Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 16, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1896
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rut YOL. XXI. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, THURSDAY MOKOT^ JULY 16, 1896. NO. 170 upon our Big Shirt Waist Offer Saturday evening and by request we will continue same all day Monday offering choice of our $2.50, $2.00 and $1.59 Shirtwaists for One Dollar. POLITICAL. Wisconsin Free Silverites Hold Their State.Convention. Synopsis of Resolutions , Adopted- Illinois 'Republicans'' 1 -^ Other . Campaign -'Notes. ' ••• ' Wonderful July Bargains In Every Department. Special Imported 50 cent Onyx Hose 50 cent Wash Silk's All 60 and 75 cent and $1.00 Linens . 25 cent Organdies and Wash Goods . 40 cent Linen Handkerchiefs . . , $2,00 and $2.50 Shirt Waists . . . 409-411 BROADWAY. 390 5<>c " Milwaukee, Wis,,, July. 15.— The state convention in the,irit«rest»Qf fi'te silver niet . at; 'WesfSide • l fafmf'^ii,\] at noor... There ^vns a large uttendnnce,-imt mostly of .'Milwaukee silverilwH: '•':-•• •-.. '. :. 'Thc-.'^onvention Wiis.calletl.to.ordevby /liubltivA. Cole, chairjnanof the'Wiscon- •' sin'- silver party. Mr, Cole ninde a long 'nfldros'K reviewing tK(i]'iic.ti'p)i.,pithe SI. 'convention ;ind ;iudorKiiig-i--the ilonii.nnt.ion of -Bryan fl'n'd Sewa'll'.- 'Ha ' '' $1.00 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . Have 'been In great favor at our. establishment. Faotis no one hag [a 'finer lino of -woolens and worsteds to select from than onrf. Important Features ... . in the make-up" of our clothes work their superiority, not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. '.. introduced nr'^.F.i'iirik Ppfrijll, '.if r'osse, as tempovary.chairmiin, and 'h'p ; ..'a.Is.o'made n long speech, declaring ,'fjiir l-Jrynn-iind SownljrTJ-'C'Wglilnr com. jiri^ti'ps were thcii unpointed. The com-'' rfvi't.tee on resolutions presented the fpl- '.ylfc'wing for adoption: " ','. /Rpso'lvcd, -tlnit t)in sfflvcr pni'ty.'.ot -the '••Ptftto of,. Wisconsin. Ih'.'cbnv( ; nt]dn"(is3er/i- •W(:i3 on the l.'ith c!:iy of- June, >\. D., 1SSO, •Kl-' 'the West Skle Tvn-J-ialJ,-.-ln ihc city of • TlJihvnultee.-Wip., pui;sjiarJ.,l;o]call clulj- 1s- .-mitfd, iicroby j-oiiinrriiy tne j i-'c- : sotutions and lulVI-ross adopted January 22.'anO 23. 'ISSC'by tli/l'/sllvcr party nt'thn coiifffcnoe licld at TVnfshlJij.'ton. D. C,-. - ..,,<.•;..•"".'• •;•'.-> -jo . ••Tfoeofrnlzinff'thnt the fl-nanclnl question 1;f.Tl>e pavamoinit Issue of this cnrn'riilsn, tllo'ij silver party of 'Wisconsin voices. Its nifjp'rpV.'Ll of.rhe flnanc-ial ]}|anks of the pltttforn; cidoDtea -'by : --UiR*-nii'tlonal.cleroo- crmV. convention nt Chle.ii.KO -on Julv.j-9, ]S3ii,',ancl heartily Indorses the nom'tiio; tjons -ni.'Klc at sncti convention. .' 'SThV silver party earhfc'stlT'VecommendB all cltiKons who. aro.-'ln :aceord and-sym- pafhy' with the 'views ...expressed In .said platform?. 'To unite in trie advocacy or said pr.ljKlple-P and the election'* o'f '^Hld candl- dti.tV-s And to use every effdi't-to'-^c'cure such ' TO tne tniengo 1 ,convention. In reply to nn inquiry 1 'he staled that h«' would not support the ticket nominated nt;Chlcago, bul-*b^xond tliis brief definition of hia position' he would say, nothing. Other members..of the cabinet do not hesitate to: say in private conversation that they—cannot conscientiously inclorsj|-tKe:platform, and 'it-is not unlikely "that "others of the number will a little .later make these onnouncouK'nts. publicly. Hon. Charles S. -Hamlln, assistarit'jsecretnry of the treasury,,'Tvhen.asked if : he hod anything tof'say as, to the .recent Chicago convention; replied; ..""".',"', "No political Issue IB Involved In the co*i- Inff campaign. THe'-ijucntlon to be settled IB pnore far-reachlnsr !