The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1955
Page 12
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BLTTHEYILLB (ARK.)' COUBIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, EEBRUABY 9, 19M Your Heart's in Your Hondi-3 How Nature Wor/cs to Heal Coronary Attack (Third in a Series) By DR. WILLIAM A. BRAMS Distributed by NEA Service NEW YORK — (NEA) — The world's most miraculous engine is the powerful human heart. And the persons who know this best are those who have had a heart attack. As they fight their way back to health, they begin — and are often surprised — to learn that their greatest ally is often the heart itself. In few diseases does Nature herself do so much to make amends as in coronary thrombosis. In many, many cases, a man -has a heart attack- but does not know it, gets better, has another and perhaps more than that, recovers each time and lives to a ripe old age. When he dies, it's from something else. His heart has been healing itself, without waiting for help from either patient or doctor. Just because this can happen does not mean you don't have to bother with competent medical care. Every case is a law unto itself, and your attack may be bad enough to call for supplementary measures, such as medicines and rest in bed. But the stories of people who have got better by themselves are encouraging. They testify to the fact that, apart from measures you and your doctor may take, your heart is making tremendous efforts to mend itself. Before you can understand this, you must know why the heart is ill. And that explanation, simply, is that one of Us vital feed lines has been blocked by a clot of blood. The coronary arteries, with their fine mesh of capillaries, form a network all around and through your heart. The obstructing clot may lodge itself anywhere in the system. If it forms in either main artery, or one of their branches, the situation is bad indeed. The network from that point on must suddenly go without its oxygen-bringing blood, and the tissues begin to die. Whatever their work they now perform it badly. Unless they can in some manner recapture a blood supply very quickly, they Will not function again at all. But your heart has amazing power to make the best of a bad situa tion. Soon after your aftnc-k, a tre mendous burst of activity starts as it finds new modes for carrying on It begins to re-route its fuel building new roads to by-pass the block. By the time the process is finished, an entire section of youi heart may be linked with a whole new highway system for bringing in needed blood. At the same time, your body's policemen or soldiers — the white cells of your blood — are attacking the damaged tissue, as well as the clot itself. You will remember that soon after your attack, your temperature rose one or two degrees. You may WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Jane Tomlin McGarrity pltE., vs. No. 12896 Carl Ross McGarrity, dft. The defendant, Carl Ross McGarrity, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- tiff. Jane Tomlin McGarrity. Dated this 25th day of January, 1955. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C. Eibert Johnson, Atty. 1/26-2/2-9-16 The polar bear is an exceedingly strong swimmer and is known to have crossed "a strait 40 miles wide. HIYA, STRANGER—Three-year-old Raleigh Dorrough III takes time out to get acquainted with a snow man, a stranger in Columbus, Ga. It was a real treat for him, since snow enough to build a snow man rarely falls this far south. think of fever as a sign of illness — as indeed it is — but in a subtle way it is also a sign of health. It shows that bits of the clot, and bits of the damaged tissue, are being reduced, to fluid and absorbed by the many white blood cells. The healing process is slow. Very often, however, the efforts are so successful that the clot is done away with entirely, so that the artery is virtually restored to its previous condition. This is the best possible outcome. Very often, too, the repair work ends in a compromise; not a complete recovery, but a good working solution. While the clot has not been removed, at least it is shrunken in size, or the new vessels growing into it have formed a series of tunnels. * * • This is the place for a word of caution. Let us suppose you are very fortunate: that the clot is removed completely and your heart heals well. You must not forget, however, that the hardening of the arteries is not undone. That condition, which brought on the clotting in the first place, will not improve and we k*now of no measures to stop it. Thus you must face the fact that the stage' is set for a possible second clot. But in one way you're better off — for now at least you know that your arteries are not in good order, and can take proper heed of the warning. We have no way of detecting: the process of hardening of the arteries, and your heart attack was the only means of learning what was going on. Finally, as elsewhere in your body, a strong scar forms over the injury — in roughly five to eight, weeks. This is the bright side of coronary thrombosis: the fact that in this disease, more than in any other, you can safely count on your body to make every effort to mend • things. i bridge or canasta and charge each guest SOc and that way nobody will be the loser. Who wouldn't pay SOc to spend, an afternoon in such a nice way? And for such a worthy cause. For the information of some, there is only n balance of $14,000 OH that {85,000 building. Nice work and how proud the south end of the county should be in having such a beautiful 'building. Nice to show tourists, too. The U. S. Weather Bureau was authorized on this date in 1870, Wiiliam Harirson born on this day, the Mormons departure from Nauvoo, 111,, began on February 10, 1846. Abraham Lincoln was