Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 12, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1895
Page 4
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•C CORNER ON lEmbroidenes. Special sale for the next ten days. Mo»t beautiful designs ever fe'.bronght to Logansport, in Irish |l Points, English and Scotch Effects, CJuloons arid Double Edges. ' Ladies you will be pleased ifj you call and see them. State National Bank, 'logiiiisporf, Indiana. CAPITAL $200,000 1. V. JOHNSON, Puns. S. W. I:J,LKKI , VICK PIIKS II. T. HKITIIKINK, CASIIJKII. — DIKKCTOHS.— . >. V. Johnson 3. W. Uli«ry, .1. T. Elliott, W. M. Elllo'.t, W. H. Snider. .. Buy and sell Government Bonds. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special oer- . tlfluates of deposit bearing 3 per cent When left one year; 2 p^r cent p«r •nnnm when deposited C months. Boxos in Safety Deposit Vaults of this bankjor the deposit of deeds, Insurance polink's, mortgages and other valuables, rented a.t from $« to $-15 per your HOYT'S Sure Curejlor Piles. LiIIKKTY CKNTXK.O., Feb. 16, mw Towhrni I' miiyccniwrn: Imnstlimrtliy recommend "Flojt's bnre Cnrfi for HUM" to all who Miller Irom Hits unnoflns dlwane, 1 ••""'Ttw wlttl >' llea IO 'J<*y- ', m f ( i™ tariODS mi-Kilo-', ni-no ot wnlch Hltonl-cl more than tfinporiiry relief Anont six inonins ago I Drocare.iono'ubpor Holt's S're Cure tin Hies Mid used it iiccordluK to dlri-ctl.'ns two weeks lit the 8i.d of which tun.) th« ulcers dlsii' peiiral and Have not since returned. I b«llev« tlin cure is •«pmplete. D, d. MIKfcS. For Snli< by Ben Flahnr. I-'': Lake frie & Western, 1'iira Union Station. TnronutHlclv'issolUto points lu tho United dtatenan. cnn.iiiii. SOUTH. Arrive. Depart. Ro.2IliKlliin!ip.'llsEx. : D No. 28 M»l> ik Kxpnws t, 11:23a m No. 25 Foleoo *'•' "n'ss. S. • No.a> Kvriiliii; Kxorpss b »:in pm No 161 LOw-iil HvUlutt 4,-ljp in XOliTII. Arrive. Depart. ' Ho 20 Mull .t Kxpn'ss S 10:12 ii in lOr-Sn in ' NO. B MluhUa., City (>* <i» P m 4:45 p m .NoMOtitriiltKx'TfwS 8:65pm IfO. I5f> Ai'COinmoiliitlon-if.. cOOam J). Dally, i>. Bull? Ktcflpt Sunduy, •No £;'!••«< not run north »f Po' uS»nd<iys._ ' fRiins Moiulavs. Wudiiesday» Fildays and bun- dl ?ftn!!S Jtoml r. Tuesday, Thursday and Satur- 'c'nloii dtii-ot ciuinn-tlons lit Bloomlnijton nnd " Pdcria (or ii-'liu.« west, southwest nml northwest. Dlrei-r foiiwctltfin made »' Llnm, Fosiorla, Fremont or wui,:n>k) for nil points east. Iiniiieil"ittu i min-ctlori.sat Tlpton with trains • .fnMHln Lliu«.itii! 1. AM C. Dlv,, lor all points • North.South. >'nst and West • ifortlcKM'i pi'es,milconernl Informntlon cnll .«i TH"|: TOU.KN. Tlwot AKent L. E. * W. R'y Peiu, inaiawi. C./. "AJO^^'.'^A'f^fJiD. The Bicycle Season. . Isnon-'at .hand. Your old wheel llkt>ly served Itspnrposc. and »on want a new one. Or perhaps yoa avo thiiikinii ot getting a new one, Taen letns show you best wheel such as the Eagle, Spftldlnp, win- ton, Royal and Kealbewwne. i-BURGMAN CYCLE CO •'-.Headquarters ot the Bicycle Messenger Serrlcs, 421 MARKET si. PHONE so. ami W * day to acrotssrillngtb* Bo*al Wblta 3SI55. Metal PlM«rort«klntf orders rorptat- Trad" secrrts. formulas. wwli«s_ift».. h-d tree- A nood wnt can •nujwtwo to >hon.<nnd doH*r» per jwr with tbr.Royal Pl«l»r For terms, etc., nd'lress Oi«I 4 Co., Phiilnc Works. Colnmttu Ohio. DAILY JOURNAL »ry -day in the week (except Monday) Dj the LoantsPOBT JormNAL Co. flMOOBPOKiTB). •W. 6 WRIGHT A. HABDY C. W. GRAVES S. B BOYEB PRESIDENT. Vint PBBJIOTST. 8»CKITAKT. TWUSBMR Price per Annum Price pep Month • S6.OO BO THE OFFICIAL PAPKK or THK CITY. [Entered aa second-clam matter at tte Logansport t-ost Office, February 8. 18*8-1 TUESDAY MORNING. MARCH 12. AS VIEWED BY OTHERS To show in what light ihe congressional apportionment bill passed at the session of the legislature that tid- journed last eight is' regarded In other parta ot the country, the Journal reproduce* an edUorlal in the Philadelphia Press of lasi Saturday under the caption "Two Ways to Apportion aState " The Legislature I Indiana, which haa a Republican majority In both branches, hasjuat pas=ed a. bill to reapportion the Congressional distriots of that State. The bill is Important as showing whether or cot the charge made by Democrats Inside and outside of Indiana, is true that the Republican;) proposed to gerrymander the dif- tricts In their interest. The charge is best answered by giving the population of the districts according to tho census of 1890 and thelrvote acd party miijorltles in 1892. This is done In the following table: Pluralities. Highest of afl in Leavening Fower.