The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on February 4, 1900 · 24
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 24

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 4, 1900
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THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE FEBRUARY' 4. 1000. til ? 1 , u. r j I I . CLOAK DEPARTMENT. CAPES. 78 BO0CLE CAFES 30 luck to, tii With Thibet, worth $5.00, sw I AO i!y- Ii30 CtWi it 93.08 ui 94.08. WAISTS. 300 BLACK SAT TEES WAISTS, yoke Wk.itook col Ur, epea tuff, a I p I a d 1 4 boos eiiiti worth 76c., bow B)y ..... Ao Malt Order. 260 black mercerized BATTEEN.llackand red BBILLIAHT IKE WAISTS, tock.d and br&4 frimtssd. They are worth $1.25 C A aid $1.60, tale price wlv I JACKETS. I CHOICE OF AST JACKET ia oar stock that j ha been sriltag at from $12.10 GLf lc',$22.00, at ocly -, e3 V. Smal Int of $8.00 to $12.00 JACKETS, bow 3.98 1.98 Small lot, size 42 and 44 only, BOW CHILDRENS WEAR. X lot EIDEBD0W5 CLOAKS, fancr pattern, ailor collar, trimmed with angora far, flaoael otto lined, were $1.00 and $2.00, this sale only, tah, 49c. CHILDEEK8 DRESSES, made of handwnie woollen mixture and plaid, fanry yoke, cape over nhonlder of mm material and cashmere in contrasting colors, trimmed with fancy braid on capes, collars, yokes and coifs, lined thronghont, tires 1 to 4 years, wers $1.00 and 1.25, this esle only, eaoh, 39c GIRLS DRESSES of fancy woollsn mlxtnres, all oolors, mad with blouse fronts, yokes, rerers, cnffs and belts of cashmere, trimmed with braid and pearl bnttoni, lined thronghont with bet camnrio, aiie 4 to 14 year, actually worth $1.76, this tale only 98C. AM OVERSTOCK OF HANDKERCHIEFS AT ABOUT J PRICE. Ladle' and Gentlemen' PRINTED HEMSTITCHED HANDKERCHIEFS. Regular prloe 81c. each, aale price 6 for 2 Sc. LADIES' ALL-LINEN HEMSTITCHED AND . SCALLOP EDGE HANDKERCHIEFS, slightly toiled, regular price 12 ' c. and ISo., aale price, each, Sc. LAD FEB' ALL-LINEN INITIAL HANDKERCHIEFS, hand embroidered letter, Imported to retail at 16o., tale prloe, each, 9c., or 3 for 25o , CLOVES Wemen'a If 1.00 and 3 Fine Kid (lose for At I new, perfect good. 60 dot. Ladles' fancy back ailk finish doable Mittens, worth 60o pair, eale price 25c. SB dot. Children'i Far Top, fleeoe-ltned Mocha Mitten, worth 60c. pair. In sites 2 to 6 year, bale prioe 19c. WATER FRONT - ITEMS. . Belated Steamers Foylemore and Grecian Get In. One Day the Former Made but St Miles and the latter Onlv 26. Dancer of Famine in Coal Relieved by Several Arrivals Yesterday. I The belated steamer Foylemore, Cart Kills, from Hull, ling, and the Allan Ilnur Grecian, Capt Hamilton, from Glasgow, reached port yesterday morning after a severe encounter with tho ' elements. The Foylemore was expected here 10 days ago, and according to her sailing schedule she should have left for Lon-don, the first of last week. She came across in ballast and being quite high out of water presented a good mark for the tiemendotis seas Capt Fills reports that from the time of leaving the river Humber he encountered a succession of northwesterly and southwesterly gales and heavy seas. 1erhaps the worst weather was met with Thursday last, whin the vessel ran Into a fiulous bllxzard. The wind blew with huirloane force for a period of 10 , hours, during which time it was Impossible to keep the ships prow to the wind and sea and she fell otT repeatedly and was forced astern. Home idea of the severity of the storm can t Imagined when it Is known that during that 24 hours the Foylemore made only 34 miles, w title ordinarily she reels off about 2V miles. Several other , days during the passage the log showed that less than 100 knots had been traversed. The Grecian had a similar experience. but being loaded she In better trtm for rough weather. She sailed from Glasgow Jan 13. and was six days late In arriving. During last Thursdays hurricane she made only 26 knots in S hours steaming. On reaching her berth at Mtauc wharf her hows were hvtlv encased In ice. which also extended Into the rigging and capered the forward decks. Although both steamers had a very rough experience neither sustained the Slightest damage. The big German steamer Bethnnta Capt Schmidt, arrived late in the afternoon, after a 15-das passage from Hamburg. She also had a boisterous I passage, hut despite this fact, she made fairly good time. , Another good-sized fleet of pehooners and barges brought in a large amount of coal yesterday, so that the danger of a coal famine no longer exists. Among , t ha .vessels arriving