The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1955
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 19B5 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRK1 America's Formosa Policy Has Followed Zig-Zag Course By JAMES MARLOW Associated 1'ress News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — America's Formosan policy has zig-nagged. It has not always been frank. There was consistency behind the scenes, but not in the open, in considering Formosa strategically important. There was inconsistency on defending it. American military weakness before the Korean War, the result of economizing, was at the root of President Truman's decision in early 1950 not to defend the jsland against the Chinese Reds. He reversed himself six months later when the Korean War began. Most of the story unfolded in the 1851 Senate hearings on the firing of Ocn. Douglas MacArthur, Particularly in testimony by Dean Acheson, then secretary of state; Qen. Omar N. Bradley, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Stuff; and the late Adm. Forrest P. Sherman, then a member of the JCS. The Japanese, who took Formosa from China In 1895, had to give it up after World War II. Chiang Kal-ahek's Nationalists ruled China then. On June 3, 1945, before the Japanese war ended, the State Department had issued a bulletin. I said no point in the Far East, except Singapore, was so strategically important as Formosa. Economy Cited Bradley said in 1951 the JCS had "always" felt it was "Important" no enemy should grab Formosa. Police Claim New Information In Rubenstein Murder Case By JOHN BAUSMAN NEW YORK (tf>—Police officials say new information has been turned up in the Serge Rubinstein murder case, New York's biggest murder mystery in years, but they are keeping the facts to themselves. A four-hour inspection at the home of the slain millionaire playboy and draft dodger was made yesterday by the two men in Adenauer Plans Campaign to Fight For Rearmament BONN, Germany W)—Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, alarmed by mounting political unrest in West Germany, will launch a nationwide campaign next Tuesday to offset the Socialists' aggressive anti-rearmament drive. Government officials said the campaign's theme will be "Don't Trust the Russians." Told by his closest political advisers that his government is now on the defensive, the 19-year-old Adenauer today announced plans to address mass meetings In three big cities. He will speak in Frankfurt on Feb. 8, in Hannover on Feb. 12 and in Hamm on Feb. 13. Dairies Hike Milk Prices LITTLE ROCK Ml — Two laren milk distributors yesterday raised their milk prices two cents a quart. Delighted smaller distributors indicated they probably will follow course. Terry Dairy Products Co. of Little Rock announced that It was increasing its price because of what President Fred W. Terry called "continuing pressure by national and other large dairies." Dean Milk Co., which has filed a $600,000 anti-trust suit against Terry in Memphis, announced it would match the increase. Both dairies operate in Arkansas and Memphis. Bolt from the Blue Hospitalizes TV Viewer DAYTON, Ohio I/Pi—Five-year- old Daniel Fohliible is In a hospital here today with two gashes In his head from a two-pound metal bar that fell from a B25 and plummeted through the roof of his Dayton home. Officials at nearby Wricht-Pat- . terson Air Force Base said the 12-inch bar was one u.vd to close the cover over the plane's retracted wheel. It flew through the roof of the Pohlabcl home and struck Daniel as he was watching television. 80 Missionaries Held HONG KONG I/O—Eighty foreign Catholic missionaries are still inside Red China. Catholic headquarters in Hone Kong announced yesterday. Fifty-six are priests and brothers, including four bishops and one prefect apostolic, and 24 are sisters. Health Aid Sought WASHINGTON t,l>>—Sell. Hill 'D- Alai says he and Sen. Bridges (R-NHi will .seek cuiwe.ssional approval of a new three-year program of federal aid for research into the causes of fatal and crippling diseases—such as cancer, heart disease and mental illnesses. Panama Probe Continues PANAMA UTi— The National Assembly has given an Investigation commission 10 more days — until Feb. 10—to report on charges that impeached President Jose Rnmoll Guizado helped plot, the assassination of President Jose Antonio Remon, his predecessor. GROWING EXTINCT The true wolf is nearly extinct In the United States, only a few remaining in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Oregon. Great numbers, however, still exist in Canada and Alaska. WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. charge of the investigation, Asst. Dist. Atty. Alexander Herman and Dep. Chief Inspector Edward T. Feeley. After leaving the luxurious house on 3th Avenue, they were asked if anything new had been learned. "Yes," answered Herman. He declined to elaborate. Herman said lie and Feeley had inspected once again the third-floor bedroom where the 46-year-old Rubenstein was found gagged, bound and strangled last Thursday. New Witnesses Sought However, he added, most of the time was spent questioning Rubinstein's elderly mother and aunt and the household servants—a butler, who discovered the body; a cook, parlor maid, personal maid of Rubinstein's mother and a secretary. • As a result of information gleaned, Herman said, "new and more witnesses are being sought." He said detectives had been sent out of the city but declined to say where. Herman said the day's questioning had discounted earlier reports about a mysterious "woman in in brown" roaming about the house on the morning of the murder. Both Rubinstein's mother Mrs. Stella Rubin.slein, 78, and her sister Mrs. Genia Foresta, 82, had reported seeing such a woman. They slept that night on the floors above Rubinstein's chambers. Mrs. Rubinstein hud said she .saw the "woman in brown" on the stairway. Herman said this now appears to have been an ambulance attendant wearing a brown coat over his whit* uniform. Mrs. Forest n had reported that si woman briefly snapped the light on in her room, Herman said this impression was apparently caused by the butler, who. after discovering the body, ran upstairs to check on others sleeping in the States West "Jeopardize" the Philippines and Oki- Losing of Formosa, Bradley said, would not force American defenses hack to the United Coast hut would American communications between nawa. Sherman said that- although the JCS didn't want Formosa In unfriendly hands, the military leaders didn't think this country should send armed forces to hold Formosa because of the "state of the military establishment," That establishment