The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. , i_;ui\'i\uiULitivi..ULi. l\lUNDA\ r , M A R C H 17, 1030. 'i P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mr. and Mrs. Gharlos K. Gurnbort, Sr., soTiis, Oharlee, Jr., and A lion, and ·wo KranrteiMldTon, all of Dravosburp. ' ami Mr. and- Mrs. H a r r y JUunbtTt o f ) Kll/»h vislU-d Sunday at tho home | of Mr.' and Mr-.s. .lames J. Drtecoll. ' ;ood Luck Tea Room, 229 South) Prospect street, now open. Cupu refl.0 '; with i.ea. ttridpn partle* and c h l l - j drcn'fi parties a specially,-- Advertlse- ment.-~Umar-3t. Mis:- Mary Kate O'Bryoii or! Union- j t o w n (spent Saturday with her father. J C. S. O'Bryon, u patient in th» hospital ut Torrpiice. Mrs. rClmer Miller, who underwent an operation in tihe- OontiellsviUe Statp j, Is showing improvement.' She expects to bo abU to leave the h o s p i t a l In several days. M i s i N'elle Brach of Ursinn, who visited f r i e n d s hero, wont to Union- t o w n , w h e r e she is t h r guest of Mrs. ,1. ('. Curry. Mrs. Robert K. Flohanna of Philadelphia Is visiting w i t h her parcnts-in- lav. Postmaster and Mrs. W, S. 13e- h n n i i n . Mr a n d Mrs. A. K. Ulw and family of Billiards, Pa., and Miss Winifred j Armour of llrovo City were week-end | Kuests of Mrs. Uber'a iarent», Mr, and Mrs. W. A. Wiihertte of V,ine street. They oolebratpd Lho j o i n t birthdays of . M r . W l t h c r i t e , Mr. I ber and Doris Thcr w i t h a dinner. M i w Opal Myers, in charge ot tho Troiitman Company beauty parlor, who was ill at her home at Kecks- bui-R for tho past week, returned to her dntles this morning. MHs Marguerite Davia, a student at tho University of I'Ht ilmrg, spent the week-end w i t h her mother, Mrs. John B. DAVIS, of West Washington avenue. M i s . ICrnest Sitlaway and son, "P.obli.v. of Baltimore, formerly of Conn e l i s v i U e , are v'sitiiiK relatives liere. Chiuies R. Owskey o£ 157 North T e n t h street. West Side, heating engineer fur a furnace company, will l c « v ; Friday tor Holland. Mich., . w h e r f i ho will tale a two weeks' c:i:rse iu heating engineering. MLx.s Louise DeHufl', a student nur;:c hi the Mercy Hos.piti'1, Pitts- Aunt Het B Y HOllir.IlT l U l t , L l . . X "I don't want nobody i i . v l t i n ' mo to a bridge p a r t y an h o u r beforehand. It looks loo mm h like I was needed because- somebody else couldn't come." , spent the wf.-k-cnd w i t h her ts, Mr. and Mrs S. M. Del-luff of strett. O. 1'. Mosor, Sr., who is ill at the home ot his son-iu-luw and lUuigliter, Mv, and Mrs. Milton Williams ot Dunbar. is very inuuh improved. Mrs. A. 1. Du'aieis of Kast Crawfonl RVPtnie is visiting in Pitts-burg. .Mr. ami Mrs. J. M. Claaper t,f New Dorry, Pa., were gueata of the lattcr's })aveats, Mr, and Mrs. John \V. Flu h r e r i;f South ICighth street, G r e e n w o o d , over Sunday. W i l l i a m KdnioniU nt Pitt-sbnrg visited at ilic homo of his grandparents, Mr. and Mi 1 .