Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 15, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Page 8
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SECOND WEEK OF THE Monstrous • Smash-Up Clearanec Sale. THE GOLDEN This is the second week of our Grand Clearance Sale. We will in conjunction with the articles previously mentioned, 'inaugurate Grand Special Sale of , Table Linens, Towels and Bed Spreads! Prices will be slashed right and lett. Housekeepers and Hotel keepers, Take Notice-This sale will benefit you. We have too big* stock for this season of the year and we intend to get rid of it if prices will do it. SCHMITT & To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary, work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little depends OB the appearance of, yoar lace curtain* as poorly done-op curtain* spoil tic effect of a well-furnished home quicker -than anything else." We have experienced help In this class of work -.Who do nothing else and we Klow we can give you perfect satisfaction. W,e are also making' a specialty this year of laundering ehlrt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for. the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. .-'!' Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. WILL PROVE A FACTOR. A Stolen Bi . • ...>• Means a great deal'to the one that i3 a loser. W-lry run any risk wheiii'yQU can have your wincel Insured against tlioft • ' • • '• •'•':'''*•,',!..' at a very nombaal figure and gtet ftrval- •>- , • • ue wlien stolen? Insure at once a;nd-be 1 • - , ' - ^ -•" >'•" •' on theeafo side. /;'-$'?. Poflctnred Tires Reiiairel From this date on for 25 cents at the ! Burgman Cycle Co DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1800.. Hnmmocks at your own price;at Geo. HnrrlnoD'8. . ; .. - ( ;_The common council will meet 'to night In regular.session. .. .'„ .T. .Ei Boone will take a position as bookkeeper for W. H. Whartleld & Co. He Is now visiting at Delphi. , •'£< Miss Carrie Well died at her home north of the city yesterday alternoon. Notice of the funeral will. be .given later. . .',-..' Tacre.wlll be an oratorical con test, at the Norttoldc Sunday-school union hall tonight. ..A medal proffered as a priae by the W. C. T.U. .' . •., "• .," Tlie L. A. to B. of R. T. will serve supper Saturday'evening,. July, 18, at the regular hall In the Jordan bi«k. Trice twenty-five cents. Cn-pt. Skeltou and Patrolman Kleckner put an^old German by-the name Swolm In jail yesterday evening on'the charge of Intoxication, "' V . The property of the lute Mrs. Bartlett will be sold at public auction at the corner of Fifth ' and Broadway, Friday •morning, Jnly 17, at 10 o'clock; ' •. V Dock Foy, wio had .-his foot cruslied while working at the' farmf,, of',-'Isaac. Crooks .In Bethlchom 'township,; will 1 be laid up several weeks wJthtlfe; Injury; Dliok Parish, the brick Iflyer.jjwho. was some time ago^ rtported^ drow.ne^-Jln,;tho, Mississippi river, has tiirned :: '^. : ~•; Ho, baa been'for some.time erapfcypd.at-'hts .tradeliSt.Loiila'.;; •'••'. i/.^V^^X/ I/uth|er Kntiffman. 'the ydungbspn :oC ; . Rev..a'ucl Mrs..iJ..C. KaufrmAn,''wiiHfl playing ball, yesterday received,'Injury, to hlB.loft hand. '.He^caughtJ!i;,a.%n'er . tore the nesu' : .betwecnXtlie;iarst' Honest Newspapers Refuse t Support Bryan and His PartyV Wlnju :i t'o\v die\vspai>6i'S bolt a titk& iu a camipulgii not auich force is at l.:ic-hcd to 'itlicir goiu^.tlic sidu llioir assistance usually accusing o,C accop-riug poll'tical subskly. Whoi one litin-clrod or more promi-ncnt jour i\als,-.ill ovcii- ;U» couuti-y-.refuse, poiu. blank t.o'aid. in el'ecfclng"Populist Bil Bryan to 'power because of ills prin ci[)U'S. fliose boliting uewspnpei's ga'to -torci; fihat no Amount o.C argrument-cat Here is a complete -list of Deinaci'ati.