The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1930
Page 10
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PA HE TEX THE DAILY COURIER, CONNED .SVILLB, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1980. r Savings Take Care Of Themselves When Feu Get The Classified Reading Habit Quarter 'l ADVERTISING I M ortMATION A l l a i H a t. i s t r U t r d to their propsr U-,sit! a t l o n a id to the regular style of t*p" The pub ishers i esei ve the i IK!H to pclit cr reject any classlQed u c i v e r t U l n j r copy E t r o r s In aO vertlsetnonta should be l e i i o r t o d I m m e d i a t e l y . The Courier w i l l not bo re p u n s l b l o tor more than utt" / i n c o - - e t I n s u r t l o n .Chdigod ads for responsible parties w i l l h* receli. i d by t e l e p h o n e , and, It paid w i t h i n six days, t-aah rates w.ll be a l l o w e d , , A d v e r t i s i n g ordered tor Irregular ins e r t i o n s takes the ono tlmo rate. No nd It taken tor lesa t h a n a basis or threa lines Count tho average wordi to t h e llnu. An avciage word contains six l o t t o i a Ads ordered tor three or fix timM and stopped b e f o r e expiration will be charged for only the n u m b e r ot time* the ad. a p p e a r sd, arid adjustment mad« at Spe*laf me » tor yoarly adv«rtlalns u p o n request. CLASSIFIED "ADVERTISING RATBS. Dally rate per Una tor consecutive insertions One Time . . T h r e o Times 4.U Tiraea ' OT .OT WHEN AND WHERE TO YOUR Al?S. The Clawed A d v o r l « « l n « f Department la s i t u a t e d at Courier P lace This olUte .. open to receive advert u e m e n u f , o i r , S.aO A. M. to 5. UO I ML Announcements Dent lis 1 MRS KMMA Thi f u n e r a l s e i v j ' o l o r M i s U m m a U u t k o t t 77 je.ii'. ( 1(J, nas h e l d Sat- iinl.iv u t c r n o o u at t h e h o m e of her d i i i i n n l o r M i s H i t t l f j Shaffer, o f E U u l m i n Sho WJVB t h e nkhnv of Rv A I / B u i k c t t . \VH " l a m U u r U e U of M i i l t l i f l e l d Is a sun. Automotive A'ltonioblreis 1'or Sale 11 H. D. ROW. F o l l o w i n g a b r i e f Illness of complications H D C r o w . 2!i yeara o l d , of P o i n t M a i l o n , died TUurday 1 a f t e i n o o n at the U n l o n t o v r n H I'bone Your CIna»H«* Ad. No, ia, 13 or 4BO. The Ad Taker w i l l S ladl * " vou/ad t.rlns the jr« Classification Index The iua»viiu-H auverusement. under t h e tolloAuu; uu««lnc*tUm »r. «- ·uat'od 1» A^i'UAUJbmOAl, order tor A .\ A « t! A C k. 1 1 l!*J» ' 1 -- Uuatli i --» j -- In .Uo 4 _ ^ i o W u « * ana M o u r n i n g Qood» M _ K u n i n a t UlfBotoi* 0 _ Motiuuiants uiiU Cemoteiy L.OU 7 - i J C l B O I l « l l » _ B -- H e i i r i W U B and Social KvenU 1) -- a^cioti » aud A.ti'l».uuliv b. -- A _ A u L u J u t u i l e Asencle* 11 -- A U I U I U 'biiua tor ix^lo 1 ' -- A u u IIUUK.M, lia-tturs. Trallar» ij-- A U I O ^(.caawueb. TUB*. Part* t^Ioaia.B.»