The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1939
Page 8
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PAGU, lUlitLJL. JUAIUY. LOLK1LR C O N N L L L b M L L L J J A S A I L K U A Y MARCH io, IbMM Boxing Basketball PORTORIALS By JOHN H \VHORIC, Sports Editor 'W' NEW GOLF RULES FOR ALL DUBS Williams College student golf duffers oi Williamstow n Mass hav e found a new way o£ beating par and \vere passing on then findings m the hope the logic might help some of us whose mathematics has shown heap of improvement by playing 18 holes m three figures plus The collage pupils reasoned that thi ee things pi evented a duffer from 1 Fir BITS HERE AND THERE The Morgan tou n quintet that P 1 ayed *i the gold cnge tourncj ^ t the Arrrorj included fiesl Tien of West Vjrgm a Uriveisity ind t icu coach Jack Demp^ey piedicted Joe Louis will knock out Tony Galento in tie fust round of their '·ched- uled June title, figit It won t last i round said the Dormer titleholdcr ( Joe is the gre lest hung fightei ind the iran to be it him p i o b i j l y is in knee pants now The tioublc w i t h playing golf m par figures is too low 2 The ru es 3 The! Galeito is he has too mill} p ess duffers. conscience n counting, Tgent' Go\ einors of e-ich o r tl e HARTNETT TO CONCENTRATE ON OFFENSE Cubs to Go After Extra Base Hits in Defending Ball Title TRADEADDED MUCH POWER (Some of our golfers don't have a conscience when they count 01 fail to count) 48 states ha\e been, imited to pir~ ticipate n special ceremonies on Maj i 7 National Sera-Pi o Bascbill Di\ The upshot of it v,as that they! u h c n on estimated 12500 gan-es decided to pl-iv ioumament golf be P^jed m opening + hc 1*539 season strictly' according to these lules No nev, balls allowed no lo c s of strokes with lost bal failute to connect no penalty hand mashie pei- mitted aftei two f c i l m e s to get out of a tiap with a club ball m di ch may be Ihroxvn out--no more than la-ymdto gam allowed stymies don t count prefenecl lies except in bunk- cis no concession on putts longer thdn 10 feet the grime must not be tar.en senouslj V*e don t have to woii\ about the fii»t touiney iulc because v,e h a / e n t bough* R ball since Kingdom come On lo»t balls v e don t won} about i b rokes as much as about the time lost trying to find them "We could s i v c a h ilf dozen 01 so strokes on fai lures to connect The hind mashie ib o v e i \ \ o t l ed by oui p^rtneis The East piooib y w 11 hold the w h p hand in the 65th Kentucky Derbj in inspection o£ the v, mtei oook f n o i e El Chico and Johns- own one of se\eial second choices disclosed T n the se\cn \ears he coacied nt G i o \ e Cit ana Bcmrioii Cl ailej Bo\\ SL new foo bn 1 me ito it P] t put out tci ns th it \von 27 tied si\ aid lost 27 In ore season 1931 Bo dom Jost right stiaignts w nje n 1934 i f tost six ind tied one Buck \eu-som dcm mded $20 000 f om the Biowrs Ht 11 collect S 3 50 Mijo league ni i tgc big w o u s th it t ley 1 pass up sonic lookie \\ ho Tiooctbly i^r t gong sn ho in the citius cucuu itghi, nov. but w h o 11 go h«.c d house dfire jn the ncai f i t u t e \\hcn he s no langei w i t h ) (Ldiioi s \ote t o lowing is an othei seueb on the ma}O\ league basebill te ims ) B JACK GUENTHER United Press S ait Couesponautl LOS ANGELES Mil J4 --The Chic I Q O Cubs w 11 idopl the ta._t cs of the N e \ \ o i k \ a n ces thib sei son in the hope tint he nc\ snd com m