El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on November 10, 1915 · Page 8
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 8

El Paso, Texas
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Wednesday, November 10, 1915
Page 8
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'8 EL PASO HERALD N eariy Stages Impromptu Battle Silver City Team Will Take on El Paso High School Here Saturday. The defeat of the university of -Arizona football team by New .Mexico State Normal by a larger score than that toy which New .Mexico “Aggies" defeated the Arizonans lias jtirred up interest in the game at Rio Grande park, Saturday afternoon, between the Normal team and the high school Tigers. The normal eleven defeated the Tigers at Silver City, 10 to 7, but the local players are now in much better physical condition than they were for the Silver City game, and the coach is confident that they will win from the visitors. The big game will be preceded by a grammar sciiool contest between San Jacinto and Vilas schools. This game will start at 1:15 oclock and the big contest at 12:30 oclock. Miners 1*1 ay Soldiers. At Rio Grande park this afternoon the School of Mines meets the football team of the Fourth field artillery, reported to be one of the fastest organizations in army athletic « ircles. The soldiers have mad£ one change in their lineup, sending Green, a former Carlisle star, to center. \. VI. \orninl Beais Arizona. Silver City, N. M.. Nov. 10.—There was considerable elation in local football circles yesterday over the defeat of the crack university of Arizona eleven by the State Normal team, the score being 6 to 0. As the New Mexico “Aggies” are claiming the southwestern honors by virtue of a 3-0 defeat of Arizona last Saturday, the Normals figure that they have one of the strongest football teams in southwest. Arizona Plays Broken Ip. The- game was bully contested, the strong defence of the Normals and fast work by the backfield broke up all of Arizona’s trick plays, and they managed to complete but one forward pass. Both teams relied a lot on kicking and in this department the Normals excelled the visitors. The Normal team will leave for El Paso on Friday for a game with the El Paso high school on Saturday aft- I ernoon. Fulton ¡¡:_ Anderson s Boast Quickly Starts 1 rouble M BOWLING Scores in the Telephone league matches on the Cactus , alleys, Tuesday night, were as follows: Calloway Team. 1st 2(1 3d Ttl. C- Calloway ...................102 111 87 30ft T. M. Knight................. 1 47 133 13« 41-* J. F. Ross............... Totals .......... Cook Team. H. W. Cook . . L. -E. Shoop . J. L Evans . Tola Is ...........................299 Points won, Calloway 3, Ross 169; high total, Knight 416. the Totals 319 362 35: 1034 but r_~~ Use the Same Care Prudent people exercise the same care in selecting a depository for their funds that they do in investing their money. I he Safety of deposits is the first consideration of the First National Bank, which cordially invites your checking account. Capital and Surplus Over $1,000,000. The First N ational B ank EL PASO, TEXAS Capital and Surplus $615,000.00 Resources $3,370,000.00 Regularly organized departments for all branches of banking. Pioneers'in Savings. Safe Deposit Boxes. We Cordially Invite Your Account Make Your Dream Come True Every red blooded man has an ideal he sometime wishes to at* tain. Some are striving to attain it. Some are only wishing and letting the other fellow get the grapes. If your body is supplied with an abundant vitality your brain will respond with the necessary “I will” and your dream will come true. Get your body in good shape. A consultation with a specialist is free in our office. Call for Dr..Bronson. German-Amerscan Doctors Cor. Texas and Mesa. Be sure and get front offices. H ouston The super-smart shape of the season. Me Collars 2 for 25c Bryan Bros. 12S 11H 109 413 , 377 O *D CO 392 1129 j il a 1st2d 3d Ttl. 1 i a 9G 120 150 366 [ i! 96121 138 355 i r 107111 117 332 . t 352 405 1056 Cook 1 ; high game. Anderson Team. 1st 2d 3d Ttl \ R. S. Anderson ............120 120 11 3 35 3 D. R. Smith ....................108 89 164 361 \V. R. Hutchinson ...144 11 2 129 385 , Totals ..........................372 321 406 Cressingham Team. 1st 2d 3d Ttl R. IT Cressingham ...111 87 101 299 M. E. Bates ................... 