The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 23
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1 . v '. mm Friday. Apnri i . ,t- III AND LOIS '1TAWAV. OURNAlJ-- 7 23 "; 4- MARMADUKE JTRlDY V LARRY BRANNON 1 J ' T- WHAT A CRUOt IO-G0Of THAT JOEY iSAWA MOUSEY ( XV)W IN THE KITCHEN, V. M mm 'mm akif B I e Bv. a Aa- V ' a m fjTVeV-' I awe .$ee i .'BROTHER "What, would ou game? Radio SATURDAY, APRIL 4 CBO . AM. T 00 Morning Show 00 Nfwi , 10 Saturday Concert -to IM Mitin KihhhW (flSO Hobhv Club 111 30 Aa You Wr tl 45 Talea Out of School - r.M. 1J 0O r Naira. II.IS-AworKIChurMi Nawa .' It 10 r arm Broaaeaat. .00 Ntwa 'lit Sporta Collf 1 10 Ttma for Franrh ; . 1 00 Mftropolltan Opera: Vcrdra "Macbeth" 8 SO Fratley at' tha Moi 00 Nrwr a IS Lat a Play Bridge " HS Science Fair Opens ' The science brain trust of Ottawa and district high schools ii participating in an exhibition of scientific projects at Ottawa University today.. The Science Fair opened Thursday night at the Science Building of the L'niveiwity of Ottawa with 41 exhibits in earth, life and physical sciences. Tonight, judges will award ' SLSOO in scholarships to the high school exhibitors and will choose "four of the. projects for entry in the Canadian Science i Fair in Montreal later (his month. The exhibitions, many of a highly technical nature; range from .original research to demonstrations of scientific principles. ... ;; , ' - SENT TO TRIAL QUEBEC (CP) Judge J. R Beaudoin ruled Thursday that ; Rosario Lemire, former Quebec,! City district chief of the de-l funct Liquor Police, must go to rriai on cnarges 01 aeirauaing the Quebec government of $48,-800. , - Washington is known as" the Evergreen state. ASTHMAS -tHRONIC BRONCHITIS Are' you oil work, unable to sleep J eeceuse' you wheere. couch, gasp for . Breathr'Teke TEMPLtTON 5 RAZ-MAH pecially mads te help aathma autterera breathe more easily, so you can work and sleep more comlorta bryV-Onry as and tl M at drug counter everywhere, MS-M mrmw i ft GOOD! -JCNIFE VISITORS 187 RINKYDINK 20 was the turning point of the S30 Hre Come the Clowna i 7 OO t-onf Aa Yeaterday 1 30 On the MtN. . ' " S oo Max Ferfueon Keview . S 30 NHL, Hockey 10 30 Hoop-Dee-Ooo 1 1 00 Dance Muale 11 51 Nea. Weather. . . . ',M Music. . CKOY 1 OS PM Show ' '. ' SO 00 News 10 OS Bill Lee Show 11.10 Eleventh Hour . - i - CFRA . '. ' ! 4 OS Showbill I 5 IS Hoote nanny " '. I It IS Moonglow . s . CFMO rFM r v A.M. -. . 7 oo Fu-itht and Earlv . . 00 Itrt Moaica . U OO Palterna ' .. P.M. r 10 stereo Workout ' 3 00 Folk Muaie . OS Hi' F'leata a tOr-Malodv Tair. T00--Streo ahowcaae ' t 00 On Location. See Coniedv Half Hour S30 Piano Showeaee 11 10 Dance Party. CKCII y'j 35 Studio d'auditlon PM. 1130 A la Carte .'.j 2 (Kk Bamedl hwlnf 4 00 Varletea. lo Hockey N'Hl. ' 11 IS Club S70 CJET 630 KC. . lioo Farm Chatter . 11 30 N, 1 OS RA Newa 1 IS Saturday Date, v' t 00 Program P M. 7 OO Thia la Jau 5 00 Countrv Muale S 10 N'HL Hockey . 10 00 Rrqurtti 11 00 Mnxie WhMney't Orcheatra 12 10 Mulf " i One II 30 Howard FotaMy'l Orcjiaelre '.0 00 Na ROYAL DONUT m. r A FENCE LJ 7-.' ft-J J 6ATHK X rem. m. . By Lester L. ' . x I: :$ a common misconte p-liorv that ulcer occur only on (he ' mucou . membrane, that, ' ;he nomai h or mall m-.trstin,e. Ac(ua!!y, y leers can, develop in 'many; other- par is of. the body. I he aie,!und m :he mouih, the eioph'u. in he colon, on ,the skin, on ; lie cornea of thai y an,, the pioiectiie covering 'of vir-tuaUy eve'ry'pan.1 of ihe body An ulcer is a sore or break ' in the skin, whu 'i forms a sort Of "crater" of 'trench" and exposes underlying .tissue', to-.