Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News, Wilkes-Barre Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1963 · 4
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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News, Wilkes-Barre Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 4

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1963
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:..:.:rntl WILKES-BARRE RECORD, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5 1963 MOON MULLINS By FEED JOHNSON I.-- "" 1 .. . ' v.- . ' 'I '."" """"" " T- AT T4PP i LTL ABNEE - . TfZ, j I I THAT REMtNt5 MEMMA-V"HJ!jsy fZ7htVh IClVH li II I SIOULD REMlWD KWOhJ Vi TAttNQ LONG I nr''. I HELP NQ I VIS AIN'T STOP M0ONlN'B0UT V fxT-dJ;-) BETTER A rJ? I HSSVSl VM ,1 ' BOUNCV-BELLE CHILE" TAKEEM - VEAR A J L SOf-- I UNHEALTHY. AH IS VMk i V ': ORPHAN ANNIES . "V . Z f kM' WjtJ .. BLONDES.. ' .;.. By CHIC YOUNG r?"3 -X J I ITS GOINS TO BE MlSHTY Us LONG AS I'M ALLORESSEC LFV TE ( f 'T J" GOOD TO SIT DOWN TOONS Tl i DAGWCOD-VDONTNOU ly - (PLENTV HUNSRY COOKED- 1 IZif jU II, JsA TO D,NNeT iXJ3lT TfTT ; xeuky By GEORGE WCNDER T II 11' " PFRHAP5 THE LOCAL 5TAIINI5T5 fwE SUAkP jDUK 5ENATC3f? QJJB& wu vcrwpwh I 1 L HWrW wavf rttOFvm AMETOOPOTHER 1 ANP TAKE THE tAPy WTO RfOTKTIVE II SHE WILL CCWAWNICATE nc ji Warn Wwm. than assassination as aw st J cusTOpy. rr m v o time to l FREELXr.VTjr r answcw v i ggjj nv r norWDiBiF rRAOM CI OUESTION HER ASOlT THI5 BIZARRE ls"v I ONLY FRJCKV W-1 1 " 1 . . ' ' 7 7 " Dm ciotvd . - , , By BOB NAYLOR U1U DU1UU . , - " " I - ' P 7 I I TI V V "" !T IT LOOKS LlkE rT, MISS I . 1 1 MLST GETNiXIOUTOPhEwE lfvnT.THE U I TDUu. BE 5AFS IllWIWA M L MUU.--SOWEB0CTy"5 I POLICE COME AND BOUTWA OUT OP WSA I AND WMT FOR THE POLICE ?- WHAT'S THIS 1 SNEAKED INTO YDUR UVINS- WIDINS - .,. T" 5 rfM?&T- Jr, ABOUT A ) POOM -r PLACE Jm I - ioH,CAR , AlV I , " O00 ' i ''" ' I jj I . I-" -I V t - T .' N r .1 f I .-TV ts . : VWL ' I. 1 I I MLlxUS APiU ati.Cjt.XCjP, - g :' .. ' "J '"'7 ;- I HATLWOPFAS4W s I EE MK- TM6 IS A IN OTfOTWJRyw PJPNTJI .. .1 v-5 r 1 I I fTVS 1 Sr VOU- . X i I P0U6HT THB J .1. .1 X- f PTES WBfTTFl r- -i J .''IJ- SUPERMAN By WAYNE BORING ' JINTO BELIEI HE 5ULVBER TO DtSCOER JPINEST NEWS MOUND 5f J STILL HA5 THE ) NEED TOUNCOVER '. j THE LONE RANGER , - . By CHARLES FLANDERS yj ' . - BRICK BRADFORD . - ; By PAUL N0RR1S 'f ii " Yom.bcck! get ,1 I Tuey have calm powm, 1 I i have a feeling i we have zupok&twA . ' ' ZT"N V ME OUT OP HEPE ENSLAVED SAPlE ! TW6IZ6 ; YOU HAVE MAPE THE LAW OP AUVASE-,.. 00 ; "STOP H6R! . VSll CKEVVMENI.., 7 MUST &S $CW6 MISTAKE, BY COMINS NOT BECOME IN VOUVBP . 5T0f TWAr ,) V-TNfti ; AMP ME! rV MISTAKE jL hece! yL0 vve WILL conpcate I"! 1frl J . eNii I r ? CJ A-..: - A)Wr X , 4 -. rw,n Pv WAT.T.V RTSITflP i ' k -i y :i i . -Ti 11 " " a SKl! I CONSERVE WATER WHltff VOPOJT 7 g iNV CONSERVS AFTgN00f, r j DICK TRACY araa ie i ifv 1 1 a ta lSI V r a(rv i 7f m b.r i tww SEEM ENOUGH OF THIS OLD BIRTHPLACE VOURN? HIL Th Voici of Broadway By DOROTHY KILG ALLEN Jotting in Pencil . The belly dancer known as "LJttle Egypt" i about to make headlines with a lawsuit against the operators , of the Seattle World's Fair. ' She claims she was widely advertised as set to appear at the Fair, then can celled at the last moment and her complaint will allege, that the - cancellation caused her to lose, several lucrative engage ments, including a part in a Broadway show . . . Carol Chan- ning is in a merry swivel after telephone call from Ladybird Johnson. The