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El Paso Heraldi
El Paso, Texas
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EL PASO HERALD Juiy 26-27, California Lifts Ban On Stockingless Bathers Because Stocking Manufacturers Raised Prices Shattered Love Ideals Caused Man To Murder Sweetheart She Refused To Marry Him And Give Birth To Their Child HE ban has been taken off suits in the Crescent bay district of Los includes Santa Monica, Venice and Ocean Park. In the past, a bathing suit had to be Just so, to pass muster. Now, she can wear what her own modesty or Immodesty dictates, as long as she wears a bathrobe when she is on the sidewalk. On the sand it makes little difference. The result is some striking costumes, to say the least, and an absence of hosiery that ought to make a style shop manager go into hysterics over the loss of business.

One pxnlanation of this is vouched for by Jake Miller, manager of El Paso's own White House, The explanation is that the manufacturers of hosiery shut down about a year ago, when there seemed to be rather a good supply of hosiery on the market and buyers were timid about laving In stocks, for fear that the price would drop on them. The manufacturers did not make any hosiery for several months and merely filled orders from stocks on hand, meantime purchasing the supplies for making them. When the stock of manufactured articles was exhausted, the Feature of California Beaches Are the Girls in Beautiful Bathing Suits Who Never Get Them Wet; They Are Called; Ocean Park Disappears Officially; Divided Between Other Municipalities. By G. A.

MARTIN manufacturers blandly shrugged their but they have a good time. They shoulders and said: "We have no The result was a bidding on the part of retailers for hosiery and the resultant rise in price. As a pair of hose can be worn out in one day at the beach, the women were not to blame for protesting at wearing them. As the women vote in California and many of them reside in the beach municipalities, the officials were not to be blamed for relieving the situation by removing the ban from stockingiess bribers. One of the things that strikes the average visitor most forcefully is the bathloss bathers on the who come out in their bathing suits and never get the suits wet.

Some of them have elaborate costumes of filmy material that would be ruined if the salt water ever touched them come out in their filmy creations, all colors of the rainbow, make themselves comfortable lounging places on the beach beneath a big umbrella, seat themselves with their knitting or a magazine, they are surrounded by the young men who frequent the sands, and all spend the day eating, chatting and, some'imes, slumbering The beach habitues, who go into the water and burn their skin brown and red, facetiously call these eirls and their escorts and friends The one piece bathing suit Is considered the proper thing for the women who really go in swimming. It is of knitted material, sleeveless, very low in the neck and without any leg same sort of a suit that the men wear. Some wear Theda Bara Gets Tiger Skin; She May Wear It Has Had Pictures Made In Bare Skin, You Know B' lEFORE a hearth in Theda Bara'. home in New York lies a great tiger skin, with a most ferocious look- lng head. This skin Is a recent gift to Bara, sent by English officers In India.

It measures ten feet six Inches from the nose to the tip of the tail, and Is beautifully striped. The English officer who writes to Miss Bara for himself and his com- rades states that he has admired her productions in India; that her pic- tures have enlivened many a lonely evening for the English residents there and that the officers had resolved to send her the skin of the next tiger slain. This animal, a rnaneater, he stated, had spread terror among the natives of that section. The officers requested that Miss Bara send them autographed photo- I graphs of herself, which the Fox star has done. Some joker suggests that maybe will have a picture made in the tiger skin, since she has appeared so much in bareskin.

The announcement that William Fox had annexed Pearl White as a star is followed by the news that William Russell, stage and screen artist, is to appear in the Victory series, which also features George Walsh und (11a 'ys Rrockwell. These pictures are to be adaptations of big stories from novels, magazines and successful plays which reflect the spirit of alert and aggressive American manhood. Mr. Russell is expected to work In the new Fox studios in New York, and is expected to arrive shortly from the west coast, Bessie next feature will be a story by Miss B. Havey, who has been so successful in writing for the B.

B. Features star. Out of seven pictures starring Miss Barriscale, produced for Robertson-Cole, Miss Havey has written three. So absorbed in her work is Miss Barriscale that she could hardly be kept at Santa Catalina for a rest of two weeks after the completion of her last picture Woman Michael Five straight pictures without a rest is a hard grind, but Bessie Barriscale begger to start on her Sjv as soon as was finished. Diving from airplanes is to be another feat in the repertoire of expert 1 swimmers If Annette ex- I amnle be followed.