89 130 1 26 34 5 O. F. Teschner ............ 119 145 156 42\) 1093 Points won, Anderson 3, Cressingham 1; high game. Smith 164; high total, Teschner 4 20. IIV T. S. ILW'AUK EE, Wis., Nov. 10.— Mike Collins, manager of Fred Fulton, the Minnesota giant, bad a rather peculiar experience while in Oshkosh, where Fulton knocked out Arthur Pelkey in five rounds. Just before the contest started, Collins was presented with a beautiful floral horseshoe at the ringside, given by a number of his friends from Duluth and St. Paul. Someone started to take the flowers over to Fulton’s corner, but Fred Gilmore, who was seconding Fulton, rushed the man back and said, “Hey, no flowers for my man before the contest, they’re a Jonah.” Collins was finally induced to send boy with the flowers to the hotel id afterwards they were distributed imong his friends. I.ate that evening when the fans were discussing the ts of the fighters in one of the 5, Andre Anderson, the Chicago yweight, who had made a special trip to Oshkosh for the purpose of getting a line on Fulton, appeared on the scene. He was greatly excited and rushing up to Collins blurted outv “Say, Mr. Fulton, I can lick your man' Fulton and Pelkey, too, in less time than your man won tonight.” Collins’s face reddened and it was plain to be seen that he was getting excited himself. lie turned to Anderson and remarked, "I don’t know you 'but 1 understand that you have been matched to meet Fulton some time, and I don’t think this is the place to discuss such matters. You had better attend to your business and I’ll attend to mine.” Anderson Insists on Talking. Anderson was not to be put off that way and insisted upon letting everybody know that he could whip Fulton or Pelkey in the same ring. j his ne’- tled Collins and turning to the Chicago man he said, “Say, young fellow, I don't care if you are matched l will bet you ?50 to 10 cents that Fulton can stop you inside of six rounds, and that goes, too.” Anderson dug down into his pockets and pulled out 10 cents and said, “Well, here it is, cover it.” < ollins Started Action. Collins, not to be outdone, dug down and got $50 and startled those around him by remarking. “This bluff has gone far enough. Now just close the place and give us the back room and we will settle the matter right now,” and calling to Fulton, said, “Fred, get ready and strip. I want you to fight this fellow right now.” Fulton moved over toward the back part and really began to strip for action. The pro- HISTORICAL DEGREES CONFERRED BY RITE Degree* extending from the 15th to tfce IStn inclusive, were conferred Wednesday at the 20th semi-annual reunion of the bodies of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in El Paso. The degrees, tfnown as the historical series, were conferred by Oasis chapter Knights Rose Croix. Masters for the degrees were: Fifteenth degree, J. W. Peak; 10th degree, Leo A. Kannapel; 10th degree, Charles R. Trowbridge; 18th degree, E. M. Whitaker. Tuesday night the 14th degree was conferred with F. B. Stuart as master. A feature of this degree was the oration of G. P. Putnam on “God.” The conferring of the chivalric and philosophic series of degrees from the 1.9th to 30th inclusive, starts tonight. The degrees will be conferred by Rio Grande council Knights Kadosh No. The program for tonight and Tuesday is as follows: Touight. 