Vice-President's wife is' giving a luncheon party on Thursday in honor of Mrs. Lopez-Mateos, wife of the Presi dent of Mexico, and ' suddenly decided she wanted some entertainment, so she called Carol who will fly down to Washington to be the only show business personality at thevent. Sammy Davis Jr.. has arranged to turn over $20,000 from his upcoming Las Vegas engagement to Martin Luther King . . . A new book titled "Sacred Sanctuary'! will stress the singer's political influence. One chapter will be headed "Sinatra's Con tribution to the Election of Pres ident Kennedy." The first print ing will be a huge one . , , Fath er's Day note: The experts believe Frederic March is a solid bet to win an Oscar nomination for his fine performance in "Con demned of Altona." He plays the father in this film, as he did in his Academy Award-winning performance in "The Best Years of Our Lives.,-and "Death of a Salesman." - If he should win again, it would be his third Oscar. Ro Starr, who Is almost as much a celebrity as the stars she keeps track of in her daily tip sheeL is being married today to Bernard J. Krieger, a PR man. A small reception is sched- ueled for" Sunday . . . Rock 'n roll singer Mary Wells and her husband, are divorcing. Mary will get custody of the Detroit office building her record royal ties bought . . . Birdland hipsters are buzzing about the $18,000 lawsuit bassist Charlie Mingus filed against United Artists Rec ords. He claims, they defaulted in payiqg him for arranging and performing at a Town Hall con cert . ? . With "How To Succeed' a smash; hit - in London, other European countries are bidding for the- rights to put on the show. The.- Del Shofners (he's the FKtball Giants' great pass-catching end) are expecting a b&by in January just about a day before their first wedding anniversary . . ., Marina Vlady, the French movie temptress who has 24 years, 20 films and one ex-husband to her credit, winged to Africa and, married wealthy aviation executive Jean Claude Brouillet. Right after the cere mony he presented Marina with her own plane. Now if she only knew how to fly. Football players closest to the late Big Baddy Lipscomb believe his sudden death was murder.! The nals denv Bir Daddv was a dope addict, but they admit that he did spend and borrow money too freely and they suspect he miElrt have been in trouwe witn the shylocks. Their theory is that he died of a "hot shot" an overdose of drugs shot into a man's arm when he is unconscious, or drunk, and which can result , in a death that appears to have been accidently self- inflicted. ; Those who've seen rushes of "Fall-Safe" report that Frank Overton and Ed Binns rate raves. Overton playing General Bogan, head of the SAC war room, and Binns as i.t. ioi. Grady, the pilot who bombs Moscow. In the same movie, Henry Fonda does a competent job but appears to be nanai capped by his efforts not to seem the least bit like President Kennedy ; . . A highly touted record company appears to be falling apart at the seams. For several months it nas been run' ning with no New York business head and no national sales managers. Some of the big name recordlne artists are squawking long and loud about the lack of action . . . Tony castors son, Guy, will give up his attempt at a career as a solo smeer ana rejoin his father's act, whera the Davchecks are steadier, Peter Sellers is now in the $250,000-per picture class that was- his deal with Stanley Ku brick for "Dr. Strangeglove" and Inasmuch as he makes pi& tures as fast as he can read scripts, he should