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Wathena, Kansas
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One pint Turpentine, 5 cents. Pimb- FOR RECEIVER. ley Faint and Glass St. Joseph, Mo. KOTHERS.

BOTTOM T77 QH. MATTHEWS Wathena, Kansas Night calls promptly answered. Otlice tip-stairs in tho Forbes Building. Mrs. E.

Roseberry's condition is re Entered at the rostoffle, at Wathena, Kansas, as second class matter. ported as slightly improved this week. BEimSTRY EST ft, Whilo iu St. Joseph call on the Chili THE King for Mexican Lunch, 505 S. Sixth street.

Subscription Price, One Dollar a Year FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 1901 Jacob Miller Selected by the J. F. Anderson, of Morrill, viaited his Or. J. H.GRABLE.

Physician and Surgeon Wathena. Kansas. OiKce oft J. A. Stewart Bro's.

brother, R. Anderson here last TIME CARD. Best Set Teelh, $8. Depositors Ladies' Fleece-lined Wrappers at spe. G.

I. ST. J. In this entire western country, because, unlike all others in the entire West, each has devoted his entire time and effort to one branch uf IJntiiry and the branch he is most eminently qualined for. IV.

B. W. Button treats and nils teeth. lr. He.

OYiuagrne. frown. Bruise and Phite Work. Ir. (7 Tuition, All Prices Reasonable.

cial prices until February 1, at J. A. Stewart Bro.s'. EAST. Passenger Passenger Freight WKST.

Freight Passenger No. 3 No. 4 No. 14 No. 13 No.

3 No. 1 :55 am IT pm 50 pm :40 am :01 am pra Mrs. Archie Abbey, of St. Joseph, PAINLESS EXTRACTING OF WATHENA BANK, visited her sister, Mrs. Clarence DeHart, AMES B.

O'CONNOR, Attorney-at-Law, Room 409 German-A mcrican Bunk Building, ST. JOSFA'H, OM FUNERAL GF KM. HAKFSTEI- Last Saturday at 2 o'clock the people of this community assembled at the M. E. Church, in Wathena, to pay their last tribute of respect to the memory of Jacob F.

Harpster, whose tragic death on tho 16th had brought so great a shock upon the community. The circumstances of his sad and untimely ending have been recounted, the harrowing facts have been laid before a regretful public and need not find further reference here. The gathering was the largest throng that has assembled in Wathena scarcely in the annals of our city, for purpose. Bowed in grief, inbushed and silent sorrow, the populace gathered to listen to the beautiful words dedicated to his memory, by the Kev. Dr.

W. F. Packard. Seldom in the history of a community do the people witness a scene so universally regretted. In this case the deepest sorrow was on the faces of all.

The hearty and most sincere sympathy of the entire community goes out to the grief stricken widowand little daughter and the entire family to whom the sad affliction has brought such sorrow. In to the memory of the deceased, and for the good of all those who may read it, The KKPCBLiCANshall, at a later date publish the beautiful words of Dr. Packard, spoken upon this sad occasion. the first of the week. I'assenger C.

R. I P. I'lix Street. 412-4M Mr. Nelson was over from St.

Joseph Method lv O. Kut ton. Safe 1 r. Hriioriek, wet. r.

and iic s-- u.Tl." They Petion Judge to Sunday, spending the day with his cousin, Mrs. 'A. P. Rorhon. A sample lot of CI en men's and ladic kerchiefs.

Your clicl 5 cents. One dozen ladies' pr skirts at 30 cents Some fine Chair Tidic 10 ard 15 cents each. A large line ot good cr: pie shirts which I am oL; ing at very low prices. See me tor bargains inc kinds of winter goods. salt 2rr BAST.

Passenger Freight Passenger KST, Passenger Passenger Freight Kara 00 pm 37 pm 44 am 07 pm 30 am No.M No. 3-J No. 14 No. 13 No. 8ft No.

31 Appoint Him. Co rtl and pole wood for sale. For particulars call on or address, C. Reniek. Wathena Kansas.

nR. W. M. CAMPBELL, Room 81-23 Bnlllnirer Building. St.

Joseph, Mo. Surgery and Diseases of Women Receive Special Attention. HENRY WAGENKNECHT, HARMONY PRVAILED. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin convin ces you of its merit the first dose you take.

