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Wathena, Kansas
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eral notion store. He will keep tablets, slates, pencils, etc." OS mm i 1 'i Ur. Styles is sick wlta typaoia Mrs. loseph Porter returned Tues fever. day from a visit with her daughters in Nevada and Kansas City, Mo.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1902. Charles Butcher is very low with typhoid fever. Mrs. Wm. Wilkinson and daughter, Etta, left Tuesday for a visit with T.

J. Ferguson was in Troy cn TIME CARD. ST. J. StG.

I. KAST. tLia clI-8. Will Schuler had an attack of bilious colic Sunday. Mrs.

E. V. Snively, of St. Joseph, is visiting in Wathena. Robert Eberle is sick with malaria, and is getting slightly better.

G. A. Dubach put a new engine in the Sagwa corn mill Wednesday. Mason's pint, quart and one-half gallon fruit jars at A.Stewart fe Bro. Mrs.

Wilkinson's brother in Block- business Wednesday. Eecelved too late for last week. Fred Brans stopped work last week. Wm. Wenda is busy hauling wheat to St: Joseph.

Miss Lura Hewins was a Wathena visitor Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. E. V.

Wakeman were visiting at home. Miss Emma Bruns was trading in Wathena Saturday. The recent rains has helped fall plowing considerably. Will Meugniot cut hay Tuesday, just in time for the rain. Nicely on our new building, southeast corner of Eighth and Felix and Frederick avenue.

In our old stand we are having a Big Selling Out Sale. SPECIAL OFFERING IN DRESS GOODS THIS WEEK ton, Iowa. No. 2 Passenger No. 4 Passenger No.

14 Freight 4:50 pm NO NO. RURAL FREE DELIVERY a. Grandma Harrington is on the sick WIST. A good, fresh milch cow and calf for sale. Herman Deekon.

Carl Duemcke is slowly recovering from his attack of typhoid fever. One pint Turpentine, 5 cents. Pimb- list. No. 13 Freight am No.

3 Passengers am No. 1 Passentr er 6:03 pm R. I. P. V.

A ST. Vn 5ft 1U: am ley Paint and Glass St. Joseph, Mo. vrt no irwut 6:12 pm No. 14 Passenger Pm Mrs.

Rader. of Elwood, Is slowly Charles Laipple sayg that there was a frost on the lowlands Wednesday night. Mrs. S. A.

Truesdell, of Fairbury, Neh. is here visiting her son.R. S. recovering from an attack of typhoid No. 13 Passenger am attended the Antics No.

25 Passenger iA fever. in sc. Josepn luaauajf mgu. New Goods Are Arriving Daily You will be amply repaid by spending a ew minutes her and see the great bargains we are offering. KID GLOVES! Our own importation in Latest Fall CoIoriDg3.

In order to introduce this department more widely, we will sell for a short time 1.00 Ladies' Kid Gloves .79 1.50 Ladies Kid Gloves for. 1.00 2.00 Ladies' Kid Gloves 1.50 MILLINERY! The advantage we offer in this department is beyond your comprehension. We do large wholesale trade and give our retail customers the advantage of onr buying, besides showing the most complete stock anywhere in the west. L0EIVENBERG 503-505 FELIX STREET-ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI.

George Meugniot returned Monday G. W. Kinkead was out to his place LOCAL PICK-UPS. from his trip to points of interest in Tuesday budding peach trees. Colorado.

MARTY IIS. Mr. D. S. Harrineton did some Truesdell.

Mrs. Peter Deiter, and daughter, of Chicago, 111., are visiting Mrs. Louise Deiter. The lodse of the Central Miss Louise Miller returned last shopping in Wathena Monday You may talk of martyred saints who have smiled amid the flames. Saturday from a visit with relatives in St.

Joseph. Mr. and Mrs. T. H.

Wakeman were nut t.htt r.1o-r(st. kind of halo that woman St. Joseph visitorsWednesday. Miaa Emma Anderson is visiting in St. Joseph.