-- A U I O B tor lilre. Tail lo-- jJ.otoi.»"od and iiicyole. i o - i ^ l ^ ' i u»-- b o i v i c o btatiuiiB 1T _ \ V a a t a -- A u t o m o t i v e S t,liyldi. - uiiiji o o i \ n - B utterea \ n n o to i-»me L I U U H . . ii«auty l-arlor. , ly __ Buildi is un«l L · CH-CUJ.UI 14,, U j t i i i K . Ueaovatlns ".-_ Li .!,»i uauua a n U Millinery T, _ Ut*t.M». A J luun. · -- u - u i a m . c J.UU b u t e t y iiovi:i», ' l i u o k l n B , S 'ttiriti , b '. VapoiuiK. .t.i,,, i.iib''avins, Ulnding ., _ neiiii int; a" 1 * Keunl»« au-a -- v w i i n s a and Uittioluteiy ^0 _ ' l a i l u i u i s and 1'iesalns l--Wantt d -- ausiiiean to - ^j _ Help \ V a n t a d -- f e m a l s W-- lLlp Warn Jd-- Male j j _ ln,ly--llJ«^o aud i-'uinala · 2 _ ij/j^cltois. Uauvasserb, A g u n t i ^ _ faituailojis W a n t e d -- Fernais U 7_bituatluua Wanted-- ja -- tiuslneaa Opportunities ·i) -- inves.mtnts, Stoclts, Bond* 4 U _ iumey to l^oan, ^0-a -- 1'amily L.oane 41 _ W a i . U d -- J.u iioirow i t,ai)ondeti-e Courses 4^-a -- ii.»v,ellauooUB 4,; -- liis»uui.Uuu Ciaa^as 4 J _ MuaKal, UiiucinK, Dramatic 4 0 -- t i i v a t e inatiu-tjou 4o-a -- 1'ilvate Inatri'utlon -- Muslg i Cats, Other Pet* oi-s. Cattle, Other Stuck a u d 47 -- jUG 3lfc,ilCllA UlSsK -- i ii -- AI tit its foi Sale ^l-a -- Ua tor and Exchange. u*--Uuii. and AtvCSboiles bu -- builUiujja, B u i l d i n g Material. jl -- l i u a u n o s and uUlee i-quipment j,, -- 1'aiiu and Lu.iy P i u d u c l a 5^,. u -- i.a in l^iiuij luont 0-- l-'utl, i!'t.«d, i e i t U U a r 0 7 -- uuod Tiansa to E,a -- lloiu.uicidu bu -- Jov, t u y , WatcuoH, Diamonds 1,1 -- lUaci m e i y and Tool* i-a.t Aicn-uaudiae j 0 -- tu(,ai, flams, b l o w e r s oi -- £pe- itla at uie 00 -- V V a n i o d -- 'J.O ttuy UOOUis AM» UOAUU-- j,; -- KOOIUJ \VUIi Jioard 4,!, -- itooiaa, Wiuiout Board. li'J -- Kooiua, tor iluuatj«.«uvi!i(j 7U -- \ in_t-lion 1'lacea 71 -- V V u u i a to liiH 11. -- W u c i o lo atup in Town 7a -- W a n t e d -- Uouuia 01 Buard IttAJ. L-SA^illu 1-Ou" Ub.A'1'-- 7i -- A p u i t m t s u t a and Klau 76 -- jjua.iieas 1'lai.tia for Kent a aud t-ioOa for Uent a f u r Kent and Duak Koor|i , Mouiuaia l^aiie for Keut 60 -- B u u u i i j a i i , C o u n l i y t u r Hunt al -- W a i l e d -- To Kent JU,A)L Usi.VTIfi I- Oil SAWS-Lx -- u.vj l i c i t In Hum Estate fe^ -- U u a i n e a o l j i u p t ! i t y for tiale j.. 1 . -- i 0.1 1. la uud l^and for bale h i - U i L i s t a l o r £aje bo -- i ^ i u t o r sala bii -- n ; . ) i o M o u n t a i n , Lako tor Sale 6. -.sun 11 oar foi suie 8b -- io i M i i a u K o -- b! -- ' \ V . t i ted-- Koul b.atatv A I *.'! 10 S -- I.1.I.A1. -SKI -- A u L . u n t . v r s . Auction 1 1 -- L,et, il Police* 7U -- i a i 7 v -i -- ui 7u -- fiii H A B H I ' l r f ' l-'l I. P may bo l u c k y b u t thi'j c a n t In 1111; v o u half this ijood f u i - t i « i u t u t i l i l U i c j d l i i K o f tha 111 It « til tl U !·' KHNEST JJADB. Ernoat Dade, colored. 