Sold by all druggists. DEATHS. Paul Richard Schwope died at the home of his father, August Schwope, in Wathena, Thursday morning, January 17, 1001. His death came very suddenly and unexpected and was the result of heart failure and congestion of the lungs. The deceased had been a cripple since he was IS years of age, as a result of an injury to thejspine, caused by falling from a horse.

He was born in Doniphan county, March 2, 1870, and has lived in this vicinity all of his W. W. Carter, N. Sholz, Joseph Schoen-field, J. Anderson, E.

J. Schalz, M. Bauer, Zeph Hays, TI. C. Schwope, Robert Smith, Lizzie Smith, IT.

Harrington, C. Nimtz, J. A. Hewins, Wm. Ritter, August Schwope, II.

J. Fry, Henry Weigant. Wm. Meng, C. R.

Signery, Jacob Miller, Chas.Euler, Geo. Frankovitsh, Addie Davis, George Thrailkill, E. V. Cordonier, John Jajks, Joseph Butcher, E. E.

Stone, II. L. Estts, Mrs. L. E.

Estes, Mrs. Frances Fetter, M. Brazelton, C. W. Weber, G.

A. Dubach. Christian Dubach, I have the largest Boys' Wagons for New Bank Will be Opened Soon. iSiSs BUILDER and the least money. Come and pee them.

O. C.Jones, Wathena, Kansas. CONTRACTOR lor reroreiH'o hh to Mr. Vniren- kni'ulit's work. For Sale Thoroughbred Bronze WATHENA.

Otttco nt. residence. According to call the depositors of Turkeys, Brown Leghorn Cockrells. First class stock. F.

H. Drenning. the Wathena State Bank assembled at the Opera House Monday afternoon for life, where he had many friends. He Mr. G.

Drenniug, attorney-at-law, W. A. Gladden the purpose of agreeing upon a choice Topeka, came over Thursday to make for recommendation to Judge Stnart in his relatives and friends here a visit. BLACKSMITIIING was a member of the German M. E.

Church and was a conscientious Chris tian young man. Funeral services were held in the G. M. E. Church Friday, the matter of the.

appointment of a re and WAGON' WORK. Fred Rice has bought the butcher ceiver to wind up the affairs of the Card of Thanks. Words cannot express thedeep gratitude I feel to the people of Wathena and vicinity for the kindness and sympathy shown in my dark hours of sorrow and distress, and for the respect shown to the memory of my beloved husband. I shall ever remember these acts of svmnathv and respect with heartfelt Always shop of Erskine Wise and will take conducted by Rev. F.

H. Schultz, and possession of the next Tuesday. Judge Drenning was selected chair Several of tho young people from the remains were buried in Bellemont cemetery, followed by a large concourse of friends, who sympathize deeply with man of the meeting and August Miller was elected secretary. The chairman town attended a party given by Miss All the hews, without prejudice stated the objects of the meeting brief Mary Mawson, at her home, Friday the bereaved family in their sad appreciation. Mrs.

J. F. Harpster. All kinds of machinery repaired. WATHENA.


ly. Upon the organization of the meeting nominations for receiver were called Carl Wolnick, John Brazelton, C. Hale, H. O. Davidson, Martin Maag, John Sholz, Frank Groh, Alf.

Chill, Wm. Fauns, T. II Vories, F. Dubach, J. H.

Paden, S. Beard, E. C. Fleek, Mrs. Julia Kramer, James Cuddie, Aaron Bell, C.

Meugniot, Jttle Meugniot, Robert Miller, Ed. 'Mengniof, J. Studen-maier, Alcid Weigant, Emil Greibel, Con Meugniot, F. T. Winn, II.

N. Winn, J. L. Fee, S. A.

Conaway, B. N. Forbes, S. H. Droselmeier, H.

Moskau, A.Tour-nier, F. L. Rice, J. A. C.

Gordon. Mrs. J. H. Wagenknecht, Sarah J.

Brady, Cassie A. Brady, George Man villa, P. E. Milbourne. Osborn Newton, Fred Wrst-hoff, Ceorge Kinkead, R.

G. Lewis, Anton Yenger, Jacob Forbaugh, W. D. Kiehnhoff, G. W.

Knedler, Dvbach Stuart, Justice Euler, M. W. Shuster, F. W. Kiehnhoff, W.

K. Schwope, Wil STEER BY THE STAR. Night on the sea, and one lone ship la the midst of the darkness there, A trackless waste spread all about And the blackness everywhere. But gleaming in the sky abore Aro seen the beacons of the night. Set thero to guide that lonely ship Across the trackless sea aright.