*nd - 'Important. The perpetuity .of 'republican Instltutloha has been' tlircatened. Every loyal citizen should ally ..himself . : agrolnst ,tho forces which controlled'the. Chicago convention- forces of -lawlessness 'which are Incon- ulstent with the maintenance of- the republic. Henceforth there should bo no republican, no democrat, but a union of loyal citizens against the combined forces oC repudiation and disorder.- When onco this dangerous .element'-has been stamped' out at the polls byr.'an .Indignant people WB can again divide and-.'llscuss those political questions .which ;';for generations have, kept .alive the! two groat political Ijui-tlen." ._. >'ATJONAL SILVJCK 1'AJRTV. OHIO WOMEN. A Delegation from Cleveland Visit Maj ( McKinley. Nearly 1,00.0 Are in the PaHy-Ad dress of 'Congratulati.cn Is Made by Mrs. Elroy M." Avery. We are Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. /' LOST • By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $83 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS DAMPS ; OILS GRAPHITE CEMENT .REPAIR KITS ENAMEL i . - ' . SADDLES TIRES TOE CLIPS ENAMELING BRAZING • BELLS . LOCKS VULCANIZING OLD TIRES Made Good as New. ZINN & COMPANY. 302 Sixth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that lit must hare blown a tremendous gale towards . Fisher's, for they have straws of afl tie new. shapes and sizes, straws la straw color and any oUier color you wish piled on their shelves and waltlnjr to be called "the'- last fltraiv" in the newest'style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. IJght Derby's, light nobby straw hats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we have a big run on now. .. Add .further, be It resolved t-lia,t we will rot .support any candkl.oWijo'r o'/Qce whatever, wlio floes not ''favor 1 th'e"^eatora- tlon of the money of the coristlt.ul'l6ivby the tree and unlimited cqinaere: of: silver and proJU ILI a ratio of sixteen toi.on^ijegardleas' 01' the ni'Mon of .other natlp.ris,',./ ' '.- . ILLINOIS REPIfiH-ICA^ft:.. J Tljcy Scorn to lie tiieuat/Brwr'r.he Activity of Silver Matoiifjf err'.-• Chicago, J.uly 15.— $ 1» genetally believed at state republican'jheadt|tiarter> here that the national committee at Its meeting in Cleveland thisiweek.iwiil locate branch headquarters/Irl Chicago and place National .iOoinmitteeman ^Jamieson In charge ot the western "campaign. , This would be taken a»'a recognition of the claim that Illinois Is to be the. royal battle ground of the/ campaign. The members of the republican state committee are- aroused to -, action by the silver excitement caused by Bryan in Illinois, and a'nje'etipg of the conimittee Is to be h,s}d to-day, jrom the tenor of the reports -received tfrom the congressional distrjoti'will : l)e decided the question ..'jjf jpejiing ,th'e stump campaign at: ppceVi'jnstcid of holding oft. until SetitfifttSer.' 1. • The committee has .been mgiitc'ned'by .reports' of silver campulgsrinon-ey being ready for liberal use inTllinpis. AddreM to Bn»lnei» Men,, • . An address has been:issued;.by the National Business JMen's-'Iieiigui* of America to the business., jrr)en of'thV .United States pointings-put'tlie.-iliinger 'threatened by the nomination nt William J.,Bryan by the-'/democ'rritic national convention, . In ,tbi> n'ilflress' it Is insisted that the real battle ground will be jn the territory covered by three .states, Indiana, IHirioIslatacr-Ipwa, and friends of sound money .everywhere are urged, to get ready for. the fray.