born, as any first grader knows, on February 12, 1809. For those of you who are interested in the University of North Carolina, did you know the first student to arrive there was on February 18, 1795? Well, he did. Bet there's not a man In these parts who hasn't griped at the women folks in his life, of how much money they spend trying to be beautiful — Just for them. Well, if you want to come back at the brute with both barrels, just throw this at him and you're safe for the rest of your beautiful life. In 1953 men spent $500 million in barberships while women ONLY spent the meager sum of $497 million. Just goes to show you this Is NOT a woman's world. That man who lives for self alone Lives for the meanest mortal known. Tears are the silent language of grief. HAPPY VALENTINE! COMING SOON Bob Logan Announces a Beautiful New Porcelain Enamel Texaco Service Station Now Under Construction (Station Will Be Leased Locally) at the Corner of Ash and Division Tour With Texaco ... Let us heat your home and power your farm Tomorrow: How you — and the doctor — can help. 1 dori't just ask ^>~=c' x / ^ -*''\ ! for bourbon... ^-^j ask Jw Q() KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY FULLY AGED $455 J85 405 I4*ri, *| ^QL Ort. THE BOURBON DE LUXE COMPANY, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. THl| WHISKEY IS 1 YEARS OLD. 86 TKOOF. STARR GAZING By BETTYE -S'ELLE STARR Courier News Staff Correspondent An old Welsh proverb says, "Praise the wise man behind his back, but a woman to her face." Somehow or other, I resent that. That old saying, "As poor as a church mouse," was said long before church suppers became popular. Every church blames the other churches for having the most "eat- in' meetin's". I'll bet the church mice now-a-days are as fat as they come. Personally I like eatin' meetin's — good way to find out who are the best cooks in town — and the biggest eaters. How many letters a day does the average family take out of their mail boxes that are really worth the price of the stamp on it? Just curious. I nm deep in sympathy with the mail carrier who tramps a full block in all sorts of weather, to deliver one of Hhose darn letters that is addressed only to "The Occupant." The sooner that sort of business tactics are abolished the better. Those letters tend only to rile the majority of people who receive them, to say nothing of what it does to the poor mail man. "Roil" is the proper word, but "rile" sounds better in this case. Some wise guy who wouldn't give his name had this to say: "Some women blush when they are kissed; some call for the police, some swear, some bite. But the worst are those who laugh." mate of a worker's success. Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be. As much as the man of the house cusses grass, it keeps on growing just the same. This is a little premature but is at least something to' help cheer up the one who pushes the lawnmower. "Grass is the forgiveness of nature—her constant benediction . . forests decay, harvests perish, j flowers vanish, but grass is immortal." Think about this 'long 'bout Julv 4th. He who has not the spirit of his age has all the misery of it, including all the known aches and pains. It requires a strong constitution to withstand repeated attacks of prosperity. The reputation of a man is like a shadow — gigantic when it precedes his, but pigmy in its proportions when it follows. Good luck is a lazy man's esti- Members of the Osceola Progressive Club need never worry about their payments on the 385,000 building as long as Mrs. John W. Edrington is chairman of the finance committee. Now she has it all figured uot on how she can raise a pretty nice sum. She calls February the "Friendship Month". Her scheme is. to have each member raise $4 before the March meeting and suggested that they invite eight In for an afternoon of Attention Truckers Quality coal now available for truck loading at STREAMLINE MINE, PERCY, ILLINOIS on Illinois highway 150, only 15 miles from Chester, Illinois. Following sizes available from overhead storage bins: 8-1" Washed & Oil Treated Chunk 3/4" X 3/S" Washed & Oil treated Stoker l'/ 2 " washed Commercial Sfoker YOUR PATRONAGE INVITED Hi^^^^HHHHBHMB^BHKgHffHi^U UTLEY'S DRIVE-IN LIQUOR STORE —OPEN REGULAR HOURS— CUT RATE PRICES ON ALL BRANDS OF • Liquors • Wines 0 Scotch • Gins • Cordials All Popular Brands of BEER Handy 6-Pack Carfon Canned Cooks Beer Handy 6-Pack Carton, Canned All Popular Brands Cigarets 60 1 70 Per Carton "Trade With Us And We'll All Make Money" -HUBERT UTLEY- Highway Holland, Mo. Now On Disploy of HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. Introducing The All New CASE '400' AMERICA'S FINEST TRACTORS IN THE 50 H.P. CLASS DAZZLING NEW LOOK! A DREAM TO DRIVE! Great new POWR RANGE TRANSMISSION, with 8 SPEEDS FORWARD . . . NEW POWERDRYNE ENGINE . . . NEW HYDRAULIC POWER STEERING. Not mere improvement of a prior model . . . not just refinement of detail nor stepping up of power. No, the Case "400" is a wholly new creation from the ground up. When you take the wheel of the "400", expect great things. Power that purrs as it pulls, and pulls stronger as engine speed comes down. Unbroken range of gear speeds to match every bracket of farm jobs from heaviest tillage to rapid transport. NOW ON DISPLAY AT HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. 4-Row Drive-In CULTIVATOR Attach in one minute with eagle hHch. Front gangs are supported by special stands to allow drive in attaching. No lifting or dragging of gangs. Featured by HIGHER CLKARANCE for late season crops. All New Engines for All 4 Fuels: • DIESEL • GASOLINE • LP GAS • DISTILLATE HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. Walnut at Franklin Phon« 3-6898

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