The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 7, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY T, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGB THREB Your Heart's in Your Hands—1 W/iy You Had-orAre Due for-a Heart Attack (EDITOR'S NOTE: Yinn IlKirl is in thti headlines thi.s month n.s the Amerieim Heart Assuci:iUuii conducts Its anmml eiiuliiiii^n against one of modern dyi!i/n- tlon's top killers. Here's Urn in.M of five urticleK to help you uiuli-r- sUind yoxir heart, writu-n by Dr. William A. Brains, author of "Managing Your Coronary." His book, from which these articles are condensed, won him the 1954 American Heart Association's Howard W. Blakeslee Award.) By l)tt. WILLIAM A. ISHAMS Distributed liy NKA Servile NI5W YORK (NEA) —- 11 you've And how cun you keep yourself well., mice the uituck is uvci-y Pirsi, let's recall your attack. Though yours may have differed in details, the story commonly runs like this: You 'urn 50 years old and work in an office. For weeks you'd been feclini; tired, and had noticed a pasiinis sensation of pressure inside j-our chest. In the last few days it had happened oftener, but you drove yourself on. That day everything seemed Ui ;«i wi-ons. Alter a hectic morning, vou slopped for lunch. You ate j'onr usual big meal, gulped with llu- usual haste, and talked the us- had, or are due for—a heart attack, the chances art- better ihau good that you're one or more ol" ihe following: A man over 45 who works in a busy office. Hurried and over-worked. Inclined to be too ambitious. A victim of constant worry. Restless, unhappy at home. A hearty eater, lO.or more pounds too heavy, who tends to be fond of stimuUihls. - - - -- , ,,, Heart .specialists Dave learned lo l»lt so nauseated that you vent to person when the bathroom to vomit. &weat roll- Yciu went back upstairs in a hurry, for hurry is one of your habits. Then, as you reached the lop, you wore suddenly overwhelmed by a crusliins pain in your chest, as if you were caught in a vise which was lightly squeezing your ribs. to Hunt for breath. You expect this type of pi they are called to see a patient with coronary thrombosis. Bui millions of men fit the picture, and only a smaU fraction of them ever develop heart trouble. Hi di in . face and great weak- Why do some people );C-t ii. whiif others who lead a similar li[ej!n r ,-i hearts that are found 1 ? Exactly how dues H happen? jogaii lo take effect: the pain eased and you grew drowsy. An hour ind a half later you awoke in a lied at the hospital. Now you are more comfortable in body for the agonizing pain Is [June, but you're still scared. your mind race a hundred questions, and the one you want answered first is. "just what has happened to me?" Your doctor tells you the answer. He says you have just had a heart attack. Coronary thrombosis. As you lie there feeling depressed, you ask yourself still another question: Why did it happen to ME? That Is a hard one to answer. Perhaps llv best we can do is to look again at the victims to learn more about who Ihey are. The usual victims are men. We do not know whether it is the kind of life that men lend, ,or whether there's something in sex itself that makes the difference. The fact remains: for every woman who dies of coronary thrombosis, four me are taken. They are usually "older" people, from 45 to 70. This is because, in part, we survive ihe many infections with the help of the wonder drugs, wily to be attacked later in life by told you not in move anil injected some stuff in ft was morphine. Soon it diseases of wear and tear. We do not know enough about causes to blame any occupations, s often said, for Instance, that a. factor which helps to cause heart rouble is hard physical work. Yet farm laborers are not particularly subject to coronary thrombosis, while barbers and bartenders, whose work Is lighter, seem to have nore than