Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call ana get a sample botile or Pineapple Cough Syrup, at j Earl Stewart is back from a busi ness trip to Indianapolis and Lafay ette. W. C. Arp departed , their new home in ! '1° Complete Line at The Grand Bazaar, REE ROOM, .OpeirDaily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. . -.Welcome to All. Mr. and Mrs. this morning foi Dennison, 0. Father Campion has resigned as president of the local branch C. K. of A. and is succeeded by M. D. Fansler. Misses Hattie Clary and Mamie Phillips have gone to Chicago to take positions in a millinery establishment. Supt. C. M. Bennett and his brother E, M. Bennett, of Urbana, 0., went to English Lake last evening- in quest of duck. The funeral of Win. Carpenter will be held this afternoon at 2:80 o'clock, at the Wheatland street.M..E. church, Rev. H. A. Davis officiating. Dr. Jordan is lamenting the death of his^good dog '.'Schneider" who fell a victim--to the deadly dog button. Schneider" was a well known anine. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. Item* from tlio Note-Book of Our Hull ivuy Reporter—FoIutM Pcr- Moiial and Otherwise. The Indianapolis Division of the Order of Railway Conductors is ar ranging for a grand ball and banquet at the Denison House on the evening of April 22. Over one thousand invitations will be sent out. 0. P. McCarty, General Passenger and Ticket Agent of the B. & 0, Southwestern, has just returned from the East for a conference with the B. & 0 people. He states that the B. & 0. will, in the near future, greatly mprove its passenger service between he West and the East. The Order of Railway Conductors s considering measures for the abolition of the present spotter system The grand officers of the organization will then do all in their power to pro- ect the roads against dishonest con- uctors, and are of the opinion tha letter results would follow such ef- orts. A Louisville paper credits General I -•->•* J^mi-J M &* nomas with saying that the Pennsyl- children who MONEY TO LOAN, n any gom at toe LOWEST ratee. only, Money alwaye In hiiud. No red tape or delay. Interest and principal payable in Lo^one- port. Special arrangements KB to payment of principal and Interest, made to salt the wlahei o( b jrrower, For farther particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth -." .: street, opposite Court Honse. i MONEY, Oenersl Iniuranc* and Loins. All kludo of In• nranoe pluoncL In first ol&sa oompanieB, Endow ment policies purchased, Bonds of unretjel, written for parties holding position* of trnii •here a bond Is required. 319 PEAR.L ST. S. M. C loss on. Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING MARCH 2; Harry Hagenbuck is in Chicago. Joe Murphy at Dolun's Saturday night'. : • The.fish wagon will be around this morning—A. Hubler. The Bell clothing house will be open for-business Thursday. Joe LI Murphy, the •inimitable Irish comedian in Inshavogne at Dolan's Saturday, nigh't. . •• Miss Enjm'aKothenbeck has returned to her home in Ft. Wayne, after a pleasant,.'visit in this city. Ours are the genuine French sateens and'the price remains unchanged for balance of week.—Wiler & Wise. Wills. Dearight, Charles Uhl and J. D. Ferguson have joined the duck hunters'.on the.Kankakee swamps. B.'F.'Keesling sells just as much 'Blush of Roses' 1 to gentlemen as to ladies, as they 'also desire'a perfect complejfion. 7— Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual, weakness, pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. (6) Ten candidates beheld the unveiled ] mysteries of the .order of the Orien last night. The lodge was in session in arnio.ry. hall until near midnight George W: Lucy,. who is putting in a fine stock-of clothing- in the room lately vacated by Jordan Hecht, wil open-the store on Thursday. It wil sail under .the name of "The Bel Clothing'House." "Jack, the Kisser" is again getting in his work at Fort Wayne. He is described'a's a'.ypung, well, dressed man who rushes up to a lone female on the streets after dark and seizing hfcr around the waist imprints, or attempts to imprint a kiss on her ruby lips. He has gone on in his course unidentified, for the past six months. A'Pucdije,-.semor for some act of dis- /avorto the juniors.-was dragged from the dormitory and held under a pump spout wbile< v an ice cold stream of •water poured down his back until he was wet as j She traditional drowned rat. • -The hazing- was done in full view of the la,di^§. dormitory,'and all-the girls- turiJidhout -m force to witness the poor"senior's discomfiture. Judge Winfield and Jesse Taber re- urned this morning from a few days' uck hunt on the Kankakee. Their ame bags were painfully lank in ap- >earance. Auditor Helvie and Deputy Auditor raffis went to Indianapolis this morn- ng to attend a meeting of the county auditors of the State before the State tax commissioners.. Wm. Hopper, a Lowisburg youth, was yesterday convicted in 'Squire Smith's court of carrying concealed 1 weapons and in default