The Wilkes-Barre News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on June 10, 1890 · 1
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The Wilkes-Barre News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 1

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1890
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iO,2w. tee etjiday ir.vj- Sunday's Circciiti;a DEALER. THE EUHDAY KET75-LEilEB Sunday's Circulation C13 ilrrt thmn Ttmr Times IM CtrcxUa- lum of mnf Other fa per. it are than Frur Jim- f V Circl lot any Oier tamper. Y0LU1E 11. "NO. 1G9, WEKES-BARRE, PA., TUESDAY MORXLXG, fJUXE 10. 1890. SKGLE COPIES TWO CLTH A.: AUT S2TISKYSXTS KSW TO-DAT. Bium &lertimeU under C.U htad 10 MS per hn4 tacX t'wusrt. irAMTSD A rrt lor rauiujry; apriy to Mr. wsfee. 171STgD. A girl for cook; epcv U Hrv u J.jfiae Long. &i Wu Kxrkxt autet. Good IOT-O slUMf boo IB, Utxrrv, H1U. boom V kilt ttre-4 or Par Air, Ms l ad VA Uliri rwj4 Ui 1 OHKief at JtrOcf oclwp-pertr Hotel, hotta Aiala atrte. FOB iLiiT- FurmsUrd rooms, suitable lor eepuif c nrm aoaatkeeytug. ppv a 1 w AJ 1 kt -A lew etfryeu" esuia to repre- MU, SUTIIH-I &WI f tOr T. ML HuVLfc(U, 190 East starlet .rut. I, emiDd floor, v. iinea-barre. LX11 KAN r Ah ruuiu ftjUu U Dor Ctrl 1 for prnXB-MK lM aire tf lira. 8. W. Lvjt. ! worn HVn treot, cfiy. BAKES MORE BREAD, BAKES WHITER BREAD, BAKtS BETTER BREAD Tfcta say etlier Dour raann 'aetured. If yoa Are not using PJLLSBURY'S BEST, Ask ( j R. Bay do other WILLIAMS BRO'S., Wholesa'e Grocen. rfn?AETf-1Ami00D W J W r,(Lt if.fcBdh)lh full! ianmi mmiiTa, mui tiam.swa.i. JIIQUEST PRICE PAID FOB SECOND HAND GOODS. it. I'oi'icitriivo Bays And sells new and second hand ladies' aod gentlemen's CLOTHING. Tailorinf, And repairing quickly done. 85 NORTH MAIN STREET. H.F.MOONEY&CO. Undertakers nn Furnishers First clas carriages to hire. Cor. Fell and Northampton Sts. Tklkphosr call 2394 ismoiit school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday And Friday evening At Wilkes Barro Business College. Wyoming National Bank Building. SPRING STYLES , FOUND ONLY AT JORDAN'S. 46 Market St. Tonraan'a New Tor Styles Of SI k t Deri y Hits KqoxA Hew York Htjl of Silk A Dwrny flats wiioox'g Boston styles of Derby fti'rusn Ilnis Tuvinr1 hititimnrrt Ht.vlM tit Ttarbv HftlA nut J a a I i tf A la J ,j u ljI PRESERVES YOUR HEALTH o BEAUTY. WOMANS GREATEST TREASURES. WrU B E PAIO TO ANT PERSON riKDiNO DU2ITALL SOAPT9T" y ooinriiK o othe mjuiouj(fxicL. HAVE YOUK PRESCRIPTIONS PEEFAAID AT ' WOOER'S : PHARMACY, 80 NOftTTIAMTON ST. THE CITY STAB STEAM LAUNDRY, 20 West Market Street, I?.B.D0Wl3H.iY0DH. HIGGIHS k CO., CASH SHOE HOUSE. S BQTJTH "M" A TTT ST Are hAving a big mn on the for LAdieB, in DongoU Kid At$1.80and$2.0O, In All Atlyes, EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. The only strictly one price CAsh shoe honst in the city. & GREAT VALUES IN -TllGH CLASS Outing Shirts FOR GENTLEMEN. The Largest and Most Comprehensive Line Ever Shown v in this City. SILK ZEPHYB CLOTH, . from $1.75 upwards to $2.50. SILK STEIPE OAsmiEEE from $1.75 upwards to $3. MADE AS and PEAEL CLOTH from $1 upwards to $2.25. SILK AND WOOL. from $1.25 upwards to $4.25 JEESEY CLOTH, from $1.50 upwards to $250. FLANNELETTE and VELOUE from 38c upwards to $1,50 DOMAT or IMITATION FLxlNNEL from 25c upwards to 69c Onr assortment of Windsor Scarfs and Scarf Rings, Flowing Tecks, X our-ln-nands ana Otu-Jn Belts is complete. Jos. Coons 8c Son, k Proposition to Eitb Postsaasters Elected Ij the People. TALK ON THE SILYEE BILL. tr. Caclmll Addrum tk Iniki as t SttiJct Tk Frianda tha rck -BpoUmUoa CUinx WIU Try to Fore tfealr B1U t a Haariac. Waseisutos, Jufce 8. SenAtor Hoap, 61 MaaAAchObAttA, lstrodactd In the aenata A joint resolution propoaing An Amendment ta the consUtntion proriding or the eleo-lion of poatmaaters by the people. A number of petition were presented to the aanAte, Among them one from Kelson, Neb., praying (sarcastlcAlly) that All ex-oldlera over 100 year old shall hava a pen-Alon of 13 A month. . Further routine boaineM taring been trensActed the silver bill was taken up And Mr. Cockrell Atldreased the fenata. H A&id that if enacted into law the further coinage of silver bullion into standard dol-lax would rest wholly In the mere discretion of the secretary of the treasury. Under th proposed measure the secretary would hare to purchase four and half millions' worth of silver every month and pay out treasury notes for it, but he was not required to coin any of it into silver dollars. . All the benefit that could be claimed for the proposed bill was that the secretary would be compelled to purchase fU0,0UO worth of silver every month more than be now had the right to purchase and that the currency would be increAaed to that extent. Silver bullion was to be treated as A mere commodity and was to be given none of the equivalent of money or