The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 23, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1918
Page 5
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OF THE DAY AT iT. PIEASANT BRIERY RELATED II 9***tI*t«M for AT- "t" ' tos4n' Wdl Water *»l*Hl t* »»· t» TMt waVa eH MUrtiij ··mr TOa TI»W *r I*kBBf ·»» nutf B«* Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is all that it is claimed to be and I will always keep, it in the house as it is all that I need for my children, and grown folks as well. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. CaldwelTs l^yrup Pepsin to my friends." CARES FOR FI3HTERS' FEET 8. C, 1 ; i ' S»MI*1 10 HOVNT TIXAANT July tt.--1n' Mm* wttk tk* d*terarta»Uon to Meare i far tk* terws a maaMpal water nlaat co»»ull aa-aa**** :*·. *raw"!l* ftaea artetlaa -veil* aloac Bruch ran, th* «y»t«n to b* overate* under a r«a»ai»md air amatciaent nub » to HMd bj'tt* Pittrton Brewing ifMMT lor It* Eaet End plant. Th* hriagdag to-Iowa of * bountiful »up- Hr *f pare,cold water'would nee**- ·Hal* tk* layna- of aot more thai ( two BUM ot line.COBIMCUOB would 'ta*a b* mad* wilt ta* preaent *r»- BB» ol Mai** aad wrrtr* *ip*a which a lau act of th* leglaluture. It la ·aid, **natt* a manlclj.aiitr to do. At am eouacil taooflit of emrrr- la*- it* eocaalaiat of tk* quality of tk* water aad allecrd natal r rat** to the Fabllc fterrice Connni«mon. bat la Hvir oflb*/IMtt* *UCC*R*'of to* f*o- al* *T GrMUbvn before that bodr » wa* decided to proceed to anqidr* a ten owaed pJaat It i» propoeed to aaaar» tk* *ek**** by the iiiuaace of Coaadl «*1 not take kindly t» the Mss*(U«a ·** : tk* water coeapaay that at the expiration ct the 3*-r*ar fraacki** Aacu*t 12 tha town all** ta* aerrte* to coatinM aa of old ontlt tk muaaaj eonWJ haataH a profoeed BltrattM ataatt at Bridgeport »**»1aa- of tk* treatment of tk* waUr to kin bacteria a member of t, "Tk* *Wo! tk«T at* fett tk* ·ay kill (em* mad pnrra banal*** to th*«rlak*r bat It eertatnlr tk* water a poor droe**Je article, t« »aT airthlar Bt tk*. : anak-aaaat taate* A eotutittt* of eevaea will (o to Ttttrtmr j Ud wnk to coat er with the ^ Brewing company abpat takbic or»r,lt» well* aad rnnrolr t tUa alae* aad Laarelrlll*. T* M***r a P. ka* a*k*d ·tkat aC bo**** aaO'trwlneH ptac** atoac (k* Ua* of narck of tk* drat- t*** to tk* depot tkta erenlni be at T *"eloek: all 3B»,w*rt tt,***art ta* draft*** to UMI detel «ffi.aM*t at ta* ann*ry. Wat 40** "HMrtma. rfiatnmai of the la* Ttettatle* «ait to faratok hnxcwe far tk* kegra. Tte trata taam tk* * Okie d»*M at I o'clock W. C. T. IF. b»«t»ta, ! DMrlct No. 1 wDl haro a W. C. T. ·IT. iaditat* la tk* Hetocdlit Eptoeo- ·al ckwrdi Frills? mtlfiiaxm and *r*ala«. Jatr X Tn* at teraoon ··»- ;*loa wffl b**rla at 1 o'clcck with o- vrHaai kr ktra, BOM Wrlfkt *C Al- Tfc* f«anlaiii of tk* »ro- wffl ke: K*11 caO lawtltmte; anitie ky aapar aae*V Mr*. W. W. Xtetor, ftMttdite; ft" M**tia«s." Mn. , Mo*at Ftoannt: 'aai Temp*r- r, Seottdal*; , Ta* TogfV Olllr." War Bit," fjln. Baaaa Bryaa, Tan; «ne*tkm Mr*. Daalel 8iaa*r. Th* *r»- «a»c «QI ap*a at T.« with ( ». minjj. by Mr*. O«on» Moner and iVijufal maete -by th* eae'r followed ·by aa addreea by Mr*. W,H. Spaag- ,' hr, *·* aa i|ji*l (or ta* Itaaea f «raaaa f*ad by Mra. Lacy A. Port* .; *l fceMAaU; arMk-tr tho chrtr and L New ataa- day* wltk , ; Dr. Caldwell's $ytup Pepsin , The Perfect Laxative jV - ; rf ·ajB^a»TMam.maaa»»«»«« f Sold by Druggists Everywhere 50 cts. OS) $1.Q(P "A mild, pleasant-tasting combination of simple laxative herf^s wirfi pepsin that acts easily and naturally. Childrcn.likc it and take it willin.r- ly« .,, A trjal bottle can be obtained by writing to Dr. W. ITGftUwell. 