were the flve-ntast-- ad gchooners Gov Ames, Capt Hart, from f Baltimore, and. the Jennie French Rotter, tSipt Potter, from Newport News. Tha latter brought 4n her first cargo. , amounting to 311s tons of coal. She left the bult-lers yard at Camden, Me, a x month age. She made the run from Newport New' in 6s hours. The Gov Ames is the pioneer five-master. She , was detained at Baltimore over a month awaiting her cargo, and earned something like V000 in demurrage. Mall advices received from Barbadoes announce 4 he death of Capt Geo. 1 Slnds, the commander of the American irk Edward L. Mayberry, now on a passage from Buenos Ayres to New York, and which called at Barbadoes , last month. Capt Hinds died suddenly Jan and his remains were burled, at mem. the following day. He was 49 years of aga and was well known In shipping circles In this city. He was a native T of Calais, Me, where a brother and several sisters reside. He leaves a wife who waa with him on his last voy-Upon. thg death of tha captain 200 do ten 21x44 LIKEN DAMASK TOWELS, hemmed and ready for ate, imported to retail at 21c will be placed on aale on Mon- fl I day at, each llw BLEACHED LIKES DENSER NAPKINS, Urge six regnUrly sold at 83c. dotes, a!e price, per down, only 69c. ALL-LIKES LOOM DAMASK, 2 yard wide, ?ery weight, rtifoUf 69c. yard, tai pTtoc only, pr yard42Ztc. " DOMESTIC department. Fruil of the boom" lotion On Monday w will tail a limited qnn- g , g tity to each onstomer at, per yard . . 041 So Remnant or Short Length. NO MAIL ORDERS. LININGS BEST QUALITY LINING CAMBRIO, regular price 6c. yd., taU price per yd 3VC. BEST QUALITY ENGLISH HERRINGBONE HAIR CLOTH, regular prioe 23o. yd, sale price, per yard, I2C. HOSIERY and UNDERWEAR. 276 doren BOYS AND GIRLS C0RDUR0T RIBBED HOSE, very fins quality cotton, doable soles, heels and knees, guaranteed, fast black, regular 12io. quality, this aale per pair, 8C. 132 doien LADIE3 FAST BLACK SEAMLESS HOSE, in plain and fleeced lined, narrow ankles, double soles, were 15o. pair, this sals 9C. 83 dozen INFANTS' SHIRTS, button down front, silk trimmed necks and edges, pearl buttons, worth 25o., tbit sale only, each 9c. 300 dozen LADIES HEAVY JERSEY RIEBED VEST8 and PANTS, in eoru and gray, fleeo lined, vests trimmed with silk lace on seo and front, pearl buttons, gUBset sleeves, pants with French bands, side buttoning, ankle length, few subject to manufacturer's slight imperfections, regular pries 25o each, sab pries only, each OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF FUR TRIMMINGS AT SACRIFICE IMUCES. 1 Lot FUR TRIMMING, 14 inch wide, lined and nnlined, regular prices from 20c. to 45c, yard. Onr pries this sale only, per yard, I5C. Large lot FUR TRIMMING, worth from 60o. to 7&o. yard. Monday only, per yard, 25c music. Special Bargains 0q ror 50f this week only Cake Walks &Two-S!eps Whistling Rufus. Happy Days in Dixie. Blaokville Society. SONGS: "Asleep in the Deep." "Im Living E.VB7." "She Beats by tha Swanee River." "I Like the Place to much I Jiate to Leave." Publications Cake Walks & Two-Steps Georgia Campmeeting. Way Down South. Sultan March. SONGS: Sail Ho" (new). You and I." What will the Answer Be?" A Picture No Artist can Paint." UPHOLSTERY DEPT. Third Floor. 160 Pair ODD PORTIERES, elegant Pattern to be sold at $1.98 pair, or 98c. each. 1200 yards FANCY CORDUROY FURNITURE COVERING, 27 inobes wide, regularly sold at 69o. yard, sale price, per yard, only 25c. FRINGES to match above, actually worth 60c. and 76o. yard, sale price ocly, per yard, I 5C. OPAQUE WINDOW SHADES, from 15c. each top SOc. eaoh, slightly imerfect, HHBBwMssnwimawiis. im WW the mate assumed charge arid navigated the bark into Barbadoes. There arrived at T wharf yesterday from the fishing fleet the steam-V (Jtliu-tetle, with 12W) pounds of cov.; bloop Venus, 4000 cod; schooners Emerald, 2UiX haddock, 1000 cod ; Livonia, 500 haddock, 9000 cod; Jessie, 2000 cod; Massasolt. 