of the fine was placed ia jail. Stephen. A. Douglas Budd was the complaining witness. The funeral as Mrs. Narzinski will be held from her late residence on Washington street West Side, to-morrow at 1 :SO p. m.; after short services at the house, a funeral sermon will be delivered at 2 o'clock at the German Lutheran church, Rev. Jox officiating. Mrs. Michael Shuey was delightfully surprised at her home on the West Side yesterday, it being the occasion of her birthday. The event was celebrated in a sociable manner by quite a party of her friends and relatives calling at her home with well filled baskets and hearts full of good cheer and passing the day with her. It was a very enjoyable affair. A great many expressions of dissatisfaction are heard concerning the hardness of the water from the new North Side wells. So far as its qualities for drinking purposes go it'"is commended by the doctors and" the people generally, but for domestic purposes it is far from satisfactory on account of the lime contained in it, making it so hard as to be almost ania and the Big Four will practically e left with their Ohio river terminals the air when the Thomas-Brice syndicate deals are perfected. Probably Mr. Thomas never made a remark so absurd. The relations of the Pennsylvania company with the Louisville & Nashville are of the most harmonious character, and through such alliances as the Thomas-Brice syndicate is likely tomakethePennsylvania will become the most important to the L. & E. as its northern outlet. As for the Big Four, President Ingalls never reaches for any point that it does not mean the Big Four will secure its full share of business. "Jimmlc" Slinftrey Dying. J. J. Shaffrey, Esq.', was found lying at his room at the Johnston house yesterday .morning .suffering from an overdose of morphine and -it required prompt and heroic medical treatment to revive him from the lethargy which had seized him. Even yet his condition is serious as he is sulTering from an uttack of acute asthma. It is thought, however, that he will recover all right. Later.—At two o'clock this mornin Mr. Shaffrey was dying and the doctors declared that he could not live till daylight. His asmatic trouble is agravaled by an acute attack of pneumonia and every breath he draws is a struggle. He lias been unconscious since early evening. The last person he was able to recognize was his sister- in-law, Mrs. S. P. Sheerin. A committee of the Ancient Order of Hiber- nians is at his bedside. Mr. Shaffrey returned from the Soldiers' Home at Dayton Saturday and has been at the Johnston house since. Upon his arrival here he was in fairly good health and this attack came suddenly, Mr. Shaffrey's wife died about two years ago and he has six young | are being EASTER Neck Dressing! paying for neckwear. Stop and Think What you have been Why Pay a Furnisher Fifty cents for a Puff, Teck, Four-intend ©r King Scarf that Otto SeiJsfor 25 cents?)-. More People. Buy /Ties here than at any other place, because they know this is a fact. " & The appearance of Joe Murphy in the above thrilling: Irish drama at Dolan's next Saturday night will be the signal for one of the best audiences o f the season. Murphy is a general favorite to Logansport theater goers, and his delightful, yet thrilling play, •'Inshavqgue" was popular] y recoived on its presentation here last season and will draw a big- crowd Saturday night. Mr. Murphy is supported this season by the best company he has ever had about him, and a, first- class and pleasing performance is assured. LOUIS J.A3IES COMING. Manager Dolan takes pleasure in announcing to the patrons of bis opera house the engagement of the eminent tragedian Louis James who will interpret the tragedy of "Othello" at the opera house next Monday night. Mr. James has strong natural abilities, a splendid physique, a. strong, ricn and well modulated voice, and a grace of carriage that eminently fit him for the tragedy stage and his appearance should be greeted by one of the largsst impracticable for certain uses. The doctors are the hardest worked class of people in the city just now and even some of them are under the care of brother physicians. The list of sick persons in Logansport is almost as large as it was during the memorable "grip" period a year ago. The malady, though akin to the old grip is laid to be less severe and while many persons are kept from business by the omplaint the list of serious cases is not nearly so large. A slick fakir has been working the uckers of Logansport for the past few .ays and it is said that he numbers his ictims by the score. The person who bites on such a scheme, however, deserves to lose his money. The fakir sells a small bag of charcoal or something of that sort, claiming that the same put in the bowl of a lamp will effect a great saving of oil, represent^ ing to the more credulous that the lamp will not need to be filled more than once a year or so. His price varies from 25 cents to §3, according to the gullibility of his victim. Look out for