10 years old, »on of Mr and Mrs Henry Dacle of Lelsenringr No. 1 dl«3 Saturday at the Union town Hospital from p n e u m o n i a He was born at Ti otter on Doeemboi 23, 1010. ' In addition to h i t parents, he Is survived by f o u r slatt rs, Mrs Edna Cole of Gates, Mrs Edith Clarke of Palmer Mrs Marie Williams of Brooklyn, N Y, arid Miss Bessie at homo, and f o u r brothers, Lawrence of dates. Mitchell of Louisiana, and Flmei and Maxwell, at homo. The boly was r -moved to the late hpme by Funeral Director French S. Durst. The funeral -will ha heW Tuesday afternoon. At 1 o'clock a service w i l l bo co nd tinted at the late home followed by a f u l l service e t 2 o'clock at the M o u n t Zlon Baptist Church with Rev R. D. Epp«, pastor officiating I n t e r - m e n t will be made In Hill Grovo Cemetery. LOX.A KNOFS2STDER- MOUNT PLEASANT, March 17--Tho f u n e r a l service wa v held this a f t e r n o o n at 2 o'clock at Pennsvllle Baptist Church for Lola Knopsnlder, t h r e e m o n t h s old. (lauslrer of Mr and Mrs David Knopsnlder, who died Saturday at the. parental h o m e near Pennsvllle B u r i a l was made in the Pennsvillo Cemetery. MRS. HILDA HOLT. Mrs. Hilda Herman Holt, 82 yea/fs old, wife of Barry Holt, died Saturday moi'nlng' at her J ome, near McKeesport Besides her husband, she is a u i - vivefl by three cl lldren. She was a niece of Miss Jeni la Holt, Mrs. Jamoa K e n n e d y and T. .1 Holt of ConnellB- vllle, and « a s we I k n o w n here A n u m b e r f r o m 'onnellsvllle will attend the f u n e r a l service to be Tuesday afternoon at 8 o'clock. LOUIS LO] Louts Loraln Q u f f h t p r of Mr Queer of L a m b e r t Ing at the LTnlont plications Beside survived by one · Tha f u n e r a l sei afternoon at the Nagray In charge M o u n t Pleasant i .SPECIAL MARCH OFFERINGS' AT THE HUMP. OF BETTER USED CARS dec Us Flist B e f o r e You Buy. CARS 1020 CHEVROLET COUPEfJ (2.) 10-2S CHEVROLET CABRIOLET. 1020 CHEVROLET COACH) 1028 CHEVROLET COUPE 1027 FURL* TUDOR SEDAN 1028 CHEVROLET COACHES ( 2 ) . 1027 S T A R COUPES (2). 1023 OAKLAND COUPE H TRUCKS. 1927 DodKo. 2-ton Post Truck, w i t h new tires on icar. Cheap. 1028 Chevrolet 1 l-2ton Truck. 1028 Two, Chevrolet 1-2 ton Trucks MASON MOTOR COMPANY Trades--Open Sundays--Terms. WEST APPLE STREET. PHONE 10S. ,NOW ON DISP.LAY THE NEW NASH STRAIGHT BIGHT EVANS MOTOR COMPANT BAST CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE 7T. Aatu Accessories, Tires, i'nxts 18 WE JPAT CASH FOR TOUR--Old worn out c»r or truck, "Ain't That Sum'tlnK." Regardless of what model, kind or c o n d i t i o n . Yes, we'll call for It, If you phono "8S '· Fayetto Auto "VYtreclUns Co., McCortnlck Avenue. Repairing--$or\fce Stations 16 'AIN QUEER leer, five years old, and Mrs. Web BUT died Saturday morti- n-n Hospital of coni- i hci parents, she IH later, M a f g a r p t . vice w u s h e l d t h i s home, w i t h Rev. 1 I n t e r m e n t was In 'emetery. JAMBP ULLERY James Ullery, 7 years old, died Saturday n i g h t at I Is home near Car- mlclnieis of i n f l r r r ties of age He w.ia the f a t h e r of Mrs Kate Daugherty of M o u n t Braddock. FELIX wo rcyECHOWSKI. Tho f u n e r a l service for Felix Woji-yeckowskl, v