a t \ c! bimp e fund ion is ·-moo h y ing y 11 U e Na ion il has foi e is in the A! 300 See Three Fioor Scraps Moi c tli in TOO enthusnslic basketball fa is crowded into College Hail, iDunb u Fnda evening to witness thiee thiil mg baske ball coi tests, in a benefit show 1] e caid opened w th Oipheum The i re lasses be t ig Dunb 2210 in a tin illcr Doioth jiyncs fcdtui ed for the wmnetb w i ^ h si\ doable deckc \\\i le Kathe ne Hci- man aKo o p the w i n n i P e , qairtet starred \ \ i t i b i i l l n n t defcnsne play Bogu I y ard A Dine lo t a l l i e d the onh points ioi tie Furnace Fo\sr- eis The i utial moi s coi test found New S ilcm betting D u n b u R C L I L T tion Ccntei 3J 11 L^P esta ' - s a l I od ft ihe w i n n e r u h t l e H u \ e \ ^ on standing foi t ic v nc uishcd ci^, ers The i n il contcs s iw Dunoai F ti^heb conquu a h ghtl TRACK MEET FOR COUNTY GRADE BOYS (Basel all tvpically An CIH.T i pott sprint* fro r the gn c s rooU profit i. cd steidib v.ith t t. Krov h o A cnci u til it si n Ja b pi me tod 13-- t L, t-u He raslime c mill on^ One hund cd j c a i b u ilold a faMJ-illns story ol the naUona) *,i ic In this scries marking the Ccn Lcmittl of Biscbill the highligi t» since JIH9 h-uc been depicted) THE BASEBALL CLASSIC to Be Advanced Tuesday Night by Fayette Educators Jhem find out Pit it Bovvers going to| , one tough football in crime not to rrention the bill in undei the p i i i h c tion setup P C ditch business It all depends on Tiajnoi expects his ball placers to M h o is p l i j i n g w h a t bill \\hen ! tend o 0 oit business or su Icr t i c stymie lules T I C enforced All the ! c( ns"quences judging froii his ae ion lies iron t in the b mKeis eithc 1 " V'e h i v c n t hcdid i two-inch putt conceded let ilong nound the 10-foot m irU Of, couise, the game isn t going o be akcn scuously since the ·* cc crus-ide foi bids pluy ng for ice cieum cones which means the chimp 11 h a \ c to pa} foi his own heieafter Now- that we happen to thirW about it so they call that game golf Sometime:, its nothing short of a walking morithon at other tirres i looks lirfLe a plowirg expedition and yet at other times--probably w e d better skip it or the truth will co*ne out Joe Maisico managei o£ the Spungdale Golf Club a puohc course on the Umontown-'Ve-nacolm highway about three miles south of Un- lontown, was in the office the other day to remind us that the season there will open Saturday April 1 although the new greens won t be ready until M ly 1 Joe invited us to help get thirgs started in giv ng uncondi lonat elea=e to Pitchei Ed B jndt and sending Pitcl - cr Ru i B i icis to he. dog house for violating U in ng u Ics Bauers w ds so bu^} get n g inised up in lur^c pla} last \e i that le v is l i " ir getting si u tea ihe first Nation! mteieoJlcgidtc go f touin ment of the 42-eai old I\dt ondl Colleyale Alh- etic Association vva-* =0* for W-iko*idi Coun rv Clib Des Monies Iowa Best Amateurs In Region To Box Here Tuesday Some of the leading leather pushers of Southwes ern Pennsylvania will appeal on Tuesday night s arna- teur boxing show at Slovak Hall The simonpuies who vull TDB on the eard that has been sanctioned by the Allegheny Mountain Associat on Amateur Athletic Union under the auspices of Immaculate Concept on High School Athletic Council jncl ide Johnny Alt Vern Kuker Vmee Browning Pug Cole Jaciv Rainey Chuck Slater Biuno ""uce George BrehcX