The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa on January 26, 1966 · Page 2
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The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa · Page 2

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1966
Page 2
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t Muscatine, la., Journal. .Wednesday, Jan. 26, 19156 No Bonds or Interest for Dougherty Bridge County's Newest Bridges Show Trends in Road Development and Costs Muscatine county's newest Cedar river highway bridges are milestones depicting the trends in road system development and the pyramiding costs that result. In 1947, $225,000 in general obligation road bonds were sold by Muscatine county for a new Cedar river bridge on county road C after voters had approv ed the proposition. The interest rate was 1.5 per cent. Taxation has provided the revenue to liquidate the bond issue. The balance on Jan. 1, 1966, was $30,000. Half of this will be paid this year and the other half in 1967. Then the bridge debt will be liquidated. The county road C span, located four miles northeast of Cones - ville in southwestern Muscatine county, Is called the Mc - Keown bridge, named for a pioneer family that owned property nearby. Actual construction of the Mc - Keown bridge and the interest charges will , about equal the $2X5,000 bond issue approved by voters in 1947. Ten and a half miles to the northeast, the county is now constructing another .Cedar river bridge. New Bridge Coiti Mere The unfinished bridge, named for J. B. Dougherty, late county engineer, will have a price tag of about $681,203. No.' bond issue or Interest charges are inyolved. The difference in cost is explained by the ' passage of time and the general rise in prices, the McKeown bridge was de alone with ilie fact that Dougherty bridge is longer, and also much wider to meet what is now considered the proper size for a county road bridge. The McKeown bridge is 682 feet long and has a 22 - foot roadway. Highway bridges no longer are built that narrow, but there was - an argument at the time signed. The county engineer wanted a 24 - foot width, but the accepted limit at the time was 20 feet. So a compromise finally put the width at 22 feet. The Daugherty bridge will be 1,050 feet long. Welded girders extending from one end to the other will support the concrete roadway, which will be 28 feet ' - ,.. . j. R. Dougherty Bridge The . R. Dougherty bridge, as depicted by an artist, will be the longest and the widest crossing on the Cedar river in Muscatine county. The span will be more than 1,000 feet lonj and will have a 28 - foot, two - lane roadway. Completion is scheduled for next summer. It will provide travelers with four modern bridges over the river in Muscatine county. McKeown Bridge on Cedar River McKeown bridge has been v serving . its construction will be poid. The bridge moists on county8 road C since 1951. spans the Cedar 11 m.les west of Musca - ln 1967 the lost of the bond that financed tine. (Journal Photo) Lower Property Tax Rate for Muscatine Fine Truckers For Overweight Property owners in the city of Muscatine will pay tax bills this year at a rate $4.25 per $1,000 of assessed valuations less than last year. The combined mill rates for the Muscatine Community school district, the city government and small sertinns of Area Six Com munity school district inside Muscatine's boundaries. County Auditor John Rex to - Sinclair Site Will Be In Local School District The Sinclair Petrochemicals, 1966 day announced the rates forlcounty and school district ! SJSS"3S ! i Muscatine .district' court for operating overweight vehicles. Everett T. ' Crees, route 1, Atalissa, was fined $331.60 by Judge R. K. Stohr for having a vehicle with a weight on the second axle 6,580 pounds beyond the. load limit last Oct. It it being built, along with will link it to present highway, with farm to market read allot - mentc that have accumulated and county road funds. No extra taxoi are involvtd despite the over - all coit of nearly $700,000. A. M. Cohron and Sons, Des Moines, built the McKeown bridge for $180,736.80 and finished the job in 1951. Work to realign the county road to connect it cost another $5,992. The old bridge it replaced was sold for $275. Contractor A. M. Cohron fell into the Cedar and drowned during the conduction. Delayed By vs?ier The county let" a contract for $439,236.03 to Schmidt construction Co. for building the Dougherty bridge. Construction began July 19. Because of delays from rain and high water, com pletion is not expected until next July 1. Men are building the reinforced concrete piers and placing the long steel girders during the winter. Before the bridge contract was let, the county had a $180,860 project in 1964 for the construction of roadways and box culverts leading to each end of the bridge. Previous to this the county expended $38,076 for right of way. Local taxes and state use tax refunds provided this money. When the Dougherty bridge is complete, two . bridges that it will replace will be closed. They are the Tice and Saulsbury bridges. The Saulsbury is two miles southwest of the new bridge, which is located seven miles northwest of Muscatine. The Saulsbury has a load limit of five tons. Load limit of the Tice, located 1.25 miles 'to the north, is only three tons. TB and Health Association Community Service Unit Meets Tho rnmrnunitv Service Com mittee of the Muscatine County Tuberculosis and Health Asso ciation met Tuesday evening at the Public Health Office, under the direction of Mrs. c i TTioo rMnmiinifv Service chairman and Dr. John Klein, association medical representative. The Tine Testing Program for Muscatine county schools was authorized to begin in February. - The tests will be given by school nurses with the follow - up program conducted by the Public Health Office. Miss Grace Lohman of the State Department of Health, discussed ways the association might assist the Muscatine County Migrant program in tuberculin testing. The mobile chest X - ray unit will be in Muscatine county the i week of March 28 through April : 1. Dr. V. P. Graettinger. presi - i dent of the association will be 'appointing committees to organize the program. total 