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Wathena, Kansas
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THE WATHENA TA REPUBLICAN and Rural CIRCULATION WATHENA LARGEST Routes Subscription, $1.00 a year, Watheda is the great shipping depot of Kansas for native fruits, and where the great Chautauqua assembly meets annually Single copies, 5c each. Vol. 16 WATHENA. KANSAS. FRIDAY.

MARCH 24. 1916---10 PAGES. No.2 MR. AND MRS. W.

D. ENTERTAIN THEIR SON AND BRIDE One of the most enjoyable social events of the year was a party given by Mr. and Mrs. W. D.

McClelland, in honor of their son Lloyd and his bride, formerly Miss Clara Lehman, at their home on Saturday evening, March 18th. At an early hour friends and relatives from far and near began to arrive and soon filled the house with a jolly crowd of people, who were eager to wish this popular young couple success and happiness in their wedded life. Visiting, games, and music furnished by the Blair Band, made the evening pass all too quick. ly. At a late hour dainty refreshments.

consisting of sandwiches, pickles, ice cream and cake were served. Then with many good wishes for the happiness of the bride and groom and words of praise for the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. McClelland, the guests departed for their homes. The young people received a number of beautiful and useful presents.

Following is a list of those present: Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Euler, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.

McClelland, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McClelland, Mr.

and Mrs. Aug. Mrs. L. A.

Bauman and sons, Lawrence and Karl, Mr. and 1 Mrs. (). W. Lehman, Mr.

and Mrs. J. A. Lehman, Mr. and Mrs.

W. C. Worman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aberle, Mr.

and Mrs. Harry McClelland, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bailey, Mr. and Mrs.

C. E. Walton, Mrs. George Cordonier, Mr. and Mrs.

D. M. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. J.

L. Roberton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, Mr. and Mrs.

Moore and son Robert, Mrs. Surface, Margaret Larzelere, Gould Larzelere, Emma Weber, Nell Fahey, Alice, Amelia and Esther Lehman, Hulda, Marie and Paul Hoffman, Amelia and Alice Gunselman, Dama Bailey, Elsie Haupt, Grace Ramseier, Edna Fleek, Marie McClelland, Dott Surface, Mae Cummings, Vera and Leuelle Euler, Graca Whealy, Kate Meunch, Olesie, Alice and Addie Walton, Mabel Harris, Grace Cordonier, Lucille Bailey, Otto, Walter and Henry Hoffman, Oscar Rapp, Robert Benitz, Emmett, Harold, Willard, Leroy and Maxwell McClelland, Henry, Albert, Frank, Raymond and Russel Lehman, Ermon Henson, Robert Wolnick, Henry, Herman, William and Charles Segrist, Robert and Myron Cummings, Ercest, Floyd and Robert Cordonier, Charles and Howard Walton, Wilbur Fleek, John Meunch Frank Schwope, Clarence, Edward, Fred and Emmet Euler, T. B. and Hugh Surface, William Weber, Mr. Jay Fleek, Mr.

R. M. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. I.

Fleek, Mrs. W. B. Harris, Mr. and Mrs.

Lloyd MoClelland. Mrs. J. P. Knopp, who has been visiting for five weeks in Kansas City, returned home Saturday and brought her grand-son Kenneth with her.

Mayor Fuger has bought one of the new style six-cylinder Oakland automobiles. Gould Larzelere, the all-round automobile operator for this vicinity, sold it to him. The Rullmans have the St. Joseph agen cy, and they and G. L.

Stuart helped Mr. Fuger make up his mind to buy the Oakland. A SPECIFIC AGAINST COLDS The nearest thing to a specific against colds in a sleeping porch or open bed room and a cold sponge bath every morning when you first get up. Even then you will occasionally take a cold, especially when colds are epidemic, and when you do you will find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a great help in enabling you to get rid of it. Try it.

For sale by all dealers. DONIPHAN COUNTY SCHOOL NOTES It was with much regret on part of the writer that the Teacher's Association, scheduled for March had to be postponed at the last minute. It was through the courtesy of the telephone operators and some of the teachers that word was sent to all the teachers over the county not to come. We herewith express our appreciation of their help. The postponement of the meeting seemed necessary.

Although both the Secretary, Miss Powell, and the superintendent had tried to get into communcation with the speaker ten days ago, it was not until Thursday noon that word was received from the speaker, that, owing to dates he could not come. Immediately this office made an effort to secure a speaker by phoning to Topeka, Manhattan and St. Joseph. Not finding one it was decided to have the meeting anyway. But on Friday word was received from land that the Glee Club could not come on account of the scarlet fever scare.