Mark L/ocKman Geoige Richardson Johnnj Evans K d Hilcv, Ralph Meeks Johnny Kovaen, Ralph Immel and Roland Augustine The fust bout goes, on at C 30 shai p June 26 to Jul 1 Leonaid Freketich 200-pound giant of FiyeUe Citv looms at the spring tiainmg drills a c one of + he outstand ng jcarlmg candidates lor i \ acsiU tackle position nt State College S immv Biugh pio footbitl sta pui- chas«d 442 acies oC land on the east shore ot Lake S\veetuatcr, Texas fo*- a reported $10300 and w o n t icpoit to the Sacramento c ub ot t AC Pacific Coast Leigue The baseball outfit told him lie couldn t be released foi Washing on Redskins spring grid tiainmg so he ups ind bujs a lanch to spend the summeis Homestead and Lo\\cr Ateuon should turn m a gieat basketbill game on ghu -n Ph 1 idclphi i w h e n they cla^h for the Penn^Kaiia Intci scholastic Athle ic Association couit itle Southpaw Prospect Mauuce Kuby Hayes is a southpaw pitcher thit Stanlev Harr s Washington rmniget hopes will come hroi gh for h in this vcai or next Hiyes, who is only 21 pitched foi Sanfoid ana JjcksorviJe Fli in 1936 ind 1937, won two and lost five foi Chattanooga last spimg and then won six out of seven fo Chu- lotte in the Piedmont League JLow Biddci on Higlmaj HARBISBURG Mdl 25--Pilk- view Construction Comp- 1 ly of Pittsburgh submitted in unofficial low bid of $168474 for giadng 24 miles of ught-of-way and eonstiuc ion o[ se/en concre'e stiuctuies in Westmoreland county on tie piojccted supei hignway fiom Pittshuigh to Har isburg Red ou ed n 50 foi v. n d of the countyscat tcnm w n s ei-jily the stindout peiJoime: as he i mg jp 32 milk01*: Alex Sklenir fen uied for he Dunbii itcs T 10 sumn ir c^ Dunbir Paramount* O T Pts Boj,u^k f 2 1 5 Dincllo f C DcNel o M DeNe lo J i vis g ToUils 4 2 10 ISon-sconrg substitutes -- Tvlincmi ^ T lneId Oipheum Theatre G r Tls Tivncs f h n 1- DeBoil f 2 6 Mecke= L 1 2 t Ridgew iv g 0 0 0 Herman t; 0 0 0 Totals Scoic by qu i t c i s Dur b u Orphoum Refei cc--Dugusk j Men s Game Dunbar Lyor f Big cj f J irms c Duniv 1 g Aldridge g ^l(.Dov^cll g Hi-\ev g CASEY HAS PROBLEM - - - By Jack Sords A PAt-ria FOR F RST BASE- IS 60iM(r OM ervjge^ ei6UR.r oar -- ite MAS S-TAFP ssraeo AMP IS ReASOfJASLl SA-flSFIBD ^RTAiM-ri s i e e f t \ r ^ \ ' Xl5r^ (******) ^p SECOUD BASE- ^^__s/~_ ^SS' 4 stiategy M i l l inc. de\a^nt- Leagi c as it icncin Iheic \\ill be just one trick in ihe i Vilseck quintet fiom b g G-'bby H i i t n e t beginn ng his j 4 ^ R \ ilsccl- ste Hr i rs f u l l yti 1^ immgei sns his league champions \ull go tl tr the c\tia bise h ts -md let tho defense tike cne of i self Th it v,ns Die motive behind the c ix m in dr il Inc Cubb completed \ v i l i the "New ^ oik Giants this \ s i n t e i md rlnrtnett le- 1 c\es it u ill \\o 1 Ch c i£,o e\ch in^ed C i L.hei Ken O Dt i 101 Mop B 11 Ji ifet md Ou fieldci f i tik Dcmioc fo C itc i- ci Cus Mintu'-o SI ortbto » Dick B n - tcll md Outfielder H ink Leibcr The Cubs tr ided \\\ ny in ac v nntagc m fielding J"oi i it Ic TIC-C prow c*:*; at tl e plnte Mancuso ii expected to jt.Iic\ e H n L i c t of t i c m ijor shu e of th- citcbmg buu'ei] and ea\e him \\itl mo c time for h i t c h i n g pi ns The e\ Gi ml b a t e d J13 in 5- gtmrs last scison nnd this ibilitv \v ill give him he e ill o\ er Bob ( i - b irk utility man in 1938 md L. ^ Bill Bdkpi \\ 10 cime up from Ii dnmpolis Gnbbv \ull t i l e \ t u r n now and t icn The