h o was f o u n d dead In bod at Y o u n g - s t o w n , Ohio, Thursday morning, wag held at 8:30 o'clock this t n u i n l n g t at the lome of his p a r e n t s , Mi and Mrs Ml hael W o j c y e t k o v \ a l c l , In West Gibson a v e n u e at 8 3 0 o'clock and requiem hlgl mass was c o l e b i u t e i l at the Holy T r i n i t y Roman Catholic Church at 0 o'ulu k. I n t e r m e n t was In the church com* tcry In charg-e of F u n e r a l Dliector F r e n c h H. Durst Pallbearers W f r e A n t h o n y B . ,uid lid- w a r d Kirka, Ma t h e w J Lngan and' Samuel Callgru'ro MRS J!JX ·TIE WORRICK. M r s J o n n l e \\ orrlck, a. n a t i v e of F a j e t t e c o u n t y , illed Saturday In Warren. Ohio, follow inff an operation. The f u n e r a l s -rvlco will be held Tue-sday a f t e r n o o n at 2 o'clock at Uie h o m e of her son, James W. Worrlck of South Urownsv lie, f o l l o w e d by a s e r % l c e at the Methodist Protestant C h u r c h of Hopwood and Mourning Goods 4 FUNERAL DEMONS -- A n d wefldln* b o u Q U f l s a spec ally. Oglevee's Flower Shop, 105 12. C a w f o r d AVQ., Phone 424. Strayed, Lost, Konafl 10 FOUND--Key ring w i t h one key on it, on South Side Key has, Plttaburg marked on It. Owner may have name by I d e n t i f y i n g key ring and paying for ad. Automotive Automobiles Por Sale !1 OUR MARCH LSBD CAR SALE--Is still in f u l l bi tst fatop in today anl lot us show ^ ou Boino real buys In excellent Used Cars. Easy payments. Terms OUisntoibllc-Connellavllle Co., 117 Kast Apj le sticet. Phone C74. STOP IN TODAY!--And see oiir tfsed Care b e f o r a l u r i n g ; Evans Motor Service, W, C n t v f o i d Ave. Phone 1834 USED CAR 8ARUAINS--^We have just the car r ou want. West Side Motor Compai y. Phone 407, MODEL "A' FORDS Here 1 1 Your Chance To Get A Late Model At A Low Price l!) CARS- Are all in the best of condition am, h u * e many t h o u s a n d miles of u in seel transportation In them -- Stoji in today and pick y o u r » out. 1020 Mode "A" Touring- Car, KMO Mode "A" Tudor Sedan. 10UD Mode i "A" Sport Coupo. 1029 Model "A" Pick-up. Trades! Easy Payments! Terms! HETZEL- YOUNG MOTOR COMPANX A.UTHORlZr,D FORD AOJ5NCY SCOTTDALi;, 1 A. PHONE 470. HERE IS IS! A RI/AL BARGAIN 1W8 HUPMOBILBJ SEDAN JUST LIKE Ni3W--Therefore we will aell U w i t h i "New Car, 30 days' G u a i u n t e e " PRICED AT 5780.00--TERMS! HUPMOBIL.B SALES AND SERVICE 250 E CRAW1 ORD AVE. PHONE 243. ri.ENT' OF fiOOD u»«-.i cars are p « i k d ! · t K, r i , « i i l ( d Section Make you] i i · j i o n u a U d i i v « tli« car 1026 OLDSMUHILLE SEDAN f s. NOTE--In good r « n n l n g - condition. Tires excelhnt. A si.i c j l i n d o r cn-r for only ?3U Cash A Oargaln II Them Ever Was One. SK1C II' i HADDOCK FIRESTONK .'ERV1OE STORES, INC. tHONK 21. AUTO REPAIRING -- R« repaired and cleaned, lxw prlcea KuJhrer's Repair bhop, 313 N. 1st St. Phone 2012 GALLEY'S £UCO AND BODY SHOP-- Jlody and Fender Repairs-Duco and top work Wo save l o u money. Phone 10T3. GUARANTEED WORK--Is done