey Inquire of Theo. Stoeckle, phone 413. ed on Mra.

Fred Roll Thursday. KFMDALL Aeent -I For, Sale Nine shoats, full blood Duroc Jersey. Frank Gabriel, phone 1011. 30tf I TMMT11E UW' ASSOCIATIM Bran Shorts Chop Pimbley's AutoNewer. Just a little will do.

Willie Thompson spent Saturday night with Ernest Edge. No More Backache For Her Mrs. J. M. Gaskill, Etna Green, wrjtesf; f'l suffered from severe backache and sharp pains.

I could not stoop over. Foley Kidney Pills gave me such relief thatvl cannot praise them too highly." This standard rem First publish in The Wathena Republican Kotiee ef Appointment. VI BWM WHP will collect yorfr bad bills. Results-abs'oluterly-or no charge. Collections made eyery where.

We relocate Write us today- 303 Corby-Forsee Bldg St. Joseph, Mo. 8tate of County, ss. edy for kidney trouble and bladder ail In the Probate Oourt ot Doniphan Oountr. ments can be taken with absolute safety.

Sold by Ernest Fuger. Kansas. In the Matter of tbe Estate of Frederick Engerman. deceased. XT OTICE is hereby given, that the under-signed, was on he 15th day of Seotember.

Dr. W. W. Carter can be found at his office from 9 to 12 o'clock a. m.

Unless otherwise engaged. ltf Pimbley's 'AutoNewer. Just a little will do. POIRLER CAFE MEALS, BOARD AND LUNCHES, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco. agent, fou C0NSER LAUNDRY Basket Goes, Wednesdays 'at 8:27 a in.

Mrs. E. A. POIRIER, Proprietor. A.

D. 1U1H. bv the Probate Court of Doninhan Wathena Lodge No. 64. A.F A.M., meets at the lodge hall Saturday levenlng on or before full moon una two weeks thereafter.


BAUER. Secretary. County, Kansas, appointed Executrix of the POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS last will and testament of tbe said Frederick Engerman. late of Doniphan County, Kansas, deceased, and all persons owing said estate are hereby netitied to call on me and make immediate payment and those having claim against said dilate are hereby notified that they may present them for allowance, aad to make due proof of same as required by law. Mail Order Drug Store Jf your locaUdruggist cannot supply your wants, send (to us.

We supply anything in the drug business. ST. JOSEPH DRUG STORE 7TH AND FELIX IT. 40ESPH, MO. Wathena Protective Association No.

18 pays Its members two-thirds appraised value for stolen horses not recovered, and expenses and rewards for capture or prosecutions fot any crimes or misdemeanors, when prompt notice is P. Kiefer, O. Kenick. Sec. W.

T. Stewart. Asst Sec. Geo. Man vllle.

Xreas. REGISTER OF DEEDS I hereby announce tbat I am a candidate for tbe ofiice of Register of Deeds, at the November election. Your vote will be appreciated. E.Newton. WILLIAM H.

ENGERMAN, Executor, Estate ot frsderick Engerman, Deceased.".

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