The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE JU/V|pVlI,U.;, (AUK.) COU1UGR NEWS WKDNKSDAY, They Threaten Big Ten Records Split Season Is Program for New Mississippi County Baseball Loop. The schedule for the Mississippi county baseball league which opened Us season last Sunday hns been released. The season's schedule !s split Into two sections with the winner of each half to meet in a play-off to determine Hie mason champion. The teams In the league £aycd their first games last Sunday with the Lutes. Ekron, llolbert, Yurbro and Promise Land teams starling off in the win columns. The circuit is composed of ten teams. Five umpires have been named as regular officials to participate In all games played. They have bcon assigned games each Sunday. They arc: Charles Barker, Charles Elfrank, Spencer Hunch, Dave Crawford, J. W. Cox. The complc'.o schedule for llic season follows: First Half May IGCh—Lutes at Hennontlale, EUron at Little River, Uiirdetle at Holberl, Hlghlower at Yarbro, Promlre Land at Dell. May nth—Ifolbcrt at Promise Land, Dell at HiRhlowcr. Hermondale nt Little River, Ekron at Burdette, Ynrbro at Lutes. May 24th — Promise Land at Hcrmondale, Htghtowcr at Holbcrt, Little River at Yarbro, Burdcllc at Dell Lutes at Ekron. May 3IF(—Hcrmondalc al Hish- tower, Dell at Ynrbro, Little River at Burdette, Promise Land at Lutes, Holbcrt at Ekron. June 7th—Burdette at Promise Land, Little River at Holbeil, Hermondale at Dell. Hlehlowcr at Lutes, Yarbro at Ekron. June 14th — Dell at Promise Land, Little River at • Miditower, Ekron at Hcjuiondalc, Holbert at Yarbro, Lutes at Burdeltc. June. 21st—Ilightowcr at Promise Land, Lutes at Little Hlver, Yarbro at Burdelte, Dell at EJtron, Hermondale at Holbcrt. June 28th—Yarbro at Hermondale, Promise Land at Little River, Holbert at Doll, Ekron at Lutes, Burrtettc nt Hightower. July Bth Burdette at Hermon- dalc, Lutes at Holbcrt, Promise J^and at Yarbro, Little River nt Dell, Hightower at Ekron. July. 12lh — Ekron at Promise land, Hermondale at Highlower, Holbcrt at Little River, Dell at Lutes;' Yarbro at nnrdettc. Second Half ' July 19th—Dell at Promise Land, Yarbro at Highlower, Holbert at Burdette, Hcrmondalc at Lutes, Little River at Ekron. July 2Glh—Little River at Her- mondalc, Promise Land at Holbcrt, Lutes at Yarbro, Jiiehlower nt Dell, Burdette at Ek7on. Aug. 2nd—Hcrinondalc al Prom-i Ire Laud, Holbert at Hightower, Dell at Biirdette, Ekron at Lutes, Yarbro at Little River. Aug. Oth—Lutes at Promise Land, Hightower at Hcrmondnle, Burdcllo nt Little 'River, Ekron al Holberl, Yarbro at Dell. Aug. 16th—Lutes at Hishtower, Dell at Hcrmondalc, Holbert at Little River, Ekron at Yarbro, Promise Land at Burdette. Aug. 23rd— Hlghlow.;r at Little River, Yarbro at Holbert, Promise Land at Dell, Hcrmondalc at Ekron, Burdctlc at Lines. Aug. 30th Promt's Laud at Hightower, Holbert at Hermondale, Burdette at Yarbro, Ekron at Dell, Little River at Lutes. Sept. 6th-Llttle River at Promise Land, Dell at Holberl, Hcr- mondalc at Yarbro. Hightower nt Burd;ttc, Lutes at Ekron. Sept. 13th—Yarbro at Promise Land, Ekron at Hightower. Her. mondnle at Burdelte, Holbcrt a Lutes, Dell at Uttlc ni\er. 6!