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Solomon, Kansas
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THE MARKETS. Solomon Sentinel. 1 B. BtBKGTT, Editor and Publisher. at the Post-Ogtot at Solomon City, Kansas Smtimt as Second Class if alter.

Solomon Solomon City, noon, Feb. 25, lSW WH EAT, red No. 2 rjt do. do. do.

3 45 do. hard do. 2 Go do. do. do.

0t CORN OATS 16 RYE HO GS 3 00 3 BEEF CATTLE 1 60 3 90 potatoes ay BUTTER 15 LARD 10 EGGS-per doz 7 HAY. per ton 3 00 4 00 SUBSCRIPTION: Three Month, 40 cents. Six 75 One Year, 81 60 Tern Cwk In AdTnnee. A. LOCAL NEWSPAPER SUITABLE FOR HOME READING.

If not paid then, at the rate of Two Dollars per year will be charged. TERMS OF ADVERTISING S0L0M0F 0ITT, DICKINSON COUNTY, KANSAS, FEB. 26, 1896. NO. 34.

VOL. XVII. 10 00 One Inch for one year, one month, Quarter Column, qne year, Republican District Convention There will be a delegate convention of the 1 00 3 00 30 00 5 00 60 00 10 00 100 00 Republicans of the Fifth congressional dis Citizens' State Bank Half trict of the state of Kansas held in the city one month one year, one month. Your Attention! of Concordia, Friday March 6, 1893, at to take possession of, for some actually took bricks from an old chimney, (in the course of being razed to the ground,) which formed a portion of the old eon-federate government building. This city, from its general appearance, we should judge to be in a thriving con dition, and nearly-as large as o'clock p.

m. for the purpose of nominatin One Column, year, one presidential elector, and also for the election of two delegates and two alternates to the National Republican Convention at of Solomon City. T. J. EDWORTHY, DEALER IN AND MANUFACTURER OF HARNESS and SADDLERY, BOOTS and SHOES, ETC.

Blankets and Robes Furnished upon Short Natice. I Have opened a nezv All advertisements published In this paper will be run until ordered out and bills paid narty. unless otherwise con- St. Louis, Mo-, June It, 1896. The delegates shall be elected in such man ner and at such time as may be prescribed by the Republican county central commit tract el for UsBfcUdvertlsinjj at statute rates.

Transient advertise payable in advance Yearly advertising payable monthly. Matter In local columns. 5 cents per line. tees of the respective counties. The basis of apportionment of delegates Chartered by the state of Kansas.

will be one delegate at large for each county of the district, and one delegate for every was highly appreciated and heartily responded to by President Nelson and others. During Tuesday morning the editors and their friends visited the military post, where a field drill was given for their especial entertainment.the military prison was afterwards visited. in the afternoon they were taken to the Soldier's Home.iu the theatre theieOf addresses of welcome were spoken; by Commandant Smith and lion. Sidney Cooke of Dickinson count', and befittingly responded to by Senator Scott, editor of Iola Regisler and others. The proceedings were also listened to by 2,000 old soldiers, and hundreds of them asked their visitors to come again and get better acquainted.

Afterwards a yisit iV'as made to the where Warden Lynch and his deputy, Dave Naill made all feel comfortable as possible in such a nerve-shattering place. After look ing over these great buildings, and extensive manufacturing plants, the visitors were finally given their liberty and shown the outside of the Union three hundred votes, or major fraction there Pacific Rail-way Time Table. At Montgomery our cars were switched to the Plant System, a corporation of which but little is known this region. The head of this organization is H. B.

Plant, a New York millionaire, who has planned one of the most wonderful systems of railroads, steamships and hotel buildings in the land. From Montgomery to Tampa is of. cast for W. C. Edwards for secretary of Harness, Leather findings and tacks for sale close to Kansas City prices.

Sole leather 29c. per lb. Harness made and repaired at short notice. TERMS CASH. All Goods and Work as represented or Money Refunded.

