The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 23, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1918
Page 2
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ff^V" ^ -^"t VLJ^ -or-- -g- ~y*~-· ? -p- K - - v - - j x . T-i/--- -^A · -^ Hub DAJLY COTJMBR, CX3NN1SLX.SVILLE, FA. v TUESDAY, JOLT 23, 15(18. i KnitaWwiaBait toiheChsr- ' -f**toa CaaiforU Braach of .ihe^Navy aisi ajwit th)*- mains kntttU* . ««dia»B»Tlana, £*·*-·«·« Xstfall ** C*»»«t»*a, ww "*^na*r«iil*T ifliiariia at thahomi- - jfiidk will h* b*M thi* evening IB -Tiff anaaiTDaa«Mat8.-oy the PTes- '·WaaiCSiarch will hold a juc«U TMuaway r*aaeaa- attha hoau olTJ -. ; |."»L OiaO at Soa'Uf Co«aell»TlUe. ^fhaaanal mlU bsx opaalng of th« Koan MlKlomary Soetety will be held ·A usaUiirBon with th* King's naught- ,mf gathering. The member* will *·*· not Jutai tham th* C o'clock ear. .':,-^~ TBBCKJOA. r.Jtn. inmam JP. Brae** has go(« to to -rlatt her stater, Mrs.' Ed, . . Costa ol Dickiaraon Ean hW'retvncd from" a -risit afWashiag- tan. Pa, McKe«snon and Honeo ·ASMSBJ the persoas ah* Tisttcd ware Mr^.aad Kra. IosBhdck -9*neo at r trusdnator and Mr. aad Mrs M. Ca- ·naaadl Jtn. Stefan Caaora at Mc- BcesporU '. Mr. a«4 Jlrs. J B. Seed sad daaght- · Xh»'lf uriaa of PlUatnrt, tonner- ly at CdtiaellSTills, have retarnsd hasm* from aa ext«aed trip to flan |Maso aad other poM* ot iatarssl ia CaWocata. ~n» hast place ta shnVaftat all ·rowaafl Bao* Co-- Adr.'- - -;*»Hai Katlrrya DurnoH^hsa-arrlT** hsaaa fnan a visit with nlatira* at Busasitlslfl . :rjaaaph MtahlaK at Pltttbun is · apawatac Hie week with his pareati atTrattar. He Satu.-*ay **H*wfif tis dtacaarsje tram a Fltti- havsrhswpftal. when he naden*nt «aWWB*-*.-J**t"" *·* a* wa. aa a|aetrki*» at Trotter. tfHw\Js. Ksllr of .Isabella road and H\rt Hauls Ambrose -ot Mekorau* ·n-Mt «»iay for Atlantic City for aa ssleaJnil trip. They will Tialt Mn. too* Bombeck. a sister of Mrs. aad Mn J K. Bell, »bo an "*! ---- at the seashore. . Clyde Bream ot Uniomtown £ *"* th* «iaat'ot'h*r sister, Mrs. C. Dtts of tha West SHh) over Sun.^. - , . HeTaland wish** to ta h*f friends and patrons that oa **4 atur Asgnst 1st she wfll be lo- ·ataa *a **toad floor ot Tttl* * Trust hsjlMmc. eenaw Mttshnip rtr*st aad Crawlsrd avee»«,-- Adr^lT-Wt. ;:Slr. a**;lr*. f . J. Htrrlgaa re- »··» tsau mi nlght-from a visit « 9Utmb*n£#. Ta._ Mi.-Harrfc of Smith trteods m , XOsa , ami , inttoe, Treo». Jaannah i Bottler, Ethel Addisoa j Irwia, Atlanta Albright. . [ ,lnaa Whtt* and Frsac** ' rhsT. ta« lattar of Uhlentown, ,re- 'laiarf hoa« last might from a w**k'* · M35T;a» »**»*at "Waw tern, Coa- ' J -fS2?5*^»«twr has rrtnnad JM»*!fr*wi Batolo, N. T, what* she ^^SSlLt* M* h*r hosaahd, who wffl 'i*W-*wa».fcr somewhere In Frane*. CMawi »B*nar*t SBslth^and Mrs. E. ·"miMir of DawaoB hav* r*tarn*d JkTka* troa* nttsMrg. tf «|*jy(H, Tla.|«m. a clerk for th* *%Mt»i CWBiry C« awaiaw'haa re- - ' . a Taeatfoa rat* with AUTOtSTHELD Camel's Jary Direct* Aefloa ft Case £'*·*· Arthar SaJft, 5e»ro. , Coroner S if. Baum c( Union town contacted two'iwiueiu lilt night at Funeral Director }, ,L- Stader a parlors, oo«T into the death at Gkorg* JuhaJ ot iMenrlai No. 1, and fhi other Into tbe 'death 'of .Raphael Jur- oa*t wbttwas Ull«d ny-a-fall ot slate ; ia,the Pierce nines at South Connells- ·rtlle. - -Alter *a number' 'at witnesses had bam called In" the Juhal inquest the jary dlraeW that Arthur Smith a local ness*, ke hald to await the action oK Acheron* Jary. Juhal was run ·*«a^*ota»aauti|inonll*, driven ' vwa4 br SnlU Bnnlay. July 7 ou the UlHanisc road.