The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1955 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 7, 1955
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. L—NO. 267 niytheville Courier Blythcvlllo Dnily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhoville Herald . BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1955 TWELVE PAGES Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS Conservative Pinay Seeks Supporters New French Premier Plans Cabinet PARIS (AP) — Antoine Pinay, a conservative who once said he would "never go back into that bear cage," sought support today for his second term as French premier. The 63-year-old owner of a small- town tannery agreed last night to try to form Prance's 21st postwar government, succeeding the Cabinet of Pierre. Mende.s-France. Pinay told newsmen he hoped to have his list of prospective ministers ready by Thursday. One of the longer-Lived of France's numerous postwar premiers, Pinay headed the government for 9'i, months in 1952. He won considerable personal popularity with his conservative "save the franc" fiscal policy, which chocked rising prices though it did not solve France's basic economic ills. Facing three confidence votes and considered certain to lose all of them, he resigned Dec. 23, 1952 and vowed never again. He tried again to form a government, however, during the record 37-day government crisis in the summer of 1953, but failed. Otherwise, he has been on the sidelines. A, prim, almost dour little man, he rarely spoke in the Assembly but was a powerful voice in his Independent Republican party and a stubborn opponent of Mendes-France. 7th Fleet Jets Fired On As Evacuation Is Started Chiang Says Withdrawal New Truce Moves By UN Hinge On U.S. Intentions But Tachens ion NEW BUIUMN'O STARTS — Foundation for the new home of Blythcville Tool and Dye Company was being prepared today. The company, a companion firm to Central Metal Products Com- pany Inc., is con'-lmcting its new building across the street irom the metal pl;int on sec'.iun o! the Chamber of Commerce's industrial property. (Courier News Photo) '< UMTEIJ NATIONS, N. V. (AP) — V;\v U. N. Security; i Council moves on the l-'onno.;a cM.'-e-fire question hinged to-1 day on plans brought back from Washington by U. S. Dele-! gale Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. i s refused consults Faubus May Outline Legis Program Before Assembly Today By LEON HATCH Preps; t'u For Attack Claimed TAIPEI! /APi — Chinese Nationalist President Chiang, Lod ^, announced after a Saturday K ? i.shck said today the evacu.l-^Ve'u.Tp^r^TS ation and redeployment of his. be mac ] C known by midweek. Tachen Island troops V/ere; Victor A. Belaunrie, Peruvian "positive preparations for the' president of the council this month, counterattack (against the Red'- 53 " 1 che tfllk5 L0day roV- in the ia:L* there ;:r.ri So Forr-.-j.n Oi'iice corjrrenco." ^ Briti-sh find Indian d;p;0:.".;-.;:-. Mo:-co'.v mi'jJu be r r -;':'nn io . : ( k:r:d of unwriuc-n cc-a.:c-fire ay rnent. The New York Times patch from Antiaircraft Fire Misses Patrol Planes toniorro- • - ,, i " , , • \vould determine when the n/'xi mainland) and not a. negative ^^ mee tmg will be hew. ac- Stand- j said the weekend had produced no Chains, in a written statement: dear agreement on what ihe next said evacuation was a "painful J slc p should be. decision," but the latent military j There was some feelin in a c!Ls- said Sia'.e.s would uri;e the U.K • to send a "peace observation i mi/.-;inn to Formosa and th 1 c;!fiores to report on uny az^re ^ive aciion in the area. The Tinin By SPENCER MOOSA and KPED HA.MPSOX TAIPEH, Formosa (AP) — The evacuation of the Tachens ihe j sped forward today under the ' protection of the mighty U. S. "th Fleet, whose carrier pilots ;aid they were fired on by Red pco-; „ antiaircraft guns. Red Conference Held His party and the MRP were Ihe backbone of the last Premier's opposition. When the Communists, a bloc of Mendes-France's own Radi- j cnl Socialists, and some of the' Gnullista joined them . in voting; *' against the Pi-nmier's North A fr!