Old Stand, Main Street, Solomon, Kas. state at the November election, 1891. The several counties will he entitled CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. 1 00 a. representation in said contention as follows GOING WEST, H.

7 mgbt Express jr0 8 -Overland Express Do. IS Freight ..3 36 p.m 5 20 a. pharmacy in Solomon City where will constantly be found a full line of Fresh Drugs, Paints, Oils, Toilet and Fancy Articles. Being a graduate of pharmacy the Prescription Department will have my personal attention. I respectfully solicit your patronage.

H. P. APPLEBAUGH. Clay 6 Ottawa Cloud 7 Republic Dickinson 9 Riley .5 40 a.m. 560 miles, but that is only a portion of this system, another portion reaches to Mo.ll Frelgnt OOISG EAST Geary 4 Saline Marshall 10 Washington No.

S- Overland Express Wo. Night Etpress 11 25 a.m 3 19 a.m 45 p.m Total 72 OFFICERS: Wo. 12 Freight W. H. Fletchek, Chairman Robt.

Brock, Secretary. 4 8' p.m Wn.14 Freight W. T. HARRIS, President, Charleston, S. C.

with many branch lines elsewhere; there is altogether owned, leased and operated by this company oyer 5.000. We did not go over the whole system, but we travelled a long distance over it. We took supper at Thomasville, noted as a health resort, located in center of pine forests. TAKE THEM BOTH. The Kansas City Times was sold CARTER V.

Pres. at auction on Thursday for $82,300 GEO. A. ROGERS, Cashier. It was purchased by the jnesen BRANCH.

OOING SOUTH. 8 00 a.m No. 68 3 45 p.m No. 81 ARRIVtSFHOM NORTH. 11 10 a.m WO.

B2 No. 4 Daily except Sunday. stronghold. W. U.

(Jox. reoeiver, You cannot afford to eet along without Your Own Home Paper and i he wnoie-souieu manner which our presence was greeted While Illinois has been severely made all feel that Leavenworth wa a home-like place, that had addec frosted durinir the past week ana Transact a general Banking busi the thermometer hovering around and joy to tli rt' to ness. wive opeun" much brightness plodding days of ors. zero Kansas has enjoyed an unusual he country edit PERSONALS. ly mild spell.

Collections, also place Loans on lm proved Real Estate. We wish success to Leavenworth Chicago. Rook Island end Pacific (Rock Islnud Route TIME TABLE. TRA 1 Ni BAST Mail and ExpreH- 1 Accommodation 28 TRAINS WEST The Semi-Weekly Capital, We love sound money, but, better and her liberal citizens, not forget yet, we love sound money principles ting Col. D.

It. Anthony, our pun Congressman calderhead in hi cely editor, who is poshing and ag speech in the House on sound money 5 50 p.m Mail ftiul Express L. C. BAKEK. DEALER IN the other day outlined his principles 2 10 p.m gressive in all that tends to bull up a common wealth The pleasure they tendered Accommodation in a way that should make every Fifth district Kansan proud of thei the strangers who came within their LUMBER.

LATH, SHINGLES, representative. Chief. gates will long be remembered and Leaveiiwoun 8 praises sung EASTWARD. Passenger m-Accom. a.

m. WESTWARD. Passenger 0:20 a. m. Accom.

2:10 pm. COAL, WOOD, LIME, CEMENT, PLASTER, ETC During the night we entered Florida and day-light on Sunday found us passing through pine forests and in the midst of a rich phosphate country. Our train lost time during the night, and I and some of my companions, who had not previously provided, missed our matutinal meal and we thought sight-seeing hardly compensated for its loss. But Tampa was our objective point and no town of any size intervened capable of providing provender for so many hungry persons, another drawback to our comfort in this line was, that being the Lord's day, stores were closed. It was near mid-day ere our cars backed into the lovely tropical gardens in which the majestic hotel at Tampa Bay is located.