their share. Especially puzzling Is the fact that Negroes, who have plenty of hard work and worry, are not as iubjcct to It as whites. One fact seems to be clear: it is nuch more likely to strike, if you tend to be overweight. Extra flesh a curse, putting unrelieved strain on your body which makes it prey to disease. Does coronary thrombosis run In families? Again, we have no precise information, but we do notice, that time after time, our patients tell us of others In their families with the same trouble. Whether this though people in high-powered | Brams; due to hereditary inlluaices or to conditions of environment or to other factors is impossible to say. At any rate, now that you've had your own attack, you'll be glad to know that the outlook is good. Of every 10 persons who have eight or nine get better and llvi. to a ripe old age. We will see how they usually do it In the four Installments to follow Tomorrow: What went wrong? (Copyright 1953 by William A reprinted by permisson jobs do seem especially prone. It J. B .Llppincott Company.) NEVER VOLUNTEER-U'U Yeoman Hi lit Ui ui )1 L> he st n ted ic dm i \ hates cold weather. 1I< u ui AmtiicT ind sski. 1 s i i J n to Mo'.nn \hicl 11 Ix inter winds started nipping at n. Kv. :a;i1ioned in Cincinnati ;rln" literature. Eddie just i! v.'nulri be warmer in South lit' not it rill rinht—he's orderec'. rl to the U. S. Embassy. He' piuticiiii. shucrm, fn the Ku i in u.mtu ahc.jdy ATTENTION FARMERS! Be sure to have your Cottpnsccd and Soybeans tested for Germination. Licensed Grain Inspectors fil2 W. Ash Blyfhevillo, Ark. MARCH 22nd thru MARCH 27th PRICES: Boxes $3.50. Aremi and Circle $3.00, Is* Balcony, $2.50; 2nd Balcony, $2.00; 3rd Balcony, $1.50, tax Inc. Sat. BARGAIN MATINEE, 2:30 P.M. Boxes, Arena, Circle $2.50; 1st Bal., $2.00, 2nd and 3rd Balcony, $1.50, Weekend Trip Ends in Wedding For Dancer LAS VEGAS, Nev. Ml — A weekend trip "lo'take in the shows" at Las Vcfjas has resulted in inar- age lor actor-dancer Dan Dailey nd Owen O'Connor, former wife of comedian Donald O'Connor. Dailey, 3G, and Mrs. O'Connor, 28, were married Saturday night t the home of Milton Prell, owner of the Sahara Hotel. Dist. Judge Frank MoNamee performed the ceremony. Dailey was divorced in 1951 from Elizabeth Hofert, Los Angeles socialite. The O'Connors were di- vorced'last year. Music from the Grave KNOXVILLE, Tenn. W> — .John DeMarcus was sent by the Knoxville Utilities Board to the New Grey Cemetery to find a water leak. Placing his sensitive amplifier amony the tombstones, he picked up not the gurgle of escaping water but music, music, music. Ghostly hepcats? No, said De- Marcti.s, just a freak of radio reception. But he added: "I'll teli you this, if the front of one ot Uiosy tombstones hart lighted up with a television picture, I'd have been loni, r none." Score Better Second Time BOSTON Wl — Police returned tc the scene of a gambling raid yes terday and bettered their firs score. In the first raid, in the early morning, they arrested two per sons for gaming on Sunday am 10 for being present. In the second they arrested Iwi for gaming and 14 for being present, including four married women, aged 21 to 35. Eight of the 16 taken in the second raid had been arrested in the first raid. Mailbox Injury OALVESTON, , Tex. OB — Mrs. Mary Esqucda, 69, and her daugh- ;er-in-law, Mrs. Mary Esqueda, 19, were standing on a corner. A passing car blew a tire and skidded Into a mailbox, which flew across the sidewalk and struck the women. Both were hospitalized, not in serious condition. ICE SKATERS RETURN — Holiday on Ice, the ice-skating spectacle popular with midsouthcrners for the past several years, Will return to Memphis on March 22 for a five-day stand in the Auditorium. Bus Crash Cancels Concert CLIFTON FORGE, Va. W> — A, wore released, chartered bus carrying 32 mem- Police said the bus skidded in icy bers of