Tho waves roll high and toss the ship. A playthlngon their turbid crest The sea lifts up Its eager arms And opens wide its heaving breast. But safely still the vessel rides. For one there is who guides aright, Bucause his eyes are fixed upon Those falthftl beacons of the night No vessel sailing o'er life's sea But safely may the harbor Und It the Great Beacon of the sky Be ever kept In sight and mind. The light, at times, may shine but dam; The way seem dark, the harbor far.

But he cannot get off the course Who guides his vessel by the Star. Arthur J. Burdlck, In Loss Angeles Herald. THE NEW CENTURY. When In the dim gray east shall rise The morning of thy brlth When thy first dawn steps from the skies Upon the bills of earth-Shall writing nations breathless stand Oppressed with haunting fears.

Of what thou holdest in thy hand. Thou coming Hundred Years? Or shall a glad world wecome thee With laughter and a song Thou unborn child of Destiny Whose reign shall be so long? Who knows! we only know that thou Shalt enter like a king Into thy courts that we must Whatever thou dost bring. What matter whether war or poaoe Thy heralds shall proclaim Tht story of the centuries Is evermore the same! Thy children-years shall tell abroad Through all thy mighty span. Naught but the Fatherhood of Uod, The Brotherhood of Man. Jennie Betts Hartswick, in N.

V. Dr. Matthews reports the arrival of for. Jacob Miller and K. Ii.

Larzelere Card of Thanks. We desire to express, through The Republican, our heartfelt appreciation Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffman, wife of Dan were placed in nomination, butMr.Lar- iel Hoffman, died at the home of her The best general reading The best market reports The Great paper of the Great X7czU a boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Staudenmaier, yesterday, January 24, and all concerned doing well.

zelere withdrew his name, stating that of the kindness and sympathy of our son-in-law, John Forbaugh, January 23, under the circumstances he preferred friends and neighbors in our recent afflic 1901, aged 67 years, 3 months and 16 not to contest for the place. Mr. Miller tion, he death of Paul Richard Schwope days. The remains were interred in the Why let those shoes of yours and family go to waste, when you can get a Kansas was, by motion, then made the unani Wathena, cobblers out fit of Jones and save 100 mous choice of the meeting, and a peti tion, signed by nearly 200 of the deposi oooon oooooocoooooooooooo Smith Creek German Reform Church cemetery, January 25. The deceased was born in Switzerland, and had been a resident of this county for 47 years.

She came to Doniphan county in 1862 and has resided here Mrs. Hoff Alq. Schwope and family. High Water In Calcutta. After not raining for a long time it rained very hard in India, and' the recent letters and newspapers from Calcutta describe the flooding of that tors, will be forwarded to the district judge asking for the appointment of Mr.

liam Peuker, Conrad Stunz, Joseph Euler, F. C. Foley, W. Ben Marolf, H. per cent expense by doing your own repairing.

J. E. Moore will open a butcher shop in the Campbell building, adjoining A. E. Campbell's store, and announces that he will be ready for business tomorrow.

Henry Weigant returned jester- city, where the water stood 20 inches man was a most highly esteemed Christian lady and a member of the German Miller. 'J. he meeting was very harmonious throughout. There had been talk of a lively time and some exciiiDg scenes, before the assemblage, but the people A. Weber, William Stunz, Addison William Euler, Mrs.

W. F. Little, The Kansas City Star, By mail, postage prepaid, daily and yar, -By mail, postago prepaid, dailvaiid Sunday, 0 month, The Weekly Kansas City Star, cula a deep in the streets. People went STAK HAttUER SHOP Get your shaving, haircut-ing, sea foams, baths and ciccar nt the Star. Everything I E.

MILBOURXE, Proprietor. Wathena, Kansas. Reform Church. She leaves a husband. about In boats and wagons, and, as L.

G. Tomas, J. H. Meidinger. C.

A. the rules of the road were suspended Daniel Hoffman, and ten children, all came together and in a philosophical Meecke, A. E. Campbell, J. H.

Miller, for the time, there was a great mix- grown, lhey are: Mrs. John Kuler, Mrs. August Euler, Mrs, J. Forbaugh, up in the more crowded thorough day from Robinson, where he has been for several days, looking after E. Anderson, R.

H. Lirzalere, B. F. Me-Vay, Jon Weidmer.H. Gunimig, George fares.

In some places pedestrians Mrs, Will Lehman, Mrs. Theo. Moskau, business. oooooooooooooooooooooooo Men. Charles Nimtz, Gottfried Edward, William and" Albert Hoffman, waded up to their necks and in others up to their knees.