All who visit Florida want to see Tampa, its capacious bay, its wonderful hotel and the Inn. Modern Florida is an exotic creation of man's. It is a land of sunshine and beauty, enriched by the genius of men with means, trying to make perfect- the earth. Until within the past few years none have dared to explore its vast do Dr. W.

T. Perkins of Chicago has whenever a befittiug opportunity When you can get both for little more than the price of one. THE SEMI-WEEKLY CAPITAL is issued twice each week, Tuesday and Friday 8 pages, 56 columns of choice reading matter every issue. It contains the full report of the Associated Press and more Kansas news than any other paper, all while it is fresh and interesting, besides a large amount of bright, spicy and interesting miscellaneous reading matter of every description. patented a process of keeping meats resen Is.

fruits and perishable products dttr- No. 318 carries through Lyman Field left for Lawrence on Friday. Miss Maria Hopkins is visiting relatives at Manchester. John Reiff, who has been sick for the past two weeks, is improving. Clarence Funk of Abilene was doing business at Solom on last Friday.

H. P. Applebaugh has moved into tho Dr. Lewis house on Poplar street. On Monday Mayor H.

J. G. Neumiller was called east to see his sick father. T. Ed worthy and wife attended the Pythian exercises at Salina last week.

Chas. Adams returned from a visit to Cripple Creek, Saturday night. Miss Dora Barter left yesterday for St. Joe, Mo. to look up spring millinery.

J. D. Weaver of Partridge, relieved H. W. Lamb during his absence.

S. H. Dodge, editor of Beloit Gazette, was in town on Monday, bound for Colby. incr transportation by the aid oi A VISIT TO SOUTHLAND, Transfering Goods, Express sterilized air and without the aid chair carlo Kansas uiiy and connect at Abilene with through chair car 5" Prei ice. This will make a revolution in and Drayage carefully attendea to for Newton, wicnua.

ac-r it art Cltv. points in An Interesting and Much Enjoyed trade and permit the Australian colonies to furnish Europe with its cheap products to the detriment of near Railway Trip to Florida and Other Southern States in Mid-Winter. At the Kansas State Editorial Asso Office. Chestnut Solomon City, this country, and especially Oklahoma ami Purcell. Texas Connection Isn 8le nt Kansas City with the fast day tii' ii for Chicago.

No. 38 connects at Evans wllh met Cammnin train giving good con-oVrlicnto points in Kansas, Coloradoand u'peTcent may be saved on round trip tickets good for ten days to points where fare dees not exceed Ss.oO. C. C. DELONG.

Agt. Kansas. the matter of sunplyincr meats. to Kansas. ciation meeting held at Topeka early last year, the writer was chosen one of The SOLOMON SENTINEL Has made arrangements witti the publishers whereby it on offer THE SEMI-WEEKLY CAPITAL, AND SENTINEL For the very low price of $2.00 per Year, Address SENTINEL, Solomon, Kansas.

oi the WIMSATT REIFF, nine editors to represent the State amend- association at the 11th National Ed After long consideratioi; numerous bills proposing ments to the immigration Senate committee decided aws the Contractors and Builders, itorial Convention at St. Augustine, that in Honda, on January 21, 22, 23 and 24. addition to the present restrictions Solomon City, Kans. main. JLagoons once filled with noxious animals and reptiles are now hard to find, the Indians have become civilized and the everglades and marshes are being drained.

The geography book Having m-ide timely preparation S. STEELSMITH, M. Surgeon, Gynecologist Oculist. (gTPractiee limited to Surgery, Surgical Diseases.DiseaBeof Women, and Diseases of the Eye. one should be added excluding all left home on January 10th going via persons over 14 years of age who Salina over those well-kept, evenlv ballasted, paralledbars of steel, used as cannot read and write the language tlls us that Florida became a portion Fainting, Glazing and Paper-hanging.

Cabinet Work a Specialty. ot their nutive country, excepting a highway by the great Missouri Pa aced parents or grandparents of KANSAS. ABILENE. of the United States in 1820 and was admitted as a state in 1845. But for many years its growth was slow; the last fifteen 3Tears has shown a wonder Albany cific road.