the St. Louis Symphony i slush and crushed into the railway Orchestra skidded into an under-{slush and cracked into the railway pass here yesterday and its result j four miles west oi here on U. S. the symphony had to cancel a con- i GO. cert at Portsmouth, Ohio. j Members of the orchestra who Seventeen persons aboard the I we f e on the wrecked bus were en bus _ OI1D of three transporting I [Q rejojn the sympnony the orchestra from Roanokc, Va.,i • to Portsmouth - were shaken up j ^ Muncie, Ind., for a concert to- and slightly injured. Three re-1 night. quired brief hospUalizftiicm but j A Dog's Lite DALLAS, Tex. (# — There's a hermit dot; who has lost his master and prefers living alone in a big vacant lot near a busy Dallas street. Kind-hearted people bring horsemeat and leave it and V/ill Caruth even built a doghouse for him. But somebody stole the dog- j house. | Home builder Caruth had his j men make another, saying, "As ; long as people want to.feed him, I. •can furnish him a place to sleep."' ASPIRIN USER SHOULD KNOW THIS FACT St Joseph Aspirin Is Best Aspirin Relief Possible t Any Price For Fast Help For COLDS' ACHES Get the BEST] for LESS...' A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signaf Creomulsion relieves promptly bccaus it goes into the bronchial system to hel loosen and expel germ laden phlegr and aid nature to soothe and heal rav lender, inflamed bronchial membranes Guaranteed lo please you or money re funded. Creomulsion has stood the test of millions of users. - , CREOMULSION rdiem Conitil, elicit CoWi. AcuU ItoneKith THE ANSWER How, I hen. do we manage to stay sober in such an informal, loosely-knit fellowship? The answer is dial, once having achieved sobriety, we try to preserve it by observing and following (he successful experience of those who have preceded us in AA. Their experience provides certain "tools" and guides which we are free to accept or reject, as we may choose. Because our sobriety is the most import- iinl thing in our lives today, we think it the best part of wisdom to follow the patterns suggested by those wbo have already demonstrated that the AA recovery program really works. For example, we take no pledges; we don't say that we will abstain from alcohol "forever." Instead, we (ry lo follow what we. call the "Twenty Four Hour I'lan." We concentrate on keeping sober for just the current 2<l hours. We simply try lo get through one day at a lime without a drink. Jf we feel the urge for a drink, we neither yield nor resist. We merely defer taking that particular drink until tomorrow. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 Blytheville, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday Nigh's at 8 p. m. Open Meetings I'Yidiiy Nights at 8 p. m. CLUB ROOM at 410 E. MAIN s Yours a To keep your winter clothes in top condition and to keep from tieini; bored with them about this time of the year . . . send them to us for repairs and refreshing. You Will Be Amazed With Our STAYBRIoHT CLEANING PROCESS! The amazing New Process that keeps your clothes looking new — restores the original lustrous colors after each cleaning— Also keeps fibers alive and resilient. !cr Cleaning •TheHudsonFinish • 8-Hour Service HUDSON Cleaner — Clothier — Tailor Phone POplar 2-2612 in BlythevilU Americans drink more than 100,000,000,000 cups year. of coffee a Boating in the Streets PENSACOLA, Pla, OH — All outboard motorboat cruised down a city street and a park was turned Into a shallow lake by 8.05 Inches of rain recorded at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. The downpour was reported In 24 hours yesterday. Rain was still falling In outlying areas last night. The "Rosetta storw" was pro* pared to publicize one of the decrees of Egyptian priests. 