him. Capt. R. H. Pratt, superintendent of the Indian school at Carlisle, Pa., and well known in this city, has issued, as a supplement to "The Red Men," a monthly paper published by and in the interests of Indians, a paper treating on ' 'How to Deal with the Indians and The Potency of Environment," which contains many valuable suggestions on sehalf of the native Americans, which if followed by the officials would do much to better-the condition of poor Lo. Capt. Pratt has given his life to ie.betterment of the condition of the Indians and' Ms school is a potent actor in the civilizing of the Indian ouths. IWore Went Side Burglar*. Monday night burglars effected an entrance into John Leonard's grocery store on the West Side, and stole goods to the value of $50 or more, principally cigars, tobacco and light notions. The scoundrels pried the iron bars off the alley window, then breaking in the window easily made their entrance, leaving behind them no clue which might lead to their detection. It is becoming apparent from the number of petty burglaries which have been committed on that side during the past year that there must exist a regularly organized band of house breakers and sneak thieves. The police have their eyes on a number of worthless young fellows living over there who live without any apparent means of livelihood and it is thought that some important arrests will be made before long which may lead to the crimination of the entire gang. Meanwhile the people over there should sleep with one eye open and a loaded shot gun 'handy. Marion Chronicle: The Elks lodge will be instituted in this city Wednesday afternoon and evening, commencing at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Thirty-five charter members will ride the goat, under the manipulation and guidance of the Logansport lodge, assisted by brethren from Indianapolis. Members of the same order from Fr. Wayne, Kokomo and Lafayette will be present. The institution will take place in the I. 0. 0. F. lodge room. relatives. , \ Old \ursery Favorite*, There was Tom, the Son of the Piper, Jack Sprat, anJ Merry King Cole, And the Three Wise Men of Gotham, Who went to sea in a bowl; "'" The woman who rode on a broomstick, And swept the cobwebbed sky. And the boy who sat in the corner, Eating his Christmas pie. These were some of the old favorites, but they have been supplanted by the ••Pansy" and "Chatterbox" stories, "Little Lord Fauntlaroy," and "Five Little Peppers." The old-fashioned pills and physics have been superseded, and wisely, too, by PiereeV Purgative Pellets, a mild, harmless and effective cathartic. They are pleasant to take—so gentle in their action that the most delicate child can take them, yet so effective that they will cure the most obstinate ca?e of coustipation, stomach, liver and bowel troubles. They t should be in every nursery. As a gentle laxative, only one for a dose. Electric Bitter* This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove all pimples, boils, salt rheum and other affections caused by impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers. For cure Of headache, constipation and indi- Not only shortens"'^01'' a'nd 234 Fifth Avenue, formerly with Wilsca Bros., High Art Movelties" at reasonable prices, will be on'disp'aj in a few days. OTTO A KRAUS. See Window Display. THE BEST IS.ALw7m^E~CfffiAplsT! and I buy the Purest Drugs, the Finest Perfumes a»d Toilet Article* at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription work. H. C. P U E C £ L L, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. L'CATARRtf gestion try Electric Bitters. Entire, satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. -Price 50 cents and $1 per bottle at B. F. Keesling drug store. 5 audiences of the season. A "belling" party made night hideous over on West Broad way last night. An estimable young couple were married, and a crowd of boys and young men over there thought to create a little diversion by reviving the abominable charivari. With gongs, borns, "horse fiddles," and everything else that would make a noise the "serena- ders" descended on that quiet neighborhood and inflicted their discordant notes until the police arrived on the scene and put a stop to further proceedings of such a character. The lessens pain attending it, .but greatly diminishes the -danger to life of both mother and child if used a few months before confinement. Write to the Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta. Ga.. for further particulars. Sold by Bon. Fisher, drugist. T to29 charivari party upon. should be set down GEN. JOHNSTON'S FUNERAL. It» Excellent Qualities commend to public approval the California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs. It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, it cleanses the system effectually, thereby promoting the health and comfort of all who use it. Last evening at the residence of the bride on West Broadway, Miss Eva Gruthrie was united in marriage to Mr. Alfred Seybold, son of Mr. Fred Seybold. The ceremony was attended by quite a party of the friends of the two families and was a very pleasant event. The happy young couple haye many friends in the city and hosts of well wishes are extended to them as they sta-'-t oh the journey of life together. The Journal extends congratulations. Catarrh In the head Is a constitutional Disease, and requires A constitutional remedy Like Hood's Sarsaparilla, Which purifies the blood. Makes the weak strong, Restores health. Try it now. The Old Confederate Veteran Burled as a Civlliau with Simple Ceremony. WASHINGTON, March 24.