The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 23, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1918
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

DAU.1 '·'a?; 3NNEIXSVirSUE. FA If f mmmrnmi Irai^ROTEHW f inULLTOffN %- to Orator BtttotoBcy t OFFKBl SPIAIS i Bart* Ito Its* km rnOTTDALK, Mgr »*·*! ri»**l*j o( th* Uth CaiaMaa lafaatry, «·* of Ch* list r*go»«Bti . ·»· tt«M*,,.l*Mi th* M tt-nt -f v l»i" ··nil*. at Uu local »**t * Ttn why they wotk «ratr Bihnt* of the day ·»· their -BUMl'tafiBt oat a» ek. a* )*M*Me who* th»y to work, a TlM*l*y wa« C. B. Marti of th* aral ,*Ae* who ·»**· · ahott a*V H. A.McUMi «,th* mini had · fl***n*»i-*r R. 7. P*rej aad * ·Van* ««wrt»d aW h»n r wa* wkn. at» ··»'«· th* Mm th* aieis dMrit Itftag *attt,tt fewt wbra aak- ·4 Us* BMir tor Ubwtjr Bondr, "War gaihaaj Stanp* aad for th* *M C«M. fls* T. 1C C. A, ON fa«iM» at Colmafcaa .aa4 Tooag ita tut ww. TMfbalB, TIM Itad CowMrntlM Train stood r**4w*y ynstonfeiy nil day !·« Ow day *M a*r*m at. UM ***H*wtratloBa. Those · te acted · am ;th*?T*e*ptk»'cofn*iit- ,Mn. a R Hnttkiaaler, Hn. J.T. K. MUUr Jfra. ikw, Mr*. RalB* 3tea*r, : bn. WUtar SkMr, Mrs. H. J. i srtegw, Mr*. J. T KtHhlry. Mr*, t. f. Bnao**), Mn. Aittnr l^oocks ··IMHICT. Mn L J. CTL. Mutair, Mrs. WH- ,*rm. LM JBkMB*. Mrs." Max Killer' '; In. J. M. ZhuMra. Mn. Charles VMh. Mn. B»nja«tm ; WlllanU Mn. . Ih«H T. B*B»v Mn. T. J. Oiakra : In, T. C. Wrmy M»i Ml»«* Ela Fln: arty, .OH* Biilth aad Bn* Mulau XAmrrt D. r»ll«r mrrtr^ 3tadmr rratif frm N*ir T«k Cltj -»h«r» ] I atrli-tlM T. M. -C. A. War Wen: .tiVucwtr- to V.tettw. vrglDt 1 kBlr1a|[« n var.vwk atrand anr- »*»inr»»o»tl«cl[ to d to lita» Ira mtlemfcooa*, OB* of th* *£**hv yoMg t*«g»Ta of th. But J aortt*« at Waahlngtom. D C.. i MU'wawI m. a*. Mn. J, M. *«M-U taw rM*tnd wnrd t.lltai tk«t of th* *mf « f th*lr w« Rrn oreneu ot their f i- iTh. Ray h*MkaiTt*aia iafeatcd mnedlates on Bata score of 25 to 10 ' WkHI K. «·!»«»», irko woik« at 1ft* pevtr kooM »t CeBMlISTUIe, k«d th*- tklrt «a«*r o« u kl» rifjht hand b.«l a»* th« *nd ~ . I^LJ ·! draft*** -**TC Fire* a dnm«r at'tk* T. M C. X afur they n*wt«l a*4 kae-awa HTM their X**T Craw eatftts. A. U PKter, C liy tk* ««a«r. Soxteast ~ n^ am wiw i»w tti.T. M;C. A. l*r Bnno*. at S o'clotk thta emlng Mr*. IXMtibter kai ntttml wont ·f^tk* aaf* airiTiU er«n*aa nf ker , J.;Mr.rm neeind a fra» k*r tatbaad, r, mera- . ··*» aa4 will? B* b« IMCB* .tat»««TJ B. Mlcht of s - - «ti**t ;Mn-:.a^., Mn. Wllltaas ·MM gmday ta Joknstown' with; Mr. *»»rt. niVlMk la tie aii »kMMr. a****'wa* ^jm i^^^f ^^^^A r^te*^*M*ta i^Htft a^te Srt.wmat. fc*»n» *· *»»w wt«t«W Fresh Beef Travels on a Rapid Schedule Fresh beef for domestic markets goes from stockyards to retail stores within a period of about two weeks. Although chilled, this meat is not frozen; hence it cannot be stored for a rise in price. A steer is dressed usually within twenty-four hours after-, purchase by the packer. The beef is held in a cooler at the packing house, at a temperature a little above freezing, for about three days. It is then loaded into a refrigerator car, where a similar temperature is maintained, and is in transit to market on an average of about six days. Upon arrival at the branch distributing house, it is unloaded into a "cooler", and placed on sale. Swift Company requires all beef to be sold 1 during the week of arrival; and the average of sales is within five days. Any delay along the above journey means deterioration in the meat and loss tq the packer. Swift Company, U. S. A. Broadway Ladies' Store Xfte Tkt»-- Suits , StdU--$26.00, "|30.00 'and »36 00 kind* for .; $12.50 $15.00 $17.50 BargalBg LIk« WJ»-- , Hats ; .Ladi*§ ; t-' Hmt ». including our popular 93.00 u«cial JULY CLEARANCE SALE A» TM Set Off tke Car. WM. BEN DINER ScottdaU, x Pa. Like Dresses · 'Bilk DTWSM-, with G«or- gette..SleeV«8, the grecteat bargain erer $8.95 Th* sale that ia eondncted cm sincertty, with utifgi that are real--bona tide. No bargains are camouflaged. Jnst the «ane good* you baTe b*e« adnUrUf for a IMI prie«e-y**; In tome Jnr stances yon get them for halt* bottyoa can afford, but