*. S. fi. iCdmonds of Kast G r e t a street, over Sunday. Miss Klsie Nicholson was calling on f r l mis in l.'iiiruuown Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cooper of MVi.shinslon, o. (j. p f o r m e r l y of Con- nc'. It.ville, passed t h r o u g h here last nU M on the C a p i t o l Limited for the Put! He coast. Mr. Cooper, who is cirployc-d by UH- ' G o v e r n m e n t iu the d e p a r t m e n t of simp lifted practice haw be-in sent to the oast on a survey ( r i p and w i l l give lectures in all the Way to Get At a Cold Is Through the Bowels As soon as you catch cold, the pores close; perspiration IR chocked, Gasos and waste can't eucapo through the skin. That's why your doctor's first advice In case of colds is « mild laxative like caseara. Medical authorities agree it actually strengthens bowel muscles. You get caseara in its most pleasant form iu candy Cnscarets. Remember this when you catch cold; whenever breath i« bad; tongue coated; or you're headachy, bilious, constipated. Why resort to harsher 'hings wbejs Casearets activate the bowels so q u i c k l y , so harmlessly an i pleasantly --and coat only a dime'' -- Advertisement. Just Off the Wire By Unlie/J Pre.-s. WASHINGTON. March 17.--A partial conference report on the urgent deficlftiicy appropriation bill carrying an appropriation of $l(n).000,000 for tbn FtnkM-al Farm Board was up- proved today by the Senate. « * » ROME, March 17.--The queen of Sweden, who bus been seriously ill, was rportod in a critical condition today. A bulletin announced she had been uucottHcious severs' times in t h e last few days. * * * BATESVILLK, Mls.s.. March 17.-Nine cars of Illinois Cutral passenger t r a i n No. 1. bound 1 rom Memphis to New Orleans, were derailed and overturned one m i l e souUi today. Nine persons were injured, notn* fatally, officiate of the road ,saii. Ifixilii!; d e p a r t m e n t stores iu the j principal w e s t e r n cities. They will bo absent. from \ Y n s h l u g l o n three months. Mrs. Cooper was formerly Mr** i.Plia Colborn of this city. Mrs. A. L. fx)we if New K e n s i n g t o n , f o r m e r l y of O o n n e l l s v i l l e , was the j pues-'t over the week-end of Mrs. Leo;ia ;vi--Phi)il M l l l e l r of K;i.-=t M u r p h y avc- iiue H7id Mrs, Nell Graham of Fre«- 3i!;ni'K la IK'. 'Miss Mary Ague--; Drlscoll and Miss !nry Louise Fortn-ey, atudeuts at IndiaiiH. State Teachers College, Indiana, PH.. ."pent t h e week-end at their homes here. Mr. anl Mrs. J. Fred K u r t z of Race ' street and gue«t, Miss Hilda Twyman j i!' I ' l t t K b u i ' K , were Pniontowu visitors t.'a til flay. f'w our c?ass!fi=(l advertisement. RICHARD W. ECHARD IS ELECTED TO SIGMA CHI Kit-hard \V. of-.Connellsvllle i among the g r o u p of atv dents whose t'!ertHii to p r o m i n e n t fraternities has j u s t hc«'u announced following the dose of tile "mailing sw.sou" at the I ' n i v o r a l t y il' I'e-nusylvanla. Ht^iard was oiu of 13 undergradu- iites ( b o s o n for nu-mberstnp in Sigma ("tit Fraternity. IJy asreement JimoiiK the fraternt- i i e » . tho "rushlnj; season" does not upon u n t i l the second half of the util- ' . r . s i t y year, and is limited to a two vt-t'k period at t'le end ot which all ;!io fraternities simultaneously mak« p \ i b l l c their new members. Kc-bard is the- non of Mr. and Mrs. Tliomiis n. Kchai-d, 502 South Pltts- htiri; street, and is a freshmun in thu i.-(i!U:Ke. Prior t entering the uul- v· r a l l y he ;utendf(| tho St. Petersburg, !·'!