The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1930
Page 7
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· t O N D A Y . M A U C i i 1 7 , l i i f . O '11-J.iU UAIJL.I UUUIUJ'JK. CUiN'iNJttiL.L.HVlI LH}, 1'A. New York Central Leases Michigan Central, Big Four Railroads for 99 Years MVWVMMMWMMW President r. I-:. C r o n l o y Makes Announcement in Statement To Stockholders. PROPOSED SINCE 1926 President ol tba German Reichsbank ! J t 1 E. C r o w U y of tho New York Central Line*, sc-it to stock-! holders the following let t?r relative t o ' ihe unification of the N'W York Cent r a l . "In «ending to you 'he enclosed statement of the waulti-t of operations, Kiven in londeneed loim. m the Now York Central and Hi p - n u i j u i l subsidiaries for the year ivi, U eootus a p p r o p r i a t e lo m e n t i o n an important development w t i l li has taken plKo in tho u n i f i c a t i o n of Mur properties. "On 1'ehruary 1, U !0, Mio New York Central loaned, for a. period of 91 You follow fashions in Hats yean-.. Hie- properties of the Michigan Contral Uailrotxl Comjiuiy n n l the Clevela-Kl, ('inclnnall. Chicago St. Ixuis Rallwa« Conr.fmji (Tho Big I Kour). ,uid their affiliated properties. J including the Cincinnati N'orthe-rti, t h e ' EvansvHlo. Indianapoll's Terre t Haute, and the Chicago, Kalamazoo I SagJnav railroads. "These, leases were first proposed in 1!!26, atul following protracted consideration by the Interotat} Commerce Commission, were approved by that body as In the public interest. For many ycara the Ne-w York Central has, through majority stock ownership, exercised control o! the inUroads now leased. "The last Important consolidation step t a k e n l)y the New York Central on December 23, 1914. when the New York Central Hudson River Railroad Company was consolidated with the hake Shore Michigan Southern Railway Company and nino smaller companies into , the present the New York Central Railroad Company. In the present Instance, unification has b e e n accomplished through leases. "Whllo the Michigan Central and the 'Big Four,' and their subsidiary companies, will continue their corporate identities, the entire earnings o»£ the combined properties will now flow dlroctly into the treasury of the Kew York, Central. Accounting and intercorporate relations will be sim- j»Ued. Standardization of eervlce will be promoted. Operations generally trill be facilitated through the greater flexibility permitted. "Had these leases been effective iflurlng 1929 and without giving effect to economies anticipated as a result Iho gross operating revenues of the Jfew York Central for that year would fcave been 1590,0008,623 instead of $398.917,ii59; the net railway operating Income $103,702,779 Instead of |G1,624,- $04. Fixed charges and other deduc- fcons from income would have 'in- greased from $45,487,136 to $60,448,- Frocks iDr. Ham Luther, former German Chancellor, has been nelecied ns President of the Heiehabank by the General Council of that Institution. The ex-Chancelkvr succeeds D» Hjalmar Schachl, reslcnnd. Orchestra Formei At Dickerson Run; Will Elect Friday An orchestra has been oiga-xlzed hy the rittsburg Lake Brio llallroad Young Men'fe Christian Assoc'i Ulon at Dickereou Hun. James Winterhalter of Vs nderbilt has beeu chosen as its dlrec or. Tho young man, a graduate of the Dunbar Township High School, ia a member of the American. Legion Community Baud at Vamlerbilt and 'Ciferle'a Orchestra at Connellsville. At the ratieareal lact Fiil;y evening 12 muinbeie were in attendance. Another meeting win be h Id next Friday night when the-officer* w i l l Ue elected. TAPLIN PROTESTS POSfPONEMENTOF W.LE. HEARING "Total railroad mileage Is increased from 8.91S to 11,608 miles, while track. anile-age ie 26,743 Instead of "A" | "veVjvirB tnilei). "In the movement of the vast traffic iof the combined properti-« an army Of 161,193 employes is required, and $,022 locomotives and 224,353 passenger and freight cars are med. "Keeping pace with the rapid growth 01' Industry In thia country. your properties have through