iSo 2 muii in the nde Bai teJl is in dou itfu si ipt Ho i; 11! ing fiom arthritis ind my not be ready to pHy for a month If he ie covers in t me he \ul! pi iy ^egularlv at short between Stanlev H i c k it third and Billy Jlerm n it second The frst inse post is --till open Rip Collins and Pbil CavareHa ire be ns nudged none too gci th bs Glen Ru sell ot Los Angeles a younj,bter \sith a flair foi long hus md fielding a\era^e of 98U 1 s ycat Iheie ire still three utility men Woodv f-nqhsh obtained fiom m- t. nniti \vho w i l l t i k e over shortatop if Baitell continues to ai S e\e Mesncr th i d b semn bach foi another tr\out from Iridunipohs nrid Leo iard A"erullo nf Villino\a nnd Fd Zvdc \ski of Wi^hmttor State Two or ic hips three of t icm vi!l be kept iround depending on the Iim decision at fust The out \eld loo is si shily \in settled Augie Gnlan \viil f II c ic spot \\ith Lober iccove ed Iiom us beanmg by Bob I cller at anoth r Joe M i r t v and Jjm Gleeson w h o batted 3 1 ^ for l\c\v n k a i e b t i l i n g for the oiiici snot Cn 1 Rc\no ds utiht m m last veai w j l l h )ld ovei I h e Cubs h t \ c no piomis ng look e outhcldeis I h c p tchmt, sinT is fa rl w e l l sot I he iec eombm ition of Bui I ee ind Cliy B ynnt who won 41 g-im^s between ilien^ last ye u compos s tl e first line md t h c i e io little reason this pair shouldn t continue to ^ in L u ry rench h is s icd JO pounds ind says he v. 11 do oct ci than his II \iotoues and 39 defeats last j e " La ] White n i l w h o won n ne agi nst e ght for Cleveland is another ctart- ei but h is an injured ankle th it r v keep him out a nronth The othei s «i re Vance P ige Charlie Root and JacV Russell -- and old Di?z Dean the man of many ifs" If Diz can ^turn o foi in Hirtnett believes his team is in If not help must come fiom some of the hilf dozen rookies They aie Ed Carnett aid Gene Lillaid of Los Argeles Wilt Iligbee ind Kewe 1 K mbill both up F iom Bnminphan 22 2--10 5--22 'lotils New Salem I Blickbu n I Gdlhck f Roderick c LiPIPsti g H ilej g Score by q u a i t c i s D u n b i \'rw Salem Refc ee -- Sklcmi Pis 9 4 A 3 0 S 1! 34 Pts 4 B iscb ill 1\\ iv s will h-ive its idols but t i e h e u t o the n tionll j,d~ne throbs v u t i one domir nt fie or -- coinpe ition Th is ust is i p p a - crt or the sindljt is it is in the b g leigue I r e pu n i t uces in the n ijoi i i d mn 01 ]c r,ucs t i c totnii n^.1 ts be /LCI school aid college teims e \ c n the g incs Between neighboi hcod tc ins oioduce the i ne^ pe t d Fust \\ oriel Title The d i m i ot the d in ond p"\ei is in c v v idly picsentcc though t i m in the ^oikl Sciics The ( i \\o Id ch imp onsh p v\ is coi tested in I J j H l between Piovidcnce c luin- pion of he ^ itio ioi Lc i jc ind the Mctiopc l i t a n ti. m of New ^o k tillcliolcci o tl c ^ m c i i c n AS C OL - ition Sti itm h n 1802 md continuing thioU;-,! Irf9" Ihc wo top tenns of the i\itior il Leigue plaed 1 post-facison sencs for the lenple Cup and in 1001 the first scncs was c o n t r s e d octwccn Pittsbuigh National Le ruc p e n n i n t vunner t ' ind B o s o n c h i m p i o r s of the Amencan Lcigue These 'c gu^s in lugui itcd tie fi^t otlcidl \\oi r \ Seiies m iqo 1 ; w i t h Connie M :. ^ le In g h s Phil del phli Atl letics IRI list lohn J Mc- G iw s I\cw "lork Glints Here vvis the tiltim te in competition md bell nd the p tching of M ithewson Hc- C nmt ind Ames the Glints won