108.776 mills. The excep - cuy piupwi - j tions are those agricultural jn comparison to the 108.776 within the city and the mill rate for the current year, ;n Qit - ilmrl in the Musca - IllLdJS, will uv. - Inc . Dlant announced last week tine Community school district will be located in the Fruitland this year township school district, which Errant Truck Hits Fireplug Delwood J. Krueger, Brecken - ridge, Minn., drove into Muscatine this morning with a semitrailer outfit and ran into all kinds of trouble. Somewhere in Muscatine Krueger got off the beaten path that was to take him to the Grain Processing corporation plant. Rounding the corner at Eat Sixth ttreet and Mulberry avenue, the dual rear wheel of the trailer ran over a fireplug in front of Flrt Evangelical United Brethren' church. The plug broke off beneath the iur - face and gurgled water. A new one will replace it. Not knowing about the damage, Krueger continued out Mulberry avenue and soon Deputy cw;ff rvi - irlip Whisler was out looking for him at the request of police. 1 Whisler found Krueger stuck with a set of rear wheels on - the truck - tractor in the ditch a mile out on county road W. A wrecker was called to get him back on The driver miscalculated while trying to turn around at a farm driveway, Whisler said. Wayne Brendel Is Promoted Wayne F. Brendel, stationed with the 22nd Chemical Com - v,,, Pnrt Wnnri Tevai has been promoted from Private First Class to Specialist 4. Brendel, 26, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brendel, 116 Nyenhuis St., Muscatine.He is a graduate of Muscatine High school and attended Muscatine Community college. A member of the Muscatine Moose lodge, Brendel was a foreman at Grain Processing Corporation before entering the service in October, 1964. tv, rtff;A nf Prtiintv Auditor John Rex today provided a legal description of the nearby Louisa - Muscatine Community school district putting the multi - million plant in the Fruitland district. The ite of the plant, ehed - uled'for completion In 1947, i a half mile north of the Louisa - Muscatine Community district boundary. It extendi from Stewart road east to the Miiiii - ppi river. Tt, those Hnv. of chaneine school boundaries, property owners have on occasion been surprised to learn what district they are a part of. The L - M boundary in Fruitland township hiseWs sections 22. 21. 20. 19 and 24. It puts Muscatine's Progress park, the several hundred acre industrial site of the Muscatine Development corporation, in two school districts, Fruitland and L - M. If the Sinclair fertilizer plant is completed on schedule, it will be assessed for tax purposes for the first time on Jan. 1, 1968. Thus it will become a source of tax revenue in 1969. the rate for 1965 taxes was 113.044. The figure of 108.776 mills translates into $108,776 in taxes for each $1,000 of assessed property valuation. The lower rate come from r.rturrionc in the county govern ment mill rate and the school rate. For city tax purposes, the I9fifi rate is 33.248 mills, com pared to 31.251 last year. The school rate has aroppea from 64.710 mills to 60.107 mills. The countv rate went from 16.868 in 1965 to 15.421. Th increased incited valua tion level ordered by the tate rammiuion for industrial. j agricultural and reidental prop erties in the eity will not do. a factor until 17 tax bill are figured. The three governments city, county anu atnuui uiobil. - so w K7Q 35 with the Dal enterprise, recreation, debt 108.776 mill rate.' ' j service and trust and agency. Ut thlS, l,Ml,OUU.(U t,Ui,rc """; - to Muscatine Community school state law and is the city s share district, $786,354 to the city and $364,724,65 to the county. The school district mill rate of 60.107 is divided 51.420 mills to raise $1,216,143.01 for general school functions and 8.687 mills for $205,457.69 for schoolhouse in setting up. pension and retire mDrrf henofitc Vlf pilv emDloVeS Municipal enterprise covers the public library and municipal airport. Millage rates for other tax - for $205,457.69 for schoolhouse ! g . Qrted o the county and bond and interest payments be , completed next week. The schoolhouse mill, rate is 2.5 J r mills and has been used to pro vide funds for expanding the classroom facilities of the dis trict. Th ritv nf Muscatine has eight separate mill levies mak ing Up its 33.248 mill TOiai. i"rJ, provide funds for general purposes, street department, public safety (police and fire de - Taxnavers. however, probably will not be able to pay their 1965 bills until March because of the inability of the county to get all valuations anri rates involved in educational levies that cross county lines. The Muscatine Journal Publlshtd dully except Sunday by The Muscatine Journal, a member of Lee Enterprlm, incorporated at.301 E. 3rd St., MuscaUne, Iowa 55761. Entered ai iccond claw matter In the post officii at Muscatine, Iowa wider act of March, 179. The Associated Preii Is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed In this newspaper ai weU as AP news dispatch SUBSCRIPTION RATES Terms to Subscribers Delivered dally by carrier, forty cents a week. Dally one year by mall within fifty miles of Muscatine S12.M. Dally on. v.r bv mall over liny miles irom All tlons In advance Office hours s a.m. to p. i dally. Saturday I a.m. to 1 P - Special delivery service for pape which are missed is maintain! until :20. Dial 163 - 2331. CAR STRIPPED John Halligan, 510 West Seventh street, told police today someone took all four tires, ,a four - barrel carbureter and oth - er items from his 1957 model car which he left overnight at the Muscatine Auto Parts off Stewart road. E.O.AA. SALE TABLES AND RACKS Headwear Pajamas Blouses Dresses Jumpers Sportswear And Many Other Item Special Priced at . . . $1.18 - $l.47 - $2.18 $2.88 - $3.58 - $4.58 - $6.88 BALANCE OF WINTER COATS SNOW SUITS - JACKETS ALL AT SPECIAL PRICES - MAR - CLARE SHOP 103 lest Second Street Dial MJ - 7J11 pin SAT. MORNING AT 10 A.M. SAT. MIDNIGHT SHOW 11:30 SUN. MAT. 2 P.M. - 11:30 P.M. wwm 26. Jerry L. Overton, route 1, West Des Moines, was fined $157.20 for a weight on the second axle 4,400 pounds over the limit. He was charged on Nov. 15. 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