458 Washington Street, Monticcllo, Illinois. oa a tkn* week*' lacaticm with frtead* la HolabBpU aad PhWIpeburt Ilr.-aad Mn. Ch»rlee MeOoaald and ·oa, Rajwmd. kare returned to tbetr hnm«'iB Deal after n.itla« trluid* her* nmral dajr*. W. r. Crttemleld 1 Ml termOj for a itatt with frievda la PltUbarg. Mn. Etta TrembUr a«d daasktcr of IfaKmport fcaye .retimed aftw iMtlaf k*r aarenta. Mi. aad Hn. AlTta Bornworth here H. kt; pateamaa na*' eoa* Kre. A. O. Bteihaer aad.daackter have ntttrmd froai a Tlitt with friend* la Mlcklsaa. aad Mia. H. M. Hoemer and two ckfMraa ot WJOtlnaborf an Tie- ttmc ktra. Hoemer 1 . pareati. Mr. and Mr* W. S Bowers awe THE UW.EBTT Bein* cm*. VakM n Za7 tor Aajva* to Owa It eoBM* pretty cloat to being an Inanlt to a*k a elixra of tk* TJatted State* K ke ka* koaght a Llbertr Boad, keit tb*n nar k* a few food American* who h*T*o't boaiht on* vlr k*ean*e they did oat bare the atea*r tofar dowa, ac« liaowla*) tkat they coeM loin tk* Frrtt NaHoaal'* Lifcertr Boad Clab and par for a id ta ea»y, weekly taanlraMBta. Call at tie beak for fall iafermatle*. --Adr. HI* CMy A »naa»i ta kin wife ta atar at fcomo awr* at nlfkt aad to prramr* tor tka a«ct world wa« the oaty Biedc* aud* by Max M. Hwborry, «e- feaiad caadUat* for ebacm* froai the Jim Keataeky dUtrlrt. Rmberry'i report AIM raeontty la WaeblBStoa.ehow^ o* a*ttk*r Mlved nor *p*nt a e*at. Tka only promlee I mad* to aay knmaa k*)a« darlat; the whole of »t rjnapalta," read (he aaMartt. "wa* a my wtfe. MM'Braakw fcer Iwoald k* wt» ka* at t***t a* aiack or aw* aftar tk* cbMlloa Ikaa T had artor thereto, and 1 did «tr* fcer a WO* fH*adlradrka, whteh wee tkla: Tkat w* kotk pray eanectly to c*t to kearwu a* tkn* waa abeofrtety ao aaatar of a* harlac to to to Waak laitoB."--Utlea Otebe. I*M ^ip*Nrt MTcral askt*r,'aBd graadecm, Mr. and vCraada "ktn. lAwrne* ToMa. , .Mr*. W. i. naltk of llfaaH, Fte. ·ad.'MiH GraM'Sairth of W**t Tir- Ctala'ar* i»V»te of Mr. aiut Mr*. Era. QOHI RELIEF ~ FOR ECZEMA -Vr ft; -^m**^*^*B ^W**BB*W*B* f aam Can dbrtBM** h** cured maay ----- «f HaMac bleidlat ud pro- « alhm hj*a*i*iiit Ik* nato- raa- £in*a** *«««a, u ·*· ·!· ,**]: tmM «ia4 flaavaMalf MH*II rw- -aaar aSra* and ' f**«r cm*** whlcb w*iw k a« oM aad carafe tbat «v*ry- ·aiaaVaa «qr dsaai roiidtred them f --I-- J "^-MT** fca. Can OMgaatt ta *» La*j*«i*]r Dnc Co., ConD*n»vlll*. - Omata'ai Dnc 6ft, ·etttdale, to * -~l*»tot **·*·*·* afew t* laaaaa tat- ;«v **U.ra*aa. *oi»a, cartaad*^ t* k*al atom, eat*, bana, s«M* aa* laanudatlaMe am i**a«d jaali. aad '.-·ay a jar tar **^ «** mk %IM. For tM*«r aktt aad t* MCBT* a Cnra If. ta» bm «»» AT babie*. CMtutoa--M AMrvltleo of W*men. «*)· law* for bar* b*n *nact*d la Orefoa. Call- nmla, Colorado, bmanli.sills, Mla- N*bra*ka. Ptah, Wasbtajgto.1 If weawa do a*t *«t Ib* vet* befrrt Mr aaatk, Mn afartant Stoeknaj ·C Liadia. to *o tmariaa; her irni'tka* tor MB wll a* dWaawltod. Bertha Krae*. bead ot the Kmp O*a mrk* at X***a, O«r»ianr, hae an $ll.»0»,o»e a Tear. IN LUCK. Flnt' M»nai«r--Tn«m yen had a wt- lafattoi? M**eaT Senod Mtnater--Terr! Two of oar BM*t uitatoalMle critic* died. The