Mrs. Mary Tribble is visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. W. Linder, thi3 week.

John O'Brien was at the old homestead last week visiting old friends and neighbors and looking after his interests on the farm. John Tabor is following L. W. Linder's example and is digging a well. It is to be hoped that he will be more fortunate than Mr.

Linder. If the frost don't catch them Zeph Hayes will have an excellent crop of late potatoes. They are of the White Star variety, planted the latter part of June. Notice for Bids- Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the building committee selected by the Baptist church of Wathena, for work and material complete for rebuilding ought to earn. Ernest Fuger and family will move Who can wear a placid smile, and be patient "TCrlwflxd Askren has taken Fred all the while.

0 Protective association meets at Troy Tuesday, October 14. Dr. Barton Pitts, eye and ear specialist, Francis and Frederick avenue, St. Joseph, Mo. Correspondence solicited.

into the residence recently vacateu by G. YV. Kinkeadv When 'tis almost time for dinner and the fire Bruns' place at Dr. Harrington's. Tucked Wastings in solid OCn Ladles' Kinlona dressing A colors, per wwv sacques.

on sale, at. Fancy colored Satin striped I Q- Children's White Pique Sacques, trini- waistings, per yard med with embroidery and QCrt ri bbons at 98c, 49c and uOU The prettiest light colored all-wool Flannel Waistings combination silk All Our Shoes are being Sold PerPy1 75C at a Great Sacrifice. Fleeced lined goods for early fall wear One lot of Children's and Misses' Slip- from upward, Qln pers, sizes to 2, A.Qn per yard O3U now, per pair Odds and Ends of All our latest style Gibson Shirt -1 1 stnVwToiv5o.u.p.t.......98c Ladies Call and examine them. 2 dozen light colored Wrappers worth IllW OlIlllZN from 81.00 to $2.00, we mark PCrj- them down to close out at Jvt Small sizes principally, I Q- pair. Misses' Fall Jackets nary blue and red Tricots with white braid Trimmings.

Ladies $2.00 QQ Sizes ages 6 to 12, 9 8 suPPers Men's 25c Suspenders, 1 Qn Misses' Fall Jackets, tans, browns, now XCtKj reds and navy, made of ladies' cloth, witli white applique Oil ASi. trimmings at tDA.fcO Men's tan or black good 10c The same colors in broadcloth at 1.98. Socks, reduced to, per pair won't burn! Selected. A party of young folks took in the We have scholarships for sale in the sights of the August Antics Tuesday St. Joseph Business College, also Piatt's Dr.

A. V. Banes, 5th and St Patronize our advertisers. Peter Verguet is building a new barn. evening.

m. to 4 Joseph, Mo. Office hours, 11 a Commercial School of St. Joseph. Two hundred boxes of writing pa- A fl i.

Well, the time has arrived again and Sundays, p. except oaiuruaya Parlor Art Car will be open after per (24 sheets of paper and 24 envel- m. to 1 p. when we, can all use our muscle cut ting born. opes) at 5 cents a box, at A.

Stew August 25. The meanest men in the world are C. A. Buddy finished loading a car Mr. Fransen gave a dance not long art Bro's.

Mrs. J. T. Whitehead, of Kansas of potatoes Tuesday. ago to his friends, whom we hope en W.

W. CARTER, M. D. Office Hours, 9:00 to 12:00 a. m.

Telephones: Office, No. Residence, So. 1. Wathena, Kansas- those who criticise other people who are lifting on the world's burdens, but never lift any themselves. M.

D. Thudium went back to Sa- Citv. who has been visiting her joyed themselves. John McKeever's infant is very low the church, on Monday, September with cholera infantum. Mr.

and Mrs. D. S. Harrington had sister. Mrs.

R. S. Truesdell, left on Tuesday for Alliance, Neb. van a Saturday, as his the pleasure of entertaing their sons F. G.

Drenning, of Topeka, is at Ed Parker is fireman on engine No. school began September 1. Mrs Sunday. This is a seldom occasion. tending court at Troy this week.