—Funeral services were held at ll o'clock a. m. over the remains of the late confederate general Joseph E. Johnston at St. John's Episcopal church. The church was crowded with confederate veterans and many people prominent in official life. The services were of the simplest character; no attempt at decorating- the church was made, and no flowers save a wreath of immortelles on the co3in were visible. This simplicitj', characteristic of the man, was observed at his earnest request, as he did not desire any display. Though the church was filled with battle-scarred veterans, there wusnota uniform visible to announce the fact. The last great soldier of the civi conflict was buried as a civilian, not a, a soldier. Rev. Dr. Douglass, the recto: of St John's church, assisted bi Kev, Dr. McKim, confederate chaplah of Johnston's command during- the war conducted the services. The remai were conveyed to Baltimoi-e on the 1:8i p. in. train over the Baltimore & Potomac railroad. f:lrc-illation Limited. BKI::.IX. March 2-1.—It i> j.nnouncedy that the biography of Emperor William I., written by the present Uerinan emperor, will be printed shortly. There' will be only :iOO 'copies, and they will ' be distribute^ only among sovereigns.', and members of royal families. , Ki-portation of Cattle. , p WASHINGTON, March '24.—Tlie de-\ partment of-agriculture reports the number of inspected cattle shipped out " of the country after inspection, under> • the new law as 125,000.- o£ v/hi^a. o^er 40,000 went from JJew 'York and£5 4 Ob<J from Baltimore. " JC "^ " l)l«a Of His Cor.UMiii.is. In<3., . h;i7iibc'i-s \v ; i ; ^u'v.l l THE PASTEUR INSTITUTE. '-'-4 Republican Meeting, The members of the Republican committee will meet at the McKinley club rooms to-night. All Republicans are invited to be present. , . " ,«t .; , A. , . ..'«', _n Michigan City Appeal: Ex-preacher Pettit is clearly the celibre of the whole prison roster. He continues to attract attention from every visitor, but he is shrewd enough not to recognize his importance and carries himself in such a straightforward manner that he is winning the good opinion of all who come in contact with him. Tough glass lamp-chimneys. Macbeth's "pearl top" and "pearl glass" are made of tough glass. They- rarely break except from accident. - Plttsburg. , Gi ) A MACBETH & Co. Figures Showing the Number of Patients Tccuted and Cures Effected. NEW YORK, March 24.—Dr. Paul Gib- ier, director of the New York Btisteur institute has just made public the results of inoculation, for hydrophobia during the first twelve months of the institute's existence. February IS, 1890, .to February IS, 1S91. There were 328 • persons treated for dog and cat bites. Among- the number there were from Illinois, 9; Pennsylvania. 5: Missouri, S; Texas, 2; Kentucky, 2: Ohio, 2: Arizona, 1; Minnesota, 1; Iowa, 1; Nebraska, 1; Arkansas, 1; Louisiana, 1,'and Indian Territory i. No death caused by hydrophobia has been reported among the persons inoculated. Indigents have been treated free of charge. WASHINGTON, March 24.—The exports of gold from the United States during the month of February, 1891,. were $4,010,146, against $1-,170JS90 in February,; 1890, and of silver §1,623,035, against 52,305,135 the preceding year. The im-' ports were Of gold, $505.304, against $l,476,4i>3, c«id of silver, §576,968, *gains,t 81,078 514 the preceding year, ' Both the method and results ,._„. Syr ftp of Figs is taken; it is pleasact and refreshing to the taste,. and..acUc gently yet jiromptly on the Kidneys,Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys-» « •£* cem effectually,; dispels oolds, head- ^" aches and fevers and cures habitual • constipation. 'Syrup of Figa is thf '" only remedy' of its kind ever pro. " duced, pleasing to the taste asd ac-' ceptable to' the stomach, prompt m 'ts action and truly_ beneficial in. its iffects, prepared only from the most, i wealthy and agreeable substances, its , many excellent qualities commend it i to all and have made it the ,inosi,' wpular remedy known. Syrup of Figs, is for sale in>50c J and SI bottles, by all leading drug-- •' gists.- Any reliable: druggist •who- \ may.not: have it on JhaEd,-vvill v pr > o- -„ ure it promptly, for aay ^ne^bA, vishes to try it." Do not accept aihr,' " ,- ubstitute. J - n ' ' ' ' CALIFORNIA F!G SAtl FKAHCIHCO. QAt, LOUISVILLE. XY, Foi; sale by B F, Keesling and all Druggists,

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