This took me to Kansas City, where I found several of the dele admissable immigrants, and a bill providing therefor was favorably Next Door to gates and their wives from Kansas reported to the Senate. ful development in the state, these Zell Hopkins and sister Maude of Manchester were visiting here on Monday. Mrs A. S. Davidson left this morning for Manhattan en route for Waupun, Wis, Steve Vanllorn of Iowa is here visiting his sick mother and other members of the family.

Robt German returned to Kansas City last Thursday after a pleasant visit with relatives. M. P. Jolly, the rustling real estate man of Abilene visited our city last Thursday. Major Merrell went to Kansas City on business last Wednesday and has since returned.

Will Neumillor left for Pennyslvania last Friday to visit his father who is reported sick. bound for St. Louis. which Republican We BETTER SHOE Inc'p. Capital, $1,000,000.

BEST 81.50 SHOE IN THE WORLD, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned." ThU Ladles' Solid French Ilongola Kid Button Boot delivered frao anywhere in the U.S., on point we reached early next morning. changes may be attributed to the building of railroads. becretarv Carlisle is being criti In St. Louis the day was spent in cized very tiarsniy oy many lor recsipionjnsn, Money viaei, or Postal Note for 81.50. weekly ournal having- allotted the bonds upon visiting the wharves and other attractive points, among which was the Tampa Bay Hotel, is over 1,500 feet which bidders failed to make the FRANK GARTER PROPRIETORS Iron Drug Store.

Kqualn every way tho boota sold in n'l retail stores for $2.60. Wo inako this boot ourselves, therefore we guarantee tho Jit, stylo and teear. largest brewing house in the world, long, with walls of brick and beams of first payment at the proper time- that of Anheuser-Busch Company. steel, nr.ihed with concrete, floored about to J. rierpont XI any one is not saiiniieu i will refund tho money $1.00 Address or send another pair.

Opera Morgan, at his bid of less than 1.11 when he could have sold them in with tiles, proof against fire; it is built in the Moorish style of architecture, its Guides shewed us the plant and processes for making "pilliwig" and other decoctions which maketh fools of men. Too or Common eeritv. widths I), iSK, the open market for 1.17. thus giv minarets and domes loom up 150 feet Albany, XT. 1 1 to 8 ana nan We were taken to the tower, the highest ing 'Ur.

morgan a proht ot 1300.000 Send your siee; icill fit you. pinnacle in St. Louis, and permitted which Mr. Carlisle's critics figure Illustrated to feast our eyes on the smoke be- Editor Lane of Abilene Monitor attended the Progress Club meeting on Friday evening. H.

C. Morenus, a former resident of from the ground. The beautiful balconies and colonnades overlook a park of 150 acres of drives, walks, gardens and bathing beaches. Everything in this palace is of the luxurious order, fitted with all the improvements that FREE grimmed panorama around and below. should have been made by the government.

Senator Hill lias up to this time prevented the adoption of DRUGS, MEDICINES, PERFUME liY, CUTLERY, GLASS, PAINTS, OILS, ETC. 43 FEDERAL Dexter Shoe Go The great Union depot, which ac '3 BOSTOX. 2IA3S. resolution ottered by isenator commodates over thirty lines of rail road, is the handsomest, most com Allen, providing for an investigation of this whole bond business. modious and best lighted structure of Subscribe for the SENTINEL, the reliable Home newspaper.

science and art can produce, while the decorations, furniture, paintings and art decorations have cost a fortune to purchase. the kind in the land, if not in the world. We stopped at the Terminal hotel, A. P. Riddle informs us that he A Fine Line of Cigars is a oandidate lor delegate-at-large Here we enjoyed our Sunday lunch and Tobaccos.

to the Republican convention at St. while soft strains of music were wafted in through the doors and windows. Here we first met tne contingent of our which is located in a portion of the depot. Here we obtained excellent accommodation and meals at a reasonable figure. St.