(., Illsh School wliero lie was active in s w i m m i n g and other student clubs. MRS. DOHENY TESTIFIES HUSBAND MADE LOAN TO SECRETARY FALL llov Do You Feel on Very l i k i l y y o u r kidneys control the a n s w e r . Flue to awake with a lively, h e a l t h y , euerstotu: body. Miserable to ilniK an iichint;, tired, weary body from a restless, sleepless l)ed. Mrs. Jos. Fa lie her. Li! tie Rock, Ark.: "One b o t i l c o!" Kuk-y rills diuretic gave me ahiuist i u i m e d i u t ' - relief, when I was miscrabU' from disturbed k i d n e y nc- tion, backai'he ;uid d u l l headaches." Kndorsed by n i p n and women evory- \vhere. Try ilu-in. For sale at C. Roy Hi-'txt-rrt. WiKiiwM-th Bldg.--Advi-rtlse- uieiU. 4 Babe In Ktllfor'* Home. A tt- i !t?Kr:»m t Th* Courier today announce*! l!ie birth of u daughter, V ' t v i u u I.ouisc., to Mr. and Mrs. HJllte Kiaruoos Keod cf Irviugtoii. N. J., on Sunday. Mr, liewl ia the editor in charge vt sporting; ftditors of I he Newark, N'. J., Evening News and was formerly p-reald^nl of the N*w J«rs'.jy Chapter of the Internationa! Edit'rial Asoclation. Mrs. Floed was Misa Grace Kernel of Scottdalo. Mr*. Ixuise GuUMHiiit of SooUilale !B now fi at Irvington. ·\VASHINGTOX, Maix;h 17.--Mrs. K d w u r d T. Doheny, w^i'e of the Ctiii- fortita oil miltionalro, took the witness stiind today to di fend her husband against the charge tliat i.e gave former Secretary of Interior Albert B, Fall a $100,000 bribe to obtain the rich Klk Hill naval oil leases. Dressed plainly in black, Mrs. Doheny a p p a r e n t l y .vas suffering from a sllgbt cold. Sh spoke quietly as she answered ques'ions of Frank .1. Hogau, chief defensi counsel. Her testimony concerned t h e promissory note given her lutsbant ,by fall after Dobeny had given Fall the 1100,000, The courtroom WU.H crowded to capacity as Mrs. Doheny testified. She was a Helf-possess«d figure as she told how she first saw ,FalVs note in New York before leaving for Los Angelos December .20, 1921. The note was Intact then but Mrs. Doheny said she and her husband tort tlw document at that time. "I made Mr, Fall a ioan of $100,000 and if anything should happen to me our executors would hnvo to press Mr. Fall for payment." Mrs. Doheny said her husband told har. JONAS P. MILLER OFNEWSTANTONDIES Jonas P. Miller, 7-1 years and 11 months old, died Saturday night at his home at New Stanton. He wag a well known farmer and died on the farm where he was born. iSesIdes his wife, he la survived by tin- following children: H. K Miller, yukon; Mra. B. P. Bttum, .Teantiette; M.rt. E. B. Anthony, New Stanton; Mrs. L. (J. Harrold, Youngwood; William Miller, Akron, Ohio; Ray Miller of near Ureensburg; Nelson Miller of Hertninle; Mrs. H. B. Kuukle, Middletown. Mrs. Walter Forsythe of New Staiilon. Forty-one' g r n d c h i i d r e n and two great-graudohlldren, T. F, Miller of I'ittsburg aiui John Miller Manor, brothers, and Mrs. Amanda Lee of Centerrllle and Mrs. Sara Mathtas of Manor, siaters, also iurvlve. The funeral service will bo held at t h e Harrold Ktifornied Church at 2 o'rlock Tuesday afternoon. Interment w i l l follow In the Hiirrold Cemetery, l-'atronlM tho»« wao aavsrtla*. OUR CHILD'S ffM fl) need* prompt atten- *-***~** iion.ChUdren'.Mu.. ferole applied erery hour for S hour* ·Kould brine Belief.. Leads Boston Forces in Fighl Against Wets True dyes ore easiest to Mrs, Henry Peabody, ol B«T«rly, Mass., chairman of the Woman t National Committee for Law Enforcement, was master of ce?e- * monies in leading the forces in their fight against any. changes in .the prohibition