- ' ' ' · - Tb* verdict ot th» iurj In the cau ot Hap»a^' Joidwi waa that he whilt tiewpauing. WAIfT LETTERS StGNED is Beta* SeM to Draft BMrta. MaorJaooft7'Do«», l leUer« are being rtceiT** by local draft boardi, IntorBnllon about men la tb« rural dtstrieu who are , tbou«ht to i»ve **cap*d r*sistratio«i or to haVe pdned ·eztnifUoa on fatso crouads. Tfce Icttort meattOB, the names ot the draflMei but arc not tlcned. The offlclali wilt to ay Uwy will pay no atteaUon to 'anoamons latter* sad that th* maa or woman woo write* one Is more ot a alaefcer, than the person who paina eieroptlon oa fala* croands. Tbe draft boards are not (Mnc oat the naaws of perao who -supply Information which will load: to the apirabenaion of a ijiacker bat they wiih to know ,WBO to; ID to if adfflUon»l aceecEary. BOOZE INVESTIGATOR aa laoairy late »r«rteJ S«s- aty far XarfcMn PsUeato. a agent ot the military depart- ,,jt ot the United States government .paid a visit to th* JCartdetoa-saaltor- Iwa within the-bnt tew day* t^ investigate reports that lliaor was bdag fnrnlsfcsd soUiar* who are' paUcms at the-listlb»Uo«r It t is and«rstood that ao eviaeae* was secured al though than wasjsjnmad lor saspie- ioa that the rumor 'that seme of th* ·oUter* did get'boose wu true 'Che investigator himsrtf. H Is said, was penalised "for fading to properly ta- lnt*va. superior, olpcer. iSral** f t Uw more advaaead case* Af.vtsheTcnloai have .been: removed from Jsarkleton to the Catakllls within the last week. ' MOTOR WKH RACES T*"h* a't-eakvrt at th* Xeyeraill* XtwKs* *f Ik* nraaea. feature ot th* annual meeting at the, Wniata JRganaytnnia Kr*man's **»ociatloa to b* held atXey- eradala, begtnafog August 12, will be motor truck races la which Oonnella- ville. South Conneilsvill* aad Browna. Tll!*, among the Tajattq county vol- depevrtnenta Iiavinc suoh have already enured, it* Hayeradale .»*apany~has* offered th* highest pcii!* tor, th«a* nea* that hava ben Pttenta. _in racevt year* aad th* this particular to be very k*am ^ Carr, will deliver the manorial aadran at th* tint day's I ·' · j Mrs. O*org* Richardson of were ealtad to Infflaaa, 1%, ·« alpit by'th* daaa ot Mr. sister, Mrs. Lottie Ben- Tkn was in Httibsrg today WM ta Casshwlnt . j ChurlM Ctrimm and Ethel , WBawa, hath of Conaanivm.; B»»rrr-.ta4er*«a, Sewttdal*. and TWO AS! DIVORCE C»*aktB«Tlll» Kaa awl ITnaaa Bar. liai-aUre Ai» th* Uhclsuts. J. 3. Eva«s,,Jr, of' Connellsvllle, this morning Died aa action in di- vorea la Unioa4own aiainst Virginia Evans alleging em*l and barbarous treatment. They van married September 2t, 19M, and have since lived ia ConnollsvUle. Morgantown, W. Ta, aad Tarrall, Kercer county. Kmma C Darby of Untontown seeks to ha tre*d ben her husband, John F. Darby, a burin*** man of tbe county seat. Tsey'wer* married ia Con- nsllsvnie, on Christmas ^Day, 1903, and haw riacir-ltTafu Ualoritown. - Sf Battton *a BJtpUy. Aa iaieneting exhiMt at the drug ·ater* a£A^A. Clarke today Is a group 'of hij*,r*ttlers r th*" property of flarry WajiBo, who hi giving a dcmon- jtraUa«.on overcomiag the effects, of anake btte. One of the reptiles, recently taken from, the woods, measures over *u feet aad wears a helmet patterned after the kaiser's. A, dove, which ttM reptil* seeks to devour, Is a part of'the display Os«« Caat*. Cownellsville Boy Scouts went Into camp yesterday^HHuning at White Bridge, vh«ro A th*y;wlll spend 3d daj-s under th* Direction of Scoutmaster