Louis has a good electric car service and several elegant hotels. GIVE US A CALL. CAVEATS. Sale and Exchange List. delegates from the eastern states, who had arrived a few hours before us.

TRADE MARKS. DESIQN PATENTS. COPYRIGHTS, etc. Next morning a train composed of Corner Main and Poplar streets. In the afternoon we took the train for 333 one baggage and seven Pullman cars started out for Nashville over the Louisville Nashville line, the Kansas a nine mile ride to Tampa Bay, where and not a delegate from Fifth district.

Mr. Riddle will, no doubt, receive the unanimous support of delegates from this district. The many positions of honor which have fallen so gracefully upon th shoulders of our editorial brother in years gone by, lead us to hope that this honor to which he now aspires may be acceded to him by the Republicans in a unanimous and spontaneous voice. His experience and ability have been proven so eminently as to make him a worthy man to fill any offic from governor of the state to President of this broad land. we looked through another noted hostelry, designated Inn." The Inn For Information and free Handbook write to MUSK A Sfil Broadway, New York.

Oldest bureau for securing patents in America. Every patent taken out by us la brought beforo the public by a notice given free of charge In tho Largest circulation of any scientific paper In tho world. Splendidly Illustrated. No intelligent man should be without It. Weekly, ft.l.OO a year; $1.50 six months.

Address, MUNN PuBixsiiEit-s, 301 Uroadway, Now York City. party consisting of the writer, W. L. Chambers and wife, Stockton; S. H.

is patterned after the style of a Queen Anne cottage, is built on piles oyer the waters of Tampa bay. The dining Hodge and wife, Beloit; C. W. Landis and wife, Osborne; J. Q.

Royce and wife. Phillipsburg; Ewing Herbert, Hiawatha; A. P. Riddle, Minneapolis; G. T.

Davies, Republic City: D. A. room is of glass on three sides, so that our city, now of Ottawa county, was in town last Friday and Saturday. A. B.

Crary of Talmage was in town on Friday. He expects to take up his residence here about March 1st. L. Humbarger and Dr. E.

Bergstresser rode over from Abilene on Sunday upon bicycles. Conductor Rainey has now charge of trains running on Salina branch of Santa Fe road. R. D. German returned last week to his home at Des Moines, Iowa after a pleasant visit with his father and other relatives.

E. Burnett and wife attended the State Editorial convention at Leavenworth last week. Mrs. B. afterwards spent three or four days at Topeka.

C. H. Snider and H. Forney accompanied by ladies made our city a visit on Sunday. The drive over from Abilene was said to be a beautiful one.

H. W. Lamb, agent of Rock Island road left here on Monday morning for Wichita. He is expected home tonight. Rumor says a lady from Enterprise will accompany him.

Mark King left here on Sunday morning to return to Cripple Creek, Col. It was a hard task for the young printer to aocomplish, the tearing away from old time friends, more especially those of the female gender. J. Andrews returned Thursday from a three weeks' visit to the home of his father in Michigan. He was pleased to return to 'sunny Kansas," as the weather east was severely cold, the snow drifts high and the sleighing poor.

yiew of its picturesque surround- i i li iJ Notice to the Public rf fjhs ings may oe natt an sinus Valentine, Clay Center and Chas. E. of weather. Wild pelicans and ducks abound and soon become tame, being fed Styles, Atchison. In this car were located the Wisconsin and Colorado delegations, all of whom vied -with from the hotel windows.

The boldness $100.00 Given Away Every Month of these birds may be attributed to the I have moved the Livery-stock Irom East Main street to my barn on East Fifth street, Solomon, where I shall be oleased to receive orders for 1 It A small house on 6th street, $150 324 a 500 acres of bottom land near Solomon, well improved, good buildings, one of the most desirable properties in Central Kansas; will exchange for eastern land. 324 Large bottom farms to exchange for other property, or for larger farms in eastern Kansas. 309 a 160 acres of good land in Seward county, one and a half miles from connty seat town, Liberal, will trade for clear Solomon property. $1,000 A large house with handsome grounds on Sixth street, (known as the Cory property,) for sale at a low price 324 A large store, with dwelling-rooms Kansans in suggesting and giving pleasure and comfort to each other. strict law which prevents shooting within the limits of Tampa.