-j aW) - ulu '' can policy Saturday morning', the Cabinet fell after T/j months in office. Pinny today began conferences with leaders of the A.ssembly'.s numerous non-Communist factions, . seeking their support. He probably c:»n expect the immediate backing of the Independents, the Peasants and the Republican and Soclftl Action group of dissident GaullLsts. LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Gov. Orval may" outline a legislative program today — with the 1955 General Assembly approximately half over and after ihe governor once indicated he would let the Legislature itself take the load in proposing new laws. Faubus hasn't said even now that he'll suggest a program. All that's official is that, at ou his request; he will address a joint Senate-House session in mid-afternoon. the .same rather general terms as bi.s inaugural address Jan. 11 In addition to Faubu:-;' delay in proposing an administration pro- P.i m — something in direct con\ to the actions of all former governors within memory,—there 1 been no apparent effort on the par Kovcrnnr or his backers to u u 1 u j in K in i 'i U jn o n i lion in the House Linos Drawn The linns are pretty well drawn in tne more compact Senate, where on the one controversial admin: .ration-backed measure, which has come up for final vote the Faubus ! .^importers were able to mtnter a has asked and received the resignation of investigator Charles; majority. the mainland," Chiany said. "Under the present military situation said carrier planes flying at high -To in:t;re victory . . . o ,";ou!a be to conronas P nits cl he Ot ( 1 U ach i 10 altitude were fired on from Communist islands north of the Ta- rhens. which are 200 miles north of Formosa. No damage was reported. Civilians First First to leave the imperiled Tachens were civilians, most of whom are on lower Tachen, the ;oui.horn island of the group. Lr. Gen. Liu Lien-yi, commander ILilOll apparently slackened slightly : "' *R Tachen Garrison, declared LOXDON (AIM — Prime Minister Churchill called the; Commonwealth premiers to a final secret session on the For-j mo a cri.-'is today with b c;cnt.i of the weekend. WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. McCIellan (D-Ark) says he *ator Charles; knows nothing of a report that Tracy had informs- 1 This would assure him nt the most, of 135 of the Assembly's G27 nv.,,.,, j) U t it n o\vs nothing of a report that Tracy had informa- 1 nut in the ico-membcr iiui;,- volps Because of a recent const!-! J ' ,. .,. . , ., ; where the need for or^r.n:z:r.:^n tutiom.1 chan K e, he will need only | lion linking a Democratic senator with a campaign eontntni- c , ( , a . P ,. if anyb0[i y s ptKr ,. K , the approval of a majority of the • tion f] . om a Cotlimullisl. j p.iinc to be succpc-iul, nobody h deputies voting on the motion to; ! cmcreeri who is recognizable cnnfirm him. Previously, confirma-j lion has required a majority of the j Assembly membership, 3H votes, j There wa.s considerable feeling} that the next premier would laM i only n few months, being iiept in I office chiefly Io clear up a number j ot urgent problems awaiting ae- j lion. ! Chief of Ihcsc are Ihe Paris treaties to rearm West Germany, which have been approved by the Assembly but await ratification by the Council of the Republic, Parliament's upper house. Boy To Get At 7 Vise Is Speaker To Overflow Crowd At Temple Israel Sen. McCarthy i said in Milwaukee that a Democratic scn- mur whom he reluseel to name had knowingly received S300 from a Com mullet party official on Ihe West. Coast. He said Tracy