The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1955 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1955
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1955 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THI COURIER NEWS CO. H. W HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES. Editor, Aisistanl Publisher PAUL D. HUMAN, Ad»ertislng Manager Sol* National Advertising Representative!: Wallace Witmer Co.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered u second class matter at the post- oJtice at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act ol Con- irets, October 8. 1917. Member ol The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of Blytheville or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, 25c per week. By mail, within a radius oi SO miles, J5.00 per year, J2.50 tor six months, J1.25 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile -zone, 112.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations As they called them, so they went from them: ihey Sacrificed unto Baalim, and burned incense to graven images.—Hosea 11:2. * * * He that forgets his friend is ungrateful to him: but he that forgets his Saviour is unmerciful to himself.—Bunyan. Barbs So many women's gloves have embroidery on the back, if you have a cold, girls, carry a hanky. # * # You don't hear about golden weddings as often as divorces because there's no scandal connected with them. if if. * Saturdays and Sundays bring more accidents than any other days of the week. Days of rest — in a hospital. # * * With tomato ketchup handy, parents can get kids to eat more things they don't like. * * * Some folk* shake hands so hard strangers think they" are selling something. Just The Beginning No senible person could regard the newly ratified ^Southeast Asian defense treaty as anything- but the barest beg; innings of an effective defense for free Asia. But it is that, and it should not be belittled. The chief flaws of the SEATO pact are that it is a "consultative" treaty, requiring the members to meet and consider action in case of aggression, rather than— like NATO—a truce alliance compelling almost automatic military support; and that it has too few Asiatic members. The criticisms are legitimate. But it should be remembered that it was not very long ago when some of the "experts" were saying that Asia was too di- fuse and disorganized to permit any kind of a defense pact at all. There must be a start somewhere. Among the eight signatories the SEATO are Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines, true Asiatic lands. By a later separate agreement, also approved by the U. S. Senate, the Indo-Chinese states o£ Laos and Cambodia are to be added. No one can fairly say, therefore, that the pact is totally unrepresentative of Asia. It is unhappily true, of course, that India, Burma, Indonesia and Ceylon are missing from the roster. The last three follow India's lead. One or t\yo of these smtller lands might be weaned away as the Russo-Chinese designs upon Asia become clearer. But no conceivable pact rooted in defense against communism could lure India today. For the Indians do not believe they could thus maintain the neutral posture they consider vital to the promotion of their individual destiny. While we may regret this altitude, and question its wisdom in the light of the genera! peril, there is not much we can do about it quickly. Given this stance, India's non-participation in a defensive pact is automatic. Consequently it is really a bit foolish to carp at the SEATO treaty as if a better one could be had. Our course would seem to be to labor hard to draw Burma and Indonesia into the SEATO orbit. In utter isolation, India might be pressed to re-examine the foundations of its present position. Cautiously we could perhaps aid this, process though America is not now helcHii. high esteem in India. Somehow, too, out of the SEATO we now have we must try to fashion a working defense organization whicli will not only consult frequently, but determine an effective defense line for free Asia, and find the military means to hold it., In Asia there has been altogether too much falling baak on "new lines" which wert mostly nonexistent in any practical sense, In view of Asia's chaos, possibly no firm demarcation could be made before. But if much of this great land mass is to remain free, the time for fixing a barrier has come. SEATO is a braver and better beginning than some would concede. But it is not a goal in itself. It must be built upon with vigor and courage. 