During the whole time, three weeks, Here is found the deep water termi which this mixed assembly of forty-two to the person submitting the most meritorious inventiou during the preceding month. WE SECURE PATENTS rt. FOH INVENTORS, and the i persons occupied the palace car 'Uriel' none but the pleasantest greetings nus of the Plant System, the custo house and bonded warehouses wherein are received the products of Cuba, other West India Islands and South American countries. object of this offer is to en-courago persons of an inventive turn of mind. At the passed, and many warm friendships were engendered.

same timo we wish to Impress i The first stop of three hours' dura -K- During our stay at Tampa bay the THE KANSAS EDITOR. The Editorial Association at Leavenworth stands for all that has been already done in Kansas, and it offers the best pledge of its future development and prosperity. There would have been no Kansas without the newspapers. The press has made the state what it is. It has fashioned its history and is responsi ble for its progress.

It has guarded its interests and has been the friend of every movement which has brought Kansas up to its high rank amotig the states of the Uuion. The meeting of the editors is an occasion for joyous gratulation and for abounding hope. The old newspaper men may well point with pride to what they have accomplished, and in their achievements the young men may find abundant inspiration for worthy efiert. Kansas City Star tho fact that a It's the Simple, Trivial Inventions That Yield Fortunes 353 160 acres of fine land in San Luis valley, Colorado for sale or trade for land near Solomon. The land is well situated ready for irrigatin water, right goes.

100 acres in cultivation, balance pasture and hy land; well fenced; artesian well, to. 8 miles from Alamosa, 2 miles to railway shipping point. 313 a 160 acres of good land within mile of Solomon, 110 acres under cultivation, balance tillable, fenced on two sides, young orchard, living spring of water, good shade for hog lot. A bargain for $4,000, on easy-terms. 308.

House 5 rooms, barn, cellar, etc. on Fifth st. Parm enter farm of 204 acres bottom land with large dwelling and large double floored barn close to Solomon and adjoining river, one of the best grain farms in this vicinity. Admirable cattle and hog range. 30 per acre.

160 acres in Saline connty 140 under cultivation, 9 acres bearing orchard. Frame barn, granery, chicken house, etc. Good water. Timber for fuel. 3 1-2 miles from New Cambria.

$3,200. Mortgage $1,500. Will trade equity. A $3,000 hardware, $1,000 furniture, undertaking goods and hearse; a frame store building, double room, and a small residence in Huron, Atchison county, Kansas. Stock all good and saleable and the only store of the kind in that city.

Huron is a town on the Kas. City and Omaha branch of the Mo. Pacific. 17 miles n.w. of Atchison.

Will take clear farm, and some cash in payment. E- B. BURNETT. Solomon City, Kansas tion was made at Evansville, Ind. and French steamer "Olivette" arrived from Livery.

GOODS RIGS ALWAYS READY. TERMS LIBERAL. Thanking my friends and the public for the kind patronage extended to me in the past, I solicit a continuance of your kind favors, Yours respectfully, J. Y. CRYDERMAN.

inner partaken of at an uptown hotel, trip around the principal parts Havanna, Cuba. Nearly 300 swarthy Cubans disembarked, and were greeted such as 0o Lon'i Hook If Hump," II in Clo- 11 by a large assembly of their fellow and Eve. "See that. of the city in street cars led us to believe that the claim of having 50,000 people located there might be true. "Safety Pin," "Pigs countrymen, residents of Tampa and ver," Urake," etc.

si etc. Almost everyone conceives 1-, its suburban town, Ybor, (pronounced a bright idea at some time or la Why not nut Having returned to our cars we were other it in prae- tical use? ruuu talents may New Mohair dress goods at McDonald's, Abilene. Ho in this direction. Mav make your fortune. Why not soon travelling southward, crossed the Ohio river and looked over the fertile tryr lands of "Old Kaintuek." Later we grWrito for further information and mention this paper.