Scores of natives went- about the streets spearing fish. Go where the crowd goes and take who live here, and John and Frank, who Schwope, S. P. Crystal. Frank Crystal, Peter Mohr, Lena Renick, Jacob Gunselman, A.

Moskau, L. A. Bauman, your laundry to E. C. Brehm agent for reside in Missouri.

The fish tanks had been overflowed the "Jet White" Laundry, at Jacob C. M. FIN LEY, Bonded Abstraoter Troy. Kaasas. and it was good fishing in all the principal streets, especially, in the Andy Weiss, Herman Deekin, J.

H. celebrated Mainau. A native clerk Miller's drug Store. Wm. A.

Schwope and wife, of Weston, ''pent several days here this week, Local ws. who was late at his office excused himself bv saving that in wading to haying been summoned on account of Scripter, Anton Staudenmaier, John Staudenmaier, J. 3. Salli, Charles Newton, John Flanigan, A. W.

Theman-son, F. Sinke, Margaret Schmille, B. J. Hewins, Mrs. Elvina Poirier, Lawrence Poirier, Mike Miller, F.

H. Drenning, his place of business he was much an the death of Paul Swope. noyed by the fish, one of which jumped out of the water and hit him Dr. J. C.

Myers, 'Dentist, will be at in the eve. X. Y. Press. Wathena Thursday, January 31, at Dr.

August Mi'ler, Frank Lavering, Julia A I'mlaa Church. Carter's office. Charges reasonable and Anderson, Leo Manville, O. C. Jones.

In the city of Heiuelberg. Germany, Have your abstracts made by C. M. Fin ley, who has the only complete set of abstract books in the county. Also money to loan on real estate.

S. A. CONAWAY Auctioneer Wathena, Kansas. satisfaction guaranteed. Remember A.

Tournier, Laura B. Harlev. Edna Largest Stock. Lowest Prices. Best Qizz' News was received here this week of the death of Matthew Flynn, near Pon-ca, O.

which occurred Sunday night. The deceased was formerly a resident of Wathena, and had been in the employ of the Rock Island railway for 26 years. The body was taken to St. Joseph for burial. He had many friends here, who will regret to learn of his death.

Deceased leaves a wife, who was Miss Mary Barrett, a daughter J. W. Barrett. He also leaves three children, all grown. Bendena.

Roy Howard went to Troy Saturday morning. J. H. Andrews went to Troy Monday morning. there is a church called the Church the date.

Vanilla aqd Graham Wafers at Stewart's. Graham Elour in 12 pound sacks, at Stewart's. Mike Bonn has been quite sick, but is improving. Mis. August Miller is very ill with pneumonia.

Elmer Hale returned from Des Moines, last Saturday. Mrs. August Schwope has been quite Whitney, Jacob Miller. New Bank For Wathena. of the Holy which is unique in its way, being the only church in the world ii which Proteslant and The Colored people will have a big ball and plenty of amuserment on St- Wathena will have a new bank in the Blinds, Mouldings, 1 and Cement Piatt Lumber, Lath, Shinglos, Sash and Doore Catholic services are held at the near future, to take the place of the Valantime evening Feb.

14th, it will be manner transacted the business and adjourned, with the determination to co ttie only sensible thing make the best of the affair and take things as tn-y come. In this connection The Republican desires to urge the people of athena and this section to keep cool heads anu pull together for the best interests of all. The affair has been sadenuugu, the conditions are deplorable, but tnere is nothing to gain and much to lose by friction and discord. Conditions are to be met, and wild rumors and speculations, evil prophecies and complaint, will neither bring back our departed fellow-citizen, whose sad ending so weighs us down, nor will it put money back into the pockets of the unfortunate, who have suffered losses. The desires to give its readers the actual facts as near as they are obtainable.

There are countless rumors that would make interesting reading for the curious and lend amunition to the tongue of gopsip, but that, is Lot what the people are interested in. They want to know the facss. and we shall endeavor to give them. It is impossible at this time to get a reliable statement, of actual conditions of the affairs of the bank, but from investigations made thus far, it is safe to say that the shortage in the finances of the bank has been largely overdrawn, and that the depositors are likely to receive from 50 to 70 cents on the dollar, The daily papers have handled the case from a sensational standpoint altogether and have no more authority for stating same time a partition' wall through under the direction of E. L.