at "Earl KeuHliu's Shop." by expert me- ch mica. Don't get "He-Ousted" I t I t 1 , not rig-lit % v o ' l l make I t rltr Rea.r Rhodes Motor ItUlK . West Side. Phone 2038. Service Business Service Offore« 18 GHT YOUR FURNACE CLEANED NOW! DON'T PUT I T OFF FOI. LESS M.ONBY--Our Super Servlco V i c t i u m Clean ir n l l l io the job. A\ u alao do repair work. A R I I O Y K R W A R M A I R HEATING I 2 N G J N K E R PHONE ;!OS! CONNKLLSVILLE, PA. Straff sho\v -wpich \vay the wind blows J And the ads in- The Daily Courier's Clas rifted Section show where real economy iies. They guMe you to substantial savings T Your Ad Will Be Taken B an Ad-Taker I f You Phone 12, 13 or 490 SALVATION ARMY REVIVAL CONTINUES FOR ANOTHER WEEK The Salvation Army revival will continue for uiiother week. There have been 21 ,converted thus far, according to announcement of Captain O, J. Fox today. Different speakers will preach, oach evening. Mrs, Fox will be the speaker tonight. The meetings will Ixgin at 7.30 o'clock. Financial Family .Loans M-A NBBD MONET QUICK1 F? 24 Hour Courtenu* S»r* lc» On CASH IwOANS Up To ! 30O. BMAJL.L, MONTHLY FArMBNi' 'S -- Com* In for tuli Information -- J u t Pboo*. "S*" or writ* FBKSONAi, FINANCE CO 112 -WBBT CRAWFORD AVBK JH, C1TT Instruction Private Instruction--Mi sic 4-A INSTRUCTION -- Private, mandolllT, piano, banjo, g u l t a i , u k u l e e, Gibson School, ».bov« K u r t z Jewe ry Slor«. Live Stock Poultry t Snppl ei BABY CHICKS--All bread*. Price $13 to f20 por 100 Loucka Hardware Company. I'hon« 18( V e deliver. RAJ3-J CiriCKB. COME IN TODAT -- (r pi- Jn« "104. We have hundred* of o ilcke, all breedo. Friiieo Harlwar« Co. Merchandi* t fuel, Feed, FertiUi r Heating, Plumbing. Booting; QUALITY PLUMBINO-- And neatlng. William Seller* Company, South Plttatmrg Bt, Phone SHO. Prompt Service, and Surety Uonntc INSURANCE ALL KINDS fiXCKPT LIFE' FASfBTl'TE HEAI/TY CO PHONfi 187S T. D. GARDNER, MUit, INSURANCE--"We write It right" All kinds Cook and Laughlln, Inc., I n e u i d i i o e , aut) First National Bank iiuiidliiK. Phone Kid, INSURANCE--All kinds, exoeptlnv lite. Uertb« Cuntilugham, Inn., Notary Public. 400 i'Hrat National Bank Phone 4UQ R«a. 10UU-R. irucioug, surage G£.NER«AL HAULING--Local and distance m o v i n g S. M. Grimm, 22V v lrat bt. Phone 48. ULOTFELTY'S TRANSFER--Local and long distance. Upp. Ailin^ton Hotel. .Phone b-iil. R e a l d e n c u 4102-Rlng *'*· FaintlHg, Puperlng, Docoratlitg 3(1 WELL FOLKS, HERE I AM'--Ready to i u r v e y u w i t h wall impei and htiin;- uig. L. Bo/d, phone AVA. Awuiugs itiid Upholstering. 