The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1931
Page 5
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MAY KLYTHIMLLE, (AUK.) COUUJKH KKWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cent* a word lot first Insertion uid on* cent a word 'or e«cli subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken (or less lliaji Me. 'Count tlie words and send Phone 306 . .. AUTHOR<OF. ^-,: SERVICE cv; The Husband'C FOll SALE I-'Ofl SALE — Several nice frcsli Jersey coivs, at my barn. E. O Adams, Phone 135. TF CORN FOR SALE—QooU white car corn. W. T. Riloy, New Madrid, Mo. J2P-K20 I-'OR SALE—Cheap. "'05" Chrysler Sedan, in perfect condition. Plionc W5, Mrs. Sisk, 12C-K15 1'GR KENT yon HUNT—Apartment In Ingram Imildmg. See Parkhurst Company. SC-TF TOR RENT—5 room modern apartment on West Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 41S-W. OckU FOll RENT—Newly lurnished cottage, 4 rooms aiul bath on Davis street. Call MS or CM. I,. L Ward. l-'OH KENT—Three room apartment, CIO West Ash street. Call 010. C-K-15 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 808 Hcarn street. 1 13C-K10 FOB RENT—Cheap. Modern five room house, closr; in. Call 728 or 125. C-K-18 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth Si. DC-TF WANTED — Family washings or genera! housework. Mrs. Dora Vizcll, 2207 16th St. 'ft 1 V/AN'TED—Ladies to represent a very popular line of children a;id ladies dresses, no experience necessary, part or [till time. Box "B", Ccurier News. 13P-K10 PEKbONAL CASH PAID lor second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & Laic Sts. 6C-TF STOCK!i()M>ERS MEETING of The Blylhcvillc C'oflou Oil Company The Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders of the almvc company will be held Thursday, June 9th at 10:30 A. M. in the offices of W. A. Gage &, Co.. Falls Blctg., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-K6-3 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 13 (UP1 — Cotton closed barely sleady. open high low close 008 9C8 flSO 006 984 089 May July Oct Deo Jan March Spots steady at 041. olf 0. 080 081 1020 102G 1010 1016 1W1 1048 1033 1038b 1051 1052 1050 1050 1073 1077 1070 1070 New York Cotton NEW YORK. May 13 (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. open high lo-,v close 965 May July Oct Dec Jan 083 1020 1041 1052 965 B88 102S 1047 1053 962 953 081 981 1015 1015 1037 1037 1048 1048 1070 107C 1CG7 1007 Spots quiet, at 97o, of! 10. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T 181 Anaconda Copper 27 Aulmrn 243 Cati'ipiller Tractor 2fi 1-S Chrysler 20 1-2 Cities Service 145-8 Continental Baking 123-1 General Electric 43 1-S Cicncral Molors 43 3-8 Montgomery Ward 20 1-1! New York Central 02 3-4 Packard 73-4 Radio Corp 19 3-8 Simmons H Texas Corp 19 1-2 U. 5. Steel 109 1-2 IIKHIS IIIJHH m:ilVI, IIDKDKN, ,,<ri-llr In liiv.- vtllti TOlDir WILSON, 'prr- vrnl« til, nllL-niiHul rluiirnivnc "Ilk (lit li:ill-«l,irr IHI'.M:"!'. iir kij,i : , r ,i,iL- Mm "Irh ilic tih»Ulntu-i- ,,f hrr "^iirtK," »iilll«B in fouvlnre III,,, ul liU "liljr lo ru ||i. KC nnl j , 1UI ,11.. iil>piilnt hi. uuix. lltrrl lvl> lummy rrlurn r.i Irpni. nhii. rn~ . Irene Frct'lira ibr oCTrr ti mtdlllun <ivi-r raillu. ami nKiili ii.rrr 'l.nniny. stf fcfr lu 4 . un - thi- jfudlo. While uiiillnK 111 mi unlr-TO lliTjl ill* dnivn ill n iil.u:,, and rriuuii mrloilIiM Klillr tM,,LI,ii; ol Ui-r dmil tnllirr. One ol (lie dlrvclur. krnr. fccr nnil £!•«•» hrr II lirltilli: nujltlon. Ha liki'ji Ibe vrlirly lim,'« nf ln-r li.lrr nuj jivsarra hrr nl n rtm- r'l'i'i.' "'"' ""' <:A1 ' V0 ""- '••""•, Hint llcrjl Jin, (i:id n trit. Mil- inl.mirc.rnlH fp,.