'Ghee! It's Sensible The surplus of butter piling up in government warehouses has been driving Washington crazy. Every time they offer a way to unload it somewhere, somebody steps 'in with a loud veto. But now the ingenious, redoubtable men of government have devised a plan they think is foolproof. They want to convert the butter to something called "ghee" and dispose of it to the peoples of Asia, who eat the stuff. Seems you make ghee by melting . butter down, letting it cool somewhat, and then pouring off the more liquid portion. The liquid is the ghee. Asians use it in their food, though they won't have anything to do with the butter we smear about so lavishly. This honestly does seem about the most sensible answer turned up yet. We just hope that Asians, perhaps having heard the American word "goo" bandied around a bit, are not moved to such generous response that they proceed to melt down something of theirs and send it along in thanks. Anyway', some warm butter pats to the fellows who researched this one. VIEWS OF OTHERS Show Biz Not Bad "Movies," says the motion picture industry, "are better than ever." Anyway, they have been making more money in recent years, picture for picture, than Hollywood's laments about TV had us believing. Variety, the organ of show biz, lists the "all- time top grossers" in its. 49th anniversary edition. By rank, name, year and take, the leaders look like this: (Millions) 1. Gone with the Wind '39 $33.5 2. The Robe '53 19. 3. Greatest Show on Earth '52 12.8 4. From Here to Eternity '53 12.5 5. This Is Cinerama 52 12.5 6. White Christmas '54 12. 7. Due] in the Sun '47 11.3 8. Best Years of Our Lives '47 11.2 9. Quo Vadis '52 ....: 10.5 10. Samson and Delilah '50 9. 11. Caine Mutiny '54 8.7 12. This is the Army '43 8.5 13. Bells of St. Mary's '46 8. 14. Jolson Story '47 8. 15. Shane '53 8. Since Four Horsemen in 1921 (it ranks Gth all-time^ 124 movies have grossed $4,000,000 or more. Very few achieved this ranking, however, in the '20's or the '30's, the smash exception being Gone With the Wind. On the other hand, of the first 15 wham moneymakers (excuse it, V Variety's got us), nine were produced in the 1950's. Last year's White Christmas is the most successful musical ever produced, and it was lensed in a year when some howls about the domestic b.o. were loudest. And that box office; does it repulse the heavier, more serious, even "arty" films? No. The Robe, Prom Here to Eternity, Duel In the Sun, Best Years of Our Lives, Caine Mutiny and Shane say not. They are all-time bonanzas, tall coins, top block-busters. The phenomenal success of G.W.W. of course is legend. It has been reissued five times since 1939. grossing $7,500,000 on the last go-around in 1,954. Perhaps the pix are here to stay. Moom- pitchas, that is. — Asheville (N. C.) Citizen. Challenge In Reverse The do-it-yourself craze, we note in the dispatch from the North Pole or thereabouts, has invaded toylnnd and the kiddies can look forward to a Christmas fitted with lots of thinga- mnjigs they are expected to assemble. Well, at least it will be an interesting switch to watch them put their toys together instead of working overtime to tear them apnrt. , — Nashville Tennessean. SO THEY SAY In proportion to their numbers, American Catholics since 1000 have exercised nowhere near the leadership and influence, or attained the national prominence, that might be expected of them—The Rev. John Tracy Ellis. Catholic historian. * * * Business activity now surges with new strength Production is rising. Employment is high.—President Eisenhower. * * * The knee Is the ugliest spot on a woman's anatomy.—Designer Christum Dior. * * •(• I'd like It (modern baseball) more If there were no relief pitchers ... A pitcher ought to fight his own battle to the bitter end.—Former pitching great, Cy YOIUIR, 87. •Y- * * There is no qursMon but that there will b« a war (between Russia and the U. S.), The clwih will come.—Retired Qen. George Kcnney 'Don't Worry—I'm Right Behind You' Peter ft/son's Washington Column — Even Rumors Affecting Stocks Are Investigated by the SEC WASHINGTON(NEA)— In addition to the stock market investigation which Senator J. William Fulbrlght (D., Ark.) will diivcl as chairman of the Senate Banking and Currency Committee, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Chairman Ralph Demmler keeps a constant check on all trading and exchanges. SEC never makes public announcements of the market fluctuations it is investigating. But any stock that goes up or down gainst the trend automatically starts an SEC checkup. Even rumors that may have some effect on stock prices are run down by SEC to see if there Is evidence of manipulation. Many rumors SEC may never hear about. But newspaper stories, advertising, radio and television comment in this field are all fair game for SEC investigations to protect the investing public. | SEC takes this action under its | authority from the Securities and: Exchange Act of 1934. The law gives SEC authority to regulate exchanges, brokers and over-the-counter dealers. There : are prohibitions against mtsrep-; resentation, manipulation and! other fraudulent or deceptive de- j vices in purchase and sale of se- i curities. ; The hearing commissioner then; makes a report to the full five- s member commission, which reviews the evidence. SEC may take ; three main courses of action: i 1: It may revoke the license of the broker and expel him or suspend him from further trading on the exchange. If a broker feels that he has been unjustly dealt With, he may go to court and petition that,, SEC's disciplinary action be lifted . 