The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa on March 3, 1967 · Page 7
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The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa · Page 7

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1967
Page 7
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HtweatiTO fa., Journal FridayyMareft 3, mi Contracts fnr amn toes and eupumhprc fnr cessing, offered by the H. J. Heinz Ho nf Mncnat.w approved by the Quality Vegetable Growers Association at DeKalb last Friday. Pork Association Directors and Officers Officers Jtnrf rii - t t !U. i. . - . - - , ne mwn,,ne t0unty p0.k prc. n 1 T0m ; JLmtr Wei" - Me,vin Rieisen' Doan Neff, David Timm, Bob Bancki and Che Hafner. Back row. Soybean Meeting Set For March 7 At Morning Sun Chet Randolph, former WHO radio announcer now affiliated with the American Soybean Ass'n. will be in Morning Sun, Marcn 7. Tne meeting will start at :m p.m. m me Morning bun mgn scnooi. Randoloh will show films and slides of all the latest produc tion techniques, research information, and use of soybeans ovppspps His o - rfonei . - .vol and itenerary permits him only one ween lor me state or iowa. There will be drawings for over ?50 worth of door prizes. All soybean growers in Louisa and Des Moines counties are invited to attend for an interr esting evening and a try for one in tue many aoor prizes. Officers and directors of the county soybean association are: Adolph Boysen, Wapello, president; Dale Rickert, Wapello, vice - president and Robert Morris, Muscatine, secretary - treasurer. Directors are: Ronald Jack, Oakville; Jim Wykert, Oakville; Martin Wrvnr VV - noUn - To,.,; Newell, Columbus Junction anj Keith Hiiier, Morning Sun. BMI Peterson, Everett Howell, A. C. Allen, Bob Einfeldr, chairman Tom GnngS, Keith Windus, vice chairman, and J j Wnght, secretary - treasurer. Vernon Luedtke and Oren Coram are also directors. (Journal Photo) Jov Toonoteher Juniors JOY The Junior group of the Joy Topnotchers 4 - H club mei mesaay aner scnooi m tne Westmer rafpfpria nprnnnstra. tions were given by Stephanie jwurpny on aanawicn roois , Lorine Nelson on "A.B.C's. of Sandwiches", Brenda Davison on "How to Measure Sugar", and Jan Zimmerman on "Making SanHwioW The cooking class leaders eit: unroaucea. iney are Mrs. Ann Medhurst, Mrs. Neta Rector, Mrs. Marilyn Nelson and Laura Truman, Jr., the leader. Martha Wigant will instruct the first year knitting class and Mrs. Lyle Ripley will help the first year sewing class. i ne Mother's lea will be at cafeteria. vited. 22 at 7:30 at the VFW hall AJedo. Muscatine County Pork Producers Association Holds 1st Annual Meeting Bernard Ebbing of the Rath Packing company told county Dork nroHiipprc rl v; - f - ;j,. Thursday night that the Iowa iruin. uiuusiry is a very important business in Tnwa (TuQi;n to over 400 persons at the first annual meeting of the Musca tineCountv Pnrfc PrnWprc 4. sociation held at the Muscatine Elks club he called attention to the way the industry is integrated into all SPOtirvns nf (ho Iowa business society, including giuwmg, processing, equipment, services, researrh nnVainn transportation, banking, and re Ebbine told the omim that Iowa now produces 23 per cent oi we nations nogs and at the present time 9B - 97 nprppnt nf line nogs produced in Iowa are cjim pmtessea nere. He congratulated the Muscatine uroHncprs nn the anhiouo - ments accomplished during the urst year as an association and said that it. rnnlrf hp ne nf tho best associations in Iowa. unng "Keeognition" as the oil that makes a machine run smoothly, he said recognition helps set higher goals. Recognition received by breeders and hog raisers in county and local Dr. Ogg To Discuss Taxation Study At Wapello, Mar. 6 barrow show at tndtnr. tions, and by Certification in Breeding help producers strive to produce a better product. Progress has been rapid in the Iowa Pork Industry, he said, but progress will be at faster rate in the next ten years than in the last ten. Roy Keppy, active Scott county pork producer, spoke on improving the image of pork, stating that improvement begins with the nrnrinppr h