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Wathena, Kansas
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)The German j. a -mJm ft Dio. GENERAL MERCHANDISE TT TT TT TT Mir So Homsewiie Heater A flueless base heater for any kind of fuel. The principle of introducing a down draft, supplying the burning fuel with oxygen, creates a hot blast in base of combustion chamber, consuming smoke and gas. The result is a powerful base heat.

As a floor warmer it has no equal, and the heat is equal in all parts of the room. We guarantee this Heater to burn less fuel, produce nore heat Next week you will be busy preparing all those good things to eat for Thanksgiving Day Below you will find a list of things you will need all new, fresh groceries of the best quality California Seeded Raisins, in packages, ec Pure Country Sorghum, made In Burr Ac per package lOo, 8 for Oak. per gallon uu Loose Muscatels, not seeded, 2 "Frontier" Mincemeat, absolutely fresh ICc per pound 10c, 8 lbs. for per package 10c, 8 for Grecian Cleaned Currants, 1ft0 "Old Grimes" Pumpkin, 2 lb. cans, -JCc per IW per can 10c, 8 for Best Glaced Citron, 'I per pound Good fresh spices and a complete line of Extra FaDcy Turkish Figs, 1Ac bottled pickles, sweet and Bour; ripe olives, per pound asparagus, stringless beans, and other good Extra Fancy Persian Dates, 12 oz.

Qc things we haven't room to mention. packages, per PS Tuna Fish for salads. It. is better English Walnuts, best we can buy, per than chicken. Yours for a happy and bounteous Thanksgiving.

and hold fire longer than any GERMAN HEATER, stove on the market. F. W. Schiiltz Hardware, Furnaces, Stves, Cutlery, WATHENA, KANSAS. Plumbing and Grocery DISTRICT NO.

IS. Well, this floe weather is certainly enough to make us feel thaukful and enjoy life to the fullest extent. Work upon H. L. Gardner's house is progressing nicely, but not quite so rapidly as the men would like, as most of the worken have corn ia the fields and this fine weather calls loudly to them to remember, that after a while there will be snow.

Studer's are baling hay on the east side of the bluffs. Tbey have baled for Msrolf brothers, James Miller, Millard Livingston, and intend baling for S. Livingston Wednesday. Laverne and James Livingston drove to St. Joseph last Saturday some shopping and get some ammunition.

Their cousin, Jennie McClelland, came home with them and visited until Sunday afternoon. OLook out, ob, ye rabbits! after the corn is gathered. The ducks are still flying, and Mel vm Livingston got one Monday morning. Fred Bchuman has several teams in his field gathering corn. It is always Fred's way to get as many teams as he can and rush his corn out.

A. goodly number attended Sunday school Sunday. Let the good work go on, and everybody who can come and give a boost. If we can't attend all time let's net be knockers. Mrs.

Ed Livingston visited her sister, Mrs. S. Livingston last Friday. James Miller, the Rapps, and some others are getting out their corn. Mil-iard Livingston is just about through.

Argos Moore has movedinto the Jas. Miller house on the Ramsey place, and is working for Jesse Calvert. Jesse Calvert moved his fodder shredder from Sugar Lake to his farm here last Sunday. He has his crib in process of construction and will, we presume, begin shredding when the crib is ready. Jennie Laipple called upon Aunt Amanda and Mrs.

S. Livingston last Friday morning. Laverne Livingston and family visited at Ed Livingston's Sunday Mrs. Calvert came up from Sugar Lake Sunday to visit some days at the farm here. Wm.

Laipple and wife, daughter and son of Jesse Calvert and wife, are occupying the farm. Mr. Calvert is having considerable improvement done. The large barn has been remodeled and finished and a good new hen house built. The place will be greatly improved in appearance as well as convenience when the crib is done and the rubbish all cleared away.

S. Livingston is preparing to Wall his spring with brick and cement. He will pipe the water into his new cellar, as being more convenient and safe from freezing. He will pipe it into the house in a year or two, when he gets some more room added. The alteratiens to F.

Meng's house are completed. Hejadded another room and extended the upper rooms to a story in height. Mrs. S.Livingston called upon Mrs. J.

1 STEWART BEO. WATHENA, KANSAS When wanting anything in our line, don't forget the place. We carry a full and complete line of Groceries and Vegetables which we will exchange or will pay cash for Butter and Eggs. i COURT HOUSE NEWS MODELS OF PERFECTION. From $15 Up W.

T. Stewart, Editor and Proprietor. PERFECTLY SIMPLE SIMPLY PERFECT. NOV. 22, 1912 FRIDAY, Every machine guaranteed for ten years.

A full line of Hand and. Sewing Machine Needles in stock. TRY OUR QUAKER BREAD Needles, Oil, Belts and all kinds Sewing Machine supplies, a Real Estate Transfers. Furnished by H. L.

Widman, Register of Deeds. Warranty Deeds. Virginia M. Johnson to Tho3. G.

Hutt, lots 9 10 11 12 and 88 ft of lots 13 to 18 Ik 90 Highland, $1. Emma C. Williams and hush to Thos! G. Hutt, 10a in se qr 19 2 19, $2850. David C.

