The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 17
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1 v 111 f " - r 'FRIDAY APRll 3, 1964 - THE OTTAWA URNAL 17 .T 't'n'r r" ' JQ -THE GOLDEN DAYS OF SPORT Dempsey Basically Goodhearted, 'Killer' Streak Only for the Ring THE DEMPSEY STORY (Part II) I saw and met Jack Demp. '' ey for the first ' time the -.Summer of, 1923 when. as a raw cub- reporter from the sports depart m.rni.,.L was sent to Saratoga Springs to write 1 Klimfi Cl(r atnriec nn hie train. t inz camD. A braced himrfmv4iflJinBcomportment went bk t... . , i not auerncxtn on me porcn qi niscottagetpask him whether . he would spar a round with me to enable me to write a -k... i v k., how lie iooked. not auite'as tall as I. clad in an old ere weaterv.' still crinkle nosed then and restless, always moving. " Much was written about D.empsey in his heyday, about his-r-vkifttisness,' htsiuev and the killer in him, but the truth is that he was basically , a goodheated man. ft was a kindly act for him to consent, on the eve of an important defence, of his ' title, to agree to take oa an unknown .reporter in order that he ,might not fail in his assignment; one. incidentally, who stood an inch and a half taller and outweighed hirir by 10 pounds. f he first ThLJn which I ever saw Demosev encace was ' that tremendous, heart - stop- ' pingbrswt on the - night -of -Sept. 14, 1923, against Louis" Angef Firpo. which was rightly called the. Battle of the Century for nothing like it has "been seen since for thrills, -chills, and pure animal savagery, unleashed over . period of three minutes and 58 seconds. - In this brutal contest there was revealed a barbaritythat echoed the earliest battle of primitive man or the awful .slashing deaiK struggle of wild beasts hidden in (he depths of some jungle. Indeed, the giant Firpo had been nicknamed and ' likened to a wild bull and. if this was so. Dempsey was. the tiger attacking for the. kill,-DOWN S1XJ1MES. - . -' In the opening round, which surpassed even the one at do in which Dempsey wrecked the hues Willard. Fir po was knocked down s i x . times and Dempsey twice; once at the beginning for no : count by the first p-un c h thrown by Firpo and theec.' , ond time near the close, when" he was swept' completely from the ring by the Argentine's blind rush and clubbing right. Pushed back onto the platform by sportswriters (more in self - defence than an attempt to aid him) he made it to his feet before "10". and then, though stunned and' no more than semi ? conscious, was carrying the fight to the . giant when the bell ended the most thrilling first round In the history of the prize ring. , In his corner Dempsey was still half out; he didn't know what round it was, what, day of the week, or what town he was in either. Yet- he rose at the bell with unspent fury to drop Firpo twice more, the - last time for the full count. STORE HOURS Mon. to Sat 9 a.m. to SJ0 p.m. vHartt V SHOE STORE 4 Bank St Phone 233-1679 FAST SHAVER and APPLIANCE V SERVICE GOLDSTEIN BROS. LTD. 205 Bank St. 236-7341 AVAILABLE- AT-. CHARLES MOORE 2399 Carllng Ave;, TA8-3261 Lumber and Building Supply Dealer Thlbault Lumber SH6-8125 Green Vaney SH6-46J3 Gavard Uee PR7-168I Amyot ft Fits PR7-5204 F. Thlbault JRI-6247 Aylmer Lumber - MU4-J275 pnonLtet!