vtrftine «t th* Mxpan**'.e«roe« the K«B«, Aad tkM to whollr ·BMthene' kr The eoeM at 8er(t.aleJ. J. A. White, who li doing hi* Mt eenrinc ta chlropodirt with Uncle Sam'* force* In France, : The care ot the lover extreml tie* i* · of the utBHMt IraporUncu to the incce** of an.annr, aod thl« ojperti*ee* to It tbat the feet of our fighting men arralway* in tbe "pick o( condition." CMtd Oardeiwr* hi Ingtand. Apart from the Kbool tardena, which are increatlnr In anmber and al*e and exeelleoce «rerj rear, a mat deal of work In the direction-at food production ut belai don* b; children, both In the gardens attached to their home* and *l*ewh«Fe. In a number of town* the calldrea ban beca ^ organised for tbe coloration of back garden* According to a report tent to the food production depamnent, Lerton, feegr. ha* u excellent record In thle matter and It 1* claimed locally, that no other 'totrn eaa eao*l lu record;---tendon Globe. Improved Soldering Proctee. .A fena.of t)ie Scboop metal-iprerlng proceM. li claimed to tw «ffecUv« In ·olderlni-. The Bolderlns pistol doee Bot r«]nh-e the compromwl air Jet, ai the fnel-rM o*ed la under pr«*nira and girt* the flame eaAdent drlTlnj fore* to cprecd the eoldur orer the rarfitct* to be wldered;- A. email drl»- Inr mecbantcm feeiis th* win eotder contiBixnalr Into the flame. The method ta caJTcnlent, rapid and Inei- peMlT« and l« free/from the; ; ted1on» and dtafrecabl* featnrea of eoldertng br hand. pARAMOUNTTHEATRiE --TOT»AT-- IK) "THE HEART OF. OLD KINTOCKT" THRIliS THROUGH "RIDERS OF TkE NIGHT" \ .A S ACT METRO SCREEN DRAMA OF ROMANCE AND I.OVS, Bi THE BUTE GRASS, STASHING WINSOME VIOLA DANA. ; ALSO A GOOD J ACT COMEDY. -TOMOEBOW-- · rrs A BLUEBIHD--PHBBENTB CAKMBL :MTBRS i'; '"THE CITY OF TEARS" A GOOD PICTURE AND A GOOD MORAL, TAKEN ON THE SHORES OF ITALY WITH MISS MYERS AS AN ITALIAN. ' ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND WEPKf/T. Mkai aHete Ban, a viQ-kaova Btt- toa apatatr gtrl, aa* foa* to^Parli, wtere *k* wfll act u a Bed Craft Ta*r» an or*r tortr thontam! wom- aa teacaers la the Jaaaaew deaieu- ta*T adMeto at a aalarr of *Kht del PatrwlM tai»* wka adrerttoe. PItiS bare a well deterred repo-' tttion at a ftf e and efFective remedy for, ·tomach ait. matt. They are ' Quickly helpful in UOioai attacks, rick headache, dyipcpna, heartburn and conitipation. Thejr act fmtly and sorely on the organs of eliouna- tion, purify the blood, tone tb* «y*tem and Teryqukkly Strengthen Digestion ORPHEUM THEATRE; TOBAT S HART IN "SJilFWtt YAT?£S" Also a Good. Comedy. T 0 M O R R O W · L. Lasky Presents JACK PICKFORD in "BIS MAJESTY, BtmKEE BEAK" Monday and Tuesday--Guy Empey in "OVER THE TOP " THE THEATBE THAT P1ATS OSLT THE BEST COM* WhM tn Please. SUjr As Loig As Fo« Lfte. 1 ' All. THIS WEEK. Jams* Arnold Presents ''_ ine Rortbland Beauties '' A Compajiy of Real Merit i / --Peainrlng-- ' ^ Junes Arnold, Blackface Comedian. Lillian Durall, Soubrette. · I BIG GIRLIE CHORUS On tbe Screen--Helm Holme* In 'The Lost Bipresi" . . f e _ A ^~ ^ "r, J - ' ' ^t l * TELLS HOW TO GET BACK OLD TIME AMBITION Discovered instructs drug- fists everywhere not to tmk* a cent of Anyone's money unless Bio-feren doubles energy, .vigdr and nerve force in two weeks. 7 A DAT FOR 7 DATS Amy man or frornan who And* ;t3iai they tire rolng- backward, *r«\not §u- ·tronc m» th«y t»*e(J to b«, h*v* Joflt eond*nc* in th«ir m.bility- to' accom- pllah tb)nr, «TS D«rroa« and run down ·ttould tak« two BJo-f*ren tablet* »ft«r ·acb ro«al. *utd on* at bedtlm*. 