6C0 haddock, 2500 cod; Nickerson, 2500 cod; Edna 1erry, 2500 h&udock, 1000 cod. The market waa very firm, haddock selling from the vessels at 35.50 per hundredweight, large cod 33, and market cod 35. The British steamer Kennett, Capt Tooney, arrived latt evening from Cien-fuegos, Cuba, with the first cargo of new crop sugar received here this sea-eon. The cargo consisted of X5.HOO bags. She will discharge at 1Tske's wharf. The Danish steamer Ask. Capt Hansen, also arrived yesterday from Fort de Falx, lloytl, with a full cargo of logwood. The three-masted barge Elk Garden, built for the Atlantic and Faciflc company of Flt'laJelphia, ard launched Thutsdny. will be towed to Fhiladelphia from Xtath by the tug Sweepstakes, which passed east by Xllghland light vestirday. She measures 1&5.7 feet In length, 25 3 teet beam, 18.2 feet dentil of hold, ller net tonnage is 749.63 and her cupacity 1C00 tons of coal. She will he ccmmanded by Capt W. T. Crowley of Taunton. ARRIVED EEB 3. Sa Oreelan lltu. Hamilton, CJlasgow: Forle-tnore i Hr), Kill. Hull, Cu; BetbuuU tUer), SchPiMt. Ihiniim.g: Kounett illr), To., lie' , t'leafuegos; Auk (Han), Hausen, lort 1 1uix, lliijti; ft Cult. Pike, M John, N 11, via Easliwrt and Portland; Frost buig, Warrington. Ultlnre. too lug barge Nos. 7 and 10; City of Macon, .Samite, Savannah; Ln-enster, SabiicU, Philadelphia, towing barge Meide Hill. P-xrkentine Battle G. Pixon, Southard, Baltimore. Scha Silver Wave (Rr. Walah. Qtuco. N B; Clarence H. Vernier. Baker, Sainuol Dilloway, Smith, Daylight. Nickerson, Cox A Green, The mi won, ana Gov Ames. Hart, all from Baltimore; llenry Sutton, MlUlken, Lynn, for a coal port; Geo II. Ames. Watts. Savannah; Jennie French Potter, Potter. Helen H. Benedict, Brockott, and Hsrrv .Men.-er, Seers, all from Newport News; Percy BIrdaall, lloUnea, Norfolk. 1 ugs Storm King, Bowea. Vineyard Haven, towiiur Large BUiow. Brilliant sad Balloon, from Perth Ainhoy; Mercery, Kelley, Vineyard Haven; Geo. M Winslow, Nalty. Vlue.vard Harru. towing barge Uondont from Weehaw-kvu, and Weehewken from St George; Scrau-ton. l.rwia. Hoboken, towing hargea Uus-oo net cong, Iohatmng and Nay Aug; Gladiator, Smith, iqwlng bargo Eureka, Sea King. Chandler, towing barge Samar, and Tamaqua, Kelly, towing bargee Draper tfor Ponlandl and Paal-nos, all from Xhlladelphla ; Luzerne, Herbert, Perth Amtoy, towing barge Brooklyn, Bouquet aud Itrlatol -S. o. Co No. 2, Deunaa, Bal-llnrore, towing barge 8. O. Co No. 07; Cata-wlaea. Roblnaou, Portamouth. SAILED. Sa Cltoni (Brl. Uvetpool; Alecto (PrV, Hull, Fug- Hellfev (Bn. Halifax, N S; Britannle (Nor), Loulsbnrg, C B; Kerahaw. Baltimore via Nimolk; ludian. Philadelphia; H. F. Dlmock, New York: Herman Wedel Jarlaberg Nor), Norfolk: BritlxL Trder, .Antwerp via New York; Chaa. F. Majer tfrom Porttinonth) lowing barges Niva, h aud 6, Baltimore; Simon J. Murpbv. (owing barge Geo. K. Skolfleld, Newport New. Scha Crexcent. New Tork; lienrv 8. Little, Imae IT. Tlllver and Vbbie S. Walker, coal t-rtr: N. II. Skinner. Damartecotta river and New York: lorteoendeet, Baltimore; Henry Sutton and Farm and Far. cot I port. Tugs Mar, rowing barge Juniata and Raritan. Newport Nevva, Mercury, Vlnevard Haven; Catawiaaa. towtng Imrge Tbuuiaatoo tfrom Ltdii), Glendower and Aiburtt. Philadelphia; Storm King, towtng barge Lllcrty, Tho. L. Parker and Commerce, New York; Lnseme, towtng barges Bandit. Benito and Buttress. Perth AlnlMjy: Tern aqua. 1, rtland; S,- King. PbtlBdelpbta, via Prvvidencw (where site will Pick up two Iwrgeat; Scranton, too In- barge 'equest, Shickahlnuy and Cohocton. for Hoboken; Geo. M. VVmalow, towing barge Clara, for Weehawken. Yale Alumni of Boston to Dine. The Yale alumni of Boston and vicinity will dine at the Exchange club Thursday evening. Feb 15. The guest of honor- will be Pres Hadley, who will then make his first visit as president to the Boston graduates, and an especially Interesting meeting Is expected in consequence. Judge - Howland, 54, and Dickenson H. Richards, 80, of New York at Uo on tha JJat of apeak era. NEIT TO PARK THEATRE. 3 1 TERRIFIC MARK DOWN IN Hlens Furnishings THE BAEGAIH CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. 250 doien MENS FLEECE LINED CAMEL'S HAIR and NATURAL VTOOL 6HIRT8 and DRAWERS, compming onr entire toclc of 60o. and 75c. grades, rr.e subject to slight Imperfection, all marked down to AQp the unheard-of low price only, eaoh $1.25 Underwear, 63c. 76 dosen fine Steam Shrunk, Natural Wool and Camel's Hair Shirt and Drawer. very fine goods, sixes 32 to 50, regular price $1.25, CQn 1 down to wSC $1.00 Colore 1 Shirts, 50c. Each. 160 dozen MENS FANCY PERCALE DRESS SHIRTS, also shirts with two detached collars and attached cuffs, and shirts with laundered bosoms and attaohed collars and cnffs, all made with French yoke, double stitched felled seams, patent neck band, etc. Regular 75o. and $1.00 qualities, marked C Ap down to, each, only U U w 19c. for 6 15c. Linen Collars. 