had 1 '.slumbled onto" the information .met wa.s bcinij fired as a result, j Bui McCIellan. who .succeeded \ MrOuirhy a.s .chairman oi" the Sen-j ;i;e Investigations subcommittee ] fid- *A hich Tracy works ,said "I i nevt-r heard of it before." | in the world ycstcs-riay j rei when Dr. Alfred Vise, rabbi Tun-1 " pie Israel, spoke• in observation of tne Boy Scouts from over the North Mississippi County District will be j on hand tonight to receive advancement awards in a ciuuilr Imht service in City Hall's Municipal Courtroom. The court, under direction o! I Kenneth Richardson, district art-1 vancemcnt chairman, is scheduled p t j from our t;reat Aini-rK* to present medalions ranging up tojjit: can be derived from tl the rank of Life Scout — one step i u . n;nT nrotherhooi away Irom Easle. , ! which Christians antl M.-.'Clellnn said he had advised x siibcommiitee staff members iiu had worked wider McCarthy L:II "they would not, be recom- encieu lor coniinnation" in their c< jobs, because "I didn't want to •tain them, period." "Four ol them have tendered resignations, i n e 1 u d i n L; the 30QLh birthday of the religion in | Tracy," McClelhin said. "I don't this country. [know what miormatmn Trac.y may From the 33 Jews who i-onmw.t- ! nave pivi-n firn. McCarthy. It cer- cd in New Amsterdam MO years | lamly hasn't made known to me. ufio, he .siatt'd. has grown the re- j Copy Claimed liuion which today embodies livcj ;\],-carihy, in Milwaukee for an million pet-suns in the Unned' Suites. "The lin.ati'.-.t, blessing which all j nj a these religious groups have recoiv- j nanv Eerie Gl'en Kay Boyeti of Troop 31 will; e( j get tlie Life award. _ J ;ml IK Gud for tlie inipo which relJiiion plays David Moody, a Scout nlso nf | our Ainmc;in way ot lift 1 and lor Troop 31, will speak briefly on the first'; ol Scouting. Others on the program incltule District Chiiirman Jim Gardner. who will present T e n d c r f o o t awards; H. A. Haines. who'll present Second awards; J. V. Gates, who will cite First Class Scout.s, and Raymond Powers, who is due to make merit badge awards. The court is to convene promptly at 7 p.m. and is open to parents, Scouts and Scout leaders. Leachville Set For Vote on Gas Proposed bond issues for Installation of natural gas facilities nl Moncttc mid Lcnchvllle will be up for vote tomorrow. Similar issues were approved enr- licr nt Manila and Dell. All four communities will be served by Arkansas-Missouri Power of lilyllicville. If the communities approve, the Kiis line will be run from Blythcvlllc to Moneltc. . 55 Miners Die in India NKW DKIjIII. India l/n.— India's third mine disaster In two months lias claimed the .lives of SS coal (Sinners In Bihar stale. Thn explosion Saturday broilKllt the toll In the three tragedies to 130. Ons .seopnpo wns blamed for the Inlost accident, In the Amalabad mine 100 miles northwest of Calcutta. the combined Jewish-Christian nm- U'lbulion which uvo great hiillis have matli' to our modern fivili/.ation." l;r Vise -sliiLeti. . on the program were Dr. Harvey Kiricl, the Rev. James Rainwater and tin.' Rev. Mitchell Sanford, president of the Ministerial Alliance. Dr. Vise. Dr. Kidil and till! liev. Mr. Raimviiter are past presidents of the Alliance. Other lay nnd clersy leaders from Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri were on hand for the event along with city and county officials. A standing room only crowd wa.s present, at Temple Israel where a reception followed the special rites. Sewer District Workers Asked For Report The Chamber of Commerce to- dny"urf, r cd nil porsons holmiitf setter petitions for t-ily's Southern district Io report tlu- mnnhm 1 of sitfiifituren I hoy have noriuli'cd to the Chamber's office ns soon as possible. Chamber Holder .snid Uint.n Worth D. report from n petition circulators is needed tin* inrdintely ;;o that further plans ro- Kardliijf Hie now .sower system cnn be formulated, $300 bank tlruit to Ihe un- i senator, and udded: •There i.