7 p. m.—Nineteenth degree, Pontiff. 7:55 p. m.—Twentieth degree, master of symbolic lodge. 8:30 p. m.—Twenty-first degree, Xoa- chite or Prussian knight. Thursday. 8:15 a. m.—Twenty-second degree Knight Royal Axe. 9 a. m.—Twenty-third degree, chief of tabernacle. 9:40 a. m.—Twenty-fourth prince of the tabernacle. 10:35 a. in.-^-Twenty-fifth knight of the brazen serpent. 1:30 p. m.—Twenty-si^th prince of mercy. $ 2:40 p. m.—Twenty-Seventh knight commander of the temple. 3.40 p, m.—Twenty-eighth degree, knight of the sun adept. 7 p. m.—Twenty-ninth degree, Scottish knight of St. Andrw. Following the conferring of the 29th degree on Thursday night the banquet will be held at the Harvey house. Following are the visitors and the consistory to which they belong: Lewis Rapp, Santa Fe: C. A. Godrey, Santa Fe: Clarence E. Mace, Michigan; R. M. fenders, Arkansas; Allan B. Calhoun, Tucson; Will A. Wintle, Shreveport; Peter B. Laidlow, Lake Erie; Jerry O. McFaden, Texas; Alexander Duguid, Ohio; S. C. Schütz, Mexico; F. B. Wallney, Texas; C. T. krown, New Mexico; J. C. Long, Joplin; S. J. Heafield, Chicago; D. Talzen, Roswell, N. M. ;^W. A. Carns, Army; Edgar Williams, Louisville; Frank J. Horstmann, Tucson; Howard N. Smith. Tucson; Sain P. Cochran, sovereign grand inspector general for Texas, Dallas: J. K. Blackstone, Dallas; J. M. Alexander, Dallas; Louis H. Bachman, Wheeling, W. Va.: Charles Tippie, J. A. Coggin, Sol C. Schütz, Arkansas; J. C. King, Joplin, Mo. VXD HEWS* prietor of the place became excited and thought there would be a general row and did not know what it might terminate in. So he rushed into the argument and demanded that they stop at once or he would have them all arrested. Fulton Quiets Rumpus. Fulton was bound to have his say and chipped in with, ‘‘Well, gentlemen, 1 am not looking for trouble in such a place. I prefer the ring at any time, but this man hail no business hutting in here and I would be willing to fight him for nothing, just to show him that he cannot work such bluffs. However, any old time will suit me.” The matter was dropped and the whole bunch disappeared from Oshkosh the following morning, but it is a fact nevertheless that there came very near being a real heavyweight battle for a 10 cent piece. \\ hite Thought Wells "Ens>. j After his brilliant record in the east | Charlie White, the Chicago lightweight i contender for the title, wanted to show I his home folks how much he had im! pi oved in both cleverness and hitting i and accepted a match with Matt Wells, | the former English title holder, before * the National A. C. of Milwaukee, the I distance to be 10 rounds. it was evi- i dent that White and his manager, i Nate Lewis, did not figure Wells as a I hard proposition at all: in fact, Charlie j expected to win in a decisive manner j over the Britisher. j The Chicago boy was not in his best j form—a serious mistake for any fight- j er to make—and as a result he found ! that the going with Matthew was j anything but soft. Wells was in fine j shape and his left hand was as fast ! as ever, which greatly annoyed the i Chicago lad, as it prevented him from • 'getting set for one of his famous left i hooks which has sent a numbei I lightweights to dreamland of late. ; looked as though W h i te was try ini j feint all the while with Wells ! box cleverly, a mistake he disco' o v e r SAN ANTONiO IS GOING AFTER THE JAY WALKERS San Antonio, Texas, has commenced a rigid enforcement, of its traffic laws and arrests are being made of pedestrians who disregard the provisions against “jay walking. The most salient features of the traffic ordinance applying to pedestrians is as follows. “No pedestrian shall stand upon or cross any public street of this city in any way! so as to interfere with traffic at such places. “Pedestrians shall not cross, or enter upon any street of this city except at street intersections or at points where “Pedestrians May Cross Here” signs are located; and then only at right angles upon that, portion of the street included by the sidewalk lines proiected./ “Pedestrians must wait for the signal of the traffic policeman, where one stationed at any point, and move in th< direction of traffic only, in crossing streets.” DRAW WIVES AND HUSBANDS BY LOT IN RELIGIOUS CULT St. Joseph, Mich., Nov. 10.