status. From th« '·tanapolnt of. the drys, the twrti* wony. given before the Houso Judiciary Committee was a moat da^ for_their cajwe. use! Dresses, drapes or lingerie look new when they're re-dyed with Diamond Dyes. No spotting or fttrenking; never a trace of that re-dyed look. Just rich, even, bright colon) that lurid arnftssinjrly through wear und washing. Diamond Dyes are the* highest quality dyes you can buy beoaua* they're so rich in pure anilines. That's what makes them so easy to use. That's why theyVe been :£imoua for 60 years, 15 cent packages--all dealers, · Large Crowd Is Expected Tonight For Band Concert Robert fi. Barkell will direct the Councils ville Military Band in it« St. Patrick's Day concert this evening at the High School Auditorium,, according to an announcement today. All arrangements for the music festival hnv-st boen com.ple'ted and a capacity crowd is expected to be on hand to hear one of the best programs ' Highest QiKiliiy for SO Vocir* IFRED CAMPBELL DiS I AT HOME HERE; STABLE i BOSS FOR FRICK CO. Fred Campbell, retired employs- of the H. C. Frlok Coko (kimpany, cllod Sunday at 11 A. M,, ut his home a) 414 Vine street, Gonn-f-llnvHle, ae ho nenred his C(ith yc»ar. FV)T m n n y years Mr. Campbell wn* employed as stable bosn Cor tho cokr eoojpahy. For years ho was at tin old MeOluro works near ScotttJale From that place ho wont to JJuckey* More recently h« held tho same poel tlon at Juninla. He had been retire* since 1329, after 45 yeai-« of service. Mr, Campbell was born In N o v . Scotia May 5, 1864, ami camn to thi i country In 1884 and had «port all bit life since In the ConnellfwUlo regioi . He moved to South Connellsvlll i about a year ago. ^Surviving are his wife, who wi a Mis* Anna Adams of Crone Road ·, Bultekin township; a son, Arnold, at i a daughter, Mrs. Charles Rlienour . f Prlttatown. Mr. Campbell was a member of t} e Knights of Py thins and I he Eagles -i ScotWalc. The f u n e r a l eervloo w i l l be WedmM- day a t ' 2 : 3 0 P. M, at tho 1'ennSvll e Baptist Church, Burial will bo hi t ; cemetery adjoining the church. Tho entertainment will Include instrumental and vocal solet'tlons as well as dancing and rellned vaudeville. Therf. will be a ca»t ot 25 beautiful girls la the production. The curtitin will rise promptly at 8:15 o'clock with the opening selection by the band which will bt.- 40 strong. The portion of the program to be reutiered by. the musical organization has been revised and will be follows: March. "American Army,"" lasilli; "Strade-llh Overture," Flotow. Fox tro;., "Singing In the llaln," Brown. "First Heart Throbs." "Your Mother and Mine," G. Edwards. Victor Herbert's' Favorites, Herbert. "I'm a^Oreamer, Aren't Wo All," Henderson Hungarian Kaiitaala, "Jlozsika," Roberts. "Ti-p Too Through the Tulips AVlth Me," Burko; Operatic Mafiterpieoes, Sofranek, "Irish King," Pryor. The remainder will be preaeme-d as announced Saturday. TICKET ACENT SHAW IS ALL TOGGED OUT IN B. 0. UNIFORM R. K, Slha/w, Baltimore Ohio ticket agent, made his first appearance this morning in his natty now black uniform, which he will continue to wear while on duty hereafter. "B. O." In gokl Is on either side of the collar. Similar uniforms will also be worn !y the. ticket clerks not only in Connellsvilie but all over the system. All the men working in the baggage room as well as employes appearing about tho trains are rwearing caps, designating In w-hat capacity they are employed. MRS. LUCINDA BROOKS OF KINGVIEW DIES FROM APOPLEXY to The Courlar. 