This left us without a program and on advice of the president, it was thought best to postpone the meeting. Should it be deemed advisable, there will be an announcement of an Association at a later date. The Teachers' Association has been one of the enjoyable features of the work--at least to the superintendent. The programs have been carried out to the letter, heretofore, and the attendance has been cellent. It is true that a few of the teachers have come in for only a part of the afternoon sessions, but the majority have come to get and to give something of value to the work in hand.

The Association is a thermometer measuring quite accurately the professional attitude of the teachers. Their enthusiasm causes a rising temperature and they go back to their schools with renewed courage and interest to put into effect the message received from the broader outlook of the speaker. The attendance has been greatly hindered this year because of contagious diseases in several of the schools. Troy, Eclipse, A'berle, Bellemont and Burr Oak have been closed at some time during the year. Through the prompt measures of Dr.

Roy E. Allen. county health officer, assisted by the board of local physicians, the deseases have been checked and few, if any, cases have resulted seriously. It is hoped that all the parents will do all they can to put the children back into school. The Course is a heavy one and pupils need to be in regular and prompt attendance in order to complete the work in a satisfactory manner.

Mr. Thomas Lankford, truancy officer, has been kept busy investigating these cases. Occasionally, a delinquent child is found and has to be brought into the Juvenile Court. There was such a case tried in Probate Judge Brown's court Saturday. The case was' from Elwood and, as it was the first appearance, the boy was paroled with the promise that he would be obedient to the rules of the school.

The day has gone by when the teacher has to be a threshing-machine. The truancy officer, the county attorney and the probate judge now have the power of separating the wheat from the chaff. This is better for all concerned. These Farmers State Bank WATHENA, KANSAS CAPITAL $20,000.00 SURPLUS AND PROFITS $8,000.00 A Strong, Safe and Conservative Bank. Always willing to advise and assist our patrons.

Regard all business transactions as strictly confidental, 'and every accommodation consistent with safe and sound banking. COME IN AND SEE US. Deposits guaranteed by the Bank Depositors Guarantee Fund of the State of Kansas. Farmers State Bank WATHENA, KANSAS AUG. MILLER, President.

L. A. LIBEL, Cashier. P. A.

PETTIS, Vice-President. GEO. H. DUBAOH, Ass't Cashier. DONIPHAN COUNTY COURT DOCKET, APRIL TERM 1916 18 All Uncontested Divorce Cases, Default Cases and Naturalization Petitions Will Be Heard On Monday, April 3, 1916 ATTORNEYS OF THE DONIPHAN APPEAL COUNTY BAR City of White Cloud J.

J. Baker S. L. Ryan J. J.

Baker S. M. Brewster VS. Arthur C. Bell A.

L. Perry C. W. Reeder C. W.

Ryan Paul B. Bailey Chas. E. Butts Hattie Vinsonhaler DAMAGES Clara E. Brown as Executor J.

J. Baker DIVORCE VS. Ida Maud' Matthis Arthur C. Bell Western Union Telegraph VS. C.

W. Reeder, Proctor Co. Graham Silverman Lewis Clark Matthis W. D. Gormley Arthur C.

Bell DIVORCE VS. Myrtle E. Vigus Arthur C. Bell John Heiner, et al VS. C.

W. Reeder, Proctor Robert W. Vigus J. Baker THE FOLLOWING CASES FILED BUT ARE NOT AT ISSUE: DIVORCE DIVORCE Mabel Payne Chas. E.

Butts C. Ester Long J. J. Baker vS. W.

Reeder, Proctor Edward Payne VS. John Long DIVORCE Olie Snodgrass Chas. E. Butts QUIET TITLE C. W.

Reeder, Proctor Thomas P. Hammond, et al Campbell Campbell VS. 0. G. Snodgrass R.

H. Martin, et al J. J. Baker DIVORCE FORECLOSURE John W. Piper C.

Dubach John Koeliker, et al J. J. Baker v8. W. Feeder, Proctor vS.

Bessie May Piper White Cloud Milling ElevaBURGLARY AND LARCENY tor Co. The State of Kansas C. W. Reeder ATTACHMENT VS. The Farmers State Bank C.

Dubach Perry Brown A. L. Perry VS. The State of Kansas C. W.

Reeder A. W. Thenanson VS. QUIET TITLE Walter Engel J. J.

Baker John P. Maynes A. L. Perry DAMAGES VS. Wolf River Drainage Dist.

