The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAG1T.EIGHT: ·' THE D «LY: COURIER, OONNELLSVITJ,E, PA. MONDAY, JUDY ZZ, 131«- NEWSY NOTE TELL WHAfS HAPPENING E IMfflLLTOWH Girl Killed in Action. ' - . HAD PUHKED VBn Mill TOWN nueten o( Ifcwm and Altotw, , EaaurMarr retime* Ad*. p,-. !: Aart«laa«e an* Tfcree ?irr ;-·· If' H- p* . f e : = : - ' ;V tKOOTTEUUULE. "Jury" a.--Mta "r*arl 'Themu oat Saturday moraine. necired a tatter from Blax M. Ka»- iek, of Butta, iltoa^ wbo'iV'with Com- fway D, 15th Held ArtjnCTT. orcr there, and on Friday hi* name ap- »eared on the casualty. .lilt as killed la. action. Bis letter was dated Jan* IS. Ralph B«k»r X this place is alao .* jaember ot:tW» company and bad «OBa«mBieil«d with MJa» Tboraas and ,Md hw Uu* Ula pal. «· et the beat f*0ow» in th» world.' bad not a 'Mead to widto to aim and what It »««ti Jo a aeUtor to .fit »afl. With tlito. e«n« a tatter from ; Kxptch to Hits Tbnaaa aad racnUrir 9loa n " 1» TrritUa ham. His letter of Sator- *»y toW Mta» TkomM that b« had alwart aeu^a, amroT the TS;««, Iwt ikat BOW a^loaiged'tevwM tiM part o* ^'eMBitrrtha* we**! Janata a girl :i*at coaU-caav m ftlknr «p Hk» Mr U««rm did aid tkot « b* orar liTtd to a** America acala not (be ~Weet that ·· hart lowed ·» w«O. bat the Ea*t wh»re Ml»» TbeinaJ bad cocas' from wai the-part et the coontry be would »ee«nt -- x - ;-. T*»mte«meM e Scottdale and Al- r»rtoB. trbo eonryoac -the Seottdale aUBMerlal --; aaaordatioB. uehanced pvlitt* jeatertay. . (M* Avkaiaaee Car. ' Wjnam Xergdaon, the fomltnre aaaler and undertaker, has receiTed a aUmaaeat .of a "WlBtaa a«ibnl»nce "aad three maton linmisiaee. Mr. r»r«n»OB aow ba* flre limotainea and "4ae fascral ear aad imbalance, rriak- im» »ne of ^thatMat eqaipped ontflts m I«r Sale. . . . · ':- Fire Teem hoase, wKh Itath. In SwedetowB. - -Price $1,550.09. Iaqn|re ·Auctioneer Gey Beeae, Scottdale, ' Miw Althea CooRhenoor neeived word Saturday Donda» ct the safe arrival, crreraee* of Sanroet D. Doll, -of. Company H. 51nd Intmlry. He waa Caajp loreat. . ' Miw-San Btnrman of lltuoorj 1» visiting friends here. Mr. and 3tn. Jene.Cobk and Mrs. Clifford Hagerman, Mtos Alice CaV vtrt and Mlia Kuhns left yeaterdar for a ,TMt to eamap Lee. ,Vrs. VT. L. Smith of MJama, Tla., and Silas Oraee Smith of "West VlT- jrinia are the laesta ot Mr. and Mrs. Erius. AFTER f\H Of ESATXffi OMo Jta Tell. H*w~ to Gate " " ' ' ' . . . . . Bait ( Liverpool, Ohio.-- "After- aa opiratroiii 1 waa-wuk, rua^*nrn. and stow i»Teaiperale^-I was'aSiiisei to tak* Vl»QlraiJ*-the' njnlts iiin-'-wott.- dertnl, rtood^ppettte^d liter tat, I am »*·»» dad to tell aojOM, what Tinol has done for me, Ther« Is j»;:i«erer:aJ]out.:Vhxl.-- It oifea Ita^ »ocees». Jn ; »uch cases to txef and epdHT«r peptonea, iron and maauaaeii .pcptooates and- (lycero- . «*t aad mo»t Ja-' -b«i|f -iMlldlac: " ah'd strength tonic*. . laaifcrey Draf Co, CoonetliTllIe, D.;C. Kason. Diribar, and ' ' fjotesu, Brooklyn «; · : N»w Tork 5; St Uml* 2. New York (; StrLtwis 2. ' *«tem 5; anctnaatt 2. Ctacianatl T; «o«to« I. Pet. ..Brooklyn "." - · - - " · · · - -.34 "4T . .MO '-Boifen "at : Pilt3burg. ·*; Chicago 2. Cl«T»tand 3; Philadelphia 2. lCl«Te]a»d 5; PhilarlclDliia 5. ' jCalled in tijhti ^' ' :W. ·'··!» Pet -» 34 .60* Tori hiactaa St..Loula.i ^W'-.-Wf: £39 !