160 dos. 4 PLY LINEN, COLLARS, regular 15o. quality, the balanoe left from our great sale, some slightly soiled, sizes from 121 to 16, marked down to, per half gvx dozen fltJLf SHOE DEPT. Rubbers Almost lilven Awaj. 1 lot MENS LIGHT DRESS ARCTICS, Jersey Cloth uppers, made by such companies as the Boston, Goodyear and Candee Rubber Cos., in quality equal to any sold for $1.76. The toes are not the very latest style; to close, and close quickly we have marked them to les than the price of Q a oommon rubber wgw 1 lot LADIES' 3-BUCKLE, Vio 8 and 10-BUTT0N OVERSHOES, fine Jersey Cloth uppers, made by such com Daniel as the Boston, Goodyear, Candee and American Robber Cos., in quality equal to any sold at $2.00 or $2.60, sizes mostly 2b to 41, marked to the prioe of a common rubber, come early if yon want a pair at the unheard of price of USC 1 lot LADIES STORM RUBBERS, made by Boston Rubber Shoe Co., sizes 1, 11, 2, 21, 3 and 31, worth 65o. We will sell the gj r above sizes thi a week for, per pair, 2.31 1 lot LADIES LOW CUT RUBBERS, Boston and Woonsocket makes, sizes 21, 3, 31, 4 and 41, worth 60c. We will sell the g above sizes this week for, per pair- IwV 1 lot MEN'S and BOYS' RUBBERS, sizes 3 to 71, marked to only 29c 1 lot MISSES' KANGAROO LACE BOOTS, a good solid sohool shoo, every pair worth $1.25, sizes 11 to' 2, for less than the labor to make them cost, per g phir o y c CORSETS. One lot of FANCY CORSETS, made of fine French ooutil body and strips, two eide steels, 4-hook laoe and ribbon, trimmed top and bottom in pink, bine and drab, were 59c., this sale only 39c. ijixixi1 v -bii ..' 'trw AMNA WHITES WORK AND AMBITION. Remarkable Talent Displayed by a Young Negro Woman in Adin White la a youne colored jlr! from Ohio, who Is now working In Cam-bridyeport, with the view of studying art in the Boston art schools. The negro artist, for ghe Is realty an artist, tell a pathetic story of hardship borne for the sake cf this work of unremitting toil and effort, and of an Indomitable courage a story told quite unconsciously, and for that reason aJl the more Impressive. The pieces of carving, which were from her own original designs, showed su-. h skill and ability that it was quite surprising to learn how little of real Instruction the girl had had. L'rwn asking her zhtn the artistic instinct came to h't.r answered qutte simply; .), I don t know. I used to cut fl sr- 6ielnir th m-my woea I was a vary mn jj 605 to 617 Washington Street. WITH TERRIFIC MARK-DOWNS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. . The Bargain Event of the Centum. Fourth Floor Take Elevator GROCERY DEPARTMENT BEST FINE GRANULATED (with grocery order) SUGAR 4 L. Tea pound can be purchased with every dollars worth of other groceries ordered. Floor (by the barrel) and Batter not Included with order. WE PREPAY FREIGHT On ail orders of $5.00 r more to anjr rail road station withiu the following States : Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Hhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut. OR.E3AT BaAJRCa-AmS I1ST CANNED GOODS. 6 cans Crimson Hi and Peaa (worth POc)..... 03 t) cans Crimson Brand Corn (worth 70) 05 6 cans Crimson Brand Tomatoes (worth 70). (15 8 cans Booth's Smaf Beans (worth 80) CO 8 cans Finest Lima Beans (worth 55) 60 6 cans Finest Red Kidney Beaos (worth 60). .65 8 cans Finest Wax Beans (worth 70) 65 6 cans Golden Marrow Squash (worth 75).. ..03 8 cans Finest Pumpkin (worth to) 65 0 can Warwick Brand Strawberry Beets. ..70 8 cans Boston Baked Beans 56 6 cans Andersons Soups assorted) 50 8 cans Columbia River Salmon Steak. .... ..MM 6 cans Red Salmon (Finest), Tall Cans 114 0 cans Finest Shrimp J43 8 cans Finest American Sardines 35 0 2-pouud cans Bartlett Pears 65 6 S-pound cans Bartlett Pears 75 0 3 pound cans Finest Green Gage Plums. . . .OH 6 3-pouud cans rinost Egg Plum 0(4 0 3-pouniJ cans Finest Yefioiv Peaches 05 6 3-pouud cans Crawford Yellow Penches.91.10 8 3-pouud cans Mt. Hamilton Brand Apricots f 1.1ft 0 2-pound cans Finest Blueberries 75 6 cans Cocktail Pineapple 55 0 cans Sliced Peaches lor cream 55 6 cans Strawberries for cream 65 6 cans Lawton Brand Iilack berries. 50 He snre and try u cap of onr X'n-moan Crimson Brand Mocha and Jam. Coffee, free lit Booth. This coffee sells everywhere for 85 and 40c. per pound. Oug price, per pound, only 2De. Our price, per 8t pounds 81.00 Okir Cafe Special Blend is a splendid drinking coffee, and Is sold everywhere for 25c. per pound. Our price, per pound 14 Our price, per 5 pounds 05 Our price, in 25-pound lots, per lb tit Lowest Prices in Cereals. 10 pounds Best Rolled Oats 23 10 pounds Best Rye Meal 23 10 pounds Best Rye Flour 23 10 pounds Beat Granulated Indian Meal 17 10 pounds Best XXX Graham Meal 23 5 pounds Best Pearl Tapioca 25 20 pounds Best Scotch Oatmeal..... 