-, no question this senator knew from whom the money came or vvha* his busiiuv-s wa.s . . . "I'm not -.ioinir to name this until he has hud Ihe opportunity ol' lestiiyiiiL; under oath as to just behind to the mums is." The "eneralissimo expressed uraiiUide for "the broad and protective cover in the cxecu- Fnubus will make his speech ! uon of our evacuation plan so fen- while the Senate is in the middle erously rendered iis by the Lmtea of three hitrhly controversial mat- : States government, tors, the outcome of any one of j ~~ which could have a profound in- ( fluonce on some political futures, j One of the three is the bitterly ' fought proposal by Sen. Morrell Gathrisht of Pine Bluff to set up a reyulauu-y commission for the milk industry. Some dairy interests are strongly behind the bill: others just as staunchly oppose it. Also on the Senate agenda is the Faubus-backed bill to remove the two per cent sales tax from livestock and poultry feed. The bill passed the House last week, but opponents iu the Senate won a preliminary skirmish and delayed final action* i The only other controversial measure with active F;tubu.s support passed the Senate with 19 votes — one more than a bare majority. The earlier bill was the repealer of ihe l!)f>3 welfare relative responsibility act. It's uncertain whether its pass- a no indicates the probable f;ue of the feed exemption bill. The third controversial measure ! '.n be in ore of the ri coa?t3l is- 'icrnov and was here. /h t-on:cnrl ihat, all 'he Na-:nmh--- hold ju^. illi :ii;uni<ir,n — cxrept of the C Biit Legislator Sees Litiie Chance For Any Increase r'o!-:i:o.-;i and the :-,..,•,=, but Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden ha." warned rie:is aunmsi any attempt to seize '.he islands. Al-'o on the optimistic side w^re rer.orts indicating that Ru ~:a. fearful of becoming involved in a F i r E.:.-t w:ir, r_:is f>v..-r-n'eri -o re- tuscd (lie check and demanded the | bank draft. McClelhui said (hat in addition j to Tracy, lie has received re.siynu-1 lion.s from three men McCarthy j had named as assistant counsel ' the siibcommiitee—Thomas I. ia, Daniel Buckley and C. Ueoiyc Anasios. All th<j resignations are effective nt the end of the month. Me.CIellan. snid most other staff members will continue in their jobs . ium. work. The bill was pushed throuuh the House before public discussion of unsel i il - bllt a fun - stljlle tu " ot war lia ' s I . ivrn . I since developed between the Ar- 1 kans;is Municipal League, vhlcli is spon^orini; the bill, and the Highway Department, which opposes it. A public hearing is scheduled tonight on the bill. Five Are Sent To State Pen Five men were transferred from Ihe county jail, here Saturday to Hie slate penilenli.iry after entering plofi.s of pnill-y to felony charges before Circuil, JmlRe Charles Liizht. Judge Lifihl. received the men's pirns and nwes.sed sentences in an adjourned .session nl Circuil Courl. following 1 the elase of the court's r.ivil session here Friday. The men, the crimes for which they were, charged and their sent- cnres are as follows: Carl Linden Taylor and Leonard Heard, jjnmd larceny, each sentenced to one year; Furman K. Bozard, bure.lnry. sentenced to one- year; Harold Jefferies. forgery, two years and Tom Elliott, forgery, two years. Heart Diseases Topic Of Series Starting Today Heart diseases have become one of modern civilization's top killers. lu an of foil to replace fear with hope, the Courier News to- dny bcpins n five-part condensation of a book which won the 1054 American H o a r t Association Blakeslee award for its "M^nifl- e,ant contribution" in brin^ine, "cnmlort and hope Io (hose who bave henrl disease" and for its p 1 n i n-t a 1 k , sympathetic approach. You will find (lie first installment of this enlighteniUK series. "Your Ilonrt in Your Hi'nds," on Pa^e. S. Or. William A. Brams Is author of the, book, "Ma nan inn Your Coronary." Up in the Air SAN ANTONIO. Tex. — </P A jet pilot says he hvmcr helpless in his parachute more than half an hour while eerie winds kept him aloft. "I'm lucky to be alive," snid Col. \V. O/Beane. of Norfolk, j Vs.. yesterday — his 35th birth- j clay. . Strange air current kept him ul.ill 35 minute.