currency. " la th House. Washixgtos, June 0. In the house Monday, on motion of Mr. Comstock, of Minnesota, the title of the silver bill, passed Saturday, was amended so as to read as follows: "Directing the purchase of sliver bullion And the burae of treasury notes thereon, and for other purposes." Mr. Lodge, of Massachusetts, offered a resolution directing the secretary of the treasury to inform the house whether it is true that the Cunard Steamship company en Saturday last refuged to obey the orders of Uniwd States officers to give return passage to certain immigrants landed at New York by said company in violation of the contract labor laws; what steps have been taken to refuse entry to steamships of said company until th laws have been complied with And due reparation made for the refusal to obey the orders of the officers thereof. Business relating to the District, of Columbia was then taken up. : ... The French Spoliation Claim. Washington, June 9. Aftar a little mora legislation shall have been got out of the way the friends of the Frenoh spoliation claims hope to get the floor for the consideration of senate bill 1,507, making provision for the payment of those claims which have been passed upon favorably by the court of claims. . .. The chief objection urged Against such An appropriation heretofore has been that many of the claims were stale, and that they aggregated a large sum. The first of these complainto has been met repeatedly by proofs that age had not Invalidated Any of the just claims, which have been deferred through no fault either of the original claimants or their heirs. . The r:; urt of claims Adjudicated by the court shows, also, that the sum required to pay them is not enormous. What has frightened many members of on gross baa been the size of the first estimates, which they have carelessly confused with th Actual figures after the sifting process was finished. Less than tl.700,000 would liquidate the entire debt of the United State to the claimants who had successfully proved their cases down to the 24th of February of this year. This is a great descent from the $30,000,000 which was talked of by some of the calculators before the court began it wort. f Of the cases which were presented to the court those in which the vessel And th master were named and the amount of damage was specifically stated amounted to only about (3,737,000, and this was cut down by disallowances to somewhat over 11,666,747.99 more than one half; while those which were thrown ontr because of vagueness in essential details amounted to nearly 16,000,000. " . Pastor Thompson Bealgns. Boston, June 9. Rev. John 8. Thompson, V. V., pastor of the First Unitarian church, Bomerville, read his resignation because the parish desired him to live in a $30,000 homestead recently willed to the church by the late Columbus Tyler. The pastor, whose salary is $3,000 and Who has just purchased a house, declared the additional expense of such an establishment was entirely too heavy for him. Th society then proposed to use half of th houa for sewing circles and meetings.. This made the homestead rather less desirable to the pastor than before, with the result that he prefers to withdraw rather than engage in any controversy. Will Try to Beat the Racorrd. ' - Cdicaoo, June 9. At5o' day Charles K. Nelson, a 19-year-old bicy clist of Marseilles, Ills., and of some local fame, started on a trip to New York, which he proposes to make in seventeen days. IU expects to make a daily average of seventy miles, and will proceed by the way of Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, Albany and down the Hudson, a total distance of 1,180 miles. The previous best record is that of Van Wagoner, the famous eastern rider, who recently made the journey from New York to Chicago in eighteen days less three hours. - ; Fabllaher Farnnm Dead. Peteijbobo, N. H., June 9. Joseph Farnum, of the firm of Frnum & Scott, publishers of The Peterboro Transcript, died, aged 57. He was A member of th state legislature in 1874-5. lie leavea a widow aud five children. . . Short In Ula "Account.' CLSC3NSATV June 9. Ben S. Barbour, station agent of the Cincinnati Southern railroad at. Hanover, Tenn., has decamped $3,400 short in his accounts. - Most of th money was appropriated - from express packages. Took the Law In Hi Own Hand. LouisvtUJ!, Ky.,- June 9. IjAwrenc Brown shot and killed James Metcalfe in the Casey county court room while on trial for the murder of his (Brown's) brother. ..' tklED TO DKOW.1 H tiit:ijr.. DHrta Va th Kaah Act a? CrW Ot.i th Dath af a BWtrr. PgTl UiEUtrtx. Jan 9. Miss Carrie J. Law, a pretty brutiett of ii years, left hei home on cummer street Saturday After noon without telling hr mother or man where Aba waa ruing, Sh wrote let ter to ao Intimate girl friend And then boutrht A ticket for Cap May. N hen Mm Law's friend reoervad tb letr