35 1 Large Package Crimson Breakfast Food... 2 4 Packages Buckeye Oats 26 5 Packages Best Com Starch 23 5 pounds Best Pearl Barley 25 2 Packages Cook's Flaked Rice 28 (A beautiful doll with every 2 packages.) LEATHER GOODS. 1 lot JET BEADED ELASTIC BELTS, regular price 42c. each, sale prioe only 25c. 1 lot COMBINATION POCKETBOOKS, 10 styles in blaok and colors, regular price 29c. each, Bale price only 19c. ggcmwgOTHgw.-vwjM.4j jsaraMHHHwi, if ;a Wood always seemed natural for me to do this since I used to make toy tea cups and miniature baskets out of peach stones." "And could you draw. too. when you were a child?" asked the Interested hos'ess. "Yes; that was how. I came to take lessons, ills Christine Sullivan, who was the supervisor of drawing In tee public schools of Cincinnati, where I was educated, noticed roy drawing on day end insisted upen roy studying at the Cincinnati art academy. "The wood carving department was then under Mr Ben Pitman, and I worked theie for some time. Miss Sullivan died some weeks ago," and the grateful tears sprang to the girl's eyes as she spoke of her friend and benefactress. Miss Whites work must have been of far more than ordinary value and quality, for she very soon found employment In factories where band carving -bad an 'PSiUBcww Fourth Floor Take Elevator SPECIAL SALE OF SViOLASSES IOOO Gallons Porto Rico Molasses, This lT?i Worth Week 38c No Charge for Jug. A loaf of Health Food Bread to every pur- chaser of a package of Weidlers Entire Wheat Health Flour. Per packagel 3c, 2 packages 25c. FLOUR Onr A"lctor Best Patent Flour la today worth nil cl sell elsewhere for 83-00 ner barrel. We will continue during tbls week to sell for Per Barrel 84.50 Per Baff, 1-8 Barrel GO We deliver Flour free. Best Pastry, per Bag; 55 Miscellaneous. 6 packages Best Brazil Cocoanuts. 25 1 pound Best Brazil Cocoanut (in bulk) 15 3 1-pint Bottles Pure Tomato Catsup 26 3 1-pint Bottles Pure Worcestershire Sauce. .25 3 Tumblers Pure Fruit Jelly 25 5-pouud Pall Pure Fruit Jelly 11 5-pound Crock Johnson's Preserves (A11 Flavors) 45 5-pound Crock Johnsons Mince Meat 45 10 pounds Good Carolina Rice 40 1 10-pound Mackerel (worth $1.50) $1.00 3 packages Crimson Jelly Powder (Ail Flavors) 25 4 pnekages Shamrock Gelatine (the best) 25 pkgs. best Codfish (picked) 25c 5-pound Box Boneless Codfish (extra fine quality) 38 -pound can Crimson Cocoa (nothing better). 20 2 Bottles Crimson Malt Extract (very fine).. 25 3 packages Best Macaroni 25 10 pounds Best Laundry Starch 35 10 liars Best Laundry Soap 25 8 1-quart Bottles Beat Household Ammonia. .25 3 1-quart Bottles Best Bluing 25 4 cans Hudson's Potash tthe best) 25 3 cans Chloride of Lime 25 3 Bottles Miller's Horse Radish 23 1-pound can Crlmaon Baking Powder (better than Royal or Cleveland) 20 4 pnekages Perfection W ashing Powder (the best) 23 20 packages Best Toilet Paper 50 1 gal. best Pure Cider Vinegar. 30e (N charge for Jug.) A LAKGE PLATE or ICECREAM served tajp&cfr purchaser of a bottlo of GLOBE PIKE FRUIT FLAVORING Exlraet. All Flavors ART EMBROIDERY. 200 dozen DOYLIES, with stitohed edges, actually worth 37o. dozen, sale price, per dozen, only IOC. 1 lot ent work SCARFS and SHAMS, in pretty patterns, aotnally worth 35c. each, eale price only, eaoh, 19c. Carving. important place, and waa Intrusted by the firm to execute a piece of work for tne Columbian exposition. This must have been a proud moment for the fatthfui artist, for although the firm had all the credit (her name not appearing), the work was so finished and the design so charming that she gamed a considerable amount of local fame. This carving was a table top, which represented ail of the wild flowers of Tennessee in a large bouquet In its center. M:ss White carved the wooden petals and stamens and stems from living .flowers, and as the table was to be presented in the Tennessee exposition building, the design was particularly pretty and appropriate. Among the illustrations of some of the work in the wert. the most striking one, perhaps, was that in the pulpit la the Bethel church; Indianapolis. . lk j NEIT TO PARK THEATRE f FINAL CLEARANCE SALE OF BOYS CLOTHING Reefers, Overcoats, Saits, Caps and Blouses AT ABSOLUTELY Less Than Cost of Material IN ORDER TO TURN THE STOCK INTO CASH DDIEDIATELY. Nothing Reserved Come Early and Secure Best Selections. Tot QQp BOYS' REEFEES, that have been UWU gelling at from $1.50 to $2.00. Fr 1 ,69 E0TS' EEEFEESl tlult were never before offered for leu than $2.25 to $3.00. Fr 9 E0TS EEErEES' ftges 3 to 8 A ) years, kind