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The Solomon Sentinel from Solomon, Kansas • Page 4

The Solomon Sentinel from Solomon, Kansas • Page 4

Solomon, Kansas
Issue Date:

SOLOMON SENTINEL, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 1896. BALD HEADS, see Danderine, the most wonderful discovery of modern times. For sale by F. Carter. Mosquitoes are livelier in the country this season than they have been for years. The increase in numbers of this terrible tormentor is attributed to our having had so much wet weather. What is All the Politics and News Can easily be obtained during the great Presidential Campaign of this year by reading every issue of The Semi-Weekly Capital, Real Estate, Loans and Insur: Farms and City Property for Sale 01 Rent. Steamship Ticke.sloand from ri wn Lots i -1 1 tl Farms can now 00 purchased at rock, bottom fig-ares. Call or write and get pi Bicycle races at Abilene June 26th. W. S. Decker of Willowdale is suffering from a sunstroke. Rev. Wm. Foulkes of Salina has been honored with the degree of Doctor of Divinity by Marysville College. Enterprise is "long" on fish. A great many wore captured during the time the Smoky river overflowed its banks. The boy Hatch, who recently died at Hope of appendicitis had been eating oherrlea without discarding the seeds. t'haa. Hyatt, a farmor, was knocked in-aonalblo ly a kicking horse last week at llopo Mrs Kato Strooter. a sister of Mrs. W. V. Smart and virs. C. N. lilair recently died near Junction City. The office of the Hope Crescent was in possession of a constable for a day or two last week. Mortgage indebtedness the trouble. Are you bald? Is your clothing constantly covered with dandruff filthy, animal matter falling from a diseased scalp? Does your head itch? Is it infested with sores and scabs? Is your hair growing thinner year by year? Is it dry and brittle? If so, you have a parasitic disease of the scalp, which you are neglecting at great risk. Danderine will cure you quickly and permanently. Money refunded in case of failure For sale by F. Carter, Solomon. itCMI- fTord to without Iub the tii'Di vlt uuijIo rlituiit'it should know no wnv to olXftlix ll i on. Thi" iHVHumli' I 0m erd Mi mi wRi'Ki r.vVti U(i KA HWKKK deflmd, end Die closely tl tain the KMl-WKKKliY OA! TH jf ot no all toe itewn it an ordinary It Is published every Tuesday and i fbi and the world up to the hour of going 10 prv Sale and Excham Kimsns uuiurr tr ni capital relv vet coimdcte fornt the hKtorv of of au-woohly ilios lur lug him tvtnll 111! wloe -u-inbar ot V. lOtOS, the ool- In condeus three ilav Castoria. is Ir. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing' Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Minions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend. week magazine of tho hliiheal cliuc. nite with ot luterostliu to "'ry the family. Serial and snort stories, orrespondenoe, seriuons, BUmor, special matter for the women and for boys and sills, all Hud a pluoo umua of TH HEM I-WKKKLY CAPITAL. ta Presidential News. If you desire to get the news during the forthcoming campaign we invite you to subscribe for the Sentinel. It will cost you only Fifty Cents to get it from now till the 31st day of Decern ber next. If you are taking it, make your friends happy by sending them a copy on like terms. Titos. Mustard's hoaie near Manchester The SOLOMON SENTINEL House on Sixth street west I House on Fifth street east $2-160 acres ot finelv imDroved far land 5 miles southeast of Gathrk Okla. was recently struck by lightning. The house'was damaged but none of the family injured. The Abilene News says that Geo, W. C. Rohrer of Abilene will run as a resubmission Burton candidate as representative for the state legislature. Castoria. Has made arrangements with the publishers whereby it can offer THE SEMI-WEEKLY CAPITAL AND SENTINEL For the very low price of $2.00 per Year, Address SENTINEL, Solomon, Kansas. Several large farms in Butler co Catholic Church Notes. Father Hayden announced that the Rt. Rev. Bishop of the diocese requests all children and young people to receive Holy communion next Sunday, in honor of St. Aloysius, patron of youth, and for the intention of Pope Leo XIH, it being the 75th anniversary of his