< au'd,' mclaimudCJit Democratic paper:* that' bolted the ticket up to yesterday '.Pho ones giveui are prominent organs There, wore eighteen minor, countrj w.oeklies and dallies that are not given The bolters are public opinion moulders M will bo noted that two-thl-rds : 'of the papers given aa'e Southern- organs. • Austin,'Tex., Statesman. Atlanta Journal. Boston Globe. : . . " Boston HernW. • . BostomPost. , . Baltimore Sun. Baltimore News. Buffalo Courier. . Buffalo Inquirer. .Brooklyn Eagle. • Benntngton,- Vt, Reformer. . Cldeago Chronicle/ Chicago Abendpost., Chicago Staats-Zeltumg. Charleston News and Courier. Charleston, W. "Va., News. ..- Conneisvllle Courier. Chattanooga Times. . : Dallas, Tex., News.' . • Democratic Woechter. . Davenport, lorwa, Democrat. Dayton, O., Times. . Detroit Free Pi-ess. Detroit Journal. .'.-., ' Elizabeth, .N. J. Herald. Easton/ Pa,, Express. Fltcbburg, Mass., Mall. Galveston, Tex., News. Holybke, Mass., Free Press. HantCord, Cooin., Times. Jersey City, N. J., Times. Kansas City Star. . •. . Key West, F.la., Equator, ."" Key West, Fin., Democrat. . Lansing Dally Jouraal. . La Crosse, Wis., Chronicle. Lewlston, Mo., Sun. . . Lexington, Ky., Herald. Louisville Courier-Journal Louisville Times. , Louisville Post Louisville Anzelger, Lowell, Mass., Times. Manchester N n, TJndon ,., Memphis.SclmitaS'- Mllwaukfie, Journal. Montgomery,-Ala., Advertiser, Mobile Register. Machlas, Me., Union. NewYork.Evening Post. New York Herald. New York Irish-American. New York World, New Orleans States, New Orleans Picayane. New York : Staats-Zeiittmg. New York Stin. New York Times. Niislnille, Tenn. Banner. New Haven, 1 ; Gonn., Ne.ws; 'New Haven, Conm , Register .Philadelphia Record,, PMladelphla Tlmbfl. : Provildemce R. I, Jouraal, •Petersburg, Va, Index-Appeal7 R'icjimoud, Va., Times Salem, Mass, News. , Sioux Falls S D, Argus-Leader Stanton Va, News St.'Paul Globe / St: Louis Anzediger ' Springfield Mass, Republican, Syracuse Courier 'Syracuse: Herald. S;lbux City, Iowa, Tribune. Troy, N Y rpres?. ..Trenton, N J, Times. Utica, N.'.Y., Observer. ' •• '• Washlugton Post. . " •••'. Washington Timo-s. . Wilmington:, Del., livery Erenlng. Yonkers, N..Y., Guzecte. ' .. BURGLARS ON WESTSIDE. Dr. Hattery's Pharmacy Robbed —Thieves Escape. Xlie druy store, of Dr;.H. D. Hatterj at, the coruur ' of 3riami and Plun 'streets,' Wostside, ,-wn.s cn'tcred yester day luoru'iug' by -IjUfgiura, who .were clu tocted iuji tbe act 'of looting 'the mont'j drawer, and pursued some distance The lirst mnn to give "the alarm wa Michael Hooley, jr., who slept by .at open wl-udow across the, street/- Ht was unarmed; but lie awakened Dr Hii.rtery, whose home Is' between Plun: and .Vine streets. , The doctor had'.iel'l •his revolver in the "store, but he made a; churgc oil the- ipbbers, aikl -.-reiiched tlie ifront door as 'tlie last of four thieves passed out a'f'fhe rear'entrancp. All the burgla.rs were .sprinting, for shelter by that tlTOC, and it was with dilBculty •thiit ths j>urs;uers,,could : track' thein One of the Irunuiug;. store-breakers dodged toto; ari;alley just in time, to evade Dr. Hattei-y, who was close oni-his The thieves' -we're, seen, ].by; . Hooley by tlie-decelvlng glare : ,ot..-'tlie electric tight, and he was not posltive-a* to the identity of .acy,, of the /quartet Foiiir, Westslde boys were l.,6uspect'ecl however, 'and : Offlicers Smdjth-/ and Hlckey made an arixjst, early ; : yestorday morning.'. Ben Longwell was 'the vlc- thu. ..Tiheiyoiuig man was, taken-at bis home, and; was- a. short. tlme ; af t'er'wards released; there. bciug ( vuo : ; Evidence ngalnst/kim further_ than that he had been -Open. Monday .night ., about 10 o'clock ,'jvUh othcra; in..the .,iiielghbpr.- hood of :tlie store robbed. The .burglars secured X$C ^ In.moncy,, by the -raid, TO ESTABLISH A MERIDIAN. For the Convenience of the Qov- ernmenl-Bridge Contract. Let. The county conimlselaners, at a spe- clal/meeting of the board-held yesterday, .appointed-County-'siiryeypc; Dodd to establlish: a : -'nieridiaa' i .-llne;.|n,'.-acc6ri(.- anoe with.-.the/requeSf-of•• the. -Unltpd States .governnicoit."- -The meridian line is necessary to..ascertain',.