*»·;'« . '.529 :i .459. S .41? ' FRENCH TROOPS ADVANCING TO FORWARD LINE troar»-'oa the road moving up; British Tommies also ready to advance watch them puss. QOOO RtASON, TOO1 U hai)p«i)«tf at:a Bed Otoss tea held at a cuiiiiUj einK The fussy old gen- Ueman;.of the white vt«t tupped th« tfnnbdad.Tooacitar on the abonldlet. be aaid, "Vhy are yoo not Tht bojr'anned. - fTo be flank with ytm, -s!itf~.he:-sairV. "1:. flom't Wee It. There 1 * aO thU .bnalneaa of deeping In the" mod, -and uncooked food, «nd rain ill the time--da»l«d Tinconifort- ' ·Uneeurfortabls !" . Qw -white Tett- tKotttamiiodlfatntly. "Are TO* not of age, to food health or phjratcally ~ . . '*· a dram'. ty-two, BO dependent*." The Ban wa» »U!1 cheerful. The inerlta- He group gathered (boat them. "DUgaethVir! Haw 700. no patriot- lam -- no hnreyol 'errantry? What IB yoor moon for sot bets; In the army? 'Coota*,' coward I**., , ·I/«Mi 1 t;i)«,";rald:tli« eheertnl jonth. ·'·Tiri :ta the '- MTy." Eighteen : hours' leave and special permission to wear Wrtem.'" , . , Jnrt twen^i has been culled" up i Cart* for ft "Ana iSo'yon caw for the theater, Mrs. Murphy?' "Sure, I do not My husband does that" ·· ' · "Dwe.TrtMtr "Care* for the theater! He's the Janitor]" RIGHT IN IT.';. ^Virginia. U. Ycnnatsteat :ln_ erery- thln«. lao't .·her : .~ - ~ . : - . ' . . . . . ' . . : -·TOfcat now?" ·! . : . "Why, her. new,, mermaid gown. Is to be Eaad« of -:wi.tered: aOk."; :-.." , " . . . . despair., rc, ' . ' '' .."An* .tbvflowan Kent the alb ' :.-··: -v In a Liberal Mod, - ;· ·TChe Jodje was Terr nice." · near,----- · . - . . ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . '. ' ' "Gave m« a dvroree, permission to many ag-aln, and: intimated that. If I didn't do better: than I did the first time .he'd; (rant'-meanother divorce." A Bergaon Anecdote. Like most .philosophers, M. Bergson UTCS a rathor sednded life. "His house in Paris is as quiet-looking and" retiring as hlmi-elt . Most of his netgh- -bors know Mm only by sight, and have ho Idea of''. the distinction' enjoyed throughout the world by .this unobtrusive, spruce seutlflmnn. A short Hme .ngo, when M. Bergson Issued forth to go to the French academy, where he was to be formally admitted, the neighborhood" was dazzled 'by; a .Tna'g- aiflcerjt academician's nnlform-^-green embroidered with golfl leaves, a cocked hat'snd a dainty sword. Then the old concierge of the house opposite exclaimed: "Ah!-the little old gentleman has been called"up at last. And about ·time, too!"--Manchester Guardian. HIa Business Waa Looking Up. "'Billings, the financing expert, was In Paris when the Zeppelins made 'their.Taia." "What TOW he doing there?" "Noting the overhead charge*. Watching the bombs." A Louder Noise. Williams--Do those dogs up your way-still howl all night? Johnson--No, they have gtven np In dlsgnst'slnee the twins arrived. "\0 ADYAJtCB PRICE C R O U P Spwmodic croup fs ; u*u«Uy relieved,with one application of-- 25e--50c--$1.00 HEAD TEE COTJTRIEB. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POSTOFF1CE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. The COAST L/NE to . Tb* deliitlin ot jwr vicvtioa beeia the momut yrtm IxMrd · D. 4 C. CoMt Line Steimer lor faeMtttfuf MtM^iiuc l*kad~fbr . b»If of ll» d«liil,u tic io i Railroad tjci«* *r* ho»or*J on iJt D, A C. Uue rttsunen without extra chart*... · i Tb« D. A C. iMifBit tmnre* the but in appointment,, cafelne, ·Be*; painktakM* service Safety, and health prori*ion» are.ali tint could badealre* · ; - ' All «e*menr *ra eqwpped wiib I^l^«rt irlrelew »er^ke. All water u uenCwti by ulirm T*ol*t ray proccu. . Twx» «cl*Bdid TCH«U--Chr of Mftcltiiuic Jl and City of Alena 11--opcratr four ttan a w*ek lo.Mwkinac UUnd From Toledo Mondaya cd Sarurvby.SJO A. U. r Tuud.y. »cd -Thunday. 