QR. MATTHEWS Wathena, KaRsaa 595? of the Rock Island railway, and Thudium and children are still visit Well, Tony, what does this mean? tTurnentine. 5 cents. Pimb- Daily receiving new goods for this Big ing his run last Saturday was on the east end of the division through Wathena. Night calls promptly answered.

eypaint and Glass St. Joseph, Mo O. C. Jones sold his hardware stock We heard you were building a new six-room house. We'll find out about it when we see Clara.

Office up-stairs the orDes Miss Lela Berry, of Fairbury, Neb. Building. August Hanke says that produce to the McDonald Hardware company 15, 1902. Plans and specifications will'be furnished all parties desiring to bid, upon application to Mr. John Gamble, WTathena, Kansas.

Right will be reserved to reject any and all bids, Rev. M. L. Kemp, W. W.

Carter, Lem Linder, John Gamble, Chas. Laipple, Fred Whealey, Building Committee. is visiting R. S. Truesdell and family.

Sale, Millinery, Dress Skirts and Dry Goods of every description, Come in early and select BEST bargains, of Sc. Joseph. While it was being racked last Saturdav the stock was sells on the St. Joseph mame ior very low prices this season, and it is A bridge is being put in up on the township line near Adolph Maroll almost impossible to sell Irish attached by the receiver of the Wa then a State bank. farm.

Say Sebastian how does your mittens fit? We heard they fit pretty close. They ought to, because you received them both in the space of six weeks. Our supply of threshing machines Or.j.h.grable, Physician and Surgeon Wathena, Kansas. Office over J. A.

Stewart Bro's. J. R. Anderson repaired tne side S. VanDoran of White Cloud, has TnViTi Gnnselman brousrht to town resi- purchased of Mr.

Forbes tne Wednesday two ears of yellow corn walk in front of the Uity iiotei Thursday. The Fager. dence now occupied by Gained Forty Pounds in Thirty Days One ear measured 13 inches and the For several, months our younger Herman Deekon returned last Sat- Mr. Van Doran and family will move here next Tuesday. W.

M. CAMPBELL, ocher-13 inches. One weighed pound and 7 ounces and the other R. brother had been troubled with indi nrHav from his visit at Colorado Springs, Col. Booms 21-23 Ballinger Building, St.

Joseph, Mo. Mesdames B. N. Forbes and C. H.

gestion. He tried several remedies but got no benefit from them. We is quite abundant this year. There were four at one time in the short distance of two miles. They were almost in a row.

Georgia Bruns and Miss Bertha Kerns were out Thursday inviting out young folks to a surprise party pound and If ounces. These ears were not selected and there are others Bring your job work to The Repub Bauer, returned from their visit to Colorado Monday evening. C. H. SurcrftTv and Diseases of Women purchased some of Chamberlain's in the 80-acre field that are larger, lican office and eet first class work at Receive Special Attention.

Stomach and Liver Tablets and he lowest possible price. Mrs. Sarah M. Walton died at her Bauer, went to Grand Island, last Sunday to see the country and to meet them. Frtruson offers his No.

1 40 commenced taking them. Inside of thirty days he had gained forty Chas. H. Bauer, Jr. it farm for sale reasonable.

Will 413 Felix. 413 Felix. for Miss Ida Pf amy to taKe place Friday evening, in honor of her birthday: sell in tracts to suit purchasers. pounds in flesh. He is now fully recovered.

We have a good trade on UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER, Ed Wakeman, who has had a good The Troy base ball nine visits Wa WATHENA, KANSAS. Isaac Roll has purchased two position at the iiurlingcon general offices in St. Joseph, has accepted a home in Troy Sunday night of consumption aged 83 years. She is survived by three children, Ed Walton, J. Walton and Mrs.

Charles Jones. The remains were interred at Mt. Olive cemetery Tuesday. Mrs. Walton was an old settler in this county, having lived on the farm between the Tablets.

