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Wathena, Kansas
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LWCOO SCHOOLS atljena Qepvtblican II AEFEL1 aa aa a as a W. T. Stewart, Editor. NOV. 10, 1911 FRIDAY, Floral Co.

SUGGESTIVE QUESTIONS On the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the ln-i ternational Press Bible Question Club. lam Um, THE WAR IN AFRICA. News from Africa report that the Report for Month Ending Octobar 27, 1911.

HIGH SCHOOL. No. enrolled. 9 Average daily attendance 8.8 Neither absent nor tardy Nettie Davis, Vernon Davis, Lyde Paden, Daisy Muse, Hava Wilson. Geo.

W. KiyKEAD, Principal. Florence Lawsox, Assistant. C.0.BATS0N Harness, Whips Robes One Door North of Bauer Grain Company WATHENA, KANSAS i Repairing a Specialty BELLEMONT. Mr, Owsley, of Fillmore, and Miss Gertrude Laipple, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Chas, Lajpple, were married at St Joseph Nov. 1, 1911. They will make their home at Fillmore. Mrs.

Owsley has many friends here who wish them every success and happiness in their new home. They are at Mr. Laipple's at present, but will go to Fiimore in a short time, They have many friends there who will give them a hearty welcome. Miss Clara Maag left Saturday for Iowa, where she will visit for a time, and Tuesday evening she gave a good-by party to her friends, so they would not forget her while away. They had Turks are rallying for a "holy war" and giving the Italians the worst of it It is to be hoped not.

The world is fast growing too small to tolerate the "holy war" racket much longer, and now that Italy is up against it again to deal with a heathen horde whose Nov. 19th, 1911. (Copyright, 1010. by Kev. T.

S. Linscott, D.D.) Ezra's Journey to Jerusalem. Ezra No. 382 Eighth Francis. St.

Joseph, Mo. Cut Flowara, Floral Designs, Plants Dseorationstor All Purpoaes. Wathena, Vbone 50. Mrs. E.

A. POIRfER We are the agency for the International Floral Service. In constant telegraphic communication with leading florists, and on six hours notice can have flowers or designs delivered to your friends anywhere in the civilized world. at any desired hour, day or night, at practically the same cost a local delivery. GRAMMAR SOOM.

religion, teaches that to kill a Chris No. enrolled. 14 Average daily attendance 13.175 Neither absent nor tardy Anna tian dog is an assurance of a front seat in heaven, Italy should not be al 1 Carroll, Effie Row, Vachel Stevens, lowed to back up until every dago in the United. States has been to a fine supper and a good time, playing Africa and the aoly war" business is Home Phone 403 Office Phone 18 Mary Rhodes. Leta B.

Kirk, Teacher. INTERMEDIATE ROOM. P. H. Onus nino Land (or sale.

t. G. Drhnninu Topeka. all kinds of games. They went home snot so full of holes that not enough wishing Miss Clara a pleasant time while on her trip.

of it would be left for St Peter to hold an inquest upon. Incidentally, the U. S. consul in Tripoli gives notice No. enrolled.

22 Average attendance ...19 Neither absent nor tardy Bertha Bean, Mildred Canterbury, Homer Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Dubaoh and Mr.

and Mrs. O. Dubaoh spent the day with Mrs. Theriet and family Sunday, and Mr. and Mrs.

C. O. Dubach re to this government that the reported shooting of women and children by the Dr.C.W.MOSKAU Graduate yelerinarji WATHENA. Will make his headquarters at tha Wathena Livery Barn. Calls promptly attended at all hours, Day or Night.

Italians should be taken cum grano Foster, Burton Wasser, Elizabeth mained for the night. salis which, in modern Latin, may be interpreted as a big dose of. salts. Mr. and Mrs.