—How bus- I bands and wives were drawn by lot in \ the “House of David,” a religious cult, t was described Tuesday by Mrs. Augusta i Holliday. She was testifying in her | suit for $35,000 for alleged criminal ■ elander against Joy Purnell, son o* The “king’s” method of conductin the courtships of the men and women of the “House of David,” she said, was clear. Each girl and each her or his name on a slip nd then there was a draw Holliday said the drawing nfused and she protested, a second drawing in conse- e said, and she drew Allen simple and man wrote of paper, a ing. Mrs. became co There was quence, sh Holliday. has returned and resumed Mills Bldg. Ph. 85.—Adv. AMERICAN HAS NARROW ESCAPE FROM TORTURE Omaha, Neb., Nov. 10.—A letter from Morano F Emdredez, a Guatemalan, to R. H. Secord, an Omaha railroad man, tells of the narrow escape of Dr. C: F. Secord, brother of the Omaha man, and himself, a former Omahan, from death by torture. The letter was written at New Orleans, the writer saying that he is in this country on a secret mission for president Cabrera of Guatemala. The writer relates that Dr. Secord, who has been serving with government troops now attempting to suppress a Guatemalan rebellion, was wounded in a fight Oct. 25. A few hours later a relief party found him with a wounded soldier, both tied t oastake in the middle of an ant hill where, it is declar they would have been devoured within a few hours. Dr. Secord is now said to be recovering in a Guatemala city hospital. i * I before the contest had gone the distance. Then he took a tumble and £,et back to his regular stri seventh, but it was too lat Englishman had piled up good lead by that time an had to work overtime to eai draw. Wells made the mistak ing back after the seventh a trying to keep even, as he had the shade up to tlu of j t g to and ered half TKIt.VN T K y v s COME TO EL ! The Houston < Te Mr. and Mrs. C. F. KDITOH TO ' \so CO\V ENTFOV x.) Chronicle says: Lehman of San An- l n n to the as the pretty 'harlie even a f hold- simply knew he ime. The id tonio are in the city for the carnival and are guests of their daughters, Mrs. W. A. Houchins and Mrs. W. D. Austin. Other important members of the Lehman household are the two little daughters of Srs. H >uchips. Mr. Lehman is a veteran officer of the Texas Press association, having been' its treasurer for the past quarter of a century. He expects the El Paso meeting next June to be the largest in history o£ the association. At a cent meeting of Texas editors at Dallas fair, El Paso sent $5 bills souvenirs for each editor, stamping El Paso.” It was Villa money. result was coi part and this the final three W ells Hlames tinual clinching -ave White the sessions. lì iîiisel f. >n his e in o \ s: TEW DROPS Ol T OF 0-15 V V Hit match Wells sa fault. 1 knew I night I could tak< ce and play safe le to look out for knockout left hook. He did ; me once with it and surely if not hit harder he will never title But I guess he did not After the was my own shade and th( for the balan kept telling n o connect with the p who can knock out White has must hav chance t any one the boys punch. “If we ever meet again be foolish enough to hyl will stick to my guns «r- finish. At that 1 do not bt was at his best.” The little Briton is sure from many fighters, for ing to give his opponent due and a bit more, som li. id: “It hhd the * it easy as they W bite’s lot hurt he can- w i n the have a dnt. for some of e a real will not ick, but start to White Boston, Mi. Frank Verri of Australia day bicycle Race officin had quit anc; 3 partner. Verri mav York race à: of d ra< ls YCLE RATE. Nov, 10.