first holy communion. The annual collection for the Pope will also be taken up. Two Sisters of Mercy from Minnesota, in charge of Indian schools, were at the parsonage last Sunday, They are collecting for their work of charity. Rev. Father Hayden was celebrant at the high mass and procession at Mt. St. Joseph's eonvent on Corpus Christi, and attended the silver jubilee of Rt. Rev. Bishop Fink of Kansas City, Kas. on the 11th. The children's choir, in charge of Miss Hayden, will practice every Friday morning after the 7:30 mass The altar of the Sacred Heart is fitted up, June being dedicated to that devotion. The sermon on Trinity Sunday was on the authority, infallibilty and perpetuity of the church, which showed that unless our Lord delegated His authority (and all power in heaven and on earth was given to Him) and promised to remain with the church and preserve it from error in teachings of faith and morals, He could not command us to believe, for no body of men or teachers, no matter how holy or learned, but, without this, might teach their own ideas or that which was not God's word. On Corpus Christi Sunday the sermon was on the double gospel, of our Lord's instruction (after the miracle of the loaves and fishes) on the bread of life, which He would give the institution of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper. This passage is taken from the sermon, the night before His passion our Lord took bread into His holy and venerable hands and giving thanks He blessed and broke saying "This is my body which shall be given for you." These words the church has always interpreted in their plain and literal sense. The sermon on last Sunday was on the wordliness of the motive of the good works of Pharisees, and hence they received their reward in this world, and on the communion of saints. That the angels and saints have a knowledge of and are not indifferent to the affairs of this as is shown in their rejoicing over the repentance of sinners. Kansas, for sale or exchange. Castoria is so well adapted to children that I recommend it as superior to any prescription known to me." H. A. Archer, M. lit So. Oxford Brooklyn, N. Y. $2,000 worth of stock in a National bank in a county town ot eastern Hansas to t.ade ft We have another lot of cheap envelopes, XX and XXX which we offer at way down prices, printed or plain. See them at Sentinel office. land, acres preferred to impiov Castoria. Castoria is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of its good effect upon their children." Dr. G. C. Osgood, Lowell, Mass. Castoria is the best remedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not far distant when mothers will consider the real interest of their children, and use Castoria instead of the various quack nostrums which are destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents down their throats, thereby sanding them to premature graves." Dr. J. P. Kincheloe, Conway, Ark. Our physicians in the children's department have spoken highly of their experience in their outside practice with Castoria, and although we only have among our medical supplies what is known aa regular products, yet we are free to confess that the merits of Castoria has won us to look with favor upon it." United Hospital and Dispensary, Boston, Mass. Allen C. Smith, Pres. Subscribe for the SENTINEL, the reliable Home newspaper. The Centaur Company, 77 Murray Street, New York City. The home of Hon. Sidney G. Cooke at Herington was recently struck by lighting and damage done to the extent of $300. No person hurt. Mrs. A. G. Buchanan died last Saturday morning at her home north of Abilene. Her age was 48 years and she fell a victim to that dread disease, consumption The soap man who got a dollar for three bars of soap has soaped all the towns along the Solomon Valley. At Logan the president of the bank was among the gullible to be taken in. Cawker City Record. The United Brethren trustees of Central College at Enterprise have deeded back the college building and grounds to the former trustees of the Harrison Normal College. The building is well suited for a college and will no doubt soon be again used by another denomination. Town and Country. 