that have sold at $3.25 to $6.00. Fr 9 Qft B0TS REEFERS, aixe 8 to 16 AtwU years, that have eold at $5.00 and $6.60. Onr entire (took of Boys' Overcoats, divided into three lots, and will melt away quickly at the following prices i Lot 1 ALL the Frieze, Kersey and Covert Cloth OVERCOATS that have been marked at from $3.00 to $3.50. Choioe at, each, Lot 2-ALL OVERCOATS that have been selling at from $3.75 to $6.50, now A O only, eaoh w O Lot No. 3-BOYS' OTHROOATS, sisea 15 to 19 years, worth from $5.00 to $8.00, now, only 93.98. Several lot of BOYS VESTEE and 2 PIECE SUIT8, in plain bine and handsome mixed cheviot, nioely trimmed, and are correot ia every way and aotnally worth $3.00 each, yonr choice while they last for only, each, 41.98. Large lot B0Y8' CORDUROY KNEE PANTS usually sold as a bargain at 60c. pair, onr sale price only, per pair, 33c. Other epeoial bargains at 33c.f 49c., 75C., andnp to $1.19. Large lot BOYS DOUBLE BAND BLUE GOLF CAP3 and BLUE CHINCHILLA POLO CAPS, regularly sold at from 37c. to 60c., yonr ohoioe at the unheard-of low prioe. eaoh, only 1 7cl 1 lot BOYS 87c. ALL-WOOL BLUE FLANNEL BLOUSES, now only 49c. BRAIDS. 100 dosen yards All-Wool Black TRIMMING BRAID, 2 inches wide, regular price 25o. yard, Bale price lUC The central figure or paWl represents a gross, about which a passion flower vine is entwined. At the base of the oeo.o ! loe o wearvIrokfn? I r !g Umk Lntr of the chUL The little wood carver then unwrapped a box of highly polished wood, the lid of which was a mass of ox-eyed daisies, each leaf and each mossy center standing cleverly and distinctly frerq the eatinv surface of the wood. "This box has been sold. she explained, "but I asked the lady who owned it to lend U to me for a picture. Besides this box there were mirror frame, picture frames, wall panel and other bit of carving, all shownng the same skill in both design and finish. An interest in the girl a fortunes from the point of view of hereditary talent prompted the quesUoa; Did any of 2ND . GRAND ANNUAL SALE ' ' ' OF - : China, Crockery, Glass, TiniWooden Ware WITH PRICES SO UNMATCHABLY LOW AS TO MEAN TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE The well known GLOW SIGHT LAMPS Late, t improved burners, all new, fresh good, always told for 25c. each, for thia tale, choice eacb( only, - I5c Sot 0er One to a Customer. One lot READING or BANQUET LAMPS, beautifully deoorated bate, with globe to match, fitted with fine large blaze burner, regular value $1.25, tor this Q sale, only One lot HALL LAMPS nod large blaze burner, all complete, with handsome ruby or opalescent globes) reduced tor this sal to only 79c. PRESERVE DISHES. One lot poroelain PRESERVE OR SALAD DISBE8, handsome new shape, beautifully decorated, full gold trimmed, would be good valne for 69c., marked for this tale only 37c. eaoh. 8MALL SAUCERS, to match above, reduced to only 5c. each. ROCKINGHAM TEA POTS One lot ROCKINGHAM TEA POTS, in 7 else, regular prioe 15o. to 49o. each, marked for this sale, 10c. to 29c. eaoh. One lot of the Famous BPADLEY & HUBBARD C0.S OIL HEATERS, 10-in. circular wiok, solid brass oil tank, will heat an ordinary sited ruom. Regular valne $3.98, for tnis sale only-. One lot large-sized 17x23 hard wood PASTRY BOARDS, worth 49o., together with hardwood rolling pin, revolving handles, worth 16o Onr sale price for board and pin only 33c. One Set to a Customer. One let TIN WASH BOILERS, foil sized, No. 8, made of heavy IK tin, regular prioe $1.19, for this sale, only 73c. One lot ENAMEL TEA AND COFFEE POTS, all first quality, 1 quart and 2 quart sizes, worth 39o. and 49o. eaoh, onr price, this sale, 1 quart 19c. 2 quart 23c. DRUG DEPARTMENT. Toilet Goods, Medicines and Sick Room Supplies. THIS WEEK-SPECIAL NURSING OUTFIT consisting of : 1 Graduated Nursing Bottle, reg, price-. --lOo 1 Non-collapsible Rnbber Nipple, reg. price- 5o 1 Bottle Cleaner, reg. prioe lOo Total 25o The above complete.... 10c Eookwood's BALSAM OF WHITE PINE, the greatest remedy for coughs and oolds 25c. CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS 33c. COMPOUND LICORICE POWDER, per lh. 30C. KAIZER'S PERFECT COLD CREAM, camphor- ated and benzoatod, keeps the skin soft, smooth and flexible, 25c. Contains no animal fata or chemicals. AQUA CRANE an antiseptio, detergent shampoo and dandruff killer, 50c. Sine-tenth of the case of falling hair 1 due to dandruff microbe, which choke up th pore s and sap the vitality of the hair. If tha scalp Is kept clean the hair will be preserved. PRESCRIPTIONS COMPOUNDED. your family, say your parents or grandparents before you, ever draw or carve? No, was the answer. 