The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS VOIj. XXVIII—NO. '1 Blylheville Courier, BljUievllle Daily News, _Blytlieyaie_Herald^ Mississippi Valley Leader. BLVT1IKV1I.L10, ARKANSAS, \VKlh\KSDAY, MAY 13, IIKH Missouri Veloran, ".Rack I'ro'in Grave", Tells of Service, in Foreijrn l>"ioM ' POPUlflCE FLEES IE HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Doutner Is President of France Moscow's War Strength Or, Parade VERSAILLES, France, May 13 i (Paul Doumrr, president of the .sen- ., • i i r> M ,~,| ' atc ' tti>li elected tliiriccmh pri-sl-, Martial La\v rails lo (.neck i' 1 " 1 ' of 1'isnce by paribmrni mm- \ sfl i AH- I n r • h"B as a na ftlOl) Attacks. Oil Kcllgl-ipal.ue here today ous Institutions. MADRID May 13. cuP.-FriB,,,. - j SeTwaf a^n'ed' when' Art ened inhabitants ol nearly a sew j j,, lnild> rc ,. oi „ ,„„„„„.. nlld of cities and towns IHd rom 11>M | )l!n , 1|:a!s , uimomii'ed his v countryside today terrorized by con-; ( ;,-. lv .,| tinued violence of nntl-rcligir. mobs whose fanatical vamlull: martial law failed lu check. Three persons were killid a:i.l five wounded at Cordova when ii,-: il guards repulsed an attack by 'mob 0:1 til;? San Cayelano clnircl:. I Two of the wuundcd wei 1 -: ^iiard;-' men. t Martial law prevailed but niiin- i bcrs of the frightcnc<l populace llc-J. Rp r ] Mrn ,l r,>ltn,, In the south the exodus of pan- [xm| !CCU LOUOtl ie stricken refugees was particularly great. Hundreds, many cf them prominent persons, .sought t^ esca|H? over the border lo Oibral- lar. Monastery Destroyed VALENCIA. Spain, May 13. (UP) More Food and Feed ported lo Farm Board. ; j WASHINOTON May 13 tUP)-{ Brighter prospects for Ihe cotlon | predictions cotton —All v.-ork stopped in "Valencia to- j will be decreased by about, day as rioting mobs continued their! j depredations against religious in- i slitutions. j Martial law was in force but • failed to check the ricts. Mubr, dc; suoyed a monastery, a church of Ihe Jesuit convent, and four other religious buildings. The Carmelite . This. Is was said, will mnkc the i '" s liy '" hnpressive mum-livers Mint lusted Itnce hours. In the background are shown (lie dense south more nearly selt-suslfllni<uj! 'auks of n 1 few thmisnuil privileged s|>eclHlors, includlnx forrfen mllHnry observers and diplomats, than al any oilier time In ils hlsi I • . . ne city council In regular .' monthly session last ubrl'.t. on the - recommendation -of J. P. Leiitl.' newly npHOhiliil clly audllor, veiled lo sel up a system of tax books for a record o( various businesses, car owners and residents eligible lo pay . street lr- The motion ordering tho books p ,r"-cd contained a sllpu- lallon tlut Ihe co.-.l was not lo exceed $350. . . The session was occupied almost cnllr'ily with routine business. May- . or Uced slated that ho had hot roacbcd n'decision In regard to t'lC street, department, the chl?E ' and employes of which we're nal re-ap-"- pilnted at Ihe beginning of Mayor Reed's second term-last month, but... "held over" pending a definite de- 1 '.' cb'ou In regard to Ihe department... All other departmental Ounds were rc-r.pi>ouited. "I had liop<fd,"- May- for Ihls Impressive May Hay pageant In Red Square. Mos- , or >tecd slid, "to reach a decision but In vliy.v of '.':>? contest proceed-. : am not disposed lo make any or changer, r>.t this loday with jit was Ihe mosl pretentious display of military strength In the .post-war history of Russia when thou"""""*" j^iiifis of gray-clad Soviet troops assemble:! for Ihls Impressive May Hay pageant In Red Square. Mos' jcow. At Ihe left you sec the polished marble tomb of Lenin with column after column of soldiers march- Covmcil Authorizes Set of Books for Recording Tax Obligations. lorv. While (hCFC preclielloiis did nn\ conic directly From Ihe form board that borly was umlerstaod to liave and Cistercian convents wore EC*. hc cn Informed that fanners In aiire. the south were planting food hurt Virtually lhc entire coast of Val- stocl: feed crops in record nuanll- lies. Word nlso cnme to the board that there will be n foreign market for high grade coiton. II \vap said Ihe foreign market was chief; ly interested in quality mid tlml the price was of relatively minor imporlancc. i No immediate material improvement in price was looked for and ciieia as far as Olbraltar. as well as most of southern Spain affected by the anti-religious disturbances In the last three days, was under martial law. Arnold Godbey, legally ileail Imt physically alive, is .shown at the left as he appc.