-t.. PRI-5841 WHY PAT MORE! (ALL TOUR "PAL" (r. - J .This was Demnsev's ereat aniwal In n all tha uiUain fH on one of those lonc-to-be-dis- Sharkey foolishly turned his - met some 175 opponents, stme-from head to complain to the reF- times taking on three, and four ri - - - -1 - defence, to s!og,pu;nth, arid ; batteTBntrt- opponent no longer remained before him. According to the"TUlcs he Wa not even a fair fighter and in the heat of .battle the niceties ' .tf. i.i j ; ne ooaro. uiirn i blows ne sprayed irom n t sr pugnacity that - swept h m hi corner, heealcss of weaving, catlike uch werVnni' ' Welfi.t W low,1 : . ' .;, I;p . ; . l " ' , ' , , . ." . a-aWi Fir 'L.r end of the famots battle of ed by batUeUuaV he to)d over, ' the fallen challenger when he the fallen challenger when he knockedhim down. . instead, of retiring to a! corner for the ''..count" and slogged him again ' . when fie had barely, regained ;' his feet And pnee, eyen stood hehmdirnind j,n njm nn the rise, The referee, himselPr stunned by the ' fury of the fight in which he found him-self involved, let Dempsey get away with it. No one at that time could guess that these actions would : one day cost Dempsey the '-" gaining Of his lost world's championship, when failure n heed the rule to go to a neutral comer resulted in the faV mou Chicago long count after ne . Junn'y on m floor, --knocked out, ' in their second fight, "only to have, him recover and come on to win.. But no one ever heard William Harrison Dempsey ask for quarter either or complain of a : low punch. After the Chicago after he admitted that what happened had been his own fault and that was the end of it. . CAST AS VILLAIN ; , During that grand rambunctious decade Dempsey appeared in one -million-dollar extravaganza after.-another. The, leading man in onerthe hea. in the '-next.. Against fieorges Carpentier the hand- j some. French war hero. the'. dark; scowling Dempsey cast as a war slacker was the -villain. Ignoring ,rom a n c e ,-Dempsey. knocked the Frenchman kicking and incurred the hatred of every female in the arena. . Aftdr the Firpo fight Demp-sey was hero again, but came-, into his. title defence against the ex-marine, Gene Tunney." as half villain once more, th man who had ducked his most sistent, Negro challenger. HarryWills. At the . end or the 10 rounds In w hich Tunney staggered thexxperts arid the spectators by outboxing Dempsey,. battering oneisWeof his face to a pulp and takirighis . ' : io-Jpjk .... m , ' . ,. only a Single gesture IO turn the tables of popularity. Back in the hotel that night his wife, the glamorous motion Estclle Taylor, asked.' "What happened Ginsbert?"'(her pet name for him). Dempsey grinned a crooked smile with the good side of his face and said. "Honey. I forgot to duck." The nation took the beaten villain to its heart, loved him again and dubbed him hero. We were that naive and that fickle. - . ; Hero Dempsey remained then, through the night he fought Jack Sharkey to earn his return bout with champion Gene Tunney and took the most awful punishment Vi the first round, so that it seemed he could not survive another. Yet he did. and woti the fight large utie away irom nim. n Jrirrl" lIHMM" Tusker! f'iffv" hlnwx. when i j . - eree aboot low punchesjnd Dempsey, accepting the invita tion, quickly hooked him to the chin, and knocked nim out.' Nobody, cared that night w hether the punch was fair of foul Dempsey was our, boy .".Arid so he remav(e6Ci( the" he long count In C h 1 c a g o where, for. all pf where,' for. all Tunney' s l boxing skill, he set the crowd of 105.000 souls aflame with excitement .when in the sev- enth round; like the Dempsey of old; hV, slugged