Graves et al to Bessie Etherton, und int in 47a in ne fr qr 5 4 21, David C. Graves et al to Wl H. Etherton, und int in 58a in ne 5 4 David C. Graves et al to Bessie and MLES OF good road The township board are building a good culvert at that bad place near Peter Manville's house, which has long been a troublesome proposition during the wet spells. Will Straub is also making a good drain gutter between the bluff and the road, and when finished it is expected to make a permanent good road, if looked after in the, future and kept up properly, as it should ba.

The culvert will be of reinforced concrete, nine feet wide. In building it a piece of good luck was realized in striking a stone culvert about two feet under ground, which was built when the late 0. Poirier was trustee, and had Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Pumps Our Implement department is complete. We carry the Miller and Schuttler Wagons, Truck Wagons, Truck Wheels and Wagon Beds. A large line of Spring Wagons and Buggies By the)'' way, we have a few ofxthe neatest, up-to-date buggies we have ever carried.

Pumps and Pump Fixtures of all descriptions and Stock Tanks. We will deliver goods in any part of the city on receipt of phone message, Gall phone No. 11. A crisp Quaker loaf on your table would add much to the meal. Per loaf, OHly LEthel Etherton, und int in 21a 5c A New Bath Room, with every convenience clean, com A dainty nose 'would be tickled In our fragrant sanl-tary bakery, inhaling odors of all our tasty, wholesome goodies.

STEPHAN'S BAKERY WATHENA, KANSAS. been covered up by the wash from the bluff so long ago that it had been forgotten. This has been utilized to make a rock bottom for. the new culvert, being situated just right for it, and effects a considerable saving of expense in the new one. This culvert will make a good road north to the old lime kiln, a stretch that most complaint has been made of.

fortable and sanitary, at Axlund's Barber Shop Hot or Cold Baths At Any Time During Open Hours. Agency for Fox Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Company. A. J. AXL UND, Proprietor.

JOHN A. C. GORDON Wathena, Kas. You Can't Afford to Miss the International Live Stoch Exposition Union Stock Yards, Chicago Nov. The greatest exhibition of live stock in the world.

Hm. i Lime, duck, lemeni Let Me Figure On Your Bills, When You Want To Build. seqr5 4 David G. Graves et al to Ethel Etherton, und int in 47a in ne fr qr 5 4 21,11. W.

H. Etherton et al to Arria E. Graves, und int in 5Sa in hf se qr 5 4 21, $1. John F. Ebeling and wf to J.

M. Corbet, pt hf sw qr 18 2 19, $7000. James H. Earhart et al to Ueorge R. Sage, hf ne qr ne qr 19 2 $iooo.

William F. Bauer and wf to Talitha Carson, pt lots 14 15 blk 89 Highland, $1950. Charles Marbel and wf to Harry H. Byers.lot 10 blk 9 Troy, $200. Dora Marbel to Harry H.

Byers, lots 2 and 9 bIK 9 Troy, $800.. Marble George et al to Mike Hale, lots 3 4 blk 9 Troy, $600. C. Owens and wf to Lemuel G. Andrews, und int in 40v in Sec.

20 3 22, $1. Harper Douglas to William Colgan 41 Ja in sw qr 5 5 21, $3093. F. W. Kotsch and wf to John C.

Kotsch, und hf int in hf ne fr qr and pt se qr arid sw qr ne qr, also pt se qr all in sec. 22 2 21, $1. James E. Cummings and wf John Boersting, lots 1 2 blk 9 Severance, $3000. Jacob Richards and wf to Jane K.

Christopher, pt hf ne qr 23 4 21, $205 25. Martha R. Stocking and hsb to Cyrus Leland Jr, und int hf hf se qr 4 3 20, $100. George Nuzum and wf to Philip M. Soverns, lots 8 4 5 blk 227 White cloud, $200.

1 Sullivan Bros, to March lot 4 blk 48 White Cloud, $200 Jane H. Robertson to A. B.Swarlz lots 1 2 7 8 blk 22 Wm Denton's Add Denton, $1800. W. K.

Richardson and wf to Frank P. Walker and wf 20a in se qr ne qr 20 2 22, $3000-. 1 Emma A. Kildow and hsb to John Cashlots 8 4 5 blk 227White Cloud, $185. John Cash and wf to George Nuzum, lots 3 4 5 blk White Cloud, $200 Mr.

and Mrs. Allen were visiting their relative, Mr. Francis, at Sax-ton, from Saturday to Wednesday, when they returned home on receipt of a message informing them of the death of Air. Knedler to assist in arrangements for the funeral. Plan to attend this notable event BRING 'EM TO ME Poultry, Butter and Eggs Highest Market Prices Paid.

F. Schuman last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Wm. Juhl and children spent Sunday "afternoon at Argos Moore's.

Wm. Juhl and family called at Millard Livingston's Monday evening. Ozenbergers moved" their engine to Jesse Calvert's Tuesday to begin shredding fodder Wednesday morning. Wm. Absher has moved into James Gladden's house.