—The teams of Italy, and Frank Corry ropped out of the six- ie late Tuesday night, announced that Verri >rry yas unable to find ippear lit it mthe New said. them ever d< Si--year mark boxers who h himself and h; left. rely different he was will- all the credit *thing few of Wells is nearing the but he is one of the always taken tare of manv more good fights liciously tic Ham —Adv. »od old Différé ind Bac fashioned fl; nt,” Sulzberge on. Phone yo ivor “Der’s Ma.ies- ur Dealer. W ELL1NG in: Gary, Ind., Nov. Chicago lightweigl man, also of Chic contest here Tues to the opinion of r VI’S SUER >JA\. 10 .—Joe Welling it. defeated Joe Sh •ago, in a ten ror day night, accordi lewspaper writers. ‘ r - nd ng degree. degree, degree, degree, Known for 50 Years As Remedy for Rheumatism, Scrofula, Skin Diseases. Scientists have discovered that the est and the field, are abundantly plied with vegetation of the Best Catarrh, variou that furnish the ingredients for a remedy, ^or practically every ailment of mankind, from roots, herbs, and ture has placed at the are better than strong and concoctions. Mineral medicines work dangerously on tlie delicate parts of the system, especially the stomach and bowels, by eating out the lining membrane, producing chronic dyspepsia and often entirely mininar the health. ior- sup, kinds, making ill and Medicines' made barks which Na- disposal of man, mineral mixtures oí m a< ta i i ! ill t recognizee blood CANT REPAY FORGED CHECK MAN TAKES SELF TO PRISON Portland, Ore., Nov. 10.—Ray Orr, who had been out on parole from the state penitentiary at Salem, returned there Tuesday, carrying his own recommitment papers. He had been released on his promise to repay §500 on a forged check and also to pay the costs of his trial. Orr recently appeared before* the court which convicted him and announced he had been unable to earn the money. He said he had journeyed from New* York to complete his term of from one to five years. The court then gave him his papers and told him to take himself the penitentiary. BANKING BY MAIL Just as easy to open a savings account with us as though you lived next door. WE PAY 4 per cent Interest, compounded Twice Every Year. We do business under the Depositor’s Guaranty Law of the State of Texas and are a Guaranty Fund Bank as provided by such Law. Our plan, in addition to being convenient, is safe, profitable and liberal. Nobody has ever lost a dollar in a State bank in Texas. Write today for our free booklet, “BANKING BY MAIL.” You simply mail your deposit. El Paso Eank & Trust Co., El Paso, Texas HIGHLAND l» VRIv O'.If IIESTR V DISBANDS) XO MEETING PLACE The Highland Park orchestra has dis- I banded. This amateur organization has > given a number of excellent programs | and was progressing rapidly in the j study of orchestral music. But the inability of the orchestra to J obtain a place for holding rehearsals j caused director T. A. Barnes, who had i devoted much time in the organization of the orchestra, to decide to disband. REMOVAL NOTICE DRINK PURE WATER PRESERVE Y Ol R HEALTH Our Water is Distilled, REBOILED, Thrice Filtered. FREE FROM CHLORIDES AND NITRATES Every BOTTLE will STAND the NITRATE OF SILVER TEST. Phone 114 or 115. We maintain Our Own Delivery System. Ei Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co. JOSE AGLILAR OX TRIAL; CHARGED WITH Ml RDER The trial of Jose Ajpuilar, charged with the murder of Anacleto Pacheco on July 3, began before judge Dan M. Jackson in the 34th district court Wednesday morning. Aguilar is alleged to have fatally stabbed Pacheco at the former’s home in the 3700 block on Rivera street, as the result of a quarrel. THE INTERNATIONAL KETCIIERSID, wishes to office from Rooms 1, etc., Hammett ROOMS ( i uaraiitei Sii ( >e etc., Stoi SPECIALIST, DR. announce removal of his Bloc-k, to BUCKLER BLOCK (over e). ENTRANCE. 