M. M. Frankovich have Quinn, Phoebe Wolf. Laura Evans, Teacher. SECOND PRIMARY.

brought their little son Louie home UKEHSUNG DRESSING ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS Topelra, 521 Kansas avenue. Wathena, Kansas. Special attention will be given to banks ruptcy, banking, corporation and pmba-aud land titles. First Published in The Wathena Republican, Friday. October 13.

1911. Administrator's Notice. Estate of Thomas Shortle, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given to all whom It may concern, that the undersigned was, on the 2d day of October, by the Probito Court of Doniphan County, k'ansas, appointed Administrator of the estate of Thomas P. Shortle, deceased.

late of said County and State, All persons indebted to or holding funds belonging to said estate are notified to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and those having claims against the estate will present them for allowance and make due proof of the same, as required by la w. PA1BIOKI SHOKTLE. Administrator of the Estate of Thomas Shortle, Deceased 29w5 ITEMS FROM BLAIR. from a hospital in St. Joseph, where Golden Text The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek him.

Ezra viii :22. (1.) Verses 15-20 Who, and what, was Ezra? (2.) If several generations of the same family are engaged in the same business or professions, is the laat generation more expert at their calling than the first? (3.) What was the special work of the Levi test (4.) How much does any organization depend for its success, upon men of rare ability at its head? (5.) What steps should the present day church take, to supply the great lack of ministers? (6.) Verses 21-23 Where was this company of devout men at this time? (7.) Having the fit men for the work, what is the next necebsity as suggested by this story? (8.) What results invariably follow when a company of Christiana spend several days together in fasting and prayer? (U.) What better guarantee for a safe journey have we, if it is preceded with devout prayer? (10.) What had Ezra told the king, which afterward made him ashamed to ask for a company of soldiers on their Journey? (11.) Verse 23 How did Ezra know that God had heard their prayer for a safe Journey? (12.) How may we know when God hears and answers our prayers? No. enrolled 29 Average daily attendance 24 Last week being a fine time for hunting on the river, a party from here, namely, Chas. Ramseier, Chas. Curley, he has been for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gunselman vis ited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs J. Martin 'and family.

Neither absent nor tardy Helen John Muench Jr. and Earl Walton had Wolf, Watson, Alfretta Davis, Viola Anderson, Ida Trotter, Fred and Dave Dubach are baling a glorious time shooting ducks 'and geese. They all have such. good appe alfalfa and timothy at Theriet's this Howard Moorhead, Charles Page, Nathaniel Stanley, Maude Lewis, tites that the ducks all disappeared week. before they came home.

Ramseier Mrs. P. Droz spent Monday at R. brought home the geese. Sumner's.

Ethel i.Page, Edna Chaney, Edith Wilson, Mary Davis, Marcelus, Coale, Maurine Morris, Mildred Campbell, Considerable hog cholera reported near here, Saved Many From Death. W. L. Mock, of Mock, believes David Paden, Howard Warren and Mr. and Mrs.

Robt. McClelland will Charles Williams. Josephine Quinn, Teacher. spend a few months with their daughter, Mrs Mansfield, in Oklahoma. Low Fares Southwest he has saved many lives in his 25 years of experience in the drug business.

"What I always like to do," he writes, "is to recommend Dr. King's New Discovery for weak, sore lungs, FIRST PRIMARY. The hard freeze last week caught No. enrolled .63 about a car load of apples on the trees in VVm. Erskine's orchard.

They will Daily attendance 56 Not absent Armand Wasser, Jones. Charles Porter, Eva Holder, Gertrude Rhodes, Bertha Lamaster, Viola Lamaster, Dora Lamaster, PORTLAND CEMENT A most wonderful discovery. The greatest building material of modern times. IT HAS SO MUCH MERIT and its uses are so varied that many unscrupulous manufacturers are making an inferior brand. Let Us advise you how to test cement for quality.