—Latest U.S.Gov*t Report Baking Powder PURE THE NICHOLSON BILL. THE *ULL TEXT OF THE NEW LIQUOR LA^V. t Tin; Sew Jlesurlctlon* Plae>-ii <>:i the Sale of Alcoholic lleveratf*—The Kill UM Finally Fawd Afti-i- Amondetl In Both IIoune«—Ii Stilus ' tli« Httloon of Many Attractions—.! lluch — N „ , -J!,.,, sr.winolrs to «ei OrtnnM W jKKKis to famllj tra't*. SalMj paid. Call at tfcndtck hotel. Room 60. 1 District. Pop. Enum. First ............ lli7.»K 38.P9 Second ............ 1I»,'IM 38.751 Third .......... 1740(57 4«.«3-l fourth ........ .. 17(!.>8<) 45.485 Tenth ••" Klevemli ....... TweMth ........ Thlrtteiilb...- 170.3H7 Iffiifili , 42.51, 40.014 45,8(M 4 ' 1118 118.20 lfi'J,43U . 41.S04 43.UU2 Totals.... 2.192,14 1 551,80-1 Dem. H71 1.378 5,!M2 2.6C7 "l,SSO 15,7111) 8,400 Hep. 77.'! 1,825 ""»68 980 1141 2.803 8,490 Unit of population Unltof enumeration o£ voters ................... «,SW Tne vote ana population of the oU- tricts Is seen to bo remarkably uniform. Only two districts have aa much an 8,000 population In excess of the average and only one district falls 8,000 below .the average. According to the vote of 1892 also, when the Democrats had only 7,246 plurality, they would carry eeren districts and the Republicans only six. This arrangement looks fair to both parties. But contrast It with the division of the State Into districts made by the- Democrats four years ago. and with the same census a basis. The population of tbeso districts was as follows: Population .First District ................. : B cuucl Ui.-ir.ici TliiiM .District I'uilttll Ul!>tril!l ,iim D.sum ............. .. buveiim iiUirict ,,, •Jeuttt lusirto ............... ; ......................... Tj-'--)ii illevoiiiii JL>I»« let .................................... 7.?-!>'v7rt Twciun JJisinct ......................................... ,-f- ',»,? Tliirtseutu District ...................................... I7j,uoj TUB uuu ul division m ooia oaoes was the same, Out in the Democratic apportionment one district faila •lU.UUO beiow tne average and acother district has ao excess of 52,000 over the average population. Only two districts approach the average. The apportionment was a gerrymander of the worst kind. In plain words, it was a theft, and It was shown to be such In the election of 1892, when, with a Democratic plurality In the State of only 6.582, the Republicans were able to elect only two Congressmen, while the Democrats chose eleven. Under a Blmllar Democratic apportion* ment In 1888, in the same State the Republicans had a plurality of 5,000 In the State, but they were able to elect only three Congressmen, while the DomocratB, aided by their gerrymander. chose ten. Public sentiment has grown rapidly during the past Jour years on this question of gerrymandering. In four States the highest courts have de* clared Democratic gerrymanders unconstitutional, and now any party that undertakes to make, In Us own Interest an unfair apportionment of a S'ftte is certain to receive public oen. sure and to Injure Itself politically. IT would appear that some of President Cleveland's followers have an Idea of securing for him a third term. A canvass of the Democratic'mem- bers of the New Hampshire legislature as to their choice /or .President re. suited as follows: Hill. IT; William C. Whltoev. 11; Stevenson, 7; Cleveland. 6; ex-Governor Russell of Massachusetts, 6; Posimag'er General Wilson, 2; any (rood Democrat, 9. :Honk<* hotel. Room 60. THE Pennsylvania House of Representatives has adopted a resolution for an inquiry Into the remedies for drunk- ennece. The resolution was sent to the legislature by Catholic temper, aooe societies. An amendment pro posing that all old drunkards be sent to Kceley institutes at the expense of the State was defeated. r The governor signed the NichuUcm bill at ten minutes after three o'clock yesterday afternoon and it became a law. The full tcxtof tho act follows: An act to better regulate aud restrict the sale of intoxicating, spirituous, vinous and malt liquors and pro vidlng penalties for violation of tfap same. Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of lodiana, that hereafter all persons applying for license befoie the board of county commisslone-s under the existing law of the state of Indiana, to sell spirituous, vinous, malt or, other Intoxicating liquors, shall, in such application, specifically describe the room In which he desires to sell such liquors, and the exact location of the same, and If there Is more than one room In the building In which such liquors are intended to be sold said applicant shall specifically describe and locate the room in which he desires to Bell such liquors in s,uch building. Provided that no license shall be granted to any other than a male per ion over the age of {twenty-one years, and one who shall at the time be of good moral character,. and provided further that no such person shall be deemed of good moral character if within two years of the time when auoh application is made he shall have been adjudged guilty the second time of violating any of the provisions of this act. Sec. 2. All persona holding license Issued under the law of the State of Indiana authorizing the sale of spirituous, vinous, malt or other Intoxicating liquors in less quantities than n quart at a time shall provide for tht sale of such liquors In a room separate from any othar business of any kind and no devices for amusement or music of any kind or character, or partitions of any kind shall be permitted in such room. And, provided., further, that if such applicant for license desires to carry on any other or different bueiceas ho shall state the same In his application for license and the same maybe granted or refused by the Board of Commissioners hearing such application and such permission shall De stated in the license, if granted. Sec. 3. Any room where spirituous vinous, malt or other intoxicating liquors are sold by virtue of a license under the law of the State of Indiana, shall be so arranged that the same shall be securely closed and locked and admission thereto prevented and all persons excluded therefrom upon all days and hours upon which ths sale of'suoh liquors is prohibited by law. It is thereby made unlawful for the proprietors of such a place and the business herein contemplated of sell- Ing intoxicating liquors to permit any person or persons other than himiielf and family to go into such room and place where intoxicating liquors are sold upon such days and hours when the sale of such liquors is prohibited by law. The fact that any person or persons are permitted to be in or go In or out of such room upon any day -or hour when the sales of euch liquors are prohibited by law shall be prlma facie evidence of guilt upon the trial of a cause chargine the proprietor of euch room with violating the law in the sale of such liquors upon such day9 or hours. * Sec. 4- Any room where intoxicating liquors are sold by virtue of a license issued under the lawa of the State of Indiana for the saleof gplrlt- UOUB, vinous, malt or other intoxlcat. ing liquors in less quantities than a quart at a time, with permission to drink the same upon the premises, shall be situated upon the ground floor or bwement of the building where the same are Bold and In a room fronting the street or highway upon •blch said building Is situated, and Bald room shall be so arranged, either 1th window or glaaa door, as that the whole of said room may be In vie" of ihe street or highway, and no blinds, screens or obstructions to the view of said room f<-om the street or highway upon which the same is BHU-; ated, during auch day* and ..5. 1, hours when the sale of such liquors are prohibited by law. Upon conviction for the violation of this or either of the foregoing sections of this act the defendant r hall be fined in any sum not loss than $10 nor more than $160, to which may 03added imprisonment in the county julnot exceeding nicety days, and, In case of conviction for the secotd offense, either upon a plea.of guilty or conviction upon trial thereof, in any Circuit, Supreme, Crimioal Justice or Police Court of Indiana, as a part of the judgment the court may make ao order revoking tho license of the person convicted, which said judgment shall have the effect to completely annul and set aside such license and all privileges and rights under the same. And upon the third conviction or plea of guilty entered tha court rendering judgment thereon &hall annul and set aside such license and all privileges and rights under the same. Sec. 5. Any persoa engaged in the sale of spirituous, vinous, malt or any other Intoxicating liquors to be drunk as a beverage, who shall allow, suffer or permit any person under the age of twenty-one years to loiter in the ea. loon or place