ter he rca a.e alarmed, And wect to th hous to see if Carrie had rmily gone to Cap May. Mrs. I .aw did not know wher her daughter was, and the young lady then showed the letter she had received. Th mother was very much disturbed and th young lady hurried off to see William N; Atwoud, who knew the family, sad aftei reading th letter h said he would telegraph to the chief of polio of Cape May to look oot for Mk Law. . - In the meantime Miss Law bad gone U Cape May and had registered At one of th hotels. She went to the writing room And wrote several letter to friends. Thete sh placed In her eab and started out for A walk. She wandered Along the beach to a lonely spot, And then, leaving her caba on the sand, plunged Into the surf. Sh tried to drown herself, but could not keep her self under the water. After several vain Attempts Ah returned to the beach and craw led to th house of Dr. Robert Meade Smith, on Beach avenue. She managed to reach the veraada. And there she fell over from iliMf exhaustion. When discovered a little biter by Dr. Smith she was unconscious. Her wet clothing was clinging to her body and hei hair was disheveled and fall of sand. Tb doctor carried her into the houa and sum moned two other physicians, and they worked with the girl for several hours be fore restoring her to consciousness. , The girl then told bur nam aud aald sh had been driven to the raah Act by grief over tbe death of A sister. Dr. Smith notified Mrs. Law by wire of her daughter's safety, and although she was still quite weak she was sent horn yesterday afternoon. She was met at the depot In Camden by two friends, who Accompanied her to her home. RAPID SENDEES COMPETE. Th Prise Winner la th Wtrm Telegrapher' Tournament. ST. Lons, June . At th western telegraphers' tournament, held In Exposition hall, tb first prize for readable speed wai won by J. M. McAndrew, of the Postal Telegraph company, with a record of 23t words; A. T. Ellis, Postal company, second, $30, 224 words, and J. C. Mcllwain, Wesfr ern Union, third, $20, 221 words. For the highest speed, combined with tha most perfect Morse system, A. T. Ellis won first money, $23, sending 224 words; T. M. ICckert, Western Union, second, $15, 21S words, and F. C. Ritchlo, Associated Press, third, $10, 210 words. For ladies sending with highest readable speed the first prize, $25, was taken by Mis Mollis Landrlgan, of th Postal, tending 206 word; second, $15, Miss Katie Hig-gins, Western Unioo, 303 words; Mrs. F. L Potter, Western Union, third, 191 words. For those In the telegraph service prior to 1865 sending the highest readable speed the first pria was. taken by C. E. Turner, with 199 words; M. D. Crala second, lift words, and James W. Cook third, ITS words. j Governor Hubbard' btato Unveiled. Habtfohd, Conn., June ft The unveiling exercise on tb itftFua. of the lt Governor Richard D. Hubbard took place Monday afternoon at 9:30 o'olock, southeast of the capitol. All of the supreme and superior court judge Were present, And Also the stalT of Governor Hubbard and lawyers And judge from this and other state. The Hartford county bar met at i p. m. and went In a body to the scene of the exercises. Tbe programme of the exercises was aa follows: Opening remarks by Hon. Henry C. Robinson, presiding officer;' lnvocAtlon by Rev. Joseph H. Twitohell; presentation of statu by Hon. Alvln P. Hyde; accptanc for the state by-Governor M. G. - Bulkeley, And Addresses by Hon. William Hammersley and CoL C. M. Joslyn. A Big Fir la ColahUr . Colchesteb, Conn., Jun 9. Fire wai discovered in the rear of the large Worth-lngton brick block -at 8 o'clock Monday morning. " It" rapidly spread, burning several stores and tenements. Among the losses are: W. B. Otis, loss $10,000, insurance $7,600; Kellogg's block, loss $8,000, Insurance $8,500; J. N. Adams, loss $6,000 Bingham block, loss $5,000; J. P. Scholl lost $1,500; Pierc block, loss $2,000. In all twelve buildings were burned. The Colchester library was totally destroyed. 0 was valued at $5,000. 1 ' Chaimd Hand and Foot la a Cell. Comjmbus, Ind., June . Henry O'Brien, A mechanic, became suddenly Insane- and Attempted to kill his mother And sister who live with him. He struck bis sister with a chair And inflicted Injuries that an probably fatal.' He then tore his clothe from his body and rushed into tbe street He Was caught and bound with great difficulty. He is now chained hand and foot til a cell in tbe county jail to prevent hii faking his own life. ; They Drew th Color Una. Halifax, N. S..1 Juna 9. Nova Scotii ha just afforded an extraordinary exhlbi tlon of color line prejudice. When th Fink jubilee singer appeared In Haiifai recently they were guests at a leading ho tel They went to Bridgwwater, the second largest town in Lunenburg county, and were there refused accommodations at anj' hotel or private house, and had to drivi twelve miles to Lunenburg