(nt. il:Vi—Hightower at ITcr- inondale, Little River al Holhert Burdellc at Yarbro, Lutes at IX'll Premise Land at Ekron. HOW THEY Southern i.ra^nc VI. I- Birmingham 13 10 Little Rock H 11 New Or'oans H 12 Memphis 1114 Alicia 13 13 Nashville 13 13 Mobile 11 17 Chattancoga 3 17 Ihicks Close Spring Training With Scrimmage Session Friday National League W. L. St. Louis 14 4 New York H G Boston 13 0 Chicago 11 8 Pittsburgh 11 12 Philadelphia 9 12 Brooklyn 8 15 Cincinnati 3 n spotlight will be walchitig these young .en al Northwestern Unlvcrslly May an i,, the nnmial Wc5t(!1 . u onfcrencc track and ncld games. Their performances in Ih- t|tmd- ansular meet between Ohio State, Wisconsin, Chicago and" Norlh- cslcrn Indicated that existing Big Ten records arc not safe The >1> photo shows Bioor and Bectham of Ohio state taking the first vo places In Ihc half-mile run from Melt of Wisconsin and Brown Ohio Slalc. Below, Shaw of Wisconsin is shown as he leaped feel 2 S-it Inches lo lie for fust place in the high jump with nns- ell of Ohio; state. The meet was won by Ohio stale with 7-iif. points. The Ulylhcvillc high school ickasaws will finish tlwir two eeks period of spring football •acticc wilh a final scrimmage al giiard candidate..; are ail non-lct- Icrmen men, in finning Fetidler, Taylor, Pr!c(e, Holland, Huffman untl Rayder. Tipion is the. best aley Field Friday afternoon. . I tenter candiilaie and had ronsld- Aiijiroxliimtcly 40 candidates lork-rably experience last fall Holland nigh school team next fall re- and Pmile are his understudies, londert ID fix call for spring . There is a variety ot candidate? anting and Coach Hemy Hudson for Ins hacklier iwsilicns but optimistic over (lie Chicks' 1 lances despite the return of only x lettermen from last year's mail nc. With Capt. Tom Short, J. T. - -' ~~ • -•!!!*; ui luiii 3U ran;, Bernard McAfrc, Jaggers, veterans from spring training has failed to disclose the posf-ibilitics of all Ihe candidates. Capl. Tom Short and J. T. Craig are of coifrsc fixtures ami reliable Yankees, 'Meld Idle and Macks Jump Over; Tigers Win Over Boston. The world champion Athletics hurdlcil over the Idle Yankee yesterday and 'look the lead in the American league race this year for the first llnw with Boh Grove pitchini; Hie Macks lo Ihe front. Grove limited the Ciiicago White Sox lu four hits and look easy urodll for hVs third victory of the season. Pat Caraway opiwscd Grove but Hi? MaEiis got lo him lor four runs In ihe Ilrsl three Innings. Al Simmons hit a home run in the ninth. Tl:e Detroit Tigers trimmrd the Cosion Kcd Sox wilh Sorrell pitching sliutoiil ball while Ibo lienKalj used their .six hits for two i-iin-.. llussell anu Li.scnbee hurled well lor Uuilun but their mates could nol coiuil any scores lo aid them. In ihi! National circuit the third p::u: iiravos n:id the lowly Cin- I'hinali Hcds played two games at Boston wilh an even brnik, the Diiivcs winning Ihc nrst 4 to 2 and the Rcsls the second, 3 lo a. Ed llrandt, Boston southpaw, was credited wilh his firih strnlglit win in lK> firsl game. Bcrger and Cullop hit homers In the first, game. Johnson was' the winning luirier In Ihc second game. The Pittsburgh-Brooklyn and Chicago-New York games In Ihe N'allumil loop and Ihe Washington-Cleveland and New York-St. Loins games in Hie American league were called off on account of cold weather and wet grounds. c\v Ball Fine For Old Timers Says O'Gooi'ly 11V COL. .101: 0'Uuol'ly Old-Time. I5i{j Li-;igue ritchfr NEW YORK.