Bell and Wathena State Bank. Mr. B. Forbes will be at the head of the insti We meet all Competition and Satisfy our Cusftomer the center separating the two congregations. X.

Y. Sua. tution and his hrother, W. H. Forbes, A.

Jackson. D. D. Rullnian is miking arrangements to have a big public sale about ill for several days. of Highland, will he interested in the -A enterprise.

The new bank will be start Wood, wood, bring us wood, any old it John A. Fehrnarv 5th to close out everything kind just so it's good. on the farm, which will make a big sale L. W. Campbell an wife spent Sun eJ and conducted upon a sa'e and solid isiness footing, and will be one of the lidl institutions of the kind in the Offers his services in crying sales to all who may need them.

Has had a number of years experience as a successful auctioneer. Terms reasonable, and work guaranteed to bo satisfactory. Please consult me before fixing date of Your sale. Orders may be left at Republican office or address me at Wathena. Watch for bills.

Order your baths over telephone No, day with Mrs. Pope. 37. P. E.

Milbourne. If vou need a nice pair of holiday shoes or slippers for yourself or friend, David Botts has been quite sick from (to to the Peoples' Shoe 617 Felii an attack of la grippe. Chas. H- Bauer, jr. Words of Gratitude.

At a recent meettng of the Lndies Aid Society, M. E. Church, the follow street. S. Joseph.

where you can Try Golden Belt Flour. Every sack get them at factory cost. Undertaker The Republican is always glad to warranted. Sam Hauser. Richard Todd, of St.

Joseph, Sunday ed with Wathena friends. ing officers were elected for the ensuing President, Mrs. B. N. Forbes; vice-president, Miss Delia Spaulding; secretary.

Mrs. George Thrailkill; treas and Wathena, Kansas. publish items of news concerning its To Whom It May Concern. We wish to notify the citizens of this county that we have secured the agency for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, the great cure for Constipation, Indigestion, Sick Headache and Stomach Trouble, and guarantee it to do as recommended.

We always keep the best Drugs on hand and solicit a call, promising the very best of everything, i'ours. truly. Sold by all druggists. School Report. Report of Lehman district, No.

37, for month ending January 18: Total enrollment, 38. Average daily attendance, 25. Names of those present every day were: Oscar, Fred, May and Nora Lehman, Tommy and Ethel Mawson, Henry Pitts, Dannie Moskau. Mary Mawson, Teacher. Embalrrer friends and patrons.

Don't be afraid to report news concerning yourself to this Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schwope were up urer, Mrs. A.

Chill. from Weston, last week. office. It wont hurt you. The treasurer reported total receipts Wathena Republican AXD THE Chicago Inter Ocean FOR ONLY Per Year, $1.40.

The best way to have your laundry for the parsonage fund to the amount of Wm, Ressler and John Courter will $66.10. done is the "Jet White" way. give a ball at Library Hall in Wathena that the losses will be from fe0.000 to on the evening of Feb. 13, at which $100,000, than we would have to state Harry Gardener's little son, Harry, Complete ftopJ)J) ft Caskets Trimmings 'J-ZfJff iif J. W.

Howard went to Orr Station Wednesday morning. Roy Howard and John Andrews, drove over to Troy Monday. J. W. Howard made an overland trip to Troy Thursday morning, A.

R. Campbell and Enoch Stockdale went to Horton Tuesday morning. The editor and his printer came out Wednesday evening from Severance. Miss Daisy Schwab supper with her aunt, Mrs. J.

W. Howard, Sunday evening. Pi of. Ellis, of Doniphan, and wife are visiting with Mrs. Cotter and daughter, Mrs.

Ella Dawson. Mr. Harding and family spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. J. W.

Fulton and Miss Jennie Oswald. There was a large congregation at the hall Sunday evening to hear the evangelist preach and it was very good. Ben Gerardy, who has been out in Montana and Colorado this summer, A vote of thanks was extended to Robert Guy for the very efficient aid which he gave freely in building booths there will be good music and a first has a severe attack of pneumonia. that it will be less than 10,000. The best is bad enough, and it is sufficient that depositors must needs con Henry King, of Hiawatha, was visit for the bazarr.

The ladies also thanked the public for their generous patronage and encouragement in their first attempt along this new line. Thanks are also due template their actual losses, without being burdened with the thought of losing all, simply to satify issip and curiosity. If properly handled, and we ing with Wathena friends Sunday. Mies Clara Evans came in from Pur cell Friday evening, returning Sunday Aunt Jamima Pancake Flour and Ma pie Syrup always on hand at Stewart's CALIFORNIA Klrst-ClHss Sleepers between CHICAGO AND SAN FRANCISCO Without rhanife via 'Phone No. 28.