-.'.Th<? league promises its active 1 support from the .start', , ' •' ''..' • THE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE! ' ' 111^ Attomlitncfv Expcctfid nt tlio Couvcn- cinn In St. Louts. ' . r St. Loiiis, July la-.;—The- convention uf the ivitional'sil^er/jiurty, which ccti- Cenus in thisoit-y willi'ie i'n numbers with that of the populists, which meets the iiune day.; ,. . . - - '.. ',' 1 The mitibnrf) silver convention will IKIVL- ],200;deleg-ntcs and as many altci'-'i l-.titos, coming from'every'state in th'e union, the representation being based en -the-estimated"'strength of the advocates- of silver ut the ratio,of sixteen to' pne, .irrespective of.former party arlilia.- iions.. . •' • . ''.•»: ". Tho'call for this] convention emanated from a 'coii'fere.pce''pf 'the friends of silver he-Id'in Washington January 22 and 23 last,, nurl was sighedTjj- A. J. Warner, president oj' the. American Bimetallic league;.H. G. ^D.lleri-chairman uationol silver committee; R. 0. Chambers, president National Bimetallic -union; J. M. Deriric; secrefary 'Araericpn Bimetalli./! league, '••••••'"•'.'-.•'..'X..' 1 -. ' - • •;." TEI.I.KK.VJ'OIl. MBYAN. Colorado .»rn»lor, A^lll Not Allow . Hll. Oivu A'uuicrtji^-Ue; Cjed'^in Opposition. pcnvtrl ^ojvVlJiiiy'is.—Senator Telli.tr hasi returneS to"'IJenVjjr from Manitou, Whore he^aa-.been-In 'conference with Senator- Duboisi-'of iIdaho, and Con- t-.r.essma-nrHartmanv.pf-Montnua, as to the .eojrse the silver, republicans shall |;ursiie in the approaching campaign. They have ^ibatponed 'their conference' --• L " other-silver" republicans can ar' They .will probably : then issue 1 a ..of-/their-..position. ' Senator 'teller makes 'no.-concealmefl.t of his intention ,to ,aupport^Mri Bryan for tlie jiresldenc^, '. He' says^he'is satisfied tjiHt the :Bryon-people; will make ths Ifnan'cial qiiM(«1tfon:-i$arnmd«nt to ' -" Canton, Or, July 15. — A delegation o. nearly l,00p '• women from Cleveland called on Maj. McKinley Wednesday morning. The visit was projected an carried to its happy and successful conclusion by women. -No majiar.d no politician had the slightest- shore in the conception or execution of the plan. The women niarched from the., roil- way station to the residence of Maj. McKinley. He was standing on th porch to receive them. A speech of congratulations wns ma'lo on the part of 'Hie visitors by Mrs. Elroy Avery, of Cli'vi'lam.1, stuff rt-gentof the.Daiigli- tevs of the Revoliuion. Among other . things -Mrs.' Avery snid: •. Mrn. Avery's Ad^ ''Wi? come from Clove-kind; Cleveland the .beautiful; Cleveland that still lives: the quopn fjty of the lower lakes; the £reat hoart of the western resorve that gave.Gld- •diiiR's. Wayde and Gartlcld to the nation; u. city ol' ^rijat. Amtrioan .industries that are suffering from uu-Amerlcan legislation; an .unfb):i;llic' f l city on 'the border, faclnpr the CaTjadian shoro^ and yet rooog-nizing that our best protection afrnliifit foreign apg-res- slon is a |)rotectlve tariff. , "Coming from a city of 100 years, to-day we turn aside 1'roin our 'centennial to do homage to the man who best represents tills prreat American Idea under the foster- InR- cai-o of which we hop? Cleveland will gloriously flourish and ' briilvcly celebrate 'all qther's in ci"ne$iain|p$iglj, I and, that. i1 elected- Mr.- Bryan 'Wl^l devote. himself with .great singlenef*,of purpose to se curing a retuicn^ip_]riational bimetallism, tyr! Teller wiU'p6.t;.permif the use of h's. came at the : :Sj.;'E6nis populist and sil'- voT-'nnTivoTitirtTi-. 