The Robinson Index from Robinson, Kansas on May 22, 1902 · 1
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The Robinson Index from Robinson, Kansas · 1

Robinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1902
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Historical Society Robinson index; Vol. IX.No. '47 oblxson Brown County, Kansas, Thursday, May 22, 1902 For Meddling With Mall Boxes. Uncle Sam it seems is determined to protect the rural boxes. Here is a provision of a law just passed that will make it tough for those who middle iii any way with the boxes. "Whoever shall hereafter wilfully or maliciously injure, tear down, or de- stroy any letter box or other recep-J tncle established by order of the Postmaster General or approved or designated by him for the receipt or delivery of mail matter on any rural free delivery route, or shall break open the same, or wilfully or maliciously injure, deface, or destroy any mail matter deposited therein, or shall wilfully take pr steal such matter from or out of such letter box, or oilier receptacle, or shall wilfully aid or assist in any of the aforemeutioned orKiiices shall for every such offence he punished by a fine of not more than $1000. or by imprisonment for. not more than three years. ' 1 A Family of Offlce-Hblders. Wheu it comes to securing offices there is no family in this county that can beat the ' Brewsters. The fourth and youngest son, Reginald, was last week appointed assistant prosecuting attorney of Jackson ' county, Mo., which includes Kansas "City. The salary is $100 per month. - The oldest eon Arthur is postmaster of St. Joseph, Sardius is prosecuting attorney of Doniphan county and Harry is assistant postmaster of South St." Joseph. These fellows are a credit to Doniphan county. All have splendid ability and all except Harry are good speak-. ers. Taeir father A- S. Brewster has ( frequfutly held the ! "office of couiity att t ney id this county. Highland Vidette. . ' .- ' Education Day. Sunday ; was Education Day with the Methodists of J lev. Hanson's church. Rev. J. D. Smith, of Bald- . win, delivered addresses at each of the three churches. Mr. Smith is an excellent speaker and was listened to with great interest. Baker University is owned by the Methodists of Eastern Kansas and ; is a great col-lejfe. There have been. enrolled dur-ing the col lege year now closing 73o students, an increase of more than 100 over the attendance oflastjyear. The work of this college ranks with best institutions of our country and the people uf Kansas may be justly i proud of it. v ' ' '.' ' May lose an Eye Dr. A. McGauhey went to St. Joseph Sunday to visit his brotber-in-law, Cosby Miller. Mr. Miller recently met withun accident in the ice plant of the Swift Packing Co. where ho works. Am amonia pipe bti rated and he wag seriously burned about the face, and inhaling the fumes of the amonia irritated his lungs. He ' will probably lose the sight of one cjf bis eyes. Celebrated Norton' Birthday. M tnday was George Norton's fifty-second birthday and a number of his friends gathered during the day to celebrate the event. It was in th nature of a surprise to Mr. Norton ' and was one that will live long in his memory, for the outpouring of his frieuds was great, and the, congratu-Jatious and well wishes for his future were profuse and sincere. Robinson Won Again. The Robinson bail team went to "Severance again last Sunday and repeated the performtnee of two weeks ago in defeating the looal team. The ;?re was IS-J 3,- - Hoodoo of the Print Shop. There are not many newspapermen in the insane asylum, and this is some thing remarkable. 'For if newspaper people Jid not die early of dissa point-nient and embarrassment they would doubtless all go insane, ' so many "wearing" things happen to them Yesterday the Herald had what was intended to be a sober, sane report of the meeting of the school board. The piece said that Superintendent Adams had been in the city schools uiue years.' The next line alluded in a pleasant way to how he had spent ten of thesfe uiue years in the Field school, "which was formerly called Hawthorne." Now, the remarkable fact is that Mr. Adams never spent ten years out of nine any where, and Field school wai never called Hawthorne since the morning stars sang together. There is a hoodoo in every newspaper office. It hides behind the cobwebs and comes out at critical times and gets iu its dastardly work. .The story of how; the newspaper hoodoo was born is told with hushed breath in every printing office. Those who know say that when Herr Gutenberg started the first newspaper in Germany a maiden lady of advanced years persuaded some irresponsible youth to marry her. She left word at the newspaper office that the thing be properly written up. The paper told the facts, including a statement about the bride's age, looks and disposition and she, being mad with rage, sold herself to the devil and was transformed into an evil spirit. To this day this evil spirit prowlsjuround newspaper offices. Don't laugh when you see ludicrous things in the paper. -They are the devil's work. Cross yourself. Ottawa Herald. LEONA LETTER. ? A. O. Delaney and family spent Sunday in Bendena. The telephone men are in town putting up new lines. , J. J. Newton and