ku... that every hog producer should Muscatine T? ' t Journal t 2iYm NeWS QVGA Approves Tomato, Cucumber Contracts The tomato contract, which tural Association features a $4.50 a ton increase in the price to be paid farmers, is the second contract for tomatoes approved this year by QVGA, a bargaining - marketing affiliate of the Illinois Agricul - High Winds Blow High Hopes For Record U.S. Wheat Crop By OVID A. MARTIN r harm Writer WASHING r ap - r n use? UP reserve. f , 7, . ' ve oeea cut oeiow the govern frr wneat crolHment's desired level, farmers aid were asKeu to increase 1967 crop , una aceuuig as mucn as 31 per cent Wednesday with the approach of lugu wmus in uut ureat riains. The U.S. Weather Bureau reported the rontinitanrp nf Hm weather whinh ha niir,j commercial wheat producing areas of the central and south ern threat Flams since last fall. The situation is beimr ao. gravated, Agriculture Depaft - be nrond nf hie - should .trivp fn K.rr: i11.' . Part - oo! I - w,"c iiitui oraciais saw, Dy mtensifi - efflcient in his operation, and cation of March winds. With the FFA shows in an VffArt Tn P.Deuii 11 13 easy for the FFA shows in an effort to improve the inrinstrv He spoke briefly on the pro posed check - off for market Promotion nf nnrlr nH I products to be administered by mc iscuiunai rorK Council and the National Livestock and Meat Board. Keppy concluded by stating that producers should keep the ..wu.iij, rfasuciauon strong. Farm Labor Seminar Planned At 4 - H Auditorium In DeWitt One of the nrnhipmc ; tt - ,. rn Iowa farmina ic nuHm, 1 keeping sufficient farm help. To aid in snh,; tw,, lem, the Clinton county exten - Colleent Thp rom.lar r Colleens 4 - H club met at the hands Jiome oi Kev anri Pam M - rff i me roil call, "A - Mofhn in , Trrwim - tu uupiuve employ s i cc - empioyer relations. Habit I Need to Improve", was uii.werea Dy 20 members. Dad's nieht was .a Gold seals were passed out'l.What are extras Three new members were intml hinderance or duced: HphKio t w:...! ijCCj VJLCKl tirooKnart and Cindy Lee. Mrs. Dr. Wallace Ofrtr. Pxtensinn ! ' . 1U mrs" noCh sixttblfet. in p in, ! " be the leaders VPlonmPnt ,nH "7 Z "ffXc COmmg Farm emnlnvpr.i farm I speak to a group of Louisa nstration - on stay stitching. ployees' 3,1(1 other interested ipciiu eieineiuary scnooi ac - tll - - y rus - cordinsr tn fiavinrrf n p.TUnft lure Is Irnportant", and Pam county extension director. The J1?1 on "Se'ecting Pattern meeting will start at 7:30 p. m. a"d Ma" - rru: :n , ... r LUnCh Was tr,IOJ V... IU. 1 . mis win ne a louow - up meet - QO ' " ycu "x tlie 'si - ig for those individuals who 6SS md their mother. ine next meeting will be held at the home of Cindy and Debbie Lee on March vt a care session will take place. UCLU,U oks win be checked. ing for those individuals who auenaea conterences at Burlington and Washington in 1954. The topic for these conferences was "Financing our Public Services wtih Emphasis on Erftiration " vr. ugg wui present material study on taxation as prepared oy iowa btate University and vn n,rh( - ii l u i, . oy lowa 6tate University anc Fun mght mil be held I March the State University of Iowa The information is an up - dating - r, r . Ui uie "no pays and proiec - Refreshmen s uprp kpj - vpH f; ..1 j - , J GlPnn, Km a;V;.: c;? a T,u, wimsome mon new materials on real estate taxes ana school finance. Louisa Cull Hog Round - up Scheduled For March 11 Final nlan fnr (ha county cull - hog round - up, March 11 have been completed according to Tom Skubal, president, Louisa Co. Pork Producers ss'n. Skubal said that Richard Siegle, Oakville, and Mar - Ian Owen Coiumbus Junction, would be heading up the roundup for the south and north half of the county, respectively. Producers may take their hogs directly to the concentration points in their area on Friday or Saturday. Producers who do not have cull hogs may make cash contributions. Concentration points in the; county will be the Rath Packing Co., Columbus Junction; Oscar Mayer, Letts and Morning Sun; Dubuque Packing, Wyman; and1 Krey Packing Co,, Wapella. Producers are urged to have their hogs penned so they can be loaded easily, if