1111 As She Hums in the Sunny San Luis. "I have been riding a bicycle," a girl said to Percy Hobkirk today, "and you just ought to see the bumps on me." "Well," the sheriff replied languidly, "I will be glad to look at them." Del Norte Enquirer, June 9. chapter 2. "did he look? tes, for the editor!" Percy Hobkirk started out last night to hunt the editor of this paper. We heard about it in time, and kept going the other way. We hope Mr. Hobkirk has cooled off by this time. If he hasn't there may be trouble. Another man may be doing the editing tomorrow Enquirer, June 10. The Chronicle hopes Sheriff Hobkirk won't do anything rash. Our B. and S. acquaintance with Percy leads us to believe him as gentle as a lamb, and too bashful to even look at the "bump" on a bloomer. Percy, be aisy with John, for we are liable to drop over there any day, and then and then well, see to it that the supply of wet hardware is up to the limit, and three fingers beyond! T. B. Wilson in Gillett, Col. Chronicle. Important to Teachers. Low rate over the Great Rock Island Route to Buffalo and return to attend the convention, July 3-10, 1896. Next month in Buffalo, the teachers from all over our land will meet in annual session. They are perhaps the most truly representative body of any citizen gathering in our Union. They are the instructors of the youth who belong to all classes and sects. The Great Rock Island Route realizes this and expects to transport with its Timber lands south of St. Louis, Mo. favorably located, that will cut 20,000 feet of lumber to the acre. Can be purchased from $2.00 per acre up. Make good farm lands afterwards. Draw a Prize. A well-built 7 roomed house, con taining pantries, closets, cellar, etc. Coal house, carpenter's shop, barn corn crib, ice house, stable for ten head, wind-mill, tank, cistern, etc Apples, cherries, grapes and small fruits Shady grove, neatlv fenced Lot 180x200 feet. Close to schools SOLID THROUGH VESTIBULED TRAINS Kansas City, St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Atchison, TO 8T. LOUIS, CHECACO, OMAHA, PEORIA, ST, MINNEAPOLIS. WITH Dining Cars, Sleepers and Chair Cars (1). CONNECTIONS MADE AT St. Louis, Chicago 0 Peoris FOR All Points East, South Southeast, and churches in good neighborhood at Solomon City. half in cash, balance on easy terras. A large two story dwelling, with barn and other convenient buildings, E. Bergstresser, dentist, Abilene. Entorpriso expects to offer a candidate for the office of district clerk. Abilene base ballists will soon appear in fancy dress suits. A farm named James McRae has gone insane over religion and business troubles. The annual convention of the Kansas Republican league is announced to take place at Topeka, July 1. Earl Robinson of Lyon township is said to bo a candidate for State representative on Republican ticket. Tornado, lire and lightning insurance can be obtained from E. B. Burnett, who is agent for several reliable companies. The Ehrsam Manufacturing Company of Enterprise are in the toils. Their employes are suing for nearly $4,000 I had a very severe case of dandruff all my life. Have been permanently cured with DANDERINE. I recommend it in all diseases of the scalp. Dr. Bronsojj, Guthrie, O. T. For sale by F. Carter An enthusiast who has been looking up precedents says he has discovered a fruit trees, good water, in Solomon, where there is excellent church and school facilities. Will trade for a For thirty tlays I am instructed to iY 160 acres of unimproved npla rairie, 8 miles from Solomon, 1 ited for hay land, for $1,120 half it. 200 acre farm in Thomas county Bell or exchange. 373. Two new residences with cellars, city water, and other improvements, renting for $28 per month, Situated one block from court house, Pawnee City, Neb. Also a large feed yard, with improvements. Sell or exchange. Farm in Woodson County, Kas. to trade for horses or cattle. Anice stock of general Merchandise well located for sale. A house and some cash lor a small farm. 309 a 160 acres of good land in Seward county, one and a half miles from county seat town, Liberal, will trade for clear Solomon property. $1,000 357 lAn aumd nf hind in mirth west To Chicago, St. Louis and the East via Burlington Route. The traveling public is sure to lind the best fast vestibuled trains from the Missouri river to the East via the Burlington Route. Elaborate compartment sleepers; (same rate as standard sleepers) free chair cars of luxurious pattern to St, Louis; standard sleepers, free chair cars, and dining cars to Chicago. Ask ticket agent for tickets via vestibuled Eli to Chicago, and via the Vestibuled Limited to St. Louis. L. W. Wakeley, G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo. farm, or sell for cash. 251 House and 4 lots on Third street, $300. 