The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1955 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1955
Page 18
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BICHTIBBH BLYTHETTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW1 TUESDAY, FEBRUART 8, Cooter, Holland Get Down To Business on Merger By H. L. VEAGER STEELE — If favorable opinions or endorsements are expressed during the present preliminary survey, voters of Holland Consolidated School District No. 1 and Cooter Reorganized District IV will vote at a near date on a plan to consolidate and reorganize these districts i »° u with a centralized high school. Your Heort's in Your Honds-2 Here's What Goes Wrong with Your Heart Present buildings would be re modeled as necessary to serve tb elementary grades. School officials interviewed state that an endeavor to inform the pub lie of the plan and its benefits wil be made at the regular meetings o rervice and civic clubs. H it appears that a probable ma Jority favor such a plan, the' schoo boards of these districts will Join in preparing a petition to the Count; Superintendent of Schools askin that plans be drawn up. Two Meeting! Two meetings have been held tc consider the plan. The first meet Ing was held in Cooter at whic'r time County Superintendent Schools Floyd E. Hamlett was pres ent and outlined the plan to mem bers of both school boards. At the meeting It was decided t prepare mimeographed copies o" "questions and answers" to inforr patrons and taxpayers of the pla: and its benefits. • The directors of the two district. met last Thursday with the Men' Club in Holland in their first op portunity to obtain public reactioi to consolidation. The third meeting is scheduled tc be held at Cooter with the Lion Club on Thursday. State supervisor Fulbright and County Superintendent Hamlet will be guests of the club. Mem bets of Holland school board have accepted invitations. K was announced (Saturday afternoon) by Lewis Lester, presiden of the Cooter school board, that Superintendent Biley F. Knight and Frank Huffman, president of the Steele school, have been extended invitations to the Lions Club lunch and the meeting. Mi", Huffman stated they would attend. Alter the Olub meeting schoo patrons of both districts and al interested are to be on hand and plan will be discussed. An invitation to ask questions will be extended. Ma.T Move Site The meeting is scheduled to be held at the Lions Club room, however, if there Is an overflow crowd, the auditorium of the school will be available, it was stated. Superintendent of Hollani NOTICE Itt THE PROBATE COURT OF CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTS, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF No. 2,263 Beulah.E. Dew, deceased. Last known address of decedent: Leachville, Arkansas. Date of death: January 20, 1955. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 27th day of January, 1955.. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publicatidn of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 1st day of February, 1955. JOHN E. BEARDEN, Leachville, Arkansas Administrator Oscar Fendler, Attorney for Administrator. 2/1-8 Schools, L. N. Kinder, states there is already substantial interest in the plan in his district. However, the policy Is to present the plan and its benefits at numerous meetings and endeavor to have it discussed to the extent that the public is generally informed before a definite move is made. Likewise, Lewis Lester, president of the Cooter school board, states that patrons and taxpayers will be given all information possible and that the Cooter school board will be governed by the opinions of those within the district in any action, whether it be endorsement or dismissal of the plan. From both quarters it was emphasized that patrons and taxpayers are asked to decide if they approve of the plan and if it should be put to a vote. The matter of location \ is one of the first questions asked. Sup erintendent Kinder stated tha "they would like to have it on new highway near the black top road between Holland and Cooter He added, however, that ther are several other good locations Like Opinion* Over at Cooter, much the sami opinion was expressed by Lewis Lester, president of the board. Mr. Lester said that with the project so much in the preliminary stage, he hafi no information nor has he made any inquiry, but tha he believed that if patrons anc taxpayers wanted consolidation a suitable site about half way between Holland and Cooter coulc be obtained from the owner of the favored location. The Holland district is preparec to pay off a balance of $2,000 of bonded indebtednes as soon as due The Cooter district now has a bonded indebtedness of $33,000. In the analysis of figures, the question and answer sheet affirms that present valuations and deductions of bonded indebtedness in the combined districts would allow the sum of $229,000 for a building program. 