The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1955
Page 13
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1988 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER PAGE THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU |^/C^VW£E55l^™^^TO^ IT? -flic 0r*ri/Kn ^-/^ \r-e-*.-/• A\O CnlLK. rGK TOKCHrUKN {\6 if" , \Tiwel IT ? THE POCKfeR SQOKZeS THE BELUWS/ THE BELLOWS PUSHES A 6TR6AW OF AIR UP /§5\ :.j-;up THROUGH A DUCT ALOKJSTH&S^V '^ J* BACK Of THE CHAIR HERE/ K 1 WHITE THE MArt IM THE CHAIR IS FAKMED.BYTVte .6TREAM OF AlR ONi HIS HSAD/.'"' IMMENSE ITUftC (•SUITS, , 10DSTER] * SUT IT fe BETTER I I HAN/IMS 1 , (A Loose BRICK; MLO^Vi .DOME.. . THAT/ PO "a £T ^ Id £ & OUT OUR WAY • y J. R. Willionu HEY, HOLD IT.' rM COMIM' THROUGH THEREA MINUTE/ ALL Ri6nr,jcjME,so LOWS AS TOJ KEEP OUr OF MY WAY/ DOUT MIMD MB, MOTHER— I'M R6URIMG Our A PIAN To SAVE -iou TEN STEPS TO TUB ice BOX— ONE STEP SIDEWAYS/TMEM ELEVEM AND & HALF TO WB FLOUR. BIH — —THREE STEPS Tb THE MlXJklS BOWL FOUR. HALF TO THE SPICE IF YOU REALLY WAMT TO SAVE Me A LOT OF STEPS, I JUST SOT A BRILLIANT IDEA / "U we don't cut down on her vitamins, she's never going to finish out the winter in that coat!" "Sugar and spice and everything nice—that'» what Mtti* girls are made of!" WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! H U B BARD HARDWARE MERCHANTS LUNCH-75* SOUTHERN STYLE CRACKLIN' BREAD SERVED DAILY "Mom" Rice's Home Made Pics Kalian Spaghetti — Chicken & Dumplings DRIVE IN RAZORBACK COmiGHT 19M IT FRANK WUIICIL DISTlltUTtO tr MA SMVr«. IMC ;rpO look at Johnny Fletch•*• er, sprawled on (lie bed, will) his hands under his head, yOH w o u 1 d have thought that he was doing a spot of plain ordinary loafing. But no, Johnny was really working. He was , thinking. In the bathroom,. Sam Cragg splashed away as he washed out their socks n n d underwear. They'd missed breakfast and dinner the night before, but there'd be sornethinR to cat today. Johnny was thinking. He'd come up : wilh something; he always did. And then the man banged on the door. Sam stepped to the door and opened it a few inches. A lar.rjc, truculent-looking man pushed the door nil the way open. "I'm looking for Snm Cragg." "You don't have to go or look- In'," Sam replied cheerfully "That's me." "Good for me," the large man said. He took a card from his pocket and glanced at it "Three years ago you bought a mandolin from the Ajax Mandolin Company." "That's right," conceded Sam. "An 1 I got a beef against that Apx Mandolin Company. They said a child could learn to play their music maker in two weeks. Well, I'm smarter than any child and 1 banged away at that dingus every day for three months and I only got noise out of it." "The point is, you paid S3.00 down on that mandolin and you were supposed to pay 50 cenL? a weuk on it. Only you didn't. .So 1 you owe forty-six fifty, plus, interest, or a grand total of sixly- sevcn seventv-fivc." Johnny Fletcher exclaimed i petulantly, "For the love of Mike, Sam, can't you entertain | your'friends a little more quietly? I'm trying to think." "That ain't no friend, .Johnny. He's try in' to collect on that mandolin. You know—we hocked it in Dululh " '"So!" roared the bill collector. "You pawned an article that you did not legally own. Mister, you certainly made a mistake that time!" Johnny Fletcher sprang to his feet. "What is this all about? He stabbed a lean forefinger at the man In the doorway. "Don't tell me you're ri bill collector? "1 am, brother, just a plnln i ordinary bill collector. From ' the Acme Adjustment Agency. A.A.A., that's who. And, brother, have I got you follows over a barrel." JOHNNY rubbed his hands together. A smile played over his lips but his eyes gleamed mot.