esten- «lve Improvements been brought to a high degree of efficiency and a continuing program of improvemente is Jn progreis. The officers and personnel charged with operations are endeavoring to provide transportation Jn keeping w i t h the ever growing neede of business. It wan out hope that thia further step in the unification of tho New York Central will enable it t render to the public etlll tatter service." WASHINGTON, March 17,- -Vigor- oil^ protest Against postponement tor 90 days to Juno D of hearings on the Nickel Plate, Pitts burg irgin a application to icqiire control of tl e Wheeling La co was voiced by C. F. Taplia of Cleveland in a l e f e r to the finance director of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Tho scheduled hearings of March 10 \}.ere deferred at he instance of the "Wabash In this connection, Taplin c harpod that "there must bo some ulterior motive" behind the Wabash m ve for a continuance. FOUR OF SEVEN PASSENGERS HURT IN AUTO MISHAP r.N'lONTOWN, March 17.--Tour of the seven passengers in an automobile eaid to have collided head-on with another car, rported to have beeu from Connellsville, in the National piko ·west of Vniontown and just east of Searlghts, Sunday afternoon about 3 o'clock, WM-o removed to the Uniontown Hon ital and later discharged. One of the passengers was an eleven months old baby who escaped with no apparent iijury. The injured persons wero all from Johnstown and are said to have- bpen on their w ly to that city after spending tht w ek-entl In Wash! igtou, Pa. Mrs. P. S. Clark is s u f f e r i n g with lacerations of her face ana forehead ·whlfe Mrs Eurl Ellis snffeiod severe lacerations, of the face a.*- well ivt ipalnfnl body bruises, according to hospital authorities Probably the worst inj trcd was the driver, Ktiwin nrosiui, \\lio is imported to lia\o boon thrown out of hl^i own rar onto his head. HP IH suttVi- lug from concussion ami .1 possible Iraofnre of his. s k u l l Mrs Wa'tor HIOMUS. u u u l v t i it t h f driver, did not yt first b u h e \ e she was injured am was not taken to UH iio.s- ·plUn). Later in t h e d.ty, liowi-vi ·· ·What waft thought to h . i v c bet-n Ultght iisjiuy to her u n K I » l x . m i o v .\- treutety p a i n f u l and sh a d m i t t e d to the hospital for t r e a t m e n t Other occupants of the JKhnilowu ear were. .loan Brosln^. the infant. IWalter Broiius. father of tho driver, ·ad the ctlld uud hi-^ s-ls^-r. Sisa Dorothy Br-slus HERMAN WAXMAN DIES OF INJURIES RECEIVED IN WRECK UNfOuNTOW'N, March 17.--Hernun Waxman, 19 years old, of Monessen, died Saturday night at tha TJn1 utown Hospital from Injuries sustained in an automobile accident on tho Pltigburg road near I'erryopolis Sunday night, March 9. In the same mishap, Mattb w A. Piisila, 2(j, also of Monesson, va« so badly injurled that he died C'iroute to tho hospital. Leonard Laatu sustained i ainful cuts and bruises in the crash. BROWNSVILLE CHILD IS STRUCK BY AUTO Genevleve Salcane, five years "Id, of Brownsville, Is said to have been struck by an automobile drivi n by Jdines T. K u h n of Ruffsdafe. Tlie girl is said to have run in front oi' t i t * car in Union ntreet, in front of the c Uild'ii home. She waf! taken to Brownsville Hoa- pita! wheie her condition WEB a.ilil to be good. Confluence OOXFLUH1NCE, March 15--}'.. P. Hanna of Itockwood wus a bu; inosa vleltor iu N. M. ow nt'i of ! vs u*- In t our classified advertiaomeat. oft n Saturday Trump of Council ville. hi3 T r u m p apartment** here, ftU y-^'ertUiy Sookinj; Intel oats. C 'A Law of Pittsburg was t HIK fi lends and tran.