- Saturday nielit i after he bailed out. he said. | Returninti to Randolph Ail- Force Ba.-e from Luke AFB. Anz.. Beano's T33 jet trainer ran j low on fuel. He ejected himself j into the m;ht at 7.000 feet. Tile plane crashed some ^0 miles north of here. . He said that after his chute popped open unusually strong vertical updrafts either held him in cheek or forced him upward. With clouds, sleet, rain, snow and darkness, he .-.aid. lie could- i n't even see the parachute's canopy. i He knew the exact time, he Mid. because all he could see was the slow-hit; dial of his watch — "I had nothing else to do but look at it." It was 30 minutes after he jumped before he spotted his first sign of earth — two small lights twinkling below. Five minutes later he plopped into a tree. A rancher gave him coffee. Bcane suffered only scratches. and bruises. Au:ry .said, hnwr-ver. he believe.:ha*. no tax has a nf pa -:.:::? both hot:"? of 'hr- Arsr.r T S S G^;v pral Ar.^enibA-: i:ut he thin-" '-en-i- ment will chanu-?, '"maybe" ;omor- row. Autry, chairman of the ! <>:rr 5'-:i- ate-Hou^e Budget Comm/.'r^. appeared yestcrdi'. 1 ' on t^Ievi-ion ••'"•-- tion KATV's "Weekend Pre?s Con- feronce." Equalization "Ovcrcmphasizrd" He ?aid enurslizauon of property a.-'ips^mrnip -as a moar.s 0! etMtinii more revenue has b.^en "ovcrem- phasixed" in hi., opinion. Some counties "ju.^t don't have the UiXiible property" to support school... he .•-aid. Organised public school force? have ticked an additional 12 : _. million dollar? a yr-;ir ;n M.ite revenue. . in answers to other questions. Auiry said : 1. The 'jovrrnor lia.s the rc-.--pon- sibilny of su'onntung a It^i.-lative ; program. I 2. All the state's problems, in' cUiaiii- the ono of the ?cncol^, ".-re I tied «» wuh the need for sufficient ; revenue." ! 3. The LrLnslature' .so far hr^n't I iu-L-omplished anything very conj strui'tive. { Dtrccimi;' questions to (he lee is- i laior wore Bill Hariley of KATV. I Leon Haieh of the Associated Prc.-.s I and Bill Hughes of ihe United j Press. .ffort Hinted n V. M. ;n B:':-:-h AnVoa:-.- }-;--•. K < v-r "ii'id In- 1 had no orders from Presi- drnt Chiang Kai-shek to quit the islands. AP Correspondent Jim Becker mir-^;:yed from the Tachrns that it was believed Adm. Alfred M. Pride. ";h Fleet commanded, had ur^ed Taipei to speed the order a Ion 2. Lou- clourls dimmed the rocky .=hore as Ehe U. S. fleet converged on *!jp Tr.chcn.". L'. S. pi'ois rcportnd sreinp' ex- ;:ios;ons on Yikia.^irshan, eight :i= ''n-.:ics to ihf north of the Tachens, l? - rL j nut, the Reds made no move to c.;-1 ; j-;!pj-;oj-e_ j[. \v^fi speculated the : " ; ''"' cxnlo.-.ions came from demolition •; !il [ v.'ork on Yikian^.shan. Becker reported Communist torpedo hnnrs wr-re Fpotf.prf by air, bu- otficcrs aboard the flaq.ship Enes. from \vhich he sent his report. ?^;d "it is cu?;.omary to see :hf-m :n thnt nrrn." Helicopters Present Hrlicnpfpr? were hoverinc over !ho fi^et. Sienal blinkers flashed m 'h- r::m li^hi. B-c-:nr had sent this earlier re- nice: :jiu> v r :th , wi'h Bri'.ain and : e:: v ::".s to cet the N a * i c n ;•. i i. ; ' s n n n R;' rl ?; to a :r re e ; o a faee-savinV. "unwritten" cease-' u n d c r \v ate fire in the Formosa Strait. probed the icy. art-': of the low, U S. mine- pr.ih through micsted with iime?, while loliiion teams •y waters for s. : nv.r.c--. nb^'ruciions and the ruins of wrecked p'n:p.