wife of Severance, spent Sunday evening here. . Mrs. Castow, of St. Joe, visited her brother, Fred Ott, Monday. The farmers have been hauling a great deal of corn to town this week. 1 rJlrs. Harper's sister who has been visiting relatives here returned rsun- day to ner home iu at. joe. The yoiyig folks are preparing to give an entertainment on children's day June 2nd. All are cordially invited to attend. . , vThe Waggoner Dougherty entertainment given Saturday night was not a great success financially. Only $13 were taken iu. The Leona merchants have been doing a large amount of business lately. It all goes to show that rain brings prosperity. P. M. Leonard has a very neat attraction in one of his store windows in the shape of a miniature fountain and lake containing live fish. New Phones. Paste these on your telephone directory: ' , 4 -Miller, 8.C. residence. 16 King, Richard, livery barn. 33 King, Richard, residence. 18 Baker, Fred, grocery and hardware. y li Terrill, M. T., meat market. , Herbert Reappointed. Ewing Herbert' name was sent to the senate last Thursday for confirm-atioii of his reappointment as poet-master at Hiawatha. Dr. H. N. Merrick and daughter,: Mrs. Louise Merrick, are going to open dental parlors in 'Kansas City and will leave Robin sog ju about a month. v A Retrospect. I wandered to the grog-shop, "Tom, ' I stood before the bar, and drank a bowl of lemonade, and smoked a rank cigar; the same , old kegs and jugs were there, the ones we used to know when we were oh the round up, Tom, some fifteen years ago. The bar keep is a new one, Tom; the one who used to sell corrosive tanglefoot to us, is stoking now in H alifax, the new one has a plate-glass front, his hair is combed quite low, he Jooks just like the one we knew, some fifteen years ago. Oid soaks came up and called for booze, and dudelets staggered in, and . burned ( the lining from 1 their throats , with flue old Holland gin; and women stood outside the door, their faces seamed with ' woe, and wept just as they used to weep', some fifteen years ago. I asked about our old time -friends, r those cheerful, sporty 'men, and some were in the poor-house, Tom, and some were in the pen; and one the one we liked the best the hangman laid him low; the world is much the same, dear Tom, as fifteen years ago. I asked about that stately chap; whom pride marked for its own; he used to say that he could drink, or let the stuff alone; he perished of the James H. Jams, out iu the storm and snow; ah, few survive who used the bowl some fifteen years ago. New crowds line up against the bar, and call for crimson ink, new hands are trembling as they pour the stuff they shouldn't drink; , but still the same old watchword -rings, "This round's on 'me you know!" - The same old cry of doom we heajrd, some fifteen years ago,' T wandered to the churchyard, Tom, and there, I saw the graves, of those who used to drown themselves in red fermented waves; and there were women sleeping there, where grass and daisies grow, who wept and died of broken hearts, some fifteen years ago. And, there were graves where children slept, have slept ,for many a year, forgetful of the woe that marked their short, sad journey, here; and ueath a tall fine monument in peace there lieth low, the man who used td Bell the booze, some fifteen years ago. Walt Mason. Frank Honer, assessor of Ribinson township, brought iu his returns Monday. .;, : - Real Estate Township. ' 1902.. $222,910 1901......... 221,970 $ 940 Gain Personal. 1902.; ...............$50,410 1901.. 56,605 ; $ 6195 Loss. Population. ' 1902.; 862 " 1901 ....... V 942 ' 80 Lobs. Town Lots City. ' 1902.J $20,140 1901.... ,. 19,980 ..';' $ 160 Gain. , , Personal. 1902 ..$25,815 1901 J 23,970 , $ 1,545 Gain, population, . 1902 1901 495 395 100 Gain. John Connors, a tramp who was at the police station this morning, had on a new - face, including a new nose. Connor's had a cancer some time ago which destroyed his cheeks and nose. He did not amount to anything, and seemed destined for an, tarly grave anyway, so the doctors decided toex-periinent on him. He was put under the influence of a drug, and his face andnose literally removed, including part of one cheek bone. Then a lot of skin from his leg was grafted in, and in a few weeks Connors emerged from the hospital with a bran new face, of which he is very proud. The new nose does not represent a very Ufeat job. It looks as if some one threw it on from a distance, but it would not be fair to expect a surgeon to also be an artist. Connors says a peculiar thing about the case is that if anything hurts his leg where the skin was removed, it also hurts his face. One time when he was hanging onto a brake rod, a brake-man reached around the side of the car from the ladder and hit him on the leg with a club. Much to his surprise his face became black and blue. Atchison Globe. BUILDINGS SWEPT A WAY. ' Severe Inundation on Northern Conat of Martinique and People are Pahfc-Stricken. Fort de France, May 21. Yesterday morning, at 5:30, a thick heavy and the rising -sun. rose from Mont Pelee, The people of Fort tie France at once became panic-stricken and in scant attire rushed excitedly through -the streets of- the town. Stones from the volcano as big as hazelnuts fell in the streets. Many 'of the inhabitants hurriedly embarked on the vessels in the harbor and it was with difficulty that they were eveoiuujiy reusisureu. seven X ! . 