-faftiiiK bill in town Friday. The ni'-e weather of the paei fow Jays J« ghluK the t'arruuis a cliauce to i;et their spi ing plowing done. ,, H. B. Silbaugb of Johneon C lapel was among r h e business visitors here Saturday. John Lynch was a recent but nese \isitor to ConneilsvUle. Mrs. R l f h a x l ChenowcUi la 1m irov- in« from a recent eevere illn««* 1 i and Footwear How About Your Furniture Chic, new hats . . . smart frocks , . . modish slippers and hose-- you select these as a matter of course, so that others may think well of you. Are your home furnishings up-to-date, too? Or do they suggest the styles of the Gibson Girl and the Floradora Sextette? Nowadays, the appearance of your rooms counts for just a smuch as the appearance of your person. Think how you unconsciously judge others by their home s.urroundings. Furnishings may be either ci help or a handicap to social advancement. Which are yours? When the Spriig Fever far Decorating Sets in You are likciy to feel It just any day, now. Perhaps it has seized you already. The symptons are unmistakable. One goes about the house as though seeing it for the firs time. There may not be a twig of grijenoutside, but suddenly the house fceema_ stufly and unbearably wintry. The housewife begins making plans n the back of her head. Plans for fresh new curtains, gay slip jovers, lighter toned ruga, a new table here, a new chair there, refreshing mirrors, smart new lamps. And she finds a sure cure fo · this spring decorating fever here at our store. 9c FURNITURE SALE NOW IN PROGRESS A wonderful event to attract new customers and reward the old customers. An Ironing board for 9c with a$25 purchase of other goods or a sowing cabinet for DC with n purchase of $50. See Window Display for 9c Items, Convenient Torins. You 'II Always Do Better at Open Evenings By Appointment Call 376. Comptet* Home furnishers Special Inducements To Newlyweds Mount Pleasant Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, March 17.-The Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire IJepartmont was called yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock to n field lire on the Duncan Plan. Som hard work was require*! to extinguish the flames and k-eep them from spreading Into the homes'. Leg llrokcn l»y Fall. Blnver H. Sheets, S3 years, old, oC Jone-s Mills, a carpenter who was employed at the Pike Run Country Club, fell oft a 8t*p-ladder and Buffered a fracture of a leg. He was brought to the Memorial Hospital. For Mrs. 1). C. McCloy. A surprise birthday party waq held Friday evening for Mrs. D. C, AlcCloy at her home, 430 Main street. Tho decorations were In keeping with St. Patrick's Day. Mrs. Kara Myers bakod the birthday cake. Lunch was served after a moat enoyabte evening. Those present were D. C. MoCloy, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Myers, Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Poorbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Spence, JVlrs. Cora Patterson, Miss Anna McVey, Mi»8 Lottie Parr, Mr and Mrs. A. M. McCloy and son, Jack, and Mr. and Mrs, Roy Atkinson, Mount Pleasant; Mr. and Mr«. liwing MoCloy, Orvillp McCloy, and La^erne McCLoy, Scottdale; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Albright, son Clyde, and daughter Dorothy, and J. M. Myers, Greeneburg; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Allison and t»on Billy, James O'Neal, Mr. and Mrs. M. H, Ktnney, Mrs. Olive Davlaon and Miss Ora Duvisou ivf. Uniontown. Pastor and Family Leave. Kev A^ W. Trumpeter preached his farewell sermon yesterday at the LuUiermi Ohurcli aud at the St. John's Middle Lutheran Church. This 11101 n- lug the Truinipeteis left for their now he me nt The every-mem'ber cunvass of Ihe He-Union Piesubytei iari Church wai matte yesterday afturnoon. Dr. W. A. was chairman. Free Entertainment. A comedy, "Twelve Old Maids," will be presented by the Otterbein Guild at the United Brethren Church In the Sunday School rooms on Friday even i n e , at 7:30 o"clo'k. There will be no suimisutian Otlier 'ens. Mrs. Frank Turin of Jefferson street, Boutli Greonsburg, untterwent an operation at the Memorial Hospital Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wiblo spent the week-end at Cleveland, Ohio. Billy King, 12 years old, a student at the Church Street School, under- wont an operation at tho Memorial Hospital yeAlerday. Mr. a,nd Mrs. Fred Srillwagon of New Kensington spent the week-ami with Mr. SfUhvngon's fathor, AV. 0. Still-wagon of ISugle fttreot. Mrs. Joseph Skergan undpnvent an operation thia morning at the Memorial Hospital. ·Irs. Mary Kuhn Hose of Columbus, Ol io, Is visiting with her parents, Dr. an S Mrs. M. S. Kuhn of West Main st) set. klward Aatosky of Hecla under- w at a throat operation at the Mein- or U HospUal Salurd.ay. Iiti. M. IX Baker and family of New Kt'isington spent the week-end ·with he parents, Dr. anl Mrs. W. A. Mf rsh. Hunting' In Swamp for Slnypr. J BULAH, Mich,', March 17.