Holley Merchants Long Branch Mo For sale thena Sunday afternoon on the home Dav Phone Night Phone 10. bronchos from out west. They are grounds. Game called at 2 :30 p. m.

by Jacob Miller. about as old as the hills and were I LAKE CONTRARY PARK ST. JOSEPH, M1SSOIKI, position in a railroad office at Deni-son, Texas, at an advance in salary, and has gone to his new field of Labor. Dr. Matthews was called to Elwood F.

H. Drenning F. G. Dbessiso never broken until Saturday, when about twenty men were present. Tuesdav to see Mrs.

Throckmorton, liixi for sale. DRENNING DRENNING Cheap Settlers' Rates to the Far West and Northwest. The Burlington Route renews the Troy and Wathena for many years. I Fair and Race Meeting ATTOKNEYS AND COtnVSEIRS Say; Emma, how did you come to who has a slight attack of blood poi soning. Topeka.

521 Kansas Avenue. Wathena. Kansas. low one-way settlers rate 01 1 loose your cane and rubber ball Sunday night? You must have walked mill lie eiven to bank- J. F.

Milbourne. of Elwood, is visiting his son, P. E. Milbourne, this week. Next Sunday he expects The case against Adrian Livermore rautcv.

banking, corporation and probate from Missouri River to California, Portland and the Pugfct Sound country every day during September and law. land titles. very swift to have lost both of them. An ice cream social given by the Modern Woodmen and Royal Neighbors last night was well attended and a good time was had. Fifteen gallons of ice cream and numerous cakes were consumed.

An informal program was given. nrv.irmo-h the kindness of W. T. was on trial in the district court the first of the week and was submitted to go to Fairbury, for a visit We think you must have been en October, with correspondingly low SEPTEMBER 15 TO 20. A bewildering display of Farm and Country Products, Live Stock, Etc.

A Uala Array of Free Amusements Every Night. Free Exhibition Nightly of $40,000.00 Electric Fountain. For entry blanks, information, address to the jury last night. thused about something. with his son, Archie, who is night telegraph operator on the Grand Is- rates to the Spokane District and the Mrs.

C. Shetler, who has been vis The rural mail carrier seemed to Butte-Helena District also propor lsind railway. Mr. Milbourne has a iting her daughter, Mrs. R.

S. Trues be quite' rattled one day last week tionate rates from interior Missouri A. W. THEMANSON, Notary Public-Agent for Brown County Mutual Fire Ins. of Morrill.

Kan. ATHENA. KANSAS. dell, left for Alliance, Tuesday, fine collection of photographs that he took with his kodak last winter at Kansas and Southwest territory. while going through town.

We won-Hr whflt was the matter with him? where she will visit with a daughter W. T. VANBRUNT, Sec. and Treas. "The Burlington Northern Pacific 4 Pensacola, Nashville, Tenn.

Stewart, the Wathena library has had a new book added to it, "The Helmet of Navarre," by Bertha Runkle. It is a historical novel and is quite popular, so much so that it has been dramatized and is now pre I am still ready to serve my cus and at the battlefield of Lookout Some folks thought he had an ani mal show along with him. Express" is the great through train leaving Kansas City for the tomers in any kind of tin work, botlv Mountain. in the shop, and spouting, guttering Miss Bertha Benitz Sundayed with and roofing. O.

C. Jones, Wathena, Asbury Schuler died at the home of his father, C. W. Schuler, last sented on the stage. J.

H. Higgins Northwest. Through coaches, chair cars (seats free), standard and tourist sleepers to Butte, Helena, Spokane, Tacoma. Seattle. Portlarft.

Con- Miss Nellie Wakeman. Kan. Friday night of quick consumption, The Rock Island will sell round trip tickets to Topeka and return on Johnnie Staudenmaier has at last C. I. Stocking was in Wathena DO YOU WANT A GOOD POSITION? Our facilities for fitting you for oneare unexcelled.