buy It here and pnetlce patriotic : *conamy. Bargain* like Tbfe-- Wash Gingham, and Voile Dreaaea, the kind that you'll pay $5 or_more for el»»where a BargatiR Like Thta -Coats Regular $10 to $15 Coats, up-to-the-minute in styl $5.95 You'Jl pay at leaat,$3.00 for a genuine Shetland wool, slip-over Sweater, but if you come quick you ' can get one for Compare onr $1.25 Waists with any hereabouts. You'll be surprised to know that we're selling them just now for Advertise your wants in Daily Courier. LJLJLJLJI 1LJ cn DD B Kitchen Cabinet Over, 1,000,000 In Dally Ute p :«»«7 ' i Buy Now to Avoid a Shortage! Thb Fall There May Be Another Freight Congestion , ' , f / There -were thonsands of dtsappointed women last Spring--many right _4n .Qdb locality--who found they couM not get the Hoosier Cabinet because of shipping congee-^ tion. . ' We have managed to get a new shipment through. The Cabinets are here--aa^pc feot as- experts can build them They are Hoosier Beauties in looks as well as name. » Andy ready to serve you every day-for life. ~ ' Prices Only $27.50 Upward--Convenient Terms ' No other cabinet has Hoosier Patented Shaker Flour Sifter that sifts flour four time* faster than most The Two-Way Sugar Bin that holds twice the average amount. The Over-Size Base contains 20 per cent more space than ordinary cab- mets The Motion-Saving arrangement ta v the.result of scientific.:motioiiustudy. At least 1 see these : Hposier^Cab'inetr'ibe-- fore our limated supply is taken. In a week or two--when fall coal shipments start--, we may not be able to get .more. · ^ CoMieHrvffle's Reliable AARON'S Houserurnishers Since 1891 AWSOT^. Inlr: ·».--Mrs. .Cftarles Gaol -rtslted her sister. Mrs. Martin Hawaii. ComarilsrUie, Saturday. William McManos aiid Charles Harpor, Pltuhirri; * L»to Bne'employe*, wen t»alne» . callers at Piltsburg Friday, Tite-JDawscm Baptist cburch--'baa b«en beiutJSad irilli a, new coat o( paint. Sir.' and Mnk B. S. Formyihe of 'Wll- mo*berir'aTe vtafting {riecds aBd'rer. aU-***. O. P. Hlcboe of Lower Tynme WM is town Saturday on bniinara. MlM Gladys. Porter,.".who bos beeti Tisitlaig IrtendB and relatlTes. in West Kewiaii tbe - past ·week^hajlf-returned : faome, Mrit:1. W. Brower and Mrs. Jsmes Meeban: were recent ConnellsriUe callers. Bnrdette :* Sailor of Ohiopyta hare leased:?;the: store, room la; the First Nation*! Bask bnlldlng and ;Will open np a general store oo. Ampirt 1. Patronize tboae who ad^ertte*. ALMOST A SHADOW, AFRAID TO EAT "My Bon-ln-few WM co bad tram atomach trouble that he -wu reduced to almoet » Bhadoir and *a»; afraid_'tp. eat anything, aa all (nod caused bloating of gas which pressed against his heart, worryinr htm very mnch Onr druggist persuaded him to try Mayr 1 * Wonderful Remedy and in two months he Iqclted: fine, can' eot anything" and work» hard every day. It !· a aiinDle, harmless ^preparation that- remon* tie: oatirrhal mucus: from the jntoctiaal tract and allays the Inflarmnailon which MUEee practically an itanaah, llrer and Intestinal atteenta, icolndlBg appsndl- cltti. One doM ..will convlncs or money retnvdad, A. A. Clarke and drunrliti *»»rywheT« --Adv, i Special Sale for Two Weeks Drafted Men's Strife from $6.00 up to $12.00. Single Coats and Pants from $2 00 £0 $5.00. Th« cloth is.all wool. The reason for selling so cheap is because I am not only | depending on selling Suits, but my main business is Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing If your clothes get torn, or-moth eaten orbnrneoVbrfi^ them to A Shulman. I am sore you wifl not he abie^to ' find the damaged places. ' ~ , Men's · Suits Steamed and PTtureed _ MenV- Salts Cleaned and ;Pre«aed' _ Ladies' Suits Steamed and Pressed . Ladies' Suits Cleaned and Pressed . -TSte. A. S H U L M A N 241 X. Pittsburf: Street 839 Tri-St*te CotuwOtrinci, B*. THE'JOB DEPARTMENT OF THE COUBIER DOES JOJL'JOXD^" ^ i , OF ooMMEEOiAL-PRINTIHQ] ?FH«T MJW--My: **·- r TOI6HX ~^^*%L/-^ f-tf. Vi»;TCME.M BOOR. ) IEM \VE LEFT' / - - j--· .' ^l Mof K I «KT A UKTfkK TROM 1V»C A POHK -- rue R«e HIM ·?u*i Ai SOOM AS I WsYBACte-

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