— I am beginning ID ihlnk that 1 tiuit pitclilns loo sco:i. Clarence Milciicll, who came to the major'leagues while GIOVIT Cleveland was president, hns hern pitching like Christy Mn(hcw.~:m. Since they quit using thai tennis ball, pitchers who haven't won a game since (lie world's fair in St. Louis have been tougher than Pullman porters over a nickel lip. UUZEI SEEKS ME HE Little Italian Has Won About Every Pio Prize Except British Open, NEW YORK, May 13. — Gene riixcii and Johnny Parrel), United Staler professional golfers, sail for Europe last night aboard ihc Ctinnrd liner Dereugarla. They will compete in the British oiicn at, Carnuustle. Out to Make Clean Sweep ohn Alexander and Hone remain- I which much of tl'c ng out of die 1S30 aggregation tcnm v 111 uilson will be forced to build his: il learn from a collection ol' cimgsters new lo fimtball. The spring practice f.?ssion has rough', foaie likely candidates to he fore however and the Chick ncntor plans lor a slurdy front inc anil fast nawcrlid luck fie Id ill of his etiu.ui. So far Hie work his spring has nol tern strcmi- nis but a sainmnge under actual 'laying condilions is shied for Ihc inal d;iy of trainlni;. Coach Hudson is especially pleased over his ]>rospccls for the "nd iwsitions next j rar n - K ,, u .eciet that the Cl:irk ;i were wcak- :r on the \iints Inst I.ill than in xany years am! Hudson Ix-licvcs j thai Max Chrbtian and Jimmy -cc Brocks will briir; the end play ; lack up la oh| sl.iml.irdr, next lall. | 3lher end prc:|vctii aiv Hone, let-I tcrman from the ':iO squad, itax-' cr and Pnrlle. Tackle i\mdidnl.-s '• include the veteran Jagtwrs, 1'ow- ler. Usr.:y and Kirsl-.rtidw. The past seasons upon success of Ihe team v, 111 depend. John Alexander pl.^cd a gootl line game hist year but the Chick lulor expects him lo prove even Vollcr in the backfbld. 13eck, a newcomer from Tennessee who was not eligible losl sea.sun, has dcmonstra'.Oil con- tideiab!e talent tills spring and his poundage is needed. Oaic-r back candidaUs arc McAfee of last year's snuad, \\ r jcbb, Fislicr, Sscuy, Cade, Oable, Drogdon. Wiltan. Hall, T. Brook:; and Thompson. w as 1f/? STARS Play ii- Pr* I .778 .700 .531 .57!) .473 .429 .348 .150 American League Philadelphia Nov.- Ycrk . Cleveland ., WnEhtnglcn Dclroit Chicago ... Dcslon St. Louis . W. L. ,. 11 7 .. 12 8 . 12 10 . 12 II . 13 12 .. 0 12 .. 0 12 ,. 6 12 Pel. .fill .COO .545 SO. 520 .425 .420 .333 How iloc.s shot v;lth tar To put hackspin rn a b.-ll. i; i nccrsfary that Ihe ball t: in: :: >I1> YOU KNOW THAT— Babe P.utli hit bellcr after I:; uirl his leg than he did before . lo save his ICR frcm flrain. look different stance al the ilato and shortened his grip on he bat . . . Jiuuny Hcrse says hat when ho collided wilh the iam chasing a ilv Ihc other day ic thought a building had fallen on him . . . but he cot even on Ihc train shortly afterward . he offered to t<-t the? liam $20 that his iji^miy'si batting iveraje wasn't two pnints under Babe's . . . the liabc, 3 sucker for a h;t like that. UK* him. and lb?y scurried for lim- becks. . . . Ruth's lifetime bis :aguc balllrj average turned •~ut to be .347 and Jimmy'? <\ns .34G . . . lart year WAS jimmy's first year and he p'::i>.-rt;. 