850,000 from Stale The suggested expenditure for building is $250,000.00. A state grant of $50,000.00 is available and deducted, making the sum for buildings net $200,000.00. Broadway Hit To Be on TV NEW YORK (/Pj—The Broadway lit musical "Peter Pan," starring Mary Martin, will be presented in- act in a two-hour color telecast in NBC on .the night of March 7, It vas, .announced today by Sylvester L. Weaver, president of the net- 'ork. Weaver said the' entire cast, cenery, costumes and orchestra will ? used. "This will also be the first time mt a Broadway stage success will se television in place of the na- lonal road tour that traditionally, ollows a New York run," he said. It is quoted that the avera school tax rate is $2.74. In the o inion of those preparing the que tions and answers^ the reoiganiz district could operate on or belo the county average. Holland schools has an enro ment of approximately 100 in nig school and 470 in elementa grades. In addition, there are bout 200 Negro students enrolls in their New Survey school. Cooter schools have an enro ment of 120 in high school ai 402 in the elementary grades, i bout 50 Negro students were ei rolled in the district at the be ining of the term. These enrollment figures re/le present attendance. The enro! ments were greater in the fii part of the term. It is estimated that perha $20,OCO a year will be saved in te; chers' salaries. If the plans meet with approv of patrons and taxpayers, the plar prepared in the office o£ the ,Cou ty Superintendent of Schools will g tb the State Board of Educati) for final approval before beh submitted to referendum in th districts. If the vote favoring is a majo ity, it will have reached a stac where location and building con tracts are next in order. The Cooter and Holland Di tricts are the two farthest sou' in Pemiscot County. Their area are almost equal. IN THE PROBATE COURT,CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Estate of Charles Birse, deceasei Last known address: 339 S. Division St., Blythevtlle, Ark. Date of death: Jan. 26, 1955. The undersigned has been ap pointed administrator of the abov named decedent. All persons having claim against the estate must exhib them, duly authenticated, to th undersigned within six month :rom the date of the first publica lion of this notice, or they will b orever barred and precluded froi any benefit in the estate. This notice first published Feb ruary 1, 1955. FRANK C. DOUGLAS Administrator Box 98, Blytheville, Arkansas 2/1-8-1 5123.95 to $189.95. Easy terms, .iberal trade-in. Come in today Adams Appliance Co. Inc IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION, and POWELL D. HARRIS, as Successor Trustee, Pltfs. vs. No. 12,910 SHIRLEY C. COVINGTON and CORA M. COVINGTON; and PRUITT E. FOWLER and THELMA FOWLER, Dtls. W A R N I N O O It I) E R The defendants. Shirley C. Covington, Cora M. Covington. Pruitt E. Fowler and Thelma Fowler, nre hereby warned to appear within 30 days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, Federal National Mortgage Association and Powell D. Harris, as Successor Trustee. Dated this 7th day of February, 1955. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk. By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C. Reid & Surge, Attys. for Pltfs. James w. Steinsiek, Atty. ad Litem. 2/8-15-22-3/1 VEST AUTO LAB S. Highway 61 Ph. 3:9718 OUR SPECIALTY Custom Tune-Ups and Custom Body Work DUAL EXHAUST SYSTEMS Sold and Installed With Fiber Glass Mufflers ERECT YOUR OWN "TRUSSIESS" Wonder Building DO IT YOURSELF! 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A the usual symptoms? To the thousands who've had such attacks — and the millions of others who fear them — these are important questions. /The answers can help them greatly to understand their condition, or to recognize signs of danger. Defined simply, an attack of coronary thrombosis is the interruption — often sudden anc' dramatic — of the work your heart has performed so well since your birth. But to give you a clearer picture, we'll suppose that you've had a heart attack that's severe, and includes al! the symptoms. Actually,, severe attacks, are not the com monest; if they seem so, it is because they are the most certain of being identified and are the most distressing and exciting. Pain is your most urgent symptom. There are so many kinds of pain that doctors have a variety of names for them: oppressive, squeezing, crunching, burning. It may range from a slight feeling of pressure, in some lucky individuals, to the feeling you're caught in a vise which is rapidly crushing your ribs. Fortunately, the condition itself is often not as grave as the pain may lead you to think. An acutely painful attack is not necessarily a sign that your heart is extensively damaged. It may mean that you are more sensitive to pain than the Roaming around Hollywood Hospitals Turns up Several Weil-Known Figures HOLLYWOOD (,Tj — Roaming •around the hospitals today: Comedian Jimmy Durante, left St. John's in Santa Monica yesterday after weekend treatment of an intestinal upset. His doctor said he was able to leave last night for a Miami Beach, Fla., night club engagement. Academy Award-winning film director Joseph L, Mankiewicz, 43, may have to have an appendectomy New Geology Theory Bared SAI/T LAKE CITY tfP) — A university of Utah geologist has come up with a new theory about how the earth's mountains are formed. Dr. Armand J. Eardley says he thinks it might be caused by heat and expansion at the