to obtain sup per and beds. - c Th Old Gcntlemaa Can't B Fonnd. - Lowmx, Mass., June 8. Moses Wheeler, aged 80, father of Charles Wheeler, of the marble and granite firm of Andrews St Wheeler, of this city, left bis son's home on Friday evening and has not since been aeen. His watch, pocketbook and purse having been found in his room, it is feared he has committed suicide. The water in the canals has been drawn off, but no body was found. No ;reason 1 known for bit disappearance. . Shot and Mortally Wounded. Lexington, K J., June 9. Owen Bradley a well known rac horM trainer, shot and mortally wounded Price Jinking here at half past 10 Monday morning.! Jlnkltu had a fight with Bradley's brother, Will Sunday. night, and in the morning Owet took It bp. In the melee Owen drew hii pistol and shot two or three times, Jlnklni being wounded in tne neaa and abdomen Bradley escaped. - Died on the Street. - New York, June 9. Owen Madden aired 5."), o? Providence, B. L, was taket suddenly 11 in front of 284 Greenwicl street. H died before tha arrival ol at Ambulaocv, ' Seven SJcn Killed Iva Collision cl Frtiglit Train?, POUR TEAEIilEN INJURED. Fifteen Em Bvrw Killed la Ue Wreck. Th Aealdent Waa Caoaad by aa Error tu Trala Order Th Haane X tha Victim. Kot Known. ST. Lors, June 9 It Is reported that a collision of freight train occurred on tha Wabash railroad near Warrenton, sixty-on miles west ot here, ettrly Monday morning And the crews of both trains wera killed. A car load of race horse en rout from Latonia to Kansas City were also killed. The collision was caused by A mi understanding of orders. Th Beport Confirmed. LATEB. The ofiWial notification telegraphed to the WabaAh company here from their agent At Moberly states; At About 123 a'clock Monday morning train No. '2B, engine No. 8S8, collided one-half mile vti of Warrenton with a train being run aa a second section of No. 5. One bf the trains had eight palace horse can loaded with race horses, en rout from Lv toniA to Kansas City. The accident was caused by an error in train orders. The second section of train No. 5 had or ders to run two hours And five minute late, And the order delivered to No. 36 by the operator at Montgomery read ' two noun and fifty mlliutea bite. Serea Kilted. Seven men In charge of the race horses were killed and several others were In jured. Engineer" Shivele had a rib broken. Fireman Lee Parsons had a collar bona broken. Fireman Brown was seriously Injured about his legs. . Brakenian Norton was slightly injured. No other trainmen were injured. Engine No. 841 aud two palace horse cart of the second section of train No. 5, And engine No. 388 and sixteen cars of train No. 36 were badly wrecked. Fifteen nut horses were killed. The company's surgeons at Moberly, Montgomery and Wat reoton went to th scene of the accident. The following is a list of the killed: Win. II. Thomas, colored, Cynthisns, Ky. Henry stone, trainer, llarodsbnrg, Ky. James Kelly, Cliicairo. Frank Kelly, Chicago. Ed. Si'jimoiis, hostler, Lexington, Ky. Morris Green, colored, Frankfort, Ky. Samuel Davis, jockej, Lexington, Ky. Injured : Wm. Taylor, colored ; Lee Par son, engineer, J. .. Norton, brakeman; Louis Augusta, colored; Geo. Hurley, colored; Lee Brown, Louisville; Menil John-sen, " colored. TUB t'OtVLIX CAHE. The Weaaded Haabaad Give I p III liaughter. Month K AX, Jena 9. The Cowles-eaas took Another sensational turn to-day when Cowles called the hospital superintendent to him and gave him a written document which directed the Sistera in charge of the Con vent of the Sacred Heart to deliver his daaghter over to Mrs. CoaIus. This Action seems to have .been voluntarily on Cowles' part and problily ends the abduction proceedings. Cowles' condition to-night is quite aerious. i Hall waa released from prison to-day, but is still in ahArge of officers. , liner Bali 1'eeterdar. NATIONAL LEAGUE. " ; FhiWdelphiA 6, New York 1. Brooklyn 7, Boston 3. Cincinnati 8, Pittsburg 1 V.,.m.. Rain at Chicago. BROTHERHOOD. i , Phil 'elphia 14, New York 2l ; Brooklyn 4, Boston 9. -Buffalo 7, Cleveland 14. C Pittsburg 6, Chicago 0. ; AMEEICAN ASSOCIATION. Brooklyn 13, Syracuse 7. Rochester 9, Athletics 3. Rained at Louisville and St. Lonis. - Crashed te Death.- Reading, Fa.,. June 9. Some boys started an empty car, used to haul material, a mile up the Nevrsiak Mountain Railway this afternoon. An engine with a car load of Italians started at tne foot ot tne grade, but when they saw the runaway com- ' . , i , .V . ; . A- . - . ; .1 - 1 1 ; mg uiey lurneu mc bwih-u w om tviu-ion. . Oue of tbe Italians jumped And was crushed to death. Those who remained on the car escaped injnry. Amalgamated Convention, - Pittsburg. Jane 9. At the morning session of the Amalgamated convention to day the old seal of fj.