3: SEC itself may go to court and request an injunction order to stop irregular practices. In one recent case of this kind, the government got an injunction against a promoter who had given misleading information to a New York financial writer. Clippings of the resulting publicity were used to tout a stock. This practice was stopped. Three: SEC may also start criminal proceedings in the courts, through Department of Justice district attorneys. Actions are brought against dealers or others who have used illegal means to promote the sale of a stock or influence trading on the exchanges. Penalties are two years' imprisonment, $10,000 fine, or both, on conviction. There have not been too many court tests of tins section of the SEC act. Evidence is hard to get and proof of conspiracy to defraud the public is difficult to establish before a court. In all, not more than half a dozen of these cases have gone to trial since the act was passed in 1934. SEC officials Will not say whether they are investigating it or not, but financial papers have said It would be naive to suppose that there would be no government follow-up on the recent Walter Winchell TV Up on Pantepec Oil Co stock. In a Sunday night broadcast, the attention of listeners was directed to this company which owns petroleum rights In Venezuela. The American Stock Exchange price had closed at 6 3 / 4 the week before. When the market opened Monday morning there was a mysterious delay In a quotation. Orders for over 350,000 shares had piled up. The Initial price posted was 8%—a jump of 2'/a or over 30 per cent. Total trading for the day was 488,600 shares— the largest volume ever traded in a single stock on this exchange and over 25 per cent of the day's business. Many of the trading orders were traced to Florida. But It has not been disclosed whether Investigations have shown that buyers or sellers knew about or planted a tip to induce sales. Such action by any person would obviously run afoul of the anti- manipulation sections of the SEC act. Since this telecast tip, the price of Pantepec has declined to around 7'/2- The warning which government officials now give to the Investing public as a result of this case is to be extremely wary of all tips in a boom market on which the unprofessional investor can easily get hurt. the Doctor Says — Written for NEA Service By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D Premature graying of the hair head during the menstrual period? while it carries no risks for life Is it true this can cause insanity? or health is a problem which ob- . Reader viously worries thousands. 1 A—It i.s not harmful. It wil: Q—I am 29 years old and my; !1 °t cause insanity. hair the past year has been turn-' Q—Is it dangerous to use snuff ing gray. Is this hereditary or the ' in the nose to cause drainage? result of my diet? What can I do j Mrs. J. O. to stop it? Mrs. B. i ,\—So far as I know the use of A—Early graying of the hair; snuff is not a recognized treat- definitely runs in .some families .' nicnt for any disorder in the nose and is therefore probably of an • or nearby passages. I should think hereditary origin. So far as is it might be harmful and certainly known U is not the effect of diet. | would not recommend'it. I am. sorry to say that there are! Q_\yould you please discuss hy- no special diets, vitamins, drugs.' perinsulinism. What can be done injections, hormones, or anything f or ^ Reader else which have been found ef- j T , condition in which fectiye in stopping the progress of j [he ccl]s , n the mt , e gland known graying nair, j , ls tne pancreas Iy)ng ins j de tne Q—In 1949 I had a permanent j abdominal cavity produce more wave and the lady poured a liquid j insulin than normal. Normal ln- on my head. Since that time '»y j suJin is needed for the burning of scalp has itched most of the time, sugar and not enough produces di- and sometimes it looks like a heat j abetcs. Actually, the development rash. I have tried lotions from the drugstore but am discouraged. What should I do? Mrs. J. A—Sensitivity of the skin to certain chemicals is by no means unusual and that is apparently what happened in your case. You should not have any more chemicals put on your scalp, at least without having 1 skin