6^0 P. M. From Detroit Mo.dsy» ind Saturdar* 5*0 P. U . Wetiie*- d«r« and Friday* 8JO A. M, Seed 3-ccnt Kanip for IHuttnted p«n»)tfet and Great L*k«m,p. AttdrcM L. G. LEWIS, G. r. A.. 9 Third ATCDU*. Detroit. Mich. i TO MACK1MC ISLAND Pro« Bxlfik »11.» Ktmad tt« 19.06 From CfenbM t».M Rn'iad trip 14.00 From ToSto Froa Detroit , · Rcund trip 111.00 pARAMQUNTTHEATRE --TODAT-- loc "AMAZING · ADVENTURES OF .A MAN AND HIS DOqBLE"-- BOTH HEN ARE PLAYED BY HAROLD LOCKWOOD IN / . . . METRO'S ESATURE ' · YOUR NAME" F1VJ3 ACTS OF FARCE COMEDY REPLETE "fEBPfBXING COMPLICATIONS, "A GOOD COMEDY.! WITH ^T. ? THE! HEAS.' / -- TOMOKKOW - - ' J KENTUCKY" THRILLS THROUGH ''RIDERS OE THE NIGHT" ; A 5 rACT .METRO." SCRBEN'.. DRAMA OF^ ROJIANCE AND LOVE IN ·· : . THE -BLUE GBASS,/STASHING .%TOSOME VIOLA DANA. , ALSO A GOOD 2 ACT COMEDY. THE XHEATBE THAT FIJI'S OKLT THE BES1 "Haiper "iayr ;th»t ·: erery ... hosband the/dishes fpr'hls' wife." ' " . . . "He l»-iu the ehinarbusinesi" ;' , Oroeer-^That long-haired ^rnaa-l'Trhoj Just.THnt:oiit a musr»,Tarit. ; Cortoiner^-Why dp ypn : tfiinkfio.?.-r: him:fout^-Deets .In theiineamieiifV-Sfi' Pailadelptia ..-,.. ~7.'.. : -/ Detroit at ' " "-' : ;.' ;.-[ . : : :}:· Hh .'choice.- '/.ivy .t;'.; ; ^:r- ; .:"So"yon threw : up ypur!;poilUMi;b(!-' close.- It was tard. Dont yo« know ' ' " ' '-''·' "Tea|:father; ..·....''. ; blraeti'. ..·:.}·;"·] U,.vB?;:A Jnck-- I canno* love my neighbor. a» '''''-' ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' '' him a lot i»ore If he's halt, wajrde- iii-fcfe: -.^iSSi^^fitasg^l^^g^^, Come When You Please. Stay As Long As .Ifonllkc. · . ALL THIS WEEK. James Arn:qld:Presents A Company pfiReal Mcnt. ·'. . --Featuring-James ; Arnoid, Slackface Gomedian. ' ·'. ·' miian';Eiuyall; :Spubrette'. On tfiSBiScreeii--|H;elentH6iiiies'in "The Lot Express ' · ' ..,:^' J .-«-ffliE./.i?:r-^',^.-:^^--.. . .si.,-........ .,,-.. , In Every Fashion Shade Thiis far the Wright-Metzler Silk Section has been able to overcome all difficulties in the -way of procuring complete stocks of fine silks. Owing to very large early purchases we can today present a rather extraordinary selection of the most beautiful and desirable Summer silks. . /What is more, prices-are scarcely changed at all from those of a year ago. You can choose here from-- · · ' ' . !- Taffetas ' Georgette Crepes · Gros .de Londres Satins Silk Voiles Crepe de Chines x . Messalincs Poult de Soies ' Radiums. Pussy Willow'Taffetas Crepe Meteors Silk Shirtings Please remember that we have not just^ few of each of these, but a wide range of colors and shades of colors. Prices Range from $! .00 to $3.00 a Yard. Pongees Foulards July Specials! Seasonable Merchandise Chosen from Various Department* And Offered at Prices That . Guarantee Economy Linens --Short Lengths Table Damask, Special at One Fourth Off. --72 inch Mercerized Cotton Damask, $1.00 and $1.50 values, Special at 75c and $1.13 the yard. --72 inch all-linen Damask in lily, stripe-and-floral, poppy, ivy and rose-and-dot designs, regular $2.00 value, Special at $1.50 the yard. Glove* --Ladies' long Silk