The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1955
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1985 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY By ). R. Williams OH, THOSE TOE NAILS/ THEY'RE <serriM6 TO LOOK LIKE DUCKS' BILL*.' AiJD THAI CONTEST _ ESAD, 30YS/ XetP IT OJDEC? yO HATS, BUT rve INVENTED AM AIE- . CHAIR TWrXr WILL RWAd. •we POPULAR FIRST YEAR'S $ALE£ glLLIONl AMD A HALF SROSS,THAT IS DON'T GRASP HOVJ BIS THIS 15 = MEN/ DECEITFUL MEN /// DARUNd/ '. HOPE KEEP You WWTIM6/ BARBAJU, HAVE YOU MET WY WIFE? THEY SAV BARBARA'S REAL 60NB ON THAT" . NEW MATH TEACHER.' Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Wednesday Night, Feb. 9 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:J5 News Reporter 6:30 Eddie Fishor 6:45 News Caravan 7;00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Favorite Story 8:00 TV Theatre 9:00 This Is Your Life 9:30 Mr. District Attorney 10:00 Norby — color 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10.45 Clcte Roberts 11:00 Tonight 11:00 Tonight Thursday, Feb. 10 6:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7 :25 Weather 7 :30 Today 7:55 Memphis Today 8:00 Today • 8:25 Memphis Today 8:30 Today 8:53 Exercises with Cathy 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Story land 3:45 Shopping at Home 10:00 Home Show 11:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford 11-30 Piather Your Neet 12:00 News 12:15 .arm News 12:30 TV Movie Matinee 1:00 Way of the World ] :15 Charm with Cathy 1:30 Homemakers Program 2:00 Greatest Gift 2:15 Golden Windows 2:30 One Man'* Family 2:45 Concerning Ml»s Marlowe 3.00 Hawkins Falls 3:15 First Love 3:30 World of Mr. Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romance* 4:00 Pinky Lee Show 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Captain Video 5:15 Interesting Penon 5:25 Weatherman 5;30 Terry and the Pirates (1:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 8:30 Dinah Shore 0:45 News Caravan 7:00 Oroucho Marx 7:30 I Led 3 Lives 8.00 Dragnet 3:30 Theatre 9;00 Video Theatre 10:00 PJayJiouse ol Stara 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Dollar A Second 11:15 Tonight 12:00 ai|jn Off Wllblt Channel IS Wednesday Night, Feb. » 8:00 Hartoontime «:13 Weather 0:20 Newi 6:25 Do You Know Why 8:30 Doug Edwards fl:45 Perry Como 7:00 Godfrey & Friends 8:00 The Millionaire 8:30 I've Got A Secret 6:00 Blue Ribbon Bouti 10:00 Weather 10:05 NCWH 10:15 Late Show Thursday, Feb. JO 7:00 Morning Show 8:53 NBWB 9:00 Garry Moore 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 StrlXe It Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News 12:05 Kitchen Magic 12:30 Welcome Traveler 1:00 Robert Q. Lewis 1:30 House Party 2:00 Dig Payoff 2:30 Lady or the HOUR« 2:45 Bob- Crosby 3:00 6righter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Portia Paces Life 4:15 Early Show 3:30 Mara Patrol 6:00 Western Theatre 8:20 • (1:25 7:00 7:30 8:30 10:00 10:05 10:15 News Do You Know Why Doug Edwards Jane Froman Ray Mllland Climax Four Star Playhouse Public Defender The Star and the Story Weather NCWB Late Show TRUSSES EXPERTLY 1 FITTED 7 price KIRBY DRUG STORES At Tht First Sign—Get BOB'S GYPSY RUB LINIMENT WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! H U B BARD HARDWARE MERCKAKTS LUNCH-75< SOUTHERN STYLE CRACKLIN' BREAD SERVED DAILY "Mom" Rice's Home