S. M. Brewster Loftus Gray, et al VS. QUIET TITLE St. J.

G. I. Ry. Co. Brown Eastin, James P.

Kelley A. L. Perry J. J. Baker vs.

ATTACHMENT ACCOUNTING Silas A. Blevins, et al Cyrus Leland, Jr. S. M. Brewster QUIET TITLE vS.

A. L. Perry, Waggner J. C. Curry A.

L. Perry N. N. Gallagher Challis and Crane VS. Chas.

I. Vinsonhaler, et al DEBT QUIET TITLE Joseph Weber Arthur C. Bell Ben A. L. Perry vS.

vs. D. M. Duncan, et al Duvall Boyd David Wonder, et al and E. M.

Swartz QUIET TITLE TO ENFORCE A TRUST William Seifert A. L. Perry George W. Miller, et al Randolph Randolph vs. vS.

Margaret Palmer, et al Fannie M. Porter, et al S. M. Brewster. QUIET TITLE C.

F. Susan E. Cox A. L. Perry Strop, K.

G. vs. Porter, Woodburn N. G. Nelson, et al Woodburn QUIET TITLE FORECLOSURE Frances E.

Stewart Arthur C. Bell Dilsey Estes Suggs Sample F. Newlon VS. Jacob Stewart vS. George Estes Chas.

E. Butts DIVORCE DAMAGES Zella Schneiter Arthur C. Bell Lee A. Dillon S. M.

Brewster vs. VS. Charles Schneiter 0. E. Madinger J.

J. Baker State of Kansas, ex rel C. W. Reeder APPEAL Severt Anderson Arthur C. Bell VS.

VS. St. J. G. I.

Ry. Co. Severt Anderson as Admin- PETITION FOR NATURALIZATION istrator of the estate of W. F. Means Name Witnesses Daniel Anderson, deceased William Cicewski, W.

L. Privett, Troy, Kas. FOR AN ACCOUNTING Germany Oscar G. Winzer, Troy, The John H. Lynds Mill Kan.

Elevator Company, C. W. Reeder a Corporation LIST OF JURORS FOR THE APRIL TERM VS. Name Township Post Office Sol Weil Chas. E.

Butts Frank Meng Burr Oak Wathena QUIET TITLE Joe Kaulin Washington Wathena Angeline Shields C. Dubach Lon Rice Washington Wathena Roy Tyron Wolf River Severance James Gallaway, et al Thomas Davies Center Troy DAMAGES C. E. Mell Center Troy Charley Gallagher Arthur C. Bell Joe Thomas Center Troy VS.

J. H. Sheid Union Purcell J. Rakow, et al J. J.

Baker and Albert Braun Wayne Doniphan C. E. Butts Frank Shafer Wolf River Leona Newt Lear Iowa White Cloud INJUNCTION E. J. Herring Iowa Sparks The State of Kansas, ex rel C.

W. Reeder G. Whittaker Iowa Mi. W. Turner Iowa White Highland Cloud vS.

Ben Denton, et al F. H. Lible Wolf River Severance James Coale A. Bowers Geo. Kenderdine Washington Elwood VS.

Al. Garvin Center Troy Wathena Cooperative Store Wm. Lehman Burr Oak Wathena Co. Arthur C. Bell James Dare Wolf River Severance Leo Manville Washington Wathena QUIET TITLE W.

C. Schwope Center Wathena Clinton Thompson A. Bowers S. M. Heckman Iowa Severance VS.

John Fuhrken Union Denton Agnes Tilden, et al Emmet Fenn Iowa White Cloud juvenile offenders, who have never been taught respect to authority in the home, are often saved through the school and the court to the state. Let us all work together for a better enforcement of the truancy law. Edna S. Whitney, Co. Supt.

Rufina Schneider, aged 72, maiden sister of George Schneider, died Monday morning at six o'clock, about two hours after Father Eiker was called to hurry out there to administer final services for her. The funeral was held at the Wa' thena Catholic. church, Wednesday morning. with burial at Mt. Calvary cemetery.

She was born in Baden, Germany, came here when 15, and made her home with her brother George, the last survivor of her ily. Her memory is reverenced for life of beautiful and dutiful Christian virtues. Perfection Oil Stoves will soon be Agnes Tilden, et al on tap. Come and let me show you how it works, 92 per cent Oxygen, 8 per cent oil. 0.