~. '•An occasionrj American plane Formosa truce throu2h : f rom a i-.f-ri-r-y riirrinr dips through -.'[-ret diplomacy is being directed j {i-,^ b;c;;k overcji.-a to eye the ar- by Eden and India's Prime Mm- | m;u ; a> t;;en returns to its guard :sicr Nehru. The two st,i:esmen: p 0 - ti " snent Saturday nisht in ron?u!ta-i Nations list sources rcorted that uon and joined the other Common- [ ;;n novsincp iruarri of U.S. and wealth leaders in Formosa ri ; srus-: .\;.;.onai'.." : t iorcr.", uot the evacua- :i under wav la.-t mehi, while p, o: the u.3. 7i.h Fleet, were .! .on;f: d;:-innce away from the o.itri'.cti island:-;, 200 mile.s north For mo--a. : "V. r ' :'ir -', oviicvia' HH\ ships are : r.vprffri to arrive in Kceltuig rijor, Formosa, before tomor- 1 01 Cniirchill dirt no* summon h;s us•,:al weokly Ca;:.nri iw f.n^ion to- f;av, indicritiir: lie doe;- not rcyard the M;u;it:on a.s I'n!. Br;:i-h Labnr p.u'ty I-.-aclcr.s an:i news papers, moanwhile. echoed f o r m o r Prime Mimstrr Clem-, r:::;::': "" en; A:;lfe's call for neuirali/.ation I 12:04 p.m of Formosa anci exil" of Nauonahsi leader Kai-siiek. Soybean Meet At 9 Tuesday Rill Wynlt, who will represent Mississippi County Farm Bure.nti nt a hearing on soybeans in Memphis, has called n meeting of interested persons for E) n.m. tomorrow in the county agent's office here, At tomorrow's session, data will be gathered pertinent, to the proposed change in soybean i; null UK nnd the proposed ^classification ot the Oftden bean. Represenliitives of soybean buying, processing and production elements nre invited to the session, which is open to interested persons. Boosters Meet On Tuesday Chick:is;i\v Booster Club will meet tomorrow nijht nt 1:30 in Hotel Noble's Colonial Room wlirn plans for llic banrim't honorini; J. B. Whiuvorth will be Final Four In Accident Near Wilson . Navy's first commu- ibe Taciions. timed at 11:04 p.m., Sunday EST '<TC "no enemy contacts EVACUATION' on Page 12 Weather imen t the (h.stricl. junior \o\irnanient. i>vn- Rfiim will be ironed out nt the session. Four men were seriously injured an accident one mile south if details of (he club's cam-1 Wilson yesterday when a 104!) Ford .sell adviTtiscmrnt-s for co i|j ( i ( >d with a 19-18 Plymouth, State Trooper Tom Crye of Osceola Identified W. S. Sivley of Marie as driver of the Ford. He said Sivley had a broken rmht arm, lacerations and possible internal injuries. Alec Byrd, St. Louis Negro, was driver of the Plymouth antl was accompanied by two other Ne- Su/cer Bill Passes House LIT'ILK ROCK i.Ti—The House has passed and sent to tlie Senate a bill (I1B 363) by Hop. Kenneth Kulri'r which would nuthori/e the governor In appoint Katholyn I'al- as a notary Sulcer said Miss Palmer Is secretary in Attorney Mitchell Moore at Osccola. All, Trooper Crye slated, wore believed to be seriously injured and were taken to John Gaston Hospital in Memphis for treatment. NORTHEAST ARKANSAS — Generally fair this, afternoon, to- nmlu and Tuesday. Slightly warmer Tuesday. Hiph this afU;rnoon, middle to' hitfh 40s; low tonight, low to mid 20s. MISSOURI—Considerable cloudiness this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday with scattered light snows mostly in northeast and extreme north; colder south nnd east central this afternoon; warmer northwest loniKhi and ° ver south and nrntral Tuesday. Minimum Hunciay—27. Mut i muni Hfilu nifty—43. Minimum this morn Inj;--20, M.'L.iimum ynstonlfiy—44. .Sunrise tomorrow -6:33. Siiiucl today—-5 :M. Mrrtn Urin[>cr«turfi--3fi,5, Prcclpltiitlon Iftflt 48 hourp-to 7 p.m. -•.'(). l'n;rl[)ltfitton Jivn, 1 to dnte—3.48, This imtf rant Vfar Mnxlmum yemenJay—M. Minimum llila mornlnit—M, I'rr-clpltation January i to il*t« — 8,15.

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