-the- deflection of the magnetic needle at this point, ghen, wliloa the land sutvejs can, be checked accuiately Ihe establishment of the- lino involves quite an Interesting astronomical calculation, as it is neces y to take observations from the stais in order, to have a base fiom which to figure The|commiss.loners let the contract for a't\venty-(eleht foot Iron biJdge on the load to Royal Center, six miles f iom the eity\ to the Canton Bridge Co of lanton, bhlo ' CLUBS AND STONES. Used' by Westside ; Boy5 on a Small Victim. Yeaterday moinlng about U o'clock City .Engineer Ray and hte aesistonta who ^ere at woik on Eel River avenue below^Market ^treet, were drawn by calls i^lut caane from the direction of the EefRlVer railroad bridge They mmedlntely went to that point and found a boy between 11 and 13 years of age .lying on thp .track in al-i most ttn -unconedous condition. He was-tepflbly bratoed about the face and bSfriand one ot Ms ribs- was broken He^woat unaJAs^to walk and was con- ett^tb/home of. his parents on Wa ash a^nue, iuFoley's delive igtWe Ws name as Jones. He bat he -was jmsaediyia. crowd of Wert- Ideipys who asefialtedtiin^with.clubs STILL HARCHINQ UP. Cincinnati Won Twelve 1 Siraigh --League Talk. -. -Aud still • ; the..Ciiicin-uatl, Reds moun the .per cent:.'' -ladder 'without -a hal They have 'won "-twelve successive vie ,'torlcs now',' and It.Is hard to gue^ o what they, will be able to do. . Ther is no game scheduled at Cindnnail to day, .though they may play a postpone gainoxwilth Baltimore, as the Orioles at to,play;a •schedule game .there tomor row.' Cleveland won ifrom New Yor yesterday, wltli Wallace In the box Had not the raiai preveute*! flulshln • •the.-game the day'.before,-it. Is-not a -nil .certain that tlie score would liav -been In favor af the New Yorks. Fo •lowing;.are the scores of the games yes t6rda'y:"" '.' ,. . .At pl'eyelii'nd—Ncw York 1, Cleve Iand'7. ''-.-.. , . At - Cincinnati—Broo.klyn 4, Glucii: uuti 5. ••At'Louisville—Baltimore 11, Louis .vJUc 1.. .,. Ut .St. ".-Loiiis-Washington 1. Si ;:'Louls 8.' •. ' . ' At Chicago—Philadelphia 0, Cliica gp.8. • , .- At Plttsburg—Boston 0,, Pittsburg.7. ''Following arc'the games scheduiei for'today:'" . New York at C'loveluud.- Philadclphia at Cliiicago. Bow ton at PittS'burg.' . : • • Tomorrow Bnltltuore is at Cincinnati •BostoUi : ftf"Cleveland; Philadelphia a Plrtsb'tn-g;.'Ne\v York at' Louisville Washington at Chicago; Brooklyn'nt ?i Louis.. .. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. 'OintlumU-i- BiUtlmore. '.Cleveland '.. Boston .-: Pltteburg, .:,. ChlCiigp'. .....' PhiJndelphia. Brooklyn' '.'..'•• Washl'ugtb'u New York .". St.' Louis *':. LmiLsvliie ..'. .52 47 '.45 ..40' 38, ,'. .41 34 34 ...31 ..28 24 : 23 2a 30 32 36 38 30 30 40 '. 54 01 .0 .002 .57 .54,' .532 .472 .4-GC .161 AI ,270 .230 TALK IS FAVORABLE. Roc'kville'Waiits in the Proposed State , : 'I>oague—p.ther Towns Ready. It looks us though the proposed State League w.111 be a go and that the season will opei).'with six of the stronges amateur : base : ball teams in the country composing tiie .organization. Elwooc Is In u bad way for funds,,but if the league Is organized, It.Is proposed to put up' a ball park close to town and u strong organization back of .the club. .The main trouble with the Bl- iVood'-ciiib-lMts been that their grounds are 'too' far from th'etown and. the street car facilities are totally Inadequate in handling the crowds.'. Rockville wants In the league and has sent.a strong bid for membership. The town has but one qualineivtlou'- which' would make it desirable, aid' that is its good club.. •', It Is too small a place to support a league teaiiii ''--It 'is pirobable that a meeting wJll'-be-held here tonight of ' representatives. of the clubs that -have been mentioned, andi'd'eflnJte action will be -taken, • • • . >I '••• Miv 'Valentine Mueneh, a mention of whosed eath was made In yesterday's Jouwinl; wus' : fcorn In Germany, Oetobei 26, 1850;' i-He-,canie to. this country In 1S73; -lS74-.he married- Miss Anna Schinltt .and three years later returned to 'Germany. He returned to this country 4n,. 