NttttaKiD The Republican for a generous use of printer's ink in our behalf. It was decided by vote to plan for an One pint Turpentine, Scents. Pimb- other tzaar next December. The ley Paint and Glass St. Joseph, Mo.

ladies hope' to profit by experience and Mrs. Williams, of Seneca, is spending 1 a few days with her sister, Miss Nellie make their work even more worthy of your patronage than was their first Although the Santa Fe is nov handsome new dining cars on its rain, he quality of meala'and are the same as heretofore. XttC Bryan. Si. win i hi effort.

Our Just received largest stock of Buggy ou pay only for what' y.Mi ordr. Whips, at extremely low prices. O. Jones, Wathena. Mrs.

M. Bauer was summoned to St ninino Cur arjfk(wTOOmtor'mProyementiltK: Ullllllg Vai OCI llC none wa3 ,1, in qaylty of rfal Joseph thi week on account of the ill Is Just Right character of aervie. Nothing bet." ltd had at the most eseiwive Lc" 'tT clubs, becanse the service ia 1 ky Mr. Fred Hearvev. ness of her nephew.

have confidence in Mr. Miller, it is probable that from 50 to 70 per cent may be realized. We are informed that there is at least $30,000 of good paper among the assets of the bank. There is, in addition to this, of cash on hand, and the furniture and fixtures of the bank are worth about $1,000. The liability of the stockholders of the 22 shares held by others than Mr.

Harp-ster. adds $2,200 more to the assets, making a total of $36,000, as against $44,000 of liabilities. If these figures are correct, and we have reason to believe they are close to the facts, the loss to be made up is $8,000. Add to this $2,000 for settling up the business and there is $10,000 to be taken out of the $44,000 of liabilities, or less than 35 percent. These estimates are based upon the information we have been able to obtain, and we believe they will be found to be substantially correct.

If so, our people can recover from the financial features of the calamity, though they cannot forget the regretful and terribly sad fate of our departed townsman. Among the 250 depositors we haae Reconsidered. A Topeka man lost a small opal set out of his ring and went to the jeweler to havi it replaced. Returning home he found the lost set and, putting it in his mouth for safe keeping, hurried back the jeweler's to have that set used instead of the new opal. Rushng into the store he said "Say, I've found the old set, so don't use that new one." He attempted to remove the stone from his mouth, gave a gulp, looked sheepish, and said "I gness ylh'll have to use the new stone." That man needed a bottle of Dr.

Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Sold by all drug gists. lm porta ot to Travellers. Commencing January 1st, the eating houses and lunch counters of the Rock Island Route, west of the Missouri River wM be under the direct charge of the Dining Car Department, and will be operated on same lines thata ha ve given the Rock Island Dining Cars their excellent reputation throughout the West. Notice.

Notice is hereby given that Nicholas Schimpfesser, who was convicted of the offence of manslaughter at the January 1399 term of the district court of Doniphan county Kansas, will present his petition for a pardon to Hon. W. E. Stan-, ley, Governor of the state of Kansas, at his office in Topeka Kansas on Friday February 15th 1901 at 2 o'clock p. m.

Nicholas Schimpfesser. Fa ras wort. City Passenger Agent, A. Kan was visiting with his brother, Gabe, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a dance at the Bendena hall, February 1, Friday evening.

Everybody ivited to attend. Edwards Bros, will serve fresh oysters. Mrs, Plank and Mrs. Lennord and daughterVera, of Severance, were visitors with E. Dolly and wife Monday.

W. Howard and wife were visiting with Mrs. G. Albers Monday. The R.

I. P. had a large shipment Saturday. R. M.

Lad wig and son, Albert, shipped six cars of fine fat cattle; Martin Anderson had two cars and John Alf ers had one. They all shipped to Chicago. I. Sharp and Elizabeth Culp, of Troy; were united in the bonds of matrimony Wednesday morning, at Falls City, Nela. The groom's residence was at this place and the bride's at Troy.