they do not wish to lake Uipm Hinfi the concentration point in their ucd. u ims is aone individ - :k nirl - ino ..rv ihn n - i have to enter. lots or buildings. incuviauais wno wilt be conducting thp ftriup in hoir - m. tive townships are as follows: rvuueit morns, rort Louisa;, Len Rossiter, Marshall; Ralph Matthpw; Tpffor. C Rees, Morning Sun;' Francis carroii, Grandview; Marian Owens, folnmhit rsT, - n;t, - ,j Siegle, Elliot; Tom Skubal, Un - ium; uoa mwams, Oakland; Tom Paulding, Concord; Melvin Jennings, Elm Grove; ard Leonard Elliott and Richard Rerr tor wapeuo townslu Blaine Watson anri Mrc rk lence tshould you be employer or employee c Wilton Busy Bees WILTON Thp Wiltnn Rc Bees 4 - H club met. Fph 97 af the home of Nancy Cole with joy itue as co - hostess. Koll ca . "What T Hnnp in. Accomplish This Year in 4 - H", was answered by 12 members ana inree leaders Montpelier Merry Makers Montoe her Mprrv m,u it club was held in the home of oem acnaeter on Saturday. Roll call was answered by H members. Everv m'rl hr.,k - , - , LUB,lt uidienai tor a skirt. An illustrated talk was given by J0ni Kraft on Fabric Facte". Demonstrations were given by Linda Kraft On 'Hemincr a Ql - ir i7 - t various Ways and on "Putting in a Zipper". Barbara Rinnert demonstrated "Putting in , w:. . v,wuc otuaeier showed how to convert a con - uujitr into a sewing box. Schaefer. V JCan The next meeting will be held m the ho"ie of Barbara Rinnert. Rav Wuestenberg agency General Insnrauc Bonds Service sinee 1515 Dial MA West Liberty, le. sion service and the Iowa State Employment servirp arp n. soring a Farm Lahnr bmi. on Wednesday, March 15, in the 4 - H auditorium at DeWitt at r.iQ p.m. Scheduled for discussion are: Hiring and keeping farm Wavs to wplrnmp a r,Q. ! employee to the neighborhood What are extras worth - Is honestv anri rpliah;i;f mvie important man expen - out sewing exercises to the younger memDers. Patty De - vore presided over the meeting. An iilllsfratPri tall - "Tli0 portance of Cfothinu Spiptinr." was given by Barb Sogenfry and "Pressing Aids" was by Diana fJ futed most to i Lufh. I the February decline. Partly off - Monica Lett performed de. " ""s woe pnee increases lonstratinn mi. t, u: for 0011011 and broilers. Other winds to blow' the stunted wheat plants out of the ground. firain marine K; ; to take notice of the declining wheat crop possibilities. Wheat prices advanced 10 cents a bushel last week, largely on the basis nf thp haH u,pofhr j dipped a little Monday on the Dasis or reports of a few showers. But Weather offifialc: caiH this rainfall was not sufficient to bngnten prospects anv de gree. Corn Production Meeting Scheduled Mar. 8 at Wapello The Louisa fVinnfv PVton?; Council is cooperating with the pioneer nyoria corn company in setting up a meeting for corn producers at the VFW hall in Wapello. March 9. The. mppfino will start at 1 p. m. in the VFW hall. Corn producers will hear Trv Delhi, crop management spec - idnsi, rioneer tii - Bred Corn company and Garren Benson extension arpa apmntimict lit Pleasant, discuss yield and pro - ut outiooK tor 1?57, plant popula tions rnw wirifh Fortili, herbicides, and insecticides, and section of hybrids. (Iowa Corn Yied Tests, and mwarrh nn mgh Lysine and prolific hy - Dnasj Refreshments will follow ad journment at 3:15 p. m. Farm Product Prices Continue Slow Decline WASHINGTON (AP - Farm product prices a matter of increasing concern among farmers and farm nffinialc mntin iued in February a decline that started last August. An Agriculture Department Becansp TI s ,hQc o. i nave been used up and reserves farm Bureau). About 70 QVGA mpmhpi - s in TlHn; i Iowa near Muscatine raise to matoes for the Heinz firm. The rnntranf u,or - j - 1 u.. the QVGA board following nego - udiiuns, wun neinz py a QVGA committer Tho creases the price to be paid by the processor for tomatoes from to ?36 a ton. The agreement alSO OOOSfs thp nrinn (,r ers are to pay the processor for lomato plants from $5.75 to 7 per 1,000. QVGA previously approved a Pressing lomato contract for Northern and Hpnirai in;; growers who produce for Camp - "i JuUi company. The OVr.A hnarH