TttE PRESS CLAIMS GO. reached Nashville, and heard remarks about the memorable battle fought there in 1854 and named after the town. Kansas Editorial Convention. Old papers for sale at Sentinel office. Now is the season to prepare gardens.

The ladies' favorite flour is Star of the West. Ask your grocer for it. For sale cheap a large work mare and wagon. A. B.

Crary, opp. Montezuma hotel, Solomon. Philip w. Avirctt, Ocu. 618 Street, Northwest, WASHINGTON, O.

C. About two hundred Kansas edi It being late we saw but little of the capital of Tennessee. above, on Main street, Solomon, for sale. Fourth street, Solomon, lots 97 and 99, each has nearly new five-roomed house thereon, stable and good water. For sale cheap.

257 Four roomed house and lot on 4th street, near Poplar street, Solomon city, $200. THIRD STREET Nos. 107. 109, 111, 129, 131, 135, 136, FOURTH STREET. Nos.

121, 125, 128, 129. 130, 133, 134, 135. FIFTH STREET. Nos. 86, 115,117, 121, 123, 127, 129, 130 131, 132, 136.

SIXTH STREET. Nos. 105, 125, 129, 131, 133, 135, 109. tors, with their wives and sweethearts met in Leavenworth on 17th "The responsibility of this company mny In- judged by tho fact that its held by over one thousand fv And 18th inst. and enjoyed the Ebor.) Here over thirty new tobacco factories have lately been built and are doing a large business.

The work in these factories is done mostly by Cubans and negroes. The smokers of our party did considerable sampling and tried hard to enjoy a smoke, while some more honest confessed they preferred the homemade article to Havan-na goods, even if they were composed of cabbage leaves mingled with a small portion of tobacco. We cannot speak gushingly of the appearance or the sanitary condition of this rapidly developed town of 6,000 inhabitants. But to the tobacco workers of this place's credit, it is said that subscriptions amounting to over $20,000 weekly are contributed to aid the Cuban cause. E.

B. BCKNETT. (To be continued in our next.) ot l. ndmu nowsraocrs In th splendid hospitality, which the gen CuiicJ Stutes. Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Patent business conducted for moderate Fees.

nn. nrnrr nppnsrTr U.S. Patent Office erous citizens ot that tine place pro Heigele has a fine line of steel center, raw hide, eel skin and horse hair lined whips, collars, pads, harness and rugs. ffered them. The meetings were and we can secure patent in less time than those remote from Washington.

well attended by the people of that Send model, drawing or with descrip tion. We advise, it patentable or not, tree ot We passed through Birmingham, Ala. during the night and was prevented from looking over this marvellous manufacturing district of northern Alabama. Reaching Montgomery, we were given three hours to refresh the inner man and look over the historic city where the Southern Confederacy came into existence. Our party rambled over this city gathering relics, none of which seemed to be too heavy, nor too common, for our people city as well as the editors, all evin charge.

Uur lee not due till patent is secured, a sismirr. How to Obtain Patents," with The sensation of the season Star of the West Flour, made by Solomon Roller mill. O. V. RIEOER, Prest.

HENRY KUMPP, V. Prest. R. D. COVINGTON, Cashier.

Missouri National cost of same in the U. S. and foreign countries cing a lively interest in the work. The address of welcome by Senator L. Baker, (who had come from the sent free.

Address, C.A.SNOW&CO.i Patent Office, Washington. D. halls of the Senate to deliver it,) was one of bright, sunshiny words, spoken in a heartfelt manner. It Perfection axle grease is the "boss" article for carriages. Also harness oils, best quality, at Heigele's.


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