B. Clark Witt Th* scouts left her* oa BaUtawn * Ohio train No. 42, ther* betaicbttween IS aad «) in tte crowd. nuca Th* I. C. Ca*M* ar*/r*qaeat4 'to meet at tht'^arochW acaoll hall in uniform, aij 7 o'eloek this *v*«tag to take jut la'th* prooeasioa accoti- | aaayiac th* draftMa leaving to- ll RS. MATTIE A. ROBERTSON Mrs. lUttto X BoUrtaon ha* baen appointed policewoman to tha state, war and navy bonding In Washington, wb*t* nearly MO polloscniB and gwunJi ore on doty. The women employee* In th* building an her cbarg**. WBATTHE LARGEST OfERATOR BDOINGTOIAWTAINTHE SJX-DAVWORiW4 SCHEDULE Contlhae-d .from Par* One. sanitation aad watfsre In our town ittes We encourage in erery way pouitole, particularly by the purchase of Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps, thrift among our employee which, in turn, necessitates ragalar work-ititk maximum earnings to meet their Installment payments on their subscriptiona for government securities. "We bare encouraged in 'ev»ry : way the dissemination-of : information sent out by the government with reference to tbe nped of coal and coke for war wort and have assisted In every way possible the representatives ot th* Shipping; Board, Foci AdmtaUtra- tion, Emergency Fleet Corporation, and other governmental departments who have been lecturing ,U the workmen about the mines and. industrial plants, a we consider the** lecturer, *f particular value In the matter, of making a direct appeal to the patriatl j Ism of our men ' j 'We understand that for some) months ··past; tie .foreign newspapen which have a large circulation about the mines in th* coke .region have been placing particular *mj»hsais on the matter of the. necessity'for-steady work, maximum ootpnt, and temperance in drinking; We feel that reach- Ing the men in their own. language will have a very marked Influence.- Children Cry for Fletcher's CASTOR IA "** K ^J°^ HjaTe Alwaya Bought has borne/the signature at Cha*. H. Fletcher, andbas been made nfader his personal supervision lor over 3O years. Allow no one to deceive yo» tn this. Counterfeits, Imitations and " Jast-as-good 1 ' are but experiments, and endanger the health 4rf vhUdren--Experience What Is OaitorJw * nmraaeas rabsttteto for Castor Oil, Pare. Soothing Syrups. It contains neither e nor other narcotic substance. For r years it has been in constant use lorthe relief:; ot Constipation. Flatulency, TWlnd Colic and XHWrnoea; allayina; FeTerlahnea* arising therefrom, and. by regfdatljis; tjfie Stomach and Bowel*, aids tbe as- slmllatlon of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea-?be Mother'* Friend, The Kind You Have Always Bought FBcon tbe mgrnlnre of IB Use For Over 30 Years LOCAL WAR NEWS 1ETTIB COKES COKFOBU, HOKEW1TZ. Mi, and Mrs. 13. Horowitz, reccired a letter yeaterday from their ton, COT- poralJac* E. HoreiriU, with the SlSth iBlmtrr in Tranee, tayiflK he i« tn food health and dot* finely He had not yetegotUn into ac«T« serrlce- on the (Tomt. wnxux ABJOTX8 OTBK8E1S. 'William G. Bchoster ot Company I 5Znd Infantry, has arrived OTerwMU aoeordlai -,f» word here. safely UXJSS OTHZBS, SATS ATJWS. WrtUni[to his mother at Vandarbilt France, «ayi the country juat soltr htm., In pan he* writ**: "Dear Mother--Joat a few line* to let yon know (hat I hare jost landed acron the blf pond and am sate and w»H This la a treat country and I nmlr do like it. H»T» you heard from Etmnett httely* I hope to *oe him! soon and also the othej-s ot the boys from home. I uw OKIIT Workman, James Blssell and Shuoeh. and they all Ifkc It here. 1 would like to i yon. all bnt I do not think, that will be yorjr BOOT. Bnt, mother, do not worry abontEmmett and m« for we ALUES CONTINUE TO HOLBGKOUNDTAIEN Continued from P«s« Opt*. 