8COTTDALE, March 17.--Mrs. I cinda Brooka, -77 years old, of Kii view, widow of Alex Brooks, died si denly Sunday night.. Mrs. Brooks r been vlsltlug her d a u g h t e r , Mrs. B sio liltchinau at. Hustettei', Sum' afternoon and had roturueil home about. 6:30 o'clock. Hlie w o u t to v a neighbor, Mrs. Otto, and sufferer stroke of apoplexy as «he was lib to enter the house. SSio died install Hhe Is survived by the follow children: Domer Brook*, G-eo Brooks and Ralph Brooks, Sc.ottds Mra. Bessio Hitcbman, Host otter, B Frank Horn, Scottdlue. The f u n e r a l service will be 1 Thursday afternoon at the home. ' time w i l l be- announced later. Bu wIH b« m«de 1n Scottdale Comet did 3-. iy at ill a ut. iy. ng ge le; ra, aid 'he ial ·ry. MRS. GEORGE G1LMORE DIES IN PITTSBUR6 Word has be«n t-e*3eived hore of the death Saturday of Mrs. S«dio Woods GUmore, 83 y«ars o!d, at her home In PittslmrK. She was tbe widow ot Oeorge G-llmore and a sister-in-law of J. L, Gllrnore of Eos't Fair view avemioN Mrs. Qlhnore formerly roslde-d in Con- nollsvillo. Her hua-band was th-e iir'st man and the second person to be buried in HUI Grove Cemetery. The funeral will be held Tuesday In Pittsburg at tho Memorial Home. Unthinking Spender* The spending ot money is ao easy among the liberal tlmt they do not a!wnys reckon closely as to Us source. For Instance, there was Sir Francis Wnlslngharo, who was Queen Elizabeth's secretary of state. "Few of her council," saya Hnllam, "imitated the noble disinterestedness of Wulsing- 1mm, who spent his vm estate In her service, and left not sulllclent to i»ny his debts." Sir Francis, of course, In tl»» g-enerous outpouring of his heart nnd purse, had no thought that h« was not merely spending Ms own money, but that of other people, or that, in his euthuslasm, he was guilty ot bud futth to his creditor*. Thera are many Sir Francises In the world, and sometimes they command a good deal of admiration nnd respect--until it comes to tho settlement of their -estates--Indianapolis News. flee ClnRslfled Adtf. Cost IB email. Reeults are big:. A. C. MENTZER DIES AT LOS ANGELES; WAS BORN, REARED HE RE J. "W. Stillwagon of Chestnut s1-eel received word yesterday of the d atb ot his brother-in-law, A. C. Men zer, at Los Angeles, Cal., oti Friday. Mr. MenLzer was formerly a reelden , of this city and was employed for y ars at the Baltimore Ohio sliopg. He was a member ot King Solomon L idge of Masons. He- if* «urvived by bis wife, Nan Stfllwaeon Mentzer, and one son, William H, Mr, Metitzer wan moved to )ali- forula 20 years itgo. Ho was orn ajid reared in CoJiEellsrilie and ived here to the time he went to tbe A /eat. Kesnlts ! , you uea Clas Ada. in The Dully Courier. The ocet is small, results are big. "(Each cough hurt ME more than it- hun Johnny" "My older sister's boy wn» sla; ing with us JTor the Chrlslnnw vacat ,ou. So when he caught a cough I felt doubly anxiou*. I juHtAad ton ake him well again, I immediately | ;uve him some Smith Brothers' C ugh Syrup which I myself used be! ore. . It worked n» well with Johnn / as ' it did With me-- better! And Jo! any actually liked tho ·yrup-- he laid 'It's like candy'. He loot his :o!d pletely in a couple of di y«." S. S*M Cpuzisfcs, New York Sty. SMITH BROTH IRS Triple Act ion C O U C H $ Y R l ' * See the mo 0-100 gic Actutl photoirttph of st»lfc of wilted c«l- err before hem* placed in the Hyclritor. Thir-celetris toueb, unpalatable, uieleaa. work of the Frig id a ire HYDRATOR The same celery « it c*me jfrom the Hrdritor the foliowinu mo-rntag. The «n»gic action of the Krdrator h*f re(toted the celery to iu origin*! »ute-- fresh, crijp, dcliuous. Attend the special demonstration now going on at our showroom. Delicious salads and desserts served... FREE recipe books . . . Open evenings until 10 o'clock A L this week we're giving a special demonstration of the Frigidaire Hydrator. We're showing what an amazing difference this new compartment makes in vegetables; We're showing how it revives wilted celery-how it restores lost crispnessj to lettuce Porcelain-on-steel a ! nd the famous "Frigidaire Cold Control." We are showing how the "Cold Control" cuts down freezing time--how it increases the variety of frozen delicacies you can make. Stop in today; We are open evening;; until 10 o'clock. and radishes--how it keeps tomatoes firm and delicious. SPECIAL OFFER until Saturday, March 22nd And, in addition to the We are prepared to make a liberal special offer HycL-ator, we're demonstra- to all who buy Frigidaire during our 9-day demon" tia£ the latest cabinets in stration. Let us tell you about this offer now. ·MOPS CONNELLSYILLE, PA. + + + REMEMBER THE DATES Connellsville': + + · | · + · ^ · 4 + · The Following Cars Will Be On Display Couhellsvllla Oldsmobile Oom- pany, Oldsmobtle and Vlltlng, Evans Motor Company, Nash. Evans Motor /Service, Durant. Hope-well Motor Company, Willys-Knight and Whippet. Hupmoblle Sales and Service, Hupmoblle. Laird Reed, DeSota. Mason Motor Company, Chevrolet, W. J. Ke«d Salea Service, Chrysler. .Edward Snyder, Erakine and Studebaker. Rhodes Motor Company, Graham. Werthelmer Motor Company, Hudson and Kss«x. West Side Motor Oompany, Ford. Yough., Motor Company, Bulck and Marquetto. H. C. Gallatln, Dodge. DEALERS IN ACCESSORIES WHO WILL HAVE EXHIBITS AKE: Cuzzy's Place, MohawJi tires. Firestone Service Store, Inc., Firestone tires. Lawrence Galley, Duco and 1 body work. Joe's 'tire Service, India tires. Oppman Auto Parts, replacement parts. A U T O S H O W Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 26th to 29th · · · · * · + · · at the Evans Motor Co. East Crawford Ave. Connellsville, Fa. Auspices of the Connellsville Automobile * ^l Dealers Association I + · · · · · · · · PAINT UP! A dollar's worth of satisfaction for every one you spend, Call FOX'S And You'll Ut IU Phone 841, We Preservers Patronize Those Who Advertise Lot tho rhtlJr*n u«o t.-jo )uti)i«n ttO)« c IhiolMjm etivorwl floor when they want to paa-* In thctr ttorai books, Theao aurtttcoa ar» you will tlut. hornet aw? bom* «lte« ad[v«rtUi«d li; our fled column*--rod th«m OT«t Dustless Coal Try a load of our run of mine or lump coal treated at our yard eo that It will he absolutely dustless. No dust when being unloaded or firing furnace, stove or grate. When ordering specify dusUfess coal. Consolidated Coal Supply Co. Yards»--Arch Street, anfl Corner Olbson and McCormick Avenues. Phone 1700. Try Our Want Adi,

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