-iral on his return to his home at St. Joseph, Mo., after his thrilling experiences in the French Foreign Legion. At . right Ls Goilbc.y as he appeared during the World War when he won j Residence Section of Mic 1). S. V. fcr his hercism ,Tith the Fifth Mariius at Chateau -Thierry. B CRUDE OIL IB EXPLODES 1 loads Roles dovean Diplomatic Officer Clubbed in Attempted Liquor Theft. WASHINGTON. May 13 fUPI — i it was said any such rise" would "ila"- i nr - va "' McMahon, 30. was arrested pend chiefly upon the extent to' ^ P 0 "" ' 0<lns ' ln connection with which fanners reduced ilicir acrc- Arnold Godbey, Alive and Well Has Been Declared Legally Dead S homa City Menaced Jor a Time 'I his Morning. ..EDITOH'S NOTE: This is the first of two exclusive Interviews with. .Soldier Arnold Codbcy, of St. Joseph, Mo., laic of Ftanre's harass Ihe French forces in every slaud how those desert tribes fi^ht. They never advance in a re=u!r.v battle formation. They simply famed Foreign Legion, wiin has just "returned from th=" with a thrilling talc of adventure two wars. possible. When they attack, they gallop their horses madly inlo the midst o! Ihe French troops and stay only long enough to shoot down men and horses and camels, and then take to tiic hills. Days £0 by without any of- them api>c-aring. Then suddenly they (Continued on 1'age Six) BY J. f. WKIG1IT Written for SEA Service ST. JOSEPH. Mo.--Like one returned from the grave, Arnold Gcd- l)ey Is back home again alter being missing 1 nearly 12 years—and even now as he recounts his hair- raising skirmishes with death as a | member of the French Foreign Lo- \ gion in North Africa, he faces a fight to prove that he is actually alive. K year ago Godbey was declared loyally dead by a probate cciirt here and his mother, now Mis. Grace Ciodbcy Mulkey, <:ave up nil I r> j i i i i . A hop? of seeing him again. She j DO&m UliablC to Agree Oil even hid his pictures, to escape! W/nvl- AiilKovi/pd !v " the pangs of grief which over-! V\ Ol rv rtllli!OI l/ O whelmed her every time she saw ' them. And now her son is back, a young but battle-scarred veteran o'f the ., OKLAHOMA CITY. May 13. (Ul' —A large crude oil storage tank in the Capiial Hill residential section I exploded today and for more Irian an hour menaced the thickly populated district with fire. One child, thrown from her bee! by the blast, was slightly burned, as her mother dragged her from their burning home. Quick response by oil field and cily firemen resulteu in bringing the flames under control. Damage from fire, smoke, and water was estimaled at mure than 510,000. an unsuccessful attempt to raid T!lc Wast ' oi unkiiown origin. the liquor supply of the El Sr.lva dor legation. Charge d'Affalrs Scnor Pon Carlos Lena was struck over the heatf with the bull of. a revolver during '•" attempted robbery.' •". Lerza's condition is not serious. McMahon'3 arrest came after the night manager ol a delicatessen store across the street from the legation noticed a suspicious car parked outside. He took the Carcri Valued al $500,000 "f^ >m "*'\ 7™ ,P thcr , m "l n r T v ' .also were held but police released Relieved Total Loss as tncm - j • i-> The men escaped with only len Liner burns. cases ol the lituior. It consisted ol . choice whiskies. NEW ORLEANS. Mav 13 UJPI— A burnlm freighter wliich become afire while al sea three days agojScven Divorces Granted at Osceola Yesterday rocked the south part of the city hour onto tho blaze. today menaced shiplni; in (he New Orleans harbor, today was c-xtin- (luiFhed bv fire fighters who had i:n»r.?d IO.CTO gallons of waler an! OSCEOLA, Ark. May 13.—D. Fred Sidney M. Brooks Mcmnlus Police Clnim Robbevv and Killing al Barrelville Solved. MEMPHIS, May 13 (UP) — Tracing ownershln of an acetylene torch found In the rooms of the Barrclvll!