The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 19, 1968 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 26

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1968
Page 26
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9- 26 Tuesdoy, March 19, .1968 The Ottawa Journal Below ip Tlie Hill by DAVE IROWN,.- BY THEIR SWEATSHIRTS they shall be known. The upcoming Liberal leadership convention promises to be a real proving ground for the effectiveness of the sweatshirt in politics. A week ago Herb Gosewicf) at Ritchie's Sport Shop came out with "Go Go With Trudeau" sweatshirts and preliminary response, showed the effort wo.thwhile. Now he plans one for Paul Martin and a large department store is qui the process of having a complete line of sweatshirts made up, with slogans and caricatures. From inside these sweatshirts people can be obvious in their choice for leader. Mayor Don Reid has announced he will support Political 'Sweatshirts Are All the Rage Television TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1968 (C DtNcms COLOR . 'j-w - v i ' John Turner, so he'll wear a Turner sweatshirt The political machine that backed the mayor in the last election, however, choses another color. Almost the whole. Reid-for-Mayor committee is working for Robert Winters. Stan Hedger and Jake Dunlap are co-chairmen and working with tiiem are Reid faithfuls Scott Joyce, Red Finn and Kay Pavia. BANK AND SPARKS: Spero Andrews of the Embassy Restaurant has been elected president of the Ottawa and District Branch of the Canadian Restaurant Association for 1968. Other officers include L. M. Gillespie and Sam Pantusa . . , Still a few tickets available for the West Ottawa Optimists annual Italian Night this year jeuturing Rocky Grazlano Wednesday at the Talisman ... Bill Montaigne of Pembroke has been given a "professional rating" in "photo reporting" by the Professional Photographers of America, Des Plaines, Illinois . . . Overheard: Can't figure if it's time to head for the bush or the Ottawa Liberal convention when I hear the cry: "The sap is ruhningJL'L.,. t We won't see much of S. J. Wilson after March 24. He lives in Capreol and is the conductor on the CNR Trans Canada Panorama into Ottawa and that's the day he retires . . . Last year in Ottawa was "the greatest sales year ever" according to local restaurants . . . Cheryl Wootton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Wootton of 1908 Barn-hart Place, is both author and director of "Plastics," an ultra contemporary play, to be shown at Wellesley College in Massachusetts next week. " ' SOMETHING FISHY: If you are. having trouble with your television reception, and also have an aquarium, here's a little test you can try. Try pulling the electric plug on the aquarium, and if the reception improves there's your problem. This advice comes from the Deep River Hydro Commission which in two weeks answered five complaints about interference, and in each of the five cases found an aquarium at fault. The problem seems to be a metal strip used in controlling the temperature in the fish tank. . OUCH: The Lone Ranger and Tonto were sitting around a campfire one quiet night with nothing to do but look for a topic. "Have you ever done anything that nobody ever did before?," asked LR. "Many winters have passed," Tonto began, "since that time. But there was a time. I was walking across the great desert and was very thirsty. Looking for water I dug in the sand, and dug up skull, in many pieces. I saved all the pieces and when I was safe from the desert, I wired them all together and