1 ,. ' •'. '- . ' ' ' '* v URGED TO; "f. : SUPPORT BRYAN 1 . flORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially so when they arc tastefully gotten up. THE JOURXAIJJob Printing Department Is making a •specialty of ' INVITATION*, PROGRAMS. LETTERHEADS, , NOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, The Newly Appointed Membon Are ID Seialon In Cleveland. ' • . • -' . Cleveland, 0., July 15.— The incmbcrs of the newly appointed, ! executive' committee of tha republican national cbm- inlttee reacfied this city : ' and shortly after ten o'clock wont into '/execti five Bcssion at Mr. Hanna's rooms in .(he Pervy-Payne building. To n repprler Mr. Hanna said: ,,,:„,,-..,.. ..... •''"•''• ''"I cannot say how. Ion's ,'the committee will be- In se»8lon;"certilhl3^ ; through to- JnorroT?, and possibly, to "the end of the (week. 5Vo have a-grc-dt deal of Important business to consider and dispose o(, iuid It la my purpose to keep the' commfttae In session until. It has : all been .cleared up, 'Tlie ffentlemen come here, I think, prepared 't6;.spend whatever tlin.e.Js, .n.ecesaary' to. things In good order, forl the cain- '" : •' : '- 1 ' ! ' : ' ""'"''• ' i Appear Made l»jr ; the FopuHut National, . Comqiltteo'i" Secretary. : ,' •". •Wash'ingtonr^ruiy 1 ;|5'.—Mr. J. H. Tni-- 'rier, se'cre.tarV^pf^the'-national cpmmitire of <he -peoples |iirty','.issued-a manifesto Tuesdaj', adt'lsirig alj-populists to ratify the nomination,of.Brynn.at the populist convention at St..L«jflis oh,July "2 next. ,In the'cburs'e'-bf'h'is'nadre'ss he says: \ ^ ' '.'T.he truth of It Is that the only point the popiillata -now have to decide Is whether or not they will take Mr. Bryan, whom evej-y yoldbug In the country has denounced as a populist, for our ; next president of. tho United.. States, .or whether they will take Mr. .McKinley, who represents everything that the populists have denounced, and rep-. resents Just the opposite of everything they have advocated'since they have been-a party." - . SOUND MOJOEY", • -!_;• --'.- - - EncourairemeDi; »• V'Dt .Received by ;;','.'' lUlnpli Gold Dooipo»i>.t». . " . '. /.wiicago,''', July 15/^-T.he. gold flemp- JBra;tic organization i ' : \pf,lljjno.is will reopen headquarters'to^dfty in the Palmer house, , and the executive .committee does not doubt that. there will be enough favorable responses"' torVtl&'.'&iauIfe'sto issuedMonday night: to':g<uaraiitsee a new CARDS, CIRCULARS,' ETC. ETC. Latest Styles In Fancy Type and Material. national convention,;/*airi'J representa- tisji.iof. the country, before the end of September. 'Chalrma'n" "Bobbins. ;'ad- mijtted-'..that.' he had..-WJfc.. 5.^5i v ?^., nn y additional' telegrams' 1 from pfrominent democrats offering toiJJjBptejtTthe third '.ticket proposition, but the assurarices 'tif'-niid received led'-HtmTo. expect dele-' gations from easternj"-'atilyBouihern states, even if the','jiatty? rnachiriery of the states was' opposed _to the plan on the 'supposition "tfiift''''t\vp-;^emocrat.ic tickets would Klnlev, Stote 1 Convention' ' -RenoiniDateB Three -.-'' ': :• Officers by- Acclamation. ' . '.'•;;•- Dss.-M'oiln'ea,. la:,', July- 15. — JFrecjuent showers fail, to idamiftn the enthusiasm <j£;. the republicans in, attendance on the. rtate c6nvontiori..,v«CongressDnan Hepburn WHS seleq'tci3[jfor temporary chairman in placc"-oj ftSllii J. Wilson, who was pyerconie-:b'y."the'he»t. State Audr itbr McCiartfiy.i; TrisSjJnrer Herriott and 'Aftornt'y. '.General ."Keini'ey were renom- inatedfiby-acclaiiiation.' .''.