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ANDY MOSES: Operator PHONE 2-2611 ASH & SECOND IN THE CHAXCERT COURT FOR THE CHICKASAW'BA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Drainage District No. 16, Mississippi County, Arkansas Plaintiff vs. No. 12,889 Certain Lands and Clara Croomc, et al Defendanti NOTICE OF PENDF.NC1' OF SUIT All persons having or claiming an interest in any of the following described lands are hereby notified that suit is pending in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes for the years 1953 and 1954 on said lands, each supposed owner having his or her n&me set opposite his or her track of land or lot, together with the amounts of taxes severally due from each, uj-wit: RURAL Years Delinquent Total Tax Per Year Assumed Name Parts of Sections Sec. • Twp. Rge. Acres 1953 1954 Clara Croome..N 2', 2 Acres W'i Eli NW NW 18 14 9 2'A 1.78 Lelia B. Staudenmayer , ...E'.i SE 2 15 8 40 60.01 Lelia B. Staudenmayer..NE NE and SW NE 9 15 8 80 64.48 Ernestine Prancway ....Lot 1 E'i NW NE.. 17 15 8 .75 Laura E. Allen N 40' S 150' Lot 17. E' 2 NW NE 17 15 8 .26 .75 W. M. Roberts N 50'Lot 18 E' : KW NE... 17 15 8 .25 James Raleigh Adkerson Lot 19 E'i NW NE 17 15 8 .75 .75 John Causey Lot 20 E'i NW NE 17 15 8 .75 Paul and Lucile Wilson E 40' Lot 3 SW NE—Irregular Lots 17 15 8 • .33 J. F. Baker W 260' S 380' SW SE E of RR except Lot 108' x 108' SW Corner 30 15 8 2 1.41 TOWN OF MANILA IRREGULAR LOTS Sec. Twp. Range Mary Jo Button E 85' W 303' NE NE 36 15 8 .15 J. W. Russell Lot 3A NE NE 36 15 8 .60 .60 Herman Singleton and Jackie Jean Pierce W 858' E 352' Lot 6A NE NE 36 15 8 .10 P. C. McKemie Lot 2B NW NE 31 15 9 .25 Burl McHenry Lot 2D NW NE 31 15 9 .25 .25 Burl McHenry Lot 11 SE NE 31 15 9 .31 .31 W. W. McKemie Lot 2 NW NW 31 15 9 1.20 F, C. McKemie E 50' Lot 3A NW NW 31 15 9 .10 .15 TOWN OF MANILA Lnt. Block HENRY ASIIABRANNER ADDITION ' Charles Strouct W 50' 14-15-16 A .60 John Russell E 50' W 100' 1-2-3 B .25 ORIGINAL SURVEY Luler Rlley 8 1 .75 .75 Maeeie Billings • 28 3 .75 .75 Marion Bishop 189A and 190A 14 .54 M. O. Robertson -'28 17 .75 .75 Jack Tipton 238 17 .75 .75 PARKVIEW ADDITION W 20' 7 and 8 5 .50 9 5 .75 Louise AshabrannPr Louise Ashabranner Louise Ashabranner 10 sornisiuE SUBDIVISION Olan Sales ... T. R. Short Chas. E. Crow Chas. E. Crow . Merlin Gilbert Delia JIcGraw J. W. Dunn Cora Nevins .75 .75 WEST END ADDITION . 3 . 4 .5A .50 6 .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 WII.I.IFOUD-fiAIUIISOS" ADDITION 1 TOWN OF LEACIIVII.I.E HAYES ADDITION B. L. and Sarah L. Roberts E'-j E. L. Slot-kinder N 100' Victoria Justus w fiO' E. L. Stockineer Elmer Smiley O. J. HEUTKR ADDITION O. J. Heuter W 45' HOOKER ADDITION Unknown . MATTHEWS FIRST ADDITION E. D. Jones 10 MATTHEWS SECOND ADDITION O. L. Bogart ; O. L. Bogart .75 .25 .49 .25 .75 .75 .10 .19 .75 .75 .25 .18 .19 1.50 .52 MATTHEWS THIRD ADDITION < Howard and Martha Selby. .: 4 NKLSON FIKST ADDITION Lelia B. Staudenmayer N 1 * N'^ 5 Lelia B. Staudenmayer S'-.- S'= S'.i and N 1 -.- S 1 :; S'! 5 | Lelia B. Staudenmayer N'i N's 6 NELSON SECOND ADDITION [ Ott Myraclc ' ^"d 2 i June Ola Staudenmayer E 60' 6 PARK ADDITION J. T. Turnbow <''• 30 ' S'i II SMITH ADDITION J. W. Buck 8 9 •'* J. W. Buck 9 G - 75 STA«I>KNMAVF.Il ADDITION Ruby Buckner - r ' *- •'' B. and Ruth Flannigan S 33 9 A .25 KEI'I.AT OF I.EI.IA STAl'DKNMAVKK ADDITION Lelia Staiidenmayer E pi. of E 100' of 2 and 3 ,99 All persons, firms and corporations Interested In said lands aro hereby notified that they arc rctiuircd by law (n appear within four weeks and make defense to said suit, or the same will be taken for confcwicd and final judgment will be entered directing Ihe .sale of said lands for the .purpose of collecting said taxes, together with the payment of Interest, penalty and costs allowed by law. Dated January IS, ,955. GEMLmm LJ8TON , <,,„, (St . Rl) By Opal Doyfc, D. O. Oscar Pendler, Attorney for Drainage District No. 1«

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