This daring and expert swimmer, who is being featured in the big pec- Ktacular marine phantasy, of the went on a flight in a hydroplane with an aviator friend, off the Florida coast near Miami. Miss Kellerman conceived the idea of making the first dive ever done from an airplane. The machine was brought to within 40 feet of the surface of the The feat was successfully accomplished by the of the Miss greatest dive was that done in of the from a tight rope 80 feet above the ocean. After nearly 1000 well known plays and books had been delved Into by the scenario department of Fox Film corporation, an Alaskan A Moving Picture Favorite with the costume and some don't. Although Ocean Park Is still on the map as one of the more Important the beaches near Los Angeles, It no longer exists as an official municipality.

The territory has been divided between the townships of Venice and Santa Monica for administration and police purposes, Venice getting the major portion of what was formerly Ocean Park. The division strikes a barbecue lunch stand directly in the middle. The clerk stands in Venice and serves barbecued sandwiches to patrons at the counter in Santa Monica. The out front shows plainly where the dividing line occurs. It Is red on the Santa Monica side and white on the Venice side.

Before Jnly Venice and Snntn Monica made over half of Ocean Park The red sidewalk was on the side. Venice is far and away ahead of any of the other California beaches in the line of amusements and Is constantly adding to its list. All the pier is now taken up with amusement concessions of one sort or another, over a score having been added this year. Ocean Park has added a small, new bath house. It is.

a couple of blocks down towards Santa Monica from Pier avenue and has no plunge. Rents at the California beaches have increased more largely in proportion than any other increase In the cost of living. Quarters that formerly brought $55 a month now bring 5100, it is asserted. hamburger formerly cluttered up the California beaches, you nee these days. Nobody hamburger, hut it tastes just the There is a restaurant in Los Angeles that sells you a table dinner for $1 if you eat everything you order from the bill of fare, but charges you $1.25 if you ieave anything on your plate.

You have your choice of eight or nine meats and as many salads and can have some cf allj if you eat if you eat all you order, you pay extra for the, waste. The Salton Sea in California is tastj disappearing, but is still a rather good sized lake. It has roceded some dis- tance from the S. P. tracks as a result; of evaporation.

A good many people, come out from Imperial valley to fish there, and the Salton Sea station does; a pretty fair business in tickets a desert locality. California picture theaters have quit fighting over the relative merits of their pictures and are now squabbling which has the finest organ and the best organist. One of the biggest money makers on the Crescent beach is the little! electric line operating between Venice and Ocean Park piers and between Ocean Park and Santa Monica. The fare is five cents between either destination and the cars are filled all the time. The passengers sit sidewise on the and are crowded on as thick as sardines in a can.

The electric chairs that formerly operated on the beaches have disappeared. It is said people used to rent them and, instead of returning them, would sidetrack them somewhere along the beach and leave them, so that It took all the time of the attendants to hunt them up. They were propelled by electricity and carried two people and rented for a dollar an hour. One of the passengers operated the chair. A Reversal of the Old Order of Things, Where the Girl, UJhn Wronged, Is Usually the One to Kill; Student of The Girl And Lae man WOO Human Emotions Visits Harry New and Says Of A Love Tragedy Thinks New Killed in Support of His Principles.

GARDNER SULLIVAN, in chief for Thomas motion picture producer, Is reputed to be one of the highest paid 'j BflH scenario writers in the world. As such it is his high province to study and i I to analvze human emotion in Its manifold expression; to trace It from Its; V'" 1-" I source to its final flood. This he has dono in the accompanying article on i kC: 1 Harry New, the acknowledged Illegitimate offspring of United States senator Harry S. New, of Indiana, who murdered his sweetheart in an automobile in PJ'f I a lonely spot In Topango canyon, near Los Angeles, then drove her dead ft body back to the city and surrendered to the police. Mr.

Sullivan visited New in the Los Angeles city jail, at the request of the Los Angeles Examiner, after New had murdered his sweetheart. Below he draws his conclusions: By C. GARDNER SULLIVAN I LEFT off writing about a fictitious his sweetheart. There seems to be but i one answer unwittingly Freda young man who was willing to sac- Lesger threw this single track mind! rifice his sweetheart for a fanatical violently out of its accustomed groove ideal, but an ideal wonderful to and like an engine without a pilot he to visit Harry New. In this man, still ran amuck.

All his life New undoubtedly was with a hint of boyishness in his haggard features. I found the imaginary man the story reproduced in everyday life, for back of the momentary blaze of rage which ended his life there was something deeper, something rooted in the soul of Harry New. It was an ideal, an Ideal wonderful to him, his ideal of love and womanhood. carried within his heart a picture of the ideal woman. He believes in women and sets a high standard for them.