&0 tor boiling; iron was reaffirmed. As the scale for boiling is taken as a basis and remains nnchanged, it is to be inferred that very slight, if any change in th remainder of the scale, will be effected. A 9200,000 Fir. BRnrtKLTN. June 9. Fireto-nitrhtbnrned Hyde Behman's theatre, the Arbuckle buildiag and Germama building and caused a of nmhahlv of '200.000. Park theatre was also somewhat damaged. Sale of the Kingston Water Com' pany. It was reported on the streets yesterday the Spring Brook Water Company had purchased the shares of stock of the Kingston Water Company, that having been SenAtor Watre' hnsineas in Kingston Friday. The officers of the Kingston company could not be aeen last evening, but it Is safe to assume that the sale is as well as made, if, indeed the money has not been passed over. Hon. Daniel Edwards controls the Kingston company. Kingnton Time. Moses Livingston' Funeral. Tbe remains of Moses I. Livingston who died At ' Philadelphia, arrived in this city last evening on the Lehigh Valley 8 o'clock train and wer removed to the home of his parents- on Pnblic Square. . The funerat will take place on Wednesday morning. ' Services will be held at the house tt 10 o'clock, and the remains will be laid to rest in the Jewish cemetery At Hanover. Oninsv troubled me for twenty rears. Since I started nsing Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. have not had an attack. Tbe Oil cure sore throat once. Mrs. Lett Conrad, Stand isb, Mich., Oct, 24, '63. FF7I5STLTAXIA 1SCB.AXCR. What th Report of CoaamlMieaer Forata Will Ieaaontrmta. Haeeisbtbg, Ti , June 9. The forth coming report of Insurance Commissioner Fornler wul show tb operations of th Id and Accideut insurance companie In thii state for 1. Advance sheet show that there are six life companies in this state and thirty n In other state which report to th insurance department, besides six Accident And casualty companie of other state and countriea. In addition to these tner Are fourteen Aoeeasment life companie and five aasensment Accident companies of this state and twenty-seven assessment life and six atoeament aocident companie of other state. The total premium receipt of life companie in Pennsylvania for )v were ll-V 827,336.09; total premium receipt of Penn-tylvania fire companie for tbe same period, $4,ie2,413.i7; total receipt of other state and fureign fire and marine companies in Pennsylvania, $5,,413.75, making a grand total paid for insurance in Pennsylvania for 14 of $23,iMa,865.81. This is A decided increase over the previous year. . In addition to tbe above the accident and casualty companies in other states received premiums in Pennsylvania amounting to $iii.1.H2. 75, The total losses paid by all life companie in this state during the year 10 were $5,514,826.71, of which horn companie paid $-tf2,4.VU0 anil companies ot other state $t,651,V3.61. The Insurance In fore at the cIom of tbe year upon Uvea of residents of Pennsylvania, including industrial policies of small amount, aggregates 744,523 policies. Insuring $B9,712,.Vr7, of which 81,53 policies. Insuring $74,323,-939, were lu the companie of thla state and 718,859 policies, insuring $t25,44i,.,j$, in companie of other states. Tbe entire income of the asaeasment life companies of this state waa $l,05.'i,M16U aud expenditures $1)45.679.35. The total number of members at the begiuning of the year in the companies ot this state was 23,315 And at its elose 25,!77, A t'nloa Paoifie Itamor. NEW Yokk, June 9.' The World's Washington special says there is a prospect oj some lively discussion before long in both houses of congmns over the Affairs of tha Union Pacific Railway company, and that a number of senators and representative favor lending $"iO,000,0(JO of th government's money to the railroad for fifty year at the rate of 8 per cent. IntereM. The World says this is one of the provisions oi both the Fry funding bill, the one reported last Thursday by Congressman Miles, oi Connecticut, from the Pacific railroad committee ot the Oot Away with SI 7,000, Buffalo, Juue 0 Suit has been brought by tbe firm of Ramsdell, Sweet & Co. against Lewis B. White, their former bookkeeper, for embezzlement la th Complaint the firm state that White, between May and October of INrt, got away with $17,000 of the firm's money. He tried to conceal his thefts by false entries, but an investigation resulted In the discovery ol the shortage. White's present whereabouts is unknown. Another Victim for th Chair. New York, June 9. Nicola Tueiza, tha yonng Italian who wiui convicted on Friday lat in the King's county court of session! of murder in the first decree, for having shot and killed Alexander Salvano, at rlatbusb, on April 6, was Monday eu-tenood by Judge Moore to be taken to Sing Sing and die in the week beginning July 21 in the mode and manner prescribed by the law. , - In th Kiuth Bonnd. MEMPHlS.Tcnu., Jnne 9. A fight between Joe Tansry, of bt Louis, and Al Burke, ol Texas, took place about ten miles below this city In Arkansas. Tnnsey knocked Burke out in the ninth round with a blow in th mouth. Burk was badly punished. Th SoelailaU Withdrew. New York, June 9. After a storma meeting of the Central Labor union, th Socialist members withdrew and announced their intention of forming a separate organization; What lie Cot for Stealing a Yacht, NEW YOUK, Juno 9. Charles W. Leonard, who was convicted of stealing the yacht Iron, which lie took to Gloucester, Mass., was sentenced to five and a half year U stat s prison. ' ; RE'ELECTED. 