the championsh p Theic has been a w o i l d ch mp onship pi lyed ever since VMlh t i e nencin League winning 21 belies to Jie Nalio-ial s , , . , , , 13 This foilov ng the spirited f e n MAY O n i n nces is t i e ultimate evert in jasebn 1 1 ic Se ics of 1919 was miicd by lie 3 ck So\ scandal revealed n IS^O when Cluiles Comisl ey the Old Romn of the Ch cngo White Sox announced lie h id uncovc ec 1 deil with gamble s i m o h m g eight of his stir plajerb It b oke nis he u t to do it ind wiecked h s great teim but Comiske wns determined to seep the game horcst Commisbionei Lniulis As a icsu t bibebill rnide inothei giei o i w a i d step n 1921 when Fedc i i Judge Kenesiw Mountain LJI dis fe iless outspoken and j u was mn cd Conm bbioner of the game Pis lulu g peiminomlv bn- red the Ch cigo p l i j e s from o gan- ized b iseball md unde his guid- ince the mtcgiitj of the spoil has reached its rjmnade Amencis national game todiy is nch in trad'ions it has i s immortals like Ty Cobb Christy Mathewsoi Babe R u t h Wee Willie Keeler, Wal- tei Johnson Gio\er Cleveland Alc I h i its f ibUous flguies of the pist and"i Cy Young and many others ind itb ^le-it s ars oC the piesent each contributing toxvaid mnurg a gieat game gieiter Theie -sn t an American who doc^n t feel a g ow of pride is he ^oks bitk on a century of baseball to 1839 w h e t joung Abner Dnuble- aay immortahzed his name to sport Param.ou.nts Claim County Junior Title 11 4 12 9--34 2--J9 Men s Game Dunbar Flashes Solcdno f Bruno f Sklcnii e Pnl ei t, Bogusl- g Gent t Rav Hir ell ioimeilv with tne Cardinals and Al Epperly of Inoiampo'is Lillaid and t i e Bumintham boys look best now but again no decision has beer i cached Harlnett e\pects plentj of I ouble from Cmc'nmti wi h Pittsburgh St Louis New Yortv and Boston dll fighting for the fi st division Totals Uniontown A Vilsc k R Cl «eel ] \Voocs e Beaumont DePilo g Totals- Durb ir Un onto\ i 23 G 4 10 1 21 fts 9 e 8 0 b ·50 Pts 8 32 0 1 11 12 18--50 6 4 10 24--44 fe Pirnmount b i«kctball t^am \/on trie j u n i o ch mpionship o c Fivette count Ihuisdi\ when i m press \e- 1 defeated the Pcnn Dclicittisen of Umontown t tl it pi ice, 4t-27 Lanky McMullcn led the ^coring attack hitting thn hoop foi 16 poirts Fndi night the Pitumoun s sur- \i\cd the hist round in the TJ non- town Y IW C A t o u r n i m e r t when they turned back the IS n t h Pole lee quin tl b\ a 31 2G bcoie The line ups T i r a m o u n t Theatre O F Pis Testa, 1 2 1 5 Stip* f McMullen, c Kline t ~ -E t o w n f Conw l f Tot ils Pcnn Deheatcssen Clingan f. "Millei I Young c Hem wugh, t, Trunmgcr g Dggd t De n f Touts Stale High School Champs Since 1920 By United E*ress H\RRJbBURG Mar 25 -- Penns v K a n i a Inteisehol s ic Athletic As- D. C. Morrow Named Division Manager Of Water Company D C IVioirow nidiidger of the Citizens Water Company o£ Wasbang- ton, P a , nas been acvanced to the position of division mamge in clniL.e o r 20 AVestein P e n i s \ K i m n vv er films of the Anglican WT er \ \ o i l s £- Licet e Com )an\ cPee t ve Apu] 1 He w i l l le suuceded bj oiothci G Gu ^ioriovv n o v loe ed in Bristol R I iVh lV T oiiov w i l move to New Yorl CiU in his new cnpicity Arron^ the w n ei fi'TIS under 1 is direction w i l l be Connell ulle Watei Co-rip ni \ui i i) in N \ mm 11 I l( I NM s 1 ( 1 I r l(so t' no nos i i \ \ sociation bi^lcetball champions since «ta-t of the trndi irnal senes