In little Freda Lesser he found this woman, a dream woman come true, He loved her with all the Intense I fixity of his single track mind. He had no need to call pon imagination. She was there in the reality. I doubt If he ever felt the romance of his courtship. His love was too serious a It thing to be called romance, it was Turned I pon Girl Like Hurt Animal.

life Freda Lesser, if I Conventions meant nothing to him. true, unconsciously shattered tins preda Lesser was as much i ideal when she told him she had de-. wif6f WOman, as if they had elded not to bringtheir child into be- been married a dozen times over. He! lng; when she told him she won her. She had given changed her into his keeping and she belonged to him.

It hurt New, hurt him as pro him. The only flash of of ably nothing else had ever hurt him. rtecislonf that Raw him show was to and, like an animal 's the question. "Then you considered tortured, he turned upoh her, to rend, ghe belong.e<J to to destroy seeing New, without hear- Together by Most Sacred Tie'' lng him talk in his slow, vague fash-j he said, was Ion, without being able to watch, the mine. She did belong to me.

We were; strained, stunned expression which linked together by the most sacred tie makes his eyes almost expressionless, one finds it hard to imagine how he Harry New meant this. He meant could have driven about for four hours during the last talk with her on the with the lifeless body of his victim. mountain road. He always will mean The horror, the unnaturalness of it, it. alive, Freda Lesser is his.

seems too great for even the most is only one thing that can hardened mind. But once having keep us apart in the he seen the man, his action following the said, that is my crime. That may murder is not hard to understand. He bar me from Joining is, to all seeming, utterly lacking in you think she loves imagination. do; I know rnabTe To Realize What He has Done.

He said this with unshakable con- Even now he is unable to realize viction, and I believe he feels that the fully what he has done. He knows thatj girl has already him, that if he has killed a girl who trusted him. speech were possible for her She loved. To him it was monstrous, un- He knows that he has violated say, know you intend necessary. His ideal, his idol, fe.l at law of both God and man.

He knows to hurt me. and I still love you.1 that this was a wicked thing to do, it is hard to imagine this type of his feet, shattered. He felt her slipping from him, and the wrench up- not so much because it is forbidden by man a killer, and yet there Is an ex- rooted his very soul. melodrama by George Potter has been selected as the vehicle in which Pearl White will make her debut as a Fox star. Miss White will be seen In the title role, that of Mary, daughter of Hank Bloss, Cub" was produced at the Garrick theater, London, and achieved notable success In 1915-16.

It was novelized later and, in book form, was as one of the best sellers in the British Isles. give me a only spend It I I want it for the it the most interesting part Ruth Roland, An Easter Vision Culm Harry 'Sew A Pitiful Figure. Wild with pain, he followed out the instinct of the primal man; he struck There is no escape for him. In some way he must pay the penalty he has incurred. This does not seem to bother him, and in his dreams, if he does dream, I think he sees not the court- a little new twist to the annals of He has worked out something that even the most daring writer of fiction has not attempted.

He has reversed the order of things entirely. Hundreds of plays and books have been written about Harry News and Freda Leasers, the girl who gave and the man who took. They have been carried further to the point where the girl, betrayed and deserted, has turned upon her betrayer and killed him. but never before, so far as I can remember, has a man shot his sweetheart because she refused to marry him when that marriage was a moral necessity. Although he, to my mind, is not pane even by the wildest stretch of the imagination, Harry New is yet a rich study for the psychologist.

A rich study and a pitiful one I feel sorry for him, hut I feel sorrier for Freda Lesser's mother. OUTH ROLAND, the Pathe serial star, might have shown brilliantly in a fashion parade, such as makes the Sunday notable in New York and ether cities; but she prefers this simple the lilies. Someone has suggested that they might be tiger lilies, because Ruth is the heorine of but they are glorious Bermuda blooms which are sent to her regularly each year by an admirer in the sunny island of the sea. of a magazine story, you always find to be continued in the next issue. and the most thrilling point in a photoplay is always where the film breaks.

A certain prison installed motion pictures to entertain the inmates. When the citizens outside discovered that the pictures inside were better than the ones outside, a wave of crime swept over the city. The whole town was trying to get pinched! The visitor to the motion picture studio, watching a tender love scene, was visibly impressed. do they really grt paid for doing he asked incrcduously. 4f One of the higriest priced films ever photographed was made a few days ago at the Thomas H.

studios In Culver City, and will be released to exhibitors throughout the country as a one reeler. It was caught by the cameraman during the lunch hour and shows the Ince employes at recreation and play. It was taken on the lawn surrounding the large natatorium. That it is of wonderful value, based on the salaries of stars. Is proved by the cast.