Gloves, black and white, sizes 6 to 7JA, regular ?1.00 values, Special a t 5 0 c t h e pair. ' . . . --Ladies' White Cape Gloves, sizes 6 1-4 and 6 1-2, regular $2.00 value, Special at'$1.00 pair. Purses ~ --Black Leather Purses with .'strap across back or top, $1.25 airl ?1.50 values, Special at $1.00 each. · . i Handkerchiefs --Ladies' fine weave, pure linen initial handkerchiefs, 35c value, Special at 25c each. Not all initials. --Ladies' two-tone novelty embroidered initial handkerchiefs, 6 in box, regular $1.00 value, Special at 69c bos. --50 dozen. Ladies'. Handkerchiefs, superior quality, all pure linen,. Secial'at ISc each, or S for 50c. --Ladies' fln'e weave, ill pure linen handkerchiefs, regular 50c values, Special at 25c each. Half-Price Sale Women's Suits Over 100 fine Summer modeis selected from our regular stock and offered at only half theirregular selling price. Included are^lues, tans, greys, greens and other "novelty shades in specially designed styles for women'aud misses. Comparisons will" show this the preaier Suit event of the year.. Formerly Sold at $25.00 up to $05.00 Now Selling at $12.50 up to $42.50 Three Kinds of Dirt and the Hoover Gets Them All The dirt in your carpets, and rugs is of three kinds-- . Piist--tile light surface dirt or dust . Second--Clinging dirt, such as thread, hair, lint'etc., that ife hard to remove aad makes floor · coverings look dirty. Third--Imbedded dirt .The heavy, gritty dirt that is carried in by the feet and sifts down into the body ol your carpels'and rugs. This, is the dirt that cuts the fabrics, does the most damage to carpets and rugs, and-defies the efforts, -of Broom: sweeping,; carpet sweepers or ordinary suction, vacujim cleaning machines. Free Demonstrations at the Store or In Your Own Home. Women's Dresses Up to $ 1 9.75 Values $14.95 Up to $22.50 Values $18.50 Two special lots of pretty Summer frocks including street, afternoon and sport styles for both ·women and misses. Materials include Jersey,. Serge and Taffeta, in addition to numerous smart combinations. 'The color range is large. Plenty to choose from. Turkish Towels at " 35c, 50c and 65c An extra supply is needed during the summer months. Fortunately, we own several lots of Towels bought at far lea's than today's prices. The 3Sc Bleached urkish Towels are in mediua sizes. -. The 50c Turkish Towels are- extra heavy and snowy white. The 65c and 75c Turkish Towels are heavy weight nud large size.. Toilet Requisites for Summer Djer Kiss Toilet Water, $1,85. Melba Toilet Water, $1.00. Mary Garden Sachet, $1.75. Lady Mary Face Powder, 50c. Azurea and'Le Trefle Face Powder, $1.50. ' Mary Garden Extract, $2.75. Financee Extract, $1.50" and $2.50. Lov' Me Face Powder, 75c, Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. PROPUCTS- MOt)U? Bfc IN A COO.I_,DRV MACE.V/EU. PRO- T£CTED FRQKt Rj*TS.M*CE C JM56CTS. ^^ ' · ' i ·' . - ' v ---Complete inttruction* for bomo canning iuii dryinif ;Wfll bis Eeat to .til* reader* of. t£uv paper upon »ppfi- cition to Ae Nationai War Garden Commission, Wwhntctou, D. C-, -«». 1 * two-etat ftUmp for pwteg*. OHPHEUM THEATRE TODATT AIO) TOMOEBOM The Shaft of Love .Pierced the Heart of-"BIG BILL.HART" and · ' . Redeemed Him 'in "SELFISH TATES* . .Also "Screen Telegram" and a -Big V" Comedy. : July 29730--Guy. Empey. in -"O.VER.THE TOP."

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