Instt'on and Course of Study thorough and up-to-date. TUITION AND LIVING EXPENSES LOW. Highest Indorsements. Hundreds of Pupils in Good Salaried Positions. Our Specialties: A Business, a Shorthand, a Full Commercial, an English and Penmanship Course.

Vest Pocket Dictionary Free. Write for Catalogue- A. F. HECK, Principal, 5. Fall Opening, September 3, 1908.

Atchison, Kan" nAAtino- trains from Denver at night Proprietor of the EMPIRE 'BARBER SHOP Atchison Business College. age 21 years and 9 months. The funeral services were held Sunday, Monday consulting with patrons who got a girl on his brain. We expect our bid town will be red in a short conducted by Rev. F.

W. Schultz. wish a telephone line established up on Smith Creek, connecting with the Kansas joining this Northwest train at All ance, Neb. VISIT THE OLD HOME. EAST.

Wathena, time. A large crowd of friends and relatives were present. The interment was at Wathena exchange. The will be church Sunday, Sep September 6 to 13, good to return until September 15, 1902, at rate of one fare on account of the Kansas State Exposition company's fine stock show, race meeting, carnival and vaudeville the week of September 8 to 13, 1902. E.

W. Thompson, A. G. P. A.

tember 6, at 3 p. m. The following The new St. Joseph afternoon pa- Smith Creek cemetery. Home visitors' excursions to points in Ohio and Indiana dates of sale HENRY WAGENKNECHT, largest buildings BUILDER evfinins' at ine raiermo upu and per, the evening jrress, is SAr.fimhpr 2.

9. 16 and 23: limit 30 The state is helpless." saidFrank chureh F. H. Dbosselmeier, Vice President. W.

H. Forbes, President. CONTRACTOR newsy paper. John Guinn is quite successful in getting new subscribers for reference as to Mr. Wasen-kuecht's work.

Nelson state superintendent of pub- days. Fruit Growers State Bank Also excursion rates' to Ohio and lie instruction. "It can do nothing misses xorau amx Office at residence. WAT HENA. for it in Wathena.

The price is only to put an end to the school book of Troy, were visiting S-uu- Indiana during the first week of Octo Money to loan on real estate or personal security at a low rate of Interest. Issues drafts payable anywhere in the Unitea States. 6 cents a week. According to The Wathena Republican, that town has its knockers on the Chautauqua the same as we hor at the time of the big Grand Rev. J.

A. Nigg, the new pastor of controversy, which promises to cost parents, Mr ana ivirs. v. c. the people of Kansas possibly ton, Sunday and Monday.

000, besides deranging the school Say, Arch, what has happened to Army reunion in Washington, D. S. A. CON AWAY Auctioneer DIRECTORS! W. H.

Forbes. F. H. Drosselmeier. S.

A. Conaway. B. N. Forbes, Cashier.

Jacob Miller. B. N. Forbes. L.

A. Libel, Asst. Cashier. TO CHICAGO. The Burlington the German M.

E. churcn, comes here from Kramer and Zion, Wathena. Kansas. famous 'Eli" is the best known and work for a considerable period. One you and Emma of late you seem to had at White Cloud.

We still have a few, thcugh this time it is against the telephone. But there is no use in knocking on' this proposition any longer. You may as well get in the band wagon for White Cloud is going Offers his services in crying sales to al who may need them. Has had a probatejudge. it seems, can tie up be rather sour? Don't stop at that; an industry which effects the whole you should not be so cranky.

number of years experience as a successful auctioneer. Term reasonable and state. The only thing that the peo Willie Schultz says he has to go to ted to be satisfactory. where he has been the last four years. Rev.

Nigg comes highly recommended and is a fine man. Professor C. C. Thudium, of Hermann, who formerly was the principal of the Wathena school, was visiting in Wathena the latter part i Bellemont Sunday. We wonder what ple can do, as far as I can is not to huv anv books at all until after Please consult me before fixing date of your sale.