187.7.. and has since resided hero, all : ,that time, .being, an_ employe of the Panhandle- company. He was, at the time of;' his death, employed-' as ft night fireman in the, yards, and. was- very : .popular. among, hia companions and fellow workmen as. am evldence..of wlilchi all tlie night force of the Panhandle coni- p my %\ ill ntvaid the funeral Jn a body A; wife.- and three sons 1 : survive him, the,.oldest-of his sons .being, eighteen yeats old, while the youngest iif seven j cans of age The Cuneial will be held x>moriow morning from St Joseph's Catholic church under the auspices of St Joseph's soxiety of which the do ceased 'was an -'active meraber. He carted ?1,000 insurance In that society and $500 in the Panhandle Voluntary Re- lef DEATH-OF MAROrAHETMARQNBY. Mflrgaiet Maroney died at her home n Jefferson, township Monday evening at 5 o'clock at the age of 76 years The cause of death is said to base been old age The funeral wilt be held this morning at 0 o'clock from St, Bridget's Catholic Church, services con ducted by the Rev Father Kroeger Robert Humphieys, of the firm of WJOsont Humphreys & Co, rides a wtoeel, but he is not so enthusiastic as he was befoie he was run down by a street can Monday night -while taking a constltutionaL He was crossing Twenty-fourtih street, when a car truck bJs bite, damaging It considerably. The rider was thrown out ot the ath of the cor, and escaped with slight jrulses 1 f -, . Mm. "W'fll BronsoTi imoved'to JPeru OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried put, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we' ; will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now---$3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin- 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots 2.25 pur $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 6ur$l and 1.25: Cotton Worsteds 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds •• 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c CMldrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. 313 Fourth Street.; WHOLESALE FISH KILLING. Enforcement of the taw the Only Remedy. Local anglers who fish for the pure sport of It and because they like the taste of a fresh-caught bass, will heartily agree with the editorial writer of the Indianapolis News, whose sentiments are expressed in the following' article: . ', ' . "A subject to which/the makers of the laws for Indl;|na may well give some at tentlon at the next session of the Legis latu're is that of adequate protection to the fish tjbat inhabit the waters of the State.' It Is a fact, patent to ail who love 'the gentle sport of angling;' that unless some measures are taken to pre vent the wanton; destruction of th< game fish- of Indiana,, there will soon bo vo. aagl'ng worthy., the name within the .borders of the "State. Only occasionally do the people realize that fthe fishing is not what it used to be.' When tish are killed- by the thousands, as happened recently in White river after the influx of the poison from the strawboard works, there'goes tip a cry of pro test at such wholesale and useless destruction, but the steady, regular, unlaw ful killing aiid taking of fish is hardly thought of. •'•-,•:•. '.••.'•• ;.••-•; "It is a fact to which any local fisher- mam, will testify, that year by:ycar the fishing In Indiana is growing poorer and poorer. The. law, for the protec tlon of fish .is adequate In all its definition, but it is. not enforced; Judging the future by the past, it never will be enforced. There 18., not a local sentiment strong enough to enforce It. It 1 made the duty of .the road-supervisors ;o prosecute cases, and they are allowed a fee In each case, ,to b.e.iissessed against ;he person convlctttf .vT-his method has brought no results/ The taking of fish unlawfully goes on without let or hindrance: Indiana's .streams 'were :naturally, .as prolific as her : soil.- : Year, by •ear they are becoming more andr.more barren.. Something ought to be done to save:'the destruction of this great food supply. -It is'a'n- outrage .that can not 1)6 easily, denounced with ''.. too.