|, !n !,„„,, luix* uml »H;M Htrjl Un» made o i»r>l ol hrr.rlt. The mre;i»tto tnunl.t of Irrn* mako [Irrjl mUrnililr, r«iif<-lnll j n, lime Ri.r» I,, nn-.l .he bear. millllllK fr,,,|| 111,, K |,|J,,,. .NO IV CO 0\ WITH 'i-||-. ; yrOHV CilAl'TER XIII IJKRYL no longer shuwcd any particular Interest In the djitly mails. She had allied (lie postman who delivered at boih Die slore and the bouse to leavo all her mall al tbo former place- to insure It against'falling Into lrcuc'3 hands. Whether a letter from Mr. Darn hoff would bo opened and by her sister was a question on whlcb Beryl did not care :o gamble. But ono day wben ibe postman was sorting out tlie store mall slie told him lie needn't bollicr aboul her personal letters. He could leave tliem at l!io house as before. "All rlglil." lie said, "but bere's ona for you now." Beryl accepted the letter listless 17 and only Happened to glance al the scudcr's address In ibe upper left hand corner. Then tier heart seemed to lurn & complete somcr- taulL "Good news, eh?" the poslman laughed. Ho bad known Bory siuco cbildbood and could lake liberties will ber mail. Having rcai tlio name and address that so ci cited her be was interested to know inoro about tbo letter. "I don't know. Johnny," Bcry replied, rapidly tearing open in envelope. "V.'ell, you'ro registering plcaj ure, suro enough." "Watt a minute, and niaylie I'l tell you," slie promised. Eaccrl sho unfolded the sbcet ol writin paper and scanned its content: skipping tho salutation and gcttin at onco lo lh« message it carried. "Good fortune—or bad?" "Well?" the postman pressed. "Tell me quick. I've sot a licavy load this morning." llcryl was 'dancing around In circles, waving tho letter over her head. "Oh, Johnny, It's great!" sho cried. "I'm . . ." Then sho re- nieinbercd lhal she had swum tier tang lo secrecy, Ii wouldn't be fair to tell uosv. "It's a letter from Itudy Vallcc," sho laughed. "He's lire;! of his worl; and wants use to place." "Aw, come en! Ho a good folio' and tell us what It's all atom." "Nope. I can't. lint I protnlso | you'll lie one of Ilia first I'll icll lien It's .ill scaled." \V!icn she said that lieryl's hopes •cro high. On second thought sli Irene bridled. "It'in," sho snorted lu disgust, "If you'ro so Bk-k It's tunny you wouldn't haro n doc- lor. I don't believe (hero's anything tho matter with you." Irene was Incensed becaueu ehe'd hnd to wash dlslica for tsvo days nnd her father liad darctl to lliey wcro. Her liulr mis not In itself a crownlug Rlory uut It Duelled fulnlly of vorbcnn nnd l ! «yl had a slylo of dressing It that was distinctive. In color It «aa Just n rlalu dark brown. Beryl was rarely ever Imuiacu- lain as to costume. Slia was too insist that sho help at tho sioro.J active and solf-forgetful lo luok After an hour of her presence 1 for long as ilioiisli sho liad Jnat thero ho had sent her liomo. elad slt-jpcil from a faahlon plalc. lint to he rid of lier. Tor onco Heryl'B inotber took lie was faslldtoiia alwut frequent changes. When sho left tbo house linen always liad n lieallhy appelllo andjwiili ^miy ImgcMo"ciifTs iiiiil coll she's no call to reduce." br. no ono thought It an out of tbo "She's stalling," Irene sneered, i ordinary outfit for the store. With (M:o his 11''"""'- "Well, she must bo sick when'In a freshly laundered "gray slio can't eat." sho Eaid. "Heryl'a I skin, a iniitclilng gray EWI "For heaven':! sake, stop talking about me!" llcryl exclaimed. Ircuu was liUUng too near the mark for ray stocking, a whllo liat nnd loi-s, sho was really well dressed. Anyway, whether 11 was , . coinforl. Not (hat slio was exaclly , site would Imvo selected to wear It HE was to appear at tho studio tlio following Tuesday—and ils Wi'.g only Thursday! Her noods besnu at once lo seesaw, 'irst, of course, slio would please Ir. (laylord—hadn't Jlr. Harnhoff aid so? Then It was just too good o be true. Sitcli tilings never hap- ened to lier and you didn't liavc o bo a pessimist, either, to feel way. She bad a difficult time keeping aim. especially at liomo where tbe esire lo strut her triumph seized ier violently ELt limes. It wasn't ialntllucss lhal held her back, hut iciisc. Suppose slie should fail and Mr. Gaylord should not waut her'.' Wouldn't Irene crow then! Beryl admitted lack of courage to face .iiat contingency. On Saturday she worked Inte In be store and didn't get lier dally swim uotU after eight o'clocfc al night. Coming liomo from Ihe beach she sot slightly clilllcd ant an to sneeze, Siio waa vrorriet about H. but she. doctored herself well and ou, Sunday was as lit as usual. / On Sunday and Monday she caret for herself as though sho wcro al ready a priuia donna and on Tues day moruing slie was affected onlj by suppressed cicHcractiL Her futility were skeptical of