The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 19

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 19
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r TT a. J - 7' 1964' lv,. J., . 7" '.. ' v.. 7 A.. -FRI PAY..APRIL3, ; THE OTTA WA JOURNAL - 19 " 'try :S' T Brazil Plans Election r- eO r m-' 1 Join the crowd that smokes mild . V'";A;:' :V'. V. ' V,'" . rr Slim.; Jrim... Smart.. Enjoyment, Any 0lace, Any time SIMON'S CIGARILLOS PLAIN r5NDS...OR TIPS ' " p. pJSrW' ' ?t ' t)w i iii -w mmim y i j jr? - r In pockeMitting pack of 5 .. only. 25 r ; For Argentina? RIO DE JANEIRO-r-Bra?kl Uv day was faced wiirt-a-priod of interim government in the wake of -an apparently successful varnjw revolt that deposed president? Joaopoulart. ". " . . But' incident of continuing resistance to iheapw regime of PaschoaT.Ranieri Mazzilli sworn in Thursday1iy Congress, in' Brasilia, were reported. , The 53-yearld - Maftilli,' a liberal conservative politician, was legally successor to Goulart as president of the Chamber of ' Deputies. ' ' v . : Under Brazilian W; Mazzilli will serve for .30 days .unlit the legislature elects la ne president to serye j out : Goulart's term, '.due to expire in January, we. . '. ,; ':.' A .. .; It was reported that fjoulart few into ewle Thursdajr-from Porto Alegre. capital ' of his home state of Rio Grande ' do Sul. ' ' - ; - . .. i An army spokesman said early today Goulart had left his ranch at Sao Borja, on the Ar- - "THETELSTARS" .' R So Ct rVo Minimum m:, ' pUJ HriLI 1 TT ' gentine border, bound - by car for Buenoj Airs and "already is an Argentine territory." '; -Authorities, an' .Argentine border provinces,. aid, : however, Goulart nad, not entered the country and nv.ere'on the atert for any clan destine crossing. Airport control towers" in Paraguay and Uruguay also were watching . for him.;,' -: V.,.' Goulart, abandoning his vow to fight, to the- death, vanished Thursday' after flying out of Porto .Alegre, his last redoubt in Brazil's deep gouth. Inform-ints. said he gave up to prevent the bloodshed of a futile resistance...; ' . . . '-. .Some . observer ; feared the STEADY PILGRIMAGE WASHINGTON (APrThe steady pilgrimage to the. .National Cemetery graveside of President John. F. Kennedy ia increasing riLisi more than , we .cou!d possibly v conceive." V cemetery superinteni-ent John Metzler said Thursday, J Easter Sunday. Metzler- said personstslmtp to file pastjhe Kennedy-erave marked Byit&. eternal flame had to to' Vi hours." ; rmy revolt might touch off guerrilla warfare in . Brazil in the' weeks and mortthsto come. Goulart; drew most of his support from' leftist labor leaders who were reported b i rl g It. was indicated in Washing ton -that the interim government would win early recognition from the U;S. "government. Governor Carlos 'Lacerad of Guanabara state which included Rio Thursday night proposed an immediateTelection for a new president,-. according to the voice, of Brazil a national- radio hookup. Lacerda. a longtime opponent of Goulart and leader .of right-wing forces in, Brazil, xcou!d emerge as one ol the presiden lial candidates. " idenj lor s.ft per cent ot tne total and this . does ' not include many juveniles in court for minor offences, the Chief re: vealed.and the 16-20 group made up a "startling' 19.3 per cent. : , . "The trend to participation in minor and major crime by WING'S Delivery pm. to from 30 1.00 a m on oror of S3 73 or more Eatvlw and tmmcdlat area. 745r5321 SIS Montreal Rd Eastview THE Dfifnififi Inn m j Laack UH ta Dinner I4t la , a.m. a. Dining Koon -Opa Dally From 7 a.m. 9M p.m. Sandav ajn. piJ . la vm. f . At LOW At V 3.00 incmamf Brtausft O'Connor Albert 235 5151 TMI Magistral Quits After 'Incident' ' TORONTO (CP) -l Attorney-(Jeneral Arthur" ' Wfshrfrt announced Thursday that Magistrate H. P. Innes of Simcoe has resigned pllowing a --request fromhi.s department'. v ."You might say ic had been indicated to him that his resignation was desired." h said. The r e s i n a t i o ni ' effective March 31. was submitted March I6after an incident at a party in the Norfolk Golf and Country Club.. The nature oi the I incident was not . disclosed. Uganda's -population of Number 'Startling' Chief Sees i Kare : Attack "... "". In Senate By The', Canadian Pres "" The Senate heard something Thursday that' has iwen absent from its proceedings in recent year's a personal attack, on a Senator by a ' colleague. : Senator Jean-Francois Pouli-M (L. : Quebec.) took: strong exception to remarks made Tuesday by Senator Grattan 0' Leaf y (PC '; Ontario who Uaid Parliament had been Mr. Wishart sa;d no charges i mlted and degraded by t h have been laid and hjwaV-''in clined at ths moment i think none will be laid." v ( But the recently v apponted attorney:generaJ said he- would familiarize himsejf . ' with the whole file before making a fi,ta! decision. ' ... . . ;' -1 V'.'' Simcoe Police Chief Vincent Pierce, who attended ingoing-away party for a prov.ticial. po-jii?ese'r(eant March ic"would nof comment- otv the incident; Higfier 1 - - -,-.'..'' Thejwirne "rate in Ottawa young people will continue,'' he; jother parts of tne nation, i ; -In-: general." our crime rate has not been' affected to the . . . U . CommiMis. ;. -; ';'.. LONG DEBATE . Senator O'LearV was cirrt. menting on the 1. Easter Week sitting of the Commons and the prolonged debate there which is delaying ..Parliamentary ,1 approval "ol-the final supplement-: ary spending estiniates for 1963- m. .vl:.v' .; :V Senator Pouljit siid that Senator' O'Leary had stated "J am sure that-there' js not a member in this chamber Who does not feel that his position in the Senate has" beeft degraded , to some - extent by what has occurred.'' He i added that Sena,-, tor O'Leary's remarks had been endorsed by Senator Dan Lang (L Ontario). ' -. s- The1 outspoken Quebec Liberal said 'hehas a personaL-4ikrng fn.Senatdr Ofecfirv and-rtha4- but -in fvture I hope nearly 7.000,000,, only six out of rising, cniet Keg Axceu , preaiciea, . aaaing mat tne,hev Wil) mln(J , heir own busi-each 100 . persons- work r forl"' tolay .IfL anmuaf . re- j problem will receive "con- i nesV nd -i, on - my beha!f wages-or fish most farm; raise cattle PO"- out not as quicwy as in auention. wly when. they have, personal throughout the country, he observed. .r ARRESTS UP V He pointed, however, to a sharp increase" in number of arrests (up about one-fifih to 5.592 in 1963 over 4,484 in ..; nier '.Axceir. noted .' that,ipower (if attorney -from mr aside from car theft .nngs.1 Senator Pouliot said. there is no evidence of syndt-j cated or organized crime in the Capital city area. ' MOBILITY NOTED "But it is a fact that the mobility, of criminals and the ease with which they procured dangerous weapons places a Represent City At Y-Teen Meet Three Ottawa girls are delegates to the annual Ontario and Quebec- Y-Teen Conference heavy burden on law enforce- no ;ng "era m arantiora 1962) and a "thought provok- ment agencies," Lhe. added in TV MarfP Wesl- McPher-ing" hike inthe number-, of ; what may have been a refer- nd Sue. Smee. aceomparr-minors