77 games ... it would look like a ditty Hick, ai Hint, i: they woren't tile btM ..( ;vf- PLAVS 5 u 0 T AW CPEW STAUCE, -we BALL IM A POSIT10U OPF •TH& POOT Binlcigh Grimes has hcliKrt to put the Cardinals on top. and when Rurleigh broke into the game ho was a roommate of Abnei Doubleday. H,:rb Pcnncck has boon the mainstay cf the Yankee pitcliing staff. Herb can renicmi^r when ball players used to have their own shaving cups in Ihc baiter shops, and wore padding in ll'Mi p.ints. Jec Sliaute, \vlio \\ns IM^^,! out of tile big leagues with LL cl. ,ul arm a couple ol years a^o. is i;:e leading iiiirher for Ilv Uciijiiir, this y-:ar. Joe is throwing w:::j i/.is feet row, and loid mo the olhct day he Intends lo break llubc .\i;ii.|uard's le^ord of pucccsslvr •,u:, ll ii'.s. Joe lins i;eve:oi>cd a sxvol! I; ;-h:ill that hf throws while &l:in<l:i<.: on Ills liantis. I am going t;i suggr-.i r.,.( Waller Johnson g;>; back :;ui> the SMiiiL'. With Ihe b.'ii :!i y using this year aiid'V.iHr,- i.:r. tl-erc nn the sbb, the only p:.;, v in the hall p.irk where a mn:i rn ;hl get hart would be in li:, i-;r« box. One fumnu'r while \V:i' pitching, tlicre wero :o drives hil back (u tin- ; that the score koe|-:r.v ]:. masks. UY Alff KICIINZ NT:A Service Spuib Writer Evciy major tournament In which the professional gclfcr is an eligible competitor, except one, has btcn won al some lime or other by Gene Sarazcn. And because he wants that one lo round uut his hliiny t:f golf successes, the husky litl-L- Italiim will be standing a', the first Ice wh<n Ihe roll is called at Cnino'.;slic June 1 lor Ihe British Open championship. Gene's swing Is right down In Ihc groove i:ow and when it's that way tic elicks. He icems certain to win one ol ihe major events this summer. His money-winning sprees liming the last, two winters stamp him as n foremost contender in the scramnic for Bobby Jones' abandoned Open crown at Inverness in July- Sarazcn once owned that .same crown, a sensational score ot aja at Skokic in ll)i!2 giving him possession of Ihc tille tor a year. + + * Sarazen was 20 when'he engineered his big triumph at Sxoki- but he claimed to be 21 because, lie said, 20 didn't bound old enough. 'I here never was a more conti- dont youngster than the Sarazen v.ho tinned In a hnal lap of 08 at SKokie. He was Mttinj tockily on a lence looking al "Sarazen, 233,' l.usted on the Scoreboard when a Louricr suddenly dashed up and mioruicd him thai the veterans Waller Hagcn and J. L. BlacK v.erc burning up llic course. Th: cm only smiled and confidently remarked: "Yeah? Well, I've yot mint'. They have Iheirs lo gel." Ila3-:n always was Sarazen's iavoiiic enemy. He was happiest MUCH putling Hie skills to Sir Waller and «;:s the only one who could out-bulldoze the "Ilait'." uenc followed his win al Skokic wilh a triumph in tne p. U. A. Hiigcn. wlia tlicn -.vas Bril- isli Open cliauip, hurled a challenge and Baraix-n jumped at it. the rrsuil was another Sarazcn linnnph over "a holes for the unofficial world's golfing champion- snip. The loilowmg year he again irounccii Hagen lo DaB his second stiaigni P. G. A. championship. ^onlimted success made Gene wuncicr wnat ins game was maue of, so lit suited lu s'.iidy it out. ins sv.inj soon became uncertain and liis UK nu> flivvcicd. The lituc Italian stuck lo his task, in bpiu of sc\cral indifferent yeai.s In 1SI2V al Oakmoiint, llic course o: many traps, lie spent two hours daily in Itie traps working on Ins biniKcr shots prior to llic Opon. 