-illically. "A bill collector, trying to collect money from Johnny Fletcher, lln hn hnl" The big bill collector leaned fifainst I he wall and showed big teeth. "Johnny Fletcher, huh? Supposed to he somebody, hub? Well, meal J. J. Kilkenny, mcnn- cr Ihnn n barrel of cats by thnt name, Kilkenny, th« Killer, Kilkenny hit the floor with a crash that probably broke light bulbs -in the room below. (hey call me. Just the roughest, toughest bill collector in the business, that's all. When I find thorn, they pay." "Now you're talkin' in my de' partmcnt," Sam Crags declared. I "Okay. Johnny? Or do you want to make some more chitchat first?" "Oh, let's not be hasty, Sam. We'll talk to him a little and ! we'll listen to him a little." I "The talkin'll be short and the j listenin'll be shorter," said J. J. i Kilkenny. "In fact, it's over." He i straightened, hitched up his trousers belt arid took a step forward. "Sixty-seven seventy- iive or the parly gets rough." HE reached out a big hand. Sam took the hand lightly in his own. Kilkenny smiled pleasantly, whisked his hand out of Sam's grabbed Sam's wrist and stepping quickly around behind Sam, attempted to pull the hand and arm around with him, to clamp on a haimnerlock, But Sam's hand and arm didn't follow Kilkenny. Instead, Sam stiffened his arm, gave a slight forward jerk ;ind broke Kilkenny's hold. Than he turned, grabbed two handsful of Kilkenny's coat and shook the biy bill collector. Kilkenny's hands flailed out, found Sam's head. Muscular arms went around Sam and tightened in a hoadlock. Sam turned easily in the hcadlock, reached over his left shoulder with both hands and, catching hold of Kilkenny's h c a d, stooped suddenly. Kilkenny sailed smoothly over Sam's shoulders and hit the floor on his bnck, with a crash that probably broke a few electric light bulbs in the room below. When Kilkenny climbed shakily to 'his feel, Sam was leaning easily against the wall. "You want to make It two falls out of three?" Kilkenny shook his head grog#i)y. "Let me think It over a minute. You're a $10.00 skip. That's okay, I can exert myself for 10 bucks. On the other hand, I might tear my suit throwing you and it might cost 10 buck* to get . it sewed up. There wouldn't be any profit left, would there?" "There wouldn't," interposed Johnny. "And there might even be a loss, if you had to have a doctor patch up a broken leg or two." "No chance of that. I can throw him, all right. That snap mare was luck, because I wasn't expeclin' it." "I've got news for you," said Johnny. "Sam can throw you all day long. Sure, you're big and tough. But not tough enough for Sam. He's Sam Crags, alias Young Samson, the strongest , man in the world. He breaks iron chains merely by expanding his chest. If wo had a chain here, Sam Would tie it around his chest ind when I'd give him the word lie'd draw a deep breath and his ;:hest would swell and swell until ;he chain would snap as if it. were mere twine. And me, if I had any copies of 'Every Man a Samson,' I'd be passing 'em out to the crowd and collecting $2.95 for each and every copy." JOHNNY paused, sighed heavily. "That's what we'd do if we had a-chain and if we had any books. But we ain't got a chain and we ain't got any books. That's why we're holed up at the Forty-Fifth Street Hotel until I can figure out an angle for making some dough. And then you— a bill collector—come in here and try to collect money from us!" The bill collector nodded thoughtfully. ."So you're broke. That's fine. You can't count it against me if the customer really ain't Rot the dough." "No," said Johnny, "but even if we had the money you couldn't get it from us. You're not a good enough man." "If you had the money I'd get it out of you," "Uh-uh," said Johnny cheerfully. "Even If Sam wasn't here you wouldn't gel the money. I'd talk you out of it. Oh, I suppose you're all right as bill collectors go, but no bill collector could outlalk Johnny B'lctcher." 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KHICH CLAIMS SHE'S WRITWS V ^PER? I'LL CHECK A STORY OW NUR.SIM6 VWTH TH 1 HOS\6S M THIS AREA1 & LATER. WIEDHWtDTOSET INiTOO! THEY »AY 66 SWXJPWG TOR. IKE POUCEl BUT I DONT REALLY HWTA ViORfM AS SCON AS OSCAR SEES WHW GOES , ON, HE'LL YANK ME RIGHT OUTA THIS HE'S MOT GONNA RISK ANYTHING HAP NINfi TO THIS HERE SADEeT OF HIS?, HOW'S ABOUT BORB6RIN' YE SHOVEL,ELMER NOW THAT YER FINISHED WITH O e

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