arrested, ' ence to the outbreak of armed bX Mary Hackett. program " Pfrnn linrlpr IR arrnuntH ' hni rr,kKri til lact vr i director -at the women's JiVISlOfi . .. , - , . generally blamed on Montreal i.m Int u""" . area thugs In line' with the, drive for j bilingualism.l the Chief reported 25 department volun-' teers started a basic- French course at year's end. Traffic accident roseJUper-ceptibly" over last year (12.200 over 11,800). In conformity with, a long-term trend. Twenty persons died in traf- v CHINESE F00D -S!'p- 0rd FREE 1,472 were injured, down 28. Fines collected totalled $634,-021. about the same as in 1962. And value of property stolen was estimated at $1,859,710, down from $1,936,471.' ' ' Cruisers - logged 2.000.000 -miles -afld-32 ,000 separate-oe-currences were inveatigated. Journal Want Ads bring quick results. . FAMILY GASTRONOMIC DINNER SUNDAY S P.M. TO P.M. r, Duvernay 'a 207 MAIN ST. HULL Brr MicOnaaU InUrprlx MOTOR HOTIL I r y ar ' - PARTIES BANQUETS WEDDINGS M'AKI YOUt KIIIIVATIOM MOW 4 it CtmJitiomJ For Yotr Ctmjmrt 112 OTREAL MAD OTTAWA, CAXADA S MM - me JILaiJ A-flLATtA ITatKTlOTTAWA, OKTAalO TUTANIUIALlUIl TREASURES and Contemporary British Paintings LAST DAY: SUNDAY, APRIL 5th 1 . . - : WEEKDATi: K A.M. TO i f.M. TU ISDAYS AND THU DATS ' TI it W I r tUHDATS AND MOLIDATI J J TO P.M. " ADMintoN rut roTouaicAU.tW- the conference ch started Tuesday rA :nii Fn-l day.. , The theme of the conference is Take Inventory: at Personality, VaUies and the Future." '- Journal Want quick results. ItlXltf THE Ads bring $ .95 (0) $Q. YD. , WATCH CHANNEL 13 Two-Pronged Program For, Library Wefek The Ottawa. i has planned 'a Public UbrarV , merttary National Film Board The shadow plays, are Hor- iwo . pmnKeurPr"-'""n.v'ney win oe siw.wn iw Hutchm ih.'fps Th Tr'a. nr.... . , .J . 1. . I 1 II. . . I . .. nK'. ..... """. " nuuiis una cniik ui s p.m. iaiuraay urcn,. in recognition ui t,ana-;rm. the. lonowing I ihrarv Wpcb Anrit i in . 'l-,,r ' , 1-or 1 and 7 30 i .week days'. II. . . ' l(,;'irls Dt-partment has planned1,!11 will For adults, a enes'of films fa special program of .shadow has been scheduled -from Satur-vplayS and play " readings for. day to Friday!' (Mostly dom- .Saturday . at A. 30 p.m. .' vel!in,g Musicians and The Three - K . I If t. ' - ri . ' s children, the Boys'r and i '"Ks liruu, nay reaamgs be given . by members of thV. tibrary't reading club and, by students of.Gowling Public 'School r . . Mv'l! .' 1C irAlVW aslaa2avla, Xlj . -.; Al'A V ' t ' ' . Tnis is a rum ihat's dark and meijowil Thjs is'a ,f ''. v . . : . -: ' MtJ V hearty robust rufn that's every bit a man's rum, ' . "litj - .. ' J - ' This is Wood's Old' Navy, .'a bfend of th world's '' ; ' 1 "nun ""''"'-''"V-'' (rnariy as old as 9 years). A long-standing ! XSl) ' a V ' favourite h England, we think yaiTIt agree that no . . tf - ... ' ; . u ii other. r'om' can rhatch Wood's Old Navy for, full- '." Klj,J , .' l' bodied flayour. Try it next time. '('. ' m Quality you can feel . . . vou can see: of CRESLAN ACRYLIC Tir MOST LUXURIOUS fflr)r fibre of all! ' SPECIAL ADVANTAGES OF CRESLAN ... lfr war Superior -Color Lnury lw . faty Car rrtlfnt Rralllrnr r.xcfllmt Rrtntton cmoosc raosi u hkcortor Appaovrn coi.ovas EXTRA SPECIALLY PRICED Appnrinrr Moth proof. Mlltftw-proof, Non-illrrf nle Sunday, April 5th, at 4 p.m. for our informative half-hour program on carpets and their care GOOD CARPETS COST LESS THAN YOU THIMK! :-: Ml . . -; v rr- .. Vif ktih-i't ,t siiMKitstrr ' - ' t j :

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