tests first. Since the trouble did not disappear spon- ancously and has lasted .so long you will probably need the assistance of a skin specialist in order to get relief. A—What causes me to hnve icartburn after each meal? Mrs. S. A—It seems likely that what is neant by heartburn is a slight re- fiurgitation of stomach fluids con- aining Irritating hydrochloric acid ip Into the passageway from the nouth lo the stomach known as the esophagus. Sometimes this iymplom Is the result of a conrii- Jon in or neiir the stomach Which needs treatment and it may, there- lore, be Advisable to hnve X-rny find other studies of the upper pop .ion of the digestive tract. O—la It hfln"''il to wash the of hyperinsulinism can come from some identifiable disease of the pancreas, in which surgical treatment i.s needed or without a.ny obvious cause. The treatment of an acute attack of the latter is a highly technical matter requiring professional advice and of the mild long continued type frequent bctween-meal feedings of a diet high in proteins and low in sugar and other starches. A lot of women could cure themselves of jealousy by taking o qood look at their husbancK. • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Tourney Comes Up With Sharp Play By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service last year In the world champion ship match at Monte Carlo, the American declarer got to six dia rnonds by means of the bidding shown in the diagram. The slam was a precarious contract, and the bidding cannot therefore be NORTH (D) 10 V A JI082 * 9762 + K85 WEST EAST 486432 AK 1097 V654 4 J84 4J106 SOUTH 4 AQ5 VQIH • K Q 10 3 4 AS A9742 Nwtfc Pass e* North-South vul. Cut Soutt Weil Pass 1 » Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 B recommended, but the play had one or two points or interest. Before we abandon the bidding, lei 1 * sec where It went sour. South | should have bid only two no-trump j at his end turn. Such a Jump rebld in no-trump shows balanced j distribution, stoppers in the un-1 bid suits, and a count of 1!) to 21 j points. This would have been a' perfect description of the South i hand. i When South actually bid threo I no-trump, he showed a hand that wns too good for a bid of two no- trump. Hence he should have held at least 22 points, or p.t worst he might hnvc held an exceptionally attractive 21-polnt hand. Give South About three extra points, Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD — (NBA)— Uncov ering Hollywood: Grace Kelly's erng oyw — — -------- ..... -----chopsticks were crossed— she was Havilland's car, Miss Hayworth'i ...... ' handling them expertly dining a the Beverly Hills Luau—but she zov. laughed, "I'm not even keeping my fingers crossed'.' when I asked her what she thought of her Oscar-winning chances. Hollywood expects a photo finish between Grace and Judy Garland come March, but Grace doesn't— for Ava and Luis. The film will . don't expect It and I'm not counting on it," she added. She was dining with her Hollywood agent before returning to New York after a 24-hour movie- town visit. Her next film for MGM is still undecided but the choice is hers — "I'm reading several scripts." She returns in March. "I have no plans for marriage," was her icy comment about that blazing romance with Oleg Casslni, said to be frowned upon by her wealthy Philadelphia pop. THE CROSBY CLAN issued a polite denial of Frank Sinatra's statement to reporters in Australia that his daughter, 14-year-old Nancy, and Bing's youngest son, 17- year-old Lindsay, are In love. Bufc there was nothing polite, I can assure you, about what Bing said about Prankie from his St. John's hospital bed. Nothing polite, either, about Columbia cutie Kathryn Grant's comment about a printed report that she had announced her engagement to Bing during an overseas G.T. entertainment tour. "It's not true and I'm mad asj hell about blazed Kathryn, , who recently changed her name from Kathryn Grandstaff. She's a former Paramount starlet. Bing dated her a couple of times about a year ago. The Ingrid Bergman K r e u g e r co-starrer, Kurt „._„.., "Pear." filmed in Munich, is another financial eye-popper from Roberto Rosscllini. The picture was made for $300,000. Not a single set was built for the camera. . THE MELODY LINGERS on dept: Jeff Morrow says he dreamed about a big movie premiere in which a doorman called for the limousines of stars as the crowds came out of the theater. The door- and the slam Isn't at all unreasonable. West opened the six of spades against the actual contract oi six diamonds. This strange choice was made on the theory that It was more important to keep declarer in the dark as to the distribution than to give accurate information to the other defender. It didn't make any dlfferenie in this hand, and the whole question Is open to debate. It's hard to know when it's important to inform your partner and when it's more important to misinform the enemy. pades. Oakie next g to dummy with the king of clubs and led a low trump. East na- up the king of diamonds. p me sing oi unimuuu,i. West took the trick with the ace cent of the TV sets in range. of diamonds, and Oakie needed UI UllllllUIlUfi, HIIU Dilute ni.