89A CHJCK SEASON 13 H 3RE WE HAVE--A f u l l line of C itck Feeds and Grain, Vitality IStartinK Maah, w i ' h co» liver oil, per 100 llis $4 60 Conkey's Slarllnx Mashe«, 1 0 lb« J4.TO Vitality Chick Grains, 100 b« |« 15 Oollls's Pure Juried K u t t o r m i k, Ib. l l o Rolled Oato for Chicks, per ib..... 4a Mien Chick Grit, per 11 2o Lime for Gardens and Lawn i, 10 Ib back 25c SPECIAL FOR THIS WEEK 25 Ib. Goidwt Link Bread Fl- ur,...»100 8EK US--For Cash Prices n all kinds of mill jfeeds and grains. CITY CASH FEED S' ORB PHONE 120. CONNKLLS /1LLE, PA. CONNELL8VJLLE COKING COAI*--12o delivered, Co at the mine We«t Sld« Coal Company, Ninth »ti eet, oorn«r avonuc, Phon i 1876. Household Good FOR SALE--Oil stov«; gas anf«i combination range; k i t c h e n ablnet; extension table; sewing me :hlne; beds and dresser.1. Dull'o Stora ;o, 122 Eaat Peach Str»ot. Ph Jue 60. THREE 'HOLE GA8 Rj* NGE--With baker, suitable for Hfrht houaekeop- liiK. Chea-p. 704 Aotna treet. 69A ATWATER KENT F ADIO BALES AND SERV -CE PHONE 1628. BOSCH RADIO -- Scre«n-i Irld. Fr*e demonstration. Radio Ser-ic« Co., 130 South P l t t B b u r g »tre»t. ] hone 1766. EDISON AND PHILCO--R idlo». Fro« demonstralloiis. Thomt » J. Lleb, 112 Went Apple street. Phone 1002, 8EI3!--The New Stawart-"K amor Radio Models now on display it Clarke's IJruir Store, North Pittt mrgr street. Phone 10*. We service ill makes. CLASSIFIED ADS have iroved to be i unjjs In the ladder of aucc ss tor many men and women. UPHOLSTERING--Let us rostoi e that used f u r n i t u i e to, look like new. Phono 1027. flatlet's. So, Pgh. St. Tailoring aud 1'ressing 80 IUCHMAN CLOTHES--AH $22 50. Sold only by Simons Cash and Cany. Plione 1WI3. IF YOU LiOSB a n y t h i n g he finder of It can easily find you If yoi use a "Lost and Found" ad. Employment Help Wanted--Male 33 ADHBRlfl TO th« ha-blt of classified reaidlngr and prosperity wl t adhere to you. Merchandise Wanted--To Buy CLEAN WHITE RAQS--"Wanted. Wtll pay Sc per pound. Courier Company. WANTED TO BUY--Flat top typewriter desk with typewriter compartment at ' vide. Call Busln»M Office, Courier. Women, Man In Gnu Battle. ELDORADO, Ark., March 17.--Two women and a man are IK ar death In a hospital here thle morning, and a second man. is slightly wounded, the result of a gun battle in a lent dwelling 14 milee from here. Heir's Heart Falls. PHILADELPHIA, March. 17--William Henry, 60, an enjploye at a Holmes burg Institution, here, col-/ lapsed from a heart attack when informed he had been left $30,000 by an uncle In Scotland. Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board PITTSBUnO STREET, SOUTH, Oil Front bedroom, largo and comfortable. ItooniH for Housekeeping «tl PITTSBURU STREET, SOUTH, 134-Foiw rooms for housekeeping. Pliono 1025 Real Estate For Rent BugJness Places (or Bent 75 STOREROOM--At 111 Weal Apple St., suitable) for any purpose. 18x40, Inquire 6 lUc Wall Caper Company. ttouNes tor Kent 77 GREEN STREET, KAST--Seven room house, bath and furnace. Kent $4fi. Phone 872-M. APARTMENTS, HOUSES, STOREROOMS AND OARAGES--Inquire 126 Weal Peach street. Phone 475. Real Estate For Sale House* tor Bale SNTDP5R STREET--Six room frame house w i t h bath room, Jieater, electric and gas. Thl» home la p^acti- cally a new house and 1* In the best of repairs. H'ouse la b u i l t on two lot« and loratod on a paved street. Oood K^rdsn and chicken coop ln_ the rear. Tha price ha« be*n reduce'd to $3,200 A road b u y . Inquire A. E. Wagoner and Son, 1009 West Craw- avenue, Phone 119. SALE--Fifro acres, good f o u r room bungalow w i t h basement, out M-organtown street, near Unlontown and cemeat h i g h w a y . Plenty good water, level ground. Young: cherry and apple treas. Corn* in today and see the biggest bargain In FayeHe County. Prica *1,»75. *260 down, balance ?