nlrn od a contract with Heinz for the proaucuon of cucumbprs fnr processing. The contract provides an increase in the price mtZL.r B" E "S't60 PRESS of winter wheat - the kind grown in the southern and central Great Plains was increased 26 per cent. But unless there is a quick - end Of thp Hrnnohl could Well fall below the level neecea to maintain foreign assistant anri mmmo,ii . wuui.dudi export demands, officials said. In it u,opH j . ...j .i dim weatn - er bu Pfin iccno .l. I bureau said the adverse condi - l.m 'n"cn 01 Kansas - a, cents r lnn" noma, Texas, New Mexico Colo f QVGA members near M'loca - price rado and parts of Nebraska. j e raise clumbers Izs Heinz. product: Louisa 4 - H Senior Party Is March 4 WAPEl.r.n A.u r u:L ' school age will hold a party Sat - "'uy jngiii, marcn 4, at the Wanplln o)nmanion, t 7:30 - ii. Music will be furnished y me Bocieues" of Muscatine. Mrs. Melvin Gerdner and Don - old Bnver fiatvnio .:n v - 1L. adult chaperones.' They are memoers of the county 4 - H i uuiu i - ujiiinmee. Each 4 - H mpmW mn one guest outside of 4 - H if they wish. Non - Surplus Crops May Be Grown On Feed - Grain Land WASHINOTDW iPi An nate non - Slirnlnc .rnr .u:.u may be grown this year on feed grain and cotton land under government nrnoramc j tor beans, sesame, guar, planta - u uvdid, mustard seed and am be. Thp lief ii'ac 5mn,..j Agriculture Department. As was the case last year, a reduction is made in pnvpmmoni ; sion payments on land used to giow mese crops. Irish Farmers Asked To Stem Market Shipments 100 pounds for grade one cucum bers lhn;p nn n 17' ; i aiameter. The increase will price to be paid for the large) grade two cucumbers remains Smiay tc ' protest ar" 50 cents per 100 pound, aw if oi farmers and failure inches ink, N' Ireland (AP - The Ln National Farmers Association raise the price from $3.25 to calle,d .n faers to stop ship - 75 per hundredweight. The , " lr "lldl vegetables to market for a week beginning at midnight Sunday to protest ar - of the government to nppntiafp price supports for farm Mrs. Marine, leader, passed report Tuesday showed they Jt sewing exercises to the eased off 1 per cent " Febru" ary, bringing the decline to 6.6 per cent since a npat lacf An. gust. Farm prices were down 7 per cent trom a year earlier. Lower prices for ppps whpat i monstrations on "This Is How the Sewing Machine Works" and "Simnle Cleaninoc nf lh c, ing Machine". Nancy Cole was in charoo nf recreation. Refreshment xvprp served. commodities losing ground included corn, oats, cottonseed, soyoeans, citrus fniiLs. i wool. 'ftM"MlSWVVYVYVYYVvvvwv - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in the cost of Mortgage Life 5 insurance, rnis charge is; not the same with all Com - i pames. When deciding on ims important security investment, we invite com parison. Thi$ Invitation By I DONALD L LEE Representative of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. MS Cedar St. Dial 263 - 7252 LOMBARD! The World's Most Powerful Lightweight CHAIN SAW ZEUG'S GARAGE & CYCLE SHOP (Chas. Harper, Ownsr) Dial m - itm m CHESTNUT STREET FAR&UTUAL PROTECTS EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY parity Vf""1. The name of your wife . Your son daughter Jml may not appear on your FnrAA,.iL .wrs,i IIIJUIUnCB , but when you get good protection for your farm you get "rf for your family too! The security of your farm is important to youfarrtily Get security with FarMutuaf Insurance from your County Mutual WHITE PIGEON MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION T05 West Fourth Street WILTON JUNCTION, IOWA FARmWAL insurance J WINNELL MUTUALNSURCE COMPANY GSINNEU. IOWA CLARENCE Wm. Schroeder, Jr. Phone 452 - 3201 TIPTON Lester Chambliss Phone 886 - 2082 MaxR. Phelps Phone 886 - 2466 CONESVILLE John F. Coffin Phone 725 - 3264 WIST LIBERTY Russell Nsweomb Phsne 6275192 STANWOOD Erwin G. Toerber Phone 945 - 3577 WILTON JUNCTION Maurer's Insurance Service, Inc. Phone 732 - 2543 James E. Walton Phone 732 - 2 1 50 MUSCATINE Walter C. McGillivray Phone 263 - 61 66 PHONE ONE OF THESE AGENTS FOR INFORMATION AND SIRVICI.

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