'Ihe kinks disappeared al las', and at press-lit his swing is bctlcr man in those years of his early Pebs Beat Crackers Memphians Stop Losn Streak and Beat Baro Alas, Tl'.c Chicks fro:n Memphis ally put a slop to their los streak and bumped off the Di; league leaders at the same th yesterday when they dcfealcd i Birmingham Barons. The :;core was 11 lo 5 wilh i Memphis baiters snapping out their fast to crash 18 base hits i eluding a home run by Jean Hulchinr.on, Jeancs and Willia of (he Chicks mcl the ball ha throughout the game. Bec-.c the winning pitcher ar.d Campl) Ihe losing huricr. The second place Travelers ag; unset the Crackers in Atlanta n ministering a 4 to 3 ttafeat to t Georgians on their home gro:'« A homer by Shancr, Pcb ficld-'''4 the fourth inning with two aboTc definitely -scllled - Ihe ' result though Hie Crax made the cont > clc.-e before the -game end i Barnage v:as the winning hurl Hearn lost. | The New Orleans P.elfcans dow i ed lha Chatlanoosa . Lookouls, I to 3. 'Hie Pels pushed" Blib off t nejs. A healthy ball player is ' nioiind and made tbeir, hits , con wice-' as.-t.iluaWe as ji sick man | while ^ Uic. _ t,CQkoi(ts '. J / a'^lfoii! England, dropped the remark that 'this probably would be his last Reason, of tg'urnanient tennis. Busi- f tg'ur calfing g him, says Oiu?e tlie'^/tl^rwplghb-:.'''divisionf'Do yoiiv i-cmcmbcr when ho rhu- as^ue of.-,tl'^ mcst arlive of .thi>t iiciniced'his rctircnicnl last'v-a-' n 1.f'!..II '1,..,.-.._ T-.-l.J'ii 1. "'r-.. I ' - ^...^ . -JV ...... •}. Zuinbro in Ihe the wcbrid. Adam: stop, made, fpur ,game. • • •'•';•,-' - u . 0 .Busses., Lately-'it.Jias: lall- eirinufo'- decreu'itufie?, Asj a climax .0, lhei;I'Y5Ep!aii-Thohilis6n ./affair's. n Cleveland. Vouiig jack Thbirip- tenpjcl i! Jj'd i gut l'jde.qls'4 "' son, alleged .he oilier ion lo Bucky' Lawless. It was noii-lilic bout, which is the same! as a goose-egg on Ihe Scoreboard. too?. One more.' announcement! Babe Rutli changed his grip like that, and Georej will be run-|the bat .and.his^e.ftt^yjc, rim? me!-: and ueek with Harry; after' Silly Records JK Scwell almost ruined his ueallli by Irying to make a con- secnli\'e gamrs record when he was with the Cleveland Indians. Now Lot! Gclirig is Irying to set a rec- Lauiier. : » * - Sujsrcsllbii " . The' Kciv York Boxing Commission is leaving wj:nctliing uiiik'ne. It has reinststert Carn;ra ij inec' Shttrki'y, but (hat hardly seems enough. After the bout has terminated in a foul, another contest should be arranged as a sorl ol sequel lo Ihc Carncra-Sharkey Ihing. Al! the heavyweights in the world iiieUtdiiiL- .Schmeiing Cr.r- |.534. The b .. ing down a flight might bat igco. ina bbanuu^Hv^wviiufl c'ent ?f aca^|wpll! bDy'.ousrWtOifijI j| ccnld be slarled at one of -the-pk 1n Hoboken. Wouldn't -that!: be-: splasii? Thn Reason? Collins Th? Boston Red Sox are net,. Ing to finish in Ita ccllaVi | year. You're welcome, anu '• von ask why? v r cll. just watcli t ord for uninterrupted service. So; noril campolo, Stribling. Bharkey, i way Mr. John Sbauno Collins Charley Gelirlnger, \vlio is not j Paulino, clc., should be entered I handling