presented the skull to the great chief of our tribe. He was very happy. In fact, he said it was the first time an Indian had wired a head for a reservation." PARTING SHOT: Latest rumors have Gabon adding Insult to injury by putting together a hockey team which will be sent to Canada to kick the stuffing out of our national teams. t, I Frankenstein , I Popeye's Paitv IS Early Show 7 Lionus I Robin-fusee 11 Bucksaw Hollow 13 The Second 100 Years (c) 5.N 4, 5, I Let's Go 7 Have Gun I Ultra-Man II Marine Boy (c) 11 Flinstones IS Newsline (c) I.N 4 Reach for The Top I The Reporter IP Report I Tween Set 7, 11 News Jeunesse oblige 11 Tele-Metro (c) 12 Pierre Berton 11 Newsline (c) 1.31 4, I News Report i Mac' Beartte IP Huntle Brlnkley (c) 5S Report 7 News (r) I Telejouma' 11 Pierre Berton 12 Pulse (c) 1! Merv Griffin Show (c) MS S, I News SS Report I Aujourdhiil MARMADUKE THE FAMILY CIRCUS By Bil Keane 7.N 4' Something FJse ' (c) S Girl From UNCLE SP Truth or Consequence SS News (c) I Seven on Six 7 It's Racing time II News (c) 11 Dragnet (c) 12 Batman (c) 7. M 4, 5, 6 The 21st Century (c) 5P Jeannie (c) 5S, 7 Daktari (c) I Les joyeaux.nau- frages (c) II Man In A Suitcase (c) 11 He and She (c) 12, 13 Jerry Lewis (c) 8. H 4, 5, (, 11 Red Skelton (c) 5P Jerry Lewis (c) I Mission Imp. (c) S.M II Cre basile (c) 12, 12 Ironside (c) I.N 4, 5, I, 11 Circus (c) 5P Movie (c) I Rue des Pignons (0 II Claude Blanch. ard (r tit 5S, 7 Good Morning World (c) I Moi et l'autre II Peter Gunn. 12, IS Pig whistle (c) . II.W 4, 5, I, 11 Newsmagazine SS CBS Reports (c) 7 CBS News Hour (O I Tous pour un 10 Fortune Plaza (c) 12, 1J The Avengers 9 Camera '68 11.41 II News (c) ll.M 4, 5. 5P. I, f, II 12, 1 News (c) SS Report (c) I Telejournal II Sports 11.11 SP, 7 Sports 11 Late Show 12 Rulse (c) 13 News (c) 11.31 4 Viewpoint 5 Demiere Edition I1.M 4 Sports 5 Naked City SP, 7 Johnny Carson Show 5S Movie I Sports 13 Douglas Fisher (c) 11.41 4 Award Theatre I One of A Kind I Cine Cluo 12 Movie 12.15 13 Picture Page WEDNESDAY, MARCH, 20, 1968 (C) DENOTES COLOR I V t-stfi p.- - ' ' 17 I X. I 1 V ML . . . - 3-" KIU WW, "H k4 wr tj-L, J ...... t II .u. cJTj tV "We're drawing pretty pictures! , ' ' ' y n 1 1 1 1 1 iii "MlltlllA nsMM ? IT 14 THE mAST AMD .((JUST I iznnn mj rr tub I I II 1 1 1 i lit 1 -v " - - ' r vwi i nm I I 1" S OMEO, OH ROMCO, ) 15 THE rr - PIKBCVON f ( WHBRBFC7RB ART CJL ZCCSA 1 6 SLOPPY. i c - , . f , -m ' 0 JfUr ' I I I v 1 i. r r yr-JW, I r - isrvz 1 M(VI.UMW n.tfM- - 1 POGO MARK TRAIL wc'oe Gfukis Tit erti i nun bisut I BEH,N WU...ANO YOU'D BETTER BE T VOU TO HIM, . ' m 1 1 ' fcATEUJN6 M THE TRUTH ABOUT MY DOG.' ) ROUNDTRE W$ sSStVlVlJ JUDGE PARKER T;,- I Hlill w.CAT?omsrMAY6 He T vo x woutcm-r X mme k sew.' rit. 1 E'Wffe WfHrUit Jb- A0NPf yMAVBfi HE NT.' JKifl CALL MVSfLP A SE6 JP HES W.' r3i& iTwj 7.M IP Today (c) 7JI SS Morning Calen. 13 University of The Air 7.4J II Metro Matin 8.N - SS, 7 Cpt. Kangaroo IS Ed Allen (c) 8J - 13 Romper Room (O I.N . SP The Fugitive 55 Magic Toy Shop 7 ETV II Bon Jour II Toast and Coffee 13 Something to Think About (c) SP Gen. Hospital SS PDQ 11 .Ed Allen . 7 Newlywed Game 12 University of the Air, ' 13 Ou S' Amuse 1I.N 4, S. , 11 School SP Snap Judgment (c) SS Candid Cam. Educational TV "Dessin Techniques" II Voix des femmes II Romper Room (c) 13 The Honeymoon- era 1JI 4, S, I, 11 Friendly Giant 13 Concentration (c) SS, 7 Bev. Hillbillies M. Surprise 12 Magic Tom (c) 13 Perry's Probe (c) 1I.4S 4, S, , 11 Chez Helene I La souris verte II School 13 Ed Allen 11.H 4, S, 1, 11 Mr. Dress- Up SS, 7 Andy of 2.N Mayberry , j, 5S, , j Love rs 5P Personality (c) Many Splendored Anay oi may. Thing I Les saintes cheries jp lyg 0f II Voix des femmes Tives ic 12 Mike Douglas (c) 13 TV Bingo (c) 1IJS 4, 5, . 