-••• r ' ; , 'The plii-f fo'rrn , declares .warmly in support of the" : St. '•'Lpui's'.'pia'tform and '.soya (Jbe party;. 'ini. Iowa -,'is in lirie with the nationai.-par.ty./;;.y,'x'.._. .' . ' ,'' , i 1 .' " '•' '"' "-' ' tMt. ''. . " -V ' .'^Two hundred 1 _ ' A'nbliier IProtMt. Troy, Ala:;]] democrats met'.'here, to..protest agrifinst l,he action .of the.CUcago;conyention'in refusing tOijjiidprse!;th« "honesty, fc-' legrity, faittfulness ^ahd- economy" ;of a'.. democratio^; adaninlstration, ,'. The. meeting poMedirBsoliitions emphatieal- ly indbrsing-Mr>Clevc]<ind in his financial policy, and]Hb<ius:-acts in upholding her second hundredth year. "We come to preet you not a? politicians. but its women, as wives-arid mothers and sisters. "We may not fully appreciate man- tnadc political platforms, but we better understand, the significance "of current events than some folks give us credit for. We know- that when you enter at the door ^of the white house peace and comfort will Center at our doors; that when. you receive 'your heritage by 'the decree of a Rratefol people, our husbands and fathers will receive the fruits of ihc.':r industry- and the he7.rt ,of the- wife an<? jnother will be made srlad: ' "Among men your name stands as a synonym for< protection to American Industry: It stands for sound money and reciprocity, for freedom from ocean to ocean. Among women It stands for more than that— It stands for protection for the home; It Btands for right thinking and rljrht living: It stands for tenderness to. mother and for love to wife; for all that makes the American home the dearest spot on earth. "Who shall say that woman has no Inter:est In your .success? ; 32very woman .has a living Interest In the money question. If .our 'husbands earn the money, we spend' and Intend to sperid It. -Without pleading gull'y to the charge of a weakness for the bargain icounter. » every thrifty woman wants her few dollars to have as sreat' a 'purchasing power, as possible, to be worth 100 cents, not 50, .to be con- v.erilble Into 20;,.pounds of . sugar, not ton. We stanii' ready to welcome every one whosiref vises to dwell longer In the tents', of ', the opposition, and to bind up the wounds , of ' everyone who, breaking loose from the already disintegrating'. ranks .of : tho enemy, and • placing- patriotism above party, pledges his support to the advance agent of prosperity." , Mrs. Avery'a speech was frequently 'applauded. A song, written for the occasion, by Mrs. X: Coe Stewart, president' of Cleveland Sorosis, .was sung- with great spirit and pleasing effect. . ; . . . . Mr. McKlriiey.RcplloB. In response to Mrs. Avery's remarks Mr. McKinley said: "Mrs. Avery: I- greatly appreciate this Iriondly call from . the . women from the city of Cleveland,. and assure you that I do not ' undervalue their gracious message- of congratulation and , confidence which • you have BO eloquently delivered; If. in an assurance -of the deep Interest which -you 1'eel and :whlch (should be felt by eyery, family In the land, In tho public questions of the day, and their rightful settlement at the polls, "There Is no, limitation to. the Influence 1 that may be exerted >y woman in the United States, and no adequate tribute can be spoken of uer services to mankind throughout Its long and eventful history. In the distant period of. its settlement; In .the days of the revolution; In 'the trials of western pioneer life; during the more recent, but dread days of our civil war,. and indeed In every step of our progress as a nation, the devotion and sacrifices of wom- •an were constantly apparent and often conspicuous. '[Applause.] She was everywhere appreciated and recognized, though God alone could placo her service at Its true value. .