<3 Bank and Trust company which burned early Sunday, killing one man, shnriff's deputies lotluy said : they had solved the robbery aiil slaying. 'They named L. £•. Whc.c'er, 34, would"fw held" In jail "until a spe- time." The mayor icfcrred . to .Hie full instituted by A. D. Fairfield cai-loptliit the vAlidtly of his. vie- tcrv in the recent municipal clec- '. lion. Jail 'Hoard Rtll! High inonlhly reports of M.. O. Gco-Jv/hi. iwllce chief. Hoy Head. . Fire eiilcf. and J.'f. Craig, head of- Ihe cn^hiccrlns department, ' f wcrc received by the council. Auditor L=ull prcsenled his monthly report' and.i\C.,U<:'d the cslflbH^lmien!, o'f n set of tax bcoks. which he claimed would add to Ihe city's revenue' l!uo'.i?'n an accurate record 'Of; tax ' • paymcntn. - . .. : . . . . : monthly bills the al- - dermei'. found tiiaU the:'Jall board 1)111' was. "Mill-high':,.and called upon tile desk sergeants, who were' H ivc n rrsppnsibil It y - f or • brde r In 5 of the ratals'two.months agn, for an explanation.,-Deslc .sergeants had in-, formed tiic ..council at a previous that-. i.f..Rlv<in cnnipleta.,au- .'. spe- rcdiic'.Ioii In the 'board bill. The' cial session of the county-grand{officer;- pointed but tliough the.,, .hiry cnn be held Friday. Ho will: board bill was high that, tho;bill be tried for murder In connection, | n comparison to the number of with the death of Jim McFcrrln, j , )r j s cncrs and days served in Jail - 2J, clerk wlra slept in the combln- j Wn5 lower, alion grocery and bank huUdirigj and who was burned to death in! Mnyor ncad nna ,,, D councll ^ ' :„ ,. l Rested that (ho attenlion of mcr- Officcrs said Wheeler, a Mem-! dmn . ; ^ caUed to „„ ord |nauee UUSLIII8UI1 ' w * machine, owned Ihe acetv-l forbid.i Ing the sv.'eeping of trash' luce torch used n open hi g thcl nll[ , t ,, rt !nto tre str ., c j gtlttcrs ,„ ", , , . . ^ fo " 11(1 ollicr Piuipmcnt found In jtllc bns[ne . s Mct [ on Ma 7 o - clock .:k AclverllSlIlg [I1C nelBHUorhood. in the m-r.lne. It was pointed out '- sweeping Aflrr 7 a. m Li I tie Rock Man Chosen at District Meeting Yesterday. . ..... „ cany today. The cover o! a l.CM- 1 The freighter E! Capilan. New! judge Taylor Jr., presided ns a special j HOT SPItlfJfiR. ^fay IS ' Doubt !f Law Permits TI D 1' r n ' ours of te morni lax Keliel Here:Mibsmucnt Hlterin barrel storage tank on the Phillips Petroleum company's Mcllcth lea.« hurled 100 feet. In an instant names enveloped a baitery of six storage tanks. York cily. D.OOO ton liner of the | Chancery Court here yesterday, i w as yesterday uiianimo'iElv elected Southern Pacific line, was towed i The docket was comprised prlnci- 1 Di?triet Gnvernor of the 6!nd Dls- to the companv pk>r from down 'pally of divorce aclions and suits | (rtct of netarv Iu!ernatl«i at Ihe river near midnight after it had , for the collection of delinquent • uistricl Confrrcnce in se;sion her?. radioed for help. A fire - imorovcmi?nt taxes. „—... j*. v....r. a . | raaicGti asjiin^ lor ncip. A lire - imorovcnvmr, taxes. i H« su The home of Mrs. Dnnnye Wat- •. which broke nut Suiuliv morning; Seven decrees of divorce were! Bluff son, nfty feet, lro:n the tank, was. was gutting lhc ship and \vas be- i gianled to the respective plaintiffs i i He succeeds Al O. Whldden of Pine LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—David was out of the city yesterday and cm.Id not tc reacted for o state-{afternoon. ment regarding the gasoline tux that thi; Afreet deMrtment cleans .the street.*; and gutters in the early hours of the morning and that the i? of the gutters land stuMs with debris from various sto:^* de'lrbys Ihe effect of-the \vork. Tne suggestion was offered teat stores be swept out in ths wrapprd in flames, but not befor rs. Watson dragged Betty Joe. her daughter, from the three tanks caught situation aions the Arkansas-Mis-1R r T Wilcnn souri bonier, which reports from! „ . _. Blythevillc said may result In an FrOm FriSCO res two-year-old home. O:ily yond control. Near mid-morning the was towed from tbo Southern I'a-' Minnie Davis vs. tx>nis Davis; Lu- I in Ihe following steamer! Nicholson vs. n. suits: Louise