11 Pick of Week 1UI SP Squares (c) SS Dick Van Dyke 7 PDQ Serial Long Metrage (c) II Serial 11 Romper Room . 13 Dear Jackie (c) 1145 4, I, 11 News S Cartoons ll.M 4, Lunch Data I Cartoons SP Jeopardy (c) iS, 7 Love of Life . 11 First Edition II News 13 News 12.15 II Serial II Spotlight 13 Dodo and Her. : cules 12.31 4, SS, I, 7, 11 Search for Tomorrow IP Eye Guess (c) 11 Movie 12 Little People II Movie 12.1 4, SS, I, 7, 11 Guiding Light 1.N 4, I Lunch Date SP Local Sceaa .SS Gypsy (c) 7 Gen. Hospital I Telejournal II Movie 12 Photo Finish 1.31 4. 5S, , 7 As the World Turns SP A Deal (c) I Long met rage 12 Big Spenders (c) I v J I r ii w by Sandy Grf?rr ' II Movie 12 In Town 2.U 4 Girl Talk 5 Women's World I Coronation St SP The Doctors (c) SS, 7 House Party (c) 12, 13 People in Con- 3.N 4, 5, I, 11 Take 30 SP Another World (c) SS. 7 To Tell Truth I Femme d'aujourd'hui 12, 13 Magistrate's Court ,3-25 -SS, 7 House Call 3JI 4, S, SS, t, 7, 11 Edge of Night 5P You Don't Say (c) vll Your Turn 12, 13 It's Your Move 4.N 4, 5, 1, lltBonnle Prudden SP Match Game (c) 5S, 7 Secret Storm (c) I Bobino II Last of the Mohicans 12 The Buddies (c) 13 Big Spenders (c) 4JI 4, 5, 6, 11 Upside Town SP Mike Douglas 7 Dating Game I Boite a surprise II Zoo 12 Family Theatre 13 Uncle Willy (c) Folk singer Gordon Light-foot is one Canadian who has been accepted as a star fn his homeland., ' The indication of personal acceptance for a singer is his own special on the CBC. And that's exactly what the Oril-lia-boro song writer achieved last night. For years Gordon has been living in the Canadian shadows. Acclaimed throughout the U.S. as one of the most promising songwriters of the last two years, he has received little recognition from this country's two television networks. Four years ago Gord was an unknown, singing country songs and making a meagre living on tour with the stars. Then he decided to go it alone, armed with a guitar and a flair for concocting a sonR. His talent led to a management contract with Albert Grossman, long-haired manager and developer of such top-flight folk artists as Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary. This In turn brought a contract with United Artists rec-. ords and an 'album simply entitled "Lightfoot." His first single, "I'm Not Saying" made a little bit of noise. Then came "Spin Spin." which turned the tide and put the Lightfoot record on radio turntables from coast to coast. Through his publishing affiliation in the U.S.. other artists came to recognize his pleasant turn-of-phrase and turn-of-melody. Peter. Paul and Mary. Marty Robbins and a host of other pop and folk singers recorded his numbers and started setting a consistent path of hits. But in Canada, where it all started. Gord was still a sub-star. He made the personal appearance circuit, attracting large crowd and building a sizeab'e following. Next came television and one-shot guest stints on several CBC shows. With his second album "The Way I Feel." the Lightfoot prestige rose again. Canadian radio stations came out in solid support of the. singer something of a rarity and a feat that even Rich Little, I nine Green and Juliette com bined could not equal and the records sold in the tens of thousands. Last night the CBC's fop variety program, "Show of the Week" finally paid him' the tribute he so richly deserves his own hour. Not particularly big-budget, but his first. Surrounding