C. Jones. 2tt It you haven't seen it, come to 0. C. Jones.

2tf The worst the high wind Tuesday night did here was to break off a fine pine tree on Mr. Libel's lawn. The vortex of the disturbance was in Indiana toward which the wind was rushing. LAST SUNDAY SERVICES, BAPTIST CHURCH 'The old adage is, that all is well that ends well. It is certainly an affliction to the preacher to be without a voice, but to his congregation in some instances it may be a blessing.

While the pastor was unable to speak above a whisper last Sunday, the people enjoyed two good services at the Baptist church. Bro. Geyer was away at conference, no peaching services at his church. In the evening Bro. Crepin, on invitation, came with his people to the Baptist church and brought with him Rev.

H. C. Elfeldt, a former pastor of the German M. E. church, who did the preaching and did i it well.

The three churches gave him a good hearing and the service was a blessing to us all. At the morning hour we had Rev. J. T. Crawford with us, who gave a fine discourse.

Bro. Crawford has been corresponding secretary of Kansas Missions for several years, and is efficient both as a secretary and preacher. Our church took, a collection for Home Missions and raised the apportionment for the year. Upon the whole we had a good day and very enjoyable one. The pastor has not heard a single criticism about anything he said Sunday, and probably will not.

We wish to express our thanks to Bro. Crepin for his kindness in bringing his people and friend over, and making it possible for us to have a delightful evening service. THE BAPTIST LADIES CHICKEN. PIE DINNER The ladies of the Baptist Missionary Society were well pleased with the results of the chicken pie dinner given last Friday. They wish to thank all who helped by their presence or by their donations which were liberal in all cases.

A special vote of thanks is due Mrs. Gamble who gave the use of her stove and kitchen to those who made the chicken pies, and to Mrs. John Erb who made the society a present of a nice quilt, pieced ready for quilting. Another member donating cotton, another the lining and another the thread. In the near future an allday quilting will be held at the home of one of the members for the purpose of finishing the quilt, which will be sold and the money put in our missionary fund.

Sec'y. M. E. CHURCH NOTES. Rev.

E. L. Geyer has been re-appointed by the M. E. Conference to continue as pastor at Wathena.

After calling to see relatives South Haven and Attica while near them, he is expected home, probably to-day, to hold regular services next Sunday. Our former printer and preacher, Rev. John W. Carpenter, favored us with a pleasant call while making an over Sunday visit with his wife's folks, H. A.

St. John's, at Palermo. Rev. Carpenter is residing at Valley Falls and also preaches at the Easton, Leavenworth county, Anna Paukan has the German Emmet Fenn Major Kenderdine came np from wood last Friday to attend Post meeting. On his way he stopped at Bob McPherson's, whose rheumatism was paining him too much to come, and on arriving here found several others of the members feeling regretfully more like talking their wife's tions into preparedness to fight Villa than jumping in to be first volunteers at the front themselves, and the Post meeting was not called to order but the time instead spent mostly mingling on the eunny side of streets and considering what would, could or should be done toward wiping up the earth with the Villains and other violators of the laws and rights of civilization, and especially of this Nation, that the old soldier volunteers have fought and sacrificed so much for the furtherance and maintenance of.

The old soldiers are strong in faith, it not in body, that this Nation will come out at the end of the present awful conditions with old glory still the light and banner leading in the uplift and hope when wars and oppressions will be no more. Come and let me shew you some Hoes and Rakes. I haven't advanced the price, as other hardware stores has been, so far. 0. C.

Jones. 2tf Mrs. Sam Lewis was over from St. Joseph, Monday, visiting at G. A.

Dubach's. J. J. Walker had the pleasure of a visit last Sunday from his son, L. J.

Walker, and daughter, Miss Leah Morris and little grand daughter, of South Eleventh street, St. Joseph, who were over to spend the day with him. A car load of "Jug" McChesney's Ware was unloaded here Monday for Wathena merchants. measles. MAKE TOMORROW A BETTER DAY If things "went wrong" today, if you suffered from indigestion, sick headache, biliousness, bloating, bad breath, or other condition caused by delayed bowel action, take a Foley Cathartic Tablet now and tomorrow will be a better day.

This wholesome physic acts without pain or nausea.Fuger. Ben Franklin, One of the greatest men of all times, said, "'God Helps them that Help Themselves. A Penny Saved is Two Pence Clear, A Pin a Day is a Groat a Year. Save and Have." Franklin was the pioneer of the Savings Bauk idea. Our savings department helps you to success and pays you interest while you are saving.

Fruit Growers State Bank (The Confidential Bank.).

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