309 160 acres in Trego Co. 70 undei L. W. Wakeley, P. ST. LOUIS, MO. Howard Elliott, Gen. ST. JOSEPH, MO. D. Dutton, T. P. ST. JOSEPH, MO. H. C. Orr, A. C. P. KANSAS CITY, MO cultivation, 3 roomed house, stone barn 30 40, school house close by elegant equipment thousands of these educators. For tickets and sleeping car reservations, maps and time tables, call on nearest ticket agent and ask to be routed over the C. R. I. Pac. R'y. A beautiful souvenir, called the Tourist Dictionary, has been issued and will be sent post paid. Address, John Sebastian, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Chicago. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES. ments, would put up some cash. 16C acres of good farming lau 3j miles from Solomon. 3 roome-1 house, barn, granery, corn crib, chicken house, cow sheds, well an pond. 110 acres under cultivation, 50 acres fenced, 150 fruit trees. Warranty deed clear. $19 pe acre. Timber lauds in Butler county. Mo. to trade for a carload of horses or merchandise or will trade for farming lands or cash. 160 acres near Manchester for sale, or will trade for a clear 80. The quarter is a very desirable one being well improved, 5 roomed house, good cellar, barn 16x32 with stone basement for stock, grainery, buggy and implement sheds, smoke bouse, all in good shape. $2,400, less mortgage of $1,000 due in five years. 362 280 acres in Bureau county, III. 103 miles west of Chicago. 2 1-2 miles to town and railroad, 16 I acres under cultivation, uewly tiled, sandy loam, very productive, 120 acres in pasture 60 of which azs good oak timber. Nearly new roomed house, cellar, cistern and wells, bearing orchard, smali fm. 2 acres of garden surrounded v. ith picket fence, and well Barn 70x40x18 150 feet of sheds other out buildings, hennery, grainery, etc. A brook runs through a corner of farm, never failing sprini in pasture. Good school and society. 40 per acre or will take 160 acres of Central Kansas 'md in exchange and leave balance. w.i mortgage at pet cent interest. 308. House 5 rooms, barn, cellar, etc on Fifth st. 342 160 acres in Graham county, half cultivated, house, barn, water and other improvements. Incumbrance under 600 will trade equity for Solomon or neighboring property. 344 1,237 acres of land in Jackson county, 12 miles from Topeka. 25 dollars an acre; a reasonable sum down balance in easy payments at 5 per cent interest. 355 80 acre farm about 6 miles from Niles, 65 under cultivation, a good corn crop upon it this year. 2 room house and summer kitchen, Kansas barn, good water and pond. payable $600 cash, balance time. 346 160 acres at $11 per acre or 320 at $10, a choice piece of level land within one mile of Solomon, part under cultivation. 1-3 cash, balance on time at 7 per cent. 80 acres in Barber county will be given away for $100. 257 Four roomed house and lot on 4th street, near Poplar street, Solomon city, $200. 358. Half section of land in Sherman county, Kas. tor trade. 160 acres of land in DeSoto Florida for sale or trade. These lands are not in swamp belt in midst of orange and pineapple belt, with good farms around it. BY D. R. AN1HONY, passage in Richard HI that foreshadows theZbievcle. In the last act the King says: '-Watch over my safety while I 1 he roads west have been in bad shape since the heavy rains. South of Evens' farm there remains a long stretch of muddy road. North of U. P. track on the west side of salt works there are two or three places where two or three feet in depth of water remains on the low ground. The road north of that however is in fair shape. For State Senator. (Heriugton Times.) The Times is pleased to endorse the candidacy of County Attorney S. S. Smith for the office of senator from this district, Mr. Smith is a lawyer of ability, a man of unblemished