1205 MESA AI TO IS STOLEN, DRIVEN THREE BLOCKS, THEX ABANDONED An auto belonging to Roberto Gutierrez, of 1001 Rio Grande street, was taken Tuesday night but was abandoned after being driven three blocks. A bicycle a South El It belonged was taken from in front of Paso street store Tuesday, to C. H. Kelero. AYE., El I ISO, I <vx WISH to add that pletelv equipped Avitli apparatus needed f my new offices are now every modern com- seientific \ EGROES CH VRGED WITH ASSA1 LT. The preliminary hearing of 'William Hardy and Elijah Spencer, negroes, charged with assault to murder Walter Statum, a negro, began before justice .1. M. Deaver Wednesday morning. RU NERVOUS, Will be glad or PTÜRE, BLOOD to see old and the successful treatment, of VA RICOCKLE, CH RO-NIC, and SPECIAL and new patients DISEASES, at niv new ( > ffi. € APTV1Y OF DETROIT TIGERS GIVEN I \ CO \ DITION VL RELEASE Detroit, Mich., >|ov. 10.—Announcement was made Tuesday that George Moriarity, captain of the Detroit American league baseball team, has been given his unconditional release by F. J. Navin, president of the local club. It is understood Morality has received several offers to manage minor league clubs. CVRMEN S\LV V. OF til MANIA, * I \DER<iORS EVE OPERATION Bucharest. Rumania, Nov. 10.—A cataract has successfully been removed from the right eye of queen mother Elizabeth, of Rumania, better known abroad as Carmen Sylva. Yes; S. S. S. !s Purely Vegetable Nature’s Safe Blood Treatment S. S. S. is guaranteed to be a purely \egetable remedy. It is made entirely of gentle-acting, healing, purifying roots, herbs ami barks, posses that build up all parts lition to removing till impurities 1 poi.'On-' from the blood. S. S. S. is -ate treatment for Rheumatism, Carli. Scrofula. Sores and Ulcers, Skin g properties the system, Contagious Blood Poison, and i of the blood, it cleanses system and it's permanent, at anv driijr store. S. S. S. e\ erv- disorder entire S. S. S. s a standard remedy where as the greatest 1)1 ood antidote ver discovered. If yours is a peculiar case write to S. S. S. Co., Atlanta, Ga.— Advertisement. are times when more power than the Detroit Electric wilt never disappoint you whether you are climbing a steep hill or pulling through heavy going. From its big batteries Rows a continuous, resistless power-stream velvety smoothness. It carries you swiftly and silently over rough interurban roads as well as paved streets. Yet though the Detroit Elcctric has this abundance of power it is so completely under control that every member of the family can drive it in absolute safety. Let us arrange a demonstration for you. trices range from $1975 to $2275 Anderson Electric Car Company DETROIT, MiCH. ■*1 mi far! u rer Detroit Electric Car, E. ACCESSORIES CADILLAC SALES COMPANY P. a S. W. BLDG. PHONE 5105 WÏNTON SIX El Paso Auto Sales Co. THE Six of -Î0 A Soutfcwesfrrn Garage, 11« >. Kansas St. W. H. MARSH, MGR. EL PASO OVEELAND AUTO CO. Overland Automobiles and Willys Trucks 120-122 SAN FRANCISCO STREET. ' PHONE 170. Oakland Oakland Auto Saies Co. H. FA( TORY DISTRIBI TORS 407-409-411 Myrtle Avenue. LIMARE. Mgr. Tel Ì142 FISK RED TOP NON-SXIDS FOR FORDS, 5,000 MUE GUARANTEE WESTERN MOTOR SUP?LY CO. Phon*; 528. 318 San Francisco St. RAILRDAD AND AUTOMOBILE TIME TABLES depart from Union o street. All ui Paso or Chfcafr», 5:00 p. in, . Chi capro. L.O» p. m. • m. ! 