be: claim to a headache—which claim bad permitted her lo rest In ih seclusion of her room and save he voice. Even Mr. Everett though at dinner on Monday that sb looked "bloomlu' well for a sic Girl." "i'vo a fever," Beryi firmly. ND so It went until Beryl left for New Vork. She told lier iiothcr she felt heller and would 1111 over to Iho slore for a Illtle vlillc. That was precisely what ale did but there slio told her stcp- 'alber thai Elio was going lo the! :ity. I'm laktng n day oft for some- need money, a lot of money. . . . She laughed nl herself, llcsldcs, hadn't slio heard Hint such UiouKliU t lira UK from nn Inferiority complex? Well, slio wasn't Inferior! And she wasn't going (o bo scairil into failure. If slio had talent sho would demonstrate It this niter- noon. 'PHEIll? la no doulit that tlio will to succeed eased tho strain for thing Important 1 have lo do Inj her but It was tlio nstnal posH>!- New York." she said, "but please don't say anything to Mother or Ireno If you can help It." Sho often lunched at tho storo while it was her father's custom to go home for something hot. Beryl jopod her mother would tftko for ranted that Gho was at the atoro for tlio day nnd not question Mr. Everett about It. Krorn tho store she walked to tho local railroad station carrying her best pair of shoes—which she bad hidden In the slore Lelorehand— to cbnngo at the Elation. Tho »t»- lion uilslrcss was an old friend. Sho would look after tho much- scuffed every day sandals until Beryl relumed. That solved the shoe problem but Beryl nas forced to go to town li: slon of an unusual talent that wou ier Elirccre praise from thoso who IMericd In on her second vctco cst. And Mr. (iaylord, whose oplu- on meant most, was most cnth-jsl- ostlc over ber singing. "N'o one will ever luna her out!" 10 exclaimed, as highly pleased as bough lie had found her himself. There was even an'"I dare yon to contradict me" note In his voice wlilcb bronsht a suullo umllo 10 Ilarnhott'B lips. And then Beryl was offered a contract that dazzled her. llelatlvcly It wasn't d.izzllng—R just dazzled lieryl. who'd never had more than, pin money In all her life. Sho signed nnd put the paper away In her gray bag as carefully as though It wero a tube of radium her country clothes. However, she looked attractive. Sho was Blhn and tall— taller at any rato thai Irene— and her skin looked as lliough sho put H on new every morning; Her gray eyes wero did cult of description. Sometimes they wcro like, a sunny day at sea —a blend of sea and sky, clear ant sparkling. Sometimes they were smudged with emotion— so tha ono couldn't say just wliat shndo OUK BOARDING HOUSE MtTiioD is to is MV I ASSURE "PROFESSOR rlARPO, NOli Wotf-T HAVE MEET) -TH/vr-TRUMPET*/ -trie CaKlOS-f OF tHlS ROOM MAKES A LOUP SoUMP/ LIKE -frig OF A COW, A SWAMP' A eiios-r, AS frtev ARS ssMsrriue '-- Gl-foS-f FlfJD OU-T coMV/eRSAfioM 1-fS THIS METrlop, A -Trie FIRST she was taking homo. Home! Nov? sho could tell thcmlj Now she could tako lier revenge. And she wasn't a bit ashamed uf tho pleasuro tho prospect afforded her. She, wasn't ashamed, bul before stie got homo sho thought of somo- thlng that brought her out of tho clouds and roblmd fed big moment of its highlight). ., (To Ho Contltatd) "•' | BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES HURRAY! By Martin SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Kuildini; Construction Up CHICAGO. (UI>>_ Construction in Chicago in April aggregated 3.- 723.GOO and the volume for the first four months of the year amounted to S3W93.100 according to n, bnild- nib' survey made by s. W. Straus & Co. The total is a 47.8 per cent tain over the same ixriod last year. washed. They arc very delicate and water tends to destroy their flavor ns well as make tlx-ni tuuijli. Separate ihc caps from the stems, : tiie :,tcms and ]icel the caps i cious combination.' A few miish- rcG'.i!