Orders may be left at this most popular train from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Chicago. TO ST. LOUIS. Two daily trains carrying all classes of standard Burlington HOMESEEKERS' EXCURSIONS-On the first and third Tuesdays of August, September and October, to many sections of the West and Northwest.

the attraction can be, as he says he will get a scolding if he doesn't go. the question of whether tht Ameri office or address me at Wathena. to have a telephone exchange within a few weeks beyond doubt. Globe. Mrs.

Mollie Allen, of South Fork, says she has prevented attacks of cholera morbus by taking Cham 1 can Book company's contract is valid Our mail carrier receives many This coming school is settled." Capital. of last week. teach at Washington year he will packages hanging on to tne ooxes that are too large to be put inside. We have been wondering for some On Monday morning at 10:15 o'clock an alarm of fire was turned FLORISTS. Choice Cut Flowers.

Well Kept Stock and Pure Varieties. KRUMM Mo. Rev. F. H.

Schultz who has been in. The fire was over Sam Hauser's time what these packages contain. berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets when she felt an attack coming on. Such attacks are usually caused by indigestion and these Tablets are just what, is needed to cleanse the stom Consult nearest ticket agent or write the undersigned for full inform ation. nrinted matter and the Do Your Teeth Need Attention? We have opened a Dental Office in Edward Wakeman, of St.

Joseph, pastor of the German M. E. church at this place for the past three years, tci 1 1 Uflvfi next Tuesdav for Kramer store. It was caused by attempting to fill the tank on the gasoline stove while two burners on the stove were the Forbes building ana are prepare! was home Sunday on a farewell visit to do all kinds of Len tar-YVorK, in least cost of your proposed trip. R.

11. Ckozier, cluding ST. JOSEPH, MO burning. The gasoline was spread 704 FELIX STREET. T.

P. 823 Main Street, Kansas all over the room and made a hot fire. City, Mo. Li. W.

Wakelei, Crown and Bridge Work, Gold and Silver Filling, Porcelain Work, Etc. The chemical engine was taken down there promptly. When it arrived to his mother, as he has accepted a position at Denison. Texas, where he will make his future home after September 1 There was quite a gay looking crowd at the base ball game last Sunday, especially when they started home. Some acted like kings and miAens.

others acted like common and Zion, where he formerly served for five years, and the church members of those appointments have requested his return. Kramer and Zion are located about twenty-five miles southwest of Lincoln, a rich farming community and the land is as fertile as any in Nebraska. Rev. Schultz has made many friends Gen'l Pass'r Agent, St. Louis, Mo.

C. M. Levey, General Manager, St. Louis, Mo. ach and ward off the approaching attack.

Attacks of bilious colic may be prevented in the same way. For sale by Jacob Miller. President Roosevelt will be in St. Joseph Monday, September 29. He will arrive in his private car via the Missouri Pacific railway at 6 :30 p.

will spend the evening with the citizens of St. Joseph, and at 4:30 the flames had burned the sash of one of the windows on the west side of the building and had set fire' to the If you are wearing a set of teeth which does not fit, call and see us. Only the most up-to-date painless methods used. siding and shingles on the edgei of the roof. It looked at that time as 1 folks, and some looked like wilted here during his three years stay the building was doomed, and if ST.

JOSEPH BUSINESS UNIVERSITY, ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI. A great school in a great City of great opportunities. There are many calls for young ladies and gentlemen who are proficient in short hand and bookkeeping. We cannot fill the demand.

Enroll now. Catalogue and information free. E. GARD. 707 FELIX ST.

ST- JOSEPH. MO. among us, whose best wishes go with that building had burned it would o'clock the next morning will resume his northwestern trip. The largest him to his new field. Our loss is have burned out that end of the their gain.

town. The chemical engine was put crowd ever assembled in St. Joseph by a public man greeted Roosevelt Office Hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p.

Mondays and Tuesdays. THE CARLTON DENTAL PARLORS, FORBES BLDG. Wathena, Kan to work was charged twice, and by hard work on part of the firemen and bouquets. Water melon stealing is all the rage now. We do not exactly know who took one Sunday night, though we have a pretty good idea who did the pilfering.