••,,•. "The work of woman has been a power In every emergency, and -always for good. In calamity and distress she has ever been helpful and heroic. Not only have somt of the brlghtent pagca of our national history been Illumined by her splendid example and noble efforts for the public good, but her Influence Iri the home, the church, tho school .and; the community In molding character for every profession and duty to which our race Is called, has been potential and sublime. It Is In tho quiet and peaceful -walk* of life where her power Is greatest and most beneficial. One of- OVER THE STATE. Events to Various Portions of lor dlana Told by Wlra, Forged Draft. In Sonth Bend. South Bend, Ind., July 15. — Forge5 draft workers, who bad secured a copy o£ the drafts of the Lincoln national bank of Chicago and then produced plates from the same by which other drafts were printed, succceded;r»cent- ly in fretting- cashed here a draft for $G5 in favor of S. J. Connors, arid another draft for the snme amount by the game bank for George B. Williams, drawn against the Lincoln nationat bank of New York. At the same time a bogus check against the Detroit national bank iurned up as the result of operations here. Kzpoct Trouble. Snllivan, Ind., July 35.—The-mines nt Star City were started Mondaj r with non-union men. Tuesday morning ail attempt was ninfle to close it by union miners, mid, o\shig- to failure, miners fire massing at Star City, intending to stop the work. The situation is considered .serious. The Harter-Haler company asked protection, and Tucs- 1 day night deputy sheriffs were at the scene of the PNpected trouble. Tin disturbance is the outcome of the starving condition of striking miners who. have been out :-.ince May 1. Hobo Aasnalt'.i un Old Man. Muncie. Ind., July 15.—Thomas Rockwell, agcrl T8, of 1 Fort Recovery, 0., arrived in Muncie from Wabash. Ho asked Benjamin Smith, a hobo, to direct him to- a hotel. Smhh took tlie' old man •nst of the' city, on a railroad trestle,' Issanlted and robbed him and left him there to be mangled by a train: Kock- veil recovered consciousness, began shouting and was rescued. Smith was arrested nnd identified by his victim, vhosc condition is dangerous. Arrest of a Horne Thlot Columbus, Ind.. July l£—•Alexandra Bell, a notorious tough, was locked up, charged with stealing a liors* and buggy from W. II. Thompson May 30, He had. wJien arrested, an iron gray 'mare and phaeton, supposed to be , stolen.. He claims to have come her* from Miincie. 1 Bell's home is here, and he has already served one term in. the penitentiary fr grand larceny, and at the time of sentence threatened to kill • Judge Keyes when he got out. . ' Fatally Burned. . . - 1 Shelbyville.Tnd., July 15.—Miss Pearl. Sheppard, living, at Everton, Fayette county, was. almost borned^to death while riding in a buggy'-with her brother George.' He had lighted * cigar and threw a match in the buggy, which ignited his sister's clothing. E«'..•; quickly lifted her from the. vehicle, and, by tearing her clothes off and then wrapping her in his coA, he ertln- ; guished the fire, but not until the sister ••.'• was 1 fatally-burned. t ' .-. . t ,,., : "•; Befnsed the Request. ; Anderson, Ind., July 15.—The flint glass workers have, issued their ultb niatum. The manufacturers, being •' rushed .with orders at an advanced price, had asked that the workers be allowed to return to work on August 1, instead of September 1, as has alwajt been the rule. It was thought that the . request would be granted,but th?work- era decided that no request of this no* ture could be made. All plants will open September I. Changed Rl> Namfk Elwood, Ind., July 15.