1 ' . o'clock, however, the excitement was . over and the people became calm. A , severe inundation , at , Uasse Pointe, on the northern coatf ifcia Island,"" :at ' two' o'clock..", yesterday morning, swept away 20 houses and en l.- l... : 1. 1: , .... u. the flowing mud which has swept over the valley of the river. There was no further loss of life, Basse Pointe having- been abandoned sev eral days ago. . Aid Needed for Six Month. Washington, May 20. Secretary Hay has received the following1 cablegram from United States Consul Mc-Alester at Earbadrtes, B. W. I., dated Monday; "Sixteen hundred deaths at St. Vincent; 4,000 destitute. Immediate wants supplied. Aid heeded for six months. This is authentic." FRIGHTFUL CATASTROPHE. rronabljr 204) Miners Killed mm the , Reanlt of an Kxidonloii of Gam .. Sear Coal Creek, Temn. Coal Creek, Tenn May 20. The worst disaster in the history of Tennessee mining occurred at J:30 o'clock yesterday morning, when between 175 and 225 men and bojs met instant death at the Fraterville coal mine, located two miles west of thia town. A gas explosion was the cause of the disaster. Out of he large number of men and boys who went to work-yesterday morning only one is alive and he is so badly injured that he cannot live. This man is .William. .Morgan, roadman la the mine, lie -a blown out of the entrance by the force of the explosion. One hundred and seventy-five miners were checked in for work yesterday morning by the mine boss. In addition to thene there were .boys who acted as helpers and driver and roadmen and others to the number-of perhaps 50. Wife's Voice Valued at SSO.OOO. St. Louis, Mo., May 21. John A. reck, in a suit for damages against the . St. Louis Transit company, places a value of $30,000 on the voied of his wife, Mrs. Alice H. Peck. Before on accident, which is alleged to have occurred on Xovenibet 2fi, 189, Mr. Perk claims his wife wiiCJsi singer of more than ordinary ability. Irrigation Leclriatlea intaml Washington, May 20. AdvyHtes of national aid for irrigation kave com pleted their work of canvaKtsiog the house and are assured that the bill fehlch pasted the senate and was nfterward amended by members from the western , states, will be passed by the house by a g-ixxl majority. . ' . OFFICIAL NEWS. News Around the Court House Gathered by the Index' Representative Stahl Found Guilty. The attention of the district court was occupied last week with the cane of the State of Kansas vs John Stahl. Stahl is a hardware merchant at Willis and - was charged with illegitimate intercourse with one Ella Lorimer, a single girl and a daughter of John Lorimer, a merchant of the same place. The Lorimer girl told as straightforward story which was corroborated by all the. witnesses for the state. Stahl tried in his defence to show that the girl was guilty of the same sort of conduct with numerous other parties and that she-was not certain .that he was the father of the child. "After an hour and a quarter deliberation thejuy returned a verdict of guUty. Judge Stuart decided Stahl would have tc support the child. Got Judgment fob$1600. Ernistiue Wooster, inotheu of Johr. Wooster, the boy who fell in a privv . vault at one of the school building in Horton and was killed, sued the Board of Education of Horton for $10,000 damages. She obtained ,,a judgment for $1600. VanBrunt fot Guilty. Tunis VauBrunt, of Nemaha county. j was trid for oiittinir KndcAman t Horton, about a year agef. It was shown,, that he was acting iu self de fense, and the jury acquitted him, Cases. Atwood vs. John W. Mc- Geo. S. wsi.ueu nuu uw.uisseu. j Leon. J. Klein vs. . Arthur J Hutchison, settled.1 L. aHirsch &C0. V8. D. W. Weig-raan, jury returned verdict for plaintiff for $20. The Kansas City Supply Co. vs. N. F. Hess et al, continued. Peter Metzdorf. vs. C. C. Stivers, dismissed. v Anna Hartnett vs. D. W. Weig-man, dismissed. Anna Hartnett vs. J. T. Hopkin dismissed. Geo. C. Christner vs. A. W. Zim-mernian, jury returned " verdict for . L .. J.P .. J .... ' Mie ueieiiuaoi. O. H. McQuary vs. E Heisler, continued. J. D. Harpster vs. D. JV. McKee, judgment rendered in favor of plaintiff for $889.70. ' Fannie L. Johnson vs J. W. Mc- Kee. continued. tviu. u. i reouie vs. itaiter a. Atwood et al, contiuued. Bridget Tracey vs. S. M. Pratt et al, 1T If T 1.1.1. vnr.n A is being tried today. PROBATE COURT Judge Rea has issued these marriage licenses: ' ( Mary F. Hackett, Sabetha 27 j Wra. Beck, Horton.-..'.... 24 ( Rose Trompeter,Germantown 19 1 a T r 11: .t. w 1 o. kJ. uneo, iiinntuim..- 1 Laura Moser. Hiawatha 25 - James C.,? Edna, Edward T., and Ruth' Green have been taken from. the poor farm by the Children V. Home Society, of Topeka, and will k soon be placed iu suitable homes. Win. HefFner was discharged aa ti guardian of William Brown and E. C. Brown appointed in his sXeadi In Hiawatha City the assessor, J. P. Mchtnight, finds $,16,653 more personal property than was reported last year, the total amount, being $170,200. A slight change is tnadw in the valuation of the town lota. ' The population is 2785, a lossof 88,

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