You will learn that the brand, for which we are agents, Stands Every Test. It is second to none. Remember, in buying cement price is not the only consideration. THOS. LANKFORD Pratt's Stock Food Always On Hand.

hard colds, hoarseness, obstinate coughs, la grippe, croup, asthma or other bronchial affection, for I feel sure that a number of my neighbors are alive and well today because they took my advice to use it. I honestly believe it's the best throat and lung medicine that's made." Easy to prove he's right. Get a trial bottle free, or regular 50c or $1.00 bottle. Guaranteed by All Druggists. not be a total loss, however, as the bulk of them can be worked into cider.

All hands are busy husking corn this week, and it is of first class quality. Is your husband cross? An irritable, fault finding disposition is often due to a disordered stomach. A man with good digestion is nearly always good natured. A great many have been permanently cured of stomach trouble by taking Chamberlain's Tablets. For sale by All Dealers.

Maybelle Pillow, Willis Gabriel Lulu Paris, Bertrand Chaney, Katheryn Shortle, Rosenet Stevens. Adolph Fattig, Ethel Kern, Chester Cruse, Willie Wolf, Belva Dailey, Cora Paris, New, home-made, country sorghum at J. A. Stewart iTn Have you ever thought of making a change Of getting away from the continual grind and cares of business In Rock Island States Southwest are numerous opportunities for happy, healthy, independent living. Become a land owner and a producer now while land is cheap.

Twice Each Month on the First and Third Tuesday- Cj Rock Island Lines offer very low jl fares to the Southwest. Take -advantage of the next excursion and see for yourself what others are doing and what you caa do in this land of plenty. Nellie Wilson, Alberta Stanley, Leo-ta Rhodes, Freda Canterbury, Mason Paden, Hazel Rhodes, Viola Kern, Wilma Smith, John Coale, Herbert Stevens. (13.) Verses 24-30 How do you Justify the vast expenditure of money for carrying on church and missionary work? (14.) Why ought money for church and missionary work to be as carefully accounted for as money in a bank? (15.) Why is it the duty of every person to feel as much obligation to give his proper share for carrying on God's cause, as to feed and clothe himself and those dependent upon him? (16.) Verse 31-32 Two men start on a journey and are attacked by robbers, one being killed and the other escaping without injury; which of these men did God love more, and why? (This is one of the questions that may be answered In writing by members of the club) (17.) What rules would you say God adopts in delivering, or not delivering, U3 from our enemies? (18.) How far was it from Babylon to Jerusalem, and how long did it take them to make the Journey? (19.) Verses 33-36 There are a great many more individual churches than there are individual banks; but what is the proportion of defaulting church treasurers, compared with defaulting bank presidents or cashiers' (20.) Which gets the greater happiness, the one who honestly discharges a financial trust, or the op who having kept a lot of the money, yet not found out? Lesson for Sunday, Nov. 26th.

1911. Nehemlah's Prayer. Nehemiah 1. Irene Gifford, Teacher. COLORED SCHOOL.

GRAMMAR ROOM. Watch Watch! No. enrolled 13 Average attendance 11 Neither absent nor tardy Hillary Crooms, Dewey Gorman. Lillie M. Webster, Teacher.

THE BALANCE OF OUR CLOTHING, OVERCOATS, MEN'S AND BOYS' SUITS, LADIES' AND MISSES' CLOAKS AND SKIRTS ARE GETTING LOWER People who have "not taken advantage of ur cut prices to close out should not wait, but come now, while we still have a good assortment to pick from, every choice of which is a bargain you cannot afford to miss. Also remember, we are closing out our millinery before our milliner leaves, who will be here only a short time longer. PRIMARY room. Let ma quote yon fares and help plan a trip of investigation. R.

S. TSL'ESCELL. Agent, Wathena. k'ans. 5c Monday and Tuesday Next Week will be Calico Days Again, When All Calicoes In The House Will Be Sold At, Per Yard Cures Colds Prevents Pneumonia SPECIAL No enrolled 31 Average daily attendance 28.02 Neither absent nor tardy Lucille Brown.