reputation and a Republican who we can always rely upon. He is now serving his second term as attorney of this county and everybody knows that he has done his duty first, last and all the time. We are reliably informed that Clay concedes the state senator to Dickinson county this time and we know of no good reason why Sam Smith should not be our choice for the nomination, and when nominated wo can see no obstacle in the way of his election by a rousing majority over any man the opposition is able to put up. "Yours for Health." Expert physicians affirm that the right climate may cure consumption and kindred diseases. The right climate is where a pure, dry air, equable temperature and constant sunshine are found. These essentials exist in the Salt River Valley of Arizona and various places in New Mexico. Descriptive pamphlets, recently issued by Passenger Department of the Santa Fe Route, contain such complete information relative to these regions as invalids need. For free copies address T. Nicholson, G. P. A. T. S. F. Chicago. The Best Newspaper in KaosasGiven Away. THE TIMES favors reform and parity in politics, advocates truth and justice, hates hypocrisy and is independent. Subscription Rates, Daily, one year $3.00 Weekly, one year 50 Club Hates. Dally Ave copies, one year) 1 Weekly (twenty copies, one year) $5 No commission allowed on premium club offers. THE WEEKLY TIMES) and $1.00 THE KANSAS FARMER) Address and remit to THE TIMES Leavenworth. Kans. Will trade for stock of goods. 346 y2 section of nice land one mil from Solomon, part under cultivation, all good land. $4,000, part cash, balance on time at 7 per cent. 325 Quarter section of clear land in Thomas county, Ks. to trade for Dickinson or Saline co. farm. 120 acres in cultivation. House, granary, cave, land fenced. 2,000 acres of land divided into farms of 80, 160 and 320 acres in eastern part of Ottawa county, for sale at low prices. Terms 1-5 cash, balance on time at 6 percent interest. BUY A LOT NOW I I have about thirty lots in good locations in Solomon which I will offer for a short time at prices ranging from $10 to $18 per lot of 50 foot frontage. The price cannot be repeated after these are disposed of. See me at once for full particulars. 311 200 acres of extra fine bottom land known as R. A. Sullivan farm on Solomon river, having good improvements thereon. 1 story stone dwelling house 25 x40, addition 14x16 stone barn 24x38, grainery and other out houses. Land produces wheat and corn abundantly, besides being an A. 1 place on which to raise cattle and hogs. $5,000, part cash, balance on sleep." Mothers will lind Chamberlain's Cough Remedy especially valuable for croup and whooping cough. It will give prompt relief and is safe and pleasant. We have sold it for several years and it has never failed to give the most perfect satisfaction. G. W. Richards, buquesne, Pa. Sold by Carter druggists. Mr. James Perdue, an old soldier residing at Monroe, was severely afflicted with rheumatism but received prompt relief from pain by using Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Ho says: "At times my back would ache so badly that 1 could hardly raise up. If I had not gotten relief I would not be here to write these few lines. Chamberlain's Pain Balm has done me a great deal of good and 1 feel very thankful for it." For sale by Carter druggists. Wo regret to learn that Bro. J. W. Murray of Dillon Republican is so badly under the weather that he is compelled to take his medicine at the hands of a "pilliwig doctor." He says: "On these hot days when thirst is gnawing at your vitals and your tissues are consumed as by a burning fever, a visit to the hop tea dispensary on Main street will put you in funning order agan." Time Reduced, REMEM ER THAT. The Great Rock Island Route RUNS THEIR The Forepaugh-Sells big circus was well worth seeing. Its menageries was one of the finest travelling, many rare animals and birds being shown. The wonderful intelligence exhibited by the trained seals and elephants was remarkable. The crowd on Saturday afternoon was large, but in the evening rather small in comparison. Low Excursion Rates to the East via Burlington Route. Half Raxes. N. E. A. Meeting, Buffalo. N. Y. July 7th to 11th. Christian Endeavor