Us boys are trying to be good this year, so we will blame it rm thfi crirls. as thev were eating it. there when he was making his cam citizens the fire was put out. The paign in 1900, and the crowd on this occasion will be even larger. rooms upstairs were badly scorched.

Last Monday Andrew Dravenstedt II Some of Mr. Hauser's stock was carried across the street and part of it 7 1 and Eliza Yates, of Buchanan coun BUY YOUR School Tablets Slates Slate Sponges'' Pencils Pencil Boxes Ink Crayons Erasers Note Books Of FUGER BROS. DRUGGISTS. is damaged slightly by water. ty, Missouri, went to Troy and procured a marriage license.

They came ELWOOI. C. O. Stone is quite sick at this There was no insurance on either the to Wathena on the evening train and writing. stock or building.

The loss on stock ia $10; on the building, $200. were married by a justice of the Elmer Philby is building a resi peace. After the ceremony had been dence here. nnrformed the blushing bride was i Beware the Knife. No profession has advanced more Miss Eva Craythorne visited in St.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES presented with a bouquet of sun Kusnensia Curo Joseph last week. rapidly of late than surgery, but it should not be used except where ab flowers by some of the young folks who were present. As they started on their wedding tour they were Mrs. Wm. Jones entertained a few Digest? hat you eat.

THE KANSAS CITY STAR Published every evening and Sunday morning, resknts all the news os the 24 houks in the most attractive and readable shape. Well selected miscellany, special articles on topics of general interest, and carefully edited, and thoroughly authentic market reports, make every issue of value to the reader. The Kansas City Star has 100,000 Subscribers thlS largest circulation of any newspaper in the world published in a city of less than 300,000 population. The Kansas City Star deserves and obtains the appreciation of the reading public or it never would have ao- hieved such great success. Dally and Sunday I mo.

50c SUBSCRIPTION RITES- Dally and Sunday mm. By mall pontage prepaid. Dally and Snntiay 6 mot. and Sunday 1 year 5.SO Delivered by Carriers, lOc a Week. Sample copies mailed tree upon request.

The Kansas City Weekly Star, One Year, 25c. friends at dinner Wednesday. solutely necessary. In cases of piles for example, it is seldom needed. Schools opened here Tuesday with De Witt's VV itch Hazel Halve cures showered with rice and a wedding march was played on a buzz saw by George Colwell and Jesse Milbourne.

AT Prescriptions carefully compounded quickly and permanently. Unequal an unusually "large enrollment. Karl Kenderdine, of Kansas City ed for cuts, burns, bruises, wounds, The hanDv counle was escorted to skin diseases. Accept no cdunter the depot, and as there was ho train Jacob Lliller's This prepaid. Von contains all of the digestants and digests all kinds of food.

It gives i nstant relief and never fails to cure. It allows you to eat all the food you want. The most sensitive stomachs can take it. By its use many thousands of dyspeptics have been cured after everything else failed. It prevents formation of gas on the stomach, relieving all distress after Dieting unnecessary.

Pleasant to take. L-l Co jrcia C-3 wired onlTbyE.O. tWiTT FURNACE HEATING going to St. Joseph they were driven feits. "I was so troubled with bleeding piles that I lost much blood and strength says Phillips Paris over by Will Verguet.

The couple DRUG STORE. spent Sunday and Monday with his parents. Mrs. Shirley, of Hiawatha, was the guest of her brother, Wm. Ellis, Sunday.

George Baldwin has opened a gen- were strangers here, but our young folks wished to show them a good kJirNCT ECONOMICAL MUOI HEALTHFUL PRICE VERY LOW, Send Floor Plan for Free Estimate. Neudorff Hardware 111. "De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve cured me in a short time." Soothes time, and the bride and groom enjoy Get Year Prescriiocs red There and heals. Fuger Bros, ed the merriment as muoh as anyone.

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