The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1938
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1938. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELL.SVILL.E, PA. 5AGE SEVEN. The Daily Courier Pattern Young Peasant Lines Win Praise in Marian Martin Cotton Frock PATTERN' 9658. Naturally you want to lead you set in style . . . and here's a grand starter ... a smart little cotton drcs that carries the most amazing amoun ol style in every simple line Not especially the peasant influence ex pressed by the braid trimming on ·the straight yoke and "short puitcc sleeves See how smartly and slim ly the gored skirt "swings" and wha a nice cool-looking line is formed b the s mple round neck. You'll lov this dress in linen, shantung o broadcloth with bright, contrastm rick-rack. Pattern 9658 Is one o the easiest to use you've ever scei and includes a Complete Maria: Martin Sew Chart. Pattern D658 may be ordered onl: in misses' and women's sUes 12, 1* 16, 18, 20, 30, 32, 34, 30, 38 and 40 Size 16 requires 3Y» yards 36 inc.' labric, 3 3-8 yards rick-rack Send FIFTEEN CENTS In coins o stamps (coins preferred) lor EACH MARIAN MARTIN pattern. Be sur to write plainly your SIZE, NAME ADDRESS, and STYLE NUMBER YOUR CLOTHES PROBLEMS SOLVED! WRITE TODAY lor our KEW SPRING BOOK OF PAT TERNS' Look it over from cover t cover! See the wide variety of stun rung, up-to-date clothes designed b Marian Martin' Then settle down and make a wardrobe for yourel and family. Even a beginner wi find it easy to turn out clothes wit ai true professional look. BE SMAR THIS SPRING' Order your copy o this helpful new Book today! PRIC OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. PRIC OF PATTERN FIFTEEN CENT: BOOK AT5D PATTERN TOGETHER ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Send your order to The Courie Pattern Department, 232 W. 18th St New York, N. Y. Ell Pott* uy* his wife'* been wearln* th' *ame ctyle fcr thirty years, but every ao often th' stylo come* round an'eatehe* up with her. Th' dollar'* only worth half o' whit It usta be, but It'* twice *» hird V keep. /JOAH NUMSKUU. '.!-- DE^oja. NO°H-- OO HI YE THQE- PR03UOT BE.FOE^. THE-T CE1-U IT TO COUI-E1OT THE HONE.T-Pe.WS T '· MCIS c j. X' KUNGCi, TIEX NOAH-WHEN YOU HEA^ MUSIC OK THE. WATE.E.., is rr THE FISH RUNNING THEOOGH THI5- SCAUCS ·» NOW-!* TME1 JOE i PALOOKA Ya Ain't SoroJ? By Ham Fisher BARNEY GOOGLE ·'Remittance 3Iun." Billy DeBeck /GOOD HEAVENS MAN--DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOUR STUPIDITY HAS DONE I WAS SO I HEART-BROKE X NSVER THO'T. AN' X GUESS HE PON'T WE KHOW HE'S INNACENT-- MltsOSH ANN~\ X WAS SO ·* COCKEYED,HEAP over? HEELS LOVE--I- BUT WHY-WHY WHEN you POUND OUT SHE LIED ABOUT HIM AND TRICKED YOU- WHY DIDH'T YOU CALL ME THEN 1 I'M FUKIOUS.AND YOU'D BETTER FIND HIM IMMEDIATELY AND WHEH YOU DO--GET ,CW YOUR