meeting, Washington, July 7th to 13th. Baptist Young Peoples' Union of America, Milwaukee, July 15th to 19th. National Republican League, Milwaukee, Aug. 25th to 27th. Democratic convention, Chicago, July 7th. Ask ticket agents for tickets via Vestibuled Eli to Chicago, and via Vestibuled Limited to St. Louis. Both trains supplied with the most modern equipment. L. W. Wakeley, G. P. St. Louis, Mo. Union Branch Items. Farmers are beginning to think about harvest. Bert Blair of Poheta was calling on some of the fair sex of this locality last week. Quite a number attended the circus at Salina on Saturday. Mr. McCoy visited his parents north of Solomon on Sunday. Mr. West has recovered enough so as to be able to work again. We wonder what has become of 'Pansy Blossom," hopa it hasn't Mr. Kern and wife, formerly of this place but now of Abilene, visited with friends in this locality on Sunday. Have you heard the latest? No! What is it? Oh, nothing, except Saney Weaver of New Cambria had two of his best girls out riding Sunday evening in a spring wagon. You don't say so! Who were they? Oh, I don't like to tell. Do tell? It was Alice and Eva. Whew! What will Charlie do? Report be. Gen. J. VV. F. Hughes has charge of the arrangements for an old-fashioned tournament to be held during the Reunion week at Topeka. Knights of old in armor will battle for the favors of the noblest dame, just as they did in King Arthur's time. No one is to be disbarred in this contest. Pullman Excursion Gars TO I Perfection axle grease is the "boss" article for carriages. Also harness oils, best quality, at Heigele's. Arkansas, near Fayetteville, where are located excellent schools and colleges. 75 acres under cultivation, 3 houses, good water, splendid timber, land underlaid with coal. Only six miles from railroad, 2 1-2 to postoflice, close to schools and churches. 366 De Soto county, Florida. Sections 10 and 22, part of 26, ail in township 37, range 25. Total 1,560 acres. 357. 3,000 acres of improved land tn Ottawa county. Divided in 80, 160 and 320 acres. 160 acres bottom land adjoining Solomon river. 70 acres under cultivation, balance pasture and good timber. 1 miles from Niles $2,800. 370 House on Fifth street east. 3 rooms, 2 lots, fenced. $200. Half section of good hay land to rent, five miles from Solomon. 370 a House on east Sixth street for sale cheap. $300. A fine creamery plant and building in good condition within one hundred miles of Kansas City to exchange for clear land. 3r6. Land in the pine apple belt of Florida to trade for Kansas lands. 364. A good six roomed house, barn, cistern and hydrant water in Be-loit to exchange for hardware stock. 308 i 3 roomed house on First street Solomon, water, and other improvements, will trade for property in Missouri. 307 80 acres fenced, 3 in. from Niles roomed house, 4 stall stable and barn, corn crib, cow house, good water, orchard, 100 fruit trees and 50 grapes bearing, strawberries, and Other small fruits. $2,000. E. B. BURNETT, Solomon City, Kansas One billiard and one pool table with balls, cues, etc. in good condition. For sale or trade. Apply at Sentinel office, good terms, Sale and Exchange List. 365 b. Five shares of fully paid stock in Solomon creamery for sale. Land near Jacksonville, Florida to trade for Kansas lands. 365. Splendid 2 story 34 room hotel, with sample rooms, centrally located, completely furnished, in a thriving city af four railways. Rented to a good tenant. Can be bought on good terms or will take unencumbered land in part payment. 353 160 acres of fine land in San Luis valley, Colorado for sale or trade for land near Solomon. The land is well situated ready for irrigatin water, right goes. 100 acres in cultivation, balance pasture and hay land; well fenced; artesian well, etc. 8 miles from Alamosa, 2 miles to railway shipping point. 325 a A half section of clear land in Thomas county, Kansas, to trade for a small farm in Dickinson or Saline counties even if it is mortgaged; good buildings and improve ments, $1,800. 324 A large store, with dwelling-rooms Joe Neil's 'bus meets all trains and conveys passengers to or from them, to hotels and private residences. Leave orders at his livery barn, Main street. 