Boss Young and wife have moved home with their son Howden. Oh, yes, young people; how was that surprise last Wednesday? Who was most surprised? Ha! ha! Wm. Laipple and wife made an unexpected trip to St. Joseph, last Wednesday evening, to take Jennie's father over there. Mr.

White and family moved from F. Meng's place to Chas. Laipple's place, a week or two ago. Harry Stiles and family visited with George Medlock and wife last Saturday and Sunday. Chas.

Gladden and Hazel Livingston took Sunday dinner with Bob and Ethel Smith. In the afternoon, all four and Miss Anna Morris-visited at Scott Tindle's. Eddie Wiedmer and Eunice Newton were out driving Sunday afternoon. Jas." Livingston Sr. helped his brother Scipio to put the dirt upon his cellar Saturday.

He and bis daughter Hattie Sundayed at his mother's. Walter Laipple and family were very pleasant callers at S. Livingston's, a week ago Sunday. They brought a present of a beautiful lamp to Walter's brother Will and wife, who were just ready to depart for Wathena to take Mr. Calvert and family to the depot, so Walter and family just drove up the bluff road to S.

Livingston's. Mrs. Ed Morris and baby Goldie and Mrs Laverne Livingston and children spent Monday at Bob Smith's. Mrs. Haddix and daughter Louetta returnd Tuesday from their visit to Falls City, Nebr.

Norman and Earl Thornton, Floyd Bchuman, Dewey Gladden, Victor and Henry Schuster, and Ray and Clay Some of the merchants are complaining about the awfully dull business, which the prolonged mild weather has been producing. But just think how it will come back with results from the way the farm-era and others have been hardly taking time to spit on their hands to make the best of it. When it turns cold they will all have their work so well done they can put in most of their time for the rest of the winter coming to. town and buying goods and enjoying the results of the good crops and fine weather with which their prosperity has been so greatly favored this fall. L.

Meugniot came home from Kansas City, Kansas, last week, where he had to quit a good position in a drug store there on account of the bad effect on his health of the water supplied by the water works. He will look up a situation in some town where he can get water as near like the Peters creek quality as possible, and with an occasional visit home for a draught of the real article, he expects to keep his sensitive stomach toned up in better temper with its job. W. W. Minturn, since recovering from the kick which a horse gave him upon the chin the evening before election sufficiently to work, has been putting in a hot water heating plant for his brother Weller, at Amazonia, Mo.

Mrs. S. Slaughter and family wish to express their thanks to their neighbors for assistance and kindness in the late sickness of their husband and father, Mr. Sam Slaughter, who is reported to be recovering so favorabl that he is expected home from the hospital in a few days. this year, and at the same time bring the family and see the Great Central Market.

Chicago offers innumerable attractions and pleasures, especially so at this season, just before the holidays. Don't put your outing off until next yeai GO NOW. Roch Island Lines afford the best service to Chicago. If you want to buy or sell a cow, horse or mule, wagon or any farm implements or household goods, list them with me, Small Commission and Quick Sales. Livirgston met at S.

Livingston's last afternoon, to play ball with Herman Livingston. Uncle Tom Livingston is huaking his corn. Quite a crowd gathered at Wm. Ab-sher's Sunday evening, and had a very pleasant time. James Livingston went down the Bluff, Tuesday evening.

Boy Pettis returned home from Topeka Tuesday on receipt of news of the sinking condition of his grand father, Mr. Knedler, arriving in Wathena about ten minutes after death had ensued. Joe Cordonnier met him here with conveyance for home. Bragos, Nov. 19, 1912.

Ms. Stewart Dear Sir Got located at last and like it very well here. Lots of game, splendid climate, weather beautiful, gained about ten pounds in weight. Will try and write letter soon. Send Republican here.

Your L. C. Matthis. C. S.

CLARK South Side St. Joseph Street Phone 95 WATHESA KASSAS Fast frequent trains on convenient schedules. C3 K. S. TRUESDELL Agent.

Wathena.Kans. OR. J. T. MATTHEW Olflce Phone.

65. kesldence Phone, 27 WATHENA. Office Over Jacob Miller's Drug Store W. D. WEBB, M.

D. Office in the A. A. Rullman's residence one-half block south of Fruit Growers building. Office hours, week days, 3 to 5 p.

m. Phones, Office and Residence, 42 WATHENA- KANSAS OR. F. G. RATCLIFFE DENTIST Crown and Bridge work a specialty Plates that give satisfaction.

Soars. 8 to If; 130 to 5. Residence Phone. Office in Stewart Bitfa. Wathn.

W. CARTER, M. D. Offioe Hours, 9:00 to 12:00 a. WATHENA.

Telephones Office. No. 2: Residence. Wo. 1 M.

e. Mcdonald, d. v. m. Veterinary Physician and Surgeon WATHENA Office Phone, 60.

Jo Chalk's Barber Shop. Use Pimbley 's Piano jlish Pim D-ley Paint Glass Co. St. Joe. Mo.

Theo Moskau has got his new house completed, and is now in it. FOLEY KIDNEY PUIS TOR RHEUMATISM MONEYS AND IA6DE4.

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