*' much igoi that men should HXe the«e fish by the wagon load as they do, from the streams of the State in the early winter ind in the spring, and stilp them to the markets is. produce Of course, to en force a flsli law, the general sentiment must go with I 1 - It is said that you could not secure the'conviction in a lake county of one who should violate a fish aw. Determined prosecutlon.njeverthe- ess, would eertalnlT result in making the lawxespected. But who,Is to prosecute? Thos •• who are In earnest In this matter, who see the great harm that is 0 be wrought by the killing of flsh a-, t Js now going on year by year, ought o get together, take a leaf out of the experience of other States and see if It >e not powlble to arrest this wholesale destruction of a great food supplj " The Logimsport Fishing club has done jood work Jn looking after violators of he flsh taws and will keep It up Sein rs and Diggers bad best keep away roiriVtills section of the country. FIRES AND DAMAGES The New :York; Journal of Commerce as computed the total damage by flre n the United States and Canada for he first half of Jthe cuuent year at $63,-, 50,560, as against $66,497,800 te the rat ttaif of the year 1895* The Fourth f July fl«s, It says, were comparative- Ugbt thte year and the flre nnder- SALE OF SHOES. , ,<2.0S For Choice of the Store. $2:98|! Except Meii's Cordovan.; ' Two dollars and ninety-eight ' • ,. '. •takes choice of our finest shoes $5; ' and §7 -footwear. TWs' sale is 6trlctty;.x caish and will last just a few days.. -;':-5 We expect to remodel onr store and;-| have made tncsc'extreindy : to reduce the stock. , $2.4S for choice of aM shoes that, re-j:» tailed at f3 to $3.25,' , , : ... ••'.-.'.• : -'' ; - ?1.9S ; for choice of all shoes, t tailed at §2.50 and $2.75. ..,'..' " $1.4$; takes choice ofall-$2 and:_ shoes: • '' ' • -.'. ,'.- '•: ;. : '.'$1.24 take .choice of aU^$1.50; •$1.75 fi<ne shoesi ..' ' -;,.; : X 08 cents will buy a jery good; that others will charge you ,$ 1.28 $1.50 for. • • •"'•''; ,'.'. ..•;••''.'.-. .".'•'y-: ,-.'22e for men's or ,wojn«n'B : carpet pers. , '..'..'' .• '. '••'' '••':• ,.;. •-.':.f ' 33c. for ^omen's fine serge Just tiie tiing?,for hot weather.; '' PILLING,, the shoe man, 412 way, Logansport, Indiana. • ; . ence Day and for the preceding and iin^g cecdtng twentyrfour hours, feel.; v niuch relieved. Present indications: s gest a very good year for the, flre"iniur-i; auce Interest.. One' of '. these-f indications is tbe success^'- tlonof "firebugs" at Denve '' NOTHING IN rr. - Richmond.Item: A report has.".' eent.out to the effect that as; the-DletrJcii natural-:gnB syndicate i ing' Its .prices, the ot;ber. Indlaina^< panics will also raiseitheir. prices. B Hlbberdy secretary of. the,-\-lpcalxiu_ pa-ny, was asked today if theiie^wJBaJi;iaiay^l trutlr In this as far as Richmond te con<-J cerned, and he replied that he-^knitriSi nothiibg'of it.. .. '„ •-•. ,,;-:,; •• • . . ,. - : - : - ~ : - :-• ' ••• .• . O. A. Walsh of Iowa: ; wm succeed JM; Hon. Si Sheerin as secretary ojt)the tional" Democratic . 'committee, vil Walsh managed the' bpom ; of. the 'Hon.:-'| Horace Boies In the recettt/<»;mpa^aJ for the Democratic nomination' for.Pparf'J : Thieves broke oi)en:tlielr shoi> of a man named Klatler,- five miles from the. city' on-, tlie. road ; ^g Roval Center, Tuesday night ' ricd awiy about all the shop Theie is no clue - Tlie Enstend German, bandv; : gave; : jt conceit last niglit nt^tbe pa^ ; -r%ii were attracted to tue^.WBort. bj^the: : i. uouncenicnt of .,.the concert. :; A- ; :daacc| was' one of : the enjoyable f eafaira of;fljc v | ivenlng. .;'.,..'. •; ;':;;.;' '..v.'-X There will be a dance, given at Sj(en-; cer park tomorrow evealng- by. '^lelect crowd of yoiing folks. : Tbeimwrc" w|U,i ^rendered by M. Fbmoffs orchejitra; j The annual meetlttg'i.of lithe Marshals wJU be August 18 The business room^atjxtliei . r :"WKtti«Mt; cornet of Market willlwfore long, I>lsea»e attacks wrlten»,;alw*»i an?dotw on Independ- '' **

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