Alberta Davis, Garman Maul, Cleopatra White, Lillie Vaughn, William Brown, Essex Davis, Vernon Walker, Loyd White. Leona McCukry, Teacher, Starts Much Trouble. If all people knew that neglect of constipation would result in severe indigestion, yellow jaundice or virulent liver trouble they would soon take Dr. King's New Life Pills, and end it. It's the only safe way.

Best for biliousness, headache, dyspepsia, chills aud debility. 25c at All POIRIER CAFE From next Saturday on we will have on Bale Teu Dozen Pairs of Men's Overshoes at, $1.00 WATHENA. per pair, only Meals, Lunclies and snort orders Suppers or Lunches Served or Supplied for Parties, at Cafe, Home or Elsewhere. Western Dairy Ice Cream, Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes aud a Full Supply of Bakery Koickknacka. Fancy Candies, Nuts, Fruits, Etc.

Cigars and Tobacco. Mrs. E. A. POIRIER, Proprietor.

SCHOOL REPORTS Report of Lehman school, District No. 87, for month ending November 3, 1911. CUT PRICES Men's Suits, up Q- from Boys's Suits, from 15 to 19 years of age, will make good school C'J QZ suits, for Boys' Suits, from 5 to 10 CI AA years, up from I-UU EXTRA SPEECIAL Men's and Boys' Over-coats, Half Price MILLINERY Season will soon be over. Pick out your Hats now, while our taimmer is still here. BARGAINS Closing Out! Ladies' Suits at Half Price Great Cut On Ladles' and Misses' Coats About 100 LhcUoh' Juckets, Cl A-closing out ut Number enrolled, 65; average daily Hundreds of Items will go in This Sale that will be Great Bargains at the Cut Prices at which they will be sold attendance, 57.

'either absent nor tardy Edna, Pearl and Allen Hoffman, Daisy Leh man, Clarence Mehrwein, George, Men's $1.00 Overulls, at .75 At Manville About 100 Ladles' Skirts, AAc Men's Dress Shirts and Work iie Shirts, at Men's Heavy Fleeced Under- ine woar, EXTRA SPECIAL oi Men's Heavy Union Suits, QQ Boys' Underwear, per garment, at ....1 JUST FOR ONE WEEK EXTRA SPECIAL Best Cotton Flannol Mittens and 7c Gloves, at Abouti 500 Men'a and Tirra Boy's Cnps, at 1 cloxlng out at 77 3r LinHex' and Misses' Woolen Shawl Ht Clarence, (ueen, Mary and Harry Redmond, Mamie Ramsel, Valmer, Inez and Carl Schmille, Golda and Alice Schneider, Rachel and Clinton Weber, William and Arthur Weis. Victors Mr. and Mrs. C. I.

Vln-sonhuler, Tony Ramsel and Christina Weber. Cora Liikln, Teacher. Report of Mt. Airy school, District No. 71, for month ending November 3, 1911.

Enrollment, 35; average daily attendance, 3D; esses of tardiness, 3. Neither absent nor tardy Clara Benit, Edna Connor, Mary G.tell, Kate Nina Gsell, Gertrude Israel, Marie I me Irene Schwope, Marie Schwope, Frances Shalz, Gertrude Walter, Frank llonltz. Fred BenlU, Jonas Gsell, Tremble Israel, Clarence Parker, Fountain Parker, Arthur Walter. Vlsltors-Supt. C.

I. Vlnsonhaler wm 19 and Ladies' Flannel Nllit Gowns, at 'v Cut Prices On Everything In The Store While This Sale Lasts, SA SUA USER Farmers Department Store Wathena, Kansas Schuttler Wagons Miller Wagons Truck Wagons Wagon Beds Shovel Boards Truck Wheels Made to Order and wife. 4 Margaret Lamlere, Teacher. For coughing, drynms and tickling Hi la th throat, hoursuness and all roughi And colds, take Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. Contains uo opiat-M.

UiU'-il Fuger. Country Produc Buttur, Kg, Poultry, Takni in Exchango at Hi(rhf Market.

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