of business where said person was engaged In the sale of spirituouB, vinous, malt or other intoxicating liquors as aforesaid shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined In any sum not less than $10 nor more than $100, to which Imprisonment in the county jail may be added, not exceeding ninety days. Sec. 6. Whoever, directly or indirectly, sells or delivers any spirituous, vinous malt or other intoxicating liquors to any person under the age of twenty one years, either for his own use or for the use of any other person whomsoever, shall be fined in any sum not more than $100 nor less than $20, to which may be added Imprisonment In the county jail not exceeding ninety days. Sec. 7. It is hereby made the duty of'all peace officers, to.wit: Town and city marshals, policemen, sheriffs, and constables, residing In the township, towa or city in which any saloon may be hereafter located, to enforce the provisions of this act. Sao, 8. No more than one license shall be grantnd or issued to any one person, and in no case to any person other than the actual owner or proprietor of said business, who must apply in his own name and b9 a con- tinuoua resident of tte township in which the application for licecee is made at least ninety days' timo prior to the time of apolication and no license shall be granted or issued to anv person who, in his application for the same, is acting as an agent for another, or who proposes to conduct said business as the ageit or partner of another peison, or who proposes to conduct said business as the agent or partner of another person. Provided that in case of the Insanity or death of the person holding a license under the provisions of tbe law now In force before the expiration of the year for which the same was g-anted, the county or city treasurer shall, on the order of tbe board of the commissioners of the county or council of such city, refund to the guardian of such Insane person, the heirs, executors or administrators of said decedent or insane per«on, the proportionate part Of the license fees for tbe unexplred part of said year, which such treas urer has received for such license. Sac. 9- If, three days before any regular session of the Board of Commissioners of any county, a remon- Btrance'in writing, signed by a nvjor- Ity of tbe legal voter*, of any township or ward in any city situated in Bald county, tball be filed with the auditor of tbe county against tbe granting of a license to any applicant for the tale of spirituous, vinous, malt, or other intoxicating llquore under the law of the State of Indiana, with the privilege of allowing the same to be drunk on tbe premises where sold, within tbe limits of said township, or jlty ward, it shall be unlawful thereafter for such board of commissioner* to grant such llcenee to sucn applicant therefor during tbe period of two years from the date of tbe filing of auch remonstrance If any such Hcen-e ihould be gran:ed by said board during such period, the same shall be null and void and the holder tnereof goal' be liable for any sales of )>qa<,r mode by him the same a« if such snie were made without license. The number to constitute a majority of vo era herein referred to thall be determined by tha aggregate r 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel just ; y proud ii the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to : how you this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Lice of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. A New Hack Line. I have started a Hack and Parcel Delivery and in the future I 'CUB be found at the corner of 4th street and Broad way. wherel will be prepared from 9 o'clock in tho morning to 9 in the evening to deliver parcels or aarry passengers to and from any part of.the.'city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I will endeavor to give the best services possible for the money. If fou have a parcel to deliver or a passenger to deliver, or any light work chat can be done with a street hack, I will be glad ,to do it. Tflmt oould vou do that a customers would appreciate more than calling the hack for aim? Specialties will be given you. Leave orders at 12th street Livery Stable or Geo. Harrison's 817Broad< wav. fours Truly. Wm Lynas. vote cast In said township or city ward for candidates for tbo highest office at tke last election preceding the filing of such remonstrance. Sec. 9J. It shall be unlawful for any spirituous, vinous or