Gord were Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks, Bonnie Dobson and Jackie Gabriel, who may as well have stayed at home lor the amount of feeling they projected. Lightfoot and company chose a selection of songs from his old and .new catalogue and staged them in both indoor and outdoor settings. Unfortunately, there was often more meaningless background than entertainers but the un-complimentai'y. settings were the only distraction of an otherwise enjoyable hour if viewers allowed themselves Involvement in the stories of the songs. Accompanied by guitarist Red Shea and John Stockfish on electric bass. Gord supplied the majority of the vocals in his casual, warm style. Many of the songs were new drawn from a soon-to4e released album, "Did She Mention My Name" al-- though some have been performed in concert before the Lightfoot regulars. But Gord was aiming at his new audience with his ' "Show of ' the Week" hour. In the past his attraction has been mainly in' the student bodies and with the young record buyers. Now he Is rapidly gaining adult support. Among the numbers he performed was, "Black Day in July," a song he composed about last year's Detroit riots, which offered no political con- elusion but rather was a touch-'.ing assessment of a city caught up in the fury of internal upheaval. This, which just also happens tcjbe one side of his new single, was one of the highlights of the 60 minutes performed off - camera by Lightfoot, as the screen projected pictures of the motor city mayhem. But, there were, plenty of others like "Wherefore and Why" and "Face of a Thousand People" setting the mood . and conveying the striking Lightfoot lyrical originality. Strange as it may seem, this was only "Show of the Week's" second Canadian musical offering of the past season. And it once again hammered home the point that Canada's top talent is equally as good as the foreign imports. Sooner or later that message will get through to the CBC brjfcs. And perhaps they will restrict some of the money going across the border in favor of more expensive-internal productions. FINISH HIGH SCHOOL IN YOUR SPARE TIME ChVrt do It so wtiy not ytJ? Study ot vour own poet, at horn ondr th suptrvtsien of qualifies High School teoctttrt. Txt or upollfd. "You of fully proporod to writ fht oHIeM txomktatiOft end roctlvt vour diploma from tho Dopt. of Education' Stnd coupon for Fr booklet today. Foot doductlbto for Income Tax purpom. fc CANADIAN SCHOOL OF HOME STUDY 2309 Tongs Stmt. Toronto 01-1 Nam ... Address .' City Ago I am interested in Q Junior O Senior iHMMinNnmiiiHiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimiimimi Channel G'!ide CBOT, Ottawa .... 4 CHOV, Pembroke 5 WPIZ, Pittsburgh . .... SP WHEN, Syracuse , 5S 1 ICBMT, Montreal 6 WWNY, Watertown ... 7 CBOFT. Ottawa ..... 9 CFIM, Montreal 10 CKWS, Kingston 11 CFCr, Montreal 12 CJIstt. Ottawa . 13 KiiuiiHiiiiiiinniiiimnmiHitiiiinmiiiiiiiminiiiiH GOT CONFEDERATE BILL SIMCOE (CP) Police said Monday that Tom McDowell of St. Williams, 20 miles southwest of here accepted an 1884 Confederate $10 bill last weekend In payment for gasoline at his service station. McDowell became suspicious Sunday when another p?rsnn tried to pass i Confederate $20 bill at the sta Inn. Police are investigating. At your fingertips 8 Channel TV S-rvIr In Sondv HIM. Cntrt town, S-'ih Fmilf and Alts Vlilo CONNECT NOW! CALL 731-8230 SKYLINE CABLEVISI0N jinn mngi 88ffi8f 688898- a(4) 111 1 T - - it t - - ' t t-1 - id r - VI ' ' ' - - - - A - ' ' A.SM Ii .l il H Ii I i '

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