Those seen in the picture Include Thorrr Ince. Chas. Ray, Enid Bennett, Douglas MacLean, Doris May, Louise Glaum, director Fred Niblo, director Henry King, director Jerome Storm director Wm. P. S.

Earles, J. Parker Read, general manager; Clark W. Thomas, manager of productions; Fred Frallck, casting director; C. Gardner Sullivan, head of the scenario department: Eugene B. Lewis, scenariast; Ethel Gillette Thorpe, Adele Buffington, Miriam Meredith, all of the scenario department: Ray Kirkwood, assistant director and famous pugilist; Otto Hoffman, actor; Edwin Stevens, actor; Wm.

S. Conklin, actor: Lloyd Hughes, actor; diving pirls, soldiers, stage hands, carpenters, dogs, geese, ducks, airships, etc. It is a lively thousand feet, showing all these prominent picture people In informal ways. ft At the Thomas H. Ince studio at Culver City, five photoplays are under course of production.

Work has commenced on C. Gardner Sullivan's vs. which deals with the modern problem of organized capital and organized labor. Another special is a feature in which Hobart Bosworth is to be starred Other Ince pictures In production are featuring Charles Ray, Douglas MacLean, Doris May and Enid Bennett Charles Ray has commenced work on a new picture under the working title of from "the imagination of Jullen Josephson Mr this by Gladys George, Charles Mailes, William S. Conktin and Mollio McConncll ELEMENTARY PACTS.

(From August Film Fun.) he best station agents are alwavs pretty young girls in a wl.lte shirtwaist and short dress. Letters are always Ci uehed in hand if they contain bad news and kissed If otherwise. The incriminating papers are always put in the bosom if they wish to keep the baa man from getting them. As VUllans are always either well dressed or to the otner extreme, with no happy medium villian yet to be heard from. When in doubt of how to pass the time until the entrance of a character or to make up mind, people either light a cigaret, take a drink, or pick up and throw down immediately again a book.

A crying woman always finds a door to lean against, with her head against her arm. Oh, the door lean- ers of the movies! Bad men always, In the west, arc very generous with their money and invariably invite hundreds of men to man, but because It is forbidden by, planation, the only one that seems to God. All this he knows, but the aw- i fit the circmstances. ful horror of that shadowed night on When Freda Lesser told this man the mountain road he does not ghe was not going to bear their at that which was torturing him. And and I doubt that he ever will.

child, she absolutely stunned him. with the death of the flrl, I believe New is not necessarily lacking in, when she added that she want that, strangely, the torture in New's Intelligence, but his Is a primal Intel-; to marry him, that she care heart ceased. She was dead, but she ligence. He Is a primal man, a man i enough for him to wish to be his still belonged to with a single track, narrow mind; world slipped from beneath him. Harry New is to me a pitiful figure vicious (he is not a criminal at has very strict regarding the but holding fixedly to the beliefs that sacredr.ess of life unborn.

In fact, have become a part of him. He is said most of his views regarding life and to be a college man, but this is ex-j its issues are narrow. His half sister tremely hard to believe. He has none says so, and I can readily believe it. of the characteristics of a man who To him Freda Lesser was on the verge I room or the death cell, but has studied, whose mind has been 0f committing a great crime, and the that might have been, trained even briefly along certain crime Involved that which he had al- And oddly enough, this man.

handi- lines. If he ever went to college he ready taken Into his heart, already I capped since his birth, has given a has in a few years shed his Famous Singer Tells How To Have A Pretty Neck class him as a man who works with his hands; a steady, reliable, laboring type. His hands particularly impressed me. They were browned and roughened as if from hard outdoor w'ork. The nails were broken and cracked and filled with dirt, mute evidence that he does not consider them as essential to his personal The neglect Is not recent.

It covers a long period. Ordinarily a college trained man, even in present circumstances, would give some thought to his appearance, even if subconsciously, unless he were acting or too stunned by horror to remember. Such is not the case with New. He enough Imagination to be an actor. He even act subconsciously, and while he does seem stunned It Is not from horror.

