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Wathena, Kansas
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Aug, 7 to 1 15 and Bural FIVE Routes yr. 1915 LARGEST CHAUTAUQUA THE WATHENA TA REPUBLICAN CIRCULATION WATHENA Subscription, $1.00 a year. Wathena is the great shipping depot of Kansas for native fruits, and where the great Ohautauqua assembly meets annually. Single copies, 5c each, Vol. 14 PEDDLING BULK APPLES.

Joseph Lakin and Alva Adams rived home Sunday from a trip Mitchell and Osborne counties with apples. They each accompanied car load, which were readily disposed of. as their previous experience had taught them how to peddle, especially apples. These two cars made five car loads that they had disposed Aus Lakin and Elmer Adams, who remained in North Dakota after the wheat harvest, wrote home that they could sell some bulk apples there. Joe Lakin had his own orchard here to dispose of, so he and Alva Adams joined partnership here and bought more apples to add to Mr.

Lakin's supply and started in to do a shipping in bulk business, with Aus Lakin and Elmer Adams attending the North Dakota trade. Shipping and peddling bulk apples out farmers, from producer to consumer, saving the middleman's profit, is not as simple and easy a matter as it seems that it ought to be. In such case the producer has to gather and load his apples and know who to ship them to. Some one must be at their destination to accept. and peddle them.

He must look out also that he does not send them to a town where an over supply has been received and sold out at cut prices, making it necessary for them to be re-shipped or sold at prices that fail to leave him anything above expenses for his trouble. It takes special qualifications and adaptability to peddle bulk apples, and the average producer usually can make more by selling at home to some middle man who has had experience and makes it his business. There are those who know how to do it. but it is not business that just anybody can make go all right. Lakin and Adams having had previous experience, have done very satisfactorily with what they have handled.

Trustee John Jacks, of Burr Oak township, was in Wathena Monday hauling out seven more culverts that the board is engaged in putting in on the roads in their jurisdiction. These roads in the hills keep the good roads forces pretty busy making improvements and repairs to keep them passable for the big loads of wheat, apples, hogs, that have to come over them, not to mention the automobiles. And especially after a season of rains, such as we have had recently, it takes strenuous work to catch up on the new damages, also necessarily adding to the expenses apcordingly. The present board has done a lot of good work on the Burr Oak roads, and with good judgment and economy that entitle its members to appreciation as faithful, Industrious and honest officials, who are untiresome in making every cent of the taxpayers' money go as far as possible and do the must good. HOPELESS LUNG TROUBLE CURED.

Many recoveries from Lung Troubles are due to Dr. Bell's Pine Tar It strengthens the Lungs, checks the Cough and gives relief at Mr. W. S. Wilkins, Gates, N.

writes: "I used Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey in a case given up as hopeless, and it effected a complete a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. If your cough is dry and hacking, let it trickle down the throat, you will surely get relief. Only 25c, at your Druggist's.

Vote for Arthur W. Fenton for County Treasurer. Adv. Vote for Herman F. Widman for Register of Deeds.


AND I MRS. S.W. ALLEN'S SOLDIERS DINNER. The old soldiers and their relatives and friends who belong to the circle of the Posts social and hospitable jurisdiction, were entertained Tuesday by Comrade and Mrs. Allen at their new and beautifully situated home in Wathena.

There were 53 who partook of the dinner, which was an elegant spread of the many good things that this season of the year provides in great variety which the ladies delight in preparing. The afternoon was spent in sociability, singing, and as Mr. and Mrs. Allen are good entertainers, they made the occasion one that will be ever remembered by those who were present: Mr. and Mrs.

Pete Knopp, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Evans, Mr.

and Mrs. Gunselman, Mr. and Mrs. Kisling, Mr. and Mrs.

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Mawson, Mr. and Mrs. Moody, Mr.

and Mrs. Schultz; Mesdames C. Cummings, J.E. Martin, Drenning, Dunn, Adolph Wiegant, Oliver Crystal, Williams, Bishop, Hays, McInerney, McPherson, Acree, Fuger; Ruth Crystal, Effle Jones. Della Spaulding, Nellie Hays, Helen Drenning, Retta Gunselman; Messrs.

H. Wiegant, O. Dubach, Ralph Pettis, Wm, Rappelye; and the Rev. Rev. W.

O. Peterson. Guests of the younger set included: Beverly Drenning, Freddie Schultz, Thelma Morgan, Andrew McPherson, Lota Dubach, Estelie Drenning, Robert Lewis, Jesse Lewis, Calista Lewis, Caroline Bishop. One of E. V.

Wakeman's Ben Da- vis trees which he selected to keep track of as a test, yielded 20 bushels. Pickers said it didn't look to be heavily load either, and that he had other trees that would do as well, if not better, especially some of his Gano. He also has Black Twigs. His ples were well sprayed, are all very fine, run large, and unlike the apples gathered early, are highly colored, and there will be few culls. Mr.