<_<jLu the rest. He had to finesse through pic. with ^strong West for the kintf of hearts and then he finessed through East for man announced: "Miss Grable's car, Miss de , car and Miss Monroe's Karama- Ava Gardner's bullfighter, Luis Dominguin, may win the role of the matador in the King Bros.' "The Boy and the Bull." Could mean a rendezvous in Mexico City be made there\ Mrs. Edward G. Robinson, Jr., and the elder Robinsons are in a hassle over the weekly allowance given her and her child by the family. She and young Robinson are living apart. There's a Suppressed Desire Shop in Beverly Hills-. It figures! Joanne Rio and Liberace have been having telephone conversations, but their wordage is nothing to get excited about. JUDY IIOLUDAY will return to movietown for her "Solid Gold Cadillac" film assignment still being Mrs. David Oppenheimer. The marriage, despite all the talk about a divorce, is still as solid as Judy's talent. A midget who once .laughed ft up in vaudeville with Sophie Tucker is working in Danny Kaye's "The Court Jester." Danny refers to him as "The Last of the Red Hot Midgets." . Third project . . . . for Errol Flynn In his six-picture partnership with Herbert Wllcox is the completion of his il(-fated "William Tell'." He's dropped *100.000 of his own money on the project, I hear. Short Takes: Clark Gable's now dating Susan Hayward. . . . There'* plenty of life In the old boy yet dept: Fred Astalre leaps over eight kettledrums in "Daddy Long Legs." . . . Alan Young, just back from Europe: "Things, aren't so bad over there. Everyone can afford foreign cars." TV News Top TV Ratings Forced Down By Competition By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK IJI—Increased competition is chopping down the popularity ratings of television's top stars. The competition is coming in two ways: In many areas that formerly had only one station, viewers had to watch whatever It carried or turn off the set. Now they have more stations — and more choice. best. Gone are the days when Milton f nd led a low trump, nasi naturally played low, and Oakie put ferle or I Love Lucy could expect tn be tuned in by 65 or 70 per The ratings on Lucy, for exam, Monday night apposition from Medic, has been •mining 4',2 to H percentage points men ne nnessea uuuugii r-.tsi iui - —--—-~ -•* — - - •• the jack of diamonds. Both fines- behind last season, when the Den- ses succeeded, so Oakie made his nb Day show was the chief rlunl s]am Berle ran eighth in the latest West made a bad play. In my Nielsen rating with an estimated opinion, when he took the first 44 per cent of TV sets tuned in. trump trick with his ace. If he had He was fourth with 52.7 per cent played his low trump without hesitation, declarer would naturally assume that East had the ace of diamonds. South would get back to Dummy to lead another trump, and he would probably put up the of diamonds on the sec| ond trick. West would win with the ace. and East would then get another trump trick with the jack. year ago. Another example is Dragnet with 44.3 against 56.3 a year ago. A big factor could be. of course, that some shows aren't as good as a year ago or that viewers are tiring of them. Nonetheless, the ratings necessary to win places in the top 10 have been substantially below last season. r It's a Bird! Answer to Previous Puzile ACROSS 1 Domestic fowl 4 Black birds 9 Wise old bird 12 Before 13 Young salmon (Pi.) !4 Meadow 15 Short-napped fabric 16 Golf mound 17 Organ of hearing 18 Hops' kiln 19 Mexican laborers 21 Noah sent forth a dove from [he 22 Sooty albatross 24 Tops of heads 26 Erects 28 Provide food 29 Snooze 30 Wile 31 Eucharistic wine vessel 32 Assam silkworm 3.1 Dead language 35 Persian water wheel 38 Lost color 39 Moves about 41 Summer (Fr.) 42 Hail birds 46 Summit 47 Air (comb, .form) 48 Put on 411 Age 50 Permit 51 Spring's harbinger S3 Cardinal's color 54 Abstract being 55 Attire 56 Compass point DOWN 1 Wading bird '2 Expunger ,) Cuddle 4 Cnndlepower (nb.) 5 Proportion 6 Mountain 10 Three of Ihese37 Idolizes at Gi/.a, Egypt 38 Mountain in (cornb. form) 20 Finches Utah 7 Small 2.1 Woolly 40 Shovel songbird 25 Dress 43 Smell 8 Steamship 27 Bridge 4-1 Outer garment .(ab.) 28 City in France 45 Blackbirds of , 9 Oleic acid salt :13 Kind of sail cuckoo family 10 One who has 34 Air raid 51 Road (ab.) on alarms 52 Nova Scotia 11 Singing birds 36 Buries (ab.) 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