'I dont know how I Came to do it. My father is a steamboat cook, and I never heard of any of my relatives caring much for this sort of thing. The questioner pondered upon this statement. Here was a sporadlo case of negro talent. Miss White was born in New Richmond, O, "Just a mile and a half from Gen Grants birthplace. she said with a touch of pride, "but we moved to Cincinnati when I was almost a baby. Here again was something to think upon. Not in the picturesque south nor the cultured north have our specimens of negro talent In art come, but from tho rude, vigorous, hurrying west! Paul Iawrence Dunbar, the negro poet and novelist, is a native of Dayton, O. Edmonla Lewis, the sculptress, whose work is famous in America and In Paris, where she now lives, waa born In Ohio, while other western localities have lately produced negro talent also, though In less marked degree. There seems to be ample proof to sustain the theory that the negro, under certain conditions, can achieve remarkable results in art and literature. In the case of Adina White, the small, coffee-colored wood carver, there Is a strain of Indian blood, but no perceptible strain of white with the African. In her case there Is merely the racial temperament, intellectual and emotional, of tropical Africa, tempered by several centuries of American civilization. Adina White has, beside the artistic temperament, the genius of industry. Separated from all of her kith and kin. this brave girl is working here among strangers to earn enough money to "study in Boston, "If only I could make enough to study here and then go abroad, was the reiterated cry of of the girl artist as she spoke of her future, and It seemed as If there must be some way that might be opened fur her toward that goal. Miss Richards, who Is her teacher at present, is anxious to have her pupil attend the life class of the Boston school of art. and is making efforts to accomplish this, hut in a great city like this there are always so many applicants for every place, that it may not be easy to do. Wood carving is inded a rare gift and one that appears to the beet traits in the artist patience, perseverance, stability of effort for wood is not plastic and it requires a strong imagination to evolve dainty fancies out of Its hard, unyielding substance strong imagination and firm, steady fingers. There is a sort of moral education in such life work. We can fancy certain corresponding characteristics growing and developing in the artist as his fingers dav by day. hour bv hour create with mallet and chisel bud and leaf and flower, delicate tracery of vine and cloud and lineaments of face nd figure, out from the unresponsive block of oak or cedar. As Adina White stood over her work, her dark face uplifted and looking outward as if to catch some fleeting Inspiration. the Idealizing Influence of her work was revealed. NO CONTRACT SCHOOLS. House Passes the Indian Appropriation Bill Eulogies of the Late Congressman Ermentrout. WASHINGTON, Feb 3 The house today passed the Indian appropriation bill. It was slightly amended in unimportant particulars. An attempt to revive the policy of making contracts with religious achools for the education of Indian children, which has been gradually abandoned by the government during the last five years, failed on the ruling of th chair that the amendment offered ivae out of order The latter part of the session was devoted to eulogies upon the life and public services of the late Representative rmentrout of Pennsylvania. $10.00 DINNER SETS FOR $4.98. o.. a, ill ,!. tmn sera. ..a. bezt semi-poroelain with handsome hSl decorations. vry p ec full its sed Wq,!4 be a bargain at $10.00, for this a " aale, only.... 4.9 8 S t over one set to a customer $12.00 DINNER SETS FOR $6.49. 60 fine porcelain DINNER SETS, 112 full , ,, piece, handsomely decorated and without doubt the bt value ever shown in Bosto. reduced for this tale to only $5.49. 130 pieo PRINCESS" DINNER SETS, fis whit eemi-norcelain deoorated ia a bexut.W filled oolor decoration, every pieo gold trimmed, best vain ever known, full eite pieces. rtrz'.Z. ly eold for $15.00 set, cur price this tale, only 18.98. Subject to manufacturer slight Inperkcthat. $2.50 TOILET SET FOR $1.59. 200 Toilet Sets, fine Semi-Porcelain body, besitt. ' fully deoorated, in sprays and Hovers, regular value $2.50, sale t r J P rio-... 