11 T7i Xlnth regiment Officer Vote for Keck and Stark. ; The officers of the Ninth Regiment met at the Armory last evening to elect a colonel and lieutenant colonel, the terms of Messrs. Keck and Stark having expired. It had been expected that there would be opposition to their ra-election. Two captains of the citv companies had been making An energetic cahvass but they hsd evidently found thst there was no chance of tbeir e access ana withdrew at ' the last moment, neither of them appearing at the election. The election was. conducted, by Major Ripple, of Scranton. Col. Keck was nominated and elected by a unaaimous vote. Lieut CoL Stark was alto nominated And elected without opposition.' After the election the officers proceeded to the hotel of John L. Raeder wher an excellent banquet waa served. Union Toast. (Wrlttea for the ttiw Daiixa) - Fair Ooddesa of peace -Tak thou tbe golden pen of Love- ' u Dipped In the blood ot those woo died i And write upon the nation a heart: , - , RbconciudI : i Are not the dowls of war dispersed t And hushed tor ay the canton's mouih? Tbaskbeaven 'tlstrue: be Uits our prayer: Qod Bless the North:- God Mess Uie bouta. Giosua CoaonwAT. , Mrs. E. Lynch Surprised. Mrs. Scott, of Lincoln street, tendered her daughter, Mrs. F. Lynch, a very pleasant birthday snrprise party at her home on Lincoln street, last night, in honor of her 26th year. ' Absnt 30 invited guests were present, and spent the evening in dancing, singing and other Amusements. At 13 o'clock a dAinty supper was served And the guests greatly enj eyed the feast. Veath of Mrs. Webster. Yesterday morning Mrs. Diana Bradley Webster, mother f Mrs. H. W. Haliuer, died at her daughter's residence after an illness of about three weeks, aged 80 year. The funeral will take place to-day. Services will be held at tha residence, 125 South Franklin street, At II o'clock And the re mains will be conveyed to Flettsburg, H. X, for interment. Strawberries at Broad Bros, to-day. 75c neckwear for 43c at Blnmentlial'a. Strawberries At Bread Bros, lo-dv. A FATAL Tremkitli's Hotel Catted by a Ctn-fiaralion. A GUEST LOSES HIS LIFE. Panl BaaabarA, tb Fainter, Saturated la III Koaaa Befer He tee Id b K d Narrow Kecapa af Olbera Tbe Can of lb Fir. At 10:50 last evening An Alarm of fire was sent out from box 5, which is located At tbe court houie. Ten minutes earlier A bracket lamp in the second story hallway of Tram-bath's Hotel exploded. The carpet took fire, and the flames spread rapidly. By the time the firemen arrived the interior of the two opper atorks was all ablate. The flames shot oot of the aide windows en the second Boor And dense volume of imok came out the front window. The lower floor, or bar-room, was free from the de-atroving element. The firemen wer not loti j getting to work sod in twenty minutes " after th alarm was given the fire wa under control. The ' ring out," however, -a not sounded until 12:17. In the meantime all sort of rumors were aet afloat. One was to the effect that a man And a woman had perished in the building. Mr. Trembath, the proprietor of the hotel, said h did not think this con Id be so. S. S. Shered, a boarder, didn't think it was so either. He said he was the last man to come down ataira. Ue heard the lamp explode, and jnmping ont of bed rushed down stairs. He cried fire! Mr. Trembath was in the barroom. He went np stairs At once tad gave orders to get aome water quick. Mrs, Trembath, who had ju.t retired, dressed hastily and came from her room. The house was now filled with smake and it was with difficulty that the iamstes could remain in the place. Th servants in the back part of th house were aroused and got out in safety. One of thera had ber bands Udly burned. She fought the flame hard. Mra. Trenilath was also quite er-iously burned tbout the hands. In the excitement ah tried to fight the flames with her open hands. Finally the smoke became so dense that the family anda.1 bands had to go down stairs. The Hremen now took charge of the building. In the excitement wbicn followed the explosion anil the efforts made to put the lire oat, one lonely boarder. Paul Bumbaoh, who ! occupied a room on the third story front, wa forgotten, H was not discovered until the fire waa almost extinguished. Then bis chsrred body was found in one corner of the room, lie had been auffocated