his fcllosvs. That is I behind Gchrig in the number I into a contest walking around the i answer. games played without pause, j ., vor id backwards in- a sack half i •Recently Gehringer, laid up with. a!fn',i O f co::l. The novel marathon I i;;r,rt Courier News want ads. s-i._> aim, saved his record by bat-; — ~ -. — - — ling as a pinch hitter. Manager: McCarthy and Manager Harris ought to take the young men out of the i-'aine and get their minds; off sucli meaningless monkey bus- thc final match going 40 holes to a tic. necessitating ano'.hcr playoff. Sarazen will play with tue Ryder Cup learn at Columbus. O.. late in June. Those Britishers who brushed against him in the Ryder Cup competition, of l'J2i and MK9 are fully awavc ot ihe trouble Sarazcn's opponents wili encounter in the Scioto matches. r.Pau!F.KdMchen Dentist STEELE, MO. GAMES TODAY •r crisp downward alter the ball has born r, :ii ,• way. Play Ihe u.i!l .\ li.'..- :,-,,-.-, Ihe rishl foot, l-'or :;,. •:•..-.: land Martcn/i? i TS ,• •...•> nicre cpon slar.ce \M::-. :-^ j jurt a lew nieh:^ ;•,;•.!;;. pivcls very ht'.ic ::;i:i !;.•:,. Ask Jack Hcr.drkiis, who 'lands clo:-e to tr.? b. :r. with f-« km-l a^sL.".;.-ii-ce o! 3001 TOMORROW: Vi',;i: i t;, ,• fa^s minajed the Cincimiati teamicr position of th: el-jb .il tiir a couple of £cmc«ers. ]cf the backswinf in WJ.K! p;ay Harvry Hen.lrirt: is Inv : i t i 3 nn ehanco gr.ii-g t-> pi.- lV with Ihc Reds. - - - - .Srnthrrn !.-.-.! Memphis a! liirmi:- Lltllc Ucrk al Ail..; Nafhville al Mob :.- Chaltancosa a! >;.-.• Pliilacleliihl.i ui r NSW Ycrk al (<•. ! Boston at Uctr,>: - Washinnlon ;;; c t St. I/onis as 11 • Chicago at KIMx. Pittsbursri at :;, -. Cincinnati a'. i\. WASHOUO.'.T \i ' Heater was u:;:.;; . ilc ! micininht wiv. n : . |U j aiitouictiik 1 .-'K:::. . ^ I plunged Ihrrii',:-. <; • 'P-; fh.ick anrt =ho\- : r lop.bed out a rear ,'..i'.;. ? 'jured. lift Phone 85 VAC ATI ON S Ask about Illinois Central WEEK All Expense VACATIONS by pleasantly baseball, tpnrrs, opcr.l r your _*. of ihr: L.IICC Country at the s.irne lime Scn-icc pl.tni ^ yon. Let <nir tr.ivc! fz* v«.«i-n rnd c-n'.r's you of = Reduced Summer ill effect diit) SEED FOR SALE OR TRADE A F,IST, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE FROM MEMPHIS TO C,]U- C.-fG'O, I.OU1SVII.LF. JND C.'iV.. CIXATTI, ,/VJJ - Mail This Coupon fnr .Sldiioviilc No. 1 I'v: No. 2 $•")» Cash or 2 for 1 Sarazen won ir.any hnportaiu ineney lournamcnls in 1'Jjj. He olartcd by v. Inning Ihe Miami Ifc'.cn and Miami cveiuo. li:ei- dcnlaily. Hi; latter luiirnaincnl usually is his for Ihe askinu. ior he hns won it tour years in sue cession. Ihe money he spent lor a ticket lo Agua Caiitnte proved a good investment, as he came away $10.000 richer and sporlm; a new crown. Ho lo!:owcu | triumphs by leading tl:e> pack in llic Western Open at Indianwccd. shocting lincc rounds under 70. This year Sarazcn ugani was llic Icaciiiv; money winner. He retained his v.tst mle al !5cl- iair, ria.. and won th: rich $16,MO r.-.i Ocrce O]ien. Ik- sustained Iwo penalty Miokcs cm of trouble in tiu i loinul, bin wits nble lo r-\: with r, remarkable Gj. Teamin; with Jchnny K.nreli. lie was runner-up lo Wiily Cox and Willie MacFiirlanc in the fci;r-ball nntchrs at Miami Beach,

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