^ added to a disli of spafjlietti or macaroni inake this a ivjyular "party" concoction. Tl-.e meat left on a soup hone is apt to he laste- if the rkin is toinjh. The sKms are I less but contains most of Us nour- oftc:i imiLtlicr than the caps and ] ishmciil. Ini this meat is cliopiwd require longer ccoking. If niuflirooni.s mutt be washed. and combined wilh mushrooms for flavor, an nppctizing dish is the BY SISTER MARY XEA Senicc Writer JIany clever housewives oCtou use the delicious flavor of mushrooms in combination with other quite ordinary materials to create savory and delectable dish. They \eep mushroom paste or catsup on their emergency shelf constantly. However, this year fresh mushrooms brought into our local markets several times a Vvcek fro:n nearby mushroom farnus, so most of us can enjoy the fresh product rather than the bottled or canned one. Although mushrooms have been called "vegetable beefsteaks" "an account of their high protein content, this title is misleading. Almost ninety por cent of the mushroom Is water so :i soodly quantity of them would have to bo eaten to make them an adequate meat suustitulc. Even then they have been found to he deficient in i some uf the nutrienti; present in lean meats. One pomid of lean | round bt»[ steak furnishes 730 calorics of fuel value IHT iwiind of mushrooms as pmrhnM-cl yields only 210 calorics. Consequently, the chief value of mushrooms lies in (heir unique flavor. Water .May l-csicn l-'lavor Unless mushrooms arc very dirty and sandy, they should not be do ii vi ry jjcm'.y. taking care that i result. A few mushrooms added to the fjills do not beco:r.o water a meat pie made with left-over Dry them on a soft cio'.'n | meat makes this dish truly dcli- Thc flavor of mushrooms is emphasized if they arc sauted staked. turn cap, gills downward, to dry. Tiie peelings can be covered with cold water, brought to the boiling point and simmered over a low tire lor fifteen minutes. Strain through cheesecloth and use tl'.c stcck for fiavoring soups and sauces. You will lx? amazed nt the chance n fnv tnblcspoonfuls of this mush- butter before adding lo any dish, lie sure to use ali the butler and mushroom licptor in the pan, for some. Mushrooms is rich and flavor- are ideal for cereal, cream tomalo nniclct, crisp graham loast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Macaroni croquettes, celery and nps>!e saiad, whole wheat bread, shredded fresh .pineapple, milk, tea. DINNER -Liver and oyster loaf with niiCToom sauce, twice baked swrct iwtatees, spinach (Initiates, stuffed pepper salad, strawberry parfail, milk, colfec. Pump Switches Aflrr 10 Years BALDWIN, Kan. (UP)—Alter jiving water for 'more than forty years, the town pump here is noft- producing gas. WINSLOW. Ariz. (UP)— Eduta- i tional costs have increased in Ari- thejzona this year judging Irom n new room stock will make in the llnvor I pctites need tempting by unusual of a cream of sp:nach or carrot flavors. soup. Mushrooms and p:as arc n deli- first warm spring days when an- j agreement with the government ''whereby Indian children, as ward.; of the government, are educated in local schools at 45 cents per day. The former rate was 37 cents. Tomorrow's Menu BUEAK.FAST — Slewed FRECKLES AN!) HIS FRIENDS. TO MRS. CUU.EU'S!! "T By BIoss«* PEOPLE SPADE A DEN! OUST TORM i I-'cr a limited lime 1 have reduced my prices on prime leather luilfsolcs Men's light ha I (soles with Goodyear rubber heels $1. Men's medium halholes wilh Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.25 Men's heavy halfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.50 W. J. KNOX RERURED; WASHED: GREASED; EATON AND SON Fhonc TOO Main & 5th St. WJfJay up SET To /ABS. CULLER'S PLAce .. JS.^-^- DETFicTlve STEELS WLL BE ~~ 1 CALLED IP TU HO! I'LL UGSP TUB STOFP TO /AVSELF POR AVJH1LE... TJWG ISUT RIPE JUST VGT._ goY' V1UAT A PlctJIC MR. FARBAB. IS GOISJS Tb FIJJD IM, B6FORS LOUS THsee ....TWO ts ivc siREer, ot-».y /V.RS CULLER'S UGU.3S IS E HEXT 8UOCH IP t To CALL HIM UP AH' TEU. UI/.K ALL, I MGAHO IM THAT BACV. ROO^.... THAT'S HE SAUTED ME To DO....PI40ME H'.W.IF WASH TUimS LIFE StCKA TTOPj^S 'N'ROMRUMNIM 1 . ^ W ASKI?>PtR VIW^S THEM BY tcfWE. VOO OlO WtLCOWE C'MOM - I'VE B£EN To CiO OM 9lCMi£ FOR. ft . _ ._ Pt-EA^RMT I'M IN NttP HELP. hNIl THERE'S WO ONE i CMJ TURN TO, NO ONE I CKN TRUST, %L>T ~(C)VJ TRV I THE WSTERV. IMHOLD1M& ONLSTOt ?OOZE I\MO TUfrT FISHMOJTil VOU IVCOCfVN BtKT I". MOP.EOUtAB(OUNDED TtttV AREJOT

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