earth's interior resulting from decomposition of radioactive substances. His theory differs from one more commonly held, which Lays mountain-formation to cooling and wrin- vling of the earth's crust. He expounded the theory last night in an annual memorial lecture. today. He was taken to Cedars of Lebanon for observation last night. Orchestra leader Bob Crosby, 41, is reported still in serious, but not critical, condition at St. Vincent's under treatment for lobar pneumonia. Crosby's brother Blng, 50, is still at St. John's but doing fine after his recent kidney stone operation. Trlxie Friganza, 83, the retired old-time vaudeville performer, is resting comfortably at Queen of Angels. Arthritis sufferer for many years, she was hospitalized for observation of a suspected intestinal obstruction but the X-rays proved negative. average person, and not that your Illness is more severe. The opposite also is true; aboil five per cent of very severe attacks produce no pain at all and a much large proportion have no pain with milder attacks. The pain may last for 15 or 30 minutes, or even for one or two days. It rests in or near the centei of your chest — where your hear: is actually situated — and not inside or near your left breast, where most people think it is. * • • The peculiar feature is that resting will not assuage it. When you realize that the pain is brought on by the fact that your heart's supply of oxygen has been drastically cut by a blood clot, you will see that neither rest nor activity will change things. Your trouble is in one or the other of the coronary arteries, two large blood vessels that encircle your heart like a wreath. These are not a part of the general circulatory system of your body. Their purpose is to convey a supply of blood to the heart Itself, for its own maintenance. Your heart is actually a pump made out of sturdy muscle which drives the blood in an endless circuit around your body. As Jong as it gets enough blood to give it the proper nourishment, it is able to keep up its work day after day and year after year. But suppose the feed line clogged? Now the fuel supply is not enough and the pump operates under difficulties. And with the pump out of order, the whole body must without its full supply of blood and can barely operate. A clot of blood — thrombus Is Its Only the name is changed! EFFECTIVE FEB. 1 ANDY'S AUTO SERVICE formerly WILSON'S AUTO SERVICE Same experienced personnel to serve you. ANDY MOSES: Operator ASH & SECOND PHONE 2-2611 technical name — formed in one of the arteries and dammed up lue vital blood stream. And the pain, the weakness and shortness of breath came on when the heart, nil at once, had to keep on doinff its job despite the shortage of fuel. As we are supposing your case is serious, you will show signs of shock, such as a wounded soldier shows after excessive bleeding. Your face turns ashen gray and you break out into a cold sweat. You may retch, belch ssp and vomit. And you're usually very afraid. Some patients complain of palpitation — the sensation that the heart is beating abnormally hard and fast. This Is uncomfortable and annoying, but not dangerous in itself. You breathe with difficulty — gasping and struggling for air as though you had acute asthma. After a day or two, you show a slight touch of fever, as the body begins to mobilize for the job of repairing the damage. * . * All (his time, I have been ciesrib- Ing a heart attack it 1U worit. But, remember, we're only pretendjrjf. None of these symptomi alone or even all In a bundle, should b« taken to Indicate heart dlseaK until your doctor has sntd so. By far tht greatest majority of patients who go to a doctor's office fearing they've had a heart attack have hearts that are actually sound. Diagnosing yourself can bring you needless unhappiness. . Finding out what Is wrong with you is never a simple matter — not even for your doctor. Let him be the judge of foot symptoms. Tomorrow: Your heart miy heal Itself. Make Your | Whiskey I OLD ki AMERICAN HALSELL SCHOOL OF DANCING 209}/2 W. Main Ph. 3-639] Open 2 P.M. to 10 P. M. You can quickly learn all the newest done* steps under our expert instruction. • FOX TROT • RHUMBA • WALTZ • TANGO • JITTERBUG • SAMBA -MAMBO- Come in & Let Us Analyze Your Dancing! FIRST LESSON FREE! Call for Appointment! Owndd & Operated by Roy E. Halsell IT'S IVIXXKE A DATE TO TAKE A DRIVE 1 All New. All the way through, powered by "Rocket" 2O2 ! If you've driven a "Rocket" Engine Oldsmobile before — or lallced with an OMsmobita owner—you have a hint of what's wailing for you in the Super "88" for '55. But only a bint. Because this year's "Rocket"—ihc exciting new "liockel" 202—(ops even (he fame-lie "Rockets" of the past. We could tell you how it melts away the miles ami flattens the hills. Instead, we'll let the "Hoclcct" do the talking. So come in soon. This "88" for '55 is even livelier than it is lovely ... and that's really something! 1OS » O L_ D S IS/1 O B I Sll YOUR NIARIST OLDSMOBILI DIALER HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 317 E. MAIN Phofie 1-2056 DON'T MISS OLDSMOtlLI'f SMCIAL-ltt-HOUR ACADIMY AWARD NOMINil SHOW • NIC-TV • SAT., FII. 11

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