in 1920 in which enslein teims h a v e won 1 titles and western clubs seven Yeai School 920 H-iii isburg Tech 1921, McKeespoit 1922 Mdhinoy C ly 3923 Nantieoke MS"! Homcstcid l^ 1 ;, U nonto\ n 1926 N nt eokc 1927, Stec Ion 1928, Ilj/lelo i Ugh ) J110 Slniol 1031, Noith Budock (Scott 19 J2 Old lorge 1933, Lower Meuon 1934 Pittsbuigh Sou h 193o, Allentown 1930 Newport Township 19-57 PittsbJrgh South 1938 H-7lelor (X ) CX -- H zlcton dcfc itcd bv L o v e r Meuon h s ycai Wt-a the on y sc 100! lo w i n the S a t e title foi two suc- eeisive ycais a i d the o i l y tejm to w i n he chair pionship t u e e times Paramount Theitrc Convv ty f Stnd f MeMullen c _ Kline g Blast} g Testa f Biovr c Tot Is North Tole Ice Dean f Cmdnc, f Silmdn c Congcllio g Collier g Loomi^ f Renmngei g Totils Id G 4 1 1 1 1 0 J o 0 1 0 t ·i 10 G i 2 1 0 1 0 44 Pts S CITY RECREATSON CENTER NOTES AS TENTATIVE DATE A suggestion of County Superintendent ot Sciools M a n y J Brown- *ield to hold i t n c t ind flelc. meet 'or county giadt studerts was approved by schoolmen i id Satui-dav, "VI ly G at Husteid Field Uniontown, wib tentative y belected foi the competition Another n "»ti is hob been called for 8 o clock Tuesday night in "Mr Biownfi Ids offce at Un ontown to discuss th" proposed event in which sixth seventh and eighth graders cojld pi icipate in 10 teatuies, including sho"t dashes, relays jumping and pole vaulting Each distiic would be peimitted to enter two contestants in each event and mav lame two alternates w i t h i maximum of 20 taking part The pioposcd gradeis competition would be held the week piccedmg the high sciool p ogiam which is expected to be held in Connellsville the nigh t of Friday May T 2, forecast on his page last November Baseball Film Monday Night Free to Public Bv WALTER MISK1MS The National Soap Sculpture Committee in New York will conduct its tries miy be made in three g-oups Adv need amateur senior and junior It is the desire of the Center to submit as Tiai soip en v ings as possible in each gioup a i d fiom as many persons as possible This contest is open to il Peisons interested in so ip sculpturing are asked to consult eithci T\ eed Stafford or Miss Jean S tuffer at the Center The girls ping-poi g touindinent has advanced to tl e second round with the following contestants listed Rovve vs Tuliej Barrett vs McNamaia Culp \s J Gregg and Howser vs Miher A consolation lound will be conducted to dete mine the thud place winner The champion will be awaided a gold medal while the runer-up w 11 receive a silver chaim The third place -winner will get a bronze medal r o j 0 2 2 2 0 11 r 4 0 2 0 0 0 27 Pis 0 31 Pts 10 t 4 0 2 0 The Citv Recreation Cente- Indooi Horseshoe League is nearing the end of its schedule West Side defeated South Side three out of four Tossing fo the West Sides were Gallagher Fetence Boyd and Hackney, lor South Side Corvn Omat ck, Conw ay and L tie West Side then came thiough to sween Jiree of four games fion the Noith Enders, Ference Mcoldi'zo Gallagher and Bovd composing the w tnnirg combination while Keno Bamhatl, Evans and Fetetson pitched foi North End The National League baseball motion picture The National Game ' will be -ho\vn fiee to the public Monday night in the auditorium of the Y M C A trrough the cooperation of the Y and the Fay-West Baseball League Two weeks ago the film "First Century of Baseball, the official 1939 