^0 a month. Union Realty Company. Fraternal Home Bulldinif, opposite Court Hous«, Uulontown, Pa. Auctions--Legals Legal Notices NOTICE. F 10 Y o u n k l n , Attorney. KSTATK OF 1 HARBY R. NETH, DE- ceAaed. l^ntors of Administration on the Estate of Harry R Neth, late ot the City of Connellsvllle, County'of Fayette and State ot Pennsylvania, deceased, httvlnu been granted the undersigned, notice Is heieby grlven to all persona Indebted to said Batata to make Immediate payment, and to those having: claim* ag-alnut the aame to present them, properly authenticated, tor settle, ment. Mary B Neth, Administratrix, 112 East Peach utreot, Oonnollsvllle, Pennsylvania 10feb-6t-mou. THE BARGAINS t h a t bloom In the spring in the Classified Section oxo one of the most cheerful, features of a cheerful THE CLASHllTIBD PAGE pages buy. era and tells them volumes. YOUIl SHOPPING ll»t is easily prepared If you have a pencil and a copy of tho Classified Seotlon. CLASSIFIED ADS are good, climbers when It comes lo getting: over obstacles of all k l n d f c . Lot one of them help you overcome y o u r next difficulty. YOU WILL find It easy to be t h r i f t y and satisfied and hard to be extravagant if you read the classified ads regularly. UNUSUAL VALUES are the feature of tho Classified Section every day, WANTED--Men to cut mine posts. J. Q. Schmldle, Connellsvllle, Pa. Phone 178. Situations Wanted--Mule 87 V/ANTED--Position by farmer, marl i e d man, gonoral larm w o r k or dairy Inquire Room No, 1, Webb Hotel, Scottdale. YOU FOLLOW the opportunities In the Classlflad Section anil prosperity follow ,/ou. WHEN YOU feel like enlarging the (laid of your o p p o r t u n i t i e s turn to ths ClaabilSei.1 Section and look over the | m a n y o f f e r s t h a t j u s t s u i t your neads. I THERE S NOTHING but good news ' In tha Classified Section. CLASSIFIED ADS c o v e r tho whole b u y i n g ivnd selling Hold completely. WELL-FED pocketbooks are well ac- q u a i n t e d w i t h classified ads. IP YOU ARE s e e k i n g a business op- r o r l u n l t y -- w a t c h the Classified Sec- | tlon carefully Sooner or later you | and Juat what you want. j 'What You Don't Know-- What yo i don't know may not hurt .you-but by not knowing it you miss wonderful chances fo- saving and satisfaction--if it is the bargaii s and opportunities on this' page of which y m are ignorant! Always Different--In Opportunity The A-B-C- Classified Ads Always the Same--In Serx'ice Admits KOling Brother. CHICAGO, March 1/.