Wakeman is known as a scientific apple grower. He contracted his apples early at $1.50 a barrel all around. Later, when the cold storage business went to the bad it was thought that the purchaser would lose on them, but with the bulk stuff gone, there will be a demand for fine apples that should make the Wakeman quality return a fair profit on the price paid by the packer for them. Roy T. Kentzler and Miss Anna Fink, both of Wathena, were married at Savannah, Monday, Oct.

12th. The bride is a grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. P.

Whitney, and has been working in St. Joseph recently. The groom is a son of Mrs. C. L.

Moore, and is a young laboring man, and those for whom he has worked say he is a good worker. They came back to Wathena after the wedding and are stopping at the home of his sister, Mrs. E. J. Dempsey, where they have been enjoying their honeymoon and congratulations from their many friends, looking as courageous for the future, no doubt, as their grand parents did in starting to make a home for themselves.

FOLEY CATHARTIC TABLETS. You will like their positive action. They have a tonic effect on the bowels, and give a wholesome, thorough cleaning to the entire bowel tract. Stir the liver to healthy activity and keep stomach sweet. Constipation, headache, dull, tired feeling never afflict those who use Foley Cathartic Tablets.

Only 25c. Ernest Fuger. Farmers State Bank WATHENA, KANSAS Capital $20,000.00 Surplus and Profits $6,000.00 A Strong, Safe and Conservative Bank. Always willing to advise and assist our patrons. Regard all business transactions as strictly confidental, and accord every accommodation consistent with safe and sound banking.

COME IN AND SEE US. Deposits guaranteed by the Bank Depositors Guarantee Fund of the State of Kansas. Farmers State Bank WATHENA, KANSAS. AUG. MILLER, President.

L. A. LIBEL, Cashier. P. A.

PETTIS, Vice- President. GEO. H. DUBAOH, Ass't Cashier. C.

P. A. MEETING. The meeting of the C. P.

A. at Library hall, last Saturday afternoon, was not largely attended, the members being too busily engaged with their delayed fall work to spare the time, no doubt feeling that the officers would attend to business all right anyway, 88 has become their habit. President Kiefer and Secretary C. C. Renick reported an interesting time at the Grand Lodge meeting, the new pass word was given to those present, and after the transaction of the regular business, reading minutes, and reporting a satisfactory condition of the treasury, about 265 members in good standing, the meeting adjourned to the next regular time, third Saturday in November.

An automobile, a motorcycle and a horse were reported at the Grand Lodge as having been found mysteriously abandoned. with no clew to ownership yet obtained. Dr. Carter had Mr. Campbell's gasoline baler Tuesday baling his alfalfa out of the hay barn and out of the way of the fourth crop, which Thomas Lankford was cutting to take advantage of the fine weather while it lasted, for all there was in it.

We took a ride down and back with the Doctor in his automobile, and found Mr. Campbell binding a 75 lb. bale per, minute by the Doctor's watch, after having just finished a run of 58 bales the previous hour as a starter. Talk about handling alfalfa being hard work, it's just fun- -to see how Mr. Campbell's crew chews hay.

Dr. Carter has about 40 acres of the finest alfalfa land on earth, just beyond the Dockhorn orchard at the south east corner of towa, and it is just as good for corn or other crops. After Nov. 1st all passenger trains entering Kansas City will go into the big new Union Station. one of the most magnificient structures of its kind in the world.

A goed opportunity to see it, and also to attend the greatest live stock show in the country, will be afforded the week of Nov. 16 to 21, when the sixteenth annual Amerisan Royal Live Stock Show will be held at the Kansas City stock yards. In addition to the largest display of pure-bred stock in the history of the show, there will be five night shows in the big pavilion, for which some of the best talent in the amusement world has been engaged. Mrs. R.

S. Truesdell came down from Marysville, Thursday last week and visited with her daughter, Mrs. Francis Kincaid, until Tuesday. Her son Robert has been here helping Mr. Kincaid during the apple picking.

Mrs. Truesdell said she came especially to make apple butter and had made 16 gallons during her stay. Her son Sidney and his wife were expected from Lawrence to visit over Sunday at Marysville. She also said that Sidney's wife was getting strong and hearty, with every appearance that the operation upon her last summer had restored her health, which will be pleasing news to her many friends here. In picking the apples in John Euler's orchard, Robert Cummings carried off the honors as best man, picking 104 bushels in nine hours The man making second best picked 98 bushels in the same time.

The pickerg were paid 5 cents per bushel. Fresh new honey for sale, Mrs. L. A. Estes, Wathena Kansas.

HELD HIS JOB. Mrs. R. H. Larzelere received letter one day last week from the wife of her son Charles in Sacramento, in which it was stated that Swift had discharged all the men in their house there except the boss and Charles, who were retained in charge of the office, while the general business has been transferred to the San Francisco house to be looked after by their salesmen and employes there.

Mrs. Charles Larzelere1 remarked that Charies' parents ought to feel proud of their son's being shown such a mark of preference 88 his retention implied. Margaret, who visited them on her vacation trip, remarked that it was because Charles was always the first there and the last to leave, rushing his work instead of watching the clock. The incident shows how big business concerns are concentrating their operations and discharging their men to cut down expenses and adjust their affairs to the watchful and waiting condition of business throughout the country, which President. Wilson encouragingly pronounces as merely psychological.