8«r«n a day for aev«n day* Then tmHe on« after each mflal until ifce mjppiy i« exhauvttxL Th«n if your nervouiness la not fron», If you do not f.»eL- twice: a« strong- and *nerv*ttc aa b*fore, if : your ·lucffiah dispoaltion h*a not. M«R chanced to a Yiforoua active, oc» r take back- th* ·mptr package and your jnon«r will b* returned without comtusnt; No. jnatUr wbat *XCCB*««, . WOTTT-- tvlcohol -and . . , . 6v»rwork-- too ranch-tobacco -or tvlc -- k a r * - . weakened : your. body wrecked . ·TOtt'r^neET**;: -. anr dr aujTrher*. i«.authofJ*ed- io refund. your non*}7 on requtit If Bio-fer«n, the mi«hty vpbutl4ar of blood, muacl* and brain doM not do ji§t what la claimed for It Mvtv *JP»r**«t«"-»i There 1« n* a*eret a*Votit th«_forrnula of Bio-feren. It !· printed on i»ery package Here It in ZjoMtthln; r*1cium Glrcero-phoa- phate; Iron Pept^nate, Uanicm.neie Pep- tonaU; KxL. Nnx Vomlca; Powd. G«n-' tlaa; Ptsmolphthaleln; Oletxreeln Cap*U- MH; Kola, Keep» Teeth Clean ·nd Guma Healtlir Specially indicated for treatment of Soft, Spongy and Bleeding Gums. · AH P nautili .aa* T*B»4 Cewter*. 69c $1.09 Percale Petticoats _.Women's $1,00 Gingham a«t Percale'- Underskirts--limit-' cine 'to cuBtiomer--at only $9c. tJIngham 55c Children's, late, .model Binghain Dresses in-smart plaids and com; pinallons at plkin colors,.6 to 14 year site*,-, at 55c, GREAT LE OF Women's and Misses' Shoes Gp to {4,00 Pumps __ $L95 Women's Patent and Dull Kid P«niTs, · sizes, up', ot 5%. Pnmp» $l.u" Misses' Whits Canvas" one-strap 1 Pumps', sizet, SV4 to 2, special at $139 69c Shoe. :Wornen's White, .Canvas ..Lace .Shoes, low and high heels, all aizes. Oxfords .Women's Misses' '_and.-.Children's .Tennis:Oitords'in'white and black, all sizes in the lot: $1.69 Saadali Misses' and Children's Barefoot Sandals: in tan and black, special fl.69 Shoes Women's Novelty. Shoes ,in plain and combination .colors,: odd sizes, Saturday only at $5.95. $5.95 r GREAT SALE OF DOMESTICS .22.3, full bleachod inch-ei.. wide, ai Tovreltog, 17 19c 36i: "EYerett Classic" Ginghams, desirable 'dark ^Sp patterna, yard «__---_-- «Olx S6 Inch Fereale, light, or darlc patterns, OO_ S6c value, at yard iMJ\j 11.96 Stainless Sheets, full !^ $1.68 QaBk, extra 48c at «4 Inch taWe qualltv, 66c taluo at Huct Towels, large -29c 2c Amoakeag Apron ' Gingham, absolutely fast colors, ard -Swiss and .Cambric Embroidery, worth up to 12%c, at yard Pillow Cues, full size 36x42, 35c value 2gC .11-25 at 72 inch. Table Damask, value, special at yara" 1- 89c Skin Sufferers r«i wlU ritH witb ralKf at tlie flnt mitic town .rn D. D., . Tnr 0.0.0. iBaaaa* ca^****. Licnzid Wbcsls i C. MoortC- St.. . C KQBACKERC P " ""THE BIG STORE J. B, KURTZ, NOT AMI PUBLIC AND REAL; car AT*. joooonoooooooooocxioocooaeo PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. .Be Sure to Serve them with the Best-- .OHVELlSmLE The same good beer with the same good reputation it had years and years ago, when the grown-ups of today were kids. It is all Qualify. No expense is spared--in materials, labor or process^-to make it the best you can-buy. (i Ail for tie Pittsburgh Brewing Co.'i CONNELLSVILLE SPECIAL BEER AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS-ORDER A CASE SENT HOME v,

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