KNEES AHD APOLOZE --X KNOW--X- W-WILL-OHH WHAT AH IHVUSTICE. f OF COUHSE HS DOESN'T OHHH WHAT A MESS YOU'VE, MADE.I DiDH'T BELIEVE / KHQW-- I MUSTA J1ST KILT YA -- YA AINT SORE: AT ME. ARE. YA ? HE CARED FOR HER X LAUGHED AT THE STORIES X HEARD --BUT WHEH YOU TOLD ME -- X ORTSR , GOOGLE f WWPiT *=ER. D\D TO LEFWE =TPCVPol_eS \ NVCS \ WPiRN'T \NE-UMS SE.TTIN \ PURTY OUT THRR. ON KVS VOUR, MONEV CTUST ftRRVVHO YOU'LL SIGN ft RECEVPT- CTUST STICK VME t\EF\R ? : RO^A BUT, OON'T VJOR.RV-- BEMO US THE TO SHT OUT OP TOVWN-- RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt WELL, WHOT DID WE HNO OUT FROM HUftCKING ? GOSH,NO / HOT HOW. ViEt) TIP OUR. HftND TO THE MOB. WE'LL OWE HIM MORE ROPE RND WHEN f\U THE TURNS ftRE IN, HE'LL ONLY BE ONE UNK IN THE CHf\WOF . HE OULY PLW5 A SMftLL PftRT, 6UT I _ THIHK. IT'S ft SREftT \ VtE'VE GOT TO GET WCTHER TRUCK ftNO PRftY FOR ANOTHER HUftCKING. THIS T\ME WEIL HME TO TRML'EM, BUT HOW? FPiCT T«ftT THE TRRNSFER ftQEKT IS PftEV Of THE Sf\NG. I SWOVIE HAD A IQftD OF FURS, IN OFFKE, AND AND PUT THESCRWS ON HIM / Mf-WDUR LfXTER. ITHCT'S SOMCWWS raft. YOU TO I i FIGURE. OUT. MEftHWHlLE, I'M GOING TO TRY ftNOTOER. STUNT ON THETRftNSFER , ASEMT. \ THINK HE5 OUR. BEST BET FOR. THE PRESENT W JUST KIDS Who's a Coward? By Ad Carter MOM-I THINK I'M GETTING TO BE A BETTER BOY EVERY DAY WELU-I MET TUPrV SMITH TO-DAY AND HE WANTED TO FIGHT,) BUT I WOULDN'T FIGHT 'CAUSE I KNOW YOU OONT WANT YOUR UTTuEj BOY TO F1SHT FOR Tt-tW I'M GOING TO GIVE MY APPLE DUMPLING A PIECE OF PIE I JUST BAKED AND IT WASNT BECAUSE HE HAD THREE FRIENDS WITH HIM EITHER TloiM -On 'turn* S-IS *. IT ff rM MUGGS McGINNIS By , Wally Bishop ....WHAT?U!,.. . X blDNfr TT41MK SMEt io /AE.THIS WAV /HE/. ARE. VU . So\Kl' WiTU ALL, / SCUooL THose. BOOKS?/ UL.' HERE. ,CAROL AMM! WHAT WAV, ROMEO? /..LAST MIGHT x GOT THOSE BOOKS AU-TWE WAV,TD HEI? BEPORH. X FOUUD OUT SHE WAS WALKIM- PEE-WEE _ GooFV^ A^u5QS...toMT VA^LAMVIS .CAROL. AMMTL MOT WlTM TIM TYLER'S LUCK Tim Get* "The Ulrd." By Lym Young THE CAPTAIH SURE. WAS NICETO DETAIL SPUD AMD ME TO FIWDTHE STRAMGE DHE-DO BIRD THAT TALVS AHD CAW CHAMSE HIMSELF INTO ANY COLOR THE FELLOWS Hft/EBEEH / LET'S ASKTU' JAZZING ME ALL DAY, / CAPTA\H TO 3WE. 5PUD-=.THEYSft/TaERES I SOMEBODV ELSE fAOSUCMB\RO ASTME DEE-DO / DEE tiEE COHSV?ATULATIOMS, TIM 1 . XUEAR YOU'RE SOIHGOM A BIG- GAME HUNT/ TO CATCH PRETTY UTTLE BIRDIE, TlM? ^ Mou'RE JEALOUS BECAUSE YOU CAH'TGO wnuus-- BIG SISTER TO OO NNlTvA SPECK.? -f* ODD -- ' By Les Forgrave H\M *N\ WERE. HOSM ARE Vte. GOIMG T FiVTO 3 - / S -- _. "THIS 13 MIGHTY f KJO.VNEMAVE AM GOOD COPFEE, 1 (WVAL,ID UPStAlRS MtQS. AjaESXSO 1 F VOOLU EXCUSE , 1 MEXVU KAE. ISJ ACXJP? ·SOME TO W1VA. HOLD CM YOU MIGHT «CAl_O VOWV-NWWV .' HE'S GONE! t-US BED IS ? EMPTY! T JOST hAV UOCK-ER r MEASi - OAT'S A.\Ei V4E-HE

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