M. Nicholson; fire. Firemen sprnyr-d large quail-: d titles cf ctiemicals on th and at 10 a. m. all fires had extinguished. cific piers to Ihe Napoleon street cille Cook vs. F. J. Cook: Irene Key j Mr. Brook? has bceil active In i equalization of Arkansas nrlcer 1 to notary work in Arkin^ns sinee 101^. I meet the Missouri price in the '_ havini? been jecrclary, treasurer.! border section. and director of tho Little Rock Other slate officials said A dispatch from St. Louis today tells of th, retirement from the knew of no way the Arkansas law I tmni of " lreclors cf the zed Dy cent Legislature. , I Russians Indicted for Sabotage Conspiracy The y were charged with sabol- livcd. When It is established to the satisfaction of the War Department that he Is still alive, (he peacetime chapter in tho lifo of this 33-Jrear-old veteran will reach a satisfactory ending. His career has been packed with action and drama and tragedy. New he wants to help his mother and live in quiet. If a Kifflan tribesman's fabor"hail been a:i Inch longer Godbey wouldn't be home at all. The incident which nearly ended in death will cover the past five years and for whicn the legislature appropriated $100.000. A decision is expected to be readied by the commission today. Act. 10G of 1931. creating tl'.e Audit commission and (!ennui;; ils powers and duties, appropriated SIOO.OOO for the a::dit, which wo-.ild cover all activities of t'r.c Highway department fvom February, 11027. to March. 1032. "sc costing millions of rubles through mis-tiirecting railroad consignments, especially of machinery and motor parts. Memphis Doctors Speak to County Physicians At the meeting of the Missis?ip- ! pi County Medical Society in \Vil- Mcmbers of the commission ore j son last *>enlng. Dr. R. E. Flack provision, it was poinled out ap- o - "''• of Philadelphia.-They plied only to Fort Smith Texar-' sucwcd ^vcrctt G. Frank and C. kana. Sulphur Springs and June- . w - Mi*-''!, ffeiv York. Etijciin V. R. lion City. :T.;ajor. Chicago, and Mr. Wilson. Farmer Finds Two in Ous in Huss Egg . , UP i_!BIackmer Will Carry Case to Supreme Court j cellor for a "reasonable amount" of. enthusiastic «tn:cnt of the classics i convention pot underway, money, during prosecution of thelRosaU, tops'constantly around his " ' TREMENTO.V. suit and a "permanent amount fort wor |. a copy of D.inlc's "Di- support" if a decree is granted. ! vine Coined 1 .-." a "voluir.e ol Shake- Alexander and Cooper are atlor- sp( , :irei n nd a riictinnary. uey.s for Mrs. Harris. G. C. Scudamore Dies Today at St. Louis Tiie feature acldrc>« of the day will be rlellvreci by Ch->r!es Lemons, of BlylhcvilUv clLslricl prcstrtcTit e.r.d meinhrr of the vo- Whcii patrons charge him withjcatlonnl service coiii'iilltee of Ho- b;ing erudite, Rosalo quotes Socrates: "I am wise eni-.ich to know tint I know nothing." Utah. excmp (TJP)- ricd in Farmer Harry Dre~ pickrf \iy an ?g that weighed 4 5-3 our.css ani The body of G. C. Scudamore. Go. Ulrl u ..^ t ,,^ tu „, ut:ulll r ^P° r 'cd to have decided thai an j o.nci Dr. W. M- Walker, bolh of j f ormcr resident of this city, who lor him happrnetl after he had de- aac<1 " atc an<t thoroush audit can- '• Memphis, gave papers. "Tnbercu-: di D< 5 In St. Louis this morniug will scried from the U. S- Marine Corps i"?' " ran:)c for that alnount - They iosis" was the theme discussed by be brought here for burial. Funeral ant returned to France in 1919 to a ? M if thoy havc • 1llt!lorlt - v I Cr - Flacli a " d Dr ' Waikcr tcok i arrangements are incomplete, ac- cnllsl in the Foreign Lecloii Un ^ cr he Mt to cm P I y engineers • up Ihe care ol pre-natal mothers, i cording to the Cobb Undertaking where the pay of a soldier Is but . ot!ler cx r*rts to check con- Other Memphis physicians prcs-1 company, a fev cents a day. His World War I lon workl or ">"<h°rlty t= cut were: Dr. C. H. Glover and; Mr. Scud fxperieuces had made him feel that lie wanted more excitement before he fcitlcd down. It was reported from Africa that he was ki'lcd and now the first lime I'.e explains what happened. Desert Tribesmen Gallop lo Attack. Then Flee "'"They really thought I was dead, for a while." he says. "As n member of the first ballaliou of the 28th licfiiir.rnt of the Foreign Legion. 