All that the discharged employes need to do to be prosperous as ever, is to find other jobs at good wages, and if they can't peychological that much for themselves, they should not lay the blame upon imaginary "hard times" having been caused by tariff reduction or other recent revolutionary Democratic legislation. Mrs. Nora Dunleavy Shaner has announced the engagement of her daughter, Miss Mary, to Mr. Ralph Wood a junior member of one of the largest architect firms in Chicago. Mr.

Wood, is a graduate of Amherst College and those who know him say he is an excellent young man'. The wedding will take place at Holiday time. Miss Shaner did her first teaching after graduating at K. U. as teacher in Wathena, remaining here for two years, and by her success as a er, her conscientious devotion to her pupils and friends, and her unassuming accomplishments, this vicinity became very much' attached to her.

Her parents being formerly of Doniphan county and her father Superintendent of Schools, Miss Mary seems like one of our home girls, and the people here feel that Mr. Wood is entitled to most hearty congratulations on his winning a matrimonial prize so worthy. Mr. Kaull, one of the leading merchants of Holton, came down to Wathena, Monday evening, looking for apples for his trade. Inquiries revealed that all the apples in this vicinity had been sold and barreled for storage or shipped in bulk, and there were no more for sale, except barreled stock.

Fred Drenning and Charles Holzhaeuser are on a hunting trip this week end. They are about five miles to the south and have a tent and also licenses. Why Not Publish It? When you want a fact to become generally known, the right way is to publish it. Mrs. Joseph Kallans, Peru, was troubled with belching, sour stomach and frequent headaches.

She writes, "I feel it my duty to tell others what Chamberlain's Tablets have done for me. They have helped my digestion and regulated my bowels. Since using them I have been entirely well." For sale by all dealers. Dr.F. Dr.F.C.RATCLIFFE RESIDENT DENTIST CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK GOLD INLAY, GOLD, SILVER OR CEMENT FILLING, REGULATING CROOKED TEETH, PLATE WORK and all other work pertaining to the Dental profession.

All the latest lectrice and other approved equipment. Prices as low as consistent with good work. REV. C. C.



L. GARDNER. Whereas, it has pleased our Heavenly Father to take from our midst our neighbor. H. L.

Gardner, in whose death we feel we have lost friend and neighbor, and his family a true and faithful husband and father; Therefore, be it resolved, that Wathena Camp No. 4190, M. W. extend to the bereaved family our sincere sympathy in this hour of sorrow; also, be it resolved: That we drape our charter in mourning for a period of thirty davs, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent' to the sorrowing wife and family; also that a copy be spread on the records of the camp and that a copy be sent to the Wathena papers for publication. Committee: J.

Stees, L. B. Allen, Thos. Lank ford. WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT.

Mrs. Geo. Gramer announces the marriage of her daughter, Miss Marie, to Mr. W. H.

New, Oct. 28, 1914, at the home of his brother, Mr. George New, Robinson, Kansas. ings to begin, which have been some time announced. This is the most desirable time of the year for meetings, work a little slack, the weather ideal.

May every member of the church feel that this is your time for special blessings, in the avenue of service. The minister in charge is Rev. C. C. Clampitt, pastor of our church at Severance.

He is an evangelistic preacher and pastor, who has been especially blessed in every pastorate and in his services to others, with marked success. Mr. E. E. Tolle, chorus leader, who so ably assisted in our meetings two years ago, will have charge of the music.

The success of the meetings will depend largely on the support given these helpers and the pastor. The pastor is confident of a hearty support from every department of the church, and every member. A cordial invitation is extended to the brother pastors of the town, and to their people, to participate in the meetings as largely as convenient. You will always receive a hearty welcome when you come. The pastor will be at home next Sunday and preach at regular hours.

Wathena: -Sunday School, 10 a.m., sermon, 11 a.m., subject, 'Essentials for a Epworth League, 7 p.m., sermon, 8 p.m. Elwood: -Sunday School, 2 p.m., sermon, 8 p.m., Epworth League, 8. J. H. Bishop, Pastor.

Don't forget Aug. Miller's Public Sale, Saturday, October 24. Pimbley's Piano-Newer. Ask body- Buy somewhere. Vote for Arthur W.

-Adv. This news item appeared in a Kansas City paper last week: RAT FEED WAS COSTLY. Down at the Wabash shops in Moberly there is a man named Hunt who believes he will never be weathy enough to afford to keep a rat. Mr. Hunt left $60 in a coat, hung in bis locker and when he to get money rats had beat him to it and the currency had been devoured.

Could the same accident happen to you? The ONLY way to keep money safe from rats, thieves and fire is to place it in a safe bank where deposits are guaranteed. DEPOSIT WITH Fruit Growers State Bank WATHENA, KANSAS Deposits Guaranteed. Everything Confidential. F. H.


HE Cashier..

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