Tunney to (he floor and Then threw away certain yiituiy wrth his old habit ot standing ovver his op- ' ponent. . - ' The precious seconds tidced- away - while Referee Dave Barry kept motioning him to a - neutral corner until he obeyed, . enabling Tunney's superb re-, cuperative powers to take. ef. feet. And' thereafter; ' during the rest of that round and vTunneyls equally famous back' pedalling flight to victory, the final affecting image was. created of the old m a'u'l e r whose aging, tired Jegs had faileji him. stopping in mid- ririg, a look, of contempt on his face, motioning with gloved hands for Tunney - io stop running end' come in ' and . fight. . ,''- ;.'.-.;.: Dempsey retired after this' battle of September. 1927, but was persuaded to start a comeback tour (he Summer of 1931 - Seeded Players Advance In ODBA Championships Top-seeded Ottawa players ,An.:A Thr.A.i, n,h. in doubles events played on . the RA courts in the Ottawa and District Badminton Association Open championships.. The out-of-town entries receive their baptism in games scheduled tonight in ladies aouoies top-seeqeo Edith Hayman and Barb O'Brien along with the combination of Maureen Morgan and Carol Stevenson, advanced to the semi-finals with solid victories. Following are the results: ' t MEx s notmi.ES- rirt Round ' i . ' J Brne and A. Hanaon RAl rlrf D Tarlry and M. Farmer RAi IS-T. 15-11: H Smith (WOVi and R Morru RA i Art. R. &chullr and m. : . ' nk. .KS- t ,nd j,. -w.nti. ,RAi def. K If UIVHUOII I t . " JMartindai an u. uicm v hai Zl MOBILE HOMES - heni 828-1995 HIGHWAY 15 7 MILES WEST OF OTTAWA See pan ... for the Best Deal in the Ottawa Valley n III II 13-. T'-i rf. ana ... . i i ... ... . ... ' iCl drt. B Warne WOYi and H. j Pi' 15-7. 1S-S. ., Bradley RAj !S-I. IS-J: J Joanlsit" " ' r" and A. Otwlettc RAi df. 1- Kent and G Peer i015-I. 13-11: o Mortan and S i--fKK def T. Auat and D Craia r.S-S, 1S-S: H McGregor and J. Mi lien iCi ( def. P. Mac-Cowan and C. Thorn-1 Berond Round - '' - J tevia and H Markell C def P.,' Smith WOYi and R. MorrU .RA' lS-d. 15-13. G. Uddiard and Phillipa Cidef -J. Byrna and A. Hanaon (RAl 15-S. 15-S LADIES' DOUBLES riritRondl , Jjy M Vefit and L Jtiea RA def J Cionet and A. Montomerjr 15-9. 17-13: j Buzza and J: Warn (RAl def. J Mclnnea and L Banniater. 'Ft 15-1, 15-A: M. Mortan and C. Slevenion (Ci def. M Bradley and C. ORellly RAl 15-5. 15-S. QUARTER FINALS M Mortan and C. Utevenaon :CI def J Rum and J. Warne 15-1 13-0; ' E. Hayman and R Journal Want quick results. Ads bring NEW AND USED Mobile Homes on Display At sea and ashore! PALM BREEZE (Vary light). ' . Li NAVY T - . and which ended exactly a year later. During this tour he. a" night . and knocked out over a7undred-ef-4hernVThis was perhaps his most remarkable, performance. V None ; pf . f'ese were heavyweights of , a n y' note or had . been : heard of before, but simply, forL a 36--yearold tighter! Jb bounce that. mucheef. onto the canvas in , a year must be accredited as' sensatipnal. '"".y. '-''' In .1932, he took on a. fair to ' middling heavyweight. King- '' . fisH v fcevihsky. and when "he . was outpointed by him.: list.