-- inllammation and infection. iilceis f the legs, the feet and the toes deserve; particular attention. Too. often they are" considered insignificant andaTe neglected ,y for long, periods of time,' tlius complicating treatment and prolonging the disability that .results. FREQUENT CAUSES . Arteriosclerosis, , v varicose veins, diabetes, thrombosis (clot) phlebitis and a variety "of neurotogicaFdisbrders may be responsible for ulcers of, 7he legs. Injuries, burns by fire'' or chemicals! and frostbite are also frequent causes. . Poor circulation-' of the blood, especially in the elderly, ran cause a ' simple but neglected scratch or cut to develop into a - troublesome ulcer. -. ' '-j': '- : The hea I itrg-ofieg u icers depends on the control of infection and the increase of the blood supply to the affected part. '';'''' '.'I ' RARELY EFFECTIVE The application of salves to ulcers of the arms or legs may "soothe ' the conscience, but will rarely alone effect a permanent cure or prevent a recurrence unless the basic cause of the ulcer is understood and remedied.: Bed rest , to Improve circulation is valuable for the heating of ulcers. Antibiotics are used- to, counteract the hac- 1 ti WHO PUTS THE HOLE IN ROYAL DONUTS? Why our Chef does of course! Royal donuis are all hand cut to make them the finest donuts available! , ROYAL. DONUT DWYl-W tlJCHMOKD ROAD AT WOODROFfT .ft ! . - BOX . , AM-WMitra rirRtimmr fn:itrn arta tl trail. rtfirT. arrhrv hoat tr'p DIK toai: SOYS " Jim ? i Coleman, Jlpn. irial , inTe -non that dly hraling. SpeialHymf nit used to help 'Jiafuie rrmoe from, ' hfr otlVri the debn Whjth tend to impair ihe heal-in(E proress; . ' C AN Bl. IIARMUt, Anlifptic ' solulion enihu-ciastically'.' reiommftuled by well'-Wieaning friends can sometimes be harmful. Powerful nilL.nlif Idnnll .irtHlC. cTiVninaielv chosen can. des- criminately, chosen can des-tioy..nature's delicate nea'mg cummaiely chosen lYan-, de- slroy nature's delicate healing met hanisms. ' vWet dressings may be beneficial, but "must only be applied at the discretion of the docnir. ;'. Ojersoaking ...-llcers can retard the progress of healing. ' s Many pew drugs are now used successTully to dilate the -blood vessels of the leg in, order to increase the healthy healing circulation. , Surgery of the sympathetic nervous system, a special division of the nerves of the spine, is a carefully chosen course in special cases to increase the blood supply. RULES TO. FOLLOW :t Three prime rules can prevent prolonged painful, incapacitating complications of leg ulcers. '-''-- , First: Any break in the skin of an individual known to have poor circulation should . be treaied by a physician. Second: Salves, ointments, and all medicines except those for simple emergency cleaning should be specifically chosen by the doctor. I ' Third: The underlying cause of impaired circulation must be determined and remedied. WILDLIFE WEEK National Wildlife Week was proclaimed in Canada by an act of Parliament in 1947. FRONTIER RANCH J-I4J4. ARVPRIOR. OT. X rnre !