American League picture attracted capacity crowds to the Y auditorium and smilar tumours a e expected Monday night There will be *wo shows, the first starting at 7 30 o clock and the second at about 8 30 o -.lock The picture produced under the direction o£ Ethan Allen foimei big league star is a sound film dwelling on the technical aspects o£ present day baseball It bings to the e\e in ^low motion the mirveloub control of King Carl Hubbell the downw ard snap of Johnny VanderMeei, and the hitting styles of Joe Meduick Mel Ott, and othei s WPA HORSESHOE LEAGUE West Side South Side East Park North End W 31 21 14 6 L 5 15 22 30 Pet 861 583 .388 166 Game Monday--East Paik vs West Side Game Tuesday--Davvson Horseshoe Club v s Recreation Center Hoiseshoe Club Game Friday--Noith End vs South Side AfteinooT recreation sessions at State Ai mory wJl resume again next week with the schedule remaining intact--bisketball Monday and Fu- dciy afteinoons and volleyball on Wednesday « Wins British Title Ernie Rodeiick ivno"ked out Jake Kilrair in the seventh round in Liveipool England for the British welterweight charrpionship Horseshoe Club Officers. Wade S'lllvvagon has been named secielaiy of the Greensburg Ho^se- sl oe Club wich will open its season Tuesday night George Haydea is president and Dr C E Snyder treasurer Jhere aie four teams--- Semtors Professionals, Merchants and Presidents Prohmr Vollej ' Scandal ' Pernsylv aina Interscholastic Athletic Association referred to its District 3 committee what the association described as a * rumor' that Lancas'er High School volleyball team had received 'outside coaching 8 26 St. Rita Baseball Club Heels Monday Evening The bt BiU baseball team wul hold a i c i n g ni7Taoii meeting it 8 o c l o c c Monday even ng at St Hi las Hdll Mai dgci Sdii NaUle uiges all membeis ot last ycdi s tcnni to dttend Tocv Ferrando Stopped HOLLYWOOD Mar 25 --Nick Petets of Dal is Te ns Knocked out Joey Ttii nclo rt Now YoiU in the t h u d i und ( f UK rn 11 t cut ot the I CL,iun ^tjdi mi h i\ ng piogi in Fn- d bUul in;? Fc i a n l t . i ^ vvinnin tie-il oi 1S 1 1 e - e u t u e br 41 Runbovv 1lam \\nib A t=im eom rased of niembeis of the Rainbow Bov/ling League won an exhibit on. match at B"osvns\ille defeating the Staple^on Da ry ot that place b., 132 pinb Nell Phillips tuined m the highest total for tniee games with 389 and Fi end was iign fo i single game w i t h 159 L Fianko with i thiec g me total of ^^ v^^s high Ioi he lobe s TIME For Home Owners/ H \RRlbLURl. M i _ --Rep C r Ihompson R puohcin \^a.m su^ge ted th" St le l e f d s e mo ur v c 1 i t l opei t o i s p mi t u ilc b the TP1 L ni i s I p H si-,] r ^ 1 j Mod tr it litusville Bil Stocl er lo ne.r = olt pio at i Lmomown Countv Club has been signed j\ fi us\ lie Coun i v Cl ib l eccdu ^ D ek Shoerrakei l e s n cci e g ' c ( 1 - i t -is He sn t Ti\ V i H i R f i Our OftiH "SPORTS PARADE" if : III T U O \ e i · It's time io malvo minor icpans before thej be- oome i l e a l expense We Vine pveiyUnug you 11 need -when repairing remodeling or "build- nig Heie ate a lew Hems nat ai e sui e to be m demaiid Wood Fibre Piaster 10 Ibs. 20c; 50 Ibs. 60c; 100 Ibs. ?1.00 Cement per sack 80c Garden Lime 50 Ib. sack 50c Creosote gaL 80c; qt. 25c V i\ood piesci \ i l n t . Phone 1000 South GonnellsvllSe Lumber Do. Ucni Glass Co. ho. GouucUsMlIe, I'.i.

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