had been dismantled after World War n. Only •A shell was left. In December 1949, just after the Reds had smashed Chiang-, the Truman administration was getting ready to tell Congress it wanted to cut military spending to 13'/ 2 billion dollars and reduce the armed forces still further from 1,622,917 to 1,432,289 men. That month the Reds, having driven Chiang to Formosa, seemed to be making preparations to capture it. The JCS recommended a "modest program" of military help for Chiang. The State Department opposed the idea and won out. No Value On Dec. 23, 1949, that department issued a guide for broadcasters of the Voice of America, telling them to explain to the world that Formosa had no strategic value and wasn't worth defending. Acheson said this was done to save the United States from embarrassment when Formosa fell to the Red.s. The real story, as he told it at the hearings, was this: The United States was too weak to defend Formosa. Truman, backing up the State Department, o n Jan. 5, 1950 said the United States would not defend Formosa, On June 27, 1950, two days after the Korean War started, Truman decided to defend Formosa. That has been his policy and Eisenhower's policy ever since. Jo Ann Meets Prince; Likes Princess Idea MONTE CAHLO, Monaco <tl — American coed Jo Ann Stork has met Monaco's ruling Prince Rainier III and says she'd "love to be a princess and live In this country" There wa« no indication tod»y that bachelor Rainier would grant her wish. The 20-year-old University oi Illinois student lie* to Monaco last week on the blind chance o( meet- Ing the handsome, 31-year-old prince after reading .in » U.S. magazine that his subjects want him to get married and some would like the bride to be an American. At first she couldn't get past the palace gates. Then the prince's Roman Catholic chaplain, the Rev. Francis Tucker, interceded and she visited Rainier for two hours yesterday afternoon. Father Tucker and Rainier's sister Princess Antoinette chaperoned. Jo Ann said they discussed football, yachting, music, the prince's private zoo and Joan's plans for the future. They toured "the Green Room, the Blue Room, the Throne Room, the corridors with pictures of his ancestors on the wall," and the terrace, which has a "marvelous view." Rainier, she bubbled, was 'a real prince charming . . . more handsome than all the pictures I have seen, of him." Joan didn't say what further plans she has.. The prince wasn't available for comment. Sweden to Start First Atomic Power Station STOCKHOLM, Sweden UH — Sweden will start building its first atomic power station soon, a member of the State Atomic Commission said today. Dr. Ragiiar Liljeblad, scientific expert of the'ASEA Electric Man ufacturing Co., said the statioi will be completed within 10 years and have an output of 100,000 kilo watts. It will be located at Sten ungsund. north of Qoteborg Sweden's west coast. The station is to be constructed by ASEA, and the ultimate goal if to provide parts of the west coasf areas with its electric power. 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Of course you know to add two beaten egg yolks and lliivor with sherry to give it that oomph that chefs strive to get and to disguise the regular old standby luncheon dish. To give it even more oomph, serve it froir. (hat chafing dish you (?ot for Christmas. Fruit salad — the home made variety — is a must. We pity in others only those evils which we have ourselves experienced. They say the next best thing to being a poet is to understand one. It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust. We are valued either too highly or not high enough; we are never taken at, our real worth. This from Proverbs appeals to me "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." Could you express it any better? Speaking of words, Kipling had this to say, "Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind," The pleasures of the rich are bought with the tears of the poor, so Thomas Fuller said. In taking revenge, a man is equal to his enemy, but in passing it over, he is his superior. Wise men argue causes, and fools decide them. Men show their superiority inside; animals ouiside. Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause. Never argue at the dinner table, for the one who is not hungry always gels the best of the argument, Luxury has to be removed before a person can overcome greed. Baylor University at Waco. Tex., was chartered on February 1, 1845, and for those of us who think 3 cents is sufficient to mall a letter from Maine to California did you know that on February 1, 1814 postal rate was set at 12 cents up to 40 miles? This was a wartime rate, double the six cents set in If02. The postal scale was sliding, reaching 25 cents for 450 miles of more, in peace time. Income tax (If you'll pardon the expression) amendment was ratified on February 3, 1913. On February 4, 1887, Interstate Commerce Commission was established. Another great event on February 4, 1934, my son Harlan was born. How on earth oMd I ever remember that? The Boy Scouts of America have an anniversary coming up on February 8. Forty-Fifth, I believe. With spring around the corner always brings to mind the story of Narcissus. As the slory goes, Narcissus, a beautiful youth, who became enamored of his ov/n reflection in a stream, died of grief because he was unable to reach it. The flower that bears his name was supposed to have originally grown on the spot where he died. The nymph, "Echo," is said to have been In love with AB my grandma always told m«, "A gnl is Judged by the coin pan/ she keeps and especially on«c who go out with old men pluyboyg." Got you in trouble as sur« M shooting. I believe Grandm* htd something there. It's beginning to look like thom uniforms are going to be taken out of the attic, the belU M w* «C inch or so, sent to the cleaners b« be re-newed nnd go on their way. Let's hope not, but it look* mighty like k from where I'm sitting. As Bismarck one* said, "Better pointed bullets than pointed speeches," sifted down readfl, less talk and more action. Those of you who use the perfume "Tabu," did you know the Polyne.sion meaning of t*ie word fe "Thou Shalt Not"? I've yet to see a pa-lnting ttia* could compare with the picture I can see with my own eyes. For instance, a group of younif children at play, birds thi\t frequent my yard, a sun-set, or tree* in the autumn. The trouble I see In most artlsta are that they overdo their coloring in hopes of competing with nature. B.F. Goodrich CLEARANCE SALE OF FAMOUS SILYERTOWNS NEW STOCK MUST GO TO MAKE ROOM FOR MORE TUBELESS TIRES... 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