—Information has been received here to the effect that Thomas Myers, whose disappearance in. connection with .'the Cox-Myen empty coffin cose rendered him noted, is now located at or near Marietta, O-, and is living there under the mime of . Raines. This information will prove a surprise to mi'.rjy people. ,'••-. Honor for Prof..Yodor.. Indianapolis, Ind., July 15.—Prof. A« H. Yoder. spending the summer at Irvington, near this city, was elected preri- • dent of the Vinccnnes university, Htt is a graduate of Indiana, university, spending one year at the -University of Chicago. He recently declined the chcir of methods in the State normal school at VFinona, Wis. Fire in a lirewery. Indianapoii.s, Ind., July 15. —Liebei'» brewery, located on Madison aveme, sustained a severe loss by fire in Die '. ninin building of the plant. The night watchman was severely burned before he could be got'to safety. The plant it valued' at. $300,000 and the loss is <>.s- .. the laws of 'Huron, nlliiM. The populist; •tate conveutloadijaorsed Bryan's nom • {nation the it, and commended 3?ettlgrew. i.T.' S.,Kelly;of Jfftfed^.'coii'nity, and Freeman Kiib wles, 1 ' , we re n omi n ated ' tha tenderest passages to me In the works j tiinated at $135,000, fully covered by in- Of John Stuart Mill beautifully .expresses :»nl» thought. It Is recorded In his autobiography when he paused to pay high Mid deserved tribute to his wife, of whom he could not speak too much, he said: •She was not only the author of many of ths belt things I did, but she Inspired every good,thing I did." 1 • ' " . : - Think H« !• Iruane. Paris', JuJy 15.—The entire press'of. the city denounce -the act of .Francois,' the man .who presunf&bly made an at- •teiript to shoot President Faure Tues-. .day,- but most of them ore inclined to the belief that itiwa? the act of an in- eane man. :,u 0 ston, the collapseyof .Beiiriett aye- REFUSE' THEIK .SUPPQKT. Prouilnent'Dvnioorivtfl Bepiiclla't«.the Cbl< Washington, i ; 'July •..-.: 13. —-' Herbert: inet 'to ajinoun'ce :.' ^ ',' ,-:"•.'. rnue'Tuesd'ky^afterhppn-'an unknown v: ]>veroriiwas'seripusly'injured : and-sev- ,'wai..others- slightlyii:h\irfc The. build- I'dow'n by-.thc city ; . 1'aoei a. Mile in x:un. , Sedalia, M^ July 15.— A'green horse jbrcught here' .from Duluth, ' Bentcn .cpvfnty, and • being' trained, at the kite- shaped track,. -is pronounced a world oenter.' ' The! .animal paced .a mile -In !J:06.to:.a'heavy sul1;y. :.,.....'•'• .... • Matthewt for Senator. rndianapoJis, Ind.,. July 15.—It i» Ucavj Failure ; . Inn wood," Out,- -July 15, — Holmeu,' given out that Gov. Matthews will be a candidate' for' United States senator V.e^, fore the next legislature. There is no announcement that Senator Voorhr.es will not stand for reelection, but Matthews' friends assert that it will males no difference what course _ Vdorh^es takes. • • ' • . Sued for Slander. Portland, Ind., July 13. — Tbomai Dougherty, Sr.j of Eed Key, WTJS sued by Henry Andrews for $5,000 for slan- f.er. It is alleged by Andrews thntfalsa -, reports in which, the name of a woman,. .was involved were circulated abouthim. .tost. jjivcrpooJ, 0., July 15:— ^ "squeeize," the result of the gradual col-.' lapse o( the .old Farmer mine, occurred!,. -inllic-. mining town of Salinevillc, and!, .several cisterns Jn the. eastern portioni. of the towy are dry to-day, while thero) nrii a 'number of fissurei* in the ma'n. ;. •treet-pf

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