- Aim! Baafb fr ai Glrie la lk Otla S alli. trai -aur cht'd ia a tivvr tea. inrtnr la Caaipini (Miunnf aoO ertellni ltif Lit nH:ni, ranavinf ea:niht trait ridM. taiaTiaung, aa4 era:?!, lirallrni auatr- MB. ANB MBS. t. JtllBtT CIRLS 'v ?S jwH- ?t;n.Q ? Now available at 5 Royal Burger locations 0 Ua Bank St. (at HrroH Rd ) 111 Sparfea SrnootrMjr by far! o.w..wi 1 St.'. . " . t Tarba Blvg. j --j.:?:-. A Brur Marltenaia Enlrrnrlve O ',J u qiSTILLtRS - BridRetown, r " " r-- ,rVl . : f . i"0 Wl b3 ruuuuiXriAAJuOuuu G u g PW 1 I I rs KERRY DRAKE REX MORGAN, MD Hllul s& v rt i irnyv I IN In A COUNCIL vPFiiMr.a b friendly eowniet?1 ) ' WELL, FX7IMG IT RACK' I NCEO (T Z KfRRY FAILS ASIEE WTTERr -MS WITH THE IMAfiiSATfyf 05: AMP Hf R "BABOON BUWIAR STOKf r V'Kow-. don t you worry. Tomwc don't have . bed but Trudy will find a spot to put you I ' 0 CfJKKlYf .t WANT , TO HlDt TMfr BOAPD so That noihint. whl DlSIrTACT m CLAW 1 t WXHHiaKfftl -ASOllAT rV A05ACWW5 Tt UPSIA5 lRAT Of AM BaA'fD ASAMMM AMO CUT OF 1 lWCOW '. T mil, y CTHW Off- l SCUAjtfCV 60 ?0 YOU. AVVHJft- 0 Tfy at . n A3. r THf MCH5f AWAKFNS TVf Ofef-. Jtl V TlJ-aV " '1 1 wCrTA av mr Www 4- PllIM ' . . ! i rrri2S&fi-; wtwsnEKrr rwt-Rt wrmnnit shc as Tl under the ciPxuws'WNcfsy thank you,V ; peniTTtufj t-r-i- WILL HAVE HGrAtD II mOPIsjG X) IT wOuLP it XL RIGHT IF,' DOCTOt.'AJNTy" - I ' MRiatY)rVWTHlS VISlTOW -wi- -'-; ' COi5ClOU5.E55 LEAVE BV, " -SHE CAAAE OVER THIS f BESS WILL X- ti NERO JEAjgiES AUNT I AS YET Z, - i ! mXXHiHQ.' WW COeSATt Vk T1-' ctN'IOF0RA j ' APPRECIATE JWTARRlVtOWTCf -C irTT SHE COME IS.T0 TE ftO aslsJUTEV 7 V THAT V SHE WANTS TO KWOW f t-Cfl 2 HOSPITAL TOlrVDRROW i if " 17 sCZ 1 ir . r. rJ1 , a I I in U t ' ' ui R m n.n)fi -a e-n i i s- JULIET ' JONES ' ... . . ... ',. , . ' . : ' - M--!rT '- " IS DBNNV POTTERS Cf tl f WC WAVE rJCWTECMNlOL'ESkY I fTMEN DENNV MAV BC ) 1 - - CASC HOPtLE9S DOCTOR?! j NEW DRUGS AND MOST WEUllCY , ' 'Sv I 1T7 7I r 15-- -re&l, important, New A-rriTuoes. iiaava 0 yMMilvX 1 - '-' 11 Artr JONES. n WE MCOSNI E IT FOR WAT IT . "fZMr ton ' '''HavXI : .' J l -yr jlN-mePASTFEWY&AI:; -T IS. THAT'S APORTANT-.l l, aLtL ) ' .iVl n i-iPROGPe'i INTPFATINO ! IT ( bTI tV EXtTPTTO-- 1VV i -fel mil mMm h APARTMENT 3-G ' .. , , .. .. .. ' .: fT1'-;"1 rasA rWi hcw wouo '3 I rji" V-i sowrvi dcokd :' V. ,JUTAICE &Hou.AWT IHEM? WARTTVEAsI I ' LjTZZr J ( I'M NOT 6ON1S TO BUY TWM -H ic J ; H?aA -.-price rVW.,'lrl LSAMJ&tJ N 1.41 i , ; av n V : 1 i l e tmrrs t M , -M l-'W-'V l. I II jrz V M T rati ' J I k I I - fl'. 'aa. Zv r VI . e I SSS.00 $1(5.00 (H.ii Nova Scotia 5 , , "- A . i t:::s- 4-1 yVV "Well, con't w' ,ot' lot I'OGO ARCIIIK om. we Ml A4iM 10'H tr v Apc'tiicr I mf J V TV HAD IT -PON IN OUR STUDENT air"" .ki f 4 III III I I I UirrUalU Km I K!b7T a I aT TaaWT aValanrT M "II I SSK . J - I But distinctive. Mellowed to a ripe old age in the rfect-dlstillino air of . Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. O O O O L O O O O O -'.( ACADIAN XS 1 . I 63 STAMO BV AN0 YOU TWRFf fTTTTftTa TO 60-TMEM THE FALS6 1 0JTS'0 SUTtl 3 2iSJ - '0' V TH6 DOOR, fflLLlWE UPAwNNST) S V) V V I MNO KIKT-TmeA ' (1 A W MS ml f ...... R7 ' i ; l IPv I I mm wmm i n .1 j v - , . . - - ... - - - ..-. ' ') ' ( ( . ' 1 ''.".'''' i. i -. .' ; " . . .. .' .' v f v ' V 1 1 " ' 1 " - : ' ' ' "l "1 """ - ' ... ,-. ' ' ' .' . ' - ' 4 - V . IV- . ax Jk m . v A A V A AAPAAUA .auR . ;.v1av AAAr. AnAAAXAAAA A.AVAV A.jR F AVi

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