The groom wore the conventional black and the bride was dressed in dark blue, trimmed, with light blue satin. We congratulate and wish them a happy future. Leave Onmlin on Wg 5 at 1.30 p. m. Through the Fockies mi flerra N'avada tIATUOHT IV BOTH DIRKCTIOHS Best Pining Oar

Buffet Library Oars-low Rate Tourist Excursions To San Francisco and Loa Angeles. Leave Omaha Friday via Scenic Line. Leave Kansas City Faltlays via Scenic Line. Leave Kama City Wednesdays via So. Route.

MPHOTKUTOrHlwrOAKH. FAST TRAlN. Send For Chloago to California." describing flrnt-clrasnervlce. or for "Tourists tlonary and Itinerary to E. W.

Thompson, A. O. P. Topeka. JOHN SEBASTIAN.

O. P. A Chicago. Along the Ridge. Itejns are scarce.

Jas. Morris spent the past week with relative? in St. Joseph. Mrs. Elmer Shields has been having a seige of the grip this week.

Mr. J. E. Martin and wife were shop ping in St. Joseph one day recently.

Nellie Marsh has returned home after a short visit with friends in Sam Slaughter and family visited with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas Sunday, Mrs. Emma Jackson has returned to B. W.

Qrlxk's, after Ja visit with relatives 'in St. Joseph. Jas, Wilson- and Vife andMkt Lena Richards the guests of Mr, Marsh and family Sunday, Sidney of Enteprise' was here on business last week," and 'spent a short time with Adolphi Dubach and family. i I have just received iny stock of Keen Kutter and Black Jack Axes which I am selling at bottom prices. O.

C. Jones, Wathena, Kansas. WEEKLY INTER OGE The -'Jet White" Laundry guarantees satisfaction. E. C.

Brehm agent at Jacob Miller's drug store. A. W. Tbemanson is agent for The Brown County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Morrill Kar. Dr.

F. H. Clark, Physician and Surgeon. Office in Mrs. Fetter's residence, Main street, Wathena, Kansas.

Elijah Monroe, the Veterinary Surgeon of Troy will be in Wathena, Thurs day of each week, at Jacob Miller's drug store. Mrs. Francis spent, a few days last week with her daughters, Miss May and Mrs. Kinkead, returning to Pur-cell Sunday. Good 80 acre farm 4J north-west of Troy, 30 acres in fruit, bearing, 3 room house 13,600.

For information apply at this office. Hi. been able to secure the following names, but were unable to get the amounts. ALWAYN HEPDBUCAN BEST POLITICAL WEEKLY IN THE- UNITED STATES class entertainment throughout. We have for sale a good 40 acre improved farm, 5 miles north of Wathena, house, barn and out buildirgs and plenty of fruit Price This is a rare bargain.

For particulars call at this offiice. II. H. Duemcke received the intelligence Monday of the death of his fath er, Duemcke, at. Coffeyville at 4 o'clock a of that day.

Mr. Duemcke left immediately to attend the funeral. II. C. Bowman wishes his friends and the public in general to remember that he ia prepared to insure property against fire, lightning and tornado on short notice, and respectfully solicits your business.

Mr. Albert Haupt and Miss Cora Juhl were married Tuesday, January 22, 1901. Both the bride and groom are among the best young people in Doniphan county and The Republi can ex tends hearty congratulations- Mr Mike Foley is the locial agent for W. J. Bryan's new paper, theCommer, the first issue of which will be printed this week, Mr Foley received a letter from Mr Bryan last week authorizing him to handle subsciptions in this vicinity Prof.

C. Wyman King, Opt, Hotel Otten, St. Joseph, fits glasses to the eyes perfectly. All defects in sight promptly corrected by Prof. King.

He has made thorough study of his profession, and is thoroughly qualified for his work. M. Bauer informs us that all outstanding gram checks of the Wathena Grain Co. will be paid in full. It was feared that the bank failure would cause some losses on these checks, but Mr.

Bauer assures us that they will be paid dollar for dollar. Mr. Wm. Eaton, of Iowa, has leased the store room in the Forbes building and will be here in a few days with a large stock of general merchandise. We are informed that Mr.

Eaton is a thorough-going business man and we welcome him to our midst. J. S. Leonard, of Troy, visited Wathena Tuesday, and when a reporter attempted to interview him as to the purposes, he would only say that he had had experience as a receiver in Wathena in the newspaper line, and while his career was brief, it was very much to the point and he was willing to stand on the record. Martin Maier and daughter will leave Wathena in a.

few weeks for Papillion, where they go to reside. They will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deitz, Mrs. Deita being a daughter of Mr.