-, ened . to the 'message of lost ' i speed and- tiring . legs ' and hung up his gloves' for good;' a man rich, respected, and loved to this' day. , . r ! Jor he. had, come up the-- nard way, in tne manner- or the" 'great American legend, M from the rough mining camps ;i. and clapboard, ranching towns of the far west to produce not only the image of the modern prize ring's greatest killer-., but also the imagined reflection .. of ourselves and . our "own masculinity;- what' we wanted to be like when it came to "uppjng" to another male and letting him have it. The s . called manly art of self - defence ' was all very -well in-it -way. but not for us." Villain or hero, our jm- aginations during ,Demp$ey's active days in the sport were possessed by- the destructive' and explosive bursts of punches he. released against .the giants oMhe ring and which "Tiave haver been forgotten", ' '. NEXT: Gene Tunney. onrien .ra Hef. rM R'C (RAl 1 J-3. 15-S and MIXED DOUBLES v . S'lrkS. Round '.-".' A 'Phillip and S Gnhim 1C1 dof H Bradley and M . Bradley RA' -iS-. . 1S-4; J. Pi lie and C McKeown RAi def. C. Thomann and C. O'Reilly (RAl 13-. 15-3: D Craia and J. Mclnnea ifl def. M rarmer arid J. Gtonet iRA) 14-17 1 1S-4 IS-10. D. WaddaU iRA) and r.m and a Mmtiomtry iiui ! ' """i"!" " w ' w . .i aiw w ii t j , ; ; i 71f ' in duties Wh UeRoyTa Iks While Georges Roy 'prepared his ,Marttime champions for the EaiJern Canada Allan Cup Tscmi-fmal- with a lecture on egg (arena size). Otuwa Mon-tagnards went about the busi ness' of bolstering an- alreadyjcause us 0mr-trouble good club for the ..Eastern in vasion- ' "" ' The Maritime champs left Halifax today and they'll open a,best-of-five series Monday in the Auditorium, a rink that Roy-thinks might give .his cjub trouble.- ' ' , - : ' V '.:."..'. de b jj TIME OUT! The wltole world's getting too darn civilied for me!". Ski Conditions 'Very Good' Three more inches of new snow has fallen on the Camp Fortune slopes.. The hflls were to be,' machine-packed this morning and John Clifford rates the conditions on the northern-exposed hills as "very good," A total of four-lifts and three i one-lows, including a . lift in the Skyline area, wrill be in operation , todayand on the weekend. . ine cuspiaor costume Event is scheduled on ihe Slalom Hill at 1 p.m. Sunday with a high number of pruts for the most original costumes and best times being Offered. Bernie Bureau says that the conditions at Chamdnlx ' "are fair to good." There is a s.x- to twelve-inch base with inches of new snow. Chamo fjurTno (he day. A costume race is also sched uled, for. Chamonix Sunday afternoon. '' The Leafs. confA lr. u--,". SULCI WICCl" lllisull . schedule 4Krf7our pUyoff series j '-r.l-o).-rrWi i sr j r n. ikfAi aV; . 1 ! aT w I ' ' kJ and m Onaiow c lS-io. 13-10; ; nix is open tonignt irom .JU 2 s'h 'wOYl T.'nr;RAw.rn.!" JO 30 pm. andill be oper-lo-is. u-ij is-i3: R Motria and i ating Saturday and Sunday ST. LOUIS (UPI) The StJ CBowyer..RAi def L,. Dirktc and, Cregnr (C and B. O Brien R Al del W Warne T and P. Mill RAl 15-1.- 1 J-S . i Second Round ' " R Wtntle and M. Thorn (RAl def. J. Byrnei and 8 Owen RAt 8-15 J1J-13. 1V11: J. Lrvit and C Stevenaon jC def. K. Martin- daW and URir (R.t 1S-13. 1J-3: I n imu..i .v. im " " Demand Pt ; K I J. . IXI fr . I f J I WASHINGTON (UPI) New York's . senators have, received several dozen angry letters demanding to know why Cassius Clay was not inducted into the army. Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R NY, has received ab'out-50 letters, mainly from New. Yorkers, complaining" that the heavyweight champion should be wearing an army uniform despite the fact he funked a mental examination. Sen. Kenneth' B. Keating, R NY, has received several, ' letters, but not as many as Javits". . One angry New- Yorker asked, "how much brains does it take to police a latrine?" ' , ' "77 ' The senators are replying that the army has insisted Clay legitimately flunked the test and was not faking. - . Nlost of the letters received by Javits are from parents who think Clay 'hr "smart enough" to make money and RUM Dar ; WHITE CAP , fWhita) Army Louis Cardinals batted .271 as a team'last season. Their close-est c e ra p e t i t o r s- were the Giants with a .258 mark. Why Clay write poetry and should be - toting a rifle.-: Keating has long advocated a revision of the draft laws. He has called for a presidential commission to thoroughly study the regulations He believes that 'the ClSy case merely dramatizes the situation but is not calling for a draft law review just because of the recent Clay publicity. Cornwall Defeats South Mountain . MORRISBURG (Special) Cornwall knocked over South Mountain 8-5 here Thursday night to cut South Mountain's lead in the Eastern Ontario Juniof. "B" hockey series to 2-1 in games. Leading Cornwall were Guy Berioit and Larry McGlinn with two goals apiece. Bill Upper, Nick Deschamps Bernie Car-riere afTd Bob Deschamps scored the othergoals. ' Five ' marksmen figured . in the South Mountain offence. Fern Dubeau, Albert Hoeksema, Larry Berry, Dwayne Benton and Tom Gannon all had singletons. ; 5 BUILDING MATERIAL .CENTRES TO SERVE YOU Bytown lumber ' 74S-682S Gatineau lumber - 663-5383 .' 7 Papineiuville lumber ' ' ".427-6264. Lbnhomm & Fils Ltd.. Manlwakl 1391 f Mont Laurler 15 Add Strength without showeff breaking a rweat, mtii mai. linn ui u... i. hedging when Roy. brought up the subject of Ottawa's , egg-shapjMfrink. ' He said in Halifax: "It could Ja QtUwa RossTi'rell man- ager of Monties, is sure irwiltl ADD FLEL'RY Monties, confident anyway, are sure the oval shaped corners in the .Ottawa rink will give-lhe visitors" more -trouble ,than they bargained for, Roy's I theirf,et:ture notwithstanding, j , I , "Usually the home Jteajn is considered one goal, up on the visitors anyway but in the case of the Auditofiurn, I'd say we have a two-goal advantage," said Tyrell. , And with Monties latest additions they may not need. ny rink advantages. Monties yes terday picked up Gerry Fleury and -defenceman AL Cameron.: from Morrisburg Combines and both will play Monday. - . Goalkeeping has been one of Monties' trouble spots, and Fleury has been one of the top netminders in senior hockeyin the Ottawa area for ' somt years. :--'':'.'; ' Cameron will shore up a defence setup that -could use an ex'tra man. ; .. Monties will also pick up four others but they won't be used unless - injuries deplete the ranks. Roy, 35-year-old playing coach, is a veteran of many wars In the Auditorium. He was around for several years m the old Quebec Senior Hockey League and he knows the problems of visitors in the Ottawa rink. : V MYERS VALUE of Eggs But he comes in with"- mat iftsi on v nm smpcin a 70-came schedule and asn't' been extended so farri- play- aren't all thaj, w rried. LITTLE TROUBLE But neither are Monties who had few difficulties in their own schedule. They ran Into some problems In the playoffs but Tyrell and" coach Johnny WllsojLjfJgurej iJhe eenpetitjon has them back in form after akhig things easy in the, tail end of thel schedule. They have outh and expj ence, few injury problems', in coacn ., wuson. tnexiormer NHt , ironman, added ( bench. strengths J- , wuson isn t planning on playing but he's eligible and if the need arises he coijld return to the lineup, y I . i 4 lJT7""-; tV mil