1 All trains arrive a station, foot of Ban Fraruis< arrivals and «ippartures giveu mountain standard timf\ SANTA FE. For Albuquerque, Denver, Angeles—Lv. 8:50 a. m. and i From Albuquerque, Denver Angeles—Ar. 10 a. m. and 6:55 p, m. KL PASO & SOI THWKMERN. (Western Division.) For Arizona and Sonora—Lv. 2:55 and 7:45 p. m. From Arizona and Sonora—Ar. 7:00 a. and 1:40 p. m. (Eastern Division.) For Kansas City. St. Louis and Chieag L.v. 1:56 p. m. and 4:45 p. m. For Tucumcari—Lv. 7:30<a. m. From Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas ( —Ar. a. m. and 2:40 p. in. From Tucumcari—Ar. 7:20 p. m. H. & S. A. AND S. P. TRAINS. For San Antonio, New Orleans and Ws Ington—Lv. 8:45 a. m. find 10:30 p. m. From Washington, New Orleans and Antonio—Ar. 5:30 p. m. and 10 p. m. For Arizona and California—Lv. 6:45 m.. G p. m. and 10:15 p. m. From Arizona and California-—Ar, S:G0 a. m., 1:30 p. m. and 10 p. m. TEXAS ,V PACIFIC. Dallas and St. Louis—Lv. 6: m. i St. Louie and Dallas—Ar 5 p. m. MEXICAN CENTRAL. Aguascalientes and intermediate —Lv. Juarez at 8 p. m. Aguascalientes and intermediate \r. Juarez 7:30 a. m. IIICKOK Tri, HOTEL Engie. AND AITO LINE N. M. train ind P: Los mil SPRINGS. I .AM ESA. TEX., AI TO LINK c.ontaVeS Springs daily except Sunday at i ..■»! a. ni.. arriving Lamesa via Soash and Spaienberg, at li noon, returning to Big ^pr:ngs panic day at 5 p. m. 53.50 one way, ?b.00 round trip. Cordill & Smith. Prop«., 15itr Springs, Tex. Tl I YKO>A-MKS( AI.KKO. ■aves Tularosa for Mescalero, dailv il trip; fare to Alamogordo $2. D. \V. Shoemaker Auto Line. Tularosa, X. M. CITY—-MOGOLLON MA(.K LINK Way $7.50; Round Trip SI5.00. Steamer. 12 Passenger Car. write for reservation, ears experience Mogollon Road. Frank Townsend, 3ox 703—Phone 24S. it y. =h- i Auto li ! $3 roun SILVER One Wire o Eight P Silver a. 1. VS CKl CES FOR M ESI I.LA \ Leaves Herald offic 15 p. m. Fares fron \! TO LINE. VLLEY POINTS. ? each week dav L El Paso to— ' For : 0 H p Fron '»0 a. in., 9:45 ith< For :>ints— From ">ints— Park I, rt L it MEXICO AND NORTH WESTERN. For Pearson and intermediate points—Lv. Juarez Mondays and Thursdays at 8 a. m. From Pearson—Ar. Juarez 0 p. m. Wed* ( nesdays and Fridays. lio^w ELL-AL YMOGORDO PASSENGER AND EXPRESS LINE. I Automobiles leave Alamogordo for Ros! well Kt 7:30 a. m.. arrive at Roswell at 5:30 p. m. Westbound automobile leave Ros- j well for Alamogordo at 7:00 a. m. Arrive • at Alamogordo at 4:15 p. m. Stops are . made at the following points: I Picacho, Tinnie, Hondo, San Patricio, Glen > Coe, White Mt. Inn, Mescalero, Bent, Tularosa. La Luz. Through fare one way SI 0.00. Intermediate points Sc per mile. Twenty-five pounds basjgage carried free. Kxcess lc per pound. Telephone No. 22 or No. 564, Roswell; 4!) or 43 Alamogordo. Bert Browning. Genl. Mgr. Roswell. New Mexico. __p. LAKE STON Meets i Wir ^ where ; dailv. Dr for El P 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.15 2.00 2.00 >o VALLEY. IIILI MiORO AND lvIN<;. VI TO STALE AND EXPRESS LINE .11 trains at Lake Valley, at my expense for special trips it any time. Rates reasonable F. W. MISTER. Hillsboro, X. M. any- t«LOBE TO ours. Via R PHOENIX. p. n liila nations V al lev i m. Leaves 8:30 a-, m. ? 15 Make A ut. *tuge Lim*, dohe, A ri s. ROSVV ELL-CARRPZOZO ' AM.. Pi LINE. Roswell : S a. m. ,-o!n, ' Ft. P< Inte ía ge mie- car- free VIL LINE. 1 8 a. an. i 3 p. m. ; MARFV-FORT DAVIS VITO Leaves Fort Davis daily and Sunday: Leaves Marfa..................................................... One way, §2 50: round trip. $4.00. r (i. VV . Davis, Prop. li! V< L RANGE At TO STAGE AND EXPRESS LINE. Passenger service, leaving Engle ai Chloride daily except Sunday, at 7 a. m. f Elephant Butte, Cucliillo. Willow Sprint and Fairview. Through fare one way, $ Intermediate points. 10c per mile. Ba gage carried 50 pounds free, excess cents p*r pound. iïoswell Auto Co. Owners and CL PASO-LV MI> l'PPER V ALLEY HERALD Di i\es Herald office p. in. Fares from V AI TO LINE. W EST S!I)E. ;li\ EEV. each week da El.Paso to the «I 1.00 1.85 1.60 a. m N, M. K. I’. Hewitt.

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