to death. On arm was badly bntned and the face aomewhat scorched, but that was all. The unfortunate man hail evidently made an attempt to reach the window. He had gotten ont of bed and crawled toward the window. He mast have become unconscious juat aa he reached the window a the body was found only abont one foot away. Foreman Lewer wa the first man to discover thir Txyir. ' It broke in the door and in making bis way for the window stumbled over the body. II shonted to Chief Uillard, "There is a dead aiau op here. " The crowd outside of the ropes now knew for a . certainty that the conflagration was attended with loss of life. Coroner Pier wa telephoned to. Ue gav orders to havs a jury empan-neled and tbe remains removed to an undertaking establishment to await his arrival. The following jury were empanneled: Lewis Tiach, J. S. Sanders, VaL Schnylcr, Harry Speece, George Wetzel and George Pfouts. These gentlemen went ap stairs and viewed th remains. Af terwsnls they ware- conveyed to Undertaker Doron's rooms. The deceased was a prominent youag German. He was a painter and decorator by trade and employed by lionet, Frantz A Cooke. - When Mr. Frantz, of the above named firm, beard of his employe' tragi o death he was Almost overcome. He said ; "I tnnk aa mneh Interest in thst voanir man as though he were my own child. He wus Ambitious aad one ol tns best decorators in th city. He made a confuUnt of me And our relations were somewhst personal, me yoone man was to have been married shortly. Ilia intended bride left Germany last week to come to this country. I am Awf ui sorry that Paul should have suet with such a death." Trembath'i Hotel is a three-story brick structure, owned by Abraham Lines, of Kingston. Th outer walls are still standing, bat the interior ia gutted entirely. Mr. Trembath is a heavy loser. All his furniture was entirely destroyed, aad his family lest all their wearing apparel. Boarder Shewed saved a pair ot paataloon and a night ahirt Th tIT-ct of All the other boarder were Also lost ' Mr. Trembath has no insurance. Mr. Lines' loss is covered by ample insurance. Mr. Trembath places his loss at 5,000. Th small frame dwelling next to the burned structure, formerly occupied by B. O'Kecfe, was saved by the fire men, rost s building on ins east was boi damaged to Any extent While the Are prevailed a large crowd gathered in the vicinity end when it became known that a hnman life had been lost there was general sorrow. Mr. Trembath and his family were quar tered at the Conrtright House last evening. Mr. Conrtridit told' a Newb-Deaisb. re porter that be bad not a penny's worth of insurance on his stock. Just why Bum- bach was not aroused from his sound slum ber nobodv seems to know. Had it been kntwn by people on the street that he was in the burning Duiuung ne coma easuy nava been rescued from the outside. i Marriage Licenses. Marriage licenses were issued from tha office of the Register of Wills yesterday for the marriage of the following persons: W. M. Daley, of Nanticoke, to Clara Bonbam, of Mnhlenburg. J. E. Evans, of Sugar Notch, to Cora Morgan, of Sugar Notch. Henry A. w nite, ot riainesvtiie, to Martha E. Sutliff, of Muhlenbnrg. . M. Croop. of Hollenliack. to Ida Roberta, of Hollenback. Ha sonic. The members of lodges No. 61 and 443, F. and A. M.. and member of tha Masonic fraternity In general. Are requested to meet At Masonic Hall, No. 49 South Main street. on Wednesdry, June 11, at o clock am., to attend the funeral of ou lata brother, Moses I. Livingston. A full Attendance is earnestly requested. By order of the W. M. of Lodge No. 6L A. E. Wislack, Secretary. Fruit of all kinds at Bread Bros to-dsy. See Blumeothal's aew eolor stiff hAts. ELECTED A TUEASCEES. TTie Scheol Board's Eunds i I-'.? Bands of Bernard Long. A i;ecial meeUag of th School Boar i wsa held yri.trrJay Afternoon at K t". School bo.k!!ng, aU tbe anesaieri axes-;; Mr. trans bring ia attradaac. PreaUent Guthrie oorup.ed tbe Tha secretary stated tc abject of ti meeting and the chair declared on;aa.o; for treasurer to be in order. Mr. UtU nominated Fred Ahrbora ail read a proposition from th Wilies-Burr Saviiiga aad Drpoait bank . to Accept 1- ; . ALlbora' account, without compeaaaU. pay 2 per cent, oa monthly balance, aad t j furnish bond in any araosat aad sureties to be approved by th board. Dr. Weaver wa ia favor of appointeg a member of the board treaaorer. II eU4 met think it the best policy ta elect a baak r on of the director of a baak. Ei was of th opinion that this wa To-iaa!! allowing th treaaarcr ta fwealt with t board mosey, and this wa eoatrary t . the law. Then ther wa ta aasgar of ti--back failing, though h bIi-rd that all H Wilkra-Barr banka war aa atakea aad r; Uab a Any in th conn try. Mr. Raid took A very different view, i; thoaght it wm their plaia doty wbea th--; roald aot oaly sav tha trsaaarer'a commi aioa bat