159 CUPS and SAUCER8 2000 dozen Real Lngliih Semi-Poroelain Cups and Saucers, hsndsomey decorated, regular vain 12c., this sale, for both cup and saucer, only .... O Q ENGLISH SEMI-PORCELAIN PLATES, dec orated to match above, reduced to p- oiy ' OC One doien to n customer. Delivered Ire " tOnly In connection with other good. WHITE PORCELAIN. 1000 dozen fine White Poroelain CUPS AND SAUCERS, in three shapes, regularly sold fo $1.59 dozen, for this sale, per doien, 48c. PLATES. 1000 dozen White Poroelain PLATES, light a j thin as ohina, in three sizes, regular va.o 0o. and lOo. eaoh, for this tale reduced to only 3c.f 4C. and 5c. SALAD DISHES. One lot Salad Dishes, new square Frenoh style, 3 sise, usually sold for 16c.. 25o., 35c. each, for this tale 9c., 12c. and 15c. eaoh. White Poroelain FRUIT SAUCERS for only 2 c. White Poroelain OAT MEALS for only 5 c. CHAMBERS. One lot fine WHITE CHAMBERS, heat qnality, three sites, small, medium and large, worth 21o., 25o. and 35o., for this tale, only 2c.. I5c. and 2IC. Delivered tree only In connection with oilier good. CLASS TEA SETS. One lot fine GLASS TEA SETS, btndaom "Puritan" pattern, and can hardly be told from ent glass, complete 68o, For this at! only 59c BLOWN TUMBLERS. 25 bbls. Thin Blown TUMBLERS, best flint gkst, small sites, regularly sold for 49o. dot., marked i at, per doz., only 24c. GANDY DEPT. 1000 lbs. of CHOCOLATE FUDGE, A-regular prioe 25c., special prioe IUC 19o. PEANUT BRITTLE, 10c. FOR REVISM Commissioner of Pensions Evans Appeals. Laws Have Become Complicated With Decisions and Constructions. Spanish War Claims Not Held Up but Were Advanced bj Order. WASHINGTON, Feb 3-C?omml!onef of Pensions Evans was heard today by the house committee on invalid pensions relative to pension legislation. In view of recent hearings of Grand Army delegations ajid others interested In pensions the hearing attracted more than usual interest. Mr Evans expressed the belief that the time had come for a revision of the pension law. The two general laws had become complicated by so many decisions and constructions that he believed It to be essential to have ft general revision in order to get at the real meaning of the law and the desires of congress toward the pensioners. He had, therefore, recommended committee to revise the pension law, and he believed such a body could do its work and report to congress by next December. Mr Evans was asked as to charges that had been made that some special examiners who investigated widow' claims asked insulting questions of these widows. The commissioner vigorously denied these charges. He read from the regulations of Commissioner Black and Tanner on tne subject of inquiries and his own Instructions to examiners to avoid any indiscretion. In connection with a charge that improper questions had been asked an aged widow, Mr Evans read the report of the examiner, denying the charge and -declaring that there was not a word of truth In it. The commtss loners said it was impo slble to frame any law without having some special cases arise which might cause difficulty. He was asaad why the the local medical boards told pensioners a favorable report would be made, ana yet favorable action did not follow at the bureau. . , The commissioner explained that tn local boards are forbidden under tne rules from making known their findlnx But their member, are human and rut urally swayed to tom extent by lO1-" feeling. Moreover, he said, the ft Itself caused difficulty by requiring not only the medical diagnosis but a Kr'neJ, estimate of conclusion and these an not always agree. ,,,.nce Mr Evans spoke of the intelllgeh'jw and ability of those In charge of R- work. As to delays in appeal cases, ne said about 4tr0 were passed on lart year and of these only about 300 resulted a reversal of the original ruling. . Some of the delay had been caused cy the wholesale appealing of printed blanks. Mr Evans personal advocacy of Just and ir,rre pensions. He rernaiked also that usually there were 10 mistakes against tn government to one against the PP' cant, that th latter was quick to tan attention to the mistake in his case. There waa absolutely no truth. ' commissioner said. In the rharge Spanish war claims were being held ui as he had given special instructions advance them. . ,, Th hearing brought out much other detailed information on the admini' lion of pension affairs. At , sion the committee u na n S rn curly X vote of thanks to the coin ndwslonert and in atknowledgin this Mr L j, said he was "always , have sunlight shed upau the working of to pension office. c I '? 1 ,s 1 1 !

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