be a million aire by Saturday . , . U.S. fans don't see too much of John Ire land on the screen, but obviously he's doing Just fine in those European movies. He bought a 130-foot yacht last week and is living on it off the Costa Brava, where he's working on a film assignment Leo Pontl, pro - prietor of London's River Club Is in New York to confer with MAMMY AND I WOULD LIKE TO FLV TO INDIA AND MALAYA, UXE MR. SMITT Quick Sewing ted Pattern By MARIAN MARTIN Want a hew dress now? Sew this slim, sleek, easy sheath in a matter ot nours:, iwo main pattern parts, no waist seams- cinch witn belt. Printed Pattern 9161: Misses' sizes 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. Size 16 je- ouires 3 yards 35-lnch fabric. mty cents in coins ior mis pattern add 15 cents for each pattern . for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, Wilkes -Barre Record. 171 Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St. New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly name, address with zone, size and style number. Free offer! Coupon in Summer Pattern Catalog for one pattern free anyone you choose from 300 design ideas. Send 50c now for Catalog. Grab Bag THE ANSWER, QUICK! 1. If someone gave you mangosteen, would you eat it, mount it. over your mantel or bind it in leather? 2. What is plate glassT 1 3. Was Erich von Falkenhayn a Dilot. a general or a spy? 4. If someone is malapert, is he seasick, clumsy or bold 7 , 5., What is the righ of search? YOUR FUTURE . Make no Important, changes and be satisfied with slow prog ress. Today's child will be 1m pulsive. . . -7; IT'S BEEN SAID The art of pleasing consists In being pleased. To be amiable is to be satisfied with one self and others. Henry HazliL A WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE SUBMISSIVE (sub-MIS-iv) adjective; ready or Inclined to submit humbly or unresistingly obedient; Indicating submission. Origin: Latin submittere, to put under. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To actor William Boyd and Marion Motley, . former pro foot ball star.- ' '' HOW'D YOU MAKE OUT f 1. Eat it. 2. Glass formed by rolling hot glass onto a plate, then grinding and polishing it 3. General. 4. Bold. 5. The right of nations at war to search neutral ships for con traband. ' and Palm Beach hotel owner. They're discussing a big project in Jamaica, with Seiden set to operate the hotel and Ponti the gambling casino. Would you believe It? A new group of gospel singers calls it self the Righteous Brothers , . A famous major league baseball player is happiest when his team visits Detroit. That's where he holds his secret rendezvous with a young model ha met during spring training . . . Montreal's leading night club. El Morocco (no relation to Edwin Perona's plush plac In Our Town); I having its share of troubles. Just a few hours before Jack E. Leonard was scheduled to open there, his show was cancelled because thev couldn't post the lnecessary bond money with the union. And when you're canceling Jack E., you re cancelling Prin 1 J 79161 (till' OH, PSHAW WHV DONT VOU GO SOME PLACE CLOSER TO HOME, CHILE C A WASHTU8 RACE w Haiphong, Vittnam,. STAGED ANNUALLy" IS THf cars MAJOR SP0RTIN6 ViNT. Behind the Scenes In iR&t HOLLYWOOD By HARRISON CARROLL Hollywood They want RodlThere'U be a private back en Taylor to four the Orient in Au- gust and September to ballyhoo VIPs, so it looks as tr he and Mary Hilem will, honeymoon there. 