malt liquors to be sold or given away in any drugstore In any quantity except upon the written prescription of a reputable practicing physician. Any person violating any of tho provisions of this section shall be fined for the first offense the sum of $25, and for tbe second oflense In any sum not less than $25 nor more than $200. to which not exceeding six months' imprisonment may be added. Sec 10. All the provisions of tbis act shall apply to persons, places and sales of spirituous, vinous, malt or other Intoxicating liquors, otbeifier conducted under tbe law of the State of Indiana, licensing, regulating- and restricting the sales of such liquors to be used as' a beverage, or by virtue of any laws of the United States, except as to the provisions for obtaining, revoking and remonstrating against license, whicb apply only to proceedings under the laws of tbe Slate of Indiana. Provided that this section shall not apply to persons who hold a prescription from a reputable physician for any drugs or medicines, or to any per eon selling tho sane." YOUR NAME IS PBDJT. Itema oT m. Person*! Character Con- cernlDK I<oc*ii»portera and Their Friend*. In the city yesterday: Cbas. Becker of Fulton. C. H. KlelHjpf._™_-- r --«-,_—.• v j W. L.-Feftli ' " "' "*"" H. PhersoaofQ., Mllo B. Smlth/-^ W. C. Lore*, of Indianapolis. ; Attorney Gutnrie of Monticello. A. C. Barnett returned last night from Hot Springs, Ark. : Mrs. A E Garrett is visiting at St. Paris and Urbana Ohio. Dan Comtngore of Lafayette is in the «ity visiting relatives. The Ml6=ea Adelia Brown and Lucy Krauss are at Chicago for a short visit. Morris Kihn of Toledo was a guest Of his sister, Mrs. J. Herz over Sunday. Mrs. F. E. Helwlg of Indianapolis i§ visiting her sister. Mrs. Q A Myers, in the city. W. M. Walkar spent Sunday In Danville, 111., the guest of his brother P. J. Walker. John McCarty and John Long- of Peru spent Sunday in the city the guests of friends. Mrs Margaret Sila returned yes. terday from a week's visit with her daughter in Indianapolis. Ike Oppenheitner of the Boeton Simple Snoe Company, was at Cincinnati Sunday on business. J. A. Taylor of Inkster, N. D., is visiting Dr. E. E Taylor and J. L. Taylor in Logantport. Miss Emma Relnbeimer returned IMI evening from a pleasant visit at Columbus, O. She was accompanied home by her cousin, Miss Mella Ray* burn, who will be ber guest for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. George Austin of Celina, Ohio, are the guests of E. R. an<l J. L. Taylor In the city. Mr. and Mrs. L. Alexander of Peorla, 111., will In tbe future make tbeir home at tbeMurdock hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Perry F. Newer of Deer Creek are the guesta of the family of J. C. Newer of the South Side. M. D. C. Tlnkham, of Indianapolis was here Sunday with his wife who la visiting: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher of Helm e'roet. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hugh, of Monticello, who have been visiting tbe family of S. J. Carmen In Noble town. ship, returned home yesterday. Mrs. Wm. Koble has returned from Rockfleld, where she baa b?en at the bedside of ber son-in-law Richard Ay res who la dangerously sick. Andrew <»H>MOB luvane. Andrew Gibson, a colored teamster of Melbourne avenue,- was yesterday declared insane by an Insanity board composed of 'Squires Fender and Lalng and Dr. J. H Shullz. The unfortunate man will be admitted to Long Cliff hospital for treatment. Hla mental condition le said to have been c&ueed by a prolonged Illness. Real E«wte C«»e Mettled. In the suit of Kate Gibeon vs. Emanuel Toungker for possession of certain real estate In Jeffereon township, a settlement has been effected, the defendant paying the costs and giving the plaintiff possession. Did Yo« Eier Try Electric Blvters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a, bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been foumd to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all female complaints, exerting ft wonderful influence la giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss of appetite; constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells. Electric Bitters ia the- medicine you need. Health and fctiength are guaranteed by Us use. Large bottles only fifty cents at B. F. Keesllog's dru_' store. (WOiTAN'S FRIEND.) Is the • . BEST REMEDY for GIRL, WIFE, MOtHER,

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