1 had taken part In -several clashes i Whole, with the Rlffian tribesmen. [ ic-nlghl "Americans fhnVficnin to under- lhc ummons witnesses and require th?m to testify under oath, it was said. Physicians attending from here! 1927. being associated in business were: C. E. Wilson. Paul L. Tip- j nl var , 01]s ,, mcs wl(n A o „.-,,!. Robinson to Address Gvocery Wholesalers NEW ORLEANS, Mny 13 (UP>- Dr. M- Wilson Scaright. Scudamore was In t-'re auditing business here from 1D22 until late Hoy- j Informed. Oil Turns to Water But Aids Stockholders LOS ANGELES. lUP> — Stockholders In a wildcat oil project near here were ralher disappointed when drillers struck only a heavy flow of ualer. bul instead of oil, they now rave f.vo products of far more value, they have been WASHINGTON. May 13 (UP)—! Harry M. Biackmer. oil man now! a fine of SCO.uOO for contempt of court groivinc out of federal oi! inveftitr.tions recently was • up- nvjsureJ 7 1-S inches o^. 1 ray ; held by Ibc District ot Columbia : -""l 8 5-3 the other. ,!>s granted Ho discovered an egg inside the pending appeal I larger egg. Tho inside s^el! con- -..preme court. ! tiined ths yolk; Hie ouier. the Rotary ma<ra7i:ie durln? th" iv><'• Under tl:j stay the fu-.e will not'while. year and Will Tay!nr. Spriii-jfi?!:!. I be collected until the supreme III., official representative ol the in- I coll ,.[ i )!U ua srcc ] on n le casc . I Part? Plans Yacht fort tematlonal organization, who will j PARIS, (UP)—A large "Yacht tary Jnl-nui-oml. OM-.or 5:>-ak?rs , an [Ml!atc court tcday wa: will bo Uzzell Prr.iifiri. of H!vi!r- n s::ly of inall , latc p,,^) ville. \rt:o will cii^ns-, work en C-.e I to the supreinc court. Wnshburn. F. I, Hus-I Howard" Prccior"and"thL band, P. D. Smith and J- A. Saliba.lal c. Mills. While In business lute w he married Mrs. Ada Brirtgcrnan • ( 0 be"of'"a hi'h 'miivrj who survives him. Mr. and Mrs. | radioactive, and" with a r Foreign Wars Veterans to Meet Thursday Night! Scudamore moved from this city to kct In the city which si St. Louis where Mr. Scudamoie was j of gallons of bottled w First, Ihe water was discovered al content, ready mar- sells millions in ill health for more than a yenr. water daily. Then examination of the gas lib- outline plans for the comin? international convention to be Md at Vienna. Six Atlantic Flights I 7enn i tepp | NEW YORK. May 13 (UP)—The I Bllt giant dirigible Graf Zeppelin with t ' Port" has just teen proposed for Rhode island Tries ! thc cit >" ° r Pari$ to b - l3 * a ted on P I jj . j the banks of the Seine between ths Salmon experiment iPont, de la Concorde and the Pen', I Alexander HI. It Ls believed that PROVIDENCE, R. I. (UP)—To'this project would Increas? pleis- j date, about the only kind of salmon , urc navigation and would bring Rhode Islanders have known that which comes in a can. seven Atlantic crossings including many fine yachts to the Imrt of Paris. now in prog-1 ress under direction of Roland P.! flight around the world already O f B 0 ., vcnc youthful Wickford superintendent fish hatchery, may prove that salmon raising is pract!cabt» In the nation's smallest state. Approximately 1.000 WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair tonight; Thursday fair and warmer. According to the ofilclal tt'eat baby sal- observer, Charles Phillip's Jr.. th; to Its credit, is expected to make six similar trips this summer. The air voyages are planned on a fast rjlane airship schedule between Berlin and South America, Martin Wronsky, director of ths Lufthansa, the German airways their day-by-day development, ifinnm 70 degrees clo';dy To.-iay a system, revealed before his rtcpar-itiie salmon continue to llirlve. ttieyijvir ago ths minimum t-mperalure ture for home. He was aboard Ihe j will be disrtibuted later in hkeSi'u :, CD derfr-rs and the-'maxlmum today bound for (lennanyi j and pnnd.t, l«: d.vr«!« rlfr-4*! mon lis in wooden lanks at the I minimum temiwrature here ycster- hatchery w]^'e Bowen observes I d»y was 53 degrees and the m.ixi-

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