'OBTT-FOUB DKATH8 IK AKMT ^151) JttRETE (JORfS. WASHINGTON, t July 211--The Army casualty list today iibowi Killed in action, 24, died of wounds, 3, died of disease, 5, died ot accidents and other causes, E, wounded ieverely, 07, missing in action, 1, total, IDS WASHINGTON, July 23--Tile Marine Corps casualty list today knows: Killed in action, i, died of wound*, 3, wounded severely, 15, musing, 1, total, n. M*th*r Knew. Little Qlrl (before ststm la mo- ·nua)--Maram*. who'* tMsT Attendant (after a paa**)--Thafs Mercary, the maawnger of the god*, loa ban read abonf him, no dmtbb Mother--Of coarse she has. Bnt, yon know, my little girt hasn't each a vwy good meaory for Script***.-- BMC** l«nlag Traawripc Scotrts ta Xana. All Boy Scouts not in camp are uked to meet tonight promptly at ) 30 o'clock st-the Carnegie Free U- srary to accompany .the draftees to the Baltimore £ Obic station Scouts having uniforms are to '-appear In them Throat Opeiattoa*. Anna Smith, Gumming* ^ a venue; Nellie 'Bocbniock, Ercnon, and Agne* Wallace, First street, West aid*, underwent throat oparations yesterday at the Cottage SUit« hospital. HOW TO GROW FAT A Laiy Stoasaeh the ,Canae »f Thla- . Bess, His* Timeii la lea. If you M« thin or l!«n hmv» snraw- o«jr anno »n» neck you cant (TOW fat unlew your iood properly" atgesti -^ -People take on fl««h in proportion to tba nutritious matter which the or- of digestion absorb and pass Into the blood. . Jut u Ion*- u the nntrltfona matter ··awes i aloner without Ve\nt absorbed. inat »o lone will you remain thin ?erl»p« your itomach, bowels anit liver need a tonic. It yoiir dlfestlon iot^pertect, W-O-OK. tablet* -will pvt It rl«-ht at one* · , Ml-d-na, will relltve 4n)Ilt*Mion and evnrr conceivable nJlment of. the stomach pc«mpOT It utrencthm* dlcai- tlSn kr bulldins and. tonllsp up not bv tnbcurxrinr a tlr«4 :o «ontinTift its uhlftlem anat haaitk- dwtrvrlnr Babifc, tt prompOr ditvo* awayjaour Btemaea, kelchmr of will got along treating u» nn« aU'/O.'-X. They art overseas---two uniforms^ three, pairs of" shoes, .hats, gloves, everything, .so I; suppose we will bei:hitting- it ...for. Franca soon You can't tell thing about it'.: You don't know when you're going to leave." i'iablafc 'asks to have the friend.8. aoouU^Sihome write to him It does' a fellow good to get news from the old. town, be says. His: sddress IB 2Sfh Company, Seventh Bat-' talipn. Infantry Replacement Gimp, Camp E«e, Ta. C.OMPA5T D'S TJJDKDre XACECTE MOST POPULAB "Do joa, remember that talking ma- ;ch)iije they presented to D company? Tfellwe have it over here now and they surely make use of it It is ket* Susy running from TT* f TT?i??6' until late surely sounds good to hear 1L" Thus speaks "Wlfbur Hardy .df.:. Dunbar .of. .the machine- purchased. tor the local company after its departure for camp last fall, writing to "nU mother, Mrs. W R Hardy of Danbar The young soldier asks if -Dad." has been dofng any fishing. "I suppose Blair and Paul have been making some big tripe, and they know- where, to go. Blair can catch nsh where there aren't any At least that's the way It always seemed to lief erring, to another matter he "Stlllwagon and 1'aav**started BAIT XeGUXTOCK 18 OBDKXKD TO JUy H. MoCJtntoek, son of Mr and Mrs. i lf. 1 ttMeCliateM*of West FayBtts street, a former tim«-ke*p«r In Pltts- bnrg, oaa been, ordered to report for service of a clerical nature In'Wash- Ingtoa. E* will )*a»e this week. nuxcn JO . Francis A. Melntyre, a drn«gi«t o« Perryop*!!