Mr. Maier has lived in Wathena for mora than 30 years, and is very highly esteemed by all our people, who rejjret his departure, but wish him well in his new home. Miaa Lottie is popular your 2 lady and will be CtmV.j til-Mil by Ervny fx-ioiitU. ALWAYS AMERICAN- 1 Pi-r Yr They are: Sara J. Bond, Elrie G.

Sumner, R. O. Sumner, Mrs. A. P.

Icochon, Mrs. Rosa Maag, Mrs. F. Jackson, Maria Davis, Mrs. S.

A. Conaway, Miss Nellie Bryan, Miss Lou Fry, Grace E. McClelland, Emma Harley, John Rokins, Josephene Fleek, Mary Gunselman, H. S. Millerj WINTER TOURIST TICKETS NOW ON SALE TO FOR SALE.

Schuman land, being Wl of NWJi of 21, 2, 22. I Taxes all paid, mit offer. ThP WPPklK Intflf flPPSn Is the Brightest Xewspjr I I HH WPDKIf HllBr UCeail country, contaning all the news L' grade current literature. represent all the heirs. Must sell at ouce.

Sub-G. L. Hudkins, Cawker City, Kan. J. A.

Stewart Henry Bloom, Dr. A few Of Us Excellent Literal? Features Are: i iA ll i i i i i iiir i PRUSSIAJST El wood Items. Wm. Ellis left iast week for Arkansas. G.

Bennett was in St. Joseph Thursday. Miss Maude Pillow speut Thursday in St. Joseph. Mrs.

Freeze and family are visiting relatives in Gentry Co. mo. Mr. and Mrp. Omer Anderson spent last week in Highland Station.

The Social Club will meet on Satur 3L0KIPfl PAGE FENCE We are prepared to make the following special club rate offer The Wathena Weekly Republican, per year, $1.00. The Western Fruit Grower, published at St. Joseph, an Illustrated Monthly Magazine for progressive Western farmers, 50o per year; thetwc for $1.25. Or the Mail and Breeze, published atTopeka.Kan., the best weekly and largest circulation of acv in the Ablo Editorials on Live Topics, Well-Written, Original Stories, Answers to Queries on all subjects. Essavs on health.

Articles on Home Topic, Books, and on Work in lis and Garden. Also Short Stories cf Army Life, of Life Ev day nights, instead of Thursday. rState regular rrice $1 00 per rear Has to be made of Page wire Only the bpst high carbon wire goes in the Page fence. Are, you going to do any fencing? Let us figure Poultry Food Will Make Your HMO LAV THE INTER OCEAN IS A MEMBER OF THE LAFFAII BUREAU AND THE ASSOCI ATEDPRESS, GIVING A 1" ICE THAT IS UNSURPASSED IN and tho a. OQGu JVrite for folders, descriptive matter, to L.

STONE, General Psaa. Agent, Lewisvllle, Ky. The Republican and Mai! and Breeze, .50 per year or all three of the above for $1.75 per year. Send card to either of the obove publications and secure sample copy. the lmi- on your job.

Dont be deceived by tation fences being sold When our com- $1.00 T0'paPers Of Twelve Large As much good reading a tr: Dally later Ocean, $4 per year The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Holaday died Thursday afternoon. B. Wasser entertained his brother, and nephew from Aztell, last Sunday.

Mrs. J. Baker- and Mrs. Geo. Lang, were guests of Mrs, J.

V. Bonham this week. A. dance was given by. Mr.

Guion, at his home Wednesday night. Mr. Guion and family leave for in a short time. Cri XT- pet itors claim to have something as good" as the Page, ask them to submit their fence to a public test with the Page. kinds from a hog fence to We can suit you.

3 3 Tho rtooerta of th RooMo. Ara test reached over the Ilia FOR SALE AT Tcxtor Brothers, (Established in 183 Importers European Produce, Wine and Liquor Merchants. DEALERS OY C3CEEB, No- 413 FELIX ST.f2ET, St. Joseph ri Fczilc. Choice of 2 routes via Kansas City, in cofc-' i with tie Rooi Iiljtnj Peter Miller, UnderUker zr.l WATHENA, KAN3.

3 lira to 3 i Fra- JACOB Notice. We have made arrangements with tire New Haven, Nursery Co. to ban die their stock and wilPgive you bottom prices on anything you want. Our stock is extra select App'ee, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Cherries, ia fact anythiD you may want, at price that will surprise you. Wathena Grain Co.

II. Harington, Agt. Wathena, Kas.cj CrrVaf rrf.

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