--After admitting h« bad killed 'ils brother, a Detroit cabaret owner, after a quar- ral nine years ago, Joh i J. Kelly, 39, agreed this morning to return to that city for trial. BROOKLYN YOUTH, I MATADOR, GORED IN MADRID FIGHT MADRID, March 17 --Sidney Franklin, the Brooklyn boy who^Ware one of the snappiest pigtails in tho circle of Spanish matadors, killed four bulls a 'week ago. Yesterday, a big Anduluslan bull returned tlio compliment by throwing FranUin for a three months' lose. The victor in this particular contest ·was theeecond animal on the program and Franklin's first "opponent" of the day. He was a particularly vicious beast, and Frankiin'ii cape work wus mediocre. Franklin's first 6 word thrust went wrong, and after he tri«d to repair tho damago w i t h better technique, and failed again, the bull took the offensive, goiing the matador in. the thigh and throwing him a considerable distance. X Dr Jacinto Segovia, whose business is patching up woundet' inatadorn, ·operated on Franklin at the Srespa Hospital. While still recovering from tho effects of the ether, Franklin joked about what lie termed liiB "accident." Helloed Dead in Boat Mlshnp. UNION, Neb., March 17.--Four men, all of Nebraska City, Neb,, are believed to have drowned in the Missouri River near here last night, when the boat in which they were travere- ing the rough waters, capsized. Flans loTakeRecordFromZep John Henry K»an, M*w Tort tnoriiMM mm «n4 woiift fMnr»M trlob* irlrdler, aeuUd IB th« cockpit of · tnininc pl«M «t C«otnd Airport. OMBden, N. J., when he it takfef flyinc bratnMtiom. Hto parpoM to vt eotun* the aiwwwrviaf d«Unninatira to «et oa« mow hold «n tfc« record (or UM Mrpnad-the^rorld trip. la 19M, «Mb Pflet Oftptoia Chrte* B, Oolljrer, be lived · nbUM tot « BUIJOV part of the rtobt-circHog exploit In which he evtabltehfld » MODI* ot 8S day*. TIM record wmm chortlired, howerer, f«r tbe rew the Cnl Zeppelii iiuuie the trip IB 3 Tcxlay's Cross Word Puzzle STl 10 2-4 -41 20 n ·33 ·4-1 H 16 ACROSS 1 Grime 4 A canton of Switzerland 6 Mathematical term 9 Girl's name 11 To fas'en 12 Assisting- 1» Chain 16 A surface 18 Appeais to be 19 A guitar 20 To cut shor 22 Older peraOn*{abbr.) 2! Meal 27 Exists 28 Feather neckpiece 29 Cup 30 Exclamation of surprise 32 To break out 35 Cooking- utensil 37 Letter of tho alphabet 38 A feline 40 Treadle ·42 Island on Scotland 44 Mathematical term 46 Part of Canada 46 A tree 48 First woman 49 Wide ah allow vein sels 50 Extinct "bird 51 Terminates DOWN 1 A cleansing: agent 2 To appoint 3 To spoil / 5 ValUy of CMldea Atuwer to Previous Puxcl* 6 nemo new tawTi 3C12 man nnta narcnn MPJO ran, ja a · a na e Position* 7 Buries 8 Makes ·, mistake 10 Point of the compact tl Footltke appendage IS. Of that kind 15 Printer's measure* 17 Also S" A loud noise 21 cWldes 23 A slate ax nrj 24 Enemy (£1 25 Depression 26 For what cause si Soaked ·33 to employ 34 To become firm · 35 A vegetable 36 Appendage* . 36 To desire 39 Pertaining t» t)M \ Siamese I 4* Support ^ 41 A book Ot the (abbr.) 42 One spot ot card* 48 Irritates t 47 River la Jtalr /

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