get interest on their sooner, to d. so. It would b aa it porta at nrp ia aa cooomicai directum and be thought tint tbey aboald exert every effort ia the d.rec-lioa af a wis economy of tbepabije money. Dr. Galhri also favored the idea of placing the money wher it would bring in some return to the board. Dr. Weaver said that a Mr, Straus was not here he coold not actively oppuae the measure, aa be would bar dose bant be been present. He wa cot of th opinion that it waa the best policy of th board, bat still a it appeared to be C.n opinion of th roojority he would acquiesce. Ha deal red, however, to plac his opinion o-j the matter on record. He than aoauuAM4 Bernard Long for treaaurer and read a proposition from the Anthracite Saving lWk. to accept Mr. Long's account without compensation and pay S per eeaC interest 03 monthly balances. Mr. Long effered t give bond in any amoant with a ore tie to be approved by tb board, Mr. Reid favored Mr. Long's election at he offered a higher percentage thaa Mr.Al.l-born. He pointed oot that tbe treaaurer would hare to give bond, that tha board would only accept the very best auratie ef who reaponsibilty there could be question. It woild therefore entail no lua oi the district if th bank did fail, for the lecturer and hi bondsmen would b good. " Mr. Mackiu expressed similar vi4 to Dr. Weaver, but waa wiii to coincide with the other And do AnytL, In his power in the direction af ecoswmv?, though h thoaght it wa a bad precedent, A vote was then taken resulting a f. l-low : Ahlborn Guthrie. Long Weaver, Mackin, Reid, Franks. The president declared Mr. Long du' elected. Th amount of his bond wa fix. 4 at 180,000 and the board's attorney was instructed to draw np the bond and have represented at the next meeting. foxeii came. A. W. Eetterly "Softly" Senies the Charge ef Stealing. A. W. Betterly, a reporter on th Tift Sheet, who of late ha been writing up gambler of th city, has beaa charged 1 7 th Naws-Dkalkb with taking part is a game of gambling with a few ether frietii'i and "stealing" the bask. It would be sup posed that so serious a charge would be c r. by this alleged "meralist" with honest indignation And a strong den'aL Does he d.i ao? Not a bit of it. Ia the sheet on whi u he is employed th following is th eolj denial h offers: The Ngw-DKAXI Accrues Mr. Bett:' af going into a gambling gam and book' , th bank. If this ia the case Ur. Btte. should appoint an 'Investigating eoniu tea." It ia needless to say, however, t .. : th soft impeachment is false, Wa submit t the public whether Any attention should be paid to the utterance ot a party who U himself guilty 01 tb on of gambling that h charge against ost. -v and wbo, when accused ay ui aocuas c participating in the gam And "stealin 7" tha funds entrusted to his chartre ntr says that the "soft impeachment" ia f-.' -The charges, the Miwb-Dbaj.kb 1 against Betterly are too true, aa ail were p reseat are prepared te sabstantiv: aad the threats, we understand, he we- w around making yesterday against his a -sociate in the game, oaly proves the tru Ii -: ' the charge. Be stands convicted beiom t public, unless he has -a better defence ( that given yesterday, "that th svift ; -peachment is false, " and the earlier be ' companionship with fellow of his "ki, . ' the better fee will m ore. Mr. t jUinr y have the floor. Treasurer' Sales of Land. Yesterday morning County Trw Smoulter opened his sale of seated and c seated lands on which th taxest. havs r been paid. "' There waa a very large aau ' of tract of land scattered all through t- county. The sale was attended by a t' crowd of people, so big, in fact, that it 1 cam necessary to adjourn the aala from f arbitration room to court room No. 3. T majority of the tracts of unseated 1 -wer knocked down to tha CoanaVs'. for th amount of the taxes due. In 0: two cases there was some lively bi '. :. : pieces of seated lands, but a a roie t. tracts purchased by outeida partit a were s at a very trifling advance over th aai of taxes. - ' After condoning through the. afwr th sale wa adjourned until Macdar, i 23. , ... ' r Bring the Ballot in Cmiri, James L. Lenahan yesterday drew necessary paper and will present tL court this morning asking that tie I . boxes of tbe February loctioa ia th c; brooght into eoort and th vot; conr order that the length of terra for wh k h school director wer elected may be . mined. It will be remembered tbtt the ticket for the six directors t 1. made np, Prs. Weaver and Guthrie run for three years, Messrs. Franks for two years and Ms!". 1 Mackin for one year. Their terms designated on the ballots but in mi ' count, no notice as taken of this records therefore do not show for 1 each was elected. It is to overc-difficulty and the tronl le tlist n sibly arise that this Action is t-V . FINER THAN EVER, IT 1 FERFECTOS,

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