'We'll probably , combine busi ness with, pleasure," says Rod, and visit japan, nong Kong and Singapore. As long as we are that close, we can go to Aus tralia, so Mary can meet my par ents for the first time." Rod's future bride was born in Santa Monica, but left, at the age of seven, for New York and Canada.. . Still no definite date for the wedding. It will be on s some week end after Rod finishes MGM's "Sunday In New York." Kim Novak's ex-beau, : Mac Krim, believes she wjll marry London columnist Roderick Mann. I ran into Mac and "put the question to him. He bases his opinion on a letter from Kim. She told him she's really in love, is sure she has found the right man and fully intends to get married, "She's never said that before," declared Mac. Wait until Elvis Presley sees Pat Boone's new album to be titled: "Pat Boone, Singing Like Guess Who." On the cover will be a picture of Pat in a gold lame suit. The numbers win be ivis' standards. Friends are keeping an eye on millionaire .Arthur Cameron and Alyce Hakim Hartfieid. fehes a lovely -widow. It's the steadiest dating Arthur has done in a long time. 5,.,..--... Guess I'll have to take a look- see at advertising man Bill Gilbert's new night club, the Party. It's dedicated to women. Downstairs, it's decorated like a New Orleans garden patio. Upstairs there are facilities tor the girls even to change, If they want to. Personal LOANS If ' COST ONLY ( '6 a year y7 per '100 , Miners : v - NATIONAL IANK J OfHm fa; ,toHkti.frt, Nestlcaki, Oillt, Aihlty Mauntalnte By CHESTER GOULD -i-- rv--pjo'8 I tt Atttrsl 14 ADornoM to rrsNfsr ' BUILDS A WOOING- BOWER TO- DAZZLE ITS MATE LININ6IT WITH PtD &RRISS, BITS a CLOTH SHELLS WILLIAM R, SAWDFORD i6d i9) of M9reivilie.tiV A ONE-ARMED rTRUCK DRIVER- RODE' HIS VEHICLE DOWM A 50-FOOT EMBANKMENT TO A RAILROAD TRACK AMD THEM CAREENED UTO THE DELAWARE . RIVER -YH itmiO BNHURt trance for the beauties to us if they are alone. Or they can bring dates and enter through the front door. Bin says net after class trade and. if the Idea catches on, he may license similar clubs for women in other cities. ' With her July 2 opening In "Annie. Get Your Gun" coming up, Betty Hutton is crossing her fingers and hoping for a change of luck. She and husband Peta Candoli have had some tens times. First, their baby daughter, Carrie, was. hurt in an auto crash, then Betty's 15-year-old daughter, Candy, had to b rushed to Cedars of Lebanon for an emergency appendectomy. If they haven't already done it. the final divorce decree of. Cindy Conroy and Henry Silva is all ready to be picked up . . . Nice neighborly gesture by Ear-tha Kitt. She took a bushel of vegetables (she grows them in her back yard) to MCM discovery Elke Sommer. . . ; They took away Pau) Newman's beard for "The Prize," but he came up with another gimmick. He weara" glasses. . . . Seventy-five In October, Maurice Chevalier is plan- , nlng a tour to South America and Canada. . . . Anne Helm is a food poisoning victim. . . . Indian singer Amru Sani and Raoul Fernandez are doing the town, . . . If Ruta Lee stays over In Hawaii after her chore to judge a talent contest, Arnle Silverman may fly over to share the sunshine. . . . Death of 32-year-old singer Frank ie Sands in . Las Vegas was a shock to his friends. Only a month before he married dancer Patty Reed. . . . Latest beauty on the arm of Big John Hamilton: Libby Booth. The lat beat. Maureen O'Hara with Harry Mace, June Cardos with Joel Rl ordan at Dino's Lodge. Ify HJ, Kln( FNlurM Smdlntf, le. . i 1 Milton Selden,, tha New York something real-l-j-ly BIG. . ... ;.--y

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