Made Pies Kalian Spaghetti — Chicken & Dumplings DRIVE IN RAZORBACK COPYRIGHT 1954 BY fRAHK GRUBEK^DISTRtBUTED BY HEA SCRVlCt. INC, ollrrt ,| )>ni< <lfttt Into irfvlng tlir: IV JOHNNY said to the switch •' hoard oncrator in the Chalrni Pplham. "Tell her Mr. Carmi chicl sent me." The operator repealed the Information into the phone, then nodded to Johnny. "Four-D." They rode up in the automati elevator to the fourth door. The door was opened by Alice Cu mm ings, and Johnny knew why the hotel elcrk at the Hole Cbffsferton still remembered her She was that kind of Blonde, tall. "Do I know you boys?" she asked in a voice that soothed like molten lava. Behind Johnny Sam CragR whistled softly. "Wo just left Jess at the club," Johnny said. "Sober?" Without wafting for a reply, she opened the door and Johnny and Sam went into the apartment. II was nice. It was worth nrwtml two.hundred n month and probably cost three fifty., "To cut a lonfi story short," Johnny said, "four years a£o you hought a fur coat from the Arctic F'lir Company , . ." The love and kisses faded from A'i-oV; face. "What?" she cried shrilly. "Seventy-four dollars. That's what you owe, You can give It to me in small bills." "Why, you lousy—" began Alico C u m m 1 n R s. Then she 'caught herself, "What's this, n fia-i?" "The Acme Adjustment Agency t\(>Qf, not jest, madnm,", jtnld tracer. You skipped with th pells and I skip-traced you. Thi is payday. Seventy-four dollars lady. Cash. Checks not ac ccpled." "Ha ha," said Alice humor lessly. "I laughed. The cag's a howl. Now scram, boys, I've go a date." JOHNNY put his hand agains 1 the door and pushed it shut. "Tht money—or the coat." 'What coat? That rabbilskin wore out ages ago. I paid more for that junk than it was worth.' "The Acme Adjustment Agency says uh-uh. We're bloodhounds get the money from you or i< s blood. I mean it. sister Seventy-four dollars on the line or-I'll blow the whistle." "Now, wait a minute." the girl said, suddenly desperate. "You gave the name of Jess Carmi- chfleJ so you'd got it. How —how did you know about him?' "We saw him, lady," cried am. "We talked to him at the Jnrover Club.' "Shut up, Sam," exclaimed 'ohnny. "But he's ri^ht, baby, t was old Jess himself who gave is your address." "Jess," whispered Alice. "So t's come to this." She suddenly whirled nnd (rode into the bedroom. She ame out immediately, carrying purse. "All right," she said ngcily, "take your money. And hope you choke on it!" Site tore open the bag, brought Ut ft wallet and skimmed out a lieaf of bills, nil that were in he wnllnt. Johnny counted the money. He shook hfs head. "There's only $57 here, mad- 11." "That's all the money I've got the place. I'll send you Johnny severely. "I'm a skip icck for the balance." "You weren't listening, lady. I said no checks." The phone whirred and Alice scooped it up. "Yes?" She listened a moment, then her face showed sudden fright. "Mr. Carmichael. Y-yes, tell him to come up." She slammed down the receiver. "Get out of here. Right away." "Seventeen dollars, baby . . ." "I told you I haven't got the money." "Maybe Mr. Carmichael can end it to you." "No!" she cried. Jn panic she whirled and looked wildly around; the room. Her eyes focused on what looked like a table decoration, a bronze figure of a goose, t about four inches tall. She rushed [ .0 the table, scooped it up and [ came back. "Here, take this. It's got more than $17 in it. Take ; t and get out." * • * JOHNNY took the statue and shook it. There was a slot on he back of the figure's neck in which coins could be inserted. The figure was heavy and Johnny icard the cheerful clink of coins nsidc. "A piggy bank,** he said. "A goose bank!" exclaimed lam. "Get out now— please . . ." Alice started to push Johnny toward the door. "All right," he. said. "I can ake. n hint." Ho opened the door and topped out. Snm crowded his icels. In the corridor, Johnny lushed the button for the cle- ator. "Jeez," said Sam. "I feel sorry or the babe," "Don't. She's tough." The elevator door opened and 1 ess Carmichael stepped out ohnny stepped in. Carmichael whirled. "Here, you! ,What *« you "Goodby, now," said Johnny, ushlng the "down" button. The oor swung shut in Carmichael'« ice. (To Be Continued) New Awnings—Awning Repair Phone 3 - 4-2-9-3 SMITH AWNING CO. (Formerly Ford Awning Co.) Paint Closeout Many Types and Colors 1 Price Hubbard Hardware Pennzoil 2-7 For the first time ... a motor oil that UNLOCKS HORSEPOWER! You actually FEEL the difference behind the wheel. Your first crankcase fill proves this is a NEW KIND of motor oil. EXCLUSIVELY AT ANDY'S AUTO SERVICE Ash and 2nd BEST SHOE REPAIR IN TOWN HALTER'S QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 VV. Main i- GUARANTEED " Aiwa/5 a Good E§3 .V. .V.V.V.'.V, WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. RADIATOR WORK • Boikd Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 5M Cl. Lake Avc. Pho. 3-63«l Capf. !«S bj N£A Inc. T. M. Bt E . U. 8. "Good for you, mom! Now that you've put a dent in the new car, maybe dad will let me drive it!" "Your horoscope further states that you need fr«ih air and you should run out and play and let your tired old Dad have some peace and quiet!" ^THAT'S HOW ' I LIKE 'EM..5 THICK AND JUICY!' THANKS FOR tVEZYTHINS-- VOU OOrJT KNOW WHAT rr MEANT TOUETO2UKJ .MR N'CWMAM, DO YOU THIVK I WISH IKKEW ] YOUR SON IS COWING BAO^/WHW 8ROOKS> I MUST SW! WAS WEVER SO EMSARWSSED IN MY LIFE/ EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 BACK IN 1H6 UtOITgO St'lTS?... AMD WHY NOT, JEAN? VOU SUPPED MOWTV, I DON'T THINK>THKOU6H CUSTOMS I'VE EVER S£EM VOJ/WrrH cff. BORN'S K> EXLlSfeRASrT/,^-^ DOS.. AN» I'VE SUO- CEEPEO N eerrwe A MAW TO W<E CARE OF MC FLNT/ WHAT AM 1 TO DO, MR.FLINT f KXR. SOPHE,/WAVIFe,ISS eiCK EFF6BY TONE SHE. LOOKS AT RlCHAED VV1L- HELM'S EMPTy BED.' THINkS SOU'LL PERFORM PLASTIC SUR6ERV ON HIM, THE DOG I'LL TAKE THM" yHURW..IlL GUN.PW-! CAMT|BE IU W LET VOU HOLD U5\CAR,E*SY! H6R.E WHILE THE THEY CMO'T KKJOW 7 VES.JEAP FCK THE RUT.5HE5 WE TRACED 'EM / AIRPORT 1 . THERE'S A U MOT AT THRU GKOrOW.,.Akl|>| FUGHT TO NEW YORK. THE AIRWAY TE.Y TO GEr ISOON. AND I FISURS THE EASIE6 TO \ AARS-TOOLEY WILL HIWWOWC61 NOBODy COT OM THE PLANE win BABES! AVID TOOLE-Y HAD A PLANE TICK-HEY. MAYBE* HMM! HE SHOJLD HAVE BEEN BACK 'FORE NOW... MAYBE [ BETTER SO SEE \VHAT5 DETAINING 'IN' , NUTHIW LIKE HAVING A THERE AN' HK1S A PROB'LY THM \ IOCK AM'WAY.. HALF- NAKED LUNATIC THEY BROJGHT IN WHILE SOOO SELECTION OF BEEN RIPPED OFF SIZES AN STYLES TO 5 HINSE5! A CHOOSE FROM, I fl ALWAYS SAY.' THAT ) ICS OFF TH 1 A INVOLVES! A MESS O 1 BACK- 00 SOMETHING A90U THIS ICY SIDEWALK OR I'LL RUN " OFFICER

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