352 240 acre creek farm fenced with stone post and three barbed wire. 130 acres cultivated, 102 in pasture, hog corral, timber on creek. Wells, orchard, etc. Stone dwelling y2 story with frame addition, stone barn holds 20 head. Clear, worth $15 per acre. If it required an annual outlay of $100 to insure against any serious consequences from an attack of bowel complaint during the year there are many who would feci it their duty to pay it; that they could not afford to risk their lives, and those of their family for such an amount. Any one can get this insurance for 25 "cents, that being the price of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In almost every neighborhood some one has died from an attack of bowel complaint before medicine could be procured or a physician summoned. One or two doses of this Remedy will cure any ordinary case. It never fails. Can yon afford to take the risk for so small an amount? For sale by Carter druggists. on their fast trains. Examine time cards and see that we are nearly 'JWO HOURS quicker than any other route Chicago to Los Angeles. The Phillips excursions are pop ular. lie has carried over 125,000 patrons in past fifteen years, and a comfortable trip at cheap rate is guaranteed, and the fast time now made puts the Plliilips-Rock Island Excursions at the top. Post yourself for a California trip before deciding, and write lor explicit information. Address, John Sebastian. G. P. Chicago- The Plant has for sale over one million acres of fine farming lands. A letter addressed to D. H. Elliott, General Land Agent, Sanford, will secure full information. e.o 160 acre river bottom farm near county seat and railroad all fenced and mostly cultivated. Worth $4,500 han mortgage $2,000 at 7 per cent due in 1897. Will trade both or separate for Missouri land. 242 320 acres in Ottawa county, Kas. All fenced with cedar posts and 3 barbed wires watered by good for grazing part for cultivation. Every merchant, farmer and housekeeper should prepare for the stormy season by getting a tornado insurance policy in a reliable company at my office at once. I will write insurance cheap. E. B. Burnett, Agent For Sale Cheap. A wide seat road cart in good order, $6. Orders for new organs for sale or trade. Five volumes of Comprehensive Dictionary of the Bible, bound in sheep, good as new, original cost $30. Offered for $10. Particulars at Sentinel office Is ibis wUt ails yon? Have you a feel- above, on Main street, Solomon, for sale. Fourth street, Solomon, lots 97 and 99, each has nearly new five-roomed house thereon, stable and good water. For sale cheap. ing of weight in 1 the Stomach Bloating a te eating Belch- 83? 160 acres ol bottom laud on Solomon river being a of and of 's sec. No. 5 and 1-4 of 1-4 sec No. 8. All in township 13 R. 1 w. Ij4 miles from Niles, Ottawa co. About 80 acres in cultivation balance pasture and timber land. Splendid for stock raising. $2,800. 324 Large bottom farms to exchange for other property, or for larger farms in eastern Kansas. 327 A nice, well improved farm of 160 acres, 8 miles south of Solomon, for $2,750 303 160 acres rolling upland, all in grass, enclosed with good wire fence, watered by a windmill, located miles from Solomon. Cash $500, balance $1,000 on time to suit. 6 Whitley's addition to Solomon, lots 4 and has two roomed house thereon, good cellar, cherry trees, etc. For sale cheap. 160 acres of unimproved land, 2j miles from Niles $8.00 per acre. $600 down, balance on time at 6 per ing of Wind- Vomitingof Food Waterbrash Heartburn Bad Taste in the Mouth Ripans Tabules cure constipation. Ripans Tabules cure headache. Ripans Tabules for sour stomach. in the Morning Palpitation of the Ripans Tabules. Ripans Tabules cure biliousness. Ripans Tabules at druggists. Ripans Tabules assist digestion. Ripans Tabules cure bad breath. Ripans Tabules cure indigestion. Ripans Tabules cure nausea. Ripans Tabules: one gives relief. Ripans Tabules pleasant laxative. Ripans Tabules cure liver troubles. Ripans Tabules cure flatulence. Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia. Heart, due to Distension of Stomach I For sale cheap or will trade. $9.00 per acre. 520 acres of land in Doniphan county for sale or exchange. 