nr-T. SHnrikiS 1962 CADILLAC COUPE de VILLE ; S door hardtop, auto, tranamlaaion, cut-turn radio, cumplrtcly power equipped and 'fintahed- in blue ,with . matchlhg deluxe blue Interior. y 1961 VOLKSWAGEN Thla economy 1 door model la fnUhed in axure blue and haa Juat beenT' traded. It la one of the eleaneat have ever ottered. and la value priced at 1960 METEOR 500 .; - 1; r 3 door aedan, with auto, tranamiaainn, metallic blue with matching interior. An above average car in tlQOC every 'reepect. . ....U'J- "i " W ' HI' ""SNW 1955 CHRYSLER Our I day apeciai. to aell on a apeciai ' Thla at to" and ia good value ai only MlJIPilllf-l SB uslt ia priced baaia 07C 1961 GMC 1-Ton PANEL , This completely reconditioned panel would -make a perfect deluxe hesvv duty unlt-or eould be uaed to good advantage bv the arhaU tf-1 iQC contractor -9 PINE VIEW GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB At Blair Road and Queensway 18 HolesOpening Apri 20th :: . -JWeather Permitting " Accepting ApplicatifsfoTLimited Membership Apply Tel. 748-6733 Monday - ' S1S1F BALL and ROLLER BEARINGS . - available-ln Ottawa at . .'.'.',.;''.'"'.. Capital Bearing & Tool Sales Ltd. 791 Somerset St W. ! 232-1749 tAt selection - . -. Over 10Q cars to choose from v VALUE :.:.. Yob get the best from Myers . PRICE " . Pre-Spring low prices now. In effect. PLEDGE Take th car mechanic of buy Myers uaed 'cart we $995 1961 C0RVAIR priced model. Muil be sold thii week. nrr-irr , buyer. Curling News RIOBAU LA DlCt Special eVtuplet Two-game winner. "Mrs A B.ouin kip. Mrl J S Browa MrsL, i Mil K C. Dennis, Mn W H Cray ."".. Runner-up Mr ' R ' KotMri . kip. Mr J. R DeUhy. Mn P W. Tout. Mr w S Rutherford One-nieJuih. Wr W. H Tiy- Irfr. kkip Mr t M ttodton Mri A Snrt Mr W.D Mtthew. CLEVELAND (UP1) The - Cleveland Indians were the .' n nome - run i nc 'i j i i JOHNSON MOTORS .; ; Sales and Servict -r Lakfield Boats ' i Thorne's Boats Sailing Dinghys- .- . and Fittings - Gator Trailers " Row Boats 12 to IS ft ). Lawn-Boy Lawnmowerf Pioneer Chain Saws 'Pf- GREEN VALLEY LUMBER LTD. 300 Montreal RL 74M33 between and 8 p.m. through Friday of your choice to the your choice, before you pay the inspection fee. TERMS and DOWN PAYMENTS TO SUIT-YOUR BUDGET NO PAYMENTS UNTIL MAY 15th ,,.,v-- ' The popular TOO aeriea with auto -trane . miinon., ruatnm radio and finiahed in lovely 2 tone grrrrv Drive into aprinf . with thla econewny d"-1 A7 . compact. IHf J. 1962 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE A Biacane 4 door aedan with auto transmission, ruatom radio and fimthed in foreat green 'with matrhinc interior. New flrri uat inatalled on thi value $1895 r '. in 1.1 I I960 CHEVROLET ' A aix cylinder standard tranamiuion Chevy, ready with milea of econottiy drivinc. Thia 1 tone '00 model iQC value priced at I t7J lj en 1961 0LDSM0BILE DYNAMIC. 88 This 4 door aedan ra fintahed In Sierra gold with matchine trim. Aulo. tranamlaaion, radio, power steering, power brakes, and will meet the demands of the moat exacting . tlOQR 1962 P0NTIAC STATION WAGON A Laurentia'n 4 door V-t luxtiry wagon. Finished In raven black thia 63 Pontiae ha auto, tranamission. custom radio, power brakes, power steering for your driving pleasure. For work or play. J "MYERS r.lEAIIS A GREAT DEAL" Used: Car Office 233-5G53 Elfin at Catherine Showroom 233-5629 J ' ve-MX;.-' ;" if-M'j.. .;.'." ; 7t'". : tll - A.M i(jAieu l eA VA AA.JK" A.a Jxavav-Mau Aa.Kea.M VV aj V -' -A

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