As I said before, horror has not yet penetrated his being. In short. New is the type of man, who, given a task which he understood, would carry it out to the letter, but were an unseen emergency to arise, calling for quick thought, he would be helplesss. is In No Sense Of Type. New is not a rounder.

He says, and I think everyone believes him, that he has never been a drinking man. He is essentially a plodder, the one idea man who, 99 times out of 100 lives an uneventful, honest life, utterly removed from crime of any sort. And yet he is in jail, charged with the murder of drink with them and are ready to murder the good one who drink with him, despite the fact that the latter is saving thereby some few cents. Oh, dry laws, where is thy sting? Doctors and judges Inevitably wear long white beards, for sake, no doubt, microbes to the contrary. Clare A.

Briggs, who Is producing the Paramount Briggs comedies, which are based on the stories of child life told in his cartoons in The El Paso Herald, a Feller Needs a feels unusually at home in the studio where the comedies are made, for the arrangement of rooms in the home of the boy hero of the pictures, is the same as that in the boyhood home of Briggs himself. Three rooms are kept standing in the studio the kitchen, and dining room. Tht. are furnished in the same general style as was Briggs childhood home in Nebraska. AND HE DID YOUR WflTCrtlSKT Q-RBrtU PA.

LET ME TAKE ITU0WN AKH HAVE IT FIXED? i wm iiiii the head be held proudly, the chin up, the muscles of the neck will also bs held By LINA CAVALIERI. The Most Famous Living Beauty. AND II woman likes to talk about it. She would even like to forget it entirely if she could, but the approach of old age is soon made manifest to her In many ways that cannot be nored or overlooked. And it is in the neck bhat the very first encroachments are observed.

Look at yourself with critical eyes. Is your beginning to look old? Is the skin growing wrinkled and Flabby? Is the skin looking yellow? Is it no longer a source of pride and pleasure to wear a V-shaped or low- cut gown? Well, then, you need not despair, for the ageing neck is not an infallible sign of growing old. It is only one of them. And you have my assurance that you can make it look youthful again. Oh, yes, you can! For proof of this let me point you to the great singing hers and to the great singers who are their pupils.

Almost every one of 1 can think of no a soft, round, white and youthful looking throat. You can have a pretty when you are 70 if you are willing to take a little trouble now. To do this properly you should begin giving the neck special daily attention before you are 30. It were even better if you began when you were 25. First, you must look to its careful feeding.

Give it at least one good meal; a day rubbing cold cream liberally into the front of the neck before retie, ing. Also, you should look very care-j fully to the po: of your head. If the head be held proudly, the chin up. the muscles of the nev will also be held firm. But if you permit the head to droop the neck muscles will share the sagging.

Never lie with the head high. One small pillow is enough for any one. If; you can dispense with the small, flat' pillow and lie wMth the head and feet on a level, so much the better for the neck. The neck thus trained and with the' additional training of deep breathing! should never grow old. If the neck no longer retain its firm aspect, then 11 would advise every woman to take! vo al lessons for herself, even though she have no liking for music, simply for the sake of the beauty of her neck.

The most beautiful necks in the world are those of singers. However, if these preventive measures have been neglected and the neck is gradually losing Its plump roundness. then I would advise you very earnestly to have recourse to that great body There is a special massage for thd neck and it must be Intelligently done. First, strengthen the chin muscles by pressing firmly upon them with he a ks of the hands. Turn the hands with the backs upward and let the finger tips meet beneath the middle of the chin.

Press with all your strength on the muscles of the chin- working backward and upward behind the ears to the hair-line. Second, with the tips of the fingrers quite meeting at the point of the collar bone in front, Hraw the hands with long, slow strokes upward to a point beneath lie ears. This Is a good muscle-building movement. Third, slap the neck smartly with the palms. Fourth, the tendons at the side of the neck that are Inclined to grow more prominent and each year.

This lifting consists In seizing the tendons In a firm grasp and seeming to raise them to meet tha head. This Is painful and may even cause a slight headache at first, but thetfe are only protests against the unaccustomed. Even nature is an old fogy about innovations. Fifth, grasp the large muscles at the back of the neck, connecting with the shoulders, and these also. Raise them as though It were your purpose to place them In the curve of the neck.

This should be followed by a vigorous kneading of the muscles. The aim of these massage movements is to promote circulation In neck. The yellowish, withered looking skin denotes that the blood flows weakly in that part of the body. The flabby muscles indi ate that the muscles have not been well exercised. A developing exercise for the neck is to let the head lie as far back as possible on the shoulders, then roll slowly shoulder to another..

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