*, has arrived safely in aeeordmr to a telegram received Saturday by TOisi Mary Csj- «on ot Layton, trmp the University of Virginia, where baa* Hospital TJntt 41, of which, he Is a member, was formed. .Before departing for the embarkation camp; Mr Melntyre was stationed at Camp Berior, 8 C *H1 KE5 JBECHA2HC KEACHIS OTHER SIDE. Mra, Lyde Msrietta-of MiH Bun has received a card from her son Harold C. Marietta, telling of his safe arrival overseas. M»xletta is wi*h the motor mechanics and previous to leaving tor duty in France was in training at Camp forest, G*. He left hers two ago. me." says to raise mustaches. Tou can imagine what we look like. One of th* lel- lowa told me today that when: I hive my..h«lmet on I look just like a walrus. Can yon beat it? I gness we' won't have to shoot any Huns for Iff they ever lay eyes upon as it will be' all off.- | HP WHERE ·ITS PKETTI HOT." ("I Just found out where Company D to They are up where it is pretty hot," say* Private V 3 Cuneo of the 448th Detachment of Engineers in a letter to hi* mother, Mrs A. Cnneo of East Crawford avenaa "1 thought they would come through Tours but they landed in England and came another way We had. a mission here last week for the benefit of'the soldier*. I attended every evening. We have a fine place for re*t--something Grace Gujnn on the order of a club room It is a place by the nam* of St Martl's--a large and very beautiful otiurch and the house where the priest lives 1 Ftv* of these rooms ar* reserved for the ·oldlers We hav* i pland'and a billiard tabl* It is for the uii* of all the Allied EoMlers, The majority ot the ·oldlers go there are Umericans, EngDsh, French, Rusiians and Bel- KOBE LOCAL HOTS AKBIYE OTEBSEA5. William./Cunningham, son of ~ and Mrs. David Coughenour of Vine street, and £ay Smith, son of Mr and Mrs.:James/3mtth of Sycamore street; hav« irrlvcr safely overseas Both are alUchedl to Company B SOii En- gineens Mr and tits Cunninghm have three sons In France, Sergeant Martin «nd. Sergeant Patrick Cunningham, having Jaiuled safely tome weeks ago. ScCOSJUCK'S GET FOIST LETTJBH IX THB1IK MONTHS Mr and Mrs. William McCormlck yeaterday received a letter from their son Bay, a member of Company D, ! 305th Engineers, in France, eaying "he IB well and getting tha best out ot a soldier's The ;: loiter' .was the Brst',:,ln ·''three- months and -removed a lot of suspense from the minds ot tie father and mother Pay said h« had written five previous (letters bnt that all hed bees returned to him. The sixth was iatedOune 30. Tmat-'the mettcoula not be Improved upon, said "Cotton?, by which name he better known * He went ovor on the same transport as Lieutenant Colonel R B Mic ot ConmllBville. In the same regiment -with McCor- roick are Wilham ltan .and a youth named;.Locke of.