--A posse o£ 200 men are beating the 6wamp no; r Platte lake seeking a burglar wli had s'hot and killed tin derate riff Kd Rarey of BenaSe Cou last night. SHADES.OF ST. PATRICK OL' MAN RIVER HE OUS KEEPS RC LJ-IN, HE 1 RIVER 5HANNOM AN KAPE. you M'UfrlER MJCK-REE A5PEE.CH ^8^^^i£^^^^- 'S A SOOD BREAK FRENCH FLOODS CAUSE HEAVY LOSS AMONG LIVESTOCK Tarn Hirer Continues lr Spread Devastation as Bikes Ghe Way. RESIDENTS FLEE TO THE HILLS By United Prew. BORDEAUX, France, March 17.- Contlnuous rain 1n the foothills of thi Pyrenees, south of the Tarn Kivei flood zone, and the bursting: of dlket along the adour River, gave rise U fears today of another inundation similar to tftiat wbicb cost more than 100 lives and retideisd neatly 10,000 people homeless 10 days ago. Overflow from the Adour has already flooded 200 farms, killing large herds of livestock. The residents were evacuated without loss od! llife. Near Bagnerea de Bigorra, the flood was accompanied by a liisasterouii landslide. The Garonne, swollen by rain, continued lo overflow its banns in the Bordeaux region today. Deaths iu tire Tara-et-Gdronne region are now officially jlxed at 106, with 7,800 still without shelter. ROYAL YOUTH IS INJURED BY AUTO SI'OttTS GLEANINGS John Smlttle, former Wheeling- anl Jeannette ir.a^oball pitcher and now signed up with Cumberland In the Middle Atlantic League, rolled a perfect ecore of duckplna nt Canoneburg. · * * · Jack Sharkey's real name ifl John Zukauskas. Sharkey may' disagree as he frequent y has declared his Lithuanian name is John Coceoskcy but the .Lithuanian legation at London i« determined this error be. corrected. "Coccoekey i«i an absolutely impossible combination o£ letters calculated to make anybody familiar with the Lithuanian language writhe in anguish," an attache wrote British newspaper men. * * * Dun bar Township la believed to hold the record for four shooting thle yea; in the W. P. I. A. L. play, the Hod and Black getting eight out of 10 In the game with Monesa-en. Bridgeport Freeman McManum, 21, of Hoyal was found lying unconscious Saturday! night along the Ho/al-Searigbt road j and taken to Unionlown Hospital. ' t lie suffered head injuries. The' young man apparently had been struck by a passing auotmoblle. Denies Spain Seeks I'arity. MADRID, March 17. -- Premier Berenguer denied a London report of last night that Spain is going to demand naval parity with Prance ehould Italy succeed in obtaining that pro-, vision in tha five-power nava! treaty, j BRinOKPORT, March 17.--Mr. and Mrs. "W. E. Ager of G-reonebi^rg spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pullln. Mr. and Mrs. Dlblcr and daughter, and J. M. Baker of Scottdale were visiting Mr. Baker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bmanual Baker on Sunday. Mr. and Mm. H. E. Recknor and son, liric, of Musontown spent Suiiday at the home of, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. 11 Charles Sauervlne and,daughter, Joan, of Scotklale vrre visiting Mre. Sauerxviue's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCIain over the weekend. Mr. nnd Mrs, Samuel Spangler of Somemet and Miwfies Mabol and Wil- uia Wads worth of Rotherwood were calling on Ml?« Joan Morgan on Sunday. Sunday gnenta of Mr«. Bliza Boyer weie Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Baker and children of ScottdaJe, Mr. and Mre. O. C. Clausner and children of Pittsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mitchell of Hammondvllle, Mies Alberta Shusnukey SB vieittag her parents, Mr. and Mre. S. J. Shumaker. Mite Shumaker has completed her training «.e a nurse in th» Or**us- burg Hospital

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