30 acres broke, 160 can be broken, the balance in pasture and timber all fenced. Two roomed house, 3 1-2 miles to good town. $20 an acre, or will take a stock of goods of about $3,000 $1,500 cash and balance on time, or if suitable land offered would trade all therefor. 316. N. W. section 16, twp. 12, R. 1. W. Ottawa county, 3 miles IS). E. of Niles and 10 miles N. W. of Solomon. 90 acres in cultivation. 70 pasture fenced, with pond. 5 roomed frame house cellar, etc. 150 fruit trees, 2,000 Russian mulberry and other trees. Quarter mile to school house, good neighborhood, i Cankered Mouth Gas in the Bowels Low Rates via the "Great Rock Island Route. Solomon, Kas, to Ottawa, Kas. and return one fare for the round trip. June 13th to 25th. Washington. D. C. one fare for the round trip. July 2. 3, 4, 5 to return 31. Buffalo, N. Y. one fare plus two dollars for the round trip, July 4th and 5th final return limit Sept. 1st. San Francisco, one fare for the round trip, tickets sold June 15, 16, 28 and 24, return limit sixty days from date of sale. Omaha, Neb. one fare for the round trip Aug. 15, 17 and 18, final return limit Sept. 13. Denver, one fare for the roun trip June 14 and 15 to return July 15, Chicago, one fare for the round trip July 4, 5 and 6th good until July 12. St. Paul, Miun. rate of for the round trip tickets to be sold Aug. 30 and 31 only good to return Sept. 30. Minneapolis, one fare for the round trip, Aug, 23 and 24. good for return Sept. 30. For further information regarding any of the above special rates call on local agent. H. W. Lamb, Agent. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria, -Loss of Flesh Fickle Appetite Wanted-An Idea 2 of repressed, irritable Condition of the Mind Dizziness Headache Con Who can think some simple ttilDK toDatent? A house of four rooms to rent on Fourth street. $3 per month. House to rent on west Sixth street $4 per month. Four rooms over Sentinel office for rent. House, 5 rooms, cellar, all in good condition, on Sixth st. $4 per month. Apply at Sentinel office. Protect yonr Idea: they may stipation or Diarrhuea? Then you have bring you wealth. Patent Attor- M3W. WaahlnRton, D. for their prise offer DYSPEPSIA unu mi ox two uiuuna inTenuons wanieu. in one of its many forma. The one positive care for this distressing complaint is Sportsmen should bear in mind that the best stocked game and fish country in the world lies on the west coast of Parmenter farm of 204 acres bottom land with large dwelling and large double floored bai-n close to Solomon and adjoining river, one of the best grain farms in this vicinity. Admirable cattle and hog range. 160 acres in Saline county 140 under cultivation, 9 acres bearing orchard. Frame barn, granery. chicken house, etc. Good water, Timber for fuel. 3 1-2 miles from New Cambria. $3,200. Mortgage $1,500. Will trade equity. 333 gA small house on 6th street, 150. E. B. BURNETT. golomon City, Kansas. cxDensca tmid WAexIvfVnmcrjLF Acker's Dyspepsia Cablets. 1 IV i iiiii advancement. Exchulvu territory. by mail, prepaid, on receipt of 25 cents. lv ornery kiock. BLtX-'Jt, UTiB to i' Mrvrtatmont(iuarj York, says: "1 suffered horribly from dvs- pepsia. but Acker' Tablet3, taken after Florida. Write B. W. Wrenn, Passenger Traffic Manager, Savannah, for a copy of handsome guide, "Gun and Rod on the West Coast of Florida." to local meais, nave curea me. I Acker Medicine 1618 Cha rubers N. Y. tSfOM Buy rmn not earn- Imr 175 ner month II rz. nn t'XDenses. x'uu When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria. When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria. When she had Children, she gave them Caatoria. fnns failures in thin or other Americans. $20 an acre, part can remain on mortgage at 7 per cent. 65 acres in fall wheat. Apply to E. B. BURNETT, Solomon, Kansas, eent. B. BURNETT, Real Estate and Insurance Agent, Solomon City, Kansas. lint's, outfit ree. Aaciressi, Wanted-An Idea Who can think of some simple thing to patent? Niirpr rioa. Chicairo. xll.V Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Protect vour Ideas: thev mav brlna vou wealth. Hi tmo thin paper. Ed. I Write JOHN WEDDERBURN Patent Attor- neya. Washington, D. tor their 1,800 prise offer 1 and list ot two hundred inventions wanted.

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