-OnlonfowA' * tDWAKB 9HXJSK SBKD3 \OH* HE 1 ^ SAFE. Mrs Bdwaid Shunk has received word ot the safe arrival overseas of her husband, a member of the 62ud Infantry Mrs Shunk wai Miss BAinisirrjr , 6UTB tBADEE SEITDOFT Members of the Italian hand gave a imna'uet 8und*y;nlgtt in Madd*» hall. West Sid*, in honor ot .the band leader,. Miohsel "Molinarl who leaves tonight wlth'draftets'ljor Camp Lee, BAKE »80. '»r Bcaeffl of Red Cross at a Ban Raising Ifcar In* Bridge. At a bam raising near Iron Bridge on Saturday a committee consisting of Samuel Adams, Hrry Taith and Garfield filler collected »80 for the benefltW the Red Cross The smm was turned over to B. T. Norton, treasurer, today. Active at Evenon. Active preparations are being made at Byerson for the fan day ceiebra- otin mere on ITlday, July 26 Pat- tiou there on Friday, July 26 Pat- Anna George the town's sweet singer, Petersburg, Vay" Ft llowlng the ban- wilt be on the program for several qnet addresses were delivered by K»v selections. ·Jfcther Henry DeVi'vo, Joseph Constantine Balpb F»l«i~ and Cataldo Corrado^Tbe^hour* were from 8 to 1J o'clock Following the celebration the band accompanied Mr. Uoliuiri to his horn T in Sny der street x ' ET sooir FOB PKJutCB tABIAK SATS Overseas service- Is not far ahead of Samuel Lablak who recently Went tojjCamii 'te*; 1 ac'corfiBg 'to' i JetteV hoibs* aider date of July '11 In; part th* lettersays: _* ' \ i'fWe. are 1 shooting- iat the tbuflseye . dafy aid h*U*n ntt : ,we eta Jilt I " If Ton Are'Hunting Bargains Bead the advertlseing columns of Tbe Daily'Courier You will find them. TONIC -UPBUILDER C«ib, Wwk UaiijaW Celci EcknwB'tluiwfaflvt aa* Calcium prepuo- id.aa *v«r'lncro (o«il *2r---* «lttn r«marBmbl ruulu. rflJO Kill BemnaU Sale! | 1 3HH Bemnnt SaleJ j TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE I29tol33 NPlTTSBURG St, · CONNELLSVILLEl-; CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Our Great Mill Remnant Sale The wonderful saving thus^ effected goes to our tomreB We consider it a conservative ;·'·.: statement thai every buBiness day during our Mill Remnant Sale -this store has sared thousands of dollars to its patrons. That's ; why so many shrewd and thnfty people now- concentrate: their buying at this store. Every dollar saved is a, dollar, teamr ed, and it can easily be figured how quickly saving's; will run up" into many dollars, if "you will go from department: to department and see pnces on Mill Kernnant Sale tickets you will readily see what wonderful savings. await you at our Great Mill' Remnant- Sale. Mill Remnant Sale is most .To buy going away luggage at onr Mill Henmant Sale profitable. .: . · Black Keratbl Traveling Bags, in good-walrus grain, has a heavy ; cloth lining in 16 and 18 Inch sizes A wonderful values at J3.95, MID Remnant Sale Price $2.49.: ,, , - . . ,' ·;.' Leather Traveling Bags--a high grade bag made of good leather. Mill Remnant Sale Price 15.00: up to 110.50. High grade suit cases with good heavy lining witt solid .lock and corners, Mill Remnant Sale Price J1.50 up to J-1.50. . Mill Remnant Sale 1,000 pairs of fine army/grey cotton Blanfcets, made of long fibr* cotton, with colored borders, full bed" size--JuBt at the -wanted Ume when going camping you- wlllrneed.light weight bed clothes; Mill Kem- nant Sale Price $3.50 up to.f5.50. : Mill Remnant Sale Women's Silk Gloves We. Every pair is perfect with double tipped nngers-^-wrist length- black or white, stylish and serviceable; all sizes. 69c; value 51.00. Mill Remnant Sale ^ BOOK SIZE BEGS. Although we have sold a large number of Bugs a. great many ( awslls your selection aad's on rug is as beautiful as another and choice IB merely a matter of taste you are sure to find some that -will appeal to you--at J2L50 np'tp $45.00. Mill Remnant Sale ', KEWE8T SBlDCEiB.'HATS AT $U5: HP TO $li50. The new light hats for. mid-summer are here. We have just unpacked them. Cocnslliville women are sure to be charmed with their style n*wne*i a* well as tha .wonderfal values wbicli:are made possible only by the great l£lllr Remnant Sale. Come and see. Mill Remnant Sale A limited number ot elegant blonse* designed to sell at $7.50. tomorrow at JI.I5. ' " Women :of .taste who ar* a bit thrifty will be charmed with these: blouses for they lire the women who know how hard it is to find a. dressy blouse of-cmsrt Individuality, or a blouse of smart simplicity wlli origiiality ID fieiigfi at J3.95. Mffl Remnant Sale WHUX WASH SSntTS AT »*c UP TO »5*5. 3e*4«^C2a*;,?teacS Cords.~.G*oardtnes find Linens, plain and shir- ,nd at ts^a^ waafc"mtSf tMl« belts, newest pocket effects. Some trjm- 3a»J- wife leasmiMSri'hn*Ti»»s . ta regclar and^nra. sizes. MICKIESAYS WSfctt-B -TO VTI t* THt ctiMMn ,VIUO MISS EDNA LONG A nervous breakdown dating from two weak* ago caused the death Sunday of Miss Edna Long, 25 years old, at th* horn* ot her mother, Mrs Emma Boyd Long In Mulberry street, Scottdale. Miss Long, whose fatbel was^tb* late Humbert Long, was born at Broad Ford. She was educated in the Scottdsle schools, graduating from the high school five years ago, and later from Peterson's business college Subsequently sbe was employed as bookkeeper by the United States Casket company and then, by the -Crescent -Manufacturing' company, which position she relinquished two weeks ago Miss Long was a granddaughter of Mrs Samuel Long of Con- nellivllie snd «, niece of Itice, Robert and Lewis ~Bojl of this city. She leaves her mother, a sister, Hannah, and two brothers, Junes and The funeral will ba Wwinssdajr at 1 o'clock. Interment will b« in the Scottdale cemetery Mis* tftut was a member of the Presbyterian church MHS. FKUBY "W, OROSSJ*M«. T«n members at Cawany 3, Third Infantry, Pennsylvania. Reserve, Militia, served as pallbearer* at th* fun- HM! Pimples and BlackheadsTM / Covered Face. Itched, Burned and Caused Scratching. : ~ Was Disfigured. Used Three Cakes Soap and Onr; Box Ointment. "ImBcradiimnaldntroubiesiichu, : pimpta and blackhead*. Fin! a lew pimples ajipMredonmy face, ' and then mone until my face J wa* covered'. They ilched, ' and burned causing me to scratch maliiog my iKend, ', and 1 was disfigured. . : , ' ' "I lead about: Cutknia Soap-and Ointment 'so' \['.. thought I would try them. Iniedian* cake* of Cuticaim^^Somp with one email ,. box of CutfrTB Ointment when I «·*-.'. /healed." (Signed) Mis* MabelHanh-: . 'man, Donora^-Pa., Sept 1,4»17.'--, i.y,:, Thooaaads of paofile, young sod.... old, suffer torture of body and mind '; beoKaeor*k!n ; troubla which might ,.-^ ^easilybt:claved away,'ormight'ba**^-:. , beenpeventnd h»iCulicui»So«fbMo; UMd for *yery^ay toilet pnrpo*e*V with · tooth now and then of Cuti- -. eora Ointment.: . ' Nature's Eye Warhine*. Did you. know that a person's eyes start to get old at 12 years of age?,. It is -a t act,- and ... by the time 40 years is readied the average person finds ' Ihe ' need ot glasses "becoming more »nd more urgent Eyes', ache; reading -op sewing, ' runs together; -paper or;;/1rfri;; has to be held .tpo'far away'Ci^:' inches is about'the correct". dfi-. tance), headaches become com; '· tuon, with other unpleasaiifV symptoms; These are- ;natnireis I. W. Myer*, : O^t;:lX '·:'· Optometrlgt and Opticlaa. r Wool-worth -Bldg., Upstairs. '· i -.:· .pur Sp»c!alty-- ^Comfortable Visiii«i eral of Mrs. Cross- Isnd held yesterday atternoon. at 2; o'clock ' f ro-ny-'tbe .r«ideno«; nf''h'er.Vp»§j ' Biui«tead'sW

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