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Wathena Republican from Wathena, Kansas • 12

Wathena, Kansas
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Bad To Day? How's your stomach? Sour-weak-nervous-shaky? Bad taste? Last night's dinner didn't agree? Well, just step over to the drug store and get a bottle of Kodol For Indigestion and Dyspepsia Take a good, liberal dose, and you will be surprised how good it will make you feel. Kodol makes weak stomachs strong. Kodol is pleasant and palatable. Kodol digests all the food you eat. 'Keeps the Stomach Sweet SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.


DOORS BLINDS LATHL, SHINGLES, Lime, Cement, Brick. Let Me Figure On Your Bills, When You Want To Build. Bucks Hot Blast We show this Stove in Actual operation at our store, Using Soft Conl Slack costing $2.00 per ton--Burning it Without! Smoke Soot or Clinkers. WA prove that one ton of this cheap fuel will Give More Hout and Hold Fire Longer than any other stove will with 24 tons of soft coal. COME AND SEE IT.

Neudorff Hardware Co. 114 South Fourth Street ST. JOSEPH, MO. Member Retail Merchants' Association. Railroad Fares Rebated.

Croup When a child wakes up in the middle of the uight with a severe attack of croup frequently happens. no time should be lost in experimenting with remedies of a doubtful value. Prompt action is often necessary to gave life. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has never been known to fail in any case and So has been in use for over one-third of a century. There is none batter.

It can be depended upon. Why experiment? It ispleasant to take and contains no harmful drug. Price, 25 cents; large size, 50 cents. For Sale by JACOB MILLER, Druggist THE WATHEN A REPUBLICAN. FRIDAY, NOV.

20, 1908 Savannah 12, Wathena 0. Savannah defented Wathena at Savannah Saturday in a listless game of football. The game was played in 2 inches of snow which made many dumb plays. As a whole the Savannah organization showed better generalship and had better formation than Wathena. Dittemore starred for Savannah and Manville of the home team made several difficult tackles.

In the last two years four games of football have been played between Savannah and Wathena, two of which Wathena has taken by a combined score of 42 to 0, and Savannah's combined score being 24 to 0. DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the famous little liver pills, are sold by all druggists. John Miller and Mary Rohrer were married at the Catholic church Tuesday by Rev. John Bollweg. The groom is the eldest son of Justice of the Peace Fred Miller, of Marion Township.

and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rohrer, two of our highly respected German famiFlies south of Wathena. The young people have every prospect of a suecessful and happy future, and a large number of friends who wish them the same. Dr.

W. H. Minton, eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. Glasses accurately adjusted. 9th and Francis, St.

Joseph, Mo. Ed Bell has been laid up on account of running a splinter into his knee, which festered into a serious sore. Dr. Matthews and Charles Fetter drove out to the house Wednesday and lanced it. John Jack's folks have been visiting relatives in Missouri and in this vicinity during the fine weather of the week.

R3 I An Ann Announcement Having resigned as manager of the Missouri Valley Seed and having obtained a splendid business location at 412 Felix Street, I beg to announce to all my business friends and patrons that I have launched a seed store of my own, which will be known as The Duncan Seed Co. My line will be pure, fresh, clean seeds for field and garden, and will be handled in both retail and wholesale quantities. We will also carry an extensive line of fertilizers, poultry food and remedies, birds and goldfish, bird cages and aquariums, flower seeds and bulbs. Respectfully soliciting the patronage of all those who contemplate the purchasing of anything in these lines, we therefore beg to announce ourselves, Yours for Business, The Duncan Seed Co Ww. A.

DUNCAN, Proprietor. Phone 2428. 412 Felix Street, St. Joseph, Missouri NOTICE Tax Payers THE Farmers State Bank Has a list of your taxes, and will pay them for you for The Small Sum of 25 Cents M. E.

Church Bazaar. The Ladies Aid of the M. E. church will hold their annual bazaar at the Library Hall. Dec.

10 and 11, at which time everything, both useful and fancy work, will be on sale. At the domestic booth will be found aprons, dressing sacks, quilts and other articles too numerous to mention, The fancy work booth will contain handkerchiefs, center-pieces, doylies, collars and other handwork; a good place at which to buy your Christmas presents. The provision booth will have every thing tempting in the way of eatables. vegetables, canned fruits, pickles. cakes and bread.

"Sweets for the sweet" will be found at the candy booth in tempting array. All members of the society are requested to donate an apron. M. Bauer, left on a business and recreation trip Tuesday. going to Ness county and from there to Wichita, where he will visit relatives over Sunday.

He will be joined at Wichita by Dr. Matthews. George Groh and Charley Peisker, who will start Sunday morning for the Texas Panhandle strip, to see what kind of land Dr. Matthews bought, and per haps invest in some themselves. Fred Manville, Mike Boeh and Win Kiehnhoff have also been thinking of going along.

Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup is the one that children like so well to take as it tastes nearly as good as maple sugar. It is different from the others as it does not constipate, but on the other hand it acts gently yet freely on the bowels and thereby drives the cold out of the system. It is sold by all druggists. Judge Van Doran has been able to walk out and enjoy the fine weather of the past few days, and by sitting down and resting two or three times on the way, has made it to the office and back. He is gaining strength.

the exercise is good for him and he greatly enjoys it, a after his severe ordeal of more than seven months. The Judge and Gus Mouirguies, whose cases are very similar, met at the postoffice Tuesday and held a cheerful exchange of condolences. Is is about seven years since Mr. Mouirguies was stricken. His left hand remains entirely palsied and his left side partly so.

He has to be assisted at the table and to dress. He manages to walk with a cane, but seldom leaves the house except when he goes to the barbar shop to get a shave. Shooting Match Shooting Match At Herman Deeken's place, Tuesday, Nov. 24, starting at one o'clock p. m.

Shells on the ground, only factory loaded shells allowed. The Woodmen Dancing Club of Wathena will give a dance at Library Hall, Tuesday evening, Nov. 24th. Everybody cordially invited. L.

E. Fisher, who has leased the Julius W. Weber place, arrived last week with his family, and says he will have to stay as he couldn't find his way out of these hills if he should try. He is from south west Nebraska, where hills are not on the landscape. He owns a 320 acre farm there for which he gets good rent.

He has four boys and a girl, and thinks that fruit growing will be a good occupation, which he will probably find to be a correct supposition. M. E. Bazaar Dec. 10 and If.

On account of an entertainment to be given at Library Hall Dee. 8, the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. church have changed the dates of their bazaar to Dec. 10 and 11.

The late campaign is conceded to have been a hot one, but it was as cold as liquid air in comparsion with the campaign between Kate Elkins and the Duke of the Abruzzirs, which is sizzling on and still a-heating. Mrs. Pillow and Mrs. Hess were up from Elwood Monday for butter and eggs and other things that can be obtained at Wathena to better advantage than elsewhere. Read the classified ads for "'lost and "for sale," "wanted," and such items.

Our Annual Remnant Sale Has Begun Hundreds of Samples, Hundreds of Remnants, Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Linoleum, Lace Curtains, Odd Shades, Etc. Everything that has been shown as a sample and every remnant and edd lot All Cut to Half Price and Less Remnant Sale of All Kinds. All Remnants of Ingrain Carpets, yards, worth from 50c to 90c yard. nant Sale price, per yard. Carpets Sample Lengths from 3 to 10 500 Sample Rem- each, used as 30c to $3.00 pair.

Lace Curtains And Portieres Lace Curtain Corners, 14 yards long travelers' of samples; up 25C 500 Ingrain Mill Samples, 1 yard long each, 50 Odd Pairs Portiere Curtains, one pair of a patworth up to 90c per yard. Remnant Sale tern, all colors, at exactly half price, worth from price, $6.00 to $10.00 per pair. Choice of the 25c lot, per pair. $4.00 100 Remnants Brussels, Velvet and Axminster, Make excellent cheap rugs, from 1 to 2 yards 10 Sample Rope Portieres for single doors, rose and each, at 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 each. green choice, combination.

Regularly 75c Oilcloth and Linoleum Remnants, suitable for under stoves, all in extra good qualities, at 500 Yards in Remnants China and Japan Mattings, from 3 to 15 yards each. Worth from 25c to just one-half regular values. Buy Quick. 45c per yard; choice of the lot, per 15c We Sell More Carpets and Draperies Than All Others Combined. J.

B. BRADY CARPET CO. ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI The Exclusive Store---Carpets, Rugs, Draperies. Member Retail Merchants Association.

Railroad Fares Rebated. Attention, Nathan Price Post 283, G. A. All comrades are requested to attend next Post meeting day, November 27. Important business to come before the Post.

G. W. Knedler, P. C. S.

W. Allen, Adjt. G. A. R.

Notice. J. A. Heil. Director, Herman Mos- kau.

Treasurer, and Frank Haddix, Clerk, the schoolboard of District 63, were in town Saturday attending to matters preparatory to building their new and larger schoolhouse. They desire to sell the old house, which is in good condition, and contains good material, but the dirtrict has outgrown it, and the school site has been changed to a better location. See advertisement elsewhere for bids. Evalina Heil came over from St. Joseph to spend Sunday at home.

Geo. Meng was lucky, Sunday, Nov. 15th. to find Henry Heil's gold watch and receive the reward offered. It was in good running order, and not tarnished, after laying by the road side, just north of Gladden school house, for seven weeks.

Thanks to George's sharp A. Heil. Frint Trees. I respectfully solicit your orders for all kinds of fruit trees for spring delivery. Have represented the Griesa Nurseries, at Lawrence.

for years, and our stock gives satisfaction. -O. E. Walton. Miss Alice Flynn, of St.

Joseph, and her cousin, of Montana, are visiting for a few days in this vicinity as guests at the Barrett farm. Henry Wagenknecht says he will have the brickwork of the Fruit Growers Association building done in three weeks, if the weather continues favorable. A crowd of the boys took a look at the comet through Mr. Bradley's field glasses Tuesday evening. It would be visible to the naked eye if the weather was cold enough to clear the atmosphere of the haze.

Mrs. Omohundro went to Trimble, Saturday, and remained over Sunday visiting friends and relatives. Miss Artie Miller, her sister, went the week before and returned Tuesday. Big outs or little cuts, small scratches or bruises or big ones are healed quickly by De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It is especially good for piles.

Sold by all druggists. Mrs. H. C. Hanson came in from Clay Center Thursday, last week, and remained until Tuesday on 8 visit to her sisters.

Rev. Hanson came 88 far as Topeka, where he stopped on ministerial duties. Phone 555 The German Heater FOR SO COAL Is the most economical heater that money can buy. It uses one-third less fuel than any other soft coal stove. The peculiar down draft construction of the enables it to consume all combustible matter in soft coal.

Aug. Schwien Stove Co. 419 Edmond Street, St. Joseph, Missouri. BE A SPORT The Remington Shotgun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! The Celebrated Dead Shot Powder.

We are up-to-date ia everything in the line of sporting goods. See us on shells of all kinds and all powders, and all kinds of loads. Come and see us. Wm. Ellinger Sporting Goods Co.

316 Edmond Street, St. Joseph, Missouri. Chrysanthemums, Roses, Carnations Flowers for All Occasions, Tulips, Hyacinths and Other Bulbs for Fall Planting. E. V.

MYERS 104 South Fifth Street, St. Joseph, Missouri C. O. BATSON Harness, Whips Robes Repairing a Specialty Shalz Building WATHENA, KANSAS Star Barber Shop: BATHS, Massage, Singeing, everything first-class, clean, up-todate, and bath room ready all the time. Forbes basement.

D. P. Jacks, Prop. The Sawmill Still in the Newton Bottoms IN THE TALL COTTONWOODS Only 100,000 Feet Left Hurry, Before It's All Sold. Fine Cotton wood Lumber in Dimension, Boxing and Fencing, for Houses, Barns and Haysheds.

Especially, for No. 1 Jumber, 81.70 at the mill. Special price on 4,000 feet or more. Lumber on yard at all times. Can fill your large bills on short notice.

Can also now deliver lumber to Wathena. Call and see or send in your bill. YOURS FOR NATIVE LUMBER